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Average Rating Received: 4.83

Number of Movies Reviewed: 40
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 4.65
Movies Released by BlazeLeeDragon
13 Part 1 Horror
This movie has been worked on for along time. Staring Sparky1512 as Detective Walter Carnbi Goofparade as John Wilkins Cheif of Police and the Necromancer/Demon Artorious as Jim Hoper and BlazeLeeDr... posted April 25, 2008
Apathetic Priest Comedy
This Movie is Rated R for twisted comedy and langue. this movie was not intended to affend or insult anyone, it's ment for humor. so if you don't have a sense a humor or are easily affend PLEASE don't... posted December 15, 2007
Mafia Legend of the Red Warrior Part 2 Action
Please watch part 1 first... The long awaited release of MAFIA: Legend of the Red Warrior... the movie was 20 mins long I tried to upload it 20+ times gave up ... posted July 26, 2007
Mafia Legend of the Red WarriorPart 1 Action
The long awaited release of MAFIA: Legend of the Red Warrior... the movie was 20 mins long I tried to upload it 20+ times gave up and cutt it down. so here is PART 1, part 2 is at http://movies.lion... posted July 16, 2007
Mafia Trailer Action
this is the trailer for my upcoming film, I am still casting all the roles featured in this trailor except The Red Warrior and The Hitman. see casting forum to sumit your audition. this trailor featu... posted May 24, 2007
Adventures In Ghostbusting!!!! Comedy
My younger brother plays these board games with his friends. one of the games he plays is a ghostbuster's spoof. when I told him about the movies game, he asked to barrow it. I went to pick it up and ... posted April 21, 2007
The Wizards ApprenticeApprentice no more Action
My second movie. and first attempt at Overlays and Freecam use. this is the long awaited sequeal to my first movie The Wizards Apprentice. Wizards Apprentice: Apprentice no more, continues the story ... posted March 24, 2007
The Wizards ApprenticeApprentice no more Action
My second movie. and first attempt at Overlays and Freecam use. this is the long awaited sequeal to my first movie The Wizards Apprentice. Wizards Apprentice: Apprentice no more, continues the story ... posted March 24, 2007
The Wizards Apprentice Action
This is my first movie, I had no other voice actors so I did all the voices, including monster noises. Hope you enjoy, please vote, and let me know if I should even bother making the continuation. I ... posted March 17, 2007
Movies Reviewed by BlazeLeeDragon
CAPITOL Manifesto by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Ok lets start with audio. first off I don't think I heard a single vo performance that I didn't like incrediable cast. merrable dialog. which made for a gripping story well told. however some of the ... reviewed July 16, 2008
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 2 - Teaser by trewill7 Action
I am a huge fan and always will be...however, I'm not sure if I liked the VO, somthing sounded a little over board on the voice, as if tring to sound older, the lines where delivered well, I just thin... reviewed April 29, 2008
Martim Ferro I by tuaregeswede Action
i'll start with music some the music was great some of it I felt didn't fit the scene. it was very hard to follow, and I believe I missed the point/plot of the story the subtitles went by too fast a... reviewed March 13, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
apsolutly breath taking. from the overlays, to the music, to the VOs, to the story, it's non-stop edge of my seat action. thank you for letting me be part of this and I look forward to revisiting my roles. reviewed February 22, 2008
Et Spiritus Sancti by kuroken Horror
like the one before it, et spiritus sancti was awe inspring movie work at it's best. the last one left us hanging to the point of being nerve racking this one stops just intime for us to get a breathe... reviewed January 4, 2008
Empty Wallz by ShyShy Action
very touching and very moving, good strong message, there was a line or two with the VOs that I felt lacked feeling, but on a whole well done, my biggest complaint is the ninja masks for the iraqies, ... reviewed December 23, 2007
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
ok F U Ken...F U!!! holy sh*t!!! the first one was slow, and picked up at the end, I sorta got board about half way through... This one...edge of your seat gripping action, the story was incrediable ... reviewed December 18, 2007
Natural Occurance by kuroken Sci-Fi
holy [wash your mouth out!]! I'm speechless! thought it would be just a plain boring movie and it threw me for a loop! unexspected did not see it coming, well act, very well written, great story makes... reviewed December 17, 2007
Youve Got Spam! by kuroken Comedy
I like and dont' like, it was quick and funny and to the point. I felt it midly lacked as far as story, and it was kinda hard to follow at points. why did he turn into a zombie but I guess that was ki... reviewed December 17, 2007
A Night At The Movies by kuroken Sci-Fi
THAT WAS SO BEYOND 5 STARS!!! Incrediably funny, creative, caughty, great characters, love the behind the scenes angle. it was AMAZING. I lost it with the monk porn comment, hear the actors argue be... reviewed December 17, 2007
The Flooding of England by rjb2112 Comedy
that was cute, short but cute! film on reviewed December 16, 2007
855 FM by rjb2112 Sci-Fi
not bad, I have mixed feelings on it, fairly creative and interesting concept reviewed December 16, 2007
Kate Lewis in the TMO Top Model Contest by rjb2112 Romance
I don't know what to say, your voice worked for the whole annoucer thing, and the music was good, wasnt' sure on the requirements for the contest but none the less I'll give you four stars either way :D reviewed December 16, 2007
Apartment 4C by trewill7 Comedy
wow yes another twisted comedy by Trewill. bravo 5 stars, yet again another movie of a man over reacting in a twisted way pausing to admire his cleverness, untill at long last finding out he is not as... reviewed December 16, 2007
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
Ok where to start...first wow! Very well written script excellent dialog... great choice of music, and incrediable camera work... you took great detail to pick your scenes, and have custom work done.... reviewed December 11, 2007
Blind by ShyShy Action
Featured Review
very well done, short and sweet, to the point, takes you for a ride I loved it. thank you for letting me be part of the action.
reviewed December 7, 2007
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
apsolutly breath taking, from the story, the characters, the plot, the VOs where beyond amazing, the custom mods, the music choices... the movie was touching and movie, a real mind F-er... 5 stars all the way reviewed December 6, 2007
Prelude to Evil Season 1 Promo 2 by nukester Action
WOW nuke just wow! ok even with my terrable mic, the voice works thank you so much for the role...that trailer gave me goose bumps. the music, the freecam, the angel the's brilliant. reviewed December 3, 2007
EDS DESTINY S201 Memories by captainstrider Sci-Fi
I had to think for a moment if I would go 4 stars or 5... use of free cam is incredable, custom sets, amazing, music selection perfect. some of the Voice acting lacked feeling but that is not a fault ... reviewed December 2, 2007
A Very British Sketch Show 1 by sparky1512 Comedy
Wow, if that wasn't british comedy I don't know what is. that is up there with montey python lol. bloody brilliant. loved the reoccuring theme of the robbery. the only think I thought was coming whi... reviewed November 30, 2007
The Hand of Love by trewill7 Comedy
5 stars, comical, unexspected, and makes one think about love and sex, bravo 5 stars all the way reviewed November 26, 2007
Phantoms by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
incrediable, absoluly loved it, very well written, custom sounds where used very well. griping story, incrediable camera angels and scene selections, and the voice actors where great. thank you for l... reviewed November 21, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 2 by trewill7 Action
WOW Tre, just WOW, amazing as always, you have taking a breath taking approach to movie making. It's one thing to have a fun story, and good characters, it's another to have a good cast, and even anot... reviewed November 4, 2007
Ninjutsu Sun Theatrical Trailer by nukester Action
some of the dialog was mildly chessy, but music selection and camera work was good. my only realy complaint was you couldn't hardly see the fight scene becuase of how dark it was. still the movie look... reviewed August 30, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
I am very impressed with the project so far. only grips is a few sounds where slightly off, sounded too echoy. but on a whole. great free cam and freeze frame use. the story is griping and pefectly ... reviewed July 31, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 - Trailer by trewill7 Action
Featured Review
Incredible. The clips where great, and the echo was improved from the first time. I like the other music better but still great camera work, very caughty and gets attention. I have to agree with the r...
reviewed July 6, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
Wow, wow, wow...that movie was incrediable...very sad...very caughty, some of your mod work was incrediable and breath taking. the click droping from the gun, the reload with the shotgun... I would h... reviewed June 17, 2007
Empires of Ambition - The introduction by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
I like it, good back story, but it's almost like watching a documentory. I think adding some other voices into it would have help. but not bad. reviewed June 17, 2007
Agent Dracula by nooctip Action
Incrediable, comical, not very insulting to the great Vlad or the ficitional character based off of him. my suggestion is a simple one leave the sub titles up longer they kinda disapear fast hard to f... reviewed June 3, 2007
Martial Arts Mania (Trailer) by devilboy204 Action
not bad, good editing for extra martial arts movies. good song well performed. it's nice to see some desent martial arts flicks out there... VOs need some work though... reviewed May 27, 2007
Dreams I have Dremped (Trailer) by jakechief Action
good film work, grabs attention with out being boring. voice slightly off, scream lacking at end. and music seemed not to match... on a whole looks like a very promising peace, excellent story line, ... reviewed May 24, 2007
Rite of the Amazon by George_Locust Action
incredible camera work, incrediable action, and great music score, some of the voices where very well done, there where some lines, that lacked feeling in no way your fault... but I have to say there ... reviewed May 20, 2007
Pressure by qtigger Action
Wow, stunning and griping the Voice Overs where in crediable(and I'm not just talking about me) Terry's voice was perfect, the story and the way you cutt the camera, and Russell's voice, awesome man t... reviewed May 14, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 Teaser by trewill7 Action
OH MY BY THE GODS MAN!!!!, I am beyond impressed and so excited to be part of this production, and my costar in this teaser is very talented. the music, the story...I can't wait....SO call on me for y... reviewed May 13, 2007
Spies of Ambition The Trailer by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
so far so good, can wait to see it reviewed May 10, 2007
Fukushusha by Caystarz Sci-Fi
Incredible, I don't know what they are saying but it had me unable to look away. very very well made with music and story, and angles of the camera. I wish it was in english...and now for a very bad t... reviewed April 15, 2007
The End Of 3 The Extraordinary Powers by weridman Action
pretty good, I recommend getting some voice acting and you had a few typos, but pretty good story line. reviewed March 17, 2007
Hand of the North Bar by jsmith0609 Action
stright to the point, amuzing and I think it's kinda funny you used the same out fit I use for my martial art films. I think it kinda resembles a wu dung robe. reviewed March 16, 2007
City Ninjas! by Nickelgraph Action
not bad, has some real potential, but somthing was slightly lacking with the story line. reviewed March 16, 2007
BRUCE LEE VS ELVIS by Algarenator Action
being myself an advid Bruce Lee fan, I think Master Lee would find such a film insulting. Though the story line was comical, I think using random people over using two great men of history would of be... reviewed March 13, 2007