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Movies Reviewed by chocthai
The Hit by moneyshotmovies Action
great stuff, your films are better than most of the stuff on this site reviewed November 25, 2005
Confessions of Goya by leather_apron Romance
Featured Review
I understand you want to make this wacky, but there's still no point to all of it
reviewed November 19, 2005
Eastern (duck version) by eric_maniac Romance
... reviewed November 19, 2005
Ninja Love by DeusExMachinima Romance
not very consistent reviewed November 19, 2005
High Country by Radedge Romance
sorry, the VOs ruined it for me reviewed November 19, 2005
One last kiss by veil Romance
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
You got it by ArgoNexus Romance
no continuity. different characters, different sets, wasn't cohesive reviewed November 19, 2005
Love Lies Bleeding by WizardOfOdd Romance
not much of a story, death scene is too long, should edit more reviewed November 19, 2005
Lost Love by pierrepiper Romance
huh? reviewed November 19, 2005
Meet The School by moneyshotmovies Romance
Incredible! You are now one of my favorite directors. The soundtrack was perfect, the editing (especially making love scenes that are actually steamy with the stock animations) is superb. This is some... reviewed November 18, 2005
Introducing Tiffany by moneyshotmovies Romance
This seems more like an intro to a series than a story. Anyways, I liked it, nice editing and music cut. reviewed November 16, 2005