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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.7

Number of Movies Reviewed: 7
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Average Rating Given: 3.86
Movies Released by bmf153
Moneyfinger An Adrian Truelove Film Action
A 9 and a half minute masterpiece with the sequel performance of Adrian Truelove! I think you'll love it. And i triple checked the sound this time. Go look at my other movies too, they're all great posted November 11, 2005
Mister Fist Action
This is my first stab at a "secret agent" film. Obviously the main character is based off of bond. It's pretty entertaining. I'm not sure what happened with the sound, but there was full sound on my c... posted November 11, 2005
Stone Jones Action
This is an old styled P.I film. I actually have a version with voices and lipsyncing..but it just doesnt seem to be as good. This was about 8 minutes before editing! Hope you enjoy. posted November 10, 2005
For My Sister Action
A western based revenge film. Lots of editing, and a lot more character development. i think you'll like it. I'm also going to try and get voices for the characters..but i figured this was good enough... posted November 10, 2005
The Monster Mash Horror
This is my second movie. It's just a cheesy monster horror film with two teenagers. It was my first real attempt at the editing software. Its about 3 and half minutes, and i think its entertaining posted November 9, 2005
Paying For It Romance
This is my first movie, hope you guys like it. its not very long posted November 9, 2005
Movies Reviewed by bmf153
Outlaw Jones by savage_rabbit Action
well made, i was gonna give it 4 stars, but since you reviewed mine first...FIVE! im excited to see your next film reviewed November 12, 2005
Seduction of death(Final)! by The-ViruS Action
it was a movie that definitely could have used a little editing to shorten some scenes..mainly the first in the cab but i still liked it. im giving it a 4 cause i enjoyed it and cause you reviewed min... reviewed November 12, 2005
In the Basement by NicotineHell Horror
good movie, with the exception of the subtitles. definitely not bad for your first movie, and an extra star for actually reviewing one of mine. check this one out, its another secret agent one, but it... reviewed November 12, 2005
Home Of The Braves by Backzlash Action
No Review reviewed November 12, 2005
The Runaway by Chubz Action
good movie, i liked how it was edited, and it just flowed well. while i like subtitles, i felt that the lack of them/voice didnt hurt this movie at all. thanks a lot for the good review on my movie to... reviewed November 12, 2005
From War to Hell and Back Again by tom_bz Horror
good movie man. i really liked how you put it all together. go check out some of mine! reviewed November 12, 2005
Ninja Love by DeusExMachinima Romance
absolutely hilarious man. great job reviewed November 10, 2005