Number of Movies: 37
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.12

Number of Movies Reviewed: 139
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 5
Average Rating Given: 4.09
Movies Released by Brandon310
Silence In The Night Horror
This one may confuse some people. It's about a man who dies and learns about the afterlife...the hard way. He learns that you should never die alone. I found the music on the internet a long time ago... posted March 14, 2008
Silence In The Night Horror Not Rated
It's accidently been made more dark than usual due to the Augie 64 filter. I'll be taking this one down, and re-uploading a lighter version. posted March 13, 2008
A Day To Forget Horror
A man has lost his memories, and is being stalked by a man whom he does not know... Made for the "Lionhead Named 'Em, You Make 'Em" contest, started by Ravensfan09. Mods: Face mask by Brandon310 Bla... posted November 18, 2007
Space Chick Short Mod Demo Sci-Fi
A montage of one of my mods. Space Chick Short Retexture by Brandon310 SciFi sets made by Lizard Space Base Mod Pack by Rik_Vargard Shaking Camera Mod from the Augie 64 Movie Filter made by Augie 64 posted November 1, 2007
Space Chick Short Mod Demo Sci-Fi Not Rated
Movie's glitched. posted November 1, 2007
Black-White Swimsuit Mod Demo Romance
Just a quick mod to flex my modding muscles. If you've made a mod, and want me to make a video like this for you, I'll do it for free. Will become available on in just a few days. posted October 28, 2007
Oubliette-Trailer Sci-Fi
A ship blows up, and the captain is stranded on an unknown planet; but everytime he goes to sleep... Shaking camera mod by Augie64(In the Augie 64 Movie Filter) Sets as props by Daninsky Bigger blues... posted October 26, 2007
What You Can Accomplish With Mods Sci-Fi
I made this movie to inspire people to use mods, to inspire modder's creativity, and to give moviemakers ideas for their next movie. I used so many mods, that I'll just give the name of the sites I g... posted October 12, 2007
Space Island Teaser 2 Sci-Fi
No Description posted October 10, 2007
Space Island Teaser 1 Sci-Fi
SciFi Mods by Rik_Vargard and Lizard. Costume mods by Brandon310. All of these mods are available on The music is intended for public use. It's from the website posted October 9, 2007
Bikini Mod Demonstration Romance
The blue and white monokini has a bra, only due to the fact that the kiddies on here shouldn't see what's underneath. Intended for use with the nude mod. Doesn't have to be, but overall looks better t... posted October 6, 2007
One Piece Swimsuit Mod Demonstration Romance
This is my first mod. Ever. Here's where you can download it: Be sure to get rid of the space between php when you try to go to download... posted September 30, 2007
Mr Nose Drops Comedy
Inspired by hearing a guy with a girl's voice. posted September 29, 2007
The World Will Cry Sci-Fi
The last in my Space Pirate series. If you watched the ending, and want to see what happens to her, watch Hacker: The Despair. You'll be able to make a connection. Shea, it's because it's the last m... posted September 29, 2007
Till The Very End Sci-Fi
The fifth in my Space Pirate series. Originally, I was going to do VO's, but I'm not quite good at it, yet. posted September 27, 2007
Steel Hearts Sci-Fi
The fourth in one of my series. You'll be a bit confused by this. posted September 24, 2007
The Last On Earth Sci-Fi
The third movie in a series that I created. You may be confused after watching this, if you haven't seen them. posted September 24, 2007
Revenge Of The Silly Rabbit--Trailer Horror
What would the Trix Rabbit do if he had had enough? *cancelled* posted September 18, 2007
Kickass Monkeys Comedy
Well, since I've gotten so good at making comedy movies, I thought it was time to have some VO's! I also have some hidden jokes in there, that you may need to think about. The VO's aren't the best, es... posted September 17, 2007
Nobody Is Safe When The Bells Toll Sci-Fi
When the world is at peace, something has to disturb it, and shake it's foundations...Woohoo! Number 12 on top Sc-fi movie list! The Second in my 'Invasion' series, that will eventually become linked... posted September 16, 2007
Nobody Is Safe When The Bells Toll Sci-Fi Not Rated
My God, this turned out way too glitchy! DON'T REVIEW IT. posted September 16, 2007
Rescued From The Invasion Action
No Description posted September 15, 2007
Dont Talk To Your Wife When Youre Drunk Comedy
The idea for this movie came from a joke my dad told me years ago. It's a hilarious joke, but you HAVE to think about it. Don't worry, it'll come to you.:D posted September 14, 2007
Kickass Monkeys Are Allergic To Chicken Comedy
I feel I'm getting better at making comedies. This one has some of the best music in the series. My favorite being the last tune. Have fun and tell me how I can improve my methods. HelloISeeU, that's... posted September 14, 2007
Kickass Monkeys Prologue Comedy
Hahahaha, making this movie was absolutely hilarious. The wedding scene and the last scene are my favorites. I liked the wedding scene because I made her think what I would have thought. And the last ... posted September 3, 2007
Kickass Monkeys At Your Service! Comedy
Hahaha, now I know you're cracking up at the name or telling your mommy 'cuz it says a "naughty word"; but enjoy the story. There really isn't a story, but it's very funny; particularly when the music... posted September 3, 2007
New Hacker--Trailer Action
You'd have to watch Hacker: The Despair to understand exactly what's going here. You'd understand why she's going to the hospital; and you'll learn why she's dying in my next Hacker film. Expect perf... posted September 1, 2007
Hacker The Despair Action
You'd have to see my previous Hacker movies to understand. You can find them on my youtube account: StateAardvark The next time I come out with a Hacker film, will be when I get to the year 2005. I ... posted August 31, 2007
The Most Unlikely Of Friends Action
A movie on how war can create friendship between two enemies. It's my first movie using the expansion pack, so I'm not the best at FreeCam, but I do love using it. I saw your post on the forum Mahle... posted August 28, 2007
Hacker--Trailer Action
Just a hint as to what my next Hacker movie is going to be like. To understand what's going on in these scenes, you'll have to watch my previous movies, and my upcoming Hacker movie. Errors that I h... posted August 27, 2007
The Hunt Horror
I tried my best to make this story understandable. Any suggestions to make it better would be appreciated. The first victim was a cop, sent to investigate the area; and if you look closely while the ... posted August 24, 2007
Hacker The Deception (Updated) Action Not Rated
This is the updated version of the third movie in the Hacker series.If you happen to see any problems, please tell me. The song Crateria Surface is from The song at the end is the ... posted August 24, 2007
Hacker The Deception Action Not Rated
No Description posted August 23, 2007
I Got Married To A Monkey Comedy
Just a weird movie I made when I needed a laugh. posted August 8, 2007
The Story Action
A story about three women in battle...One's Russian, one's British, and the other's insane.An enemy has sent scouts to, obviously, scout the area.But it's only a story. A story about how they defeat ... posted August 4, 2007
Hacker The Pursuit Action Not Rated
It was her wedding day...The day she was to be wed...Unfortunately, a serial killer was on the loose. A thriller, with a complicated story, action packed scenes, and a whole lot of unexpected twists ... posted August 2, 2007
Hacker Action
She knows about what we've been doing...She has evidence...Destroy all evidence. My very first movie made with LionHead Studio's 'The Movies. I made a sequel that s FAR better han his movie: http:/... posted August 2, 2007
Movies Reviewed by Brandon310
Hotels Closed by hockeydude76 Action
I liked it. It was like making the internet come alive. reviewed October 10, 2008
Manners Man! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Eh, it was okay. A bit too dry and the punch line of the story could've been improved. reviewed June 26, 2008
The Adventures of Guy Man Person Girl 2 by RavensFan_09 Comedy
The sound effects were a treat. I loved it. reviewed June 26, 2008
The Adventures of Guy Man and Person Girl by RavensFan_09 Comedy
This reminds me of Strongbad's "Teen Girl Squad." Good job. reviewed June 26, 2008
Followed 4 Conclusion by RavensFan_09 Horror
I liked it. Simple and easy to understand. It's too bad that the sound effects didn't make it all the way through, but I guess that was because of the stupid siren of the ambulance and continuation pr... reviewed June 26, 2008
This is Your Brain on Chuck by RavensFan_09 Comedy
What the [shhhh!]...? Well, it was kinda boring, until the explosions started. I was laughing so loud, I almost woke my family up! reviewed June 26, 2008
Followed 3 Competition by RavensFan_09 Horror
I quite liked this one. I felt as though I knew the whole story, even though I haven't watched the previous two movies. The pace was good, and the camera was fantastic. reviewed June 26, 2008
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
In my English class, we're starting to get into poetry and the different rhyme schemes and builds. Iambic pentameter, Shakespearian Sonnets, etc. I couldn't really tell if you used any sort of complic... reviewed April 3, 2008
Kidnappers Cellar by henriquecm Horror
Featured Review
Pretty good! It was very good for a first movie. Your English wasn't bad, either. It does sound a bit weird, though, but only because we're so used to hearing slang and conjugated verbs. The only pr...
reviewed March 16, 2008
The Hitman Strikes by sparky1512 Action
I laughed a few times throughout, but the "I'd kill for dental" signs cracked me up for about five minutes. reviewed March 15, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by MefuneAkira Comedy
Damn, that was good! I came here thinking everyone was gassing air about how funny it was, but that was actually good! Kudos. reviewed March 15, 2008
The Greek and Persian War Trailer by chris62 Action
I'm really starting to like your movies. I do have some problems with the sound, though. The sound effects were a bit loud, and the voices were lacking in emotion. reviewed March 14, 2008
MH2 by bongoman Sci-Fi
The visuals are the best I've seen on TMO, and I really liked the theme. You should put it on 8eyedbaby. ;) The only problem was that the story wasn't explained very well. reviewed March 11, 2008
Ubers Modding demo by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
God damn, I wish I could mod like that. If you replaced the "Chariot's" feet with tank treads, then you could load it into the DeadSane costume editor and make it into a realistic costume, like what R... reviewed January 25, 2008
Last Rites - Amen by kuroken Horror
Incredible. Could've showed what happened to Satan, though. reviewed January 15, 2008
The Armor of God by simpsdog Action
Thank you. This has made me want to make movies again. I've been feeling kinda bored with this game, but I think I can pull a few months play out of this game. The three things I liked about this mov... reviewed January 3, 2008
Slaughterville by YamiMarik Horror
I found it to be quite cheesy, actually. The mods were good, but some were used out of place, like Rik Vargard's medieval buildings, and the overlays. The bloody overlays were not needed and made th... reviewed December 29, 2007
Blue Chicago Moon by KarlBrown Romance
This movie has my style. The changing text for different characters, the foreshadowing, the twisted ending, and the way he narrarated. I am amazed. reviewed December 28, 2007
Innocent Pt 1 by RavensFan_09 Action
I liked it. Could have used more music, though. reviewed December 27, 2007
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
No Review reviewed December 16, 2007
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
Hail the Dark Father. Creepy. reviewed December 15, 2007
So I Married Mrs Grosss Daughter by Cos1293 Comedy
The best parts were when he stepped in the pile of "stuff", the dad's flatulance problems, and the end. "I shaved my breasts>" reviewed December 14, 2007
Kayna Part 2 by Rik_Vargard Action
I liked it. The kapawakoompah part was my favorite, though. *coughs* Now I feel like making a medieval movie. reviewed December 13, 2007
NARC Trailer by kell1608 Action
I liked it. The atmosphere reminded me of Grand Theft Auto. Sort of. Good luck. reviewed December 6, 2007
Swarm by Monkey_Shot Sci-Fi
I liked it. The story reminds me of my earlier movies...It's just like my movie "Rescued from The Invasion." Would you mind rating my movie "A Day To Forget"? reviewed December 5, 2007
Come on Over!!! by timothy_richmond_3 Horror
Um...Okay. The music was good I guess. Kind of a mix between comedy and horror. Wasn't "Come On Over" an elimenated contest name? reviewed December 2, 2007
Red Mafia Episode Two by Casserik Action
I loved the freecam. The overlays were good, although the dual machine guns one was a bit freaky. Loved the music, bra. LET'S PARTY!! *dances* reviewed December 2, 2007
Blue Eyes (Trailer) by xoxmissamandax0x Horror
Interesting. The dead are alive, walking around, and they have blue eyes. At least, that's what I got out of it. Good VO's; it sounded like a girl. If you're a guy, you better cry yourself to sleep. T... reviewed December 1, 2007
SEAFOOD STEAK by kwistufa Action
The music playing part was good, but the VO's were impossible to hear until the red head got to Burger Shack. reviewed December 1, 2007
Think Twice by BDavis5152 Romance
Well, it was a decent story, but for the first two thrids of the story, there were no subtitles. At least I could tell what was going on. reviewed November 24, 2007
Dead Rising (Trailer) by icetray86 Horror
That was excellently edited. The banana part was great. My only problem was the music. It was...Happy. Please give my movie an honest review. reviewed November 24, 2007
Dark Obsession Teaser by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Good. Another movie about some sick [censored!]. I gotta tell you, I love these kind of movies! I'm not being sarcastic. Put me on the PM list. I want to see this movie. Good camera work, and great e... reviewed November 24, 2007
Death Apartment by kidman6 Horror
I quite liked the story. It wasn't very scary, but not all horror movies have to be scary. I do agree, however, that the voices could have been edited to sound more adult like. The blood was a nice to... reviewed November 24, 2007
Drake - Season 1 - Promo by Active_Studios Action
It was good. I had a few problems, though. You said that he was a serial killer way too much. And what made him kill his family? My advice for that one is to have somebody else do it, or to have him d... reviewed November 24, 2007
Mrs Tong The Sexy Third Adventure by Cos1293 Comedy
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SHE DIED! Wait. Isn't that a good thing? reviewed November 22, 2007
B-Rad Goes to Town by gr8director1024 Comedy
It was kind of weird at the beginning, but it got better towards the end. reviewed November 22, 2007
The Life Of Bill by gr8director1024 Comedy
I actually laughed more on this one. reviewed November 22, 2007
The Unlucky Life of Bob by gr8director1024 Comedy
It was good! I liked the ending the most, though. reviewed November 22, 2007
The Hospital (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
That was atmospheric! BTW, the rat prop's by Gleem! on At least, I think it's Gleem... reviewed November 22, 2007
Death of a Salesman by duffman867 Action
I liked it. The music fit and everything. reviewed November 22, 2007
The Trash Man by chris62 Action
I found the lines to be somewhat cheesy. "What's his face says hello" and "You killed my mom and dad" have been used over and over. The mods were good, the music wasn't bad, but the VO's...There's a l... reviewed November 22, 2007
Slaughterville -teaser trailer- by YamiMarik Horror
Hmm...Nice sound effects. Your built together city was good, too. But if you're going to make a serial killer, I'd advise watching No, it's not any of my mo... reviewed November 21, 2007
Phantoms by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
The Metal gear Solid reference, was the old guy. He's supposed to resemble Old Snake. There were three Star Wars references that I caught. One was the resemblance of team and the team in the Star War... reviewed November 21, 2007
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze Trailer by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
Well, it was pretty boring at first, but when I saw that you spelled Kwistufa's name wrong, well, then I laughed. Otherwise, I didn't see the point. reviewed November 10, 2007
The Bloogoplagmorozomoyeperdoodles by Cos1293 Horror
The VO's were hard to hear at times, but it was great nonetheless. reviewed November 9, 2007
Isolation - Trailer by ultraviolet32x Horror
That was...Interesting. The car honking was really out of place, though. reviewed November 8, 2007
Spooky Sugar by Cos1293 Horror
Well that was...Creepy. reviewed November 4, 2007
Space Jerks 2 by VortexVisions Sci-Fi
That was freakin' amazing. reviewed November 4, 2007
YALROK bodypaints by yalrok1075 Sci-Fi
Nice. You should try making Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal Black. reviewed November 4, 2007
Enigma EP 7 Favours Part II (Exit To Space) by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I loved all the mods in this movie. It made the atmosphere so...realistic. I just couldn't stand not being able to here Belinda. Her voice was half as loud as the black guy with blond hair; and he was... reviewed November 4, 2007
JAY ADAMS - Teaser series by DanielH20 Sci-Fi
That was...Boring. The music wasn't very eventful, and there was no any hint as to what the plot is like. It didn't make me look forward to the actual movie. It's just a compilation of action scenes w... reviewed November 1, 2007
The Minds Eye 101 trailer by sparky1512 Sci-Fi
Interesting. I always loved these stalker movies. The freecam was great, the music fit, and for the most part, I could understand what was going on. PS: You spelled coming wrong. reviewed October 29, 2007
Space Jerks by VortexVisions Sci-Fi
Why is this in scifi? This should be in comedy. reviewed October 28, 2007
Last October by starkarts Horror
Good movie, except for some cheesy line from the "Devils Deminions." Kinda made me laugh, which ruined the mood a bit. reviewed October 26, 2007
Chads Weird Driving Lesson by Jaredpeace Comedy
I liked it. The part where he wakes up was the best, though. I liked how the teacher was yelling at him, and he could hear him. The thumbnail makes it look like there's no front wheels. reviewed October 26, 2007
SKETCHES! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
It was good. I loved what happened with the reporter. And the way the scenes fit together was great. The only problem was how it dragged on. Make the next one a bit shorter. reviewed October 26, 2007
Enigma Mod Demo III by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Do you put nudity into your rating to keep 10 year old, one star ninjas out? Great mods. Loved the ancient whatever-something ship with the halo around it. The Zith didn't seem to have any real differ... reviewed October 25, 2007
The Life of a Weird Teen II by moviemagic1996 Comedy
Unfunny comedies are becoming a terrible fad. Stop using the same music over and over. reviewed October 23, 2007
The Life of a Weird Teen by moviemagic1996 Comedy
I thought comedies were supposed to be funny. At least the scenes fit together well. reviewed October 23, 2007
I am I was - Prologue by cut_scene Action
I've been looking everywhere for the shaking camera mod. Is it in the Augie64 filter? By the way, get some VO's. reviewed October 23, 2007
Street Chase NYC by moviemagic1996 Action
A terrible compilation of action scenes, while the same music was regurgatated over and over, there was no plot, the ending sucked, and the subs were terrible. I'm still trying to censor how harsh my ... reviewed October 23, 2007
Space Civillization 2 The Betrayal by moviemagic1996 Sci-Fi
- It wasn't very convincing. You really need to download the scifi mods by Rik_Vargard (on Skinshack) and Lizard ( With Rik_Vargard's Space Base Mod Pack, you can set props onto a set, ... reviewed October 23, 2007
Scooby-Doo 4 The Coco Godess by Cos1293 Comedy
That scene with Velma...Wow. The only OTHER problem is that you never solved the case. Other than that, it was funny. reviewed October 21, 2007
Mrs Tong Japanese Martial Arts Teacher by Cos1293 Comedy
That was good. How do you make these scenarios up? reviewed October 21, 2007
Indiana Jones and The Crystal Dildos by Cos1293 Comedy
Wow. I loved how he kept saying his name. Especially at the end. And you still have the knacks for making fugly women, and making them sound even fuglier. Do you have to take a cough drop after every movie? reviewed October 21, 2007
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
- The story seemed pathetic. What is Simon, and what did it have to do with those the people? If you're going to make a movie with so many great mods, you might want to make the story clearer, even if... reviewed October 20, 2007
Enigma EP6 - Favour by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
- The story was kind of lax. You needed to have a better intro, too. And the costumes could have been better; they should have been more...scifi. I saw a guy at the bar wearing a hoody. At least mod ...
reviewed October 16, 2007
Galaxy at War Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
Your voice makes it sound like you're talking to a dentist about how dangerous toothaches are. Get some emotion; make it more interesting. The story itself is okay, but I've seen much better. If you m... reviewed October 13, 2007
Space Station Alpha by hagait Action
There was no story. The music was okay. reviewed October 13, 2007
The ninja incident by hockeygeek94 Comedy
That wasn't funny. Maybe you should have the ninja speak, making his thoughts come out, not typing what he's doing in the subs. I'd advise trying Action or SciFi instead, and put some mods in there. W... reviewed October 13, 2007
Mars by Yodabob Sci-Fi
I liked how the music fit the atmosphere. I just wish there was more non-game music. This movie has given me ideas for my own SciFi movies. And your actors needed to get a bit farther away from the mi... reviewed October 9, 2007
There Was a Girl by Dulci Romance
Sounds like the story of my parent's marriage.;) Chaotic Peace. Hey, wow. That should be the name of my next movie. :O reviewed October 7, 2007
The Horrifying Horrible Halloween 2 by Cos1293 Comedy
That was good. Must be really hard on your voice doing all that screaming. And the laughing, too. reviewed October 7, 2007
The Horrifying Horrible Halloween by Cos1293 Comedy
Pretty good. The mummy's voice is annoying as all get out, though. reviewed October 7, 2007
VFC TV Pilot by jjnelson222 Comedy
Hahaha, that was hilarious! I liked the name Mrs. Lezbeau. That was clever. reviewed October 6, 2007
Generic Sci-Fi Movie by guansun Sci-Fi
Wow. That was hilarious. "Shoot everywhere! We'll hit something eventually!" That part was awesome. And the part where they're shooting on the bridge, and the guy in the green costume just sat there; ... reviewed October 6, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Using the Halo theme is copyright infringement. reviewed October 6, 2007
Space Civilization The Beginning by moviemagic1996 Sci-Fi
I caught some generic cliches in there, like "puny humans" and "earth scum." The plot was okay, but needed better music. If you'd like, I'd gladly help you make the sequel. Whether it's the storyline,... reviewed October 5, 2007
Redemption teaser by YamiMarik Action
I can do some of the leftover VO's. I'm not the best, so I should probably get the smallest part. T_T reviewed October 2, 2007
The Random Death Scenes Movie by Shade-Cat Comedy
I've got to download those mods. reviewed September 30, 2007
Havent I Been Good by Breeanne Romance
It's a good movie. I made 'poem' like movie that I uploaded today. I'd just like to see what you think of it. It's called "The World Will Cry." reviewed September 29, 2007
The Unknown by stunts07 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I have an idea for the ending: they get back to Earth's surface only to find that the rest of the aliens are on Earth. And I'll show how I put custom music in your movies on my studio page soon. And...
reviewed September 29, 2007
Happier Town The Little Adventure! by Inu388 Comedy
What the...? reviewed September 26, 2007
The Unknown Trailer by stunts07 Sci-Fi
My only problem was that there was a conversation between two men, but there was no text, no Vo's, or anything. And my contest ended last Saturday; but since nobody entered, I delayed the due date o... reviewed September 26, 2007
Beauty and the Bass by Cos1293 Comedy
The sound was horribly delayed. reviewed September 25, 2007
3 Ugly Broads - The Third by Cos1293 Comedy
Wow. reviewed September 25, 2007
3 Ugly Broads 2 by Cos1293 Comedy
Breeanne, please stop. It's a severe pain in the ass when you don't even comment on somebody's movie!/irony reviewed September 25, 2007
Rags to Rich of the homeless alien! by Movie_mills Sci-Fi
That was strange. English isn't your first language, is it? People are impressed by good grammar. It improves the ratings. reviewed September 25, 2007
Le chemin ouvert by felcool Sci-Fi
Okay, I'm just some stupid American, even though I know some French. I could understand what was going on, but I couldn't understand why there was no music. Music is very important, and can subconciou... reviewed September 18, 2007
The Meaning Of Christmas by weirdmicky21 Comedy
Freaking hilarious. Too bad you don't make movies anymore. You have seriously good comedic talent. reviewed September 18, 2007
Death In Little Italy by thedog123 Action
It was very good for a first try. I would have given five stars, but the delayed sound ruined it for me. Sorry. And since you're rating movies, would you rate my movie 'Rescued From The Invasion'? It'... reviewed September 17, 2007
Unlock All Sets In Sandbox Mode! by Inu388 Sci-Fi
Thanks. Now how about unlocking all costumes? ;) reviewed September 17, 2007
Lone Survivor Trailer by stunts07 Action
It looks very interesting. If this is the movie you want entered into my contest, you need to remember three things that it has to have to be elligible: Ships(Anything that flies or floats. Cars don't... reviewed September 17, 2007
The Batmans Return by tatersaladmercer Action
You know, there are mods that contain a batman costume on I'd advise downloading and using it. Batman in a scifi trenchcoat with a hockey mask, sporting a gun; just doesn't quite fit th... reviewed September 16, 2007
Jack by DragonIce6 Action
Very good. Your skills at fading and out are excellent as well as your storytelling. Here's some of the tricks I use: Different text types for different people. Cursive for The Don, Horror for the Hit... reviewed September 16, 2007
Shadow Of Death by dflex89 Horror
Innovative story, awful grammar, and a whole bunch of Forrest Gump influence; I give it four stars. reviewed September 15, 2007
Raiders by Stunt_Double Action
I saw your thread on the forum. I don't have these mods, so I can't do this contest. I have tried to install the ones from the that I have seen, but they never work. Maybe you should try my contest.:P reviewed September 15, 2007
The Bunny and Chicken Musical 3 by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Da nuh nuh, bunny, da nuh nuh BUNNY! Hahaha, oh my God, that was flippin awesome! And I thought I was good at comedies. You way surpass my skills. reviewed September 15, 2007
the skin shack movie please watch all by troyt10 Sci-Fi
Are you saying that you need instructions on how to install mods? Tigereyes made a tutorial on the forums. Click community, forums, mod showcase, then modding 101. There should be a section dedicated ... reviewed September 15, 2007
Winter War!Pt2-Russia by Helloiseeu Action
Pretty good. My only problems with the movie: The sound had problems in the last 7 or so minutes, it isn't eligible in the contest since there was no rescue, and the VO's were hard to hear at times. ... reviewed September 15, 2007
My love one part 2 by TENCHIMUYO Romance
Not bad. You know, I'm running a contest. Winner gets 5,000 VC's. Want to join? The details are on my bio. reviewed September 15, 2007
When I Let You Into My Closet by Breeanne Romance
Hm...Interesting. I wish I this good at romances. I can only make good Action and Comedy movies. Bravo. You have talent. reviewed September 15, 2007
The Bunny and Chicken Musical by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Stupid Windows Live. I can't even enter this contest because of it. I_I reviewed September 7, 2007
Fifties Robot by twintons Comedy
It didn't make any sense. reviewed September 5, 2007
What did the chicken say to the rabbit 27 by rjanaconda Comedy
I wish I could join this contest. But I can't. I don't have an e-mail to join that windows live thing. This sucks. :( reviewed September 4, 2007
Urban Ninjas by mrrobotdude Action
What are you talking about? He did upload a movie. A pretty good one, too. Hey, could you rate my movie Kickass Monkeys Prologue? reviewed September 3, 2007
Thong of the Dead by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
It wasn't funny. It was boring, unimaginative, and just plain stupid. reviewed September 3, 2007
Abyss 0 by jdblazer Sci-Fi
Wow. That was good. I've got to try to make a scifi movie. reviewed September 3, 2007
Broken Promise by Breeanne Romance
You seem very good at making movies. My advice to get back in the top 20's: use a more cinematic intro. I did in my move Hacker: The Despair, and it's in around the 350th place. It helps foreshadow th... reviewed September 3, 2007
Alien Intent by zdmay Sci-Fi
Is your game glitched? Your characters look weird. reviewed September 3, 2007
Scooby-Doo THE MOTION PICTURE by Cos1293 Comedy
Kid of creepy how similiar, yet butchered it is. reviewed September 2, 2007
Wacky You Want by rysto Comedy
It was boring and stupid as hell until the plane came along. After that, it wa hilarious! I wish I was good at comedies.@_@ I can ony make good action movies. My last comedy was about random farting ... reviewed September 2, 2007
Kid King 2 Trailer by Moviesandie Action
I only deducted points ecause I couldn't hear what you were saying. Some advice for your movie: Delete the beginning scene where it says "The Following Motion Picture." The whole scene. Instead, do so... reviewed September 2, 2007
Ascension by sheayouwantme Horror
Interesting story, but it doesn't seem like the type that would stay that way. Kill this guy, kill that guy, see the priest, storyline twist, kill the priest, resolution, to be continued. It just does... reviewed September 2, 2007
The Snugglebums by weirdmicky21 Comedy
Hahaha, this is a classic. Best comedy ever. reviewed September 1, 2007
Oh So Close by rysto Comedy
This is so wrong. Bedroom romance and all. Can you imagine what some perverted peope would do with this? reviewed September 1, 2007
The Offical Cos1293 Idiot Guide by Cos1293 Comedy
Wait, your supposed to take your pants off first? reviewed August 31, 2007
Learn Your ABCs with Cos1293!!!! by Cos1293 Comedy
Wow. That was educational in different ways. I loved what Disco Dan said. reviewed August 30, 2007
3 Ugly Broads by Cos1293 Comedy
Hahaha, I love the voice overs! They were perfect! reviewed August 29, 2007
The Final Solution-TEASERISH by Stunt_Double Action
Featured Review
Incredible. This sure as hell beats my movie trailer. And make Hitler older. He looks too young.
reviewed August 29, 2007
When A Stranger Knocks Part 3 by faith4jesus Horror
I loved how cinematic it was. But the grammar needs some work. Excape is actually spelled escape. And one thing that really bothered me was the sound effects that didn't match what was going on on the screen. reviewed August 29, 2007
When A Stranger Knocks Part 2 by faith4jesus Horror
It was good, but the grammar annoyed me. Use some commas. reviewed August 29, 2007
When A Stranger Knocks - Part 1 by faith4jesus Horror
I liked it. The music fit the story well, you could get what was going on, and it was kind of emotional. Kudos. reviewed August 29, 2007
Beams From The Blue Planet by greenbluered567765 Sci-Fi
I can see where you're going with this film, but it needs to, at least, have some sound effects. reviewed August 28, 2007
F-stop by calvin28 Action
You're obviously not used to The Movies yet. Bu don't lose heart! I sucked really bad before I made some very good moves. I noticed that you tried to use FreeCam. Don't use it until you're experienced... reviewed August 28, 2007
The Train Ride by calums9 Comedy
I thought it was funny, but it wasn't anything special. reviewed August 26, 2007
Extermination by Ultradude2345 Sci-Fi
Incredible. And thank you. You have inspired me to get the expansion pack, and to make longer movies. And to think that I thought my movies were too long! Great story, good free cam, although I would... reviewed August 26, 2007
I Hate Your Mind by JC_Designs Horror
I loved that "I'm gay" part. And what the zombie said at the end was surprising. reviewed August 25, 2007
The Entergyz by the frogger Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Good story, but the sound disappears after a few seconds.
reviewed August 24, 2007
Faradays Magnet by josephcasey Sci-Fi
Your just like Kreeper.Stop making crap movies! reviewed August 8, 2007
Bouchon by kevir Action
It went together moderately fluid, but without subtitles, I can't make out what the story's all about. reviewed August 8, 2007
Sun Walker by lhtbttm Horror
It doesn't make any sense at all.Who's the enemy?Who's blowing up the cars?None of it was answered. reviewed August 8, 2007
BingoogniB by Kreeper65 Comedy
Another one?Can't you make any good movies? reviewed August 5, 2007
Duple Duple by Kreeper65 Action
Burn your computer. reviewed August 5, 2007
HakinHoo!!! The Fauet Eeiten by Kreeper65 Action
I make a good movie, and you rate it 1 star?Then go and make one scene movies?Pathetic. reviewed August 5, 2007
War is Hell by evile12693 Horror
This was made in The Movies to serve as a tutorial.Don't upload these kinds of movies again. reviewed August 5, 2007
Jokes and Funny Crap by sorthos Comedy
It was funny, but then the music got too loud.I couldn't hear what they were saying after he did CPR. reviewed August 5, 2007
Fear House by JMlovesGreenday Horror
Wow, I'm impressed.Fairly good story, a bunch of typos, and the kid talking like he was [naughty word!]gy, were the only things to complain about.And you have the freecam option; I'd like to see what ... reviewed August 5, 2007
-Simple Assualt- by stunts07 Action
Was that an action movie or comedy?I couldn't tell.I mean, there's a buff 35 year old guy...With the voice of an eleven year old.Pretty good story, otherwise. reviewed August 2, 2007