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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.59

Number of Movies Reviewed: 296
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 21
Average Rating Given: 4.29
Movies Released by BenTuttle90
The Prank Call Comedy
I get a prank call from a very unhappy person, because of my last movie. Movie Does Contain Language Biff Tannen Soundboard THIS PRANK CALL IS FAKE!!! #5 in top movies, #3 in the comedy charts...Sinc... posted August 12, 2008
The Baggage Boy and The Alien Attack Sci-Fi
The Worst Movie in TMO is here! A possible cult classic...I tried making the worst movie both on TMO and TMU and the reslts, well see for yourself..... I am very sorry for whoever is watching this j... posted August 6, 2008
Scarecrows Comedy
I made this film for Kit's Advertisement Contest..... Music "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner I kinda make fun of those fast talking late night infomercials that sell useless products... posted July 3, 2008
Bill the Angry Neighbor Comedy
Bill the Angry Neighbor gets a new neighbor today. Music: Peer Gynt Suite No 1 Op 46 Morning Mood by Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Suite No 1 Op 46 In The Hall of the Mountain king by Edvard Grieg. I ... posted June 27, 2008
Band Geek Reviews Comedy
Silverton Horror
-----READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE RATING THE FILM---------------- Music by The Movies Music At The Beginning is Nocturne Op.9 No.2 by Chopin WARNING: Contains Some Language The story is about some... posted June 21, 2008
The Anti-Cyclone Comedy
When I saw Chris62's hero, I had to make a supervillian. Cyclone is a low pressure system, so where was the Anti-Cyclone? I couldn't resist making a supervillian of The Cyclone. I just made this for... posted June 20, 2008
BenTuttle90 and The Lost Vending Machine Comedy
This is a parody of Indiana Jones.... The movie is about me finding a lost vending machine, but a evil, but funny looking terriost group called the Clownheads are finding it too! Inspired by one of m... posted June 18, 2008
A Word From BenTuttle90 Comedy
Basically, this is all I have to say..... Check out my newest parody "BenTuttle90 and The Lost Vending Machine" To MefuneAkira, the last part is not to mean insulting...... Comedy and Satire & Iro... posted June 16, 2008
You Are Not a Superhero Comedy
My 30th Movie Online is about a old man who wants to be a superhero, but causes trouble along the way.. Something is up with the thumbprint, its weird... Sorry for the late update I purposely used ... posted June 10, 2008
A Mockumentry of Education Comedy
I recently graduated from high school, so I made a fake documentry about the life in high school. About the microphone, I remember JazzX saying something about placing a sock over the microphone to ... posted June 3, 2008
Lights Out (Trailer) Horror
Just a little trailer. Could be a movie, who knows? posted May 22, 2008
A Update of The BenTuttle90 Awards Comedy
Nominations are in. The BenTuttle90 Awards are coming in JUNE! No tuxedo needed, just watch The BenTuttle90 Awards! If you win the award you get 500-1000 VC, still thinking *Fields and Nominations* ... posted May 21, 2008
The BenTuttle90 Awards Trailer Comedy
SPREAD THE WORD! THE BENTUTTLE90 AWARDS ARE COMING! I am making a awards show. Check my studio if you are nominated. If you want to be nominated, just write a review to ask me to nominate or watch yo... posted May 18, 2008
Dreams Comedy
Written and Directed by BenTuttle90 Be on the lookout for the BenTuttle90 Awards posted May 10, 2008
BenTuttle90s Top 5 TMO MOVIES Comedy
This is a countdown, of my opinion of the best movies in TMO. I will be setting up an award show this June. The 1st annual BenTuttle90 Awards So be on the lookout if you are nominated posted May 9, 2008
Ghost Patrol Comedy
Two bumbling morons started a business that tracks down ghosts and hunts the ghosts. The Ghost Patrol has its first assignment. Written, Directed, and Starring BenTuttle90. SOUND PROVIDED BY SUPERLARRY posted May 3, 2008
BenTuttle90 vs The Paparazzi Final Round Comedy
My final paparazzi movie. Its been a good series. Will I Win? Written and Directed by BenTuttle90 Sound provided by SUPERLARRY I have been to San Francisco, it has nice weather, hint, look at the... posted May 1, 2008
Over There in Vietnam (Trailer) Action
A upcoming war movie about Vietnam. Jimmy Canston was an 18 year old innocent person, until he recieved a draft card to go to Vietnam. He arrives at Vietnam, listening to war stories about Vietnam. In... posted April 28, 2008
Farce of the Zombies Comedy
One of the funniest zombie movies on TMO is here. With all of the zombie movies on TMO, I decided to do something unique. Written and Directed by BenTuttle90 Executive Producer: MightyMax Enjoy. Wa... posted April 27, 2008
BenTuttle90 vs The Paparazzi Round 2 Comedy
Sequel to "BenTuttle90 vs. The Paparazzi" Written and Directed by BenTuttle90 Will I win this round or will just lose yet another battle to the paparazzi? posted March 8, 2008
A Walk In The Woods Horror
You will never see fairy tales the same way again after watching this slasher film. My first slasher film, I hope you enjoy it. I did all of the voiceovers, I tried my best. I hurt my voice doing the... posted March 6, 2008
The License Test Comedy
Written, Starring, and Directed by BenTuttle90 A short movie, inspired by a short movie by Pixar. Not much of a storyline. I'm sorry posted March 2, 2008
BenTuttle90s Game Show Comedy
What if I hosted a game show. Watch and Find Out. Partially Written and Directed By BenTuttle90 TooCoolForYou wrote his own lines Starring BenTuttle90 TooCoolForYou posted March 1, 2008
BenTuttle90 vs The Paparazzi Comedy
A Funny Paparazzi Movie Written, Voiceovers, and Directed by BenTuttle90 Sound Provided by SUPERLARRY Look out for "BenTuttle90 vs. The Paparazzi: Round 2" Coming Soon posted February 21, 2008
Tombstone (Trailer) Action
A upcoming western movie. Written and Directed by BenTuttle90 Voiceovers by BenTuttle90 Sound provided by SUPERLARRY posted February 19, 2008
The Rabbit Prankster Comedy
100 VCs for a review. A rabbit pranks a few secret service agents. Story by TrombonePlayer001 (Presented the idea to me) Directed by BenTuttle90 Voiceovers by BenTuttle90 Sound Provided By SUPERL... posted February 16, 2008
Trailer for Ghost Action
A new superhero movie I will release sooner or later. At least I got the thumbnail in. I'm still working on this film, depends on how it turns out, I might make a sequel. Narrator: BenTuttle90 Writt... posted February 10, 2008
2nd Trailer for The Chickenman Comedy
A second trailer for my upcoming superhero parody "The Chickenman" -Narrated by BenTuttle90 -Starring *BenTuttle90 as Uglyface and The Farmer *TooCoolForYou as The Hunter -Jokes by TooCoolForYou -S... posted February 10, 2008
BenTuttle90s Contest Comedy
CONTEST HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE JOINING THIS CONTEST. I'm sorry, if you are upset, but part of it is tob2009's fault, because tob2009 gave 1 star and completely sabotaged it.... ... posted February 1, 2008
The Timecard Comedy
Ahh No Thumbprint... Oh Well. This is a movie about a man who gets a invention that goes back and forward into time until something happens.. Written by BenTuttle90 Directed by BenTuttle90 Voiceovers... posted January 28, 2008
Trailer for The Chickenman Action
A trailer about a crimefighting chicken... Still Under Planning Written,Narrated, and Directed by BenTuttle90 posted January 26, 2008
Trailer for The Timecard Comedy
A upcoming movie about time. A man gets a invention that can go forward and back in time. When something happens.... You have to watch the movie "The Timecard" to find out. ... posted January 25, 2008
Into the Fog Horror
"Something lurks into the fog, but what!" Written By BenTuttle90 Directed By BenTuttle90 There is problems in this ... posted January 14, 2008
Trailer for A Space Parody Comedy
A upcoming space parody..... There was a few scenes in this , but something happened. This movie is still under some planning. posted January 3, 2008
Zombie Day Comedy
Possibly, one of the oddest and funniest zombie films in The Movies Online! At one point, this movie was #34 of top 100 movies,#9 of top comedies! Thanks to everyone who revie... posted January 1, 2008
Trailer for Zombie Day Comedy
Fanfare Films is proud to present the trailer for ZOMBIE DAY.... A upcoming zombie farce parody about a man who tries to save the one he loves. A bartender who wants to see his f... posted December 27, 2007
Joes Dream of Killing 3 Monkeys Action
My friend made this as I sat and laughed at some parts. Enjoy the second movie in Fanfare Films. I know it doesn't make sense, its my friend first movie too, so don't get mad......... posted December 23, 2007
My Evil Television Comedy
This is my first movie, so I want to thank anyone who rated this movie. Sorry about the subtitles, but I might get some kind of recording thing later, but I'm gonna stick with the subtitles for a whil... posted December 23, 2007
Movies Reviewed by BenTuttle90
OMG! TMO is Closing! by rileyman Comedy
Freaking amusing... Good Bye, ?????, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci, ??? ?????????? TMO! Oh yeah, since this is my last review... GOOD MOVIE! RATE MINE! reviewed December 2, 2008
How to Pull a Bank Hiest by littlesimon Comedy
Leave BiggsTrek alone... HAHAHA I CAN BE EVIL TOO. reviewed November 23, 2008
TMO Falls Down Stairs by biggstrek Comedy
Good Movie Why is watching someone falling down the stairs so entertaining? reviewed November 23, 2008
On Another Planet by MB_Buzza Action
Weird movie Good luck in the competition. reviewed November 22, 2008
I Love You! by BeatyBeaks Romance
Someone left a cake out in the rain... Seriously I am not a fan of using copyright music on this site, but I will not flag this. 3 stars for the effort. reviewed November 22, 2008
The Baggage Boy by MB_Buzza Comedy
At least it is better than The Baggage Boy and the Alien Attack... reviewed November 22, 2008
007 Dr Goodnote by RNZAF Action
For a 007 fan film shown on TMO...this would have been okay, but the lack of sound or subtitles really made this film crash and burn... I did not understand what the plot was, what was the villian pla... reviewed November 19, 2008
007: The unikorn who ate my asswhole? by homepics208 Action
I have seen a ton of movies on this website, but this has to be the worst movie I have ever seen on this site. Oh my god; this is worse than The Baggage Boy and The Alien Atttack. I hate it, I hate it... reviewed November 18, 2008
Mini - Demo by plethebest Action
No...No...No... Please make a movie with an actual point to it...Then you would recieve better ratings. reviewed November 17, 2008
Saftey Notice by plethebest Comedy
Not really good, really no plot... Here's 50,000 VC! reviewed November 16, 2008
When a Bird Loves an Ape by xXCHARL13Xx Romance
One of the strangest romance movies I have seen on this site... Just so strange... reviewed November 11, 2008
The Apocolipse by niallmcc Horror
This left me with so many questions... Is there a background with the protagonists and antagonists? I really wanted to understand the story a bit more. A film that might be rushed quickly with the i... reviewed November 11, 2008
War is Hell by ankitapatel2011 Horror
Not a smart idea to upload this. I'm sorry, but I am giving this one star, but good luck for your next movie though. reviewed November 11, 2008
The Baggage Boy by ankitapatel2011 Comedy
Hello Moto! MacArthur Park is melting in the dark... Seriously, don't upload this again or any game created movies, ok. reviewed November 11, 2008
My Ex-Boyfriend by bookworm101 Comedy
Someone left a cake out in the rain... Nice try at improvisation, but the subtitles were too small. reviewed November 11, 2008
Becky Bombshells Day Out by cos1293 Comedy
Nice to see that wacky humor again cos, but yeah like what thebiz said, TMO is closing down, but hey come to TMU. It'll be great to see your wacky humor at TMU. reviewed November 11, 2008
Rob The News Guy by Oznof Comedy
Informative, but yet not really. I am glad to see that you're informing people about The Movies Online's closing and the weblink to TMunderground. Hate to burst your bubble, however many top films... reviewed November 11, 2008
The Propheci of Tolbaarpart 2 Trailer by vampire_14 Sci-Fi
Docked one star for not crediting "Carmina O Fortuna" composed by Carl Orff. The trailer sort of brings out a unique storyline, I would like to see a sypnosis of the movie in the trailer or written d... reviewed November 1, 2008
The Man and the People by Rollinm Action
Unique Storyline Good Use of Storytelling Wonderful Dialouge Good Use of Editing 5 stars I agree with Nukester, I hope you join TMU & the forums. reviewed October 14, 2008
Big TMOer 2008 by asaoleary123 Comedy
That no good narrator needs to leave, I'm voting him off. Good work asaoleary123 and I hope you do another episode reviewed October 12, 2008
305 by Legomyeggo Comedy
Ok....Ok....ok... Do a few things -Talk away from the microphone, the popping of the microphone drove me crazy. -Get Audacity...It will definitely help your voiceovers. reviewed October 11, 2008
Moon Over Your Town by Sokar_Rostau Sci-Fi
What the hell was going through the AI's minds when they wrote this? 4 stars for being an extremely bizzare AI movie.... reviewed October 11, 2008
The Ship of darknes by nilsb234 Sci-Fi
No...No...No... No Sound effects, no music, nor any dialouge into this. Though the visual effects barely saved the film. This film gets a 1.9/5.0. I watched it again while listening to Space Oddity,... reviewed October 11, 2008
My Days in School by Zktg Romance
Not bad, but it was a bit boring. Meh...Tried to sync it with Pink Floyd like with The Wizard of Oz to make it interesting, but no success with the sync.. reviewed October 11, 2008
Mars the Lost Oasis by Wolfpred Sci-Fi
Unique Movie, loved the mods involved with this. I know its a movie, but Mars is not habitable in any way. -The Magnetic Field is weak. -The Atmosphere is thin -Carbon Dioxide Hey its a sci-fi mov... reviewed October 9, 2008
The Wait by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Nice! A clever and unique story, not to reveal any spoilers here. SnakeEater42 delivered a impressive role as the main character and you did a good job too, but remove the clicks please. Fifteen minut... reviewed October 8, 2008
Discovery Trailer by jason9266 Sci-Fi
Very nice! Nice use of editing! reviewed October 8, 2008
Cowboys Of The Desert by BeatyBeaks Action
Let me say a few things. Dear doggydog1, I hope you are reading this; I've seen a few ratings from you such as the "Discovery Trailer" and seems to me that you are a one star ninja. You and the res... reviewed October 8, 2008
The Salisbury Rapist by DerekHH Comedy
I'll admit, I did laugh at the "I'm only taking German 1." line, but like jjnelson said, a few lines got old extremely fast. Some childish humor thrown in, however I will say that this is better than ... reviewed October 6, 2008
Aspirations trailer 9 by derbyrams Romance
Looks interesting. I'll watch the film when it comes out reviewed October 1, 2008
The Rescue by trueiskill Action
Not bad for your first film, but a few things bugged me. -A few spelling errors in the subtitles -A few mistakes, when it comes to history. *The Helicopter. I don't know much much about the history o... reviewed October 1, 2008
Spell On You by Zamona Comedy
Impressive reviewed September 30, 2008
Fantasy Football by DerekHH Comedy
I don't really know much about fantasy football. It is a bit amusing, however you really should place a warning on the language. Remember to not talk directly into the microphone or close to the mic... reviewed September 29, 2008
flo by sickjoke Romance
Clearly one of the few silent films (W/O Dialouge) I pleased to see. The visuals and the music fit right in. A poignant story of romance. Nicely done sickjoke. This is truely deserves more ratings and views. reviewed September 26, 2008
Aspirations clip 2 by derbyrams Romance
Looks Interesting reviewed September 26, 2008
Dial It Up! (3 sec movie-excluding credits) by DerekHH Comedy
I'm asking the same question as DiamondBackFilms here...I thought JosephKW's 15 second film was clever. It really puts a good point in 15 seconds. This...this is just one word...I don't know, I'm conf... reviewed September 25, 2008
Ethan Runt Big TMOer 2008 VT Teaser by asaoleary123 Comedy
Ok...Looks good reviewed September 25, 2008
Castle Of Blood by cute_clever_curt_ere Horror
All I see in this film is someone killing monsters, although the title captured my attention. I was disappointed by watching this. Try having a story and please, PLEASE, add some voiceovers or subtitl... reviewed September 25, 2008
A Day in the Life of a Worker by Aaron90406254 Comedy
This reminds me of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James Thurber. A man escapes horrible reality into fantasies. A "Walter Mitty" type film is interesting by me and I haven't seen much of them on... reviewed September 25, 2008
A Letter From Home by SnakeEater42 Romance
The movie sends a powerful message. The dialouge and the deliverance was outstanding. One of the few TMO movies that brought a tear to my eye. Nicely done. reviewed September 23, 2008
Big TMOer 2008 Teaser by asaoleary123 Comedy
It does sound intresting.. I don't mind being on the show either as a narrator or a contestant. reviewed September 13, 2008
View Point by asaoleary123 Action
Featured Review
Very nice asaoleary123..very nice. I see my skype microphone works nicely,but the movie was nice to see. I was glad to be in it. This movie turned out well
reviewed September 8, 2008
Random butt movie by MKBakerBballPlayer10 Comedy
... Extremely childish humor... I mean I don't mind the voiceovers, but this has the humor of "Meet the Spartans"..immature...Seriously...its not my type of humor.. The only good thing I have to say ... reviewed September 1, 2008
One Last Breath by BrokenWhisper Horror
Welcome to TMO! I am BenTuttle90, or The Weather Geek of Satire. Be sure to check the lionhead forums. Also be sure check "The Movies On Air" ( It is a online fan b... reviewed September 1, 2008
Monkey Shines by SimonJames Horror
*The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 17,000 V... reviewed August 30, 2008
Bmaitland The Musical II by bmaitland Comedy
Another great musical from you, even though the sound quality bugged me.. I liked it and the theater ushers were a lot nicer too.. Say I happened to run into your #1 fan..DerekHH...He was wearing sun... reviewed August 30, 2008
Do You Like Josephkw Movies Trailer by macwemyss Comedy
Oh..Nice one MacWemyss.. Say do you need voiceovers.. I'll be happy to star myself in this film... reviewed August 30, 2008
Playing Cards With The Devil by DiamondBackFilms Horror
*The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 17,000 V... reviewed August 28, 2008
Tombshine by gothic023 Horror
*The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 17,000 V... reviewed August 28, 2008
Manhunt by BeatyBeaks Sci-Fi
*The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 17,000 V... reviewed August 27, 2008
Horror movie by BSoul00 Horror
Review #6 "Horror Movie" No sound no subtitles....I couldn't see much plot of this movie...I was expecting something, but I'm in shock here.. Use subtitles or voiceovers to explain the movie... This ... reviewed August 27, 2008
Flagpole by hankplove Horror
*The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 17,000 V... reviewed August 27, 2008
Why me Why us by jowy345 Horror
- BenTuttle90 *The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion ge... reviewed August 27, 2008
They Came from planet moop ! by alexliv Sci-Fi
*The 17,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 17,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 17,000 V... reviewed August 27, 2008
The Black City by TheSeeress Sci-Fi
*The 15,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 15,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 15,000 V... reviewed August 25, 2008
Eat his Shorts by Sootie93 Comedy
*The 15,000 VC Random Best Movie Contest* I will be holding a contest which you could win 15,000 VC. I will watch and REVIEW *HONESTLY* 10 random movies. The best movie in my opinion gets the 15,000 V... reviewed August 25, 2008
bmaitland Horrible Reviewer (improved) by DerekHH Comedy
This is the worst piece of insult satire I have ever witnessed. I'm sick of this. I want to gouge my eyes out...Ok Ok I just want to see what movie you would make of me if I really meant it... Nice l... reviewed August 24, 2008
ENIGMA II ep4 - The Ally by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** First of all, when I first watched ths..I thought it would be like watching the middle of the season of Lost..I would get confused easily, because I haven't watched the episodes... reviewed August 18, 2008
Paris Holmes Super Spy by FinestCuts Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** Love the music and overlays, but it would have been better if I HEARD THE VOICEOVERS! Good Luck on the sequel... reviewed August 18, 2008
The American Dream Teaser Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
**BAND GEEK REVIEWS** Let me first say this, I am extremely sorry for the delayed review...I was busy for a while.. Second The only word I can think of is awesome...Incredible music...and a very goo... reviewed August 17, 2008
The Motel by horrorking Horror
I heard about this movie on TMOA... It was okay by me, some things need to be worked out.. However on TMOA, it said to listen to Hotel California while watching this...well Hotel California synchroniz... reviewed August 17, 2008
Corrupted Official Trailer by shyshy Action
Nice one shyshy..Really nice trailer. I am proud to be in this movie. Even though Requiem for a Dream has been used too many times, it fits nicely into the movie. reviewed August 15, 2008
Love (A Short Comedy Movie) by farquad Comedy
**BAND GEEK REVIEWS** Heheh...Not bad for a 30 second movie, but I understand the humor, but it was almost at its best...It could use some work.. A Nice Short Film, but its hard to explain my review.... reviewed August 14, 2008
Halo- Part One Dog Of War Trailer by keithhat Sci-Fi
Looks nice..If you need voiceovers, just let me know... (You've seen my acting in "The Prank Call") Thanks for rating my movie reviewed August 13, 2008
Aspirations new trailer by derbyrams Romance
With so many people doing so many voiceovers...I should have helped.. Oh well...Great trailer.. reviewed August 11, 2008
Zombie Wars by MrDink Horror
Welcome to TMO, I am BenTuttle90... Stop on by the forums and The Movies On Air. The Community is friendly and willing to help if you need help.. Right, I see what you are trying to do...however some... reviewed August 6, 2008
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
Ladies and Gentleman May I present "MOBY DICK" "The Plan 9 From Outer Space" of TMO I'm going to contact rotten tomatoes for this.... reviewed August 5, 2008
War is Hell by icedude904 Horror
No....No...... You see, I know you are a newcomer here, but the reason I am giving you 1 star, because this is the game's movie, not 1 star.....everyone makes mistakes..Please make your ow... reviewed August 4, 2008
Corrupted Trailer by shyshy Action
Lux Eternia or Aternia suits the music well.. Great work on the trailer reviewed August 4, 2008
CAPITOL Manifesto by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Yet another masterpiece by AlexBradley... reviewed July 15, 2008
PatchnBinder Vacation Time by Foster117 Comedy
Well I see that you are new to the community.. Let me introduce myself, I am the Band Geek of Satire, however I won't be on TMO for long..... For Patch and Binder, these characters have potiental for... reviewed July 15, 2008
Time by derbyrams Romance
Featured Review
Time is complicated, time and space are woven together in a thread of the universe, but does time exist or is it a human illusion....but what is time exactly, sure it passes and never returns, but is ...
reviewed July 14, 2008
Darkshade Origins 1 by jjnelson222 Action
A BAND GEEK REVIEW DECENT PILOT I AGREE WITH JOHNNYEX, sorry the caps lock was on.... The music and sound effects were a little generic....The story dragged me in....A nice intro with some good dialou... reviewed July 13, 2008
Looking Out For You! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz... Huh sorry, uh zzz.zzz..zzzz..zzzz..zzzz I have to get more sleep, oh the ad, well I had a few laughs, but I am in trouble with superheroes and secret agents, can they fight fo... reviewed July 10, 2008
Around Noon by MefuneAkira Comedy
Dang it MefuneAkira!!! Now I have to clean my laptop screen...... Dr. Pepper + Watching This Movie = Bad Idea Hang on a second......(mumbling with anger)..... 4 minutes later Its okay, good thing ... reviewed July 10, 2008
a tree in autumn by trewill7 Horror
A BAND GEEK REVIEW This poem has an Edgar Allen Poe type of feeling to it, clever use of visuals, great music, and a deep haunting voice narrates is a symphony to the eyes and ears. 5 STARS FROM THE BAND GEEK reviewed July 9, 2008
Gnomes for Sale by Master007 Comedy
Gnomes + Scarecrows = The Ultimate in Home Defense I gotta buy the gnomes so MI6 and the CIA would leave me alone and so that I can continue on my evil plans... (Evil Laugh).....Ummmmm....I should nev... reviewed July 8, 2008
Attack Dog by hippieking Comedy
Sorry for the delayed review. I was in the highway hypnosis causing state of North Dakota for a few days... Anyway I don't need an attack dog, but 9.99 is a steal though.. Nice movie, but what kit sa... reviewed July 6, 2008
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
This is what happens if Dr. Suess writes a horror movie...It was entertaining story, but it reminds me of that one episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog....I bet you have seen it before.....Oh well, ent... reviewed July 4, 2008
Area-51 Quarantine by kell1608 Sci-Fi
Impressive kell1608, but a few errors, but good.. reviewed July 3, 2008
Aspirations clip by derbyrams Romance
Sorry derbyrams...I was busy as hell and still am , so its get five stars, I don't have time to write the description.... I'm sorry for the inconvience.... reviewed June 28, 2008
Mangos the Cans of Fruit by coregond Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *FAIR AND HONEST REVIEWS* Don't beat yourself up coregond, JazzX usually gives 1-3 stars on films, he gave me two stars on my film, but he liked the music in my film... However... reviewed June 28, 2008
Would You Want to Know These People by cos1293 Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *FAIR AND HONEST REVIEWS* This is the most dysfunctional neighborhood in The United States. Absolutley not, I don't want to know these people. Funny film cos1293....Funny as usual... reviewed June 27, 2008
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *FAIR AND HONEST REVIEWS* I'm not writing a review , because I called the number, there were a lot of angry people.....Just kidding......It was an okay form of satire, but I'm ... reviewed June 27, 2008
Terror Tales Two by rjanaconda Horror
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *FAIR AND HONEST REVIEWS* This reminds me of that one show Tales from the Crypt, even though the crypt keeper scared the hell out of me when I was a little kid, recently I watch... reviewed June 27, 2008
Infested! Part 3 by rysto Action
Infested! Part 2 by rysto Action
Infested! Part 1 by rysto Action
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Honest and Fair Reviews* Giant Ants, We need a giant magnifying glass! I bet someone has already said that. I am going to use roller coaster analogies okay... This movie is th... reviewed June 26, 2008
Teh Nub King Movie! by zatl Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* It was hard to read it, because the print was so small, but how did you do that!!! I'm amazed, but the print was small, so it gets four stars from The Band Geek. reviewed June 26, 2008
Manners Man! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* Is he from New York City? (A few years ago, Readers Digest said New York City is most polite city in The United States, I'm shocked when I first heard... reviewed June 26, 2008
Pimp Saga ep 3 Revenge(working) by rjanaconda Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* Not the best out of the three.... Music was good and the fighting scenes were good The story was not the best 4 stars from The Band Geek reviewed June 26, 2008
Creature Super Universe by chris62 Horror
Featured Review
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reveiws* Chris62, you should reply using the word band geek for me to review the movie, but I heard some great reviews, so I came to see what the hype is about....
reviewed June 25, 2008
Guns And Games by FallenThomas Action
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* Rabbit in Tuxedos..... This is a Looney Tunes meets Action in a jaw dropping thrill ride of impressive camera work and editing. 5 stars from THE BAND GEEK! reviewed June 25, 2008
HAM and NUTS by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* Hallo, wie gehts Kaeptn Wiglo? Das movie ist sehr gut. Sorry... I'm a little rusty when it comes to speaking German. However the film is funny and it ... reviewed June 25, 2008
Wise Guys Ep28-Blood Rain by TENCHIMUYO Action
Featured Review
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* Did someone say band geek! The story was okay, but a lot of misspelled words.. I see that you are creative on the stars cameos and characters, however ...
reviewed June 25, 2008
Pimp Saga Ep 2 Still Pimpin by rjanaconda Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* *Sorry for the delayed review* Not a big fan for sequels, generate a lot of hype, but not that good than the original......well........ This one was ... reviewed June 25, 2008
Ooo la la by Master007 Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* The free cam was good and it was a good form of satire. What the Poptart Kid Said.... To be honest, I didn't like it that much... Clever, but not my ... reviewed June 24, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Fair and Honest Reviews* What the rootie tootie fresh and fruity was that? Sorry I was thinking of pancakes when I was writing this review.... It is and still is one of the gr... reviewed June 24, 2008
Featured Review
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Honest and Fair Reviews* WISE GUY EP 27 NOTHING MATTERS TO ME Since I missed the entire 2 seasons, I'm behind and confused... Its like watching an episode of Lost during the m...
reviewed June 24, 2008
Pimp Saga Episode 1 by rjanaconda Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Honest and Fair Reviews* To be honest, I thought this film won't be good, I was wrong AGAIN!!! Entertaining, a little funny, and a very good storyline. I know the vo's are a li... reviewed June 24, 2008
Ichiban Japan by istrd Action
Featured Review
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Honest and Fair Reviews* So......Is this based on the infamous Yakuza mafia? I see that you put in a lot in the film, but the plot was okay. I kinda drifted in and out of the f...
reviewed June 24, 2008
Acceptance by derbyrams Romance
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Honest and Fair Reviews* Acceptance, a documentary of accepting a painful event in life. Take the pains of death and breaking of the heart and move on... Nice use of storytell... reviewed June 24, 2008
And There She Was by sgporsche48 Romance
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Tough and Honest Reviews, but Fair Reviews* When I saw that reply of yours, I was a little confused, but thats not the case right now. I am going to review your film, like it o... reviewed June 23, 2008
One Last Breath Part 2 by sparky1512 Action
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Tough and Honest Reviews, but Fair Reviews* Bravo Bravo Sparky1512.. At first I thought this is going to be a waste of 37 minutes, but I was wrong. The story was excellent an... reviewed June 23, 2008
One Last Breath part1 by sparky1512 Action
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** *Tough and Honest Reviews, But Fair Reviews* It was a slow movie, but in a good way.... It was a entertaining tale of corruption and recovery. Though it was over 20 minutes lon... reviewed June 23, 2008
Poptart Mania! by dude123456HasReturned Horror
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** -Tough and Honest Reviews, but Fair Reviews- Band Geek and Proud of IT! Plot was transparent....but the music defines the atmosphere.. It was a fun movie to see. I see elemen... reviewed June 23, 2008
TMO News Weekly by hippieking Comedy
**A BAND GEEK REVIEW** -Tough and Honest Reviews, but Fair Reviews- Clever Idea, but there is a need for improvement. Overall use of journalism Some scenes are way out of place, including explosions... reviewed June 23, 2008
Ride to your Doom by Master007 Horror
Clever type of horror sound.....but I can still see whats going on. Can You See my newest film Silverton reviewed June 22, 2008
Chicken Man Begins by kristovfur Action
A tad bit random..... More like a comedy than action Sorry for the delayed review reviewed June 22, 2008
Waffles The Amazing Robot 2 by cos1293 Comedy
Hooray Waffles the Amazing Robot is back!!!!! The Mother Character is hillarious, no wonder she won a BenTuttle90 Award for best character. You should credit the music and put a warning for the langu... reviewed June 21, 2008
The Captain and the Maid by Cos1293 Horror
Strange very strange..... Mysterious movie.. Cos1293, I am not making a award show, but I announced the winners in the forums. Congratulations you have won a BenTuttle90 Award for Best Character! I ... reviewed June 20, 2008
The Adventures of Normal People by DestructionStudios Comedy
Never heard much voiceovers really.. The music kinda drowned the voices.... Unique type of satire, but not the type that made me me laugh. Keep trying and keep filming See my newest film "BenTuttl... reviewed June 20, 2008
Le Resistance by simpsdog Action
Wow......My eyes were glued to the screen...This is just unique....extremely unique. Great filmakers on TMO always does something unique and you are one of them... This will be bookmarked on my stud... reviewed June 19, 2008
Gatekeeper by lemming_studios Sci-Fi
This movies kept my eyes glued to the screen, very entertaining, this is a definite 5 stars. Keep filming and making more of these! You have won the contest! Congratulations! reviewed June 18, 2008
Urban Legends A Gruesome Discovery by jtwillenborg Horror
You should give credit to the music, but this is new.....urban legends... Nice lead up to the end.... reviewed June 18, 2008
The Cyclone super universe by chris62 Action
I'm hearing the Wilhelm Scream. I got a nemesis for The Cyclone.... The Anti-Cyclone, Only shows up at areas of high pressure.... Hahahahaha......hahahahahahahaha.z.....(Evil Maniac Laugh) reviewed June 17, 2008
The Legend of Billy Shank by jtwillenborg Horror
Featured Review
No Sound Problems...... I reviewed all of the Billy Shank Films Deja' Vu
reviewed June 17, 2008
Population ZERO by meosha12 Horror
Great horror film.... I have to see the other part. reviewed June 17, 2008
TMO News by filmer1995 Comedy
Featured Review
Where have I seen this oh well.... Can you put my newest movie "You Are Not A Superhero" on there Thank You
reviewed June 10, 2008
Con The Don - The Don Who Cried Bomb by andy_inc Comedy
Clever form of satire, clever.....maybe too clever (Dramatic Music Playing) Idiot doesn't know how to tie shoes. Ha reviewed June 10, 2008
-End of the School Year Movie- by stunts07 Comedy
Alice Cooper is a born again christian who loves golf...Read it in a broc[play nice now!] in Wisconsin. Credit the copyrighted music please. reviewed June 10, 2008
Bob The News Guy 6-10-08 by Oznof Comedy
Clever, extremely clever, clever. I hate to do this, but can you please look at my newest movie "A Mockumentry of Education" and put it on the news, please. reviewed June 9, 2008
The Skeletons Revenge by werecool Horror
Featured Review
Nice Awesome.... Nice use of mods
reviewed June 9, 2008
The Tin Man by pianodude135 Sci-Fi
I see this is like a Asmiov type of film really.... It was a great movie, sorry for the delayed review. I love the music. Great Movie reviewed June 9, 2008
ACTION THE MOVIE TRAILER by hippieking Comedy
I Love Parodies! Nothing like satire. Anyway it looks good! Can't wait to see it! The Rise and Fall of The Baggage Boy A BenTuttle90 Mockumentary Coming Soon reviewed June 9, 2008
Redneck Musical by lewzcool Comedy
Welcome to TMO! Anyway it was a amusing musical, even though I am not a fan of musicals. ************************************** *The Rise and Fall of ... reviewed June 8, 2008
GHOST Part 1 by Kit06 Action
I knew this would be good.... Even though I read the script, this was better than I thought. *Unfortunately..... The nominations were past due, before you gave me the script, but to let you know, you... reviewed June 7, 2008
Outbreak-Teaser by 870 Horror
Huh, kinda reminds me of Raccoon City in Resident Evil Good trailer though reviewed June 6, 2008
Bmaitland The Musical (Trailer) by bmaitland Comedy
Haha Amusing BenTuttle90 -The Band Geek of Satire- reviewed June 5, 2008
She Cheats! by Oznof Romance
Creepy..... Liked the beginning Check out my newest movie "Mockumentry of Education" reviewed June 3, 2008
RUN AWAY by someone9999 Action
Add more story unless if it is a documentry or etc. See my newest film "Mockumentry of Education" reviewed June 3, 2008
I am hippieking by hippieking Comedy
Great, can't wait to see all of them. I can't find the S&E version anywhere!!! I didn't know that you saw "Farce of the Zombies". Hope these movies come out. reviewed June 3, 2008
The Last Hope trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
Holy [Censored]! That was a impressive. It shows how everything leads up to.... Can't wait to see it... reviewed June 3, 2008
Lets Do Launch Redux by Marvellousguppimovies Action
Woah, Impressive. How did you do that.........? reviewed June 3, 2008
The Founding of Pythagoras Theorem by macwemyss Comedy
Those people who give one star reviews are [Censored], unless they have a valid reason!Jokes on them, they won't be in the BenTuttle90 Awards, haha I win! Anyway, It was a funny movie. You have a tal... reviewed May 31, 2008
Ring 352 by meosha12 Horror
woah again reviewed May 29, 2008
The Haunting by meosha12 Action
Woah reviewed May 29, 2008
Special Forces by travisMan Comedy
Haha Andrew Reese Strikes Again! Funny movie.... funny movie LOOK OUT FOR THE BENTUTTLE90 AWARDS -BENTUTTLE90- reviewed May 28, 2008
Zombie Around the House by MindTaker Comedy
Featured Review
Ahhh this could have been nominated for a BenTuttle90 Award. (Too Late) Amusing story.
reviewed May 27, 2008
Strictly Dumb Dancing by macwemyss Comedy
Ok. Here is the answer for the award show. All you have to do is watch the award show, I will make a movie about what day it will be on later, but right now, I am really busy and I am making it right now. reviewed May 26, 2008
Red Gulch by chris62 Action
Featured Review
This could have been nominated, but it was too late. Oh well, sorry. I had a western movie, 30 minutes long, but no one wanted to do the acting. Had to cancel it.
reviewed May 26, 2008
Danni D Ninety Three vs Indiana Stones by macwemyss Comedy
Featured Review
Dang it, he found the invisible vending machine before I did! I was about to find it. Funny movie.
reviewed May 26, 2008
Vo Actors Needed! by kit06 Action
Well kit06, first of all. The nominations are done sorry. Second of all, I would like to star in this film, but I don't know how to send voices in emails and I might be a little busy. (Graduation) reviewed May 22, 2008
Vengeance by simpsdog Action
Another nomination for a BenTuttle90 award. Best Movie Best Action reviewed May 21, 2008
Dogbiter and Fitch save christmas by saxolusk Action
Homestly , there was a bunch of problems, but since you reminded me of nominating josephkw ( completely forgot, sorry joesphkw). You will be nominated for Best character. Evil Santa reviewed May 19, 2008
Special Forces (Trailer) by travisMan Comedy
Your movie "The Ghost Catchers" has been nominated for a couple of BenTuttle90 awards, check my studio for more info reviewed May 18, 2008
The Crazy Radio by lionchild Comedy
I'm sorry to say, but no nominations. It was a okay movie. reviewed May 18, 2008
Do You Like Chinese Food by macwemyss Comedy
Good one, Congratulations you have been nominated for a couple of BenTuttle90 Awards Best Comedy Best Movie Best Character "The Janitor" Best Writer Best Director reviewed May 18, 2008
Galaxy at War Black Heart Friend or Foe by chris62 Sci-Fi
Great movie, nice acting, special effects, and everything. Sorry for the late news, but you have been nominated for a couple of BenTuttle90 awards. Check my studio for the nominations. reviewed May 17, 2008
Sorrows of The Spy - Episode one V3 by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
Congratulations, you have been nominated for four BenTuttle90 awards. Best Writer Best Director Best Movie Best Sci-Fi reviewed May 11, 2008
Don't Come Knocking at my Door by Norriefpb Romance
Congratulations, you have been nominated for two BenTuttle90 Awards! Not much of a blues fan, though. Best Romance Best Movie reviewed May 10, 2008
Shanghai Shuffle by istrd Action
Featured Review
Congratulations You have been nominated for a BenTuttle90 award Best Action
reviewed May 10, 2008
Blood Of The Fallen (TRAILER) by hippieking Action
You've said you never gotten a award. Congratulations, you have nominated for 2 BenTuttle90 Awards for Best Writer Best Director reviewed May 10, 2008
The 40 Second Street by lionchild Comedy
I'm sorry to give this 4 stars, but all I seen is just stunts and racing. Not much of a story. Sorry reviewed May 10, 2008
The Man Who Had No Life by ultrasigma Romance
3 BenTuttle90 Nominations Best Romance Best Writer Best Director reviewed May 9, 2008
O the Ocean Teaser by thebiz Action
Congratulations you have been nominated for two BenTuttle90 Awards! Best Director Best Writer -BenTuttle90 reviewed May 9, 2008
Waffles The Amazing Robot by Cos1293 Comedy
Congratulations, Waffles the Amazing robot is now nominated for a BenTuttle90 Award for 2 fields. Best Character: Mother Best Comedy reviewed May 9, 2008
The Chicken Robber by mikeywoohoo Comedy
Okay......... See my newest film "Ghost Patrol" Click on my name to find it reviewed May 4, 2008
Hell Hath No Fury - Episode One by YayNinja Action
Welcome to TMO! I know that you have put a lot of effort into this and it was good, but the subtitles were way too fast. Next time just slow it down. Well created, well imaginitive. See my newest fi... reviewed May 3, 2008
Dog Business 2!!! by hippieking Comedy
???? Oh well, clever movie, dog's adventures. Never seen that one on TMO See my newest film "Ghost Patrol" reviewed May 3, 2008
Ultraman Commentary by UltraQ Sci-Fi
Good guys and bad guys dancing one big whatever happy family. See my newest film "Ghost Patrol" reviewed May 3, 2008
GM (Part 1) by lionchild Action
Clever well suited, really nice use of subtitles. See my newest film "BenTuttle90 vs. The Paparazzi Final Round" reviewed May 3, 2008
The Lonely Piano by andy_inc Horror
As a tuba, trumpet, and euphonium player. I know the power of music is like a hypnotic spell and I understood all of it. The music just pierced into my ears and I fall into a hypnotic spell just like ... reviewed April 28, 2008
Stinky and Sparky are Captains by lionchild Comedy
Clever Movie, I agree with RP_Movie See my newest film "Farce of the Zombies" reviewed April 28, 2008
Blood Of The Fallen teaser trailer by hippieking Action
It was a pretty good trailer, actually I was thinking of making a Vietnam movie. Inspired by Tim O' Brien's short story "The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong", I think I spelled it right. Anyway it was... reviewed April 28, 2008
The Quest to kill the zombes by thomaskg Sci-Fi
A average zombie movie, there is too many of them like this. Be more creative next time. I don't mind the sound bug, happens all of the time. See my newest film "Farce of the Zombies" reviewed April 28, 2008
Lonely Memories by nemisisbeta Romance
*clapping* Very very nice. I couldn't pull it off. Very well done. Can you see my newest film "Farce of the Zombies" reviewed April 27, 2008
The Black Dream by WarnerBrothersJr Horror
Featured Review
Really nice horror film Please see my newest film " Farce of the Zombies"
reviewed April 27, 2008
The Life Of A Rich Man by Conquer59 Comedy
Add subtitles or voiceovers to make the story more understandable. See my newest film "Farce of the Zombies" (There is some sound problems) reviewed April 27, 2008
It Came From Space by chris62 Horror
Well for a low budget 1980's B movie it was good. Nice little showcase of mods, special effects and whatelse.... storyline. I'm making a comeback by releasing my newest film "Farce of the Zombies" so... reviewed April 26, 2008
Home Of The Braves by viruswiz Action
??? reviewed April 24, 2008
The rise of the dead by sence22 Horror
I kinda got what the story is, but you should add some subtitles, so others could understand. Although this is your first movie, its a good try though, but click on my name for advice of how to make a... reviewed April 23, 2008
Just a Night Out! by thesmudge Action
Great job. Nice Storyline Nice Ending Unexpected reviewed April 21, 2008
Oh Mime! by hobofuzz Comedy
Clever reviewed April 20, 2008
DOKTER POO by seanee Comedy
No Plot. reviewed April 19, 2008
Galaxy at War The Nightmare by chris62 Sci-Fi
"The one Sci-fi movie that will leave you breathless" reviewed April 18, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
Hello remember me, Nice , you completely used the good ways of making a good zombie film. (I made a few hints to make a good zombie movie a while ago) Yours was good. If anyone wants to make a good z... reviewed April 18, 2008
Chris62 Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
Hey Remember Me! I'm sorry, but I am not making any movies for a while, because I ran out of ideas . Anyway it was a nice trailer, but the funny thing is... ever since I stopped making movies, a bunch... reviewed April 16, 2008
Galaxy at War the Trap by chris62 Sci-Fi
Good Movie, Nice use of mods reviewed March 11, 2008
Jacksons Place by pixiedad Horror
Wow what a clever film, I won't ruin it, but I've heard stories before of something like this before, but good work. reviewed March 8, 2008
The Celebrity Smash Down by MovieNub Comedy
Welcome to The Movies Online and I am rolling out the welcome wagon (not really). Not a bad attempt for your first film, some issues, but I thought it was clever. Watch some of my movies, just click... reviewed March 7, 2008
Smooth Move Part 1 by MoviePwner81 Comedy
Heh heh, making fun of yourself. Can you see my newest film A Walk in the Woods reviewed March 6, 2008
The Ghost Catchers by travisMan Comedy
Ha ha ha it was funny and clever See my newest film "A Walk In The Woods" reviewed March 6, 2008
I Aint Leavin by TheMoviePrince Action
Welcome to The Movies Online, I'm sorry to say I don't have Stunts and Effects Version ( No free-cam) So I can't give you advice about the camera work, but your western film seems good to me. The stor... reviewed March 6, 2008
The Legend Of Billy Shank (volumn 2) by jtwillenborg Horror
Two Stars, well JazzX has been giving people two or three stars a lot, but this sequel is ok. The sound still has some issues, but a good storyline. reviewed March 5, 2008
The Legend Of Billy Shank by jtwillenborg Horror
Ok that was a creepy film. There was sound problems, so I will give you 4 stars reviewed March 5, 2008
Dinosauroids R amoung US by Victaa Comedy
Haha Strange, but it might be true, (Dramatic Music Playing in Background) I have a few new films out if you want to see them. reviewed March 4, 2008
Through Hell and Back Trailer by kayteeforkeeps Action
I don't really know what the story is about. Sorry you only get 4 stars. Put subtitles or voiceovers next time. See some of my films -BenTuttle90 (Fanfare Films) reviewed March 2, 2008
The Ice Demon of Wintervale by Kelkesh12345 Horror
Not bad, but it is hard to see many of the scenes. Can you see some of my movies. reviewed March 2, 2008
Live Once Die Twice by movieman223 Action
Good war movie, I saw your advertisement about the award show. I may put a few movies in the award shoe. See a few of my films. reviewed March 2, 2008
Headless Teaser by werecool Horror
Featured Review
It seems good to me.. Clever See my newest film BenTuttle90's Game Show
reviewed March 2, 2008
Lizardman Misunderstood by cipheruzmad Action
Huh What a clever film... Nice story to it. See my newest film BenTuttle90's Game Show reviewed March 1, 2008
The Never Ending Pointless Story by Knerdle Comedy
Pointless, but funny. See a few of my films.... reviewed March 1, 2008
I Can Trust You by lionpug Horror
I see you have a clever imagination for horror movies. It was pretty good and I liked it. See my recent film "BenTuttle90 vs. The Paparazzi" reviewed February 24, 2008
10 Ways to Make People Mad by BUKISUDOO Comedy
Featured Review
Very funny Watch some of my movies BenTuttle90 vs The Paparazzi The Rabbit Prankster
reviewed February 24, 2008
Blood Of The Country by sickjoke Horror
Finally a good zombie movie for once. Finding a good zombie movie in The Movies Online is like trying to find the lost city of Alantis. Good job with the camera angles and a simple story. Good job. reviewed February 21, 2008
Phobie by Stepper92 Horror
I would have given you 1 star, but I'm gonna give you 3 stars. Make a movie that has a storyline and subtitles and/or voiceovers. See my newest film "BenTuttle90 vs. The Paparazzi" reviewed February 21, 2008
New Mexico by RollinM Action
Featured Review
Nice modern western film... I see you put a lot of imagination and effort into this film. Good work
reviewed February 21, 2008
Scooby-Doo by Cos1293 Comedy
HAHAHA I actually fell out of my seat laughing... See my film "The Rabbit Prankster" reviewed February 17, 2008
Our Battle Our War Our Destruction by WarnerBrothersJr Action
I see you put a lot of imagination and effort into this film... Stairway to Heaven in this film..... reviewed February 17, 2008
Lumpy The Killer Clown by HairyJoe Horror
For a cliche' slasher its not that bad... I can't believe Skullcrusher gave you 1 star for this.. See my newest film "The Rabbit Prankster" reviewed February 17, 2008
The Ultra Kill by ghost52095 Action
Not bad for your first film, I'll give you 5 stars See my newest film "The Rabbit Prankster" reviewed February 17, 2008
How To Become A Spy by pianodude135 Comedy
Hahah you would have won the contest... Oh well, I might try again sometime in the future. Thanks for joining the contest... reviewed February 16, 2008
The Baggage Boy - Ultimate TMOer Entry by Marine101 Action
Haha what a clever film, I always see a bunch of diffrent versions of The Baggage Boy. Yours was a clever film that kinda made me laugh. The ending was unexpected and I hope you win. reviewed February 16, 2008
Nachros Elite by anthropomorphism Action
Sorry for the delayed review, kinda busy working on my upcoming movie Ghost Good Movie reviewed February 13, 2008
James Gates by burkey1993 Action
This movie inspired me to make a western movie of my own.. maybe later Good Movie, Thanks for rating my trailer. reviewed February 13, 2008
Our Battle Our War Our Destruction Trailer by WarnerBrothersJr Action
Stairway to Heaven..... I couldn't hear you reviewed February 12, 2008
The Greek and Persian War Trailer by chris62 Action
Not bad, I'm a history fan, so this might be intresting. Just keep checking my studio for my movie Ghost. reviewed February 11, 2008
Zombies from Outer Space by dewguru Horror
When I first saw this thumbprint, I was thinking " Oh great, not another zombie movie." After I saw it, it was diffrent. It was short, but hey it was a clever zombie day. I wish I would say see my mov... reviewed February 10, 2008
Attack in the Universum by tob2009 Action
3 hours huh... I spent more than 3 hours doing the voiceovers of my movies.. I didn't see any story to this movie... You should take more time making your movies.. Tob2009 let me tell you something.... reviewed February 10, 2008
Nerd Killer by tfoster Comedy
Quadratic Equations, I hate the quadratic equation... It was a funny horror comedy. reviewed February 9, 2008
Vengeance on Lionhead Studios by darren08121999 Action
Haha a fun film.... I have this contest out, if you want to be in it. Click on my name.... reviewed February 6, 2008
Stunts without ending 2 by tob2009 Comedy
I agree with 0630 I gave you one star on your last Stunts Without Ending film, because it never had a storyline. If I see a movie without a storyline, I give it one star. Yours is a somewhat of a st... reviewed February 6, 2008
Time Traveler Trailer 2 by guzz60 Sci-Fi
Like everyone said in their reviews, you should have put VOs or subtitles.... See my film The Timecard reviewed February 6, 2008
King Kong by tob2009 Action
Es ist gut. I did understand some of the story, although you should have a scene where King Kong attacks the city...Oh well... I did understand somewhat they the characters have said. I speak a littl... reviewed February 5, 2008
Stunts without ending by tob2009 Comedy
No storyline..... Saw your review about my contest, I wasn't happy.. reviewed February 5, 2008
The Fireman by pianodude135 Sci-Fi
It was pretty good, a nice film. You will be entered into the contest though.... No consquence if you do not put in a movie. reviewed February 3, 2008
The Bank Robbing Gang by One_Time_Films Action
Not bad for your first film.... I have this contest, you could win 10,000 virtual credits... Just click on my name and watch the contest video.. reviewed February 2, 2008
The Final Hours by rholowie Horror
Well that was really well done, I'm impressed. I have a contest out, the grand prize is 10,000 VCs. If you want to join this contest.Just click on my name and the contest video will be there.. reviewed February 2, 2008
The Briefcase by blswyldetg Horror
Very nice. I have this contest if you make comedies. Just visit my studio to find out. reviewed February 1, 2008
W v V by CaptnCrunch Action
Pretty Good, See my film "The Timecard" reviewed February 1, 2008
Love needs no words by timorogowski Romance
Nice film, thanks for rating my film reviewed January 31, 2008
GOVERNMENT CASE 311 (trailer) by cdhd Horror
Whoa... I fell back into my seat during the last few scenes, nice... See my newest film "The Timecard" reviewed January 31, 2008
Race Without End by ll77263 Sci-Fi
Ok....... That did not make any sense See my film "The Timecard" reviewed January 31, 2008
The Unfair Ambush by ebanister Action
Pretty good, not much of a fan of silent films See my newest film "The Timecard" reviewed January 31, 2008
Zombie Dawn! by PirateNinja Action
Not a bad first movie. This was a good zombie movie. See my newest film "The Timecard" reviewed January 31, 2008
Return of the Yeti by ah77 Romance
Not a bad sci fi film See my film "The Timecard" reviewed January 30, 2008
The kiss by the_belgian Comedy
Nice music, kind of a surpise at the end. See my film "The Timecard" reviewed January 30, 2008
The Adventures of Weredog by Victaa Comedy
It was a funny movie, Dog attacking aliens, swamp creatures, and even St. Nick. Kinda funny scene. See my newest film "The Timecard" reviewed January 30, 2008
Jezs Diner Part 2 by bellasellaa Comedy
Sorry you have to go, oh well school is really important. Good final movie, good luck. Funny bloopers reviewed January 30, 2008
Captain Ron--Quilo Part 1 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
A great movie, the plot was great and the music was chosen well. Can you see my newest film "The Timecard" Thank you reviewed January 29, 2008
The Last Of The Sioux by KittieO Action
Ok this film needed sound..I sort of gotten the storyline, but sound or subtitles would have helped in this film. See my newest film "The Timecard" reviewed January 29, 2008
The Warriour from Another Planet by hard-band Comedy
Nice use of free-cam, but you need to slow down the subtitles. The Timecard is out, please rate it, if you see it. reviewed January 29, 2008
Jezs Diner by bellasellaa Comedy
I thought your movie was good, really nice free cam I have a new movie out, The Timecard. reviewed January 28, 2008
Forgotten Child by bellasellaa Action
IT or Forgotten Child, deciding, this is putting too much pressure on me and I can't handle pressure. I'm just kidding, but it is a hard choice. I have to say Forgotten Child. I may not be a great hor... reviewed January 27, 2008
Stranded by pianodude135 Action
Not a big fan of silent films.. but I did like the music. Same questions as simpsdog,and jack_mc2005, but I liked it. reviewed January 27, 2008
TimeShifter by OutbreakMan2000 Sci-Fi
Not bad for a time movie. It was a little short though. Watch my Trailer for The Timecard. reviewed January 27, 2008
The Fellas by michelle500 Comedy
I saw your movie and I thought it was great. Click is one of my favorite movies too. Not a big fan of MCR, just like listening to the classics, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zepplen, possibly spelle... reviewed January 27, 2008
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
That was amazing, that was good, I'm going to watch it again! reviewed January 26, 2008
Paparazzo by Victaa Horror
Well Victaa that was a good film. Hehe Paparazzi chasing that celebrity. Clever film, I liked it. Thanks for rating my film. reviewed January 26, 2008
My Name Is Death by FredTheDuck Action
Well Fred the Duck, I may not be a big fan of western films, but this one is a execption. I liked this western film. It inspired me to make a western movie of my own. Well.... I have too many films to... reviewed January 26, 2008
anihilation by matsjosh Sci-Fi
Nice job, that was amazing. Thank you for rating my trailer for The Timecard reviewed January 26, 2008
The War From Outer space --- Revamped by hard-band Action
Nice Alien Fighting Movie, Nice Subtitles. I liked it. -Thanks for rating my trailer. I am working on the voiceovers and music for the movie. reviewed January 26, 2008
Chicago is Mine! by bjpasinger Action
Not bad, Not a big fan of movies with no VO's or Subtitles, but I'll give you 5 stars. Watch my newest trailer at reviewed January 25, 2008
The Armor of God by simpsdog Action
Wow.... that was really good. Well Done, wow. The storyline was very clear, the scriptwriting was amzing. Wow, nice job. Can you see my trailer for The Timecard at reviewed January 25, 2008
The Mansion House by stillieentertainment Horror
It was ok, not bad for a horror movie.. See my Trailer For "The Timecard" reviewed January 25, 2008
IT by bellasellaa Action
Hey Bellasellaa, thanks for rating my movie. Your horror film is really clever, one of the best I've seen on TMO. Nice work, great storyline. I got a new trailer for my upcoming film "The Timecard". ... reviewed January 25, 2008
This is WAR! by dudeman133 Action
Not bad for your first uploaded movie. Watch my Trailer for The Timecard reviewed January 25, 2008
The Date Master by pianodude135 Comedy
I have to say well done, a good film... by the way how did you get that diner set? I liked it, kinda clever. Click on my name and see my newest trailer "Trailer for The Timecard" reviewed January 25, 2008
The Knife Maniac by Traid333 Action
Not bad, not bad at all. A bunch of random sets, oh well. I was about to give you 4 stars, but I have one tip *Subtitles are too fast Can you watch my Trailer for "The Timecard", please. reviewed January 25, 2008
Fast by chris62 Action
A few mistakes, but everybody makes a mistake. A good film, I liked it. reviewed January 25, 2008
I kick you by cheetaheye Comedy
What was that? Honestly, I don't like random movies reviewed January 24, 2008
Bombshelter-Part2b by jase180 Action
You know what everybody says about sequels, "not as good as the original"...........well this one is diffrent... This sequel is better than the original. Well done.. reviewed January 24, 2008
That Stupid High School (I Think) (12345) by codex_cx Comedy
Not a big random movie fan, but hey it was good and I liked it... Watch my Zombie Parody "Zombie Day" reviewed January 23, 2008
The Bunny who went Crazy by jesusfreak7 Comedy
A kinda of crazy film thought it was okay. Just a little weird, reviewed January 23, 2008
SPY VS SPY by rhckids Comedy
A amusing film of two spies. I liked it, especially that classic door chasing sequence. Nice music. Visit my studio and watch my movies "Zomb... reviewed January 21, 2008
Stronghold by waltokoi Action
What was that? Use subtitles or vo's for a movie.... No storyline, not a good movie. reviewed January 21, 2008
The Crown Jewel Robbery (Part 1) by bellasellaa Action
Hey sorry for the delayed review. You movie had a very good story. Very good voiceovers. Too many sentence fragments in this review, oh well. I liked this movie. A really clever film. Congratulations,... reviewed January 21, 2008
Galaxy Crisis 1 Revolution by RockSauron Sci-Fi
Not bad, not bad at all for your first movie....Subtitles are a little fast though. Keep filming. Watch some of my films. reviewed January 20, 2008
The Crown Jewel Robbery (Part 1) by bellasellaa Action
I saw this movie one hour before I rated it, so sorry for the delayed reveiw. I liked this film, had a great storyline...this movie was great. Nice job. Hey thanks for seeing my movie "Zombie Day". K... reviewed January 20, 2008
The vampire The monsters by chris62 Horror
Not bad, not bad at all. I have to say it was a clever horror flick and the ending, I haven't seen a ending like that. Your movies have improved. Nice work. *Thanks for rating my movie "Zombie Day' a... reviewed January 19, 2008
A Salsa Spring Break by jeffjonz Romance
A ok sequel, not much jokes that made me laugh. reviewed January 19, 2008
The Salsa Gang by jeffjonz Comedy
Eh I thought this movie was ok....making fun of that homeless guy.... kinda sad Watch my movies at my studio at reviewed January 19, 2008
Iron Belly by Victaa Action
Hehe A really good kung fu film.. Great voiceovers..Great storyline..Great acting..Nice job ***See my horror film "Into the Fog" at my studio at http:/... reviewed January 19, 2008
The Runner by Jpm4572 Comedy
Featured Review
Hehe evil chickens attacking angry drivers...... clever storyline and good voiceovers. Hey check out my studio "Fanfare Films" ***Watch My Comedy/Horror Fil...
reviewed January 17, 2008
The Rabbit by Blindmelon Horror
Ok that was a little strange, nice editing though. Watch my Horror/Comedy movie *"Zombie Day" *#34 of the top 100 films at one point, #9 of top comedies* ... reviewed January 17, 2008
Meet My Parents by bellasellaa Romance
The movie made me laugh a little.... nice camera angles, nice use of free cam. Hey thanks for rating my movie "Zombie Day" I have a new movie out "Into the Fog" (Horror)... reviewed January 15, 2008
Left Alone by megamovieator Comedy
It wasn't really funny.... Not a big fan of movies without subtitles or voiceovers reviewed January 15, 2008
That Other Scary Movie by Side_Winder Horror
Your movie was ok, a few jokes that made me laugh Check out my film "Into the Fog" reviewed January 14, 2008
Bombshelter-Part1 by jase180 Action
Jase180..... I have to say that fiim was incredibly clever. Nice voiceovers, a incredible plot, and suspense throughout the movie.. *****Congratulations you deserve 5 stars***** ... reviewed January 13, 2008
Love Behind Bars by bellasellaa Romance
This film is alright by me, next time, get a few people to do other voiceovers. A okay storyline, nice music and sound effects. ***See my movie "Zombie Day"*** reviewed January 12, 2008
A day in the Death of a Zombie by IseCreme Comedy
Clever Zombie Film... Not too bad... Shows the view of a zombie, you don't see many zombie films do that. *Go See my film* "Zombie Day" reviewed January 7, 2008
War is Hell by poisondomo Horror
UPLOAD YOUR OWN MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed January 7, 2008
Super Chicken Bros X - Episode 1 by SamRMaclennan Action
Not too bad.. Creative, lets see how the series goes. Check out my film "Zombie Day" reviewed January 7, 2008
Run Zombie Run by Ducati Horror
It was a unique zombie movie. I liked, really funny. I have a zombie parody... Go see Zombie Day reviewed January 4, 2008
Walk by iouv Romance
Ok I don't get short movies.... Anyway what was that. Just asking reviewed January 3, 2008
The Movies Christmas number one 2007 by markcfc Romance
Nice sound quality... "A Space Parody" is under some big planning So it will take me a while to make this film. reviewed January 3, 2008
Unknown Event by ll77263 Horror
Where's the story, I can't find it..... The main part of moviemaking is getting a storyline. Go see Zombie Day reviewed January 3, 2008
Fast Trailer by chris62 Action
Congratulations Chris62, This does deserve 5 stars. Can't wait to see it. If you have time, check out my new film "Zombie Day" reviewed January 2, 2008
The Drag of Life by Serpicoo Romance
No doubt, a incredible western movie. A really good storyline. Really nice music to fit it in. Nice job. Thanks for rating my movie "Zombie Day" reviewed January 2, 2008
Subdued Force by oiten Action
I see this is your first movie. Not bad for your first movie. Just add subtitles or Voice over to make the movie better. Go see "Zombie Day" reviewed January 2, 2008
Zombie Attack by TSkavenski Horror
Ok I did not see one zombie in that film, there was no plot. Some tips. -add subtitles -make a storyline *Don't be upset if I gave you two stars, just work harder and you get a better rating. You'll g... reviewed January 2, 2008
saver by grayfoxdog Comedy
This movie never made any sense at all...... If it is your first movie.. -add subtitles or VO's ***Attention*** -If I give you 1 or 2 stars, don't be upset, jus... reviewed January 2, 2008
Sheriff Justice by MI_agent Comedy
A great first movie. It was pretty well written. Great stunts and a good cop movie. Welcome to The Movies Please see my newest film "Z... reviewed January 2, 2008
Reptoids R Amoung US by Victaa Comedy
I liked your movie, its so clever and I might have learned something. Hey thanks for rating my movie "Zombie Day" Please tell everyone about Zombie Day. reviewed January 1, 2008
Agent Kevin and the Worlds End by rod2000 Action
Featured Review
A decent movie not too bad..... Acting could be better. Please See ZOMBIE DAY -Thank you-
reviewed January 1, 2008
Mafia Fight by Siims Action
Sorry......... You have to use subtitles.... Please see my movies ok reviewed January 1, 2008
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
A decent film. I wish I entered that contest, but oh well. Please see my movies. reviewed December 30, 2007
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
It helped me a little bit,liked the movie. I have a upcoming zombie farce movie , but you can watch the trailer. Sorry I'm still trying to get sound. Just click on my name to w... reviewed December 29, 2007
Bombshelter Trailer2 by jase180 Action
A great trailer, amazing. Speaking of trailers, watch my trailer. Please Watch Trailer for "Zombie Day" Thank you reviewed December 27, 2007
Empty Wallz by ShyShy Action
Featured Review
Hey thanks for rating my film "My Evil Television". Loved your film and I might buy some kind of recording thing later on, so I will stick to the subtitles for a second. A second movie will come out s...
reviewed December 23, 2007
Ghetto Christmas 2 The Christmas Miracle by homemadeeye Comedy
Featured Review
Just plain stupid.
reviewed December 22, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
Funniest Sci-Fi movie since Spaceballs,(wait can I say that), I loved this movie. No doubt it is the funniest movie in TMO. Incredibly great superior acting, funny scenes, an incredibly clever story l... reviewed December 21, 2007
Galaxy at War by chris62 Sci-Fi
This might be only the movie you made I was pleased with, It has good special effects, a okay, but shaky story line, and the acting still needs work, but it is improving dramatically, this is the holi... reviewed December 21, 2007
Flesh Eaters End Time by chris62 Horror
This movie is well........ok. Your movies has incredible special effects and a good storyline, but the acting was just .......not good. It sounds like some of the people who are doing these voiceovers... reviewed December 19, 2007
Kayna Part 2 by Rik_Vargard Action
In my opinion, Kayna 1 and 2 are very clever films. Many movies made here are mostly zombie movies. Yours has a unique story. The acting was well....the first Kayna I was a bit disappointed, but Kayn... reviewed December 19, 2007