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Movies Reviewed by BendyPencilStudios
Bullet and McClusky Trailer by mlederer Comedy
Can't wait mate... Hope it's good. Search woopdefrickindoo on studios reviewed April 12, 2006
How to stay alive during a zombie outbreak by Hellwarden Comedy
Err... It was good! :) Search Woopdefrickindoo on studios reviewed April 12, 2006
Love on the Roof by Delfina-chan Romance
I don't exactly get what they are saying, maybe this is because you like your viewers to imagine the storyline... Well done... I shall put this on the studios favourite studio list for Romantic genre. Jonny C reviewed April 11, 2006
A Bath for Two by Delfina-chan Romance
I see what you're trying to show, you could have made it longer and have a really good climax, like the man being killed as she couldn't control her love... Well done anyway Watch: Fall of the Nazi ... reviewed April 11, 2006
Outer Space by woopdefrickindoo Sci-Fi
Loved the music... Good! Great! reviewed April 9, 2006
Comedy Cowboys Trailer by woopdefrickindoo Comedy
Wow, Fantastic, I am proud to be a part of this project that you have in plan. I Was the critic everyone! reviewed April 9, 2006
Short Test 1 by woopdefrickindoo Comedy
I Agree with Finertap2002, well done, you deserve everything you have... Whatever that's supposed to mean reviewed April 9, 2006
Stunts And Effects Tech Demo!!! by woopdefrickindoo Action
Hey Andrew! Great! Well Done! Wow, I'm Hyper! Can't wait till I go round yours remember to put on the credits on Fall of the Nazi, Story made by: Jonathan Carradice, and you are director and all that!... reviewed April 9, 2006
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
This Masterpiece has inspired my coleague to do better in his Movies, It would have hit my spot if you had made longer credits... But great film, such emotion shown! even though it's a robot! Bedny P... reviewed March 28, 2006
Nazi! by Kipper Action
Dear Film Maker, We have alot to say about this film. It's inspiring to film makers to be free to make whatever movie they'd like, but one problem, you have made it as if the World War was a humorous... reviewed March 28, 2006
MYSPACE THE MUSICAL! by themoviemaker234 Comedy
This movie has been given a 4 star for it's excellence in Funny and dramatic performance, Loved the singing, guess you could have put music in the background, but what the hey, keep it up! By Bendy P... reviewed March 27, 2006
When Scott Met Emily by Skought Comedy
This movie has been given a 3 star for it's excellence in great voices for the roll, but it was a bit of a "Blow" that you weren't able to show what acctually happened you could have made it into a se... reviewed March 27, 2006
The New Cowboys by woodoodle Comedy
This movie has been given a 4 star for it's excellence in the set up of the movie, this Movie was so complex yet so random! you deserve a great deal of good reviews, the randomness of two bunnies kiss... reviewed March 27, 2006
War tragedy by frnor Action
This movie has been given a 2 star for it's excellence in Music and co-ordination of actors, good use of both sexes in what is known to be a male rollplaying type of movie By Bendy Pencil Studios??? ... reviewed March 27, 2006
Santa troubel by frnor Comedy
This movie has been given a 3 star for it's excellence in Great timing in music, and funny attitude towards Christmas By Bendy Pencil Studios??? All rights reserved. Search WoopDeFrickinDoo on All studios. reviewed March 27, 2006
Flames of Liberty (Part 1) by Muchachas Action
Well done, a well executed film, has a great plot to it. The only problem is the connecting, the actors were in different places sometimes from their previous position. Please search WoopDeFrickinDoo ... reviewed March 27, 2006