Number of Movies: 5
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.1

Number of Movies Reviewed: 33
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 9
Average Rating Given: 3.97
Movies Released by bigj0266
Ant Spies of the Jungle 3 Sci-Fi
The third installment to the "Ant Spies of the Jungle" series, this is personally my least favorite of the three, but it's not over yet. I also fixed the subtitles which seemed to be a problem in the ... posted November 15, 2005
Ant Spies of the Jungle 2 Sci-Fi
This is the much-anticipated sequel to the movie "Ant Spies of the Jungle". It is the second movie in the ASotJ series. Enjoy! Editors notes: Sorry about the subtitle font.. I know it's hard to read!... posted November 14, 2005
Ant Spies of the Jungle 2 Sci-Fi
The much-anticipated sequel to the first "Ant Spies of the Jungle", "Ant Spies of the Jungle 2" is the second installation in the ASotJ series. Enjoy! posted November 14, 2005
Ant Spies Of The Jungle Sci-Fi
This is the first movie of a new series I'm making, I'm already working on the second one. They are all very short. Anyhow, the first one takes place on a space craft which is invaded by Dr. Evil and ... posted November 14, 2005
Home of the Braves 2 Action
This is a WWII movie that I made. It is my first movie that I have posted on the site, I put a good bit of time into it. I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and please, reveiw fairly.. unlike Aenigma83 who only ... posted November 13, 2005
Movies Reviewed by bigj0266
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Great movie! All your movies are good. reviewed November 15, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
Amazingly amazing. Awesome movie, my friend.. awesome movie. reviewed November 15, 2005
Revenge of the Nerd by zephyrrulz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great movie!
reviewed November 15, 2005
Ninja Love by DeusExMachinima Romance
Weird movie.. it was still decent though! Good job. reviewed November 15, 2005
War of the Ages by XeroHedgehog Action
Great movie! Were the girl voices really fake? They were done very well. Overall that movie was good, with just a few small things that kept you from getting a 5. But great attempt! reviewed November 15, 2005
Far From Home by Sookta Action
I think this movie is great and well deserves to be one of the top movies. The scenes flow smoothly together and the voice acting is very precise. It's just an excellent movie. Period. Superb job, my friend! reviewed November 15, 2005
Fable The Movie by stumpythefrog Comedy
Hilarious. Simply hilarious. Great job! reviewed November 15, 2005
Cannibalism The Movie! by captainova Comedy
Good job! reviewed November 15, 2005
Sherrif Space and the Space Gorillas by danieldude100 Comedy
Good movie, hope to see some more from you. reviewed November 15, 2005
ASBVC - Violence in Videogames by AlexStar6 Comedy
Featured Review
That was really good, I really enjoyed that. Pretty funny too! I'll have to watch that one again! Great job.
reviewed November 15, 2005
A Robot Spurned by Awakened_Yeti Sci-Fi
Awesome movie! Very funny, too! You have DEFINATELY got to make some more man, that was just too great! reviewed November 15, 2005
Snap by dubbya Action
Featured Review
Good job!
reviewed November 15, 2005
Cool Joe Gunn by swinnertond Action
It was a fair movie. Some of the subtitles were a little sloppy, and the plot was a little weird, but other than that good job! reviewed November 14, 2005
Flash Back by Rennstar Action
Wow, that was really good! Simply awesome. reviewed November 14, 2005
My Last Day on Earth remake by flakkster Horror
Nice job! reviewed November 14, 2005
Aftermath by zuxif Horror
Featured Review
Good movie! Couldn't decide between 3 and 4, because it wasn't low enough in score to be a 3, but I don't know if it's high enough for a 4.. oh what the heck, it's worth a 4.
reviewed November 14, 2005
The Dire -1x01 by Ar4wY Action
Great movie! reviewed November 14, 2005
Rufus Rampage by 1ne8ight7even Action
Featured Review
Amazing first movie.. this is excellent work, my friend!
reviewed November 14, 2005
Betrayal by 1ne8ight7even Action
Featured Review
Just because it's short doesn't mean it can't be good! Great job!
reviewed November 14, 2005
That Infinite Sleep by ChaseDirector Action
Featured Review
A masterpiece!
reviewed November 14, 2005
Zombies Are People Too by KingDavid73 Comedy
Zombies + well put together script = Awesome movie. As the others said, add some voice to it.. you'd definately be getting an extra star from me! reviewed November 14, 2005
Begone sinisters! by Hubbeb Action
Good job.. some of the subtitles went a bit fast but other than that excellent first movie. reviewed November 14, 2005
Driving Drunk With Jays Dad by Ragingtorment Comedy
Good job! reviewed November 14, 2005
Online gaming Life by shonosuke Comedy
Well, I kinda liked and disliked the gamer leet talk.. I liked it because it fit the title but disliked it since it didn't really fit the movie. And some of the scenes could have went together smoothe... reviewed November 14, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies by richke Comedy
That was [eye-hurting-word!]ing hilarious! That is the best movie that I've seen out of all of these, it was just so funny! And so well put together! I don't know if it could have been better! I don't... reviewed November 14, 2005
Lou where are you by Aenigma83 Romance
Featured Review
Just a poor piece of material.
reviewed November 14, 2005
Viet-Kong by Trip9z Action
Featured Review
Awesome movie.
reviewed November 14, 2005
Indian Rain by rufusxavier Action
Excellent movie, my friend! reviewed November 14, 2005
Chicken sucks by alexjelly Comedy
Wow.. that was really bad.. reviewed November 14, 2005
Trip to Paradise by manu820 Comedy
Great job! The only thing I noticed was that when the two black haired people were kissing the guy looked like he was in the girls spot and that the girl was in the guy spot.. but still, great job! reviewed November 14, 2005
Far Out Men and Women by ZeeMaster Action
Interesting. Some of the things I noticed were that a few scenes didn't go smoothly together, and the one scene near the end where the chicken beats the ninja, I think she was holding a gun? Or at lea... reviewed November 14, 2005
We Are Infinity by Sinafae Sci-Fi
Decent. As STROMKO said, it would have probably been better with more sets and if it were a little bit longer, but otherwise it's still decent. reviewed November 14, 2005
Star Wars The Invasion of Tantive IV by G_Lucas Sci-Fi
Does look very much like star wars. Good job, friend! reviewed November 13, 2005