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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.0

Number of Movies Reviewed: 306
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 9
Average Rating Given: 3.38
Movies Released by Amityville_Dude
Error! Comedy
Error! Mr. Conman just hit a whole new level of crudeness.... Rated PG-13 for course language and crude humour. I will not be held responsole for one star attcks (rolleyes) posted February 4, 2007
A Sit Down With Mr. Conamn and Mr. Conroy Comedy
No Description posted February 4, 2007
Men Of The 101st Division 3 (Subs) Action
DiMeNsIoN fIlMs Thank you for viewing this! I hope it has good success posted December 11, 2006
The Omen Part 1 Horror
Movie idea asked with perrmission ***************** Custom Titles Remake ***************** 100% asked with for perrmision very mild language ***************** for all the people who have and have n... posted August 2, 2006
Asassain Action
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Before Lizzie Borden, before the riots, women could get away with murder. Only known to appearence as the daughters of god, they were really the sins of god, his only major sin. M... posted August 1, 2006
The Amityville Horror (Trailer 3) Horror
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Based on a true story... posted July 22, 2006
The Other Side Horror
dImEnSiOn FiLmS What if there was another world, a world unlike any other you have ever been to? A world were the demon is highest in command... Coming this December... The other side... hell will... posted July 22, 2006
Mothership 2 Total Anialation Action
plz watch and rate the first one first plz! posted July 21, 2006
The London Bombings (Trailer) Action
The sad but true story "let the nation not weep at this loss but look at as a gain for the steps we take closer to geting a free country and a PEACEFUL WORLD!" Qouted by Tony Blair let us use his wise... posted July 21, 2006
The 25th Hour Horror
Sup foos posted July 17, 2006
The Amityville Horror (Trailer 2) Horror
this is the trailer for my new upcoming remake the amityvlle horror heart beat sound from 8eyedbaby and headings from flaming text(ur number one source for text!) And custom titles made by me so enjoy! posted July 14, 2006
TMO Beauty DeathmatchPagent Comedy
This movie is 22nd in the charts i am so proud and my studio is third in the charts! So thank u to all! posted July 5, 2006
Temperature (Music Video!) Comedy
The music video for sean pauls song temperature hope u enjoy it! posted July 5, 2006
Saving Private Ryan (Remake) Action
do u think this has a chance at winning the ompotition? posted June 25, 2006
The House Horror
Dimesion Films Introduces THE HOUSE The movie will star some new studios with alot of potential the studios are The Talented 321man playing my wife Staree_Movies Playing Father Malloy a troubled ... posted June 16, 2006
The London Fire (Teaser) Action
hi i think this is the best trailer i have ever made oh yeah i forgot whoever reviews all of my movies i will give ALL! of my vcs to i am being serious! so start voting! i have 31,406! Update*Forge... posted June 15, 2006
The Amityville Horror Remake (Trailer) Horror
hi guess what i just came back from amityville and i got some real pics and i think i might have found a ghost! Enjoy posted June 11, 2006
The Omen (Trailer) Horror
Can u plz bookmark this movie and my studio? posted June 9, 2006
Stunts and Stupid Things Comedy
No Description posted June 9, 2006
Mothership Action
Miss Murder Action
This is just a trailer so you know its for my upcoming movie well Miss Murder Hot Pick! Nah just joking! LOL Miss Murder in my movie is the gift of god and daughter of the devil in this feature th... posted June 5, 2006
Peace (Stop the violence) Comedy
Plz stop the violence we all want to live a happy healthy life right!? Vote Now! Includes full Vo's and custom credits! This is not a Comedy i dont know what genre it is! posted May 31, 2006
Mr Conman The Movie Comedy
The Movie is here! Directors Note wow it actually is done full Vo's custom titles gotta be my best yet so enjoy it get a couple of laughs You might wanna turn up the volume alot because some of the ... posted May 28, 2006
Shortest Movie 4 Comedy
No Description posted May 27, 2006
Short Movie 7 Comedy
No Description posted May 27, 2006
Short Movie 5 Comedy
No Description posted May 27, 2006
Men of the 101st Division 2 Action
This is the sequal to the first one i tried out custom titles nagh they suck well enjoy! The first one has gotta be the most deep movie i have ever made! posted May 27, 2006
Shortest Movie On TMO 3 Comedy
SHORT! posted May 27, 2006
Shortest Movie Part Two Comedy
No Description posted May 27, 2006
Inside Man 2 The Plan Action
No Description posted May 27, 2006
Inside Man Action
No Description posted May 24, 2006
Men of the 101st Division Action
No Description posted May 23, 2006
Mr Conman The Movie Trailer Comedy
Hi this is a trailer for my upcoming movie Mr. Conman the movie. Plzzzzz rate my upcoming movie Men of the 101st Division. Ull see wat its about! posted May 23, 2006
Mr Conman 4 The Side Kick! Comedy
The forth and almost last movie plz view my upcoming movie the ;london fire and the trailer ****************************************************** Oh Yeah introducing for the first time Victoria holde... posted May 18, 2006
The London Fire (Trailer) Action
THE LONDON FIRE my happy trialer wow it finnaly cmae out i ave been working on this for like a month and it finnaly came uot plz do not rate bad ive worked so hard. It might be just a bit hard to foll... posted May 17, 2006
The Stolen Banana Action
Hello thank you for viewing the stolen bananna with Vo's theyre not very good plz check out the longest year reconsrtucting and the making of the amityville Horror Thnx again! posted May 12, 2006
Shortest Movie ever definitly Comedy
8 miliseconds enjoy it while you can see it! posted May 11, 2006
Making Of The Amityville Horror Action
This is the first ever making of movie plz watch this before you watch the real movie. Thanks Amityville_Dude posted May 11, 2006
The Longest Year 2 Reconstructing Action
This is the sequal to the first longest year movie hope you enjoy it! Modded the sets by myself third part comeing soon posted May 11, 2006
The Amityville Horror Horror
update i am re realeasing this movie in celebration of my remake coming very soon so enjoy! ****Rated 14a posted May 4, 2006
Mr Conman 2 Comedy
The Conman is back and at his mischeif again thank u for watching it a third part will be out soon! posted April 30, 2006
Saving Private Ryan (Directors Cut) Action
This movie is based on the awful yet true story of World War 2 and the Ryan Brothers. Special thanks goes out to Tim Stewart for the Voice overs. So enjoy and remeber this is real. posted April 27, 2006
War Of The Worlds Action
No Description posted April 26, 2006
The Leaves Of Springhouse County Romance
This A Romance / Action movie about a man who leaves his wife to go to war with his friend and it turns out his friend made it back home and told the others mans wife that he had indeed died. And whil... posted April 21, 2006
Summer Shack (Trailer) Horror
No Description posted April 20, 2006
Inside Man 2 (Trailer) Action
No Description posted April 20, 2006
Iron Bomb Action
This Is The Sequel and last movie to the russian assualt. A new band of brothers have been formed the Chingwell Band And will they suceed or die in a terrible death?... posted April 19, 2006
Mr Conman Comedy
No Description posted April 18, 2006
The Longest Year 2 Reconstructing (Trailer Action
This Is The Sequel trailer to the longest year one my mom came up with that title coming soon oh yeah please watch inside man and longest year one And can anyone no how to make custom titles posted April 18, 2006
Ghosts Of The High Sierra Horror
Storyline Ok this movie is hard to under stand it is about a man who was brutally murdered in his apartment the police don't no how he was killed but they no that he was hit in the back of the head wi... posted April 17, 2006
The Tampering Horror
No Description posted April 17, 2006
Pink Panther Comedy
Alpha Male Comedy
No Description posted April 17, 2006
The Amityville Horror ( Trailer) Horror
I worked my butt of on this and the movie will scare you to death trust me there will be nightmears flashbacks. And there will be VO's i am actually going to use the real dialouge from the actual mov... posted April 17, 2006
The Longest Year Romance
Please Rate Inside man i need credits and how do you make custom titles? posted April 17, 2006
Russain Assualt Action
This movie is about what the russians would do to the americans. This movie is not based on true events. Enjoy. No bad comments please only Positive ones. And how do u make custom titles PLEASE TELL... posted April 17, 2006
The Baggage Boy Comedy
Movies Reviewed by Amityville_Dude
Brothers Of War Ep 1 by Staree_Movies Action
Good movies Staree i might start geting into making movies again but who knows. reviewed June 12, 2008
Unsung Soldiers by Staree_Movies Action
I've always been a fan of war movies. And you have portryaed this very well. 5***** reviewed January 10, 2008
Sneak Peak! Of Seige by Staree_Movies Action
Holy [wash your mouth out!]. That has got to be by far some of the best overlay work I have ever seen. Damn it had the lightning effects, the people running. The waves moving! Jesus Chirst! I'm spe... reviewed August 13, 2007
Medallion Of Heros by Staree_Movies Action
Amazing movie! Great effects, great musc and a great vo cast. This really beats your old foe contempt movie. This is actually really amazing.:) Good job! reviewed July 25, 2007
Aya and Yumi 5 Songs of Vengeance by madone69 Horror
Fairly well done. A bit too long for me though ;) reviewed June 26, 2007
A Day In The Life Of TMO by bufu0 Comedy
Lmao that was pretty funny keep it up :) reviewed June 26, 2007
Personality(Teaser) by bufu0 Horror
The atmossphere could have been set a little better but overall well done :) reviewed June 25, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
Wow these are pretty dark movies you have but very well executed. Very nice flow of scenes characters are beautiful :p Overall an amazing job you have done with these movies. reviewed June 25, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
Very astonishing work done on this one. I could feel the characters come to life as the story progressed. Overall Well done! reviewed June 25, 2007
the unexpected episode 3 by castrol Horror
Those Vo's Sucked! Wow! And stop with the copyrighted music yet again! And you sounded like a bad mouthing two year old! reviewed May 21, 2007
Forged in Love by weckman Romance
Enough with the multiple accounts eh? I hated it. Couldn't stand it. reviewed April 30, 2007
War is Hell by Staree_Movies Horror
Ah who cares! Loved the subs though :p reviewed April 30, 2007
The 26th Yankee Infantry Division- 6 by mumu94 Action
Stupid. reviewed April 27, 2007
Policy 99 by stigus Action
Absoulutley pointless! In fact was there a point to it? Of course not! reviewed April 27, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
IT by carlosanddanny Comedy
This movie is the most ridiculous movie ever! So stupid! Why are you in the top chart spot you lowlife! Go to hell. loser reviewed February 2, 2007
Revenge of the Bullied One by tomasm Comedy
SmS Slap Reviews Well this definitly gets a good slap across the face! Excellent movie Tomasm. Vo's were done superbly and quite funny at times :) Storyline was really well done it was very funny.... reviewed January 30, 2007
Sniper 1 Los Angeles(trailer) by LazyboyFlims06 Action
SmS Slap's Reviews It was just a trailer, but I am not very good with trailers. Overall the atmoshpere of the trailer was very bad. Didn't enjoy the music did not flow with the scenes. OVerall th... reviewed January 30, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
You just took one of the worlds biggest tradegys and made it seem like a comedy :@ You very stupid to be making a 9/11 movie. I suffred the same conequenses as you. So take this movie off before I ... reviewed January 24, 2007
The Doughboy by cheetah_13 Comedy
I appologize :'( reviewed January 21, 2007
texas valley by cheetah_13 Action
um.... could have been a lot better! Alot better. But I admit good try! Godd try! reviewed January 20, 2007
The 26th Yankee Infantry Division-7 by mumu94 Action
That dudiwantaburito guy was definitly an alternate account. First off that movie was [oh please!]. Nothing but pure rotten [oh please!]. I didnt like it at all. Just my opinion. Now don't be a ... reviewed January 5, 2007
Judes Law (trailer) by RaYdAwG Action
Dude! Sweet film ya got here! I really appreciated your comment on my movie! reviewed December 27, 2006
time (trailer) by chitty123 Sci-Fi
Dimension Reviews Very well made trailer! I don't give trailers 5 stars but this one was an exptionaly made one! Can you please watch and rate Men of the 101st division 3? reviewed December 20, 2006
SOS by Montoro Sci-Fi
happy? I rated your movie there yah go. reviewed December 15, 2006
adolf by swat1129 Romance
that was so stupid! reviewed December 13, 2006
Flying by marvellousguppimovies Action
Very well made mods! Usally i don't give tech demos 5 stars but this one deserves it :) If you have the time can you please rate my newest movie? Thanks Amityville_Dude reviewed December 13, 2006
The Raven by CurtParr Horror
dImEnSiOn fIlMs Wow a very well made film :) Storyline was just outstanding very well written horror material :) Characters were fresh and original felt like i got to know them :) Dialouge was ve... reviewed December 13, 2006
TruthOfMars2 by bongoman Sci-Fi
very well executed movie you have made! Please watch and rate 9/11 an american tradegy :) Thanks Good job! reviewed December 8, 2006
Just watch my step by miri2 Comedy
Nice alternate accounts I hate this stupid gimic films, the least you can do is make a picture that makes us think instead of these pointless movies?! Overall it was absoulutley dreadful just awf... reviewed December 6, 2006
Space Morons Episode 5 Federation Fun by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
The title gives it away _moron_ that's what you are this movie sucks quit making movies loser. reviewed December 2, 2006
Siclops Award Show Tralier by siclops Comedy
Nothing special just another wanna be :) reviewed November 26, 2006
Two Idiots by Ssspongebob1993 Comedy
dImEnSiOn Pretty odd sense of humour you got there but it was pretty funny :) Can you please watch and rate my newest 9/11 movie? Thanks! reviewed November 26, 2006
PACMAN FAN!! by makrim83 Comedy
Well it is definitly a love for me! Great job Makrim83 you put a lot of work into this an it payed off! Can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz watch and rate my newest 9/11 movie? Thansk! reviewed November 26, 2006
The Priest Files by AvYoshi Sci-Fi
Very well done I enjoyed it alot! :) Can you watch and rate my newest movie 9/11? reviewed November 26, 2006
Space by orbitisnice Sci-Fi
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Very good with a touch of comedy :) nice use of music! Subs were superb never seen better! Storyline was great very well put together Scene were done great! Nice use of S&E Good cutti... reviewed November 26, 2006
The Bully by AvYoshi Action
dImEnsIoN FiLmS I must say the Vi's at the beginning were pretty humorous :) One star for that! Plus the overall story was well put together! :) It was a good length and the scenes fit in perfectly... reviewed November 26, 2006
I can see you by sergent Comedy
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Thank god I'm thirteen :p But no really great movie you got here, kind of like an AFV :) I guess 8-) Overall it was a great use of freecam and S&E you did it in an interesting way ;... reviewed November 26, 2006
KONG teaser trailer by RobinKasik Horror
dImEnSiOn fIlMs Holy S**t! That was an amzing trailer! Good music and use of freecam. Somepeople try to hard to recreate the King Kong movies but you have pulled it off. Great sound effects 5/5 ... reviewed November 26, 2006
The Underworld Trailer by DereksMovies Horror
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Wow great trailer you got here, has potential to be high in the charts. Subtitles were great, not a spelling mistake in sight :) It was a good length leftwith me with a feeling of "wh... reviewed November 26, 2006
bone!!! by castrol Horror
Totaly a worthless peice of crap and I qoute from you "Stupid wee boy" reviewed November 26, 2006
Gordons Training by Aladdin-Sane Comedy
dImEnSiOn FiLmS I must say you made me laugh a pretty good laugh, not to shabby :) Some subtitles would have made it better but a job well done! Can you please watch and rate my newest 9/11 movie? ... reviewed November 26, 2006
The End of the Road by ChristophHuber Romance
dImEnSiOn fIlMs This movie is going to get flagge just so you know, the music is copywritted. But now for the review. Subtitles were amazing not a spelling mistake in sight! The storyline was fan... reviewed November 26, 2006
StarDust Part 1 by RosGin Sci-Fi
dImEnSiOn FiLmS You know what they say the second attempt is the best attempt :) A truly shocking movie I must say, subttiles were superb! Never seen any better. I think you could have explained t... reviewed November 26, 2006
Jackass by derectorman67 Comedy
One word to sum this movie up, copywrites? You need to watch it. But overall amazing work great storyline, dialouge was superb. :) But remember to change the name! ;) Can you plzzzz watch and rate... reviewed November 26, 2006
Diary Of A Made Man by churchie13 Action
dImEnSiOn fIlMs Very nice film you got here, great movie making techiniaques, good use of extras! One suggestion is to turn of the mumbling sound it gets really annoying ;) but i wont rate it low f... reviewed November 25, 2006
Love and War by westerngun Action
dImEnSiOn FiLmS I must say I'm a sucker for war movies and you sure as hell pulled it off! Good job for a first voice acting attempt. One suggestion to get a more clear sound from your mic ;) Anoth... reviewed November 25, 2006
James Zond Contre Dr Yes by MLK Comedy
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Really good movie you got here, you have a lot of potentail in the movie making buisness! One thing I would recomend is telling people that the movie is in french. But the subs were ... reviewed November 25, 2006
Robbing Chickitee by chels9292 Comedy
dImEnSiOn FiLmS Very good movie you have here, at first judging by the title I thought it was gonna be another one of those gimic movies but i must say overall it was made very well! Can you pleas... reviewed November 25, 2006
The Day They Fell by Toxindude Action
Amityville/Sleepy Review Center One thing I must say this movie does not deserve to be in the charts. It doesnt mean that it is a bad movie becasue it is very well made. Nice use of freecam. It co... reviewed November 19, 2006
Game Over by ShyShy Action
absoulutly pointless reviewed November 12, 2006
Pulling The Plug by jukieuk Horror
Sleepy Review Center I must say It was a good shot at a Horror movie. Some things I have to point out: The bd's were kinda blurry what did you use to make them? Pm me Overall it was fairly good, co... reviewed November 11, 2006
Terist attack by Acc Horror
Look at the title that screams one star. *terorist!* Jesus Christ reviewed November 11, 2006
CC Journey Through Time and Space by Penut Comedy
youve done it you won 321man's reviewcomp and you deserved it! reviewed October 21, 2006
War Crimes by AUTOPHILLIA Action
THIS REALLY SUCKS reviewed October 21, 2006
A Diseased Mind by daneausten Horror
Featured Review
reviewed October 20, 2006
thriller!!!! by castrol Action
thriller the real one by castrol Horror
? WHAT! ? Why is this being entered into finish the story and i bet you copyrighted that music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed October 17, 2006
Space Killers Part 1 by ShyShy Sci-Fi
DEFINITLY UR BEST SCI FI!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed October 14, 2006
Masked Killer 3 (Remade) by ShyShy Horror
very good very good But hey u havent rated my movies like u promised on ur studio page! reviewed October 13, 2006
SMS Intro Overlay Test by 911truth Comedy
nice dude! reviewed October 13, 2006
Mezzanines Overture Teaser by elizabethsusan Action
sWEET! RATE MI MOVIES!!!!! reviewed October 13, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! RATE MI MOVIES! reviewed October 13, 2006
SCREW Part 1 by micha83 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
hey micha micha micha micha micha micha micha micha micha micha micha micha i love you! lol ur movies kick Arsenal!!!!!!!!!! lol if u stop making movies i will hunt u down and kill YOU! KILL YOU!!!!!!...
reviewed October 12, 2006
Brothers in Arms Together in War by frod Action
Holy S**t! this has gotta be one of the best ive ever seen! im bookmarking this! reviewed October 10, 2006
Brothers in Arms Paddocks Story by frod Action
very good entertaining! keep it up reviewed October 9, 2006
Zombie by perun1nj Horror
nice i loved it rate my newest! reviewed October 3, 2006
Heaven vs Hell by ShyShy Comedy
very nice bd vos! good job reviewed October 1, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
that is hilarious! reviewed September 30, 2006
Big Boobs by carlosanddanny Comedy
this is disturbing reviewed September 28, 2006
The Spirit Guardian by nightfire101 Action
1 word aesome! i mean amazing man! (oh yeah those marrigige stuff were flashbacks) reviewed September 24, 2006
First Person View Movie - Davids Adventure by starmovie Sci-Fi
one thing that that brought me down were the terrible subtitles many misspellings that brings down the movie soooooo much more hence the reason why im rating it 3 stars better luck next time reviewed September 23, 2006
Scape Goat by JackRabbit Comedy
whoa this sucks! reviewed September 22, 2006
World Trade Center(Theres Still hope) by carlosanddanny Action
Some Big Questions For Me To Ask well first off u dont show us enough dude come on you no you do do it better and why is there a bedroom in the world trade center? Beleive it or not i really didnt l... reviewed September 21, 2006
72 hours of Unreality A Journey From 9-11 by yankeefox Romance
wow it takes a true poet to create something that good nice job reviewed September 21, 2006
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
in canada centres is spelt with a tre reviewed September 20, 2006
One Love One Life by alohamovienut Romance
whoa! this stunk no offence reviewed September 19, 2006
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
hey dude my movie is right behind you in the action charts cool hey well good job can u rate my 9/11 movie? reviewed September 19, 2006
1Mo Tribute (A lil funk with some krunk ) by boxermix11 Sci-Fi
VERY GOOD I LOVED IT (WHOS E-MO) reviewed September 19, 2006
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Episode 1 by astr Action
i likes it alot can you rate my 9/11 movie? reviewed September 19, 2006
World Trade Centers - Trailer by TheTomas Horror
wow this is amazing! Great work! reviewed September 19, 2006
Their law! by untova-5 Action
amazing should 5.5 stars lol i loved it! good job! reviewed September 19, 2006
The Battle of Berlin by mcrispy13 Action
very good very good! maybe me and u could collaberate some time! (oh yeah thank you for your review on my 9/11 movie made me feel good!) reviewed September 18, 2006
You Dropped the F-Bomb by sphinx86 Comedy
nice reviewed September 17, 2006
You Cant Do That! by sphinx86 Comedy
yay! reviewed September 17, 2006
Cup Of Coffee by elizabethsusan Romance
very good it was sad u r a talented movie maker reviewed September 17, 2006
Throvex by elizabethsusan Comedy
very good i liked it! you wouldnt mind rating my new 9/11 movie would you? you dont have to its 15th in the charts thank you and once again i loved it! reviewed September 17, 2006
Masked Killer 2 Trailer by ShyShy Horror
looking very good! will you pleasse rate my 9/11 movie its 14th in the charts! reviewed September 17, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
this was the first movie on tmo and its the one that inspires me good job 6 keep it up can u rate mi 9/11 movie? reviewed September 17, 2006
Horses On A Train (Bring It) by naughteydog Comedy
lol that was cute! reviewed September 17, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
best movie i have ever seen on tmo keep it up! Can u rate mi 9/11 movie? reviewed September 17, 2006
How to Custom -music and sound effect- by sidy Comedy
Zombie King by makrim83 Horror
that was amazing great camra work great storyline everything that would make this movie deserve 5***** looked like a real hollywood flick! Can you please rate my 9/11 movie? reviewed September 16, 2006
9-11 theatrical trailer by fadedmemory90 Action
i like this alot! I made a 9/11 movie check it out if you have some time! reviewed September 16, 2006
Screw Trailer by micha83 Sci-Fi
wow it looks amazing dude keep it up! (Can u rate my new movie 9/11 an american tradedgy?) THANKS! reviewed September 16, 2006
Red Rain 2 part 1 by filipekholmstudios Action
very good! reviewed September 16, 2006
Gangsta city - Chapter 2 Tokyo Takedown by blizzard_2 Action
i love it! reviewed September 16, 2006
[play nice now!] Happens 1 by simonium Horror
LOL RANDOM BUT GOOD JOB! reviewed September 15, 2006
The Baggage Boy by freak6010 Comedy
noooooooooooooo! reviewed September 5, 2006
X-treme Sports by gretzdog Comedy
honesty here its called harsh critism ive read some of the reviews u have givin people not very nice that will get u a bad reputation on the website and please dont waste your time with worthless movi... reviewed September 3, 2006
Firelight by abaris11 Horror
i only giving this a three sorry reviewed September 3, 2006
e u a preview trailer by LtFury Action
very very good i luved it reviewed September 3, 2006
Genome by FraasMovies Action
very good movie fraas! reviewed September 1, 2006
Bruce Steele Trailer by nickobretto Action
could have been better reviewed August 14, 2006
Brokeback Desert by FungSoup Action
u copyrighted music i could flag this movie for that oh yeah get a life ive been on this site longer than u retard! reviewed August 13, 2006
Band Fights by tprice Comedy
what can i say ur an idiot u rated my movie one without giving a better explanation what u said was "terrible worst movie i have ever seen!" (o yeah ur vos are crap reviewed August 13, 2006
Who stole my props!!! by pearsonhouse Comedy
ha ha ha funny reviewed August 10, 2006
Getting J Laid by tprice Comedy
u idiot i hate u u are very rude plz just burn reviewed August 10, 2006
Torn Pages by pearsonhouse Romance
very very good has a meaning to reviewed August 10, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
very good reviewed August 10, 2006
The Noob Story Part 5 by ilovecheeze Action
its ok but not great reviewed August 9, 2006
Hes The GREATEST DANCER!!! by wazmaster5794 Comedy
ok reviewed August 5, 2006
Who shot Parker DC (part 1) by bmaitland Action
very good KEEP IT UP RATE MI MOVIES! reviewed August 4, 2006
Mutley Episode 8 by bisonhead Comedy
cool reviewed August 4, 2006
The ToddFather by deenswe2003 Action
cool movie reviewed August 4, 2006
Price of Vengeance by Bennettl Action
The Hills Have Eyes Trailer by zackLIV Horror
Zagrax Prime by penguin44ca Sci-Fi
awesome very very good! Keep it up rATE MI FILMS! reviewed August 4, 2006
your best to date! Can u rate my newest film The Omen Part 1? Thank u u r my hero! reviewed August 2, 2006
Land of the Dead - Trailer by TheTomas Horror
very very intersting (thnx for that review you got it into the charts!) reviewed August 2, 2006
Americas Girl Gets Married by MrAllison Romance
this movie should be listed as a comedy hilarious! reviewed August 2, 2006
ON by sidy Romance
you wanted to no what happened well they seduced thousands and murdered hundreds and it will tell the story of their life! reviewed August 2, 2006
Static Fiction by Hanks22 Horror
No Review reviewed August 2, 2006
Satans Soldiers by Hanks22 Horror
thank u so much! reviewed August 1, 2006
Ghost PORN by nicvancamp Comedy
funny reviewed August 1, 2006
Little Red Riding Hoodie by Morris101 Horror
thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... reviewed August 1, 2006
Strange things are happening 2 by thejoe8pizza Comedy
amazing this one is in the charts right? Cool thnx for rating mi movie reviewed August 1, 2006
THE FEAR by Makrim83 Horror
well it was okay...?!,...?"[=) but still i say thumbs down =( nice try dont give up reviewed August 1, 2006
The fighter trailer by castrol Action
this blows reviewed August 1, 2006
Tommys Pride by Balckdeath Action
:) u know what that smile means i luved it a classic approuch to making a war movie r8 mi films reviewed August 1, 2006
The city of death by the_richman Action
amazing frightning reviewed August 1, 2006
cow boy killers yeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaa by machoman_films Action
sweet reviewed August 1, 2006
Nighthawk - Judgement goes on by N8Wolf Action
awesome movie r8 mine reviewed August 1, 2006
Number B by MrSmithee Action
cool movie made me think r8 mi movies reviewed August 1, 2006
Aliens! by jki371 Sci-Fi
ok then reviewed August 1, 2006
Metal Head by MEOSHA12 Action
awesome movie r8 mine reviewed August 1, 2006
Redeemer by GooDilein Action
this ones gonna be a classic cant wait reviewed August 1, 2006
This Could Happen Again trailer by yoyokid Action
ok the last part was really chessey but orveral 8.5/10 could have been better reviewed August 1, 2006
The rescue pissing by alexmex Comedy
i didnt find it funny sorry but just my opinoin reviewed August 1, 2006
Adrenaline by alfacruzer Horror
NEVER USE THE IT AINT OVER YET SEEN! Good story a few glitches but over with some editing it could be chart matriel. I am giving one extra star for the poster. Good Job reviewed August 1, 2006
Donna Kebab by pearsonhouse Romance
a touching and fresh approouch to making a romance film reviewed August 1, 2006
A Friend in Need by themonkthemonk Comedy
hilarious one for the ages reviewed August 1, 2006
TMO Meeting - with all the TMO members by blizzard_2 Comedy
its cool reviewed July 23, 2006
Gologtha Lives! by mellie101 Horror
No dont uplaod this just try to be more creative reviewed July 22, 2006
Under the Wire - Transwire Desire Mix by mildheadwound Romance
amazing r8 mi movies reviewed July 21, 2006
Dead Silence by blizzard_2 Horror
ur a legend reviewed July 21, 2006
(Another Tribute)Greatest MIXTape Ever by boxermix11 Sci-Fi
Thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... reviewed July 21, 2006
Teaser for my next movie (Sneak Preview) by TimBurtonFan Horror
awesome movie im a big fan (can ugive me a hint on how to make a chart toping movie? oh yeah can u do it in rating because because i dont have connection to the forums.) (connection is down!) reviewed July 19, 2006
behold the 10th planet 1 by kingpengvin Sci-Fi
awesome r8 my films reviewed July 18, 2006
ERNIES SECRET by kingpengvin Comedy
awesome do i smell a sequal? r8 my newest! reviewed July 18, 2006
Garden Of Harm by jinko23 Horror
Featured Review
that made no sense but oh well rate my movies (thats not temperature
reviewed July 18, 2006
Olympus Mons 2058 by jinko23 Sci-Fi
retarded didnt make me laugh made u look like an idiot... oh dear reviewed July 18, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Trailer by OlliEntertainment Comedy
thnx for that review Good Movie i liked the backdrops R8 some of my other movies! reviewed July 18, 2006
Tik tak by ghoststalker Horror
nice movie r8 my newest! reviewed July 17, 2006
Another Westrin Tail by leejames929 Action
really good action r8 my films reviewed July 17, 2006
Giant Poor Man by leejames929 Comedy
nice! reviewed July 17, 2006
the air by castrol Action
thenextspeilberg10 y wood u call a truce with this little 1 star ninja? reviewed July 17, 2006
Trigger HappyMusic Video by reapar Comedy
someone has already done this music video copyrighted man! reviewed July 17, 2006
Metle heads of the future 2 by Acc Comedy
u r so imature these movies are gonna get u a really bad reputation starting with me because i already dont like u reviewed July 17, 2006
War is Hell by Acc Horror
r u supposed to be funny because this movie sux call me when u have made agood one so just shut up with that swearing because no one give a crap about it I dont know if i should flag this or not! ... reviewed July 17, 2006
Another Stupid movie About A Break-In by naughteydog Comedy
Featured Review
didnt make any sense and i am not doin this to revenge rate i just didnt like this plz dont revenge rate to me
reviewed July 17, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
i absoulouty loved it! Oh yeah i have a small question when i downloaded ur canastilation set it didnt come with the water what do i do? Reply back in rating one of my films reviewed July 17, 2006
Firemen 001 by blizzard_2 Action
awesome hey will u rate all of my movies and i will split my credits withu? Reply back! reviewed July 16, 2006
Foe Contempt by Staree_Movies Action
nice movie! reviewed July 16, 2006
Chainsaw Zombies-Trailer by BlooX Horror
no reviewed July 16, 2006
War is Hell by Staree_Movies Horror
Featured Review
hey awesome nice movie and vos!
reviewed July 15, 2006
Sex Education by jwt81893 Comedy
dont listen to what they say good job reviewed July 14, 2006
love by machoman_films Romance
kicks ass! reviewed July 14, 2006
KILLING YOU IS THE ONLY THING I DO by machoman_films Horror
dude sorry wats up wit u ive rated all of ur movies! Sorry... reviewed July 14, 2006
shoot em up! by machoman_films Action
hey dude sup wit u reviewed July 14, 2006
Stupid Movie! by machoman_films Comedy
great movie cant wait to see the seqaul! Oh yeah how did u make those titles! reviewed July 13, 2006
Dummies in the Hall by machoman_films Comedy
ha ha ha ! AWESOME! reviewed July 13, 2006
Too Short by timman Sci-Fi
ha liar its four seconds mine are much shorter reviewed July 12, 2006
Phantom of the opera (Trailer) by micha83 Romance
this is going to be amazing i have always been a fan of urs great modding great WELL EVERYTHING! the music fit the mood perfectly and guess what i saw phantom ofthe opera when it first came out and i ... reviewed July 12, 2006
Frontière de l'infini by RustineMan Sci-Fi
well that was a dissapointment reviewed July 12, 2006
The big hit by sidy Action
you never fai lto please hey do u wanna rate all my movies and i'll split my income with u? reviewed July 10, 2006
1790 english v americans by castrol Action
i am offering a truce... reviewed July 9, 2006
New Battlefield Screen Test by smithy1992 Action
whats ur problem with me! Huh? reviewed July 9, 2006
SWAT by castrol Action
wow this movie is really stupid! reviewed July 9, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
awesome r8 mi movies reviewed July 6, 2006
This movie for all the people of the world by sidy Romance
wow that was really really good i'm bookmarking this r8 my movies! reviewed July 6, 2006
Some Random War by worldu Action
ur credits have arrived! reviewed July 5, 2006
Agent Bob by worldu Action
Featured Review
ur right it is a worthy winner hey do u think i could make u an offer _____________________________________________________________________________ so would u like to rate all of my movies and i will...
reviewed July 5, 2006
Green Day Minority (Trailer) by worldu Comedy
ha ha ha _______________________ hey can i make an offer with u do u wanna review all of my movies and i'll split my credits wit u? i have 15,246$$ reply back! reviewed July 5, 2006
Amazing one of the best i've ever seen im bookmarkin this! ________________ Rate Mi movies! reviewed July 5, 2006
Once Apon A Time In Hell by jguer222 Horror
im not cool reviewed July 5, 2006
the gheto studios vs the movie legends by jguer222 Action
good job u have angermanagment calm down! reviewed July 5, 2006
torn by jguer222 Horror
i came up wit di idea first reviewed July 4, 2006
Frank the return of the smurfs by radioactivemanphilc Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed July 4, 2006
Dawn Of Evil 3 - Apocalypse (Part 1) by Hami13 Horror
good job hami! reviewed July 4, 2006
The 26th Yankee Infantry Division- 1 by mumu94 Action
No Review reviewed July 1, 2006
Cival War by movies4u Action
civil war accent on the i learn how to spell reviewed June 27, 2006
love once lost by castrol Romance
remeber u asked how old i was well y should i tell u? reviewed June 25, 2006
Alpha Male by davidmihocik Comedy
dont get it reviewed June 25, 2006
1920 Who the [not-so-nice-word!] is Hitler by SP90 Comedy
u know i should flag this movie it is inapropriete so knock it off or i will geet u banned reviewed June 25, 2006
The real civil war by castrol Action
um lets see bad music subtitles were fast and learn ur history! reviewed June 25, 2006
the adventure of catwoman by castrol Action
uh its ok (r u still gonna be a meanie and revnge rate?) reviewed June 23, 2006
u abusive little baby i gave u one star because u deserved it just like this movie so u have no reason to give my movie one star AND IF U DO THIS AGAIN I WILL REPORT U SO KNOCK IT OFF god! and if this... reviewed June 23, 2006
the civil war 33 by castrol Sci-Fi
vos werent good and why are u using goodcharlotte has no story line and why is it world war 33 its not sci fi ya and ur not funny it makes no sense and its not cool so i dare u to revenge rate me! reviewed June 23, 2006
Hawaii by donaldtrump Action
i'm a 1 star ninja reviewed June 23, 2006
The [naughty word!] Collered Afro by Scarface6191 Comedy
Pointless and if u try to revenge rate i will report u reviewed June 23, 2006
The Camping Trip TRAILER by sugarmaniac1234321 Horror
u know how u gave mine one star well right back at u reviewed June 23, 2006
Englands Glory by madmungo Sci-Fi
oh dear first this movie is in the sci fi category and second it wasent very good reviewed June 21, 2006
Zombie Invasion-Part I by BlooX Horror
No Review reviewed June 19, 2006
007 The Rhythm Divine - Part 1 by Raptor007 Action
No Review reviewed June 19, 2006
Backwood Horror comes to Town by TimBurtonFan Horror
Excellent i was actually scared wow! P.S What happened to Patty82? reviewed June 18, 2006
Tooth fairy of evil by bmaitland Horror
awsome oh yeah i paid u the vcs 10806 enjoy! and thanks again reviewed June 18, 2006
THE BEST FILM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! by bmaitland Comedy
Good! Ok u havent rated all of my movies how bout this how about i split my credits with u 50/50 i will give u 7,408 is that ok? reviewed June 17, 2006
OSA kicks some sissy ass by bmaitland Action
Nice (Can i have 10000 Vcs?) reviewed June 16, 2006
Zombie Invasion-Part I by BlooX Horror
5 Days Later-Test Teaser by BlooX Comedy
Not funny and its not cool to swear (ametaur...) reviewed June 16, 2006
The Baggage Zombie by BlooX Comedy
shut up and burn in______ reviewed June 16, 2006
Looney Toons by jetzhell Comedy
Phh! All u had to say was ok well i guess i sunk to a brand new low here u go write a real review and maybe i'll pay some attention to u! reviewed June 16, 2006
Alternaitve Haunted Corridor Tech Demo by BlooX Comedy
i hate u oh yeah and this stunk reviewed June 16, 2006
The Baggage Boy by thehertzman Comedy
im doin this because this is the only movie u got! reviewed June 15, 2006
Attack of the 50-foot Chick in a Bikini by skarsten Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed June 15, 2006
Yo Mamma Jokes by jaydee1 Comedy
that was amazing reviewed June 15, 2006
Grand Theft Auto The Movie by jaydee1 Action
Um well it was ok but it could have been a whole lot better nice try Dont revenge rate reviewed June 15, 2006
Scrum by coder_90 Comedy
i just gave u 4000 vcs reviewed June 15, 2006
H in meinem H Im Herzen vereint by Munz Comedy
I dont understand german but i'm still gonna rate ur movie! Very good Comedy keep it up! reviewed June 13, 2006
Because Of You by RaYdAwG Romance
Excellent I dont think u remember me but i remeber u u were the first one to ever be on my bookmark list i luv ur movies and u have always been an inpirationto me reviewed June 13, 2006
Mr Underwear by Sam Comedy
Uh ok then reviewed June 11, 2006
The Shortest Movie Ever!!! by soildpie Action
MINES SHORTER! reviewed June 11, 2006
Dumb People Trailer by Metz2004 Comedy
wow ur not funny reviewed June 10, 2006
The Passion Of Beth - Teaser by StevenKreg Romance
u r my idol my favourite movie maker excellent i'm gonna bookmark this and u! reviewed June 8, 2006
Expansion Battle Demo by sUBJUNCTIVE Action
awesome reviewed June 8, 2006
King Kong by GearofWar512 Action
have u ever even seen king kong? Oh yeah get a new microphone or SPEAK LOUDER (People who try to make remakes of other tmo users movies really bug me!) reviewed June 8, 2006
a good demo!!!! by meho41 Action
people dont care about those demos omg stop making them leave the demos to the peole at lionhead God! reviewed June 8, 2006
Cruel Love 3 by Monkeybt93 Action
OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! That was amazing i dont know why this isnt in the charts yet its the best one ive seen in months i am so proud of your creation i am bookmarking u and ur studio! Congratulations u sh... reviewed June 8, 2006
Adventures of Private Ryan by Tasis Action
sorry dude but war movies arent supposed to be funny. reviewed June 8, 2006
The Godfather Schmodfather by Fluffykins Action
u made fun of a good show reviewed June 5, 2006
The Creek - Trailer by Hami13 Horror
Loved It cant wait till it comes out Hey guess what i'm putting a secret into the film it's going to be a suspensful thriller and thinker reviewed June 4, 2006
THE OTHER OTHER DIMENSION!!! by halocommander Comedy
the name is kinda a rip off but funny reviewed June 4, 2006
Germ by amdamdk1 Action
im sorry my friend rated it bad ! Sorry! reviewed June 4, 2006
Movie Idol! by Chris96 Comedy
Good movie! Oh yeah i just checked ebay u r not allowed to do that sorry! reviewed June 3, 2006
Resident Evil OutBreak by silentscope56 Action
Residant evil sucks! reviewed June 3, 2006
007 Dying Isnt An Option by DJG24992 Comedy
Make My Boobies One More SIZE by DJG24992 Comedy
Dont Bother reviewed June 3, 2006
Lightning test by williamtownsend Action
cool i liked it use it in amovie some time r8 my movies! reviewed June 3, 2006
You And Me by amdamdk1 Action
wow don't plan on being a movie creator when ur older. try harder next time good try though reviewed June 2, 2006
Jack the Ripper Part 2 by micha83 Horror
No Review reviewed June 2, 2006
I shot the teacher (Music video) by bmaitland Comedy
Qoute WTF reviewed May 28, 2006
D-Day by mikesike0 Action
ok the americans came o boats reviewed May 27, 2006
The First Adventures of Twiggy and Sticky by satansmunchkin Action
No Review reviewed May 27, 2006
The 40 Second Street by Zannder Comedy
No Review reviewed May 27, 2006
The Tranny That Could by DJG24992 Romance
No Review reviewed May 27, 2006
Chen the Short Guy by connman1 Comedy
No Review reviewed May 26, 2006
justice questII by skarlitt62000 Romance
Ughhhh! reviewed May 24, 2006
Revenge Is Sweeter - Part 1 by Hami13 Horror
awesome! I have a new trailer out wanna watch it? Oh yah and look at my bookmarked studios! reviewed May 23, 2006
The Baggage Boy by leviss Comedy
stunk reviewed May 23, 2006
Over There by ame_movies Action
No ther was not akiller added it in for a twist good job! reviewed May 19, 2006
The Rouge pt3 by EKBJoker Action
No Review reviewed May 18, 2006
Tranny 911 by DJG24992 Romance
No Review reviewed May 18, 2006
007: The unikorn who ate my asswhole? by homepics208 Action
No Review reviewed May 18, 2006
The Maury Show gods and goddess edition by dante906 Romance
ther i reviewed yours reviewed May 12, 2006
At School by Mogulman321 Action
Featured Review
It was very good wanna rtae my movies?
reviewed May 12, 2006
Star Empire by Dwarrson Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed May 12, 2006
suburbian hell 2 revenge of the idiots by sycosis5 Comedy
this movie deserves to be well not on tmo reviewed May 12, 2006
D-Day (Trailer) by marine101 Action
u cant make a good trailer can u reviewed May 12, 2006
Big Momma And The Familly by Floyd_31 Comedy
No Review reviewed May 12, 2006
Home Of The Braves by schererster Action
No Review reviewed May 11, 2006
Bloodthump trailor by schererster Horror
No Review reviewed May 11, 2006
dream by FoDooG Sci-Fi
can i make a making of your studio? reviewed May 11, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
No Review reviewed May 11, 2006
Jack the Ripper Part 1 by micha83 Horror
the langauge was pretty harsh and there weree some spelling mistakes but good job! reviewed May 9, 2006
007 Agents Taken Fire by DJG24992 Action
I noticed something on the beach the two wore moving the same way as the koreans oh yeah and by the way i looked up your profile you didnt use that music wit permis reviewed May 7, 2006
Interview with General Cornwallis by TtodaMoney Comedy
hope u get an F- reviewed May 7, 2006
The Thing From the Woods by water119 Horror
I didnt really enjoy it reviewed May 7, 2006
PANIC - The Lunar Lycanthrope by Chykka Horror
No Review reviewed May 5, 2006
Beyond Life by JerryC109 Sci-Fi
Um not very good reviewed May 4, 2006
Walter Walter Everywhere by dezkat Comedy
Awsome gotta be the best on tmo do u wanna rate my movies?! reviewed May 2, 2006
Stop That You Idiots! by blizzard_2 Comedy
Wow this movie is amazing and hilarious plez do not stop making movies or the movies online will be crushed forever! Ur movies r the best! reviewed April 30, 2006
????????????-??????-???-??? by okra Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed April 29, 2006
Fearful by moviecritic910 Horror
didnt make sense reviewed April 24, 2006
Harry potter verses the muggles by castle Action
No Review reviewed April 24, 2006
Karma by Chykka Comedy
No Review reviewed April 23, 2006
Get Lucky by toon222 Comedy
5 words to describe it dull idiotic stupid crap uninteligent reviewed April 23, 2006
Chouiki Studios War of the Worlds by kareem1990 Sci-Fi
didnt get it reviewed April 23, 2006
The Balance of News by HurricaneAK Action
No Review reviewed April 23, 2006
Celebrity Death Match by Lord_Traver Action
No Review reviewed April 23, 2006
Deathreaper by Leo1234 Horror
No Review reviewed April 23, 2006
Swearing Match by soildpie Comedy
No Review reviewed April 23, 2006
007 Take On Me - Trailer (Official) by Raptor007 Action
Gret can you review my movies? reviewed April 23, 2006
Teaser - NeoTokyo by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
this compared to driver mom your movies have no taste reviewed April 23, 2006
Driver Mom by lan14n Comedy
i love your movies i love your movies so much i am your biggest fan can you help me wit something? How do you make custom titles? KEEP IT UP! reviewed April 23, 2006
Cry Wolf by armyofone15 Comedy
Dude it ok but it aint good be creative reviewed April 23, 2006
The Mexican Gone Loco by Prank4Sure Comedy
I found this movie very offencive. reviewed April 23, 2006
Intergalactic Warfare by Chykka Sci-Fi
So do you forgive me? Sorry reviewed April 23, 2006
Love Lasso by UngratefulDead Romance
Sucks poo reviewed April 23, 2006
Baggage Boy Behind the Laughter by adam1991 Comedy
hilaroius my mom told me to shut up cause i was laughing so hard maybe next time you can go behind the scenes of love laso! keep it up reviewed April 23, 2006
Bad Boy by layard Action
no offence but it wasent good at all in fact it stunk. reviewed April 23, 2006
PANIC by Chykka Horror
Very Entertaining good length too reviewed April 23, 2006
STAB (Rated R) by GAMES3601 Horror
stunk reviewed April 22, 2006
Invasion Of Gjinx by zilver63 Sci-Fi
nice work what was it about i was a taking a crap please rate my movies reviewed April 22, 2006
Wake Up And Die Again by Mikey1972 Romance
Good Job Please Rate My Movies reviewed April 22, 2006
Dreams Connected by awag1 Action
SouthparkWar With The jewes Part 1 by rase Action
racist dude i will try to get u kicked off tmo reviewed April 22, 2006
Chicken Crook by Chykka Comedy
I am sorry i am preety mean at times but and this is an excellent movie i'm soo sorry reviewed April 22, 2006
Radio Cycle by JerryC109 Horror
great rate my movies! reviewed April 21, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
AMazing How did you do that! Scary very scary it made me jump i forced my dad to watch it he loved it! Please rate my movie Leaves of Springhouse county reviewed April 21, 2006
Double Revenge - Doppelte Rache by timorogowski Sci-Fi
ur stars r fat lol reviewed April 21, 2006
TRAILER The Threatening Enigma by Chykka Comedy
ur movies suck! No offence reviewed April 21, 2006
outtakes by Chykka Comedy
sucks reviewed April 21, 2006
World War 2 by gantu Action
crap reviewed April 20, 2006
John Baystows Fittness Made Simple by dana08 Comedy
No Review reviewed April 18, 2006
Fearful 3 by moviecritic910 Horror
longest year guy good job reviewed April 17, 2006