Number of Movies: 8
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.33

Number of Movies Reviewed: 31
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 4.29
Movies Released by Appelhans
The Day Andy Ratzen Went Psycho Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted February 28, 2008
Alien Invasion Comedy Not Rated
A group of aliens land on Earth, but will the humans let the aliens push them around? posted February 26, 2008
The Day Andy Ratzen Went Psycho Comedy Not Rated
In a world with banana guns and alien gangsters, what could go wrong? posted February 26, 2008
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Action
Power Rangers music video/movie thing. I did not know that if I clicked stuff at the beginning, that it would record the sound... posted February 26, 2008
Riverview High Trailer Sci-Fi
Ever wonder what its like at a supernatural high school? Well now you get to find out! Tucker is the new kid. While meeting new friends, Annie and Mark, he has to fight monsters. posted August 24, 2006
2- The Basement Monster Horror
Will Sara Anderson ever get her husband back? After finding out a creature murdered him, she's terrified. (Sorry if the subtitles are fast. posted August 16, 2006
14 the Robot Sci-Fi
A scientist builds a robot that ends up being bent on human destruction! posted August 16, 2006
The Basement Monster Horror
Sarah Anderson is a hardworking housewife. When she finds her husband, Ray Anderson, dead in the cellar she must find help. posted August 14, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Appelhans
Dark September by kell1608 Action
I loved the movie! It showed how hard 9/11 was. reviewed January 21, 2007
Stay Alive by meosha12 Horror
A great horror film! reviewed September 19, 2006
Come On Over! by RedRodrigez Comedy
weird reviewed September 4, 2006
Freedom City Kapitel1 by SebastianW Action
cool reviewed September 2, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
It was a great horror film. reviewed August 29, 2006
Troopers 3 Intro trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
best costumes in the world! reviewed August 26, 2006
Ninjas In Space by docontheweb Comedy
good job, funny! reviewed August 26, 2006
The Spoonbuilder 2 by viper_2005 Comedy
It was just as funny as the first one! reviewed August 26, 2006
The SpoonBuilder by viper_2005 Comedy
It was funny. Can you please look at my movie, 14 the robot? Thank you! reviewed August 26, 2006
Life in the Old West by yeagmaster Romance
It was good. The story was great and long. The voices were just right for the characters. reviewed August 26, 2006
How Far Out by Fahzbehn Comedy
It was funny. reviewed August 25, 2006
A Day In The Life Of Kowalski by JoP Comedy
It was kinda funny. reviewed August 25, 2006
Chicken Big by mylantus Comedy
Good voice acting and a great story. You might wanna look into my movie coming soon. It's calle The Story of my LIFE. reviewed August 25, 2006
Money Talks by tremblett Romance
It was a decent movie. I loved the voice. Please rate my movie. The Basement Monster. If you like what you see take a look at the sequel. reviewed August 25, 2006
PIRATES ! Episode One Directors Cut by Richegroover Action
Iloved seeing this movie again in a different version. Please make the second movie soon. Try to take a look at my movie, 14 the robot. reviewed August 25, 2006
A Monster Within by joel666 Horror
It was a pretty good movie. I loved the script. Can you rate mine? Riverview High the trailer? please. reviewed August 25, 2006
Fight for love by cameroony Romance
It was a good movie. reviewed August 25, 2006
Kidnapping by ShyShy Horror
It was a pretty decent movie reviewed August 25, 2006
QUIETUS II by josephkw Horror
It had a great story! reviewed August 22, 2006
Quietus1 by josephkw Horror
It was a great movie! reviewed August 22, 2006
Everybody Hates Frank the Clown by raginghomo Comedy
that was hiwarious! reviewed August 20, 2006
Star Wars Gangsta Rap by CrackClown69 Sci-Fi
this movie's pretty funny. OW! WHYD YOU SLICE OFF MY HAND? reviewed August 19, 2006
Impostor by Tal0n Sci-Fi
It was a pretty decent movie. reviewed August 17, 2006
Disco Santa Fights Back by boothyboothy Comedy
Awesome. that didn't really make any sense but it was HILARIOUS!!! reviewed August 16, 2006
Saturn Man by JSim07 Sci-Fi
This movie was great. reviewed August 16, 2006
Saturn Man Returns by JSim07 Sci-Fi
The movie was enjoyable and had a great story. Can't wait till S3! reviewed August 16, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
The sets were perfect for a caribbean fit. well done! reviewed August 16, 2006
A foggy day by Shawn96 Horror
it was a good story. reviewed August 16, 2006
Superman- A Small Town Hero by topheadx Comedy
fThis movie wasn't that great. The beginning part was even longer! reviewed August 15, 2006
Harry Potter and Voldemort by joanbiel Sci-Fi
I'm a fan of th books and I've seen all th movies. I believe this will never be one of them. reviewed August 15, 2006
Kal-El by mikeychaos Action
I think you had a great beginning! reviewed August 15, 2006