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Movies Released by benjay
Blackstone Action
This movie Begins when the CIA want to kill anyone who was involved with the project Blackstone. Blackstone was a project that went wroung and was undercoved by the goverment and was closed down. Th... posted February 10, 2008
MAES Part 1 Action
This is just the first off a bigger movie that want to create if people like it *PLEASE READ* In the scene when they walk down the stairs the guy in the gray jumper has nothing to do with the story so... posted January 16, 2008
The rabbits claw Part 1 Action
Welcome to the best kung fu movie of all time, It all starts when the chinese goverment plan to take over the world with the rabbits claw (A deadly toxic gas). posted August 3, 2006
Bad luck the tralier Comedy
This the first movie That i have bothed to effort into this is a first but i will be back with more movies. This is just a tralier which I have made and if people like it I'll be tempted to make a pro... posted August 3, 2006
Sinking Russia Action
No Description posted June 2, 2006
The Unfair Ambush Action
No Description posted June 2, 2006
Gastropod Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted June 1, 2006
Movies Reviewed by benjay
Dog soldiers by canser4 Horror
nice idea and i liked it, but what was up with the ending? reviewed September 29, 2008
Two against the world by draco345 Sci-Fi
It looked good and very interesting to see how it turns out and to say it was a tralier, when it wasn't it was more like a proper movie in the sense it gave a lot of the story away and was very long f... reviewed February 14, 2008
The Greek and Persian War Trailer by chris62 Action
very food brilliant reviewed February 11, 2008
Forest of The Lost (Trailer) by tyler0605 Horror
Good Tralier and the movie should be good can't wait to see it P.s please raten my new movie Blackstone, thanks in advance reviewed February 10, 2008
Nachros Elite by anthropomorphism Action
Featured Review
Great Movie I loved it very good in all the areas
reviewed February 10, 2008
Acceptance trailer 2 by derbyrams Romance
That was brilliant and i can't wait for finished product FRANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!! reviewed February 9, 2008
Indian war by skullofiron Action
Featured Review
I liked it, it was short but still good
reviewed February 9, 2008
Distant Space part1 by rhckids Sci-Fi
Featured Review
It was short but was still a good movie. Keep up the movies because there is a story to tell somewhere.
reviewed January 17, 2008
Santa vs The space zombies from Pluto by Victaa Sci-Fi
That was Brilliant I loved it P.S Can you rate my latest movie MAES part 1 just click on my name thanks in advance reviewed January 17, 2008
School Problems by midnightfoxthemovies Comedy
no storyline or vo's not very good reviewed March 24, 2007
Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman by jeffjonz Sci-Fi
Good movie please rate my movies thanks in advance reviewed March 24, 2007
Ghost Recon by Rykemasters Action
What was the point no storyline but good action reviewed March 24, 2007
Action The Movie The Ninjas Rage by CollinWilson1 Action
I thought that was a good movie and a good storyline and i enjoyed it. could you please rate one of my movies thanks in advance. reviewed March 12, 2007
D-Day by dyvone Action
Good movie but what was the ending all about reviewed March 12, 2007
Red-Star Berlin by hamzahman Action
Featured Review
Well that was a good movie and the shots were good but could do with a little tuning.For the whole 6 mins i was guled to the screen
reviewed March 6, 2007
Gary Indiana by lolwtfkevin Action
Well i thought that was a good movie but could do with more of a story line. But it was your first flim so things are going too get better. Please rate my movies i'am sure you will like them, thanks ... reviewed March 6, 2007
The Cowboy Part 1 by kell1608 Action
Good movie and nice music but needs more action please rate my movies reviewed February 27, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
A very very very good movie Great mods overlays and VO's Excellant reviewed February 27, 2007
Halo The Beginning (Trailer) by Guardian101 Sci-Fi
good tralier please rate my movies reviewed February 21, 2007
Careless Crime by gawlas2 Action
good movie i enjoyed that please rate my movies thanks in advance reviewed February 21, 2007
Fight of England by Christian11 Action
Great movie reviewed February 21, 2007
Sometimes you die twice by Spaceman72 Action
good movie but could be better on the vioce overs because agent quinn sounded abit non-emotionial but apart from that the props were very good and the storyline was good reviewed February 20, 2007
SWAT by Pvt_noobie Action
nice movie mate and the storyline was ok but i got the idea off it.but good movie. Please rate my movie's just click on my name thanks in advance reviewed February 20, 2007
Showdown by Games987 Action
good movie and nice ending but it could be better and the storyline could be better but nice flim please rate my movies thanks in advance reviewed February 19, 2007
Mr Ninja 2 by gorloc Comedy
Good movie but not much of a storyline please rate my movies thanks in advance but ok movie so keep it up reviewed February 19, 2007
Fade To Black 2 - Utopia Rising -First trailer by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Nice music and cool movie i'll look out for the movie reviewed February 19, 2007
War is Hell by cheeseypieman Horror
No Review reviewed February 19, 2007
11th Of September by Detroit2004 Action
great movie and it was a good movie dedicated to those who lost there lives in 9/11. But the only problem was the subtitles they moved too quick, but what movie reviewed February 19, 2007
Cathy and Mort by SimmySimSim Sci-Fi
Don't get it reviewed February 19, 2007
Crónicas De La Torre El Valle De Los Lobos by Javi12 Romance
Could be better, but i'll look 4 part 2 reviewed February 19, 2007
Battle Of Gettysburg by carlosanddanny Action
Good movie mate and nice war history can you rate my movies thanks in advance reviewed February 18, 2007
THE JOB by JohnLeeAnn Action
Where was the storyline reviewed February 18, 2007
war never ends II trailer by nior Sci-Fi
Pretty good I'll lok for movie reviewed February 18, 2007
2000 by JohnLeeAnn Comedy
How do u call that a movie! reviewed February 18, 2007
Doctor Who X Epi 2 Return of the Daleks 2 by zebaroth Sci-Fi
Good movie, but could be better!! reviewed February 18, 2007
Grave Robbers by guzz60 Horror
What was the point in that reviewed February 17, 2007
Fade To Black by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Outstanding movie and muts have taken you ages too make reviewed February 17, 2007
The Resort by musidora Comedy
good movie reviewed February 15, 2007
FINAL HOURS by davidwww Action
incredible the best reviewed February 15, 2007
The Final Word Part I by spinomonkey Action
good movie and the second part should be just as good. but it needs a little more story line reviewed February 15, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes by Master007 Comedy
good movie and keep it up reviewed February 13, 2007
XTREME TAXI x2 by sidy Action
great movie, surpeb action, backdrops and camera angles reviewed February 12, 2007
Real Bullet Time by ShahRukhKhan Action
ok movie and nice effect with the camera reviewed February 12, 2007
China VCR by topheadx Comedy
very good very funny yet a simple idea reviewed February 12, 2007
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
That movie has too be the best movie i have ever seen on this website, first off all the voice acting was amazing and the plane prop was brilliant how did you get that reviewed February 12, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
Great movie mate you should make more like it and if you do i'll look for it. , great job reviewed February 11, 2007
SWAT - The First Assignment by 1OCKDOWN Action
A good all round movie but you need a dicent mic reviewed February 10, 2007
The Idiot ( Who just happens to be rich) by ryno0263 Comedy
Featured Review
An oright movie but could be better and the storyline was ok but apart from that you could make a part 2 because you have left it open so rock on mate.
reviewed February 10, 2007
Rebel Blood by codyrainville Action
Man what a movie that was fantastic and what a storyline fantastic job mate. reviewed February 10, 2007
Secret Agents - Men like you and me by daniellecrownford Action
Featured Review
That was so good and the action was great Zehr gut
reviewed February 4, 2007
The End of Days (Trailer) by Showbiz1234 Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed February 3, 2007
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
Man that was or sehr gut as they say in germany i loved it and so funny, great lionheads reviewed August 3, 2006
Two Legends by tomacres Action
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic words can't describe how good that was! PLease rate my movies reviewed August 3, 2006
The Guy who stole my Gal by Ev1lPanda Romance
good movie i like it very simple yet effective Can you rate my movies too :) reviewed August 3, 2006
The Britts by themasterbear Action
Featured Review
Very good movie i liked the everything not bad
reviewed August 3, 2006
XTREME TAXI by sidy Action
WOW!. That was amazing I loved it the special effects were brillant What a moive Excellent reviewed August 2, 2006
Armageddon by EatMeNow Action
IT was pretty good could be better nice try! reviewed August 2, 2006
Men in Black III Urban Invasion by boffheadjon Action
No Review reviewed August 2, 2006
Halo The movie by fablefreak001 Sci-Fi
A good trailer and i'am sure the movie will be much better but the bit at the end killed and we don't want to hear that reviewed June 3, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
This was a great movie great in every bit i just wish i could make movies like this and can you rate my movies please reviewed June 3, 2006
Trailer - Fabulous Dead by FuriousCoder Comedy
what a great movie i loved it reviewed June 1, 2006