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Movies Released by asylumboy
Saved by a girl Action
#%$&$%$(#^$( READ!! READ!! ^*&@*(#*$$*( This was the first movie i had ever made so i just thought id share it with you! By the way if you like the idea,Ill make a sequel with voice overs,child actor... posted April 13, 2006
Clops Action
This movie is a remake of the hit t.v show COPS! but i made an action comedy called....CLOPS!~ This movie is funny and it is edited for cencors over the cuss words! But if you want the extended and un... posted February 18, 2006
Saturation PointJason Is Back Action
READ THIS!!!!!!!This movie is based on the future in witch jason has been captured and a man has been sent to buy him from the captain.Well you know thats not gonna happen! Jason escapes and kills the... posted February 17, 2006
Celebrity Fear Antics Comedy
This is the first installment the Celebrity fear antics. Were we pull pranks on Random Celebritys! So if you have an idea or maybey a celebrity that you would really like to see get punkd?? then email... posted February 13, 2006
The Cow Skull Massacre Bloopers Comedy
A VERY FUNNY!!!! Movie!!! Its The bloopers show caseof deleted scenes and outtakes!!! Extremely funny! VOICE OVERS AND SPECIAL EFFEXXTTSSS!!! posted February 3, 2006
The Cow Skull Massacre Horror
This Movie is about People who are victims of demonized cow skulls. This movie also has SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! I know!!! It was hard to do!!! If I get alot of reviews i mite do a seccond one Thanx posted February 2, 2006
BrokeBack Robot Comedy
This is the sequel of the first movie brokeback werewolf. This ones about about a robot and tells how the doctor cures himself. Watch brokeback werewolf first if you havent seen this movie. posted February 2, 2006
Dont Make Me Axe You Again PART 2 Comedy
This movie is the seccond installment in the dont make me axe you series featuring jason. It contains voice overs and this time Jason targets a rapper. posted February 1, 2006
Asylum Boy Demon Days Horror
READ!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!! This is the seccond installment of the asylumboy series. This time I got another voice actor to support the role of Asylumboys NEW SIDEKICK!!!! There is also Self composed roc... posted January 30, 2006
Asylumboy Horror
This movie is about a boy is killed and is brought back to life as a dream demon. This movie might make you sad. Contains voice overs from sonny and great effects. posted January 29, 2006
Santa ClawsTrailer Horror
This movie is about a kid who thinks santa clause is a thief. He then sends his dog to attack him and kill him. Rampage goes along the city and santa rises back from the dead. (contains Voice overs f... posted January 29, 2006
Joe Zombie Trailer Horror
This is the trailer for Joe Zombie. The story Is about a teen who wants to be in a gang. But he has to pass a test. He has to put a stake in Joe Rombies heart. But... They accindentally wake him from... posted January 27, 2006
The adventures of the dudes Comedy
Sorry I didnt add the plot but its just the story about two dudes who are mean to eachother. and they trie to kill eachother. posted January 21, 2006
Dont Make Me Axe You Horror
This is the first installment to the dont make me axe you series. This installment is rather short but will give you an idea of the next D.m.m.a.y.a. that has already been made and ready for posting. ... posted January 20, 2006
sTANd up Comedy
This is a laugh out loud! Movie! It will send you laughing for years!!! Its about a skeleton man doing a stand up in a bar and the croud dosent like his performance and so he goes to get drunk. But bu... posted January 20, 2006
Wishfull assasinations Part 1 (with jason) Horror
This is a series and this is the first installment. Any body who wants to submit an idea for me to make jason asassinate go ahead at thanks and enjoy posted December 10, 2005
Friday the 13th Horror
I was just bored on a saturday night so I thought I would make a remake so just enjoy! posted December 10, 2005
DOOM Horror
Its a remake of my own about two solders on there way home but then finding a body aboard their ship. They then must destroy the lab expirements,destroy all evidence of the incedent,and evacuate.Until... posted December 7, 2005
Movies Reviewed by asylumboy
An Eye for An Eye by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Fighting UNLIMITED by SuperGamer92 Action
cool i liked it dud check out my classics sometime reviewed June 12, 2006
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
SORRY TO SAY BUT......i didnt like it at all because the whole entire movie was TALKING AND TALKING AND TALKING! i started getting nausiated! reviewed April 14, 2006
MOVIE PR-101 by perrybigs Comedy
GREAT PERRY GREAT! I downloaded it cause i liked it! ugh! hey wouldnt you ever wonder what my first movie ever was like?? well check it out and review it homie! peace sonny reviewed April 14, 2006
The Baggage Boy Goes To LA by kyle1995 Comedy
nice movie but yah! im gonna go ahead and make a squel to that i guess that would be great so just ill give you another review to inform you when its done reviewed April 14, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
IM jealous!That was one frightening film. You have used your skills effectively once again! The perspective really drew the audience in for a suspenseful experience. The scheme was clever, good conce... reviewed April 11, 2006
three more days of life by perrybigs Action
Featured Review
sorry i havent been able to comment you for a while! the dumbass community kicked me out of the forums so i cant realy do much so heres some money! PEACE!
reviewed March 31, 2006
Alien Vs Jason by danny54321 Action
dont quit your day job reviewed March 31, 2006
Halo Part 1 by SirSquitalot Sci-Fi
KOOL MOVIE DUDE! Ill spread the word about this movie if you will Please review my movie based on the hit show cops! CALLED CLOPS! reviewed February 19, 2006
My Invisible Friend by MovieMan42 Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed February 19, 2006
Devils Child by tom2943 Horror
WHERES MY SHIRT DUDE EPISODE 1 by perrybigs Comedy
I loved it! five stars!***** by the way i reviewed you rmovie BIG BOOBS and you reviewed my movie celebrity fear antics saying for me to rate big boobs and already did! but still your a cool kid! UMM... reviewed February 17, 2006
Bone Saw by ninette1 Horror
Thanks for the COMMENT Ninette!!! by the way i pissed my pants while watching you movies!! cann i add you to my bookmarks? reviewed February 16, 2006
BIG BOOBS by perrybigs Comedy
UMMM im speechless little boy umm i think your little i 13 and iwas the same way you were when i started my storyline was ok but my voices sucked! but i guess you did ok but try better next time!!! e... reviewed February 16, 2006
Athena Project IV The Origin by fulkster Sci-Fi
dude.....i.....dig your athena......series......its..fauckin..awsome! p.s email me!!! AND please watch a movie of mine! ive reviewed all of your movies to help you get some vc's reviewed February 16, 2006
DOOM by Shemuel Sci-Fi
YOU FUC**ING COPYED ME!!!!!......ahem! sorry i get a little upset when people come up with the same ideas as me........ check latest rate one of mine if want but if you dont.....COOL! reviewed February 13, 2006
FK In My Dreams! - Trailer by Mazinkaizerpr Horror
horrible Freddy/10 Editing/0 reviewed February 4, 2006
Freddys Revenge Trailer 2 by Mazinkaizerpr Horror
Hey I can do an EXELLENT!!! Freddy Voice!!!!! I should work with you!!! reviewed February 2, 2006
Heros VS Jason by Zanesk81 Horror
Awsome ASS!!! MOVIE!!! DUDE!!! FOR UR FIRST!!!!! How did you get your spider man and super man??????? Please tell me by reviewing one of my movies!!! reviewed January 31, 2006
The Metroix by SnowballTheDog Comedy
[naughty word!]ING COOL DUDE!!!!! reviewed January 30, 2006
Mason goes to school by xbrandonx Horror
YAWN!!!!!! reviewed January 30, 2006
Beasts in the City - Part 2 by SuperArie Comedy
How old are you??? u sound young!! Im thirteen!! and I make funy ass movies and some cool ones!! pls reveiw 1 of my movies when u get a chance reviewed January 27, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf by 6-Headedmonster Comedy
Okay! I guess I liked the humor and the feel of it! I dint like the fact that you didnt have the doctors or any actors mouths lipsync! If you dont know how all you have to do is right click the voice... reviewed January 24, 2006
king kong (bande-annonce) by jerjer02 Sci-Fi
How How How????????????????????????????????????? How the hell do you people get different music thats not in the game!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Im hella... reviewed January 22, 2006
The Sand Trap by hephalump Comedy
Cool! I like the idea and the feel of five *****s! Please review one of my movies when get a chance asylumboy is my studio name! thanx_-asylumboy reviewed January 22, 2006
Half life the G-mans story by supervis24 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Cool! I liked the feel of it!! and the whole thing kept me exited!! pls... if ur not busy, please review my really!! Funny!!! comedy movie sTand up!! thanx___asylumboy email:
reviewed January 21, 2006
Thankful by 1rod2huge Action
Cool thanks for reviewing my movie! Everyone thought it sucked!????? I worked so hard on it with my friend who did the voices! well anyways how did you get your voices to sound like that??? reviewed January 20, 2006
The Basement by drew131 Horror
COOL! Iliked it. You should review a movie of mine! I got lots of monster movies! reviewed January 19, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Hey How do u make your title like that?? please respond by reviewing a movie of mine!!! reviewed January 14, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
Really freaky!!!! *****!!! reviewed January 5, 2006
Sneak by Ergin Action
Cool! I like it. You should make a sequel! You review one of my movies it would cool if you could! my studio is asylumboy reviewed January 4, 2006
Fable The Movie by stumpythefrog Comedy
Hi My computer really sucks and it only plays the music mostly the movie skips and stuff.......but because i used to love that game I give it a five star.. please view my wishfull assasinations movie... reviewed December 10, 2005