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Movies Released by chagidiel
Monologue about Life Horror
Concerning death. This play, because it is a play, rather then a movie, is extremly vaguely inspiered by a play by swedish actor Stefan Sauk a decade ago. I was most inspired by the feeling I got vie... posted March 8, 2006
Cities Horror
Concerning cities. Well, I've tried some original stuff before, so wanted a visit into cliché land now. Thanks to Elins, who remains my fiercest critic. You fellows out there, doesn't stand a chans. ... posted February 17, 2006
The Letter Romance
This movie was created by Elin. Elin: This movie was inspired by and based on the brilliant song "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Leonard Cohen. This is a homage to Mr Cohen and his work. The monolouge/dia... posted February 9, 2006
Ode to a loved one Horror
Concerning love. Thanks to Elin, my girlfriend, who helped me with the VO here. Music by Justin R. Durban Edgen Animations posted February 5, 2006
The Room Horror
Concerning waiting, the people we meet and the situations we get in, while doing it. This movie is loosly inspired by a play by Sartres The sound is still not great, though better. Three scenes sho... posted January 25, 2006
School days Horror
Concerning all those times you were on detention in high school, when the days seemed to last for an eternity, not to mention the awkward feeling being the only person in a building normaly harbouring... posted January 21, 2006
Movies Reviewed by chagidiel
Engine 1 by luckduck Action
Extremly well done on the useage of effects and the editing in the firefighting scenes. The movie felt a tad too silent. Some better, and more, use of music would have benefitted you. The story was s... reviewed June 22, 2006
Coming Out! by Riittabarber50 Comedy
Very well executed first movie. My complimants indeed. A small movie which made me smile, and thats a bonus. I perticulare like the shift in music and the very nicly done cuts while we see the lady g... reviewed June 21, 2006
Migraine by Dulci Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Splendid. outstanding work with cuts, music and sets. Conveying an illness through the monitor, in an abstract way is such a great idea....I whish it had been mine... The feelings of the victim is t...
reviewed June 6, 2006
Awakening by Dulci Romance
Very nice indeed. The rhyming (is that the english word?) is a tad to close to cute to really fit in with the topic, in my humble opinion...Then again, I have somewhat difficult for the rhyimng kind o... reviewed June 6, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 - Shattered Dreams by satansmunchkin Romance
I guess you already know that, but its an outstanding movie, with all the right emotions passed on to the audience. Like in Lynch's movies, there is no real need to "get" the movie the first time one ... reviewed April 16, 2006
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
Touching. Really touching. The old war between dreams and reality at its best. Cudos to the excellent script, wich proved to truley make my day. Working to some extent with equallity between the sexe... reviewed April 14, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
After such an extensive insight of a murderers psychie, it was somewhat of a let down, that the ending was so...well, expected. A story about a women, killing men, that ends up with the women, killing... reviewed March 23, 2006
POWER The Way to Drakenburg by Arawna11 Action
Athmospheric story, greatly executed. Nice use of effects, proving once and for all that less is more.Music were equally greatly choosen and send chills through the spine. All finished off with a grea... reviewed March 23, 2006
The enemy within by Anykeyz Horror
Well, after the introduction of the dog, it was a tad obvious where it all would ended. Acctually, come to think about it, isnt this made in another version on Twilight zone or some show like that? (n... reviewed March 16, 2006
Forbiden CIA documents by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Absolutly aweinspiering. Astonishing. This is some masterfull work, and after watching this, I just got a couple of new ideas. This is the reason I love TMO. Creativity is exploding and give rise to ...
reviewed March 16, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
Being a sucker for twists in the end, this one got me hoocked good. Music is great and deliver that extra tension. The story is fine the way it is, and certainly dont need any further explanation. Mo... reviewed March 16, 2006
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
Gotta love python. =) Its a great movie, and I had a couple of laughs. The VO are truley great, both quality, as well as acting. Editing was great, though you took the asy way out, I felt. Unfortun... reviewed March 15, 2006
Dr Light by adam262 Action
Nice movie, which was well executed and great edited. The story, however felt like something i've seen before. Quite a couple of times before acctually. As a James Bond, meets mission impossible movi... reviewed March 15, 2006
the passivist by Sheelba Action
Well, I watched your movies backwards, didnt I... Watching your other movies, I know for a fact, that you can do better then this. Its still beautifull, but the audience is thrown in to the movie to ... reviewed March 15, 2006
the last outpost of a fallen society by Sheelba Sci-Fi
The characterisation made me not belive in the characters as such, thus gave me a hard time to sympasthise with them. Much due to the beautiful, poetic dialogue. I guess that was a price you had to pa... reviewed March 15, 2006
A land beyond the sun by Sheelba Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Splendid. Aweinspiering. A real work of art. The story, as such is indeed great. Well thought through, and the dialogue carries the movie all the way through. Its quite easy to see that this is not ...
reviewed March 15, 2006
Happily Ever After by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Yes. Defenetly 5 stars. Music was great, and fitted extremly well into the movie, both in pace, and in topic so to speak. (Just love the way you snuck a loungesinger into this movie=) ) The story is...
reviewed March 13, 2006
8-SCN Candy by meteetsee Romance
Featured Review a romance, I dont know. Its more of a mix btween dark comedy and romance I'd say. VO would made it stronger, as well as some more inventive music. This punchlike ending would have been str...
reviewed March 13, 2006
Forsaken Heart by TexasBabe2006 Romance
Sorry about the music, that kind off things is always a bummer. Its still a great movie, Id say. For your information, theres plenty off copywright free, great music on the net. People handing out th... reviewed March 12, 2006
The Carioca by sherwinliu Romance
New, refreashing and brought a smile to me. The slow pace lives up to all my expactations of the relaxed, layed back life of this intriguing city. Already watched the City of God movie, I was happy t... reviewed March 11, 2006
The Dark Key Light by TheMGMKid1 Action
Featured Review
Youre somewhat of an expert of telling this slowed paced stories, arent you? Great story, which keeps, and demands the audience attention at all times. Cleaver dialouge, along with a cleaver script, ...
reviewed March 11, 2006
Forsaken Heart by TexasBabe2006 Romance
Normally I wouldnt review this movie, hence the use of music, copywright protected. I can only erge to you, to use some other music. I wont flag this movie, but someone will, sooner or later. Speciall... reviewed March 11, 2006
Dialogue With Death by CptJoker Comedy
Its tempting suggesting that it needs to be someone from Finland, Sweden or possibly Norway to get these kind of movies right... And right, this is. Outstanding work, and truly an awesome homage to "... reviewed March 10, 2006
Devolution by nightmare2146 Horror
Great story with equally great pace. unfortunally not so at the end, which felt like it suddenly attacked me, and then it was all over. I think the ending could been, and should been a tad stronger, b... reviewed March 10, 2006
death match the opening chapter by 6-headedmonster Action
Yes, indeed. Great story, and even greater characters. I feel the whole movie, in a way is the characters, which you put an extensive amount of time, to make beliveble. And they are. Your scenes adde... reviewed March 10, 2006
Death by Dawn by Spaceman72 Horror
Featured Review
This was some awesome work. Please do continue to create movies, cause you got a real talent of doing horror movies. You used the scenes and sounds extremly well, creating an atmosphere that will be q...
reviewed March 10, 2006
Diamonds For Breakfast by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Extremly well made movie. Setdesign as well as charactisation really were astonishing. The script were well thought through, and you executed it very well indeed. I have some problems with feel good ... reviewed March 10, 2006
The Ascension of King George by AnotherNewDawn Action
Nice. Sharp and nice. The story was well thought out, and the dialogue was both masterly executed as well as written. First half of movie was done in a car, and while I do a moviecreator in this game... reviewed March 9, 2006
I killed my baby by michanist Romance
(MoMc review. 2.5 stars) Well, I hate being written moral messages at my nose. Besides, I do think the morale struck, somewhat wrong. The boy in the movie, being equally responsibel for the situatio... reviewed March 7, 2006
Wohnen nach ableben by lturi Romance
(MoMc review. 3.6 stars) It is really to bad, those flaws are there, since you got an original, creativ and excellent story. Such stories as this one are not often stumbeled upon, and I am verry happy... reviewed March 7, 2006
The Origin Of Ninjas by lizardthing Comedy
Now that just plain fun. Great. Like your slightly bored voice, telling us documentary stylee, about one star ninjas. Your punchlines were evenly spread out, and delivered everything one could hope fo... reviewed March 2, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
(MoMc review) 4.0 stars. Its indeed strong of you to take such a topic and create a movie about it. Then again, I dont find the movie to take a stand as much as I would have hoped for. I relise that i... reviewed March 2, 2006
Nuclear Explosion Tech Demo! by madmatt7g Action
I like explosionos. The bigger the better. I like explosions... reviewed March 1, 2006
Demon Costume Demo by Stormwhitelab Comedy
Well...It made me smile at one time. Humor is a personal thing, and I for one didnt find this particular amusing. Others did, so its proberbly me lacking humor...I am a teacher you know... The subtit... reviewed March 1, 2006
Memories of Life - A True Story by rposhard Romance
I will not review this. It can not be reviewed. I am most honoured you sent me this PM, inviting me to this movie. I know it will not make things better, but know, that you are not alone. I to have ... reviewed March 1, 2006
Five Things We All Hate About TMO! by lizardthing Comedy
Quite fun, though I think, with tighter cuts and some more punch in your lines, it would be even better. As it is now, you mostly focused on things that are bad with TMO, and that takes more space in ... reviewed February 28, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 by Abrey Comedy
Great. Its a credit to the community when we start to make parodies of our own movies. Just watching this, amde me come up with tons other things that could been done, so it felt a tad short. Great w... reviewed February 28, 2006
Love at Second Sight by razzirazz Romance
(MoMc review: 3.4 stars) This would be one of those feel-good-movies. I found my self, not able to wipe that happy smile of my face, through all of the movie, which is a true sign, that you are rather... reviewed February 28, 2006
Between Beats by Wishfullthinker Horror
(MoMc review: 4.4 stars) (spoiler) Being a fan of these short stories with a twist, my self, I have to give you cudos for such a great work. The twist was mayhep not that hard to figure, since I've s... reviewed February 28, 2006
Fa?szywy ?wit by Glarid Romance
Featured Review
(MoMc review) You got a great plot here. Not entierly original preheps, but neverthless a story told with great care. This being your first movie, I predict a brilliant future for you. (However, do n...
reviewed February 27, 2006
God Forgive me by MelonTheCreeker Action
Hmmm.. I am most certain I have reviewed this one before. If memories serves me right I didnt give it 5 stars then. More like 3 or 4 stars. I wont repost my thoughts again, as I already have done that... reviewed February 27, 2006
LEGION by IchthusADMR Horror
Very nice movie indeed. While not quite as cleaver as your earlier, its still an amazing movie. With very simple effects (like sound) you created emotions much greater then seen on TMO movies with muc... reviewed February 26, 2006
Dear Diary by Keoma Romance
The topic is valid, and it is a great thing you brought this up, and in what an excellent way you did that to. With great care you showed us a life we useally try to ignore, and such skills you shows ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Awakening of Earth by Enzo_0 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great work. Really great work. Editing was great, and a couple of times, it was outstanding. You created a whole new world, introduced it magnificantly and delivered with it, a story that was awesome...
reviewed February 25, 2006
The Foreigner by RonH Sci-Fi
Well made story, which shows that silly jerky effects is not needed to create great stories. Stories are created and told by storytellers, which you seems to be. The pacing of the story might been a ... reviewed February 25, 2006
Running by Frooplet Horror
Featured Review
Great. Bravo. Tremendous. The only bad thing about this movie, is that it wasnt my idea. Why, oh why, didnt I come up with this idea. Splendid. Excellent. Outstanding.
reviewed February 25, 2006
Sweet Dreams by maniacc0 Romance
(MoMc) Very well done as a first time movie. Editing was great, and your choice of music were well thought through. Subtitels were satisfiying, though one wondered why the sudden change of fonts in th... reviewed February 25, 2006
Stirlings Heartplace by full_metal_winter Romance
(MoMc review) I firmly belive that a movie is an entity, and every aspect of a movie works together with every other aspect of that movie. As such, the message the creator of a movie whishes to convey... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Afflicted by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
Intense, deep, emotionel and outstanding. Everything is superb. There is nothing in error here, and though I recoginise some ideas and thoughts from other movies, you have certainly given this its own... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Drinking of Billy Bum Fluff by MelonTheCreeker Comedy
Nice editing and a fun story. I just wonder, where did that rabbit have that shotgun? I like the moral of the story, which ought to be: "Dont drink beer, because you will get shot by a bunny with a sh... reviewed February 25, 2006
Life by MelonTheCreeker Romance
Very nice indeed. A nice love story about two people likeing each other. Nothing complicated, but a good paced story. You might want to remember that in a movie, we (the audience) always need to see ... reviewed February 25, 2006
Il sogno (The dream) by Hellspawn_aka_Lonewolf Horror
Featured Review
Normally I would give this movie 4, but this being your first, I will give it 5 stars. Good: Excellent pace of the story. great to see someone who doesnt feel the erge to stress forward, but rather ...
reviewed February 25, 2006
POWER Origin by Arawna11 Action
Finally I got the time to watch the movie, and I hope Im not to late... As always you have made a great movie, with very few flaws. There is however one flaw that annoyed me quite a bit. The opening.... reviewed February 25, 2006
BattlePants Galactica2 by gantous Comedy
VO acting less then poor. VO quality poor. Story poor. Not a singel one of the characters is introduced or particular beliveble. Besides... It wasnt subtiteled, and I find your language hard to follow. reviewed February 22, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
A nice work, well executed great edited. Excellent VO and a great use of music, as well as sound effects. The only complaint I have, is the fight scene felt too long in comparison to the part of the m... reviewed February 22, 2006
Pretending Emotions by jdevil05 Action
Featured Review
Well, I can kinda see where you were headed with this, and its indeed a great concept. Alas, the movie doesnt live up to the idea. This is one of those movies, which would undoubtly won on VO. Music...
reviewed February 22, 2006
Coffin Full of Revenge by DeBeef Action
Yees... well... The music was good.. =) And you were right. The first minute or so was intresting. reviewed February 22, 2006
The Treasure by JDaly Sci-Fi
Editing perfect. Costumes and casting great. Music greatly choosen. The message as well as the feeling the movie conveys were great. As short it was, it was great. Mayhep just because it was so short.... reviewed February 22, 2006
Bank Robbery by LuckyLuke Action
Featured Review
Great first movie. Editing was rather ok. Some music would have been great, since it felt awkwardly silent now. Also, you can turn of the actors mumbling in postproduction when pressing the sound but...
reviewed February 22, 2006
Hotpicking by morgan-92 Comedy
Featured Review
Great. Normally I wouldnt do this, but only since I lost all my respect for the hotpicking people, I will now give you 5 stars.
reviewed February 21, 2006
Holly And Ivy by EricCottle Romance
Anything nearly resembling a story is completly and utterly lacking. Editing is none existing. Meerly scenes with as naked as you get girls, in places wich can be assumed to have an erotic tension. ... reviewed February 21, 2006
Voyeur Kink Train by mildheadwound Comedy
Not sure just how to rate this. I sincerly disagree with any kind of message that possibly could be found in this movie, as well as with the view on humans, and particular women portrayed here. So, I ... reviewed February 21, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
Excellent work that makes most other works diminish in its prescence. Editing flawless, music great, timed with perfection. As mentioned by other reviewers one wanted more of the story all the time. W... reviewed February 21, 2006
Planet of the Apes - A Planet Revealed by siddus Comedy
You had some great intentions, and that should be rewarded. The story however didnt felt completly thought through before you started, but rather has you had a general idea, sat down at the computer, ... reviewed February 20, 2006
Gone in 10 Seconds by TheFreak1978 Action
Featured Review
Being a teacher my self, I reccon I ought to review this one... As others suggested, use subtitels when the sound messes up like that. I do however think the sound got something to do with some contr...
reviewed February 20, 2006
Local Evil by TheFinalizer Horror
Featured Review
All in all a good movie. Great first time movie. Some general things to think about: You can turn of the actors mumbling, since that mumbling tends to be rather enoying. You turn it of in postprouct...
reviewed February 20, 2006
Broken Thoughts by satansmunchkin Romance
Liked the dog.... He constantly repeating "Phil" was somewhat a masterstroke, I'd say. Sound was good, though not great. (the song was, however great) Reason being some sentences drowning in music. A... reviewed February 20, 2006
Coming Soon! The Zombie Squad by mgpeterson Horror
Well, me being one of those anoying fellows only evcer rating trailers with 3 stars, thats what you get. The trailer is very well done though. I like the slow pacing in the begining, and the much mor... reviewed February 19, 2006
Just A Piano Man by Ramos Sci-Fi
Great work. If this is your first one, then you ought to be proud. The story was creative and inventive, and I really like that. Excellent work there. The end fight with the aliens, was somewhat of a ... reviewed February 19, 2006
Frap Ray In Everyone Wants to Kill You by Fuzzy_Orange Sci-Fi
Well... Some editorial slip ups. (robot gets thrown over bar, then rushes up for stairs never seen before) A tad to silent. More music would be great. VO would have been great. Some subtiteles in the... reviewed February 18, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
Oh well...Here goes... On account of being man, I feel.. Well, not certain as to review this movie. As useall theres oceans of emotions after watching a mouse movie, which indeed, still, is a sign o... reviewed February 18, 2006
Communication by rposhard Horror
Intresting. A tad to short for me to get to know or feel for the character. You are on to something great, but I feel you dont really take hold of the opportunity you, youre self created. This movie... reviewed February 18, 2006
Broken Thoughts - TrailerVOs by satansmunchkin Romance
Featured Review
Hehe. 3 star trailer camper, thats me... Looks nice. You certainly have me hooked for the movie. Agrees with Apo. Sound need to not be drowned out by music.
reviewed February 18, 2006
The Art Of Multiplication by reclan Comedy
The story was indeed...original, for lacking a better word. It felt as if youre invented it as you went along. To make sure the audience dont get that kind of feelings, make sure you done a script (in... reviewed February 18, 2006
The Cregon System by Oh_Come_On Sci-Fi
Great work with the action scenes. Excellent edited. Great use of the costums availeble. Great exemple to everybody insisting one should have tremendous amounts of special effects. You clearly show wh... reviewed February 18, 2006
Scorpius Wonderbomb by lizardking410 Sci-Fi
Intro was great. A little monty python type of humor is never wrong. You hade a couple of leads which could have been used for humoristic payoff, but you used them a tad poorly. I think I see what yo... reviewed February 18, 2006
Neds Declassified School Survival Guide ep1 by Pimpinc Comedy
It doesnt really matter if the VO were suposed to be of a poor quality or not. They are a part of the movie, and it is the movie I am reviewing. And, as you know, the technical quality of the VO are k... reviewed February 18, 2006
Superhero Tech Demo by Jiyuujin Action
Featured Review
Real nice work there. Now you can create your own super hero group and make a serie all about them without any copywright problems what so ever. Good for us all. =) I never give higher then 3 stars f...
reviewed February 17, 2006
Concequences For Pleasure by therealmicster Action
Great first movie. Excellent edited. Story is original, somewhat tasteless, but original. The story was too short though for my likeing. Some general suggestions: PR for your movie is everything. Yo... reviewed February 17, 2006
Fog by gilga Horror
Great pace. Great story. Well edited. Extremly good ambient. This is my favourite studio now. Exellent work. Keep up the good work. reviewed February 17, 2006
Men of Valor by meteetsee Action
You had a great story, but alas, you didnt tell the audience the whole story. We never get to know what the shoot out was about. We never got to know who Paco, chico and the rest of the gandg were. We... reviewed February 17, 2006
Nort Ep01 by jobi-wan Action
"Wow what happend" Well, yes.. From time to time, that was my thought as well... Now, you got a good thing going here, but you need to make tell your story just a tad better. How come the mother was ... reviewed February 17, 2006
The Evil Valley (El Valle del Mal) by Arawna11 Action
Now, here you go. Excellent story together with equally excellent VO and backdrops. Extremly clever way to introduce magic effects into your movie. Splendid. (although I dont particular care for the b... reviewed February 17, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
Excellent movie. Great edit. Splendid choice of music. Stunishing VO. The story...Well, its good, though I think its a tad too much of a childrens story for my likeing. Now, dont get me wrong, as far... reviewed February 17, 2006
Geeks in Love by meteetsee Romance
I like it very, very much. Excellent edited, great music. You got great technical skills. I do however think more of a story is needed. Out of principals, I refuse to grade musicvideos and trailers h... reviewed February 17, 2006
Disturbing Act by MelonTheCreeker Action
Well done. Great story, which were indeed well told. Excellent editing, and the music were greatly choosen. The story was mayhep not that original. It felt like I seen this one before, which is too b... reviewed February 17, 2006
DOWNFALL by skarsten Sci-Fi
Some editoriel glitches, and the music seems to drown out by soundeffects from time to time. The story is really great, and all in all you really should be proud of this creation. The best zombiemovie... reviewed February 16, 2006
Gluttony by pd_studios Action
Well, the VO intensed the eerie feelings indeed. Though the "angel"s voice were great, but unfortunnally a tad hard to unerstand at times. Could been a little clearer. Now, Ill only give this a 4, si... reviewed February 16, 2006
Big Tip by giggles144 Comedy
Splendid. Still laughing.... Youre a genious. This is awesome work. You really ought to market your movies better at the forums, more people deserves to see these ones. The cuts to the old lady sloo... reviewed February 16, 2006
Fatal Touch by kaipan Horror
Extremly well done. Aweinspiering. One of the best movies I've ever seen. I think i maybe stop producing horror movies, since I never be able to outsmart that one. =) Well done. reviewed February 16, 2006
Matchmaker by giggles144 Romance
Yeeesss.... A little cheesy mayhep. =) VO is missing out. Seems odd, since you made excellent VO:s in other movies. With so great voice, why leave it out? I give 4 stars, since its a commercial, and ... reviewed February 15, 2006
Priest and The Virgin Final Episode by ninette1 Comedy
Nice one. Excelent work on the VO. reviewed February 15, 2006
Season of Bliss by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Very nice indeed. To bad it was so very, very short. I was just getting into the mood, when, like with a bucket of cold water, I was brought back to real life and the movie ended.
reviewed February 15, 2006
How it is to be dead by fant Comedy
The idea is top notch.But... VO would be great. A little better edited. Some scenes felt unnesascary long. The music could been better chosen, and better in line with the movie. While it is indeed a ... reviewed February 15, 2006
Scalamoosh I - Fandango Me by Quotius Action
Well edited, and an ok use of the music. Nothing wrong, but nothing that highly impresses either. You got a good pace in your movie, and the subtiteles were well executed. The story is coherrent, bu... reviewed February 15, 2006
The girl in the bar by gilga Horror
Another great work. I do feel the silence in the begining is a tad too much. It made me wonder, whatever I forgot to run on the sound or not, which rather brought me out of the movie, then into it. So... reviewed February 15, 2006
A Room For One by darkgarden Horror
Featured Review
A solid 4 star movie, which show you progresses with this serie. =) I know I said the other one was a tad too long...Well, this one felt a tad too short. Sorry. The story was nice indeed, though it ...
reviewed February 14, 2006
A Frank Anarchy by beginnis Sci-Fi
Excellent work. Very well done indeed. I feard there for a short while, that I was forced to see yet another "animated things move extremly jerky and annoying over the screen" movie, but fortunally yo... reviewed February 14, 2006
Serial writer by gilga Horror
Excellent. Bravo. Great work indeed. Excellent VO (although I didnt understand them, they did sound very beliveble)with good enough subtitels. The story and idea were truley great. I so whish I'd co... reviewed February 14, 2006
Twisted Woods by ealingdj Horror
Yes, some minor editing flaws, alas to big not to notice. Music were greatly chosen, though I think you maybe could have used the music a tad more effective. It felt like the music were more dramatic ... reviewed February 14, 2006
The touch of Selene (Chapter I) by Jiyuujin Action
Featured Review
Well, was rather hoping for something more then "Vampire, the masquerade" or "underworld", but then again, I havent seen anything like this here, so far, so itll be intresting. I still miss VO, it wo...
reviewed February 14, 2006
The touch of Selene (Prologue) by Jiyuujin Action
Featured Review
Well, it started as an ordinary "how many times havent I seen this wearwolf at the shack movie" and I was ready to turn off... Then all of a sudden there is a twist, and the story becomes something d...
reviewed February 14, 2006
How To Win Movie Competitions by Esch Comedy
Loved the enthuastic VO. Great work with those. Loved the cleaver observations made by the movie creator. Loved the editing. Loved the use of the music. Loved it. reviewed February 14, 2006
Serenity in a Rose by TheWolfska Romance
Vary subtle. Very nice. Got a feelinng of melancholi to it, which I indeed love. The story might not be that original, nor the way the story is told, but you do what is already done, in a much more b... reviewed February 14, 2006
Imperium - For the Empire by svenskicorp Sci-Fi
Ill just going to give you 5 stars, simply due to the fact, that I think you might tried to do something based on the WH40K universe... =) All in all a good effort, though it wouldnt have hurt to let... reviewed February 14, 2006
Shadows by Jiyuujin Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great work, with conveying a story without words, written nor spoken. I think you did really well, apart from the fact that it wasnt obvious enough (to me at least, then again, Im kinda slow) that the...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Lock Your Doors and Windows by gangsterinc Horror
Featured Review
Nice movie. There are a few cuts that felt rather awkward, but in general quite good editing. Tension builds up rather fast, which indicates a good storyteller at work. That said, I have some probl...
reviewed February 13, 2006
When Julio met Velia by lozergod Romance
Having passed through something simular, I too whish to congratulate you. =) That said, the movie is well put together, and you mastered the editing technique. The story, being a true one obviously, ... reviewed February 13, 2006
Death of a fat person by bob2006 Comedy
Agrees with delirious... anything can be made fun of. Fat persons as well as hideous thin people, politics, preseidents and terroraction. I do think everything can be a joke. This however was not fun... reviewed February 13, 2006
Rude Dude Re-Cut by manton666 Romance
Well, the movie was a tad predictable, and this concept rather stands and fall with just how embarrasing the maincharcter is. You did a good job in creating this antihero, but I feel like it could hav... reviewed February 13, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Featured Review
Well thought through movie. Some great ideas and some great editing, along with some great acting, sums up to a great movie. What keeps me from giving you a 5 star, is that while the movie was funny,...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Noble by Abrey Action
Great music. Great editing, though the city shot in the begining felt a tad abundant. You could easily made this movie last for another minute or two, thus making the message of the movie even strong... reviewed February 13, 2006
The Price of Freedom by rolandhulme Comedy
Well, the missing VO in the begining is a bummer. Other lines would be ok, but that ones, kinda pokes you in the eye. The movie is greatly edited, and the music fits well with the movie. The VO acit... reviewed February 13, 2006
The News According to Alan Davis by JazzBlack Comedy
Agrees with what others had said. A little longer would been great, as well as some VO. Its so much easier to make a punch line with a real voice, rather then with subtitels. Nicely edited, a good id... reviewed February 13, 2006
Hokey-Pokey Jones 4 Teaser Trailer by tomacres Action
I never rate trailers higher then 3, so here you go. Its just to hard to acctually create an opinion about what the movie will be like. Like others said, there is audioprogram, that you can use to lo... reviewed February 13, 2006
Big Chief No Fart by clinteasywood Comedy
Well. Not really into this fart humor, being old, and a teacher no less. That said, you did a good job on the VO, which were kinda funny, as well with the editing. The explosion scene in the end were... reviewed February 13, 2006
survivor by clinteasywood Comedy
Well, there were a couple of laughs there. But the voices, still, I might add since the last time I saw this, gives me a headache. Whats more, since english isnt my native language, the high pitched ... reviewed February 13, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
Rather cleaver. I enjoyed this one. VO were good as well as editing. I do think the end punch would have been a little stronger, in order to elevate this movie to 5 stars, but its a really nice movie. reviewed February 13, 2006
Donna Kebab by pearsonhouse Romance
Well. That was fun, in a disgusting way. You have used the availeble sets in an excellent way. you told the story, without any compromises due to the limitations of that game. I was about to give you... reviewed February 13, 2006
7-7 by Jimbo5858685 Romance
Ill give you an extra star, for this being your first work. As a starter its great. (much better then my first) You choosen a difficult topic, which is indeed hard to make a movie about under normall... reviewed February 13, 2006
The Bigamist Beast by nunberry Horror
Well, it made me smile, and thats good ofcourse. + 1 star for that. I reccon you knew what I'm about to say... The story...well, there aint none... The VO and music...well, there aint none... The edi... reviewed February 13, 2006
Freedom is no Crime by SeRig Sci-Fi
Great work. You ought to be proud over this creation. The ending was very beutifull. The VO were great, and the work you put tinto them, clearly gave results. A couple of small things came in the w... reviewed February 13, 2006
Drucilla Lives! (and Dies) by nightowl_jw Action
Extra star awarded for good effort, and introducing Drucilla. Me likes. Even in an action flick, you need to introduce the main charcters. The audience wont care about your characters, if the audienc... reviewed February 13, 2006
Ze Last Man Schtanding by nunberry Action
Well, considering the movie was rather long, but I stilled watched all of it, it acctually must have been good inspite of evertything telling me this couldnt be the case. The music became a tad tedio... reviewed February 13, 2006
Blue Valentines by Apocryphon Romance
Youre really good at these kind of things. Youre charcters stop being characters, and takes a life on theire own. Your story is beliveble, and theres great music that will play on all the right emotio... reviewed February 13, 2006
Deadly Union! by Apocryphon Horror
The idea on its own is worth 5 stars. Its most creativ. As a movie, though I think Dulci summed it all up nicely. That said, I rather like this movie as it is. The ending is quite in line with the gen... reviewed February 13, 2006
Deadly Trust (Part 1) by dolor Action
Excellent executed story. The music were great. You created a very ambient mood in your movie. The pacing was truly great. You took your time to tell a story, that needed time to tell. What kept you... reviewed February 13, 2006
white noise by dubblehellox Sci-Fi
Nice one. Great feeling to it.I liked it in a way. Though, I tend to like somewhat of a storyline in movies, and I am way to stupid to get this one. Also, as an audience I got the feeling it was a co... reviewed February 13, 2006
Canon - Sorrow by PhantomRaulStudios Romance
Nice work you done here... Excellent way of telling a story, without using written, nor spoken word. Edited nicely. The movie kinda "grew" as it got along, as did the music, which created a nice crese... reviewed February 13, 2006
Vampires of War by CowBear Horror
Great movie. Great plot. Great editing. Rather good VO, which only is spoiled by the not so beliveble german woman. Ambient was great. reviewed February 12, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A truley inspiering and awesome movie. The story is unique, and the audience is promised many stories witin the story. The diting superb, and the scenes dressed with such care, that you really feel yo...
reviewed February 12, 2006
The Exchange Student by giggles144 Action
Nice little flick. The plot was not as intresting as in your other movies, but you made some great cutting and editing here. I can sympethise with the german fellow. Being in a country not speaking y... reviewed February 12, 2006
Dogharvest by giggles144 Horror
This got a certain eerie feelin to it. Im not certain it was meant to, but it does. Its a great little piece of work. reviewed February 12, 2006
Wusman At the Beach by davidwww Action
The starting fight scene felt to long, and while the training cuts were great, they as well felt a tad too long. I question the message here, since I look down in pity on those that retards to violen... reviewed February 12, 2006
Ten Seconds Ago by God_Of_Plague Action
The intro was extremly well cut, and is acctually one of the strongest dream sequences I've seen here, even without sound. Then the whole movie sink back to plain action, involving characters I never... reviewed February 12, 2006
Liquid Dreams by mystic_sleet Comedy
Ha ha... Well, it made me smile, and thats always good. Though, I do think that making an explanation to the movie, by its titel is something of a cheat...Even if its a silent movie. I reckon this is... reviewed February 12, 2006
The Cellar - Extended Version by Dulci Horror
Idea and execution is great, untill the very end. Im not sure what I wanted the end to be, but this is the end one, as audience felt was the most obvious one, considering the circumstances. And the ob... reviewed February 12, 2006
The Nerd Who Fell In Love by nunberry Romance
Its a daring project, to introduce fantsies and vision into a silent black and white movie. Much of the thing you can rely on to explain "this is a dream" is often doen by colours of the set or sound.... reviewed February 12, 2006
Silenced Love by pamdennis Romance
Great effort. well done. A couple of things comes to my mind, which makes this movie looses some stars. The introduction is way to short. Yes, I know, introduction is hell in silent movies. My mothe... reviewed February 12, 2006
Get Laid or Die Trying by homemadeeye Comedy
Well...I got a headache listening to Hitlos voice for that long time. I do think the movie would have won on being shorter. I laughed at the begining, but as the movie went on, I got tired of the VO, ... reviewed February 11, 2006
A short manual to live with the dead by Spaceman72 Comedy
Featured Review
Great work. Very funny and it gave me a couple of laughs. There are two reasons for me not giving you 5 stars. First, the movie felt a tad to long. You should either walked through some of the numbe...
reviewed February 11, 2006
Ninja Oblivion by Chinoxl Sci-Fi
As a first movie, its a nice one. Story is a tad incoherent and one gets the feeling you just throwed everything you found in the movie wardrobe in...Which is just what might happend, right? Mic prob... reviewed February 11, 2006
Restless Dead (II) - Homeward Bound by jameseva Horror
Really should have been 3,5, but no such things as half stars... The main flaws I see in this movie, is that the story, doesnt really feel that original. Got the feeling I've seen this all sometime b... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Revenge by sportygal Action
Others already mentioned the things I noticed. (the VO, the machinegun, becomeing a revolver and the music) All in all its a good effort. My main advice for the future, is to have a scetched out stor... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Hit by princeinexile Action
Well...considering the whole movie is about the "hit" thats about to be performed, I think the movie really should ended when you delivered the point. After Brittneys hit, the rest of the movie felt a... reviewed February 11, 2006
Hotel Death by funkman2000 Horror
LOL. Now heres a coincidence. (at least i hope so...Im certain I didnt steal your story, since I uploaded me movie first, though I acctually dont think you stole mine either) If you want to check the... reviewed February 11, 2006
Deja Vu by sherwinliu Romance
Featured Review
Splendid work. technically perfect. The plot was awesome. The way you let the audience be presented by the "plot" of the main characters mundane life, and at the same time, the plot of the terrible th...
reviewed February 11, 2006
Escape! by wetman Action
The action parts of your movie is great. The story is a tad thin. For exempel: How could the police figure exact which subway station the villain were at? Some continuence problems. Shhoters travels... reviewed February 11, 2006
Mr Muffin-Attack of the KID by yoyoboy1 Comedy
Featured Review
I do think, that in the whole of TMO community, there is noone quite like you. Or at least, there is no movies quite like yours. Your creations are so intenese, that I can realy only recomend any liv...
reviewed February 11, 2006
How Big Female Edition by Stormwhitelab Romance
Excellent movie with a most valid point. Comes to show, that the people creating this game, lacks girlfriends, and contact with the outdside world. Some of the reviews here clearly shows that quite a... reviewed February 11, 2006
Never Forget redux by humdogma Action
Rather well done, though Im not certain of the message the audience is supossed to get. If this was thought to be a memorieble piece, I think it was a tad to much focus on the violence. reviewed February 11, 2006
The Things I hate Show by OwenBuch Comedy
The part of the movie I understood was great fun...unfortunally I didnt get that much due to the VO were really hard to understand. Too bad really. I do however like the idea, and you had some real g... reviewed February 11, 2006
A Gangs Uprising by Oh_Come_On Action
As far as epic gangster movies goes, you pulled it off really well. All acording to standard gangster movie formular 1.A. I reccon you didnt really go for orginality, and thats ok. One doesnt have to,... reviewed February 11, 2006
Zombie Showdown (now with VO) by wulfy69 Horror
Good voiceovers and a well cut movie. Some parts of the movie felt a tad to slow. The parts that were funny, were really funny, but I do think it was too far between the jokes, and thats what made the... reviewed February 11, 2006
Bad Moon by D_QUICHOTTE Action
Great movie. Rather long story wich felt solid and intresting. The story wasnt that original, and mayhep the ending was somewhat of a let down. One had preheaps hoped for a more epic ending. Some VO w... reviewed February 11, 2006
Invasion by velcon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nice action flick. There are some minor things, that make it less then 5. Do take your time. If you tired of working with your movie after 4 hours. Turn off the computer, and get back to the movie so...
reviewed February 11, 2006
A Stranger In Town - Trailer by Frooplet Action
I never give more then 3 stars for a trailer. That said, it certainly looks like an intresting movie. Looking forward to it. reviewed February 11, 2006
Broken Promises by mystic_sleet Romance
I could have given you 4 stars, for making an ad, in a rather good, though not entierly original way. The music though... I really tend to hate this techno attempts to spice up clasical music. Yes, I... reviewed February 11, 2006
45 by Apocryphon Romance
Featured Review
Excellent pace to the story. The ending revealed slowly, but still came out as a total surprise. For a while I thought, "well, how on earth will he tie this one together", and I swear the ending compl...
reviewed February 11, 2006
Cabbies Episode 1-The Pilot by Darqcyde Comedy
Real funny. Its such a shame that some of the VO are, to me, completly understandebel. Its really sad when technicality ruins an otherwise great movie. There were some cuts that could been slightly s... reviewed February 11, 2006
A Robber Barons Christmas by johnokinawa Romance
Featured Review
Awesome movie. Editing is, as always, excellent. The music is spleindid choosen, and the topic is greatly handled. I do so much like a studio with a theme to theire movies, and your theme is that all...
reviewed February 11, 2006
The Submissive Woman by johnokinawa Romance
---spoinler alert---- I notice that your movies handels delicate topics with great care. The topics are strong, and fills your movie. (very much so, indeed, in this movie) Since this is the case, you... reviewed February 11, 2006
Bertha Shaves it all by johnokinawa Comedy
Featured Review
Editing is good, and you used the music good as well. Your computerstars are well designed, and I found it not at all hard to belive the evilness in Maggie. Whats put you over the boarder to a 5 star...
reviewed February 11, 2006
IT - Part Two by lizardthing Horror
Hard one, this is... You are aware that Lionhead might remove this movie, and give you a warning? This since one (I will not, but someone will, I imagine) might argue that you are useing Mr Kings copy... reviewed February 10, 2006
Jim Abbott Returns by darkgarden Action
I really think youre somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. The story is intresting and I like the eerie surreal story. The vision along with the explanation to it all was superb. I do however think there ... reviewed February 10, 2006
The Shine of Yellow Eyes (Test Demo) by CDA6713 Horror
Yes, it does indeed look intresting. I will take a closer look into your work later on then. The errors in this trailer, you already know about, so I wont mention them. I wont give a higher grade then... reviewed February 10, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
Completly agrees with the topics stated, and for that you maybe should have 5 stars, but... The subtitels never really flowed, and there were some quite awkward pauses in the subtitels, as well as so... reviewed February 10, 2006
Chronicles of Philomosa 3 - Die Entwicklung by Philomosa Romance
This story of my life is made in the most delicate way. You drag the audience into your movie and make them, really, an audience to your life, and in a way, part of your life. As such, I was really su... reviewed February 10, 2006
Soul thief by micha83 Horror
5 stars for the ambition. I do however think the ending was a tad abundant. ALso, you harbour a great deal of cuts and fades in this movie, which you almost pull of, but alas, there are some cuts and ... reviewed February 9, 2006
Last heart beats 2nd ed by chocolatemouse Horror
Featured Review
Beautiful. Heartachingly beautifull. And, since you carefully told a story, without a singel spoken, nor written word, only confirms what I've known and said. Youre a truly great storyteller. Im out o...
reviewed February 9, 2006
Zombie Panic by HitmanGames Horror
great action flick. There are some minor issues though. Who is the third guy, showing up after the big zombieslaughter? From where does all the weapon come? And whats with the copmpletly uncalled sexb... reviewed February 9, 2006
Broken Silence by giggles144 Comedy
Cleaver. Real cleaver. I find it hillarious. Some minor issues with the quallity of the VO, but the documentary teadious story telling voice makes this one real great. I really do think this movie ... reviewed February 9, 2006
The Adventures of Jesus 1 by Insomniac77 Action
Great movie technically. Well cut and edited. The story was preheaps a tad too slow from time to time, but over all really good. The pace, though, and a couple of detail were the things that made me ... reviewed February 9, 2006
Faiths Journey Continues by Dulci Romance
The revealing of the treasure is what makes me give you 5 stars. A tad unexpected, and me, being a succer for unbexpected. The movie was a good, well thought through script. The editing was good, tho... reviewed February 9, 2006
Real Paranoia by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Real good job. Editing was excellent and casting of the villain was superb. I do think the ending dragged out a little. Being one in favor of faster endings my self. I mean, once we saw the janitor en... reviewed February 9, 2006
the omegakill bob vol2 by tasmania11 Action
Excellent editing. excellent pace of the story. great VO. Great music. your on to something great here. reviewed February 7, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
I love slashers. And so do you, I figure after watching this lille masterpiece. The only thing, I could spot, that was lacking, was preheaps a lille lore. you know "oh no. Not THAT house. its been ab... reviewed February 7, 2006
Wicked Galaxy - The Takeover by Flipmanburn Sci-Fi
Well, you know about the subtitels....Have to confess, that not having english as main language and being a slow reader it kinda ruined the experience. Your action sequenses were great. Well cut, and... reviewed February 7, 2006
My Nightmare (Final Edition) by Diesel3009 Horror
Well, considering your outburst on the forums the other day, I will not give you 3 stars... To be honest, I do think this movie is somewhere between 3 and four, (whish one could give half stars)withou... reviewed February 7, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Yes indeed. It is most inspiering to see such a great piece of art, that without trying to sucker audience into exstas by throwing multitudes of effects on them, but rather presenting a story, so brea... reviewed February 7, 2006
Trouble in the City by hunta22 Action
The five star is mostly for the character (ie; the cop)which was well though through and felt beliveble. The story was good, though I my self preheps would have wanted a more intricate twist in the en... reviewed February 7, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Not really sure, I really wanted to watch that... Well, im out of words, but thats ok, since im out of breat as well...still... laughing... reviewed February 6, 2006
A Suicide Bomber by Jordan_P Action
I will not rate the topic, since that would be stupid. As a movie though, youre on to something great. Now, however its not great. its good, but not great. This is manily, due to the fact, that whil... reviewed February 6, 2006
The Sight by cpsisthebest Horror
Well. Not sure whethever to give 4 or 5 stars. Truly some eerie feelings in this movie, and only a great storyteller succeds to convey feelings to his/her audience. Also, creds goes to acctually being... reviewed February 5, 2006
Be Careful What You Wish For by LordAndrew Horror
Great movie, with a great twist, and a final punch. Great work. What keeps it from being excellent in my opinion is that the twist is somewhat to easy to figure out before its revealed. Also I think ... reviewed February 5, 2006
Flower will die (my version) by chocolatemouse Romance
Realised I forgot to rate this one. The movie in it self, I think is worth 4 stars, right up untill the ending. The ending is unexpected and leaves the audience with a bitter taste in the mouth. To ac... reviewed February 5, 2006
dominika and nosek kasia noseks trailer by ibbsters Action
I do think it would be a good thing to either put subtitles in, or do VO. The story is not entierly clear at the end. There are a few awkward cuts, but keep making movies, and youll get how to make t... reviewed February 5, 2006
Deception by johnokinawa Romance
Featured Review
Hard one to review. Whish they gave half stars. The acting is superb. Its an awesomw work on the VO, and this movie really puts a new standard to the VO I'll watch in the future. The rhyming was a gr...
reviewed February 5, 2006
Father Death by CDA6713 Horror
Excellent story and idea. Editing was good I think, though it could been a tad sharper at some places. The bluegirl dance, distracted the story a little, and as audience you kind off wondered why tha... reviewed February 5, 2006
Slayer Silence Version by Bluhm Action
Great story, nicely edited. The dialouge felt kinda awkward, though I cant really put the finger on what it was. I do agree, some medival settings and props, really have to come. Ill be looking forw... reviewed February 4, 2006
The Night Cowboy Tailer by crazichunki Horror
Featured Review
Well, its a trailer, so I wont give a higher review then 3 stars. But Ill make sure to check the real movie out, when you release it. Im not that much into western, but you caught my attention with t...
reviewed February 4, 2006
Out of TIME out of IDEAS by htpolsa Action
Im sure that in the context of this contest you were in, the movie were great, but as a movie I dont think its that great. The story seems written on a 10 minutes break and rather random. I did howev... reviewed February 4, 2006
Modern Talking by Harum Romance
Enjoy you says in your description...Enjoy? Great movie, and as you first one, its outstanding. I would have given you a 4, due to the story being so obvious. Its real life, which many of us can rel... reviewed February 4, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
I never cared much for comedys, since they never ever makes me laugh. Well, you changed my view on the matter. I have absolutly nothing constructive to say, since in my eyes, this is just perfect. reviewed February 4, 2006
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
This is what the movie is all about. Creativity that will never come out of Hollywood, due to fear of the unuseally. The story starts out great. The effects is great. The acting is great.The editing i... reviewed February 4, 2006
Retrospect by MovieMakerStapes Action
Well, to tell a story backwards is a fun idea, though I have to say that Memento makes it better, since they offer an explenation as to why this is done. Here its just a cool trick for the sake of it,... reviewed February 4, 2006
What now now What by Tilli Comedy
Weell... Youve done a fair work with your editing. There are some continuence problems. (ie; they jump into a blöue car, but drives away in a green one and so on) as well as some scene problems (when ... reviewed February 4, 2006
Nothing More Than Murder by Nutte Action
Great movie. The ambient were exactly the way I imagine you wanted it. As an audience you would like to know how the dead lady fooled the main character. Its a tad to easy for a moviemaker to make suc... reviewed February 4, 2006
A Mecha Adventure by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Great movie. It was fun, and felt like a good action flick. Some problems with the VO, and some of the scenes gave away the real size of the robots, wich was to bad. The scientist in the opening tal... reviewed February 4, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Well. I dont want to destroy your all but perfect rates here, so I will give you 5 stars. The work put down into this makes me able to give you such grade without bad consiuense, along with the stonge... reviewed February 4, 2006
Found Sound - Unknown Singer in Crowd by stach Comedy
Real cool idea. I do think the movie ought to reflect/be easier to understand/be easier to put together with the sound recording. Had that been the case, I most definitly would have given you a higher... reviewed February 4, 2006
A Man Called Death by Dysfunktion Horror
Great movie with leaves that kind of uneasy felling a good horrorflick ought to do. The death character were as frigthening as death should be, and the tension builds up real nice. I dont find the end... reviewed February 4, 2006
Shadow of the Light - Part 1 by sherwinliu Romance
Agrees with Druci. Love the sax. =) The story got a slow pace, but never gets to slow. Excellent judgment there. The text is well written but never gets to prestigious and highriding, wich again show... reviewed February 4, 2006
EFBCF 6 Dream Dancin by Flesmus Comedy
Featured Review
Since its about dreams, and yours I figure, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell what is the escence of you, who are you, and what is the escence of the art, the dreams. Some of the beauty seem...
reviewed February 2, 2006
Dead Silence by Sphinx86 Horror
Nice movie. The TV thing in the beggining were inventive, witch is great. The music were superb. You really succeded in bringing a feeling across to the audience. I do think some cuts could have been ... reviewed February 2, 2006
The Legacy of Man by drucifer67 Action
Great work. I acctually thought about doing something simular to this, but I have to confess that your thoughts outwitted mine. No need for my work no. =) Really good editing. Good choice of music, t... reviewed February 2, 2006
Eye of Cerberus (part 2) by Bolch Action
I would really like to give this movie 4,5. The reson being I so miss VO in any movie longer then 2 minutes. Also, the first fightscene has some glitches. Now, I havent done any action sequenses my se... reviewed January 31, 2006
Ghost Frost 4 Black Heart by Flesmus Romance
Featured Review
Weeelll... Ill give this a 5 star, but thats rather in the light of the other parts. I agree with Daninsky that the dreams all of a sudden felt, if not random, so at least done in a too systematic wa...
reviewed January 31, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
Im in awe of anyone making a romance intresting, which you certainly did. Splendid VO, great story, the music was perfect, even though, it at some point was close to cover the majesticy of the voice... reviewed January 30, 2006
Kill Bunny by kevin97 Action
Nicely cut and edited. Very funny indeed. reviewed January 30, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
I only give this 1 star, on the premise that I think it lessens the community when this demo have the first place on the charts. The people who put so much effort in doing movies, which is based on s... reviewed January 30, 2006
cops by Jamie-michael Action
Quite funny. Good editing. Would have won on VO id say. reviewed January 30, 2006
Red Siren 5 by MaddogMatty Horror
Nice long story. Some of the editing werent up to the standard though the majority of the movie, which is to bad. With so many characters speaking, you really need some help with the VO. A bunch of th... reviewed January 30, 2006
Brokeb Mountain by buck_rogers Romance
Acctually, I found this one rather fun. Specially when reading the about text. The first movie here, that I think rather won on not having VO. While not suporting the view on women shown here at all,... reviewed January 30, 2006
The People by Monkeybt93 Horror
You done some nice editing, but in some cuts, its not at all that nice. Seems like you had a good thing going, but then ran out of patience, and suddenly just wanted "the damn movie ready" which is to... reviewed January 30, 2006
Campfire Fright by wulfy69 Horror
Good story, nicely edited. Good voiceovers. There are mainly 2 things, which makes it less scarie, then it could have been. Music The confrontation between the girl and the monster, isnt quite as sc... reviewed January 30, 2006
Miss WarHead by jashyouuh Comedy
Nice one. The introduction was great, the editing good, though I would wish for a stronger ending. There ought be somekind of punchline. Nice work all in all. Keep up the good work. reviewed January 30, 2006
Reverse Advertising by yoyoboy1 Action
Made me laugh, wich I assume it was all about. The car dialouge was next to impossible to hear, so I missed out of a big part, which is too bad really. I reccomend to get someone help you with VO, so... reviewed January 29, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Action
Great movie. Excellent cut and created in such a way that the word strong, is too weak. I wish so very much it would have ended just a few seconds earlier. The kissing in the happy afterlife felt all... reviewed January 29, 2006
Deep Throats Dracula by sfbistimg Horror
VO would be great. I would say that you should have explained the settings more, since the audience is doomed to wonder who and why, they all are fighting. reviewed January 29, 2006
Rockem-Sockem Robots The Movie by Acquired_Taste Comedy
GREAT action sequence. The utter and complete lack of story is well compensated by one of the most inspiring fights Ive seen here so far. Nice humor, wich I value high. reviewed January 29, 2006
The Voodoo Man (Part One) by DLOCKHART Horror
Featured Review
If this is your first project, its great. Much better then my first. VO lets you connect to the audience much more, but if youre going to stick with subtitles, try to work with them some more. Make s...
reviewed January 29, 2006
Cannibal by Gigantic_Chicken Horror
Well... The plot was good, but I do think you have to use VO in order to make the audience connect to the movie. Also, you have to trust your own storytelling skills more. The subtext shouldnt explai... reviewed January 29, 2006
Ebony and Ivory by clarkdude Action
Great voiceovers, and I think the editing is good. The elevator thing, just seemed a tad missplaced. Also, the UFO seemed rather small in the first shot of it. I think the movie, technicaly deserves 4... reviewed January 29, 2006
Ebony and Ivory 2 Offical Trailer by clarkdude Action
Nice one. Looks like an intresting movie is on the verge of being released. reviewed January 29, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Very strong indeed. I think the begining were a tad stronger then the end, which is somewhat unfortunate, since the final question, is what should have most focus in my opinion. Real great editing. R... reviewed January 28, 2006
Terminator 90210 by john_sumner Comedy
Nice work here. Some minor errors in the text wich is too bad. I regret to say it, because you made such a superb job with the soundeffects, but alas, with all that great work at the sound, you kinda ... reviewed January 28, 2006
Misunderstood Genius (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
Splendid work. The story grows on you and slowly takes you over. Now I have to find out what happends. I think a VO is called for and the text. You have to think about the text. Sometimes you cut the... reviewed January 28, 2006
Dead Clown Laughing by sarbonn Comedy
This is an excellent peace of work. The text is used in an extremly inventive and consistenly way, and creates room for some great humor. A classic reviewed January 28, 2006
Envy by pd_studios Action
Intresting concept, this "deadly sins" stories. I have to say, I would have liked it more, if, somehow the sins themself were the downfall of the sinners, rather then some masked man just shooting th... reviewed January 28, 2006
Real Paranoia by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Great work. The idea and story was gorgeous. Everything was beautifull till the death scene. I whished for it to come more of a sudden, and be over faster. Also, I think VO would be better then the t... reviewed January 28, 2006
Chronicles of Philomosa2 - Die Entscheidung by Philomosa Romance
Well...Watching a movie like that, makes it kinda hard to review, since I (and lots of others with me I assume) been through something like that. Kinda affects your judgment I assume. That said, you ... reviewed January 28, 2006
Dont You Just Hate by FreddaH Comedy
Great work and a tremendous lot of fun. Nice work with the backdrops. Real inventive. Acctually it gave me an idea or two for future projects. Good editing technic made the long monolouge scenes, wher... reviewed January 28, 2006
Subway 4 by Sleeves Romance
Excellent and great. Keeps one at ones toes. Great acting on VO, though mayhep the lady VO could be a tad more intense at times. Splendid editing, and though I have to confess, I my self liked the s... reviewed January 28, 2006
MMMMystery Mans Lament by FreddaH Comedy
Fun and somewhat original. The whining scene was a tad too long Id say. reviewed January 28, 2006
The Prophecy by Le_Six Romance
Great movie! Terrific story. The storyline itself is worth a 5. Theres some small reasons to why I didnt give the movie 5 stars though, wich is really to bad, since its really worth 5 stars. I think ... reviewed January 28, 2006
Kowalski and the Zombie King by Dhampy Action
Featured Review
Nice work. Humour, action and zombiesplatter in a great mix. Had Lovercraft ever missed his sleep for a week, token drugs which made you a lille funny in the head, Im sure this would be the outcome.
reviewed January 28, 2006
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
Great horrorflick. Intresting thing, that about the licking dog. The same story is around over here in Sweden as well. Well, you certainly proved that movies can be made really frightening in this game. reviewed January 27, 2006
The Priest and the Virgin by ninette1 Horror
hehe Yep, thats great. In its gengre, its worth a 5. reviewed January 27, 2006
Cheesy Wotsit and the Homeless avenger by joerock Action
Great movie. Made me laugh, so it must be good. I think that with just a lille sharper editing, you can make it even funnier. reviewed January 27, 2006
k7 by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Theres so much creativity at this site, it hurts. You are all that Hollywood lacks, and thank God for this game. Without it I wouldnt have seen this beautifull 15 minutes. Its hard to put my finger o... reviewed January 27, 2006
Eternity Saga Cybernetic Rebellion by Director777 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Im not to happy about sci-fi movies, but you might be able to change that. Its a great movie, wonderfully edited. My compliments to you for making a sci-fi that grabbed my attention.
reviewed January 27, 2006
The Revelation of a Beast by IchthusADMR Horror
...and suddenly all other movies seems so small... I have no bad critics whatsoever. Its incredible. reviewed January 27, 2006
EFBCF 5 Zaqwer the Great Hate by Flesmus Comedy
Featured Review
I have to admire your work. I will remember and think of this for a long time to come. Truly great.
reviewed January 27, 2006
jihad by tim_pilgrim Action
Great and excellent. Real good story, with a great mix of message and humor. Good VO reviewed January 27, 2006
Chronicles of Ridderick1 by yoyoboy1 Comedy
Featured Review
Very...intense... for lacking a better word. Well, I laughed, which I assumed was the point, hence a good grade. Unfortunally I think, while you made the VO good, the sound quality was a let down, whi...
reviewed January 27, 2006
The day the world ended by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Great is an all together weak word. The effects is astounding. You are nothing less then a genious. Im proud to even be in the same community as you. After many hours thinking I finnaly came up with ... reviewed January 27, 2006
The Last Job by 3Demon Action
Intresting movie. Great work on it. I wish the movie had been a tad longer. As it is now, it felt the ending came somewhat abrupt. reviewed January 27, 2006
Lust2 by satansmunchkin Romance
Excellent movie. It toutches and moves. Its such a bummer that the VO gives that annoying buzzing noise. The movie really deserves better quallity of your VO equipment. reviewed January 27, 2006
Death by sexypenguin41 Comedy
Weeeell.... Kinda funny. Good job on the VO. reviewed January 27, 2006
Nevena 7 Part 1 by velcon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Splendid. Your best work so far Id say. The bar at the begining was mayhep a letdown, but hey, so was the starwars bar. =) You made a movie which really makes one wonder what will happends next. Ill ...
reviewed January 26, 2006
A Town of Blood by velcon Action
Featured Review
Great action movie. Nicely edited. Only technical issue I got is the lack of music in the latter part of the movie. Plot is intresting, and especially the first shoot out scene is remarkebly well don...
reviewed January 26, 2006
Love and Blood by velcon Romance
Featured Review
Feels like you wanted the vampire thing to be kind of a secret plot. Alas I played roleplaying games for far to long and saw that one coming, which made the movie a tad flat. That said, I wouldnt mind...
reviewed January 26, 2006
Heist by filmfreak13 Action
Nice one. A tad classic, but theres always room for classic. Great job on the VO and editing. reviewed January 26, 2006
Big Bad Bro the Final by leverclan Horror
Hmm... Not really sure what to think. It could have been scary, but its about an ape and a bunny. It could have been funny, but it gives an all together eerie feeling to be funny. Editing is great, an... reviewed January 26, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II VO by madmatt7g Action
Great work with the VO. Strong and great characters, with a villain worth its name. Wolfs powers were very inventive. Lots of cudos to you, though I would rseally liked to lose Explosivos...oh, sorry,... reviewed January 26, 2006
Extra-Special Forces by landau28m Action
With movies like this, you never need to use drugs... Well, it made me laugh, witch I asume was the point, so 3 star it is... reviewed January 25, 2006
Last of the Mohicans by jester1817 Action
Good job there. I think the start fight has too many cuts withou the audience seing the soldiers. Also, theres a strange change of pace in the story when the indian fellow gets caught. The second fig... reviewed January 25, 2006
Lets Dance by FreddaH Comedy
Not really sure how to rate this. As a movie...well, you know... But as entertainment its worth a 5. I laughed quite a bunch... reviewed January 25, 2006
Adventures Of Bennett And His Small Mouth by b1llco Comedy
Featured Review
Nice one. Though mayhep not entierly original, it was amusing and made me laugh. Preheps the intro conversation could be a tad sharper. The ending was fast and great. Incidently, I made a movie on the...
reviewed January 24, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
Excelent movie. Me and me girl sends our cudos to you. I still think you could polish up the end a tad, but now, since I tried making movies my self, I have to admitt Im jealous at the beginig. It a R... reviewed January 21, 2006