Number of Movies: 8
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.25

Number of Movies Reviewed: 220
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 18
Average Rating Given: 4.01
Movies Released by chrishall9
What shall I wear (working edition 3) Comedy
Marie Zero, in a devastatingly sexy performance, is in a quandry. WHAT SHALL SHE WEAR? Bra and pants is an easy decision (no much choice really truth be told). BUT what else has she got to wear for wo... posted March 30, 2006
The Risen Horror
A horror story to curdle your blood. This is a trailer to my first big film, The Risen. It has two Flesh Eating Foundation stars in it ready to frighten the life out of you. Check them out at posted February 13, 2006
Im A Horse (live edit) Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted February 11, 2006
Im A Horse Comedy
This is my homage to the great guys who made Come On. Hope you like it. It's another piece of random humour from my studio. Don't forget to check out my other films. Also see posted February 11, 2006
Im A Horse Comedy Not Rated
This is my homage to the great film Come On. Hope you like it. posted February 11, 2006
Chicken Flew Down The Stairs Comedy
This is my third movie and it's clucking great. Just over a minute of comedy fun. Genre is FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS - the best genre in the movies. Clucking hell check it out. Michanist - the colour c... posted February 5, 2006
Man what is happening Comedy
What is happening here? I don't know - do you? My actors remain as ever Flesh Eating Foundation - the best Industrial Rock outfit in the UK. posted January 11, 2006
The Dead VI Horror
3 minutes long the Dead is a song by Flesh Eating foundation, a band from Stafford, England. They have been playing Industrial Rock for a number of years in the clubs. They wanted to experiment with m... posted January 8, 2006
Movies Reviewed by chrishall9
Cab by tonyblews Action
Taxi to Stafford please! Nice short sweet tragi-comedy. reviewed March 13, 2007
Which Way by StokeStudios Romance
Well done again Stokey. Interesting music. Good editing and plotting. Liked it. reviewed September 9, 2006
The sound was pretty good, the plot a bit limp and it dragged on a bit. There were a few funny bits. Overall not bad. reviewed July 5, 2006
Trapped in TMO !!! by killerbee5 Comedy
Nice VO. Good concept for a comedy. A very nice slurpy kissing scene and the fight was fabulously short. Excellent work. reviewed May 1, 2006
WildWest - Trailer by the_richman Action
Good trailer - might have been better with a VO. Nice music too. reviewed April 11, 2006
Centrefold by StokeStudios Comedy
Featured Review
When I saw it coming, it was too late. Hilarious - your studio is one of the most prolifically, consistently funny I've seen. Keep 'em coming boy.
reviewed April 9, 2006
Thumbnail Test by StokeStudios Comedy
I'm having the same issues with thumbnails - I'll take snickers4 advice and check if it helps. Where can this film end up in the charts???? reviewed April 9, 2006
Campfire Fright by wulfy69 Horror
Good VO, good compact story. I was gripped from the beginning. reviewed April 8, 2006
Trailer PORN DEMO The Movie by michanist Romance
Featured Review
Fabulous - a sense of fun, made me laugh - nuff said.
reviewed April 6, 2006
Buddy and the Zombie part 1! by EthanRunt Comedy
Overlong intro. Not easy to work out who was saying what in the opening office scene. Pretty funny when the zombie is introduced though. But then the stagecoach got too random for me. And why was the ... reviewed April 5, 2006
True Tales of a Pulp Fiction Fan! by elizabethsusan Comedy
I'm a fan of black and white and I think it ought to be an option that we shouldn't have to mod - come on LH. Excellent female VO - nice and clear. Didn't get the bit in the bar with the briefcase han... reviewed April 5, 2006
A Two-Wheeled Demon! by kevinduh Comedy
Music was stop start at the start - was that intentional? Some good VOs spoiled by some blowiness and banging from your microphone - I especially liked the UPS delivery person VO. I didn't find it fun... reviewed April 5, 2006
nerd learns to dance by music-man007 Comedy
It was funny - the VO was fine and the ending was good. Just not quite excellent enough for 5 stars. reviewed April 5, 2006
Exclusive trailer to comedy corner 2 by derbyrams Comedy
Do you ever take a breath? I'm going to break a habit of a lifetime and just give you the 5 stars. I will watch the movie - just bring it out already!!!!!! And BTW I did laugh a bit. reviewed April 5, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
Hey - your film had me wiping my screen for a sliver of dust. Then I realised it was in your film's opening credits, damn it. Bar tender was hard to make out and the banging music sometimes obscured t... reviewed April 3, 2006
Deathlist - Murder for Money by scavanga Action
Good VO. Story was fine with some interesting elements of humour. I await the next episode with interest. reviewed April 3, 2006
Goodbye by StokeStudios Romance
I prefer your comedies but the editing and the music were very good. Your burial chamber changed from a sarcophagus to a coffin but let's not hold that against you. Your train was very sparsely popula... reviewed April 3, 2006
The Demon Drink by StokeStudios Comedy
Dick Emery lives. Not my favourite Stoke Short. I remember this from last time. Good ending though. reviewed April 3, 2006
Perfect 10 (A Stoke Short) by StokeStudios Comedy
I love the music and boys will be boys. reviewed April 3, 2006
inside look trailer to comedy corner 2 by derbyrams Comedy
This was overlong for a trailer and considering the comments below you do need to make the movie now. Your VO was pretty good. reviewed April 3, 2006
The bartender by watchin_the_world_91 Comedy
You need to work on the microphone - it's a bit blowy at the beginning but got better at the end. Didn't really get your point on the gay bit. You seem to be having a laugh though. reviewed March 30, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Very pretentious, very long but very good. reviewed March 30, 2006
Driver Man by lan14n Action
The editing was excellent but I didn't really like the story. Some of the VO was a bit muffled. reviewed March 30, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
Pants!! Ha Ha!! reviewed March 30, 2006
Idiotenpatrouille by Pide Comedy
Boy that was random. Can we have English subtitles please? reviewed March 17, 2006
War in Iraq by beanster05 Comedy
Even with the volume up I could not make out the VO over the music. Subtitles also too small. Please resubmit with the microphone turned up or the music down. reviewed March 16, 2006
Celeb confessions (Documentary)With Vo by emerik Comedy
Good try - VO was difficult to follow in places - thanks for the subtitles anyway. Interesting premise for the story. The quiet bits with Einstein were too long and should have had some mad dialogue o... reviewed March 16, 2006
Doctor Death and The Doomsday Device by Trashman Sci-Fi
Very nice VOs. Inventive, funny, well done. Keep them movies coming. reviewed March 16, 2006
Pummel by Harvey_Denton Action
Wow this was random and weird. The arse joke was funny. reviewed March 15, 2006
Death of Baggage Boy! by killerbee5 Comedy
This was very weird - I was going to make a baggage boy movie but I'm afraid of the one star ninjas now. Please turn off the horrid mumbling. reviewed March 15, 2006
The Lottery(The Untold Story) by Trashman Comedy
Featured Review
That was a riot of laughs - I loved 30 seconds of bliss; this was 3 mins 14 secs of bliss. Fabulous. This could run and run.
reviewed March 15, 2006
Leon Tribute by dracool Comedy
Please turn off the mumbling - it is distracting. I liked the gorilla killing - that was good. reviewed March 15, 2006
Just Another Bad Day! by Spicer_Studios Comedy
Good voice over, even though your microphone was a bit blowy. I was gonna say this a romance not a comedy? But then the end came and changed my conceptions. Reasonably well paced and edited. I liked t... reviewed March 15, 2006
Planet Lesbos -- World Without Men by StokeStudios Comedy
Featured Review
Fabulous concept - great music - funny jokes. I wanna be in the science project! Nice costumes. I hope they got beer and TV sports on the planet? Great stop motion to beam them into the spaceship and ...
reviewed March 15, 2006
Shootem by jaguar21 Action
Turn off the mumbling - I hate it. I don't usually have time for 10 minute movies but you reviewed mine and you had the tenacity to promo it with your other movie so I watched it. Good use of the stoc... reviewed March 15, 2006
Complete Waste of Online Memory by jaguar21 Comedy
Have some VC for your tenacity in plugging your other film. reviewed March 15, 2006
US Army Propaganda Film No1 by Acharyah Action
Subtitles way too fast in places. And I hate mumbling. Also not sure what relevance to today this has - maybe 20 years ago or more this would have been interesting and possibly scary! But it was reaso... reviewed March 10, 2006
LEGACY Pt 1- For The Love of A Woman by deenswe2003 Action
Excellent tension in the beginning sequence - full of energy and suspense. The VOs were fabulous. Good use of flashbacks. Good use of music in the funeral scene. The Movies is excellent for these epis... reviewed March 9, 2006
Reds Dead Corral Trailer by sonicspiderboy Horror
Why did the guy come off the horse - none of the zombies had a gun? The tension was lost because the zombies seemed too easy to kill. Good blood dripping backdrops. reviewed March 9, 2006
You Cant Do That! by sphinx86 Comedy
OMG WTF was that? A lot of work has clearly gone into this. It was pretty good - good tight editing - some excellent sketches. Some of the VOs are top notch. Your Englishman wasn't subtle - I do agree... reviewed March 9, 2006
The Mac Chicken by EdWoud Comedy
Well weird that one. Kind of flowed okay but Micky D ain't gonna be happy. reviewed March 9, 2006
Baby for Sale by StokeStudios Romance
I dislike the mumbling effect and the book disappears into her costume which is a shame. Good story though and well told. I've watched all of your available movies now and I want more. reviewed March 9, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
Excellent fun - good story, good editing. Nice ending too. Good job. reviewed March 9, 2006
Demon Drink ( a Stoke Short ) by StokeStudios Comedy
Fellow Staffordshirian - nice little movie - some laughs. Nice editing - the flash effect at the beginning was good. reviewed March 9, 2006
They Built The Moon! by ealingdj Sci-Fi
Why was it the woman who walks away from the spaceship - surely it should have been the man. I thought it was a good vignette - perhaps a few scenes beforehand of the General doing General things and ... reviewed March 6, 2006
Ducko Man Or Duck by tomacres Comedy
The VOs didn't have enough difference to them in places so it was difficult to know who was saying what. Good concept. Some scenes too samey - the woman and the detective and the other man all pull th... reviewed March 6, 2006
The Remnant - Part 2 - A SNC Story by cooltrip71 Sci-Fi
A very good atmospheric VO although some VOs seemed to be slightly late and some were a bit hard to hear. But good story and nice episodic ending. I don't usually watch movies over 5 minutes but this ... reviewed March 6, 2006
Lizzard of Life by broken_rogers Sci-Fi
I don't like the mumbling - turn it off please. It was a bit slow on the space ship. Needed a bit of better pacing but the story was fine and it was funny in places. reviewed March 6, 2006
Random Killing PART 2 by Twichy_Boy Action
The music stop start was a bit annoying - how did that happen? Some of the sound effects were early or late e.g. the door being kicked in! Your blurred effects were good. Story was weird - like you sa... reviewed March 5, 2006
Cybercop by guydon01 Comedy
Your microphone was a bit noisy - a few clunks but the subtitles were welcome, the story good and the humour well done. The training scenes were great. reviewed March 5, 2006
Chrysler Tales by cooltrip71 Comedy
Nice opening credits. Very nice VO although in places it clashed slightly with the music which you should have turned down a bit in volume. I loved this film - it was fab. Good story, wit, charm, roma... reviewed March 5, 2006
Firelight by abaris11 Horror
I quite liked this even though the music stopped - the editing was nice - using the knife scenes without the knives was a good idea. A bit too many close ups on their eyes for me but a good finish to ... reviewed March 5, 2006
Athena Project 1 by fulkster Action
Turn off the mumbling. Subtitles way too fast. The VO at the sart was nice - why not go with it all the way through? Editing was good - the phone conversation was nicely done. reviewed March 5, 2006
The Good Evil Trailer by sonicspiderboy Action
The editing was fine - the microphone work was too quiet. Some good costumes and makeup. Needed a bit more introduction to your characters as a trailer. You haven't said what it is about or who your leads are. reviewed March 5, 2006
The Return of the Boris by 12357 Comedy
Microphone needs toning down. A bit too random for me but you appeared to be having fun and I think that's what counts. I did like the monkey to grandad transformation. reviewed February 27, 2006
Zombie Hunters by Bryy_Miller Horror
The VOs were up and down. Some of the scenes were real slow. I'm not sure I got some of the jokes. I'm afraid too the the 60s stock meant that we couldn't see some of the action in the dark. reviewed February 27, 2006
Only two words by Mr_Rainbow Comedy
I agree with mr_chaos74 - I'm afraid your two words ain't an option. However I love the reskinning of the sets. The plot as it is was fine until the end. reviewed February 27, 2006
Weird West Gun Slinging Fools by a2k13 Comedy
Featured Review
Again the VO is really hard to make out in places. The pacing is pretty slow especially in the jail. Then at the end it was hard to make out what was happening because you introduced the Indians at t...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Cars by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
This would have scored more highly if the VO was more distinct or you had subtitles. I thought the "story" was fine - it's about cars not love.
reviewed February 26, 2006
The Sounds Of Hell 2 by Pimpinc Horror
This was crying out for a good creepy VO. The sounds in the background were suitably moody, the poem was good but a VO would have timed it perfectly - some areas were a bit slow I think and with a VO ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Mr Young the Drugy by charlieiscool Comedy
No one gets a bad review from me because of a review I got from them. I didn't like your other film for the reasons given - and hopefully you scored my films based on how you like them; that is your p... reviewed February 26, 2006
Tabatha the Life Story by charlieiscool Comedy
Some good VO but I didn't get the story. The editing didn't work in places, the lipsynching failed to show who was saying what and why was the zombie girl banging on the window? Also too much swearing... reviewed February 24, 2006
The Fart by madfurby Horror
The subtitles were a bit fast and at the beginning it was hard to work out who was saying what. Perhaps this would have been better called The Farts because they go on and on. It was okay and not badl... reviewed February 24, 2006
The Trouble with VD by LordAndrew Comedy
You got me smiling from the off. You VO is just perfect - you should go professional. I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks. reviewed February 24, 2006
Dead Man Texas holdem from the past! by bakedclam Action
Your microphone was very noisy and as such it was hard to make out what the guys were saying. I loved the accents. I especially like the "all in" man - he was funny. Shame the game doesn't have enough... reviewed February 24, 2006
Freedom by marlerboy Action
We need some kind of uniform for the Middle East - come on Lionhead. I didn't like the music but at least you are learning - I'm talentless with any instrument. Lots and lots of shooting - I think thi... reviewed February 23, 2006
Santa Claus - An Open Letter by philnate Action
VO was okay as was the music. Some editing issues - there's a millisecond look at the caveperson then a pan towards them - or was that deliberate? Subtitles would have helped with some dialogue. The w... reviewed February 23, 2006
The Movies Background by DorianRust Comedy
Enjoy your VC. Ciao. reviewed February 23, 2006
Cities by chagidiel Horror
I didn't like the music very much - seemed somehow too desolate. The VO was good. Went on a bit too long but the ending was very good. reviewed February 23, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
Gloriously horrible. Just like we Brits imagine the US police to be like. Nice VOs - the lipsynching worked very well. Funny subject matter. Your movies are always interesting. reviewed February 23, 2006
The Review Poem (Subtitles) by Lord_Emwurst Romance
Pretty good little film - seems to not have had the effect you wanted. Perhaps you should get over to reviewed February 23, 2006
The Big Race by Melghoul1 Comedy
Featured Review
Excellent VO. Good characters - the coach looked like he smoked 50 cigarettes a day and sounded like it. The love story seemed somewhat peripheral and although the story wasn't too bad it seemed a bit...
reviewed February 22, 2006
Imperium - For the Empire by svenskicorp Sci-Fi
Good thumping music track. Too much generic shooting and knife action for me. VOs were very good. Nice spacship backdrop. Not a bad story. reviewed February 22, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Romance
Excellent custom titles. The subtitles were slightly too difficult to read - that's Lionhead's fault for making them too small. Music complements a class film. Lovely editing - their going in two diff... reviewed February 22, 2006
Bank Robbery by LuckyLuke Action
Needs music - too quiet otherwise - other than the horrid mumbling. Try to position your subtitles a bit more accurately and make sure they don't go too fast. A bit too slow moving for me. Good looki... reviewed February 22, 2006
Do Not Smoke! TRAILER by HitmanGames Romance
Cool - nicely put together little trailer. Nice sombre music. Bring on the movie. reviewed February 22, 2006
Day of Desolation by bruisie150 Horror
Sound dipped in and out and almost spoiled what was a reasonably good movie. Some continuity issues (damned game) - door opens out but when he walks in the door is now opening inwards. Some lighting i... reviewed February 22, 2006
Troopers 2 - An unlikely recruit by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Your "previously on" at the beginning of TROOPERS went whizzing past and I had to pause it to read it; it was also a bit mottled. Superb opening graphics. The lipsynching wasn't great at the beginning... reviewed February 22, 2006
Die dümmsten Schilder der Welt by cliffjumper Comedy
A bit funny but it's a powerpoint production not a movie. I'll check out some other of your output later. reviewed February 19, 2006
Iam The Beast - Guardian Angel by sarek13 Romance
Simply beautiful Sarek13. Nicely filmed and edited. Music matched perfectly. I really enjoyed this. If you want help with the English subtitles email me via reviewed February 19, 2006
Scorpius Wonderbomb by lizardking410 Sci-Fi
The opening joke was funny but it was fractionally too slow. I don't like the mumbling. The rest was kinda okay and well edited but a touch flat. reviewed February 19, 2006
Marijuana by maggot Comedy
John's a fool - you don't smoke a little of a maryjane cigarette, you smoke it all or you share it round. Did he even inhale? This plays like a spoof of a bad public service advert warning of the dang... reviewed February 19, 2006
Mourning Drink by timewatch Action
If you don't want to do a VO, can you please switch off the horrid mumblings? And the background noise in the jail seemed to be from the bar! You needed a creak on the floorboards at least as he leave... reviewed February 19, 2006
Seeds of Evil by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
The film was going really well but the fight between the Evils spoiled the mood which was up to the point absolutely spot on. Fabulous VOs. A most beautiful Lady Evil. I think the invisible alien conc... reviewed February 19, 2006
The Treasure by JDaly Sci-Fi
The emperor's costume was very good. The editing was good. You might have used a backdrop to show the message and shown a bit of the destruction to the planet in your end titles but I'm not going to m... reviewed February 19, 2006
The Exploding Fart by Krazymalicous Comedy
Nice titles dude. You needed a bit tighter editing like when the guy hands over the money to the waitress there's too much of a pause between her asking and getting. You had a lot of fun making this I... reviewed February 19, 2006
The Late Train by earlicus Action
I thought the editing was very good but like DorianRust I did not get it at all. I liked the costume though. reviewed February 19, 2006
Jjs reviewtraderdotcom Infomercial by jjpatel Comedy
Very good fellow reviewtrader. I thought the whole thing flowed very well and the ending was good. Your microphone is a bit blowy but this didn't detract from what I thought a good little advert. reviewed February 19, 2006
Punishment - A story to tell by Keoma Action
I felt this was simply a longer, less tight and more drawn out version of the first. The drug guy whimpers far too much which got on my nerves after a while and there's mumbling which I hate. Some sub... reviewed February 19, 2006
Punishment by Keoma Action
A very nice start to this movie. Good use of music. Nice pacing. Well done subtitles. I don't care that this is The Punisher, it was a good movie. Maybe a VO in the future? reviewed February 19, 2006
Galaxy at War 2 by StyurVoln1 Sci-Fi
Some subtitles are way too quick. Please turn the mumbling off. OK you don't do VO but please no mumbling. The story was okay. You must have put a lot of effort into the battle scenes with all the cos... reviewed February 19, 2006
The Things I hate Show by OwenBuch Comedy
The mumbling - please turn it off - it spoils any good microphone work. Deliver it back with the mumbling off and it will get better marks. A bit sweary for me too but you did warn us!!!! Great ending... reviewed February 18, 2006
Who Wants To BeA Millionaire by Timo666 Comedy
Very funny. Good pacing - nice editing. Works without a VO but having seen your other movies might be even better witout one. BUT you can't get more than 5 stars anyway. Please have a look at http://... reviewed February 18, 2006
Who Wants To Be A Chainsmoker by Timo666 Comedy
Featured Review
Some subtitles are too small - why does the Movies have these small subtitles in the game when they're impossible to see? Very good ideas - nice random humour.
reviewed February 18, 2006
Who Wants To Save Money by Timo666 Comedy
Featured Review
Very good, nice pacing, interesting plotting. I think the robot should have killed the girlfriend - that would have been funnier and you could save more money!!!
reviewed February 18, 2006
A Hairy Matter by Timo666 Comedy
Featured Review
The only thing wrong with this was that she pulls across a non-existent curtain - some tighter editing would have stopped this. Otherwise quite a nice spoof.
reviewed February 18, 2006
Professor Nerd ep1 by nicvancamp Comedy
Good VOs but very noisy microphone. A bit slow plotting but not too bad a story. No hard feeling for having messed up my music promos chart rating - not sure where I went wrong - your's was the only... reviewed February 18, 2006
Buffy - Die Rückkehr Trailer by Knopfer Horror
Fine - I'm a Buffy fan so you have a lot to live up to. I'll check out the movie later. I'm intrigued by the Faith relationship. reviewed February 17, 2006
Cannibal by Gigantic_Chicken Horror
Interesting music choice. I hate the mumbling. Nice blood effect. "Hide the baby" - did you mean "Hide the body"? Not much of a story but it was okay. reviewed February 17, 2006
Bertha Shaves it all by johnokinawa Comedy
It was good but needed a voiceover. I think the tone was a bit wrong just before the end - the aunt screams then laughs which was confusing. The hair flashing thing was clever but not necessary. The v... reviewed February 17, 2006
Canon - Sorrow by PhantomRaulStudios Romance
I started out thinking that I didn't understand this film but then it clicked and I really enjoyed it. Nice editing. I'm not sure I am happy at the ending because I would have preferred to have him al... reviewed February 17, 2006
Grandma - The film by Frooplet Comedy
Your grandma looks far too young however a good beginning, nice plot and good music changes. But she escapes far too easily from the cellar. Some good falling down the stairs bits. Good ending though.... reviewed February 17, 2006
Robot Revenge (Final) by Alexei18 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Excellent - you might not think it deep but I think it was quite a thoughtful film. I liked the unusual ending. The music complemented it well. I like the indestructiblity of the robots and I'm now sc...
reviewed February 17, 2006
Keeping Your Lady by Prinzess Romance
Your voiceover was a bit too loud and the men's slightly too quiet in the pub. I wasn't so keen on the first two minutes becuase they detracted from the rest of the movie which was great. reviewed February 17, 2006
Season of Bliss by Dulci Romance
Lovely; all you need now is to put a soft, smooth VO to it - the only thing missing. I like short, sweet films like this. reviewed February 17, 2006
the VO tragedy(just a test reel!) by alfric Action
There was some blowing into the microphone - it's hard to get the microphone just right - and I couldn't make out the first thing your writer said. But this was a very good job. I wonder what the best... reviewed February 17, 2006
TFF- The Day I became John Wayne! by Saskro Comedy
I like your VOs, they are very good - one got blocked out by the horses neigh but that's okay. The story rode along nicely (ha ha!). Nice shooting sequence. reviewed February 16, 2006
Wild West WC Demo by chrisu69 Comedy
What is the use of a toilet if you can't get your trousers off? A good 56 seconds of fun. Perhaps you could get to number 1 with your number twos? Google translation: "Was ist der Gebrauch von einer ... reviewed February 16, 2006
World Pictures II Opening Intro by WorldPictures Comedy
I know how hard it is to get titles to work as I've been experimenting with them myself - this is nice work. I'm quite please with the strobe effect I got in the end titles of my film which you can se... reviewed February 16, 2006
The Breast Test by ccr1d3r Action
Even DD is not big enough - I wanna make a Russ Meyer movie. reviewed February 16, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
I've watched your demo and so have 21 pages of other folk. You've got to number one (congratulations!!!) and now get loads more VC. Now you can buy another set and show it to us; I can't wait (and I'm... reviewed February 16, 2006
Munchkins III Armageddon by teeto1 Comedy
I still hate the mumbling - subtitles were quite tight though, some were too small to see. Your editing needs tightening up. The road noises in the office and the beach (especially) were disconcerting... reviewed February 16, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
Some subtitles just way too fast man. Good plea to Lionhead though - we need more sets!!!! Pirate costume would be nice too. We need more costumes!!!! reviewed February 13, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
This was okay. The graphics were very nice. Lots of editing required for the moving pictures. I applaud your efforts. The voice overs were fabulous. The story was perhaps the weakest element. reviewed February 13, 2006
Oh Jason by babykoala Romance
I'm not sure what I think of this but it was well edited, nice and short and has the weirdest song for Valentine's day I ever heard. The moaning of your actors came as quite a shock as I was lulled ge... reviewed February 13, 2006
Brotherly Love (uncut) by Neve_Richards Horror
Your microphone is a bit noisy. Spooky VOs. Very strange. Bits of the editing were off but not too bad. reviewed February 13, 2006
The Space Propellor by fng702 Sci-Fi
Fine start. A request to you - turn off the background mumbling, better to have no sound than that. Have a play with backgrounds and do some fancier editing. Check out my movie at http://movies.lionhe... reviewed February 13, 2006
A Day at The Beach by Betral Romance
Lose the mumbling - give it some subtitles, maybe a VO. I liked this because it was gentle and romantic - nice just as Valentine's Day is upon us. reviewed February 13, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown - 2nd Trailer by FoDooG Comedy
Another marvellous taster for the Foggytown film - the anticipation is now palpable - its the reason why FoDoog's studio is one of my bookmarked studios. But are you sure that's a horse? For a real "h... reviewed February 13, 2006
Breched by Betral Sci-Fi
Turn off the mumbling. Otherwise nice plot, well told, good ending. reviewed February 13, 2006
Misunderstood(R) by Wishfullthinker Comedy
Fabulous - best film I've seen so far I think. Shame the lip synch broke down a few times but you lose no marks. Your stage background changed a few times too but hell it don't matter. The zombie bits... reviewed February 12, 2006
Lord of the rings i think by wolverine1112 Comedy
Some of the sound was weirdly out of synch - like the TV remote control - how did this happen? It made the movie totally weird. I agree with the lip synch discussions below. Photos do show up nicely o... reviewed February 12, 2006
War by alexslash Action
The microphone was not very good. This makes your movie almost unwatchable which is a real shame. reviewed February 12, 2006
Welcome to THE MOVIES!! by twistergt0 Comedy
Some subtitles too small which is a fault of TMO. You could have used some custom music to show the full range. And yes a VO would have been nice. reviewed February 12, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Good opening. Good scream wall blow - funny. Plot was a bit frantic thereafter. Nice backgrounds and good music. Ending was also good. reviewed February 12, 2006
Hey Wheres The Flood! by darrenseancopley Comedy
Subtitles were too small. Why The Movies has these small subtitles as an option is beyond me. You need to add something about your film in the Abouit section so that we can understand what it is about... reviewed February 12, 2006
Red Letter by Zsoltika77 Romance
More mumbling. No subtitles or VO means no context. What's in the message in the locker? What are they thinking? Why are they in love? I don't know. reviewed February 12, 2006
The Man In The Cheap Suit by Zsoltika77 Romance
I don't like the mumbling - it is terrible, This needed subtitles to follow what was going on in the story. reviewed February 12, 2006
Dead Man Walking by oskarofrya Horror
Titles were very good. I didn't follow the story. I don't like the mumbling. VO might help. Bit of meaner music in the background would be good. Reasonable attempt. reviewed February 12, 2006
Spy Kids 3-D by wuttke Comedy
There's no sound - upload it again with some sound please. reviewed February 12, 2006
Munchkins IIMuchkins vs the drunka lunkas by teeto1 Comedy
No I still don't know what's going on. What is a drunka lunka? Why are the munchkins not blue? reviewed February 12, 2006
Munchkins in space by teeto1 Comedy
Your characters kept changing colour. I didn't know what was going on. Not enough subtitles. Mumbling - I hate the mumbling. I'm going to check out your second film now to see how you progress. I also... reviewed February 12, 2006
How it is to be dead by fant Comedy
I hate the mumbling so much. Concept was fine. Work on your spelling. Do a VO and the actual film might work. I liked the sky. The stage where you can see God standing on it didn't work - go for a clo... reviewed February 12, 2006
Anti-Ninja-Attack Medicine by Teh_Frog Comedy
I enjoyed this. Nice ending. Better with a VO maybe? reviewed February 12, 2006
Confessions of a Zombie by PRINCEINEXILE Comedy
Heh man you gotta pause for breath - no what am I saying you is a zombie! Nice job. You'll probably like my zombie music promo reviewed February 11, 2006
Inferius by Eldranor Action
Nice music, nice VO and good subtitles. Slightly ruined by the background mumbling - turn it off. reviewed February 11, 2006
Good Idea Bad Idea by deliriousstudios Comedy
Featured Review
Silly, random, stupid. Made me laugh a bit.
reviewed February 11, 2006
I Love You by Ell223 Romance
I'm not sure what is going on in this film especially the mud mask babe beating on the glass - obviously the music was good. And I hope you mean your own house and not mine!!! reviewed February 11, 2006
A Gangs Uprising(Trailer) by Oh_Come_On Action
I enjoyed this trailer even with the gorram mumbling in the background. Please get a microphone because your movie making skills look good. reviewed February 11, 2006
TheBadDreamMonster-Das Alptraumonste by DetectiveConan Sci-Fi
Good VO. Good subtitles. A couple of funny bits but a bit too random for me really. I really wanted to watch your new film but as it is in German only it would be impenetrable. I would not want to mar... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Mad Trix by Vally Comedy
As a non-spanish speaker I had no idea what was going on. Good use of character - good music changes and fast tempo. Would have liked a VO whatever the language and I still hate the mumbling. It must ... reviewed February 11, 2006
Big Chief No Fart by clinteasywood Comedy
Great, great, great! I really liked this a lot. The humour was nice. I laughed out loud at the end. I'm 39 years old and still able to laugh at a good fart joke well done. I know it's hard to get the ... reviewed February 11, 2006
Ashley Porter and the Poultry Paratroopers by suedenim Action
I liked this chicken movie and well done for winning the madmatt7g chicken film festival - even though you beat mine which can be found at( Nice editing - good ... reviewed February 11, 2006
Spiderman Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
I loved it, the spider suit is good and the VO great. The cellar is looking pretty full now. Roll on the new Season! reviewed February 10, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Clever editing and interesting denouement. Also quite funny. reviewed February 9, 2006
Revenge of the Ignored 2 by ematheamazin Horror
This was too random for me. The western stage in the rain lasted for too long and should have been edited down a bit. I'm a big fan of VO - so you get a mark extra from me to counter the one lost by S... reviewed February 9, 2006
Flanagans Fog Falling Down The Stairs by FoDooG Comedy
I love FDS - I've made one and I want to make more. Again great music in the trailer. A good idea to pop the trailer into this FDS movie. reviewed February 9, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown - Trailer by FoDooG Comedy
Music was great. Composition and exposition lovely. I'm becoming a FoDoog fan - I'm gonna boomark you right now. Come on!!!!!!! reviewed February 9, 2006
Come On - The Outtake Reel by FoDooG Comedy
I liked this better than the movie it was from. Is this the first outtakes movie? Make more. I do like the black and white - it should be a standard feature of the game. No I'm a horse. reviewed February 9, 2006
Dont kill yourself by epicsword Action
Yes I liked this short and sweet movie. The continuity might have been better - (dark, raining - light and sunny for example - maybe that was even done on purpose?) but who cares because the film was fine. reviewed February 9, 2006
Alice In Thunder Pants by ignomomoo Comedy
If you had a better farting noise it would have been funnier. Not too bad a story - the fight went on too long. And please lose the mumbling sound - it is so annoying. reviewed February 9, 2006
Dogzilla by V-man Horror
I don't like the mumbling but a reasonable premise for a story that started well and ended well but lost it in the middle. Patella summed it up nicely. reviewed February 9, 2006
The Cowboy that gone to far by chessr Action
The Cowboy That Went Too Far???? Not a great story but 1 mark for the movie, 1 mark for the sunset and 1 for the fart. reviewed February 9, 2006
The Top 5 Tips of Getting out of maths by Hugoman1 Comedy
Turn the mumbling off when you do a VO - it spoils it immensely. Your microphone also picks up lots of noise and is a bit fadey. For an American audience - Maths is Math! You seemed to be having a ... reviewed February 9, 2006
Hair of the Undead by curly--wurly Horror
Good story. Shame that the VO was washed out in places. This was the main reason for losing the extra point. Two things however: 1. Making out with your sister in the film is like way wrong dude. 2.... reviewed February 9, 2006
The Spectrum Sings Sacrifice by morganlewis12 Horror
This was okay. I don't like the mumbling. Either lose it or go for a VO. Nice eerie start. I'd have preferred a different villain to Satan. reviewed February 9, 2006
Underpants Man - Teaser by biggstrek Comedy
I liked the song and the pacing. It was also quite funny. reviewed February 7, 2006
Pas de chance! (30 sec) by hit_ Comedy
Short, funny, fine. I like a brief film that has a bit of depth. reviewed February 7, 2006
Love by Frooplet Romance
More "Lust and Consequences" than "Love". Editing was fine, interesting title sequence with the glockenspeil sound. Very little else to it though. reviewed February 7, 2006
Moore Valley High Gang by Tilli Comedy
I needed subtitles to follow some of it. I didn't get some of it especially the space man with the beeping device in the bar. I liked the pub violence. The VO was good then bad - some voices were grea... reviewed February 6, 2006
Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Falls Down Stairs by suedenim Comedy
I love the black and white production. The health and safety aspects were very funny. Bit like at work when we can't take soup upstairs but we can take coffee. I don't like the mumbling in the Movies ... reviewed February 6, 2006
Bone Saw by ninette1 Horror
OMG. What are you like. I've seen three of your films now and I'm very scared. Do you torture puppies in your spare time? reviewed February 5, 2006
The Priest and The Virgin (2!) by ninette1 Horror
Very weird - I'll keep an eye out for your other work. However I didn't enjoy this as much as the bar movie. You need a VO to make these films special. reviewed February 5, 2006
Last Call for Allie Cohall by ninette1 Horror
Man that was sick - I think I'd better say I didn't enjoy it! The mark doesn't lie though. I'm going to check out a few more of yours too. reviewed February 5, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Great special effects but no real story and hard to follow graphics. But heh great special effects. And it was better than King Kong at the cinema recently if not better than the Movies version which ... reviewed February 5, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
Come on, hurry up and make the full length version. Very nice animation. reviewed February 5, 2006
Blade in the Underworld (Trialer) by raybohm Horror
Short, sharp and sweet. I await the main feature with interest. reviewed February 5, 2006
Advanced Editing Techniques Pt 1 by tim_pilgrim Comedy
Pretty good. Look forward to seeing your movie with these techniques integrated. I'm doing something along the same lines for my falling down the stairs movie to be premiered next week sometime (hopefully). reviewed January 13, 2006
aint nothin but an OG by morganlewis12 Action
Some good bits of humour. Crying out for a menacing voiceover. Good start to your movie but like TheGreatProducer I didn't like the mummies at the end. reviewed January 13, 2006
Spiderman Prelude to Disaster by FreddaH Action
Backgrounds nice. The animation was excellent. The costume is good, story okay. Watch out for your dark - light continuity - it goes dark then light. Voice over was nice. You gave Spiderman a dark alm... reviewed January 13, 2006
Just a job by count_zero00uk Sci-Fi
Some subtitles far too small - I fell for that too in my movie damn it!! I don't like the mumbling - lose it. It felt a bit slow in places. Your characters are fine and should make more movies. Agree ... reviewed January 13, 2006
Werewolf Cop by count_zero00uk Action
Kudos to your mum dude. This was short and sweet. I hope this was a promo to a longer (not too long) movie about your hero. reviewed January 13, 2006
Ad Mandatum - The End Of The Search by the_spirit Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Pretty good voice over - I especially liked the alien hiss in his own language (with subtitles). Needed subtitles for your alien when he spoken in English (difficult to make out some of what he was sa...
reviewed January 13, 2006
Robot Mafia II by cfkwong123 Action
I don't like the mumbling - you could lose that - but the plot was good, enjoyed the odd moment of humour, and I want to catch the sequel now. Got a few more films to review first but I'LL BE BACK... ... reviewed January 13, 2006
101 Dalmatians by Saskro Comedy
This is the funniest film that I nearly didn't finish watching. Got as far as Glenn Close and nearly gave up - don't, get to the end. Your voice overs are fabulous. reviewed January 13, 2006
The Unfortunate Day by ematheamazin Comedy
Not as accomplished as your other effort and you have the microphone too close to you for this one. reviewed January 12, 2006
SERPENT by SgtLRock Action
This was a good film and well edited. It needed a VO - it was crying out for it. A full VO for this film and it could go top 10. Subtitle his thoughts and speak his words. reviewed January 12, 2006
Making of Cold Rader Mission Earth by Andore Action
This was too long for a promo - I'll check back later in the month for the film. I like the idea though - the man and the woman talking then a few clips was well executed. reviewed January 12, 2006
Mission Epos4 by Andore Action
As a tale of love and revenge it works quite nicely. The editing at the end was very nice. Looks like you got more skilled as you went along. reviewed January 12, 2006
Monkey Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
Not as good as the others you have made but still nicely humorous and as the prime mover in the genre a triumph! reviewed January 12, 2006
Jetgirl Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
Prefer them with the VO but the words of the bunny at the end made me giggle. Keep up the good work. Why oh why are more stairs not falldownable? Come on Lionhead! reviewed January 12, 2006
Stoner Dude Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
The microphone judders a bit but I liked your film. I'm going to try a falling downstairs film soon. Keep an eye on my studio. I hope the stoner's better soon. reviewed January 11, 2006
The Benny Hill Show by ksuie Comedy
I was glad you gave me a low rating for my shorty piece and not a five so I suck up to you. This is what this site is supposed to be about. I thought you did a nice job on your film and it made me lau... reviewed January 11, 2006
Revenge of the Ignored by ematheamazin Horror
I had a bad day and this made me laugh out loud. I imagined that the two blighters who gave me 1 star for my my masterpiece earlier were the ones getting it. I love the stealthy ninja. Rock on. reviewed January 11, 2006
The Night they Stopped Christmas by raybohm Comedy
Don't give up making films mate - it's awful getting people to watch them and there are some miseries out there trying to be mean and nasty but if some people like you films then keep doing it. BTW I ... reviewed January 11, 2006
The Game Live by sarek13 Action
I love the running man and I'll go to the sequel when I can to see if Killhorn gets it. A fun if slightly overlong film. reviewed January 11, 2006
Der Prinz von Bel-Air by Pachangaalex Comedy
The voice over was pretty good but it hissed a bit in places. My German is non-existent so I lost the plot completely. But I liked the way it played out and its pacing seemed fine. English subtitles next time? reviewed January 11, 2006
The Evening News by goodvilleproductions Comedy
I reviewed your silent black and white film and now I'm reviewing this colour and excellent-voice-over-filled attempt. It's short, weird and I kinda liked it. I laughed twice in a minute which is good. reviewed January 11, 2006
Finished! by goodvilleproductions Comedy
Nice film - I don't like the mumbling but you made me laugh at the end. reviewed January 11, 2006
Doom Apocolypse Part I by alligator Horror
There's no music, no sounds - I say there's no sound at all. reviewed January 11, 2006
Twilight by porkandbeef Horror
I thought this was quite funny. Voice overs very good but it goes wrong in one part of the military base. At the end your character June needed a bit of transformation perhaps. reviewed January 11, 2006
Samedi 14 chapitre 2 by Fred31 Horror
Too long, music seems out of plece and your axeman keeps losing his axe. Desparately needed a voice over. reviewed January 11, 2006
Die Verwandlung by Meowan Horror
Very good movie. VO was excellent, music too and the subtitles were very good indeed. I loved the editing - this is the best Movie I've seen by a German director. reviewed January 11, 2006
Trauersteine II by Torben11 Horror
Very good voice over but the plot is a mess. It felt overlong. There are some nice ideas though. Sehr guter Sprachover aber der Plot ist- eine Verwirrung. Sie glaubte Over lang. Es gibt einige nett... reviewed January 11, 2006
Zombie Atacke by Florian111 Horror
Beautiful haunting voice over but no plot and characters appear with no reason. Some of your zombie characters appear to have lost their costumes. Schöner frequentierender Sprachover aber kein Plot u... reviewed January 11, 2006
Bits of Satan Fall Down Stairs by cult_inc Horror
Cool movie - the first Falling Downstairs movie I've seen. Must see more of this genre. We need more body parts so that more bits of Satan can fall downstairs. reviewed January 11, 2006
Blut für Dracula by xfestivalx Horror
I don't like the mumbling - the music comes and goes when it ought to be more prevalent and the subtitles are very weird. reviewed January 11, 2006
The Big Bad Ugly by lamela6969 Horror
I didn't like this at all. There was no plot and too much bad language for no reason. The editing was not brilliant. Ghosts just appear for no reason. The man at the beginning is not introduced - you ... reviewed January 11, 2006
Scream VIII by droosp Horror
You started with a good spooky VO but then the movie fell apart. There's too much chatting. Your actresses don't react how they should - there's incessant banging on the window and your star doesn't e... reviewed January 11, 2006
The Hidden Stories by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
I think this is my favourite film on TMO so far. I can't usually spend ten minutes watching these movies as I like to watch as many as I can. But this had me hooked from the start to finish. I hope th...
reviewed January 11, 2006
Passing Through by Pronex Action
I'm sorry I didn't like this more. I thought the premise good. I don't like the mumbling in the film. The lack of subtitles would be fine if there was no dialogue at all. Your leads should have had di... reviewed January 10, 2006
Gossamer Run by erinnicole93 Romance
Featured Review
I loved this movie. I thought the lead was very good - great costume - love the Goth look. Is it right to find a "Movie" character attractive? Did you base the look on you?
reviewed January 10, 2006
MoonRocker by chocolatemouse Action
Featured Review
Fun fast and furious. Disco-tastic. Your English is quite good too - makes for the odd funny moment.
reviewed January 10, 2006
Women Drivers by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
I like the short films most but this I liked a lot. I don't believe women are bad drivers but it's nice to see a film that mocks the stereotype. Nice VO.
reviewed January 10, 2006
Xavier Hardcastle Blast from the Past by johnnymaddog Sci-Fi
I thought the pacing was fabulous. Subtitles fine - I must remember to use more visible ones on my next film. reviewed January 10, 2006
Problems at the Monster Bar by ED_Company Comedy
Not bad. Quite funny - liked the changing bottle and the return to bar man. Subtitles are neat. reviewed January 10, 2006
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
I was not very keen on this movie. The story is all over the place. The VO is nicely done. If it had been shorter and more about the guys and the horse then it would have been better. reviewed January 10, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
Great ending - bit static in the middle - lovely VO. reviewed January 10, 2006
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Short, sweet and funny. reviewed January 10, 2006
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
Nice job - good story and music. I liked this a lot. The 5 minutes whizzes along. Good work. reviewed January 10, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
Great song, nice editing. I don't get the robot but I did get the bunny - go figure! The bottle at the beginning is champagne - we need better props. reviewed January 10, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Very nice job. Good voice acting and nice use of backdrops. reviewed January 9, 2006
Army Of Darkness by Dracin Horror
good reviewed January 9, 2006
Attack Of the Drag Queen by snowboard00chick Horror
good reviewed January 9, 2006
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
good reviewed January 9, 2006
Resident Evil 2 by RyanB Action
Short but fun. Like your use of subtitles and humour. reviewed January 9, 2006
possibule 2 by Zuppii Action
I don't get it. The ninja fighting was good but the story was non-existent. reviewed January 9, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Very good movie with good stars. Editing great - use of backdrops great. reviewed January 9, 2006
Spider-Man Episode I by Stormwhitelab Action
I loved this - great length - gret pacing - voice over would make it top ranking. reviewed January 8, 2006
Warlords Episode I by jacan Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Jacan I liked your first effort - must have taken a long time to set up and edit. I like the story - the subtitles told the story well - I'd lose the mumbling by the way which I don't like.
reviewed January 8, 2006