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Average Rating Received: 3.81

Number of Movies Reviewed: 43
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Average Rating Given: 4.56
Movies Released by callywally91
the west town streets trailer Action
i just like to say i hope you enjoy it as much as i have making it and plz help me get the new sets keep voting lol also i need someone to make some music for me plz posted February 9, 2006
3 guys first day in the city part 1 Comedy
hi this is a new movie i brought out and well its abit of a trailer rated 16+ posted January 7, 2006
the lords Action
tom this is callum. wat the hell ? a test wat test that sounded so stupid wen he boreding up the door and he says no one will take this test again how studid is that its a good idea but rudish subtitl... posted November 24, 2005
no mans land 2 Action
this movie is my 2 movie form this series don't worry the first is a diiffrent story posted November 14, 2005
no mans land Action
it set in a strange war that never happened and think about the stuff thats happening posted November 13, 2005
bothers in arms Action
this is an action packed film with a nice dose of comady with a twist at the end posted November 13, 2005
Movies Reviewed by callywally91
Dreamtown2 by Rik_Vargard Action
great film man, but too short reviewed March 20, 2006
The Little Town Of Duhsville - Trailer by Noodledude Comedy
ok it was ok but make sure it's funny next time! but good try reviewed March 12, 2006
Hell Horse by bob2006 Horror
No Review reviewed March 12, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
wow! great story great fight scenes great everthing plz make more movies reviewed March 7, 2006
RESISTANCE - FATED TO FAIL by masterbecks Action
no happy ending in this film still a great film but it would be great for a other rebbalion to start and more of this great series reviewed March 7, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
made me lmao but i think come on was a little better reviewed March 7, 2006
Robocop by neojohn654 Action
good story,bad speech,some bad spelling,doen't look to muck like robocop,some very cool ideas,need some custom effect,also try fadeing out but the movie was very intresting! reviewed February 21, 2006
Reflections of a life by morgan-92 Horror
two ok movies nothing too good reviewed February 21, 2006
Hotpicking by morgan-92 Comedy
ok that was ok but not funny at all reviewed February 21, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
it pretty good reviewed February 21, 2006
Halflife 2 trailer by supervis24 Sci-Fi
good i love half-life but gordons mate thats a key charecter wasn't in it barney the guard he helps gordon alot in both half-lifes reviewed February 12, 2006
The Final Stand by Mouch Romance
its good but not very orginal i saw alot of movies like this, your good at movie making but try somthing new try maybe a made up war theres too meany ww2 films out i learned that,don't take anything i... reviewed February 12, 2006
RESISTANCE - NO WAY OUT by masterbecks Action
masterbecks thanks for reviewing my movies yours are by far better! reviewed February 10, 2006
k7 by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
my god rik i heard you were good but never knew you were this good the story brilliant the sound perfect the charecters great i liked the cowboy film you made but this is so much better and plz make a... reviewed February 10, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
one of the most under hyped movies ever forget everone else this was just brilliant if you ent seen this yet you ent seen nothing reviewed February 10, 2006
Victim of love by Spooky Romance
it good but your horror films better mate but very good work anyway it's story was good and bad at the same time but it was intresting maybe try a diffrent type of film next time you seem to be good a... reviewed February 10, 2006
Make no promesses by Spooky Horror
i liked it and yes my movie will be done soon reviewed February 10, 2006
HELD-HOSTAGE PREVIEWS by snickers4 Horror
i must say what the hell was going on i wish i new what was happening but for your first movie it did make a little sense try making a war film first they are easy to make reviewed February 10, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown - 2nd Trailer by FoDooG Comedy
just brilliant your going to be big with your films guys i cannot wait looks like its going to be really funny maybe it can beat come on who knows reviewed February 9, 2006
How Billy Made His Dollar by charlieiscool Comedy
Featured Review
you gave me a bad review i give you a good one this was funny
reviewed February 9, 2006
Dan the explorer the movie by hogsy Sci-Fi
good but need some work on the subtitles other then that very good wrok mate reviewed February 9, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
good work reviewed February 9, 2006
Come On - The Outtake Reel by FoDooG Comedy
you said give it 3 stars max but it was still much better then most films! reviewed February 9, 2006
Flanagans Fog Falling Down The Stairs by FoDooG Comedy
you guys are the best i would love to see come on 2 reviewed February 9, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown - Trailer by FoDooG Comedy
looks very funny mate your good movie makers reviewed February 9, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
good good good mate reviewed February 9, 2006
PIMP MY RIDE by johnny_barger Comedy
funny funny funny reviewed February 1, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
i'm with you mate we could also use some more fight scenes to like sword fights or bassball fights and some more gun fights reviewed February 1, 2006
One ticket to heaven!!! by andymikel Comedy
Featured Review
i'm being nice becouse of your bravey
reviewed February 1, 2006
And Twins by Luskington Comedy
good joke crap movie reviewed January 19, 2006
Public Service Announcement by Luskington Comedy
Featured Review
funny funny funny!!!!!!!!
reviewed January 19, 2006
Momento X Dawn of War by matt66 Action
good abit prodictable but very good still reviewed January 19, 2006
RESISTANCE - The Beginning by masterbecks Action
Featured Review
wow man that was by far the best movie on the site i understand very little german but i like the film very much i saw the trailer a long time ago i new this film was going to be big great job
reviewed January 19, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
act 2 is better reviewed January 7, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
No Review reviewed January 7, 2006
RESISTANCE - The Beginning Trailer by masterbecks Action
very good reviewed January 6, 2006
The First Day Was My Last by Durden85 Action
really good make others plz reviewed January 6, 2006
The War by strangeanimals01 Action
sucked so much it was funny then just s**t made no sense and well theres too much wrong with it re-make it guys reviewed December 24, 2005
Home Of The Braves by iBeatAnorexia Action
ok short and you had alot wrong with it re-think plus there where no girl troops back then this film sucks! try again reviewed December 24, 2005
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
now thats good movie making please keep it up reviewed December 22, 2005
The Hunted Special Edition by FilmForge_Studios Action
don't listen to the people that only gave it a 4 star i would give it 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 stars if i could reviewed November 25, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
it made me smile reviewed November 24, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies by richke Comedy
this films well good make more reviewed November 14, 2005