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Average Rating Received: 3.36

Number of Movies Reviewed: 93
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 4.17
Movies Released by bobo55
My Version of American Idol Comedy
This movie is crazy! posted May 5, 2007
The Evil Kid Episode 1 Comedy
Episode one in the new series. Look out for hidden characters that were from my past movies. Of course Hobo Jack is in it, but there are more. posted January 20, 2007
Honey I Shot the Kids (VO) Comedy
VOS BY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (except the mom) posted January 15, 2007
Honey I Shot the Kids Comedy
Coming soon: VO edition! Maybe soon: Honey I enlarged the kids! -Chicken eating boy posted January 8, 2007
Mr Cringles Big Idea Comedy
This Christmas movie is awesome. Rate it 5 stars! posted December 26, 2006
Trogg The Evil Movie Rater Comedy
The title says it all. posted December 20, 2006
Discussions1 Comedy
You can give a idea for a discussion and we might make one about it! (sorry not accepting really retarded gay ones...TROGG!) posted December 20, 2006
The Evil Dog Action
Sorry my sound is a little messed up on this one. posted December 20, 2006
First Minutes of Agent Alfonso (Preview) Action
This is a movie i am workingon right now. I don't know when it will come out, but I will try to make it soon. posted December 12, 2006
The Ape Action
Twas The Fight Before Christmas Comedy
This is a very random Holiday Classic. Sorry, I dont know why their isn't sound except for the music. Enjoy! by bobo55 posted December 7, 2006
Hobo Jack Comedy
A RANDOM COMEDY BY BOBO55. Hot Pick!!!* Most people either rate it ***** stars or * star. *Thats what ... posted December 3, 2006
Qwerty the kid Action
This is a cool preview."Great Movie.Keep up the good work!"-siclops posted November 18, 2006
Timmy Action
TRSAEM 2 Comedy
TRSAEM 2: Part of the weekly/monthly series. (The Random Stunts And Effects Movie 2) Watch my first one, it's longer. posted November 11, 2006
Ghool School The Attack of Bush Preview Action
this is the preview for some movie. posted November 7, 2006
The Warewolf Teaser Horror
This is a preview for the movie The Life of A Werewolf. (Comming July 2007 or sooner) posted November 7, 2006
The Random Stunts and Effects Movie! Action
This is a ramdom, funny movie with great VO's. Made by bobo55. Also, If you like this, watch some of bobo55's hit movies. posted November 6, 2006
FNR news Comedy
This cool news show has good VO. It is by bobo55. posted November 5, 2006
Bob Jenkins and the Ugly Man Action
No Description posted November 5, 2006
Commander Poop and The Chicken Sci-Fi
THIS MOVIE IS STRAIT UP GANGSTEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!! made by bobo55 posted November 4, 2006
The Torture Chamber Action
This movie is very random, and funny. It's a great action flick. -QWERTY WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!made by bobo55 posted November 4, 2006
KUNNG-FU Battilion Action
WATCH THIS MOVIE! even though the sound is messed up. its my first movie. posted November 3, 2006
the sci fi movie of the summer Sci-Fi Not Rated
SWEET MOVIE BY bobo55. posted November 3, 2006
Movies Reviewed by bobo55
Virus 02 by deade78 Horror
Film vraiment bon. Svp mine de taux ! reviewed May 24, 2007
Cool Car Chase With Imported Sounds by vatrel34 Action
That was a strait gangsta movie, Dawg! jk hahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Why am i laughing its not funny. reviewed May 9, 2007
Tokyo City Racer by Ultraviolet32x Action
Good Movie... COOL POSTER! RATE MY MOVIES GOOD! reviewed May 8, 2007
The Mac Chicken by EdWoud Comedy
Funny reviewed May 8, 2007
Farmerman and the Turnips of Justice by josephkw Comedy
Good movie but I still LOVE CHICKEN ANSD BACON!!!!!!!!!! I personally think it wasn't that funny but extremely well done! CHECK OUT MY MOVIES!! reviewed May 7, 2007
A Dogs Tale by DK Romance
!!!!!! reviewed February 26, 2007
The Thunderangers And The Ugly Sheriff 2 by vatrel34 Comedy
Ching chong hyah! reviewed February 1, 2007
My Super Ex Best Friend by DarkM129 Comedy
Im guessing you are new at making movies. No sound? It was okay though. Please rate my movies and i will give you VC! reviewed January 28, 2007
New Retextured Things by vatrel34 Action
duuuuuddddddddddeeeeee. reviewed January 25, 2007
Youre voting for him! Vote for MrSmithy!!! by evilguy12 Comedy
Comedy... Cough... Ahem... reviewed January 25, 2007
The Wizzer Dipstick Show Jarheads 07 by Jackal56o Comedy
Great movie! Great VOs! Great making it look like their actually talking! *Please rate my movie Honey I shot the kids VO and The Evil KId!* -chicken eating boy reviewed January 22, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
good. ... reviewed January 19, 2007
Gametown by Wezi Comedy
That was like so totally good man! I was all like "HAHAHAHAH!" rate my movie Honey I shot the kids vo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rate it 5 stars and ya get 500 VCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed January 19, 2007
Demons in Blackville by feix Horror
Great trailer. Rate my movie Honey I shot the kids and get 500 VC!!!! reviewed January 19, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
um on your studio thing you spelled magic wrong reviewed January 16, 2007
Wait For Me by AnubisStudios Comedy
No Review reviewed January 15, 2007
Hidden Word SAN ANDREAS by vatrel34 Comedy
cool! reviewed January 15, 2007
2 Retextured cars showcase by vatrel34 Action
How does he dooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt? reviewed January 15, 2007
Zombie Invasion 3 by Jets92 Action
greattttttttttttttttttttt reviewed January 15, 2007
Sex in the Suburbs by Doctor_Dawn Romance
No Review reviewed January 15, 2007
MrFarts by johnsonsmitty Comedy
That was random! I like movies with no plot! Or maybe that was your first movie or something. rate HONEY I SHOT THE KIDS VO 5 stars and you get 500VC! reviewed January 15, 2007
Scary movie 5 by MizzMole432 Horror
Okay I think you are talking either too loud or too quiet on your microphone. Or maybe you just need a better one. I just practice my VOs till their right and I retake and stuff. Also make your voice ... reviewed January 15, 2007
This Is Love - VO by dansun81 Action
best movie ever! Did you take days and days making that? anyway please rate my movie honey I shot the kids VO. -chicken eating boy reviewed January 15, 2007
Fahrenheit 451 trailer by SnakeEater42 Action
kinda hard to hear VOs but overall good! RATE MY MOVIE HONEY I SHOT THE KIDS VO reviewed January 15, 2007
The Thunderangers And The Ugly Sheriff by vatrel34 Comedy
Wtf Mate by theoctigon Comedy
yeah it stands for what the f*** reviewed January 13, 2007
The Evil Vampire Duck by PylonStockpile Comedy
great movie. Check out honey I shot the kids! Ill give you 800 VC just for rating it! -chicken eating boy reviewed January 13, 2007
A Wii For Sale! by BunnyRabbit777 Comedy
pretty good how did u get the wii prop reviewed January 11, 2007
Zombie Invasion by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
that was good man-chicken eating boy
reviewed January 9, 2007
The Dangerous Adventures of Troublin VO by tylerwood Action
Great movie! GREAT storyline! GREAT EVERYTHING! -chicken eating boy ps can you try to rate my movies? they are random but I dont know if you like that. reviewed January 9, 2007
PIMP SCHOOL by koboh Comedy
pimpin! reviewed January 9, 2007
Exploding Toads by msaeluk Comedy
good. Weird al? -chicken eating boy p.s. how do you add the title and stuff? Also how do you make suck a good poster? If you tell me how ill give you 10,000 VC. reviewed January 9, 2007
Scooby Doo Mystery Files by eobaggs Comedy
good job butting it together! 1 word, Family Guy. -Chicken eating boy reviewed January 9, 2007
Zombie Invasion 2 by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
reviewed January 8, 2007
The Exciting Escapades Of Fire-Man by yourmum Comedy
Great. reviewed January 8, 2007
Santa TV by breakibreak Comedy
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! That was funny. How did you translate to english? oh well. -chicken eating boy ps. great poster reviewed January 8, 2007
Santas Begining by joey101 Romance
That was great! Keep making movies like that! -Chicken eating boy reviewed January 8, 2007
Pac Man by stpixie Action
Pretty funny idea reviewed January 6, 2007
Fire-Man in - Attack Of The 500ft Teacher by yourmum Comedy
Yeah stop making mean comments. I like making random movies. Don't ruin the rating of mine! reviewed January 3, 2007
The Funny Rhyming Story Of Santa by cinamaguy Comedy
It was very good! The voices were sort of hard to tell but I liked it reviewed December 29, 2006
Amanda Hugandkiss by Abl Comedy
kinda good. reviewed December 28, 2006
I Saw My Wife Kissing Santa Clause by Insomniac77 Comedy
Great storyline kinda funny. Great free cam. reviewed December 28, 2006
Ninjas Of Time by Trogg Action
I made Trogg the evil movie rater a long time ago when we were still enimies. reviewed December 27, 2006
Universal Wars Chapter I by Yon1021 Sci-Fi
I usually make my movies really quick. reviewed December 20, 2006
The TalkTalk Show Eps1 by mayihelpyou Comedy
I have a talk show too. It's more like a raidio show though. reviewed December 20, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
what the heck was this bad copy off reviewed December 19, 2006
Bluescreen on Drugs by Tarison Comedy
Why is this in the top ten when it has bad ratings reviewed December 18, 2006
Game Review The Movies- Stars Defects by IgorS Comedy
well sorry. I didnt take much time making it reviewed December 14, 2006
Craziest movie you ever seen on TMO! by vatrel34 Comedy
my friend made the ape but i made some of the jokes reviewed December 12, 2006
A Forgotten Past by person_me200 Action
i agree or did i already reviewed December 10, 2006
Ape! by strauss76 Romance
well im sorry. i didnt ever see that movie. reviewed December 10, 2006
The Skull 2 by vatrel34 Horror
haha! original! random reviewed December 9, 2006
DIE DOGS!!(ALSO BONUS IN THE END) by vatrel34 Comedy
RANDOM!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! reviewed December 9, 2006
Trickers - Gauner by mlederer Romance
very well made reviewed December 7, 2006
demons by irvingtonjr Action
That was really good for your first movie. reviewed December 6, 2006
Adventure Man (Trailer) by person_me200 Comedy
okay we will. reviewed December 6, 2006
NOT ANOTHER RANDOM FILM 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by vatrel34 Comedy
That was the awesomest, randomest movie ever! P.S. HOW THE *********************************** DO YOU MAKE CUSTOM COSTUMES? reviewed December 5, 2006
Stupid Movie 3 by vatrel34 Comedy
How the ****in ****in **** did you get to make the title and stuff?! reviewed December 5, 2006
Random Film Music Video by vatrel34 Comedy
that was so random! Watch my random stunts and effects movie and hobo jack! reviewed December 4, 2006
Robinson Looso - Part 4 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Santa Goes To Narnia by person_me200 Comedy
Croiky! Em From Australia!! This Movie was probably retarded just like your gay band!!! reviewed December 4, 2006
Bob the Cicken and Gorrila Man Trailer by Mattooman Comedy
That was really good. Great music. Where's gorilla man? reviewed December 4, 2006
Christmas Fun by Trogg Comedy
ok? that was weird. reviewed December 4, 2006
The Legend of the Velvet Ninja by person_me200 Comedy
That was actually pretty good. Why are all of you obsesed with ninjas? reviewed December 4, 2006
Trailer For- Tales Of A Ginger Ninja by Benj123 Comedy
It was okay. Trogg still sucks like crap though. Did you get Fat Tony from The Simpsons? reviewed December 4, 2006
Ninjas Of Time (Trailer) by Trogg Action
Hello it is me, bobo55! you suck so do your movies i r u l e t h e k n o w n w o r l d a l s o bet you didnt understand that as well hows about some gangsta talk like you do Hipity hopity bang boop in... reviewed December 4, 2006
Horse Mess by Warspite2 Comedy
great film! My movie was suposed to be named the random stunts and effects movie! did u copy off of my warning thing? reviewed November 30, 2006
The Lucky Pocketknife by siclops Action
lol reviewed November 18, 2006
2 Bananas In A Bunch by Trogg Comedy
You r a wack-didley-ack shardy from the clurb!!! You aint from da Bronx losa!lol! u suck!!!!! Oh, yeah, this is for ruining my movies!!!!!!!! !%$#@^%#&%$#*%$(&$*^$^%$#^%$#^%$#^%$&^*_(&)(*************Y... reviewed November 18, 2006
The Western by Trogg Comedy
since benji ruined my movie, ill rate it 1 star. reviewed November 17, 2006
Bananas A Nutritious Journey by Trogg Comedy
This made me vomit with rage. Your voice sounds like Michael Jackson on crack! reviewed November 16, 2006
Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire by caliber99 Sci-Fi
very random reviewed November 13, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
It was really good and stuff, but I couldn't really understand what was going on. I think you got lost in the translation. reviewed November 13, 2006
Yellow Gold by dementedhamster67 Comedy
that was random butt then soo is mmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiii bbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttt reviewed November 11, 2006
Star Ship Funny Trailer by NickN123 Comedy
hehehehheheehee i already did what the trailer told me to. reviewed November 11, 2006
Jim Blond - Mission 1 - BananaSplit by DK Comedy
hahahhaha im a dumb idiot please do rate all my movies badly!!! im such an idiot hahaahhahahahaha. (fart) oooooooooooooppppppsssssssss my screen is brown i hope your is tooo im wearing a daiper! im pu... reviewed November 11, 2006
peanut butter jelly time by jmaldon5 Comedy
Nice music. reviewed November 11, 2006
HVM2 by action_films Action
wow.... COOL MOVIE!! Great free-cam. reviewed November 11, 2006
another stupid kung fu movie by ams11 Sci-Fi
No offense, but this movie stinks. The VOs sound like Michael Jackson on crack! The only good part was the movie poster. reviewed November 8, 2006
How to Custom -music and sound effect- by sidy Comedy
Wow, very good. You should make a How To Make Custom Animations and Effects. reviewed November 7, 2006
Der Alltag - Everyday Life by heuser7719 Comedy
Great movie. Thanks for the good review on FNR news. You should watch some of my other movies! reviewed November 7, 2006
Funny News by Vasil Comedy
Good, but you totally copied off of FNR (fake, not real) News by bobo55. reviewed November 6, 2006
Kampf in Gulch City! - Showdown by cobralord Action
Nice movie. Cool Vo's reviewed November 6, 2006
Talifaro by Harb40 Action
watch FNR news by bobo55 on the new releases reviewed November 5, 2006
Good vs Evil(remake) by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Its pretty good, but you can't spell and you need more than one voice reviewed November 5, 2006
JOHNY DS PRANK SHOW!! by halocommander Comedy
the invisible car was cool. you should prank me! reviewed November 5, 2006
Crazy China Girl by drew109 Comedy
This was probably the worst movie I've ever seen. Please watch the Torture Chamber by bobo55 AND Commander Poop and the Chicken, also by bobo55. Those are high quality movies reviewed November 4, 2006
Dannys Truth by james_dean1973 Comedy
u no i think that my kid sister could do a better job! i mean that was about as funny as well yo mama's face!! i mean yo mama's face is just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... reviewed November 4, 2006
Star Wars Gangsta Rap by CrackClown69 Sci-Fi
that was pretty good but i have heard that song before and also you're such a copy-off you're just doing this to cover up that your mom makes jabba the hut look anarexic!! hahahahahahahaha! It was pre... reviewed November 4, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!! Please watch my movie, The Torture Chamber. reviewed November 4, 2006
Whatshername -Greenday by Jeefey Romance
Good Video PLEASE WATCH MY MOVIE the TORTURE CHAMBER. It is not a horror. reviewed November 4, 2006
Attack of the upper-class nutters by scorpionfish Action
Sweet movie. Pls watch my movie, The Torture Chamber. Search Bobo55 reviewed November 4, 2006
Jack-O-Lantern 2 by nikstudios05 Horror
Exelent movie why don't you go see my movies!!!!! search bobo55!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed November 4, 2006