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Movies Reviewed by Bobweems
One Star Spam by Scottfilms Comedy
Man, dats some funny shiznit! I gots ta tellz ya! reviewed November 22, 2005
Tex! Takes on ED by Scottfilms Comedy
the truth comes out on Palmero.... and Tex.... Nice Jow with palmero though... thought it was quite humorous! reviewed November 20, 2005
Got news for Tex! by ZODIOUS Comedy
Tex, had to get the money back, can't complete the "Transaction" reviewed November 18, 2005
Joe Anderson and his Army Time! by Scottfilms Comedy
Look at that leader talk! The man has a G.E.D. Obviously the leader is Reggie! reviewed November 18, 2005
Vote Frank Taylor Not That Mexico Guy by augie64 Comedy
Featured Review
Reggie was only on COPS, and that was for... well.... lets just say he deserved it..... poor goat.
reviewed November 18, 2005
TEX! A Positive Ad by Scottfilms Comedy
Not Privy to the Vote thing??? Well... There you are! now you know! Tex.... going soft! reviewed November 17, 2005
VOTE TEX NEXT FRIDAY! by Scottfilms Comedy
OH SNAP Mexico! whatcha got to say to yo momma now? reviewed November 17, 2005
Tex A Story Through Movies by zodious Comedy
Angilina(SP?) Hilton! Can you get me one? reviewed November 17, 2005
Just a Quick Fright by zodious Horror
Heart still pounding.... Not seen that on here yet, good work! reviewed November 17, 2005
Frank Taylor the true story by zodious Comedy
No responce from Frank eh? Must be true! reviewed November 17, 2005
Reggie Appologizes by zodious Comedy
Reggie Deserves the second chance... sure he was over the line, but thats what politions do! He was man enough to appologize! reviewed November 16, 2005
Astrostar 5000 by BerzerkerRagE Sci-Fi
You know, I'm giving you a five because this is the first movie you made and not some other writers! reviewed November 14, 2005
Joe Anderson for City Counsel by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Yo Joe! You got an oponent! reviewed November 14, 2005
Reggie Mexico for city counsel by zodious Comedy
Featured Review
Great Parody! Hope this continues!
reviewed November 14, 2005
Curled World by zodious Horror
Quite well done indeed. Nice Heart beat, where did you find that? reviewed November 14, 2005
Cultivating Chloe by zodious Comedy
I agree with the best movie to date, Also the end actually made me jump! Nice work! reviewed November 13, 2005
House Of Hell by rdowdy95 Horror
Good use of the vampire. Only Male role kinda kills it when you don't have the scream! reviewed November 12, 2005
Mister Fist by BerzerkerRagE Action
I agree that the bumb was the best part! reviewed November 12, 2005
The Restraunt by zodious Comedy
Featured Review
Wow, I work in a restraunt and thats happend to me before, Glad to see it happened to someone else...
reviewed November 12, 2005
Vampyromaniac by BerzerkerRagE Horror
mind blowing, I really liked the quick synopsis of the movie, "Aint neva scared!" LOL reviewed November 12, 2005
A Horroring we go by ZODIOUS Horror
I was gonna give a 4, but the title was just too funny to miss. reviewed November 12, 2005
My Head Got Blew by ZODIOUS Action
I understand that he loved her, but why carry her off the site? How long does he plan on walking with her? reviewed November 12, 2005
Ninja Beach Dance Party by ZODIOUS Romance
For it being a fairly new game, I'm gonna give credit for effort and originality reviewed November 12, 2005