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A Dogs Tale by wriphejr Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Well done. Very clever, very nice indeed. Good VO's nice editing, original story. Good plot start, ridiculous middle, tongue in cheek ending, all told well. A lemon sorbet in film terms - light and fl...
reviewed February 17, 2006
Terminator 90210 by john_sumner Comedy
MOMC Review Terminator 90210 A film by john_sumner This is a really good comedy, and I really liked it.There was plenty of time to read the subs and the writing was amusing. The film is eminently wat... reviewed February 12, 2006
How Big Female Edition by Stormwhitelab Romance
It's very hard to find the right category for this movie! I understand the point that the film maker is making, however this didn't keep my attention all the way through as gripping. It's a very valua... reviewed February 12, 2006
Mr Jones High School Crush by aarn777 Comedy
MOMC Review Mr Jones High School Crush A film by aarn777 The sound was very low, and I struggled to hear it even with the volume turned right up. Why is Mr Jones practically naked all through the fi... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Revenge by sportygal Action
The dialogue could do with a bit of work at points and the voiceovers are not always convincing. I'm sure that with thought and practice you could improve your voice acting skills. You have a very bea... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Dog Detective by jjpatel Comedy
MOMC Reviewer The Dog Detective A film by jjpatel This is funny and original. The beginning made a great impression on me, but I felt that the dialogue didn't keep up the original premise, which was ... reviewed February 11, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
MOMC Review A Fairy Tale A film by Arawna11 This film is beautifully done from an artistic and technical standpoint. Without knowing spanish, I could still tell that the voice overs are good. The 's... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Legend of Leada by downphoenix Action
I liked Counterterrorwrists but this one is not so funny. I like the idea (and love the Zelda games so hoped this would be great). The nuances just aren't captured in the same way that Counter worked.... reviewed February 6, 2006
Sneak Peek Flashy Films by FamilyGuy1255 Action
Nice trailer, but as it's a trailer it doesn't rate more highly than a 3 for me reviewed February 4, 2006
Creatures A Love Story by NghtStlkr Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Creatures A Love Story A film by NghtStlkr This film is original, clever, and complex with a mixture of messages. A comedy? Perhaps, but with a bleak side. Or perhaps one should say its tragedic but ...
reviewed February 2, 2006
Montecelli Avenue Part 1 by hunta22 Action
MOMC Review This film has been created by a movie maker with a lot of potential and in the future I think we could expect to see some quite special films being generated by this studio. This will be ... reviewed February 2, 2006
DOWNFALL by skarsten Sci-Fi
Featured Review
MOMC Review DOWNFALL A film by skarsten Excellent voice acting - it's an insult to say voice over in this case- nice pace, very good dialogue, coherent plot, with an interesting twist at the end whi...
reviewed February 1, 2006
Gran Turismo by Video_Capture Action
Featured Review
MOMC Review Gran Turismo A film by Video_Capture The first 45 seconds were reasonably interesting and colourful. After that point, I was somewhat at a loss. There is no plot, it's a race between two ...
reviewed February 1, 2006
Eternity Saga-Exile by Director777 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
MOMC Review Eternity Saga-Exile A film by Director777 This is apparently the third in a series of films, but the excellence of this film is clear when I say that it didn't matter at all that I had n...
reviewed February 1, 2006
Dell Customer Service by BENDICK44 Comedy
I have to rate this five stars - as one who used to work in Technical Support (not for Dell) before it was all outsourced to India, this gives me a real laugh. The Indian outsourcers were given a shee... reviewed January 29, 2006
Return of Gaarg by nunberry Sci-Fi
Don't ask about the plot - it's really an 'anti-hero' scifi comedy, therefore the plot is pretty irrelevant. As a fairly random scifi comedy it works pretty well. I can see Garg gaining a cult follow... reviewed January 29, 2006
The Cellar (Bad Edit edit) by db4321 Horror
Firstly, work on your plots. Creating a film for here is like creating a film for a proper movie-house; it needs to have a story, and this one is not fully made. Be wary with the editing - the way the... reviewed January 29, 2006
Counter Terror Wrists by downphoenix Action
I have a disadvantage through not being a player myself, but even so this film had me really smiling. You could look at it as a paradigm of all the team games played on the web, complete with ritual b... reviewed January 29, 2006
Wicked Galaxy - The Takeover by Flipmanburn Sci-Fi
The movie is fast paced and entertaining, although the story is rather thin and I'm not sure it's enough to hang a whole film on. Although I enjoyed the film, when it got to the end I was left thinkin... reviewed January 29, 2006
Colossus III Kyojin Akai 3 by Bluhm Sci-Fi
Colossus III Kyojin Akai 3 A film by Bluhm This film rates very high on the bizarre stakes! It is also extremely amusing homage to B movies everywhere. It's fresh, bright and very unusual - I'm not ... reviewed January 28, 2006
Nothing More Than Murder by Nutte Action
Nothing More Than Murder A film by Nutte The sound gave me problems, as even after I downloaded the film and turned up all my settings, I still couldn't hear anything. However, it has subs, luckily,... reviewed January 28, 2006
k7 by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
I found it quite confusing at times and I wasn't 100% sure what was going on until James met the aliens. This is because of the way subs were used in the scenes - remember that with subs there is no w... reviewed January 25, 2006
Trailer for Life Without Existence2 by Lord_Emwurst Action
Not a bad trailer but a bit messy with the subtitles and the voice overs both on there. I think you should take the subtitles out. It's nothing personal, but I am not going to rate a trailer very high... reviewed January 22, 2006
Whats Wrong With TMO by Lord_Emwurst Comedy
Can't rate it higher than 2 stars - insufficient content. You have a very nice voice, though, and that's why it gets two rather than one! reviewed January 22, 2006
Nintendorks! by gummer Comedy
I liked this - nice funny short, original and fresh! reviewed January 22, 2006
American History 1 by MST3Kman Action
Quite amusing in parts but I'm not sure that is what you were aiming at. At the beginning I couldn't tell who was who - Americans or British- as it was 'a character' speaking, with no visual clues in ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Silken Summer Maiden by MST3Kman Romance
Several points: Why is the bum wearing green lipstick? On the second date the woman suggests getting a hotel room - dream on, sugar! Wish fulfillment in filmmaking drags the whole film down. The subt... reviewed January 22, 2006
Moments by Sevenhertz Romance
Originality: 9/10 this is a very unusual approach, mixing the absurd and the emotional Plot/Story: 9/10 The plot was well written,with an interesting and profound message Dialogue: 10/10 The dialogue ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Lust2 by satansmunchkin Romance
Originality: 8/10 It's original and fresh. Arthouse, and there's not too many of those. Plot/Story: 6/10 It's completely centred on the main character - why did the fiance break it off? No real reaso... reviewed January 22, 2006
A Prequel to the Promised Land by jepeter Sci-Fi
Originality: 5/10 - The similarities to the Stargate series pops into mind with the first few scenes. However, that aside, I think it's an interesting treatment of Exodus. Plot/Story: 5/10 Credibility... reviewed January 21, 2006
A Heros Welcome v3 by groove-monkey Romance
Featured Review
Originality: 10/10 Excellent, fresh, original and thought provoking. Plot/Story: 9/10 - It was extremely good - the only complication is that asking a stranger to live with you, hale or handicapped, i...
reviewed January 21, 2006
Meet the Neighbors by KiCkmEdOOd1 Comedy
Originality: 7/10 Amusing and unusual film. Plot/Story: 7/10 An interesting approach to social commentary on a number of levels as well as comedy. Not that the idea is brand new, but it was well done... reviewed January 21, 2006
Leech Maker by warpedrevolution Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed January 21, 2006
The Studio - Online by Tarison Comedy
This is a real hoot! reviewed January 20, 2006
Plan 9 from Outer Space The Remake by thedevilsreject Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nicely done, kept my attention all the way through, good pace. The only reason it's not a 5 is that I am keeping that for really original scripts or artistic merit!
reviewed January 20, 2006
War As We Know It by undisput3dCHAMP Action
Needs a plot, ya know..better luck next time. reviewed January 20, 2006
Jail Cell Conversations by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Very nicely done, and brought a smile to my face :-) reviewed January 20, 2006
When Chickens Attack by Deshea Action
All too dark, can't make it out, and some subtitles even I couldn't read as they whizzed past, and I'm a speed reader. I loved the title though, and I think it's a great comedy sci-fi idea - I think i... reviewed January 15, 2006
Huntress Of Sol by A11y00ps Sci-Fi
No plot, no subtitles, no VO. Looks like a practice run. reviewed January 15, 2006
Bot Support by QualityJeverage Action
Could do with tighter editing - examples are 1min43 into the film,the corner bit could be cut down. Nice idea though. reviewed January 15, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
The VOs were a bit poor but the main reason I've marked it as 4 is because there is a 'plot gape' here. I feel it was really a 3.5 stars. A guy goes to teach the village to turn towards 'modern' ways ... reviewed January 15, 2006
Horror in the Shed by Planet_Atlantis Horror
Technically not bad, but plot is far too simplistic and where did the chap with the gun come from? Keep going, you'll get there in the end! reviewed January 15, 2006
Off The Reacord with Lionhead Studios by sarunit Comedy
Very clever, very amusing, very nicely done. reviewed January 14, 2006
Star Trek Emergence Day Part 1 by warstomp Sci-Fi
Swearing that added nothing to the film,first 43 seconds very boring. Phrases like 'shall I whack him?'and simply swearing when anyone might have a reaction of some kind in a formalised environment wh... reviewed January 14, 2006
Seven Milliseconds of Pain by Dunkeltraene Action
I really didn't like the jump from the dead girl to the funeral - the story is incompletely told so the narrative is flawed. How did the bank robbers get away if a contract killer was hired and the po... reviewed January 14, 2006
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
This is a tour de force. Congratulations on your achievement! The way the atmosphere is created and built up and the concept of storytelling by limiting yourself to the structure using the alphabet is... reviewed January 14, 2006
101 Dalmatians by Saskro Comedy
Too repetitive - it's more like a joke or a cartoon. I kept waiting for the punchline. reviewed January 14, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
Nicely done, makes the viewer smile, perhaps a future in advertising awaits you! Voice and script working well, no overlong sections. Pithy and to the point. reviewed January 14, 2006
The Movies Playing Loser by SalParadise Comedy
Sound was a bit muffled/strange, but the plot was good. And I totally agree, one stars exist, so give them out. Anyone who doesn't like should take it on the chin, they've had the credits for the view... reviewed January 14, 2006
Intiana Llons and The Sacred Star by DavidSS Action
That's so very clever - nice work.. reviewed January 14, 2006
CSI Germany - Episode 2 by FraasMovies Action
Well done - nice work! reviewed January 14, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Yep, that's funny and made me laugh - some typos in the subtitles though! reviewed January 14, 2006
Robo 2 A New Threat by chunkychips Action
Poor spelling on subtitles - pity reviewed January 14, 2006
Little Red The Big Bad Wolf by jjnelson222 Comedy
Cute reviewed January 14, 2006
Remember by EDproject Romance
In this film you can enjoy the English language being mauled. reviewed January 14, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed January 13, 2006
One Night Stands by erinnicole93 Romance
No Review reviewed January 13, 2006