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Average Rating Received: 3.85

Number of Movies Reviewed: 46
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Movies Released by baron311
Hot Bullet 3 Alex Casa Action
No Description posted October 16, 2008
Freedom Sci-Fi Not Rated
Hi evrybody, I made this movie for something new to what I normally do. This is a sci-fi! Release Date: Feb 21, 2001 An evil dictator controls the galaxy in the future...Fortunately, a group of citi... posted October 2, 2008
Hot Bullet 2 Action
Clint and Parris are back on screen,and this time, they have a new partner! posted December 15, 2007
Hot Bullet 2 Action Not Rated
Clint and Parris are back on screen,and this time, they have a new partner! Plz rate! Thanks-you posted November 18, 2007
Hot Bullet 2 Action
For the fans of the Hot Bullet Series, number 2 is now ready to watch! Clint and Parris are back in a new adventure, but does one of them die during the showdown? Findout what happens! posted October 31, 2007
Hot Bullet Action
This Westren Movie tells the story of two Bank-Robbers who are trying to get thier next sack of cash...Find out what happens! Please rate! Thanks!!! Part 2 is out and ready to watch!!! posted October 24, 2007
Alone on Earth Sci-Fi
No Description posted August 1, 2007
Cubed Sci-Fi
i just updated this on here so my awards will come up.(Which it didn't) in the game it got 4and 1/5 stars, and my studio has 6,000,000$. lettin u know my game awards that didnt come up! -Production ... posted July 17, 2007
Bio-Warfare Part 1 Behind the story Sci-Fi
this is the first of a 3 part story. hope ya like it! posted July 17, 2007
Funniest movie ever!!! Comedy
No Description posted July 17, 2007
1408 and a half Comedy
the better version of 1408! posted July 12, 2007
Brokeback Galaxy Comedy
yeah, im NOT gay, but i thought this would be funny. Sorry if you are gay and offended...PLZ RATE! posted July 11, 2007
Rabbit [shhhh!] Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted July 9, 2007
Nebula Wars Sci-Fi
Thanks for wachting plz rate! AWARDS: Sci-Fi Fav. Nov. 2006 Best Novelty Value posted July 8, 2007
NERD Vs Kool Kid Comedy
Hey this is an action/comedy, I hope you enjoy...This is my other studio, and thats why it was made in 1954... I have 2 studios, Plucky Pictures:Date is 2067 and this,Robison Films:Date is 1981 Please... posted July 2, 2007
A night to remember Comedy Not Rated
This comedy was also sub-titled "The night santa went crazy"............................................................................................Enjoy, and plz comment! posted July 2, 2007
Ape-angus! Comedy Not Rated
This is a comedy/action, featuring a cool super hero ape, and this is his first story... please rate! posted July 2, 2007
1409 Comedy Not Rated
this is the sequeal of the REAL movie 1408.....(I think its better!!!) posted July 1, 2007
Sun RiverMafia Tales Action
No Description posted July 1, 2007
Rugts Rebellion 2 Sci-Fi Not Rated
hey, this is part 2 of rugt's rebellion, and its my 3rd movie. there's a neat twist at the end...But if you look at the picture, I guess you will get it any way...well...Enjoy and leave comments! posted June 24, 2007
Rugts Rebelion Sci-Fi Not Rated
Hello, Im Baron, and this is my second movie made, so I know it's most likely going to be bad...But please rate my movie, and if you like it im going to make a sequeal.(I don't think I spelled sequeal... posted June 22, 2007
Food PyramidINSIDE YOU Comedy
Hey this is my first movie....Hope u like it, and please leave comments!!! Thanks! posted June 20, 2007
Movies Reviewed by baron311
World War by kevzak Action
A good movie, but it didn't really tell what the aliens were, or why they were fighting the Humans. Other than that, good movie! reviewed March 5, 2008
An Endless Chase by FesterShinetop Action
Nice movie! reviewed November 19, 2007
ESRB Headquarters by aaronfilmltd Comedy
OMG that was the best comedy movie I've seen!!!! Good job reviewed November 18, 2007
Robin Hood and the Ape Knight by Drum_Bum Comedy
Good movie! really liked the weapons they used. Plz look at my latest movie. Nice job! reviewed November 18, 2007
Chicken War 3 The Last Woddle by corpralhicks5 Comedy
OMG that movie is so funny! LOL, good job reviewed November 2, 2007
After the War by Lifestorm Romance
Good movie, not really much to comment on though. Good Job reviewed November 1, 2007
The Skeleton 3 by devonodev Horror
I think these are getting better.... reviewed October 31, 2007
FLAG THIS MOVIE!!! by Trashman Comedy
Sorry, but this movie WAS kinda dumb....It wasn't even really like a REAL movie, but more of a stupid advertisement...I agree with Dalana,and that this wasn't a very good movie... reviewed October 31, 2007
Backwoods Chainsaw Massacre 4 by Movieking Horror
It was a good movie,but one thing was that when the girl found that guys body, she didn't seem sad, or scared. The sub-titles were kinda fast,too. Other than that, it was a good movie. Good job! reviewed October 31, 2007
LEX Justice by Epana Action
Good movie, really liked the way the stories connected. Good movie! reviewed October 31, 2007
The Wire by dreamofcream Sci-Fi
GOOD MOVIE! Really wanting to see the next version of this, im interested in finding out what happens... Great job! reviewed October 31, 2007
A Most Violent Tale of Disturbing Matters by cowmansr Comedy
LOL good(But short) movie reviewed October 31, 2007
The Hunt For Agent X3 by simpsdog Sci-Fi
Pretty violent sci-fi,(I liked the killing spree)good use of sub-titles and great plot, though they never explained why they were looking for Agent x3, but a very good movie! reviewed October 30, 2007
Unhman episode two by weridman Action
The second one was WAY better than the first!!!! reviewed October 30, 2007
Unhuman episode one by weridman Action
Good VOs,really liked the movie, but a little hard to understand until you've seen the other ones. Nice Movie! reviewed October 30, 2007
BEER! by Damien7 Comedy
mmmm......Beer..... (All that needs to be said.) reviewed August 11, 2007
Dude I Got My Head Stuck! by darkside12589 Comedy
Sets 2/5(only a coulpe of sets) Plot(s) 0/5(NOTHING!) Voice Overs 0/5(NOTHING!) Music 0/5 (NOTHING!) Wording 0/5 (NOTHING!) Notes: I think you should just take this off and try again....good luck reviewed August 11, 2007
Return of Darth Vader by allaise Sci-Fi
this made no sense, but i kinda liked it 4 some reason....=) reviewed July 27, 2007
USN Jupiter - Episode 1 by Spaceman72 Sci-Fi
OMG!!! i've been making sci-fi movies ever since i got the movies game and i really think this beats them ALL!!! GREAT MOVIE!!! reviewed July 27, 2007
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
kool movie, but where did u get that girl prop??? anyway, great job reviewed July 27, 2007
the airports of london episode 1 by THEFARCE Action
i know it seems random, but for some odd reason, i really liked it... reviewed July 25, 2007
Odyssey Centuri - The Last Stand by dudeperson1991 Sci-Fi
it would have been 5, but the plot was kinda weird. at first they thought he was dead, then he gets up flys a ship, and kills a whole lotta weird aliens. besides that good film. but how do you make yo... reviewed July 25, 2007
Operation Freedom by costa456 Action
cool movie really liked it. anyway, im glad u like the biowarfare movie because im makin' a second. keep fiming! reviewed July 25, 2007
Instinct by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
GREAT ending! kinda saw it coming about halfway through the movie though, but still, a great movie! reviewed July 18, 2007
91101 by costa456 Action
kool movie, is kinda sad...anyway, plz rate my latest movie (not the movie cubed but my other movies) and if you were thinking of taking this movie off, plz dont! reviewed July 17, 2007
Massacre No Hope Left by ShyShy Horror
kool movie, but how did you get the girl in the subway like that? nice job reviewed July 14, 2007
Goddess Down! by roadrage73 Comedy
Yeah....that was had basicly no plot.... reviewed July 11, 2007
Mr Black and Mr White by Madraeus Comedy
KOOL MOVIE! really liked the end with the anyway, plz rate my latest movie keep filming! reviewed July 11, 2007
The Skeleton 2 by devonodev Horror
it IS Better than the 1st reviewed July 11, 2007
The Skeleton by devonodev Horror
yeah....i have no idea wat the plot is... a guy gets shot, then wakes up, it confusing... i'll loojk at the others tho reviewed July 11, 2007
The Mummys Curse by jmo124 Horror
good movie, i likeed the end, it was almost funny seeing a mummy run by a car reviewed July 11, 2007
Made In Heaven by josemorales Romance
Featured Review
Nice movie! If this is your first on here, i think you are gonna be great at making movies.But for your next movie, plz add sub-tittles so i understand what they are saying. good job. Plz rate my late...
reviewed July 11, 2007
The galaxy bad boys by heglisson Sci-Fi
Funny movie! Good job reviewed July 10, 2007
One Zero One by polo75cake Sci-Fi
Great movie, i really liked the end, and how they made the internet. cool movie. Please rate some of mine. reviewed July 10, 2007
Episode 24 - A fairly New Hope by fat_tache Sci-Fi
Good movie,but could have used sub-titles or microphone voice things.... reviewed July 5, 2007
Die Begegnung The Encounter The Crash3 by Zarrmida Sci-Fi
GREAT movie! I really liked the intro... (And yes, i hought of making Sun River longer) reviewed July 4, 2007
Kingdom Of Glory by heyyy Action
kool movie!!! Where did u get those props with the mace and sword tho??? reviewed July 2, 2007
Flappysacks by JaredBabinec64 Comedy
funny, but hard to hear the voices...Plz rate mine 2! Keep filming! reviewed July 2, 2007
Kung Pow Chicken by npaige Comedy
kool kung-fu scene, but shoulda been a little longer...And why is that guy talking on a seashell? reviewed July 2, 2007
The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
kool voice-overs i liked the movie! Please rate some of my movies if u get time! reviewed July 2, 2007
A Family for a Family by emeraldisle Action
GREAT MOVIE!!! I really liked it!!! Plz look at my films and rate if you get the time, thanks! Keep filming!!! reviewed July 1, 2007
The resistance by gillypie Sci-Fi
OK good, but not great.... reviewed July 1, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Yeah, i gotta go with Bannananam13, that wasn't good at all....Sorry for leaving a negative review, but still, knights, aliens, and dancing doesnt mix... reviewed July 1, 2007
secret agent sam:008 by nuker5877 Action
Hard to understand, put in subtitles or voices next movie, and i dont get why she just kills people for no reason..... reviewed July 1, 2007
High Fashion Girl The Next Day by darkratpoet Action
Nice way to end with a sequeal, kool movie reviewed June 30, 2007
Bottalk9000 by stevoabc123 Action
Pretty good movie, but i didnt get the ending.... reviewed June 20, 2007