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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.95

Number of Movies Reviewed: 63
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 6
Average Rating Given: 4.38
Movies Released by bloodbaro950
Blondie Tells A Knock-Knock Comedy
This is my submission in Master007's Knock-Knock Contest however would be better in a Dumb Blonde Contest Was #47 in movies & #11 in comedy DON'T SPAM YOUR MOVIES IN YOUR REVIEW posted March 25, 2007
Joe's Party Hotel Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted March 22, 2007
March Of Destiny Action Not Rated
No Description posted March 22, 2007
Puppy Love Comedy
No Description posted March 19, 2007
Campus Conspiracy Action
This is a movie based of my trailer School Under Siege- which was orginal title however I decided to chance it at the last minute its about a group of students ... posted March 18, 2007
School Under Siege! Preview Action
This is my trailer for my upcoming movie School Under Siege, a fast paced action flick about a group of students who fight back against a nameless force that places their school under seige. This movi... posted March 16, 2007
Eye of the Mob Part 1 of 10 Action
This is an attempt for a first parter of a seires, I didn't get the expansion yet so I set the stage for so more heated battles later on. I also don't have a microphone so there is no custom dialouge ... posted March 15, 2007
Chain Fed Horror
This is my second movie and I think I did a pretty good job its ok but I had an extra as a ghost by mistake in scene 32 but besides that this movie rocks considering I make it in about 6 hours. If you... posted January 2, 2007
Beam Of The Laser Sci-Fi
This is my first movie I had a couple problems with the extras' costumes and some of the acters' positions but in the end it turn out all right. Not Great but OK. Thanks for the ratings and When I buy... posted January 1, 2007
Movies Reviewed by bloodbaro950
Zach intro 2 by ZCK_legend Comedy
Hmm, intresting, how did you get custom video into the game was it a prerecorded video file or a seires of camera shots and saving them as overlays? reviewed April 7, 2007
Farm 7 by cheese101 Horror
Hmm, very intresting I was a bit confused about the storyline but ity had nice VOs, freecam, music, and mods so I'll give it a 4/5 reviewed March 31, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- EP 1 by eobaggs Comedy
HAHA this is one of the greatest new seires out on TMO, I can't wait to submit my entry form lol nice job I can't wait till episode 2 come out! reviewed March 31, 2007
SPELL BOOK the series Page 7 by Ranedthel Horror
Pretty good. This movie had great scenery so nice job on placing the extra props but I was a bit lost in the story since 1-6 were offline but other than that it seemed you had an idea of what you want... reviewed March 28, 2007
Blood Stained Carpet- teaser by ZCK_legend Horror
Wow REALLY CREEPY to be honest I'm hesitant to watch the 1st place horror film when it comes out lol. Its a great idea I'm sure you can take this and make a great horror, but two questions. One, where... reviewed March 26, 2007
I liked this movie however I thought that it was not a creepy as Twisted. reviewed March 26, 2007
TWISTED by ZCK_legend Horror
Haha that movie was greatly done great job I don't think anyone else could do any better reviewed March 26, 2007
The laugh by ZCK_legend Horror
Featured Review
Wow this is without a doubt one of the greatest movies on TMO. When Zack appears in the forest with the hitman that had amazingly outstanding editing and the collage of VOs of him laughing really made...
reviewed March 26, 2007
Vitae by pegleg Romance
I would have to say after watching the movie it seemed that the tatoo had a seires of never ending circles which is celtic, the barshand was irish/scoutish, so it seems she has a deep connection with ... reviewed March 26, 2007
The Courage Within by MefuneAkira Action
Wow this is one of the best movies on TMO I saw two and three first so I see that this definatilly sets a tone and establishes the characters for the other 2 so for that I give it a 4 plus the VOs, co... reviewed March 26, 2007
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Haha Another Great Movie from Mefune Akira, this was a great comedy with amazingly good VOs, Solid Storyline, and a great unique idea keep it up and I look forward to your next movie. reviewed March 25, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
Nice Job this is a great movie it had amazing use of the freecam and had outstanding VOs. This movie could easily get into the top 25 with just the storyline alone! Great job reviewed March 25, 2007
KnockKnock by rysto Comedy
Pretty Good for a Knock Knock joke reviewed March 25, 2007
The Conspiracy by Master007 Sci-Fi
Nice Job Master this had some outstanding VOs and dialouge between the characters it whas a very cool film nawmean reviewed March 25, 2007
The Ultimate Shootout Championship Quad G by SnakeEater42 Action
Featured Review
Very Nicely done I like the idea of an intergalactic contest based on fighting to the death, this movie also had a good storyline among the characters and some nice action sequances. Even though it co...
reviewed March 25, 2007
Changes at School by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Featured Review
This was a decent movie but it seemed to be more drama than comedy, but it had message that many people forget, about abandoning old friends( I've done this quite a few times) and tring to fit in by c...
reviewed March 25, 2007
Bad Santa by Mac95 Comedy
This movie was good but it was more of an action movie with funny parts in it. You had a great storyline and plot which was amusing. The concept is the best part of this movie and you made a pretty go... reviewed March 25, 2007
Deer Head by mhjorth11 Action
Featured Review
Wow nice this movie could very easily get into the charts, It had great origanality, good VOs, and the ending was a very nice twist. You also seemed to have great control over the free cam which impro...
reviewed March 25, 2007
Godzilla vs King Kong by MKEY1992 Sci-Fi
This movie was just not good at all, it had no interaction between characters, the insect alien does not look like Godzilla, there was VERY little action, no story whatsoever,the music stopped 3/4 of ... reviewed March 25, 2007
American Teen by mulliganmaster Comedy
Haha this was a pretty good movie, it had some good shots and I like the punchline which is pretty much true, but I found that there was not that much to be against or for but this had some good comed... reviewed March 25, 2007
Final Evil Trailer by Andreas_Herrmann_Bremen Horror
It looks it can be a good movie and I think you did a really nice job with the shots and costumes however, I found it odd that you killed off the "villain" of the movie in the trailer and in a horror ... reviewed March 25, 2007
The Piano by ralfduran Romance
Wow Ralfduran great movie. This has a great story and a fantastic message. It has great music choices as the man reflects on his life which I found to be one of the best romance movies on TMO, I'm not... reviewed March 24, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes by Master007 Comedy
Haha nice job master this one of the best and funniest movies I have seen on TMO. It seems you spent a lot of time on placing all those gnomes into place so it looks like you work pretty hard on this.... reviewed March 24, 2007
The Zoo Escape by apeman123 Action
I think there may have been a problem uploading it was only 30 seconds long reviewed March 23, 2007
A Day In The Life Of TMO by bufu0 Comedy
Vey nice it was unique and funny however I found the best part of this is the custom song, its good, really good lol nice job, outstanding work reviewed March 23, 2007
Mortal peep Chui-hu VS The EVIL bunnies by piggy747 Comedy
Haha this movies a good sequel to Mortal Peep Fight, it still had the funny high-pitched voice and had more action then the first one good job and film on reviewed March 23, 2007
mortal peep fight by piggy747 Comedy
Haha this movie was pretty good it was a funny spin-off of Mortal Kombat and it was put together well was my impression. However the music ended to soon and it could have used some more action like ex... reviewed March 23, 2007
Death Alley by amt4572 Action
Featured Review
Wow very good It had some fantastic shots and had an intresting story that had real potentail for a seires, I found the shots to be unique effective and the music set the mood fairly well. 5 out of 5
reviewed March 23, 2007
Hs by hkay Romance
I thought this movie was pretty good however the only thing that was a bit confusing was the story, like how he got to an alien planet and why he wanted to go to the stage. Other than that it was pree... reviewed March 23, 2007
Zombie Aliens 3 the rebellion by 4cats3 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very Good this was much better than the previous one. I saw vast improvments in the interaction and exchange of dialouge between the characters which led to a better under stading of the movie so I on...
reviewed March 23, 2007
SoulkillerTrailer by feix Horror
Wow this is a really nice trailer even though I couldn't read german. This trailer had everything you needed for an upcoming movie it had very good shots, approriate music, an intresting idea, and it ... reviewed March 23, 2007
Zombie Mcgeeenemy of the state by gorloc Comedy
This is a pretty good movie and I personally like the Zombie Mcgee seires however I found it a bit odd that he shots the president, I know Bush is a retard and he pretty much screwd us over but he is ... reviewed March 23, 2007
Fear of Steve by hkay Romance
I am really sorry I usually find some way to give someone at least a 3 but this movie is just very odd. First, don't use computer terms like U or R in your movies write the full word out. Second, The ... reviewed March 22, 2007
Zombie Mcgee Contents undead pressure by gorloc Comedy
Haha this movie was pretty movie at part I only have one suggestion. Its good you do your own VOs but I thought that some of the self narration of the character was a bit much but besides that good movie. reviewed March 22, 2007
Zombie Aliens 2 by 4cats3 Sci-Fi
Hmmm....Very Intresting, you have a good(and a bit comical in the idea of one of those oldin time sci-fi/horror movies)idea and I only have a few suggestions. First and foremost connect the rest of yo... reviewed March 22, 2007
Battle or Die-Fight Robots For planet Earth by piggy747 Action
I'm sorry to be the party pooper but this movie is decent not great but not horrible. You did an ok job of the shots and music but there was no real story behind it and the mods seemed to clash. My ad... reviewed March 22, 2007
Death Alley Trailer by amt4572 Action
looks pretty cool reviewed March 21, 2007
My favorite plumb by chrisht69 Romance
It was very good however I didn't really get the story did her husband die or something? reviewed March 17, 2007
Firelight by abaris11 Horror
hmm intresting, It was nice and simple but I think it could have used some strong sound effects reviewed March 17, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
Wow this is an amazing movie 5 stars if I could give more I would reviewed March 16, 2007
The Iraq War (preview) by moviestar5000 Action
A good idea but it is to soon to have a movie (expecally a TM movie) about the Iraq war so if I were you I would change it to the Vietnam war besides the gunner like he was asian so it would help you ... reviewed March 16, 2007
When Good Girls Go Bad by Breeanne Horror
DEcent not bad but great, the story was a little fuzzy and the background music didn't seem to fit, and the costumes were a bit irrelavint but otherwise nice job 3 stars. Also if you have the time che... reviewed March 16, 2007
Curse of a Vampire by iluvhawaii Action
Haha pretty good but it could have used Vos or at least subtitles and why was the vampire out in the mild of the day? lol but seriously this was a preety good short film feel free to check out my prev... reviewed March 16, 2007
The Prince Trailer by MBStudios Sci-Fi
Hem looks good 4 stars reviewed March 16, 2007
The Women of Juliet Company by Master007 Comedy
HAHA Great Movie at first i thought it was a Romance/Drama but after I saw that slap fight I realived to this is a hilarious and mildy dark comedy great job 5 stars reviewed March 16, 2007
A Bar Story Teaser by thejoe8pizza Comedy
LoL wow nice Im looking forward to see the full version, it seems funny and I forgot I was watching a TM movie nice job. reviewed March 16, 2007
The Berzerk by Reaniel Horror
It was good but way too long reviewed March 16, 2007
Assassins Creed by earlicus Action
Great Movie however it could use more action but the car crash was cool keep it up reviewed March 16, 2007
Fade To Black by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
NIce Great Movie keep up the good work reviewed March 16, 2007
The CRIMINAL by DorianRust Action
Nice! Great movie reviewed March 16, 2007
Kung fu by zack123456 Action
entertaning but it doesn't really have a story reviewed March 15, 2007
Hell House by MacTony Horror
Very NIce it had great camera angles and sound quality, it was very artistic and intresting so I'm giving you a 5 reviewed March 15, 2007
Scratch Whiplash Meets Chris Pixley by tbirdt94 Action
IT is REALLY BASIC not that it's bad but it's mostly a guy geting beat up and a car driving off however Ill be nice and give you a 5 reviewed March 15, 2007
Piercing Armor (part 1) by butty2006 Action
It's got a decent storyline however you may want to go to a VO website or place ads on the Your Movies forum. reviewed March 15, 2007
Sci-Star Pilot by sonicspiderboy Sci-Fi
Pretty Good I enjoyed it reviewed January 14, 2007
Agent Santa by apip Action
lol Nice Job reviewed January 3, 2007
Urban Psycho by screasy Horror
Nice job it was good keep it up however the sex scene was a bit much reviewed January 2, 2007
Bloody Mary 2 by patt0192 Horror
Pretty Good keep it up Could you please rate my movie "Chain Fed" reviewed January 2, 2007
The Effing Desk - Reloaded by edweezy90 Comedy
Ahhhh Man, That was great. It was truely funny, great job and thanks for the review of "Chain Fed" and once again great job reviewed January 2, 2007
Fabio Vialpando by lukas_movies Action
Nice Job, Could you please rate my movie "Chain Fed" and my trailer for Beam of the Laser reviewed January 2, 2007
My Crazy Movie Episode 1 by avalon306 Action
Nice Job reviewed January 2, 2007
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Wow nice job reviewed January 1, 2007
Nice reviewed January 1, 2007