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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.8

Number of Movies Reviewed: 60
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 7
Average Rating Given: 4.27
Movies Released by Bloggy
3 Good Friends Romance
No Description posted April 26, 2006
Under The Weather Action
No Description posted April 26, 2006
Sound of Bullets Action
Sorry that the vo's are hard to hear. posted April 23, 2006
Red Bull Advert Comedy
The truth behind red bull is revealed... posted April 5, 2006
Hit the Road Buster! Comedy
Tel me if you want me to make a sequel. posted April 5, 2006
Shortest Movie Ever! Action
This took me ages... I know there is aa two second movie but for it to be a movie something got to happen in it in the 2 second movie its black then the end in mine at least something happens so i cla... posted April 5, 2006
The Girl Who Couldnt Stop Farting Comedy
No Description posted April 2, 2006
Halo 3 Sci-Fi
up yours officer sh!tbag! posted April 2, 2006
Life At The Top Romance
The diary of a poor teenage hoe from the USA. posted April 1, 2006
Back to the Past Action
No Description posted March 31, 2006
Easter Special The Bunny and Hitler Sci-Fi
A not-to-good diary of an unfortunate chicken posted March 25, 2006
Get Out of my Face! Romance
Do you like all the dogs at the end? posted March 25, 2006
Chicken Comedy
No Description posted March 24, 2006
When Billionares Have Sex Romance
Rated Pg: Contains some Sex & Nudity The Ufo's a joke. Are you people stupid? Its just my odd sense of humour. posted March 23, 2006
Oh God the Cops! Action
No Description posted March 23, 2006
Dogs Action
This is about two people. 1. A blossoming dog lover. 2.An ex-forensic detective who mysteriously decided to become a dog killer... posted March 23, 2006
Gangs of New Pork Action
Rated 12A: Contains mild Violence posted March 23, 2006
longer Action
Sorry if this makes no sense. Its just supposed to be random and funny. posted March 23, 2006
Gangs of New Pork Action
If you r reviewing this movie, DO NOT say: Come and see my crappy movies bla bla bla! posted March 12, 2006
Kopping on the streets of LA Action
Rated 12: Contains moderate Vilolence and Language posted March 11, 2006
WW3 Hitler Strikes back! Action
No Description posted March 11, 2006
Invaders From Communon 5 Sci-Fi
hitler has been living in a horrible alleyway for 61 years until now. posted March 11, 2006
Turtles Dont Have Pretty Faces Romance
No Description posted March 11, 2006
Bombed into the Ground Romance
Rated U: Extremely mild violence posted March 11, 2006
UFO Attack! Sci-Fi
This is my first movie. It's not very good so don't judge me by it. posted March 10, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Bloggy
The Curse Of Anubis by toddyviney Action
Your Greatest Yet. reviewed January 4, 2007
In a Nutshell by toddyviney Romance
Featured Review
Is That Supposeed To Reflect On.....Anything?
reviewed December 20, 2006
Tiff A Crazed Mind Trailer by toddyviney Romance
It rks!!!!!! reviewed July 5, 2006
Pretty Hate Machine by ninette1 Action
What the Hell? reviewed July 4, 2006
Stunt City by GoodspeedFBI Comedy
Nice One! reviewed June 18, 2006
poo reviewed June 10, 2006
NORTH PARK-Episode 1 by rossieb Comedy
Err...welll for ur first movie this was ok....3 stars cos it was stolen from south park a bit! Well only the name.....apart from that....... reviewed June 10, 2006
Cast Away In A Castle-Part One by toddyviney Romance
Featured Review
Cool VO'S! Nice Storyline. Want the 2nd nownownownow!!
reviewed June 10, 2006
Tiff by toddyviney Romance
Really, really, really, really, [wash your mouth out!]ing good! Like the little moto at the end : ) reviewed May 6, 2006
Secrets of the CIA by toddyviney Sci-Fi
Nice! I like it! Where was rossys voice? reviewed May 6, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
Hahaha really funny! Go and see shotgun betrayal by toddyviney! It's brilliant reviewed April 26, 2006
Shotgun Betrayal by toddyviney Romance
I don't care if it's long! That is [oh please!]ing amazing! I'm going to reccomend you to everyone! reviewed April 26, 2006
Sex is a Vurtue 2 The Hoedown by toddyviney Comedy
Featured Review
You are a dirty, dirty, dirty boy! You should f*** yourself and go to jail and then hell.
reviewed April 24, 2006
Document 14d56 by toddyviney Action
Err....yeah, nice speech. Where the hells the document? The backrounds a bit jumpy, but i'm your friend so i'll give you five stars. P.S. when do you want to sart work on the wink wink? reviewed April 23, 2006
WHAT The New Recruits by toddyviney Comedy
Tahahahahaha! Don't get the ending, otherwise it was funny! reviewed April 6, 2006
WHAT by toddyviney Comedy
I don't get the ending, but otherwise its good! reviewed April 6, 2006
When The Wedding Became Like Kill Bill by toddyviney Action
HahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaHahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaHahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaHahahahahahahahhahahahahah... reviewed April 5, 2006
Fight Club 3 Revenge by gangsterinc Action
No there is nothing better you caan do except try to get more people to rate it. i will tell my friends about you but only if you tell me how to make custom backrounds. Make a forum called making cust... reviewed April 5, 2006
Buddy by Silver330 Action
HahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaHahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaHahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaHahahahahahahahhahahahahah... reviewed April 5, 2006
Wheres Hitler by Wu4721 Comedy
Featured Review
Nice original movie. I like it because you can interact. 5 satrs for a good idea!
reviewed April 5, 2006
Priest and The Virgin Final Episode by ninette1 Comedy
Ha Ha! reviewed April 5, 2006
Evil Dead Christmas by Ghoulscout13 Horror
Hahahahahaha! I love the idea of an evil santa. reviewed April 5, 2006
Sounds Like a Mouse by alftansr Comedy
Funny Funny PLZ rate my movies shortest movie ever and halo 3! thanks reviewed April 5, 2006
shortest movie on the movies by sylanderstudios06 Comedy
That was amazing reviewed April 5, 2006
LONDON UNDERGROUND MUSIC VIDEO by sylanderstudios06 Comedy
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha! Good work Mr something-or-other... reviewed April 5, 2006
The Hostage From New York by toddyviney Action
VerY good, great story. I'm taking away a point for the long scenes whitch you could've cut out and another for the girl going to the roof when she knew she was going to die. reviewed April 5, 2006
Sex is a Vurtue by toddyviney Comedy
When I was watching this i was drinking coke and it spilled down me from laughing so much. reviewed April 5, 2006
Go west (Ep III) by jaaguir Action
its poo die die die eat caas guts goooob goob goob goooh hornyboy cheese had head in toilet wooo reviewed April 4, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
If anyone even thought of rating this movie 4 star, they must have had some serious brain damage. Orignality: 10/10 Characters: 9/10 Use of sets: 8/10 Storyboard: 10/10 Title: 9/10 MusiC: 9/10 OVERALL 200/10 reviewed April 4, 2006
Wild Billy by maniekot Action
Way to much swearing 4 my liking PLZ check out my movies i'm 15th in the charts cheers their really good and should give u ideas reviewed April 4, 2006
Robutler Quickstart by alftansr Sci-Fi
THta robot was lame. No one wants a robot that looks like its from the dumpster! And if hes talking abouth treffic laws the why the hell is he standing like a prat in the middle of the road? reviewed April 4, 2006
Double corps by guig116 Sci-Fi
Wow! reviewed April 3, 2006
A War Never to Forget by OfficerStephen Action
If i have no talent whatsoever why am i 27th in the charts and a movie-making legend and you are a celebrated movie some thing and not evrn in the top 500! Touche! reviewed April 3, 2006
Sex is a Vurtue by toddyviney Comedy
I was drinking coke when i was watching that and it spilled down me. I love the bit with the ufo's and the bit with the gorrila. Excellent story and the title matches the movie really well. Good work Toddy! reviewed April 2, 2006
The Santa by OfficerStephen Comedy
Stupid, pointless, boring, unimaginative and pure bull[not-so-nice-word!]. You have no talent whatsoever. reviewed April 2, 2006
Killer Of Souls by idc130 Horror
A well planed, original horror film, Good Work reviewed April 1, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
My mind is so blown by how amazing it was I can't think of a good review to write. reviewed April 1, 2006
The Porno Movie by cruleworld Comedy
Porn as a naked man/woman ok. Its not wat this is. Ur just calling it the porno movie because you want it to appeal to people who like that kind of thing. Stop puttin your [naughty word!]in bad movies... reviewed March 25, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
Theres no porn in that reviewed March 25, 2006
Robozentative Commercial by alftansr Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Good Idea!
reviewed March 25, 2006
Upon a Midnight Clear by tzeno Action
Very Good Job. Great story too. Well Done reviewed March 24, 2006
Bob and the Hamster Club by Tarkadog Comedy
wow this is crap reviewed March 24, 2006
The Guys in New York by toddyviney Action
Toddy, that was crap! Get a life. Put on keep the flame burnin! P.s I know my movies cos theyre better dan urs reviewed March 22, 2006
The Riqueron Project (Trailer) by the_richman Sci-Fi
That was very good for a trailer. Whens the full thing coming out? Will someone come and rate my movies? reviewed March 12, 2006
Last Breath by Amateur-Associates Romance
God! That was amasing! So dramatic. I almost cried. You are going to fly to the top of the charts! reviewed March 12, 2006
Halloween Night (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Horror
woah! Scary ! reviewed March 11, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! reviewed March 11, 2006
Vaders Fist(trailer) by aaron703 Sci-Fi
That was a really good movie/trailer. Loved da music. reviewed March 11, 2006
What Would You Do by Chubbfish Action
Featured Review
THat was amazing. You can have a well-earned five stars! I would flee and make my way on the streets. Until my girlfriend would find me and i would kill her so she doesnt say where i am. Then i would ...
reviewed March 10, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Awesome! Ranger21 is so gonna zoom to the top of the charts! Story 5/5! Originality 6/5! Brilliance 10/5! So cant wait till the sequel and i hope ur computer doesnt crash so we cant see them! Whens th... reviewed January 28, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
What do I care if it has no story? It rocks guys c'mon reviewed January 28, 2006
SpitBattle Tim vs Negative by babeloeleo Comedy
I dont get what is going on but it still rocks!!! Woooooo! reviewed January 28, 2006
The 30s Moonlight by Tarkadog Action
Its good reviewed December 2, 2005
Ridgeback 2 by Tarkadog Comedy
This is a great sequal. Equal, if not better than the first! w0000t! reviewed December 1, 2005
Ninja Nutter by Tarkadog Comedy
Featured Review
This is the best movie you ever made!
reviewed November 29, 2005
Ridgeback by Tarkadog Action
This is the best movie ever made. Give me money! I will kill myself ;). With a whale strapped to a planet which crashes into a whale which is crashed into by a planet which crashes into a whale which dies. reviewed November 29, 2005
The Heroes Of Boggy Copse by Tarkadog Action
The only funny thing about this movie was when it ended. suck my elephant monkey. reviewed November 29, 2005
A Brother Autopsy by Tarkadog Action
Suck my whale penis! reviewed November 29, 2005
Violence in Extreme by Tarkadog Comedy
Such a weird story. But so funny. Rubber ducks! reviewed November 29, 2005
Joe Tyler and the Curse of the Idiots by Tarkadog Comedy
Omg it's so funny. I couldn't stop laughing, especially when they ran over the horse. As for the comment below, WTF!? What is he on about? reviewed November 28, 2005