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Average Rating Received: 4.07

Number of Movies Reviewed: 57
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Average Rating Given: 3.7
Movies Released by Beowulf71
Iron Will Action
Iron Will Again!!! I change some scenes of my movie and recut it and remove the forbidden music I used in my previous release, but it's still the old fashion western it was, but better (for me at l... posted April 1, 2007
Iron Will Action
An old fashion Western. Hope you like it!!! posted March 26, 2007
Iron Will Action Not Rated
No Description posted March 25, 2007
Duel at Dawn Action Not Rated
No Description posted March 24, 2007
Movies Reviewed by Beowulf71
Der Lauernde Damon by werecool Horror
First let me say that horror movies are not really my type of movie, but this one is really well made, I almost jump to the ceilling near the end and it makes me sad that my game doesn't work anymore ... reviewed July 14, 2008
The Tail of Cassidy by elbowlow Comedy
Pretty good first movie, original and entertaining, the voice over is pretty good too. reviewed May 10, 2008
RIO DIABLO Feature1 by TheMGMKid1 Action
Good movie, very well made, but it's a bit long and some little details made me a bit desapointed. You use many mods but you don't even use the stagecoach correctly, there is a full set of horses tha... reviewed April 26, 2008
Dr Mezmeros House of Henchmen by johnnyex Comedy
The music level, espacialy the first song is too loud, the VO are sometime confusing, but it"s well made and it's not too long. reviewed April 25, 2008
A Men in the West by budrick Comedy
Very nice, not too long, well put together and some funny stuff. Pretty good western! reviewed April 16, 2008
Why is you stunten (on the pussy2 by HuffCity Comedy
Not my style of music, I didn't really liked the video either! reviewed April 12, 2008
A Man In A Mask 2 The Infected Trailer by jason9266 Action
Good trailer, well put together. reviewed April 12, 2008
Chris62 Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
Cool effects. but sci-fi is not really my favorite type of movie. reviewed April 11, 2008
THE HUNTERS REVENGE by stardate Horror
Featured Review
Really good! Good story, good VO, some action, some emotion and some comedy, a great recipe! The only little thing is that the sound got a bit delayed past the middle part, but I won't hold that aga...
reviewed April 11, 2008
Legends Live ON by yeagmaster Action
I'll give 3 stars just for the song, the video didn't do anything to me, sure it looks like what bands did before there was the real videoclips, but I can't say that I liked it. Maybe I should've s... reviewed April 10, 2008
Double Vision by Brayds2006 Action
What??? I don't get it, it's really confusing to say the least. reviewed April 10, 2008
Shake Down (Trailer) by callumduffus Action
Very good trailer, some little sounds trouble, but the rest is great, looking foward to see the full movie. reviewed April 10, 2008
Quiet Hill by Netherzone Horror
Pretty good first movie. I find it a bit long, the editing needs some work, no music and the scene selection (the guy reads, no book in his hands, he speaks on the phone, no phone in his hands...) I ... reviewed April 7, 2008
Its hard being a ninja by jlarts Comedy
Pretty good, I prefer subtitles than bad VO. Some funny stuff, but the story is a bit confusing at times. reviewed April 7, 2008
Too Lazy to work by jakechief Comedy
The VO were hard to understand sometimes, but the film as a hole is good, so it's a 3 stars for me! reviewed April 6, 2008
THE HUNTER by stardate Horror
Featured Review
Wow! I love it, it's short and sweet! I want to see the next part, I hope it will be soon!
reviewed April 6, 2008
Cambodian Tiger by cipheruzmad Romance
Really nice piece of movie making! reviewed April 6, 2008
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
Very good, the way you tell the story is great, the way the film is made is awsome, but if I hear someone say "FUNNYYYYY", I think something bad will happen. reviewed April 6, 2008
John Bond in Space by smagee Comedy
I know you don't want us to talk about the VO, but if you had put subtitles I could have turn them off and maybe then I would have understand the dialogues, not only a big pile of "rrrr shhsshhhsh wrr... reviewed April 5, 2008
Rio Diablo trailer by TheMGMKid1 Action
Looks great, I can't wait to see the full movie! reviewed April 4, 2008
The Wild Gunman The Movie by reddfoxx120 Action
Pretty good old fashion western! The only thing that bug me is the ending, but the rest is very good! reviewed April 3, 2008
One Fine Day at the Ranch by Samisawesome Comedy
Not bad, some funny stuff, but the best part about this movie is that it's only 1 min. 18 secs. reviewed April 3, 2008
Loves Measure by raspbaby Romance
Good first film! There is some sound problem, we can't stop hearing some little noise, in the begining of the movie the voice got confusing, it's like we hear 2 voices. Some tweaking on the editing ... reviewed April 3, 2008
Old Blood and Guts Trailer by DarthSim64 Action
I can't say if it's historicaly accurate, the helmet of Patton shouldn't have those thing on it, but that's a detail. Pretty good overall, I'll probably watch the movie when it comes out. reviewed April 1, 2008
The Last Closeup (Trailer1a) by TheMGMKid1 Action
Interesting, but the red car in the begining is surely not from the fifties, besides that it makes you want to see the movie. reviewed April 1, 2008
That Night Part 1 by guitarscout Horror
Pretty good, some details were disturbing (like is it at night or day, it's raining hard but the sky is mostly blue with only a few clouds...), the VO are a bit loud sometimes, but the story is good a... reviewed March 30, 2008
Sheriff Rooneys Public Service by yeagmaster Comedy
Really simple, but yet really effective, very funny, great movie! reviewed March 30, 2008
Questing by JacquiJ Sci-Fi
Wow! Great job for a first movie. The camera work is good and the scene selection is really well done. The only real negative thing I would have to say about your movie is the music, it changes too... reviewed March 30, 2008
Night Games by Adamrcook88 Action
The story is a bit strange, the end makes no sense. The VO were made too close to the mic. we can't stop hearing the breathing, and it gets confusing since all male have the same voices, maybe you sh... reviewed March 29, 2008
The Attack of the Chicken! by nexusinteract Sci-Fi
Quite frankly I don't get it! The story..., is there a story??? At least the camera work is way better this time and the other good thing is the lenght. reviewed March 29, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
Simply incredible, It's almost perfect. If only PJ would have seen this before he made his movie, maybe it wouldn't have been that long boring piece of junk! Enough about PJ. The best film I've see... reviewed March 29, 2008
The Remedy by nexusinteract Horror
Not too bad, but the VO are sometimes hard to understand, the camera work is very confusing, it could have been shorter and the story is a bit confusing too. reviewed March 28, 2008
locked in the bathroom by zebaroth Comedy
Featured Review
A good and funny movie, the voices are sometimes hard to understand and it gets confusing since both character have the same voice. I would have given it a 3,5 but since I can't I had to give it a 3....
reviewed March 27, 2008
Shrine by Howitzer Horror
Really great, I would have give it a 4,5 if I could. The Voice over are great, the atmosphere is fantastic, the only negative thing I would have to say is about the screen turning black a bit too oft... reviewed March 26, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by MefuneAkira Comedy
Wow! Great movie, very funny and the voice acting is really well done. reviewed March 15, 2008
How a Vampire Changed the World by mcrispy13 Comedy
Your movie start very well, it's funny, the voice over are pretty good and goes smoothly for about 2:30 or 3:00 minutes but after that it began to be less funny, it become pointless pretty fast and th... reviewed June 29, 2007
Friction by matthewmagic Action
A bit confusing, the VO could be better but the editing is pretty good. reviewed June 28, 2007
The Good The Bad The Ugly II by letumroll88 Comedy
A well made movie but not really funny for a comedy, at least it's not too long. reviewed June 4, 2007
In the Nick of Time by meowan Romance
Wow, just amazing! Frankly, it's not really my type of movie, I prefer comedie, action or sci-fi, but this one is just perfect. The music is great, the editing is just fantastic and the V.O. are jus... reviewed June 1, 2007
Angel-Demon I by googuitar616 Action
I really don't get it. If I can give you a little advice when you put music and V.O. tweak the volumes or do something because in your movie when the music play as people talks we lose the dialog. reviewed May 27, 2007
The Family Trailer by Smagee Action
Really good teaser, makes me want to see the movie. Good job! reviewed May 27, 2007
D-Day The Invasion of Normandy by beachard5 Action
I'm totally agreeing with JazzX for this one, so I won't rewright all of what he says, just check the review bellow mine. reviewed May 26, 2007
wild west by siqram1 Action
It goes everywhere and end up going nowhere, you use music that you don't have the rights, the costumes are all mixed up. I didn't really liked it. reviewed May 25, 2007
Sketches Recut Extended And Unrated by matthewmagic Action
I don't get it! Where is the story? What's so good about this movie? reviewed April 21, 2007
The Saints D-Day by kees17 Action
Well what can I say, I think "short and sweet" best discribe your movie. Good job! Keep it up! reviewed April 17, 2007
MEMORIES by Eagle_93 Romance
Really good movie, very well made but I noticed a couple of strange things, like when the hero is in the car it just look like the car goes in reverse, and on the battle field the first guy that got s... reviewed April 17, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
Very, very funny, I really like your movie. reviewed April 10, 2007
Life Is For Living by Jimmy1471 Horror
What can I say??? Oh! yeah, short and sweet! reviewed April 9, 2007
I Miss you by nickobretto Romance
Really good, I love it, this movie is the proof that movies don't need to be over 15 minutes or to have V.O. to be good. Great job! reviewed April 6, 2007
hitman 2 revenge by darkbeamx Action
Very good movie overall, the first two songs get on my nervs a bit. I don't think you should use songs like that, the rules are clear about that. But still a very good movie. reviewed April 5, 2007
Enigma - End Game by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Well done! I love it, but it's a bit long. reviewed April 3, 2007
Death Alley by amt4572 Action
Really good movie overall, one of the best I've seen on TMO. reviewed April 2, 2007
Farm 7 by cheese101 Horror
A strange story to say the least! Good work. reviewed April 2, 2007
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Very funny! I love that movie, just great little story, no waist of time, straight to the point. Great comedy!!! reviewed April 1, 2007
Supermani-2 by budrick Action
Very good and very funny. I like it alot. reviewed March 31, 2007
CODENAME DANY by daniellecrownford Action
Spectacular job, it's really good, the best one I've seen, made with this game. reviewed March 27, 2007
High Noon by peakpunk Action
No Review reviewed March 7, 2007