Number of Movies: 61
Number of Winning Movies: 3
Average Rating Received: 4.49

Number of Movies Reviewed: 549
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 43
Average Rating Given: 4.73
Movies Released by Amabeginzordawg
Insanity Horror
Winning Movie
WARNING: This film is not for children. Graphic material. Strong Grisly Violence/Gore, Disturbing Images, Sexuality, Nudity, and Language Are you ready for a completely new experience? Stephe...
posted January 27, 2008
Insanity Official Trailer Horror
Warning: This trailer contains grisly images of violence, language, and brief nudity. Here is the 1st official trailer for my upcoming film Insanity. Cast: Josephkw Kwistufa Mary Jo Cruise1970 P... posted October 20, 2007
Fight Club Action
THIS FILM SHOULD BE IN COMEDY NOT ACTION! SORRY! This movie should not be taken seriously. I made this with two friends hoping to make people laugh. All 3 of us find it funny, so hopefully you all w... posted August 17, 2007
An Eye for An Eye EP 4 Horror
Winning Movie
GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! Disturbing Violence and Gore, Action, Thematic Elements and some Sexuality/Nudity. FULL CAST: 6 Headed Monster as Lucifer Goofparade as The Narrator and Gary Kwistufa as The Exe...
posted June 23, 2007
An Eye for An Eye EP 4 Horror Not Rated
No Description posted June 23, 2007
An Eye for An Eye EP 4 Trailer Horror
An Eye for An Eye EP. 4 Trailer Contains some Violent Content. *FINAL CAST* 6 Headed Monster Goofparade Kwistufa MefuneAkira Postmodernchuck Rposhard 1st trailer I???ve ever made! This is the trail... posted March 11, 2007
An Eye for An Eye EP 3 Horror
An Eye for An Eye EP. 3 Rated R: Torture, Disturbing Images, Sexual Content, and Brief Nudity. This is the last ???An Eye for An Eye??? film that has a somewhat simple storyline. The next episode ... posted February 16, 2007
Nightmares Horror
Prepare to enter the world of the bizarre. :) Rated R: Bizarre Content Involving Sexuality, Language, Violence and Partial Nudity. Nightmares: A bizarre tale of the dream world and madness. PLEAS... posted February 2, 2007
Fire Eyes Horror
Fire Eyes ************ A short, disturbing look at a tale of revenge and murder. Rated R Disturbing Images, Violence and Partial Nudity. ***********NOTE: THIS FILM DOES NOT SHOW BREASTS FULL ON SO ... posted January 14, 2007
Listen To The Angels Romance
Please read before watching!!! ********* Very short compared to other films I've been making lately, but I felt I needed to make one like this just because of Christmas and the new year and all. I k... posted January 7, 2007
The Seductress EP 1 Horror
The Seductress EP 1 Warning: If you are easily offended please do not watch this film! I have warned you??? so do not complain! P.S.: PLEASE WATCH AFTER END CREDITS! R Aberrant Sexual Content and D... posted December 28, 2006
Deaths Grip Everlasting Horror
Death's Grip Everlasting ************** PG-13 Disturbing Images and Thematic Material, and for some Violence. Description: Stephen has just lost his Mom from an age related illness and cannot seem t... posted December 22, 2006
The Seductress Introduction Horror
WARNING: Contains Sadistic Violence, Strong Sexual Content, and Some Gruesome Images! Welcome to the world of the SEDUCTRESS! NOTE!!! PLEASE READ THIS!!!! This is an introduction movie that introdu... posted November 11, 2006
Kidnapped Action
Kidnapped ****************** Basically my first major action film... although it does have other genres meshed in with it. PG-13 Sequences of Action Violence, Some Language, and Mature Thematic Mater... posted November 9, 2006
An Eye for An Eye Episode 2 Horror
Warning: Disturbing Content! Watch at your own risk! READ!!!! BEFORE WATCHING: TURN UP YOUR VOLUME, MAKE SURE ALL THE LIGHTS AROUND YOU ARE OFF AND PREPARE YOURSELF!!! An Eye for An Eye Episode 2 ... posted October 29, 2006
Angel of Revenge A New Tale Action
Angel of Revenge: A New Tale NOTE: Should have been in Romance category even though there are some action elements. PG-13 Mature Thematic Elements and some Violent Images IT took me about 11-12 hou... posted October 9, 2006
Lost Horror
LOST *************** A short film I made in about 5 hours. Somewhat like Angel, as it has a stripper in it, but the storyline is much different. I think the music fits very well, but I am very skep... posted September 30, 2006
Angel Horror
ANGEL WARNING: Some Disturbing Content! ******************************* A short little horror movie that I made in about 3 hours including the overlays. The idea was mainly based on the song. I li... posted September 30, 2006
Lost Horror Not Rated
LOST ************* A short film I made in about 5 hours. I really like the music in this movie, and I think it fits very well, but I am very skeptical about what viewers will think of this. WARNING:... posted September 30, 2006
Angel Horror Not Rated
Angel Warning: Some Disturbing Content ****************************** I made this movie in a bout 3 hours, yes very short. I really like the song and I thought of an idea that would go with the son... posted September 30, 2006
Dark PT 2 Horror
Dark PT 2 ********** PG-13 Horror Violence, Language and Crude Humor. Yes...another Dark film! It took me about 8 hours to finish this film overall. Mostly because of the title sequence experim... posted September 24, 2006
How It Ends Romance
How It Ends... **************** PG-13 Intense Thematic Material I made this movie in about 6 to 7 hours, partly because the overlays took quite some time and I was trying to get the music to go wit... posted September 17, 2006
The Toilet Comedy
Do you want to see some poo??!?!?! YEAH!!!! ********************* I made this in like 2 1/2 hours, I was bored as hell and I just felt like making something like this so don't be too hurtful in your... posted September 9, 2006
Da Phree Three Gang II Comedy
Rated R Strong Language and Random Acts of Violence ************ A short, funny movie I made with 3 other friends... DA PHREE THREE GANG II!!! Voices: Ted G. Andy D. Erik E. Jeremy M. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! posted August 30, 2006
An Eye for An Eye Horror
Winning Movie
WARNING: VERY DISTURBING CONTENT!!! WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! TURN YOUR VOLUME UP AND DIM THE LIGHTS!!! HOLY CRAP its far up in the horror charts! LOL! A short horror movie that I finished in about ...
posted August 29, 2006
Dark PT 1 Horror
A Bad Ass Horror-Action with some awesome one liners. WARNING: ADULT CONTENT Quick idea that I thought of about a bad ass MOFO named Dark who spends his night protecting the cities against creatures... posted August 27, 2006
Angel of Revenge II Action
Angel of Revenge II A short action movie that continues in the footsteps of the Angel of Revenge... Custom backdrops/titles... Took me quite awhile believe it or not, because I had to go back and r... posted August 25, 2006
Angel of Revenge Reloaded Action
Its pretty much the same Angel of Revenge, but with custom titles/backdrops, new camera angles and dialogue. I'm trying to enhance this idea to its fullest so here is my 3rd try. Hope it does well..... posted August 24, 2006
Elton John Comedy
Elton John ************ PG-13 Crude Humor A short, stupid movie I made with my friend Andy. VO's Andy is Elton John Erik (ME) is his gay lover Hope you guys like it... posted August 7, 2006
And She Is Content Romance
And She Is Content HOTPICKED!!!! *********************** A short drama-romance. I made it in about 4 1/2 hours including thinking of the story and concepts. Most of the scenes are done in free ca... posted August 6, 2006
The Brink of Chaos Action
PG-13 Some Disturbing Images and Language ******************* I made this movie in about 4 1/2 hours. One of the longer movies I've made believe it or not. On most of the scenes I took advantage of... posted August 3, 2006
The Main Course Horror
PG-13 Sexual Content and Disturbing Thematic Elements **************** Short horror movie I made in about 2 hours. I had a quick idea about a cannibal, so here it is! Hope you enjoy... Music used... posted August 1, 2006
Angel of Revenge (REVISED) Action
OK. I removed the Requiem for a Dream song... SO now I hope that it will be nominated for hot pick again, and it wins!!! WOOT! PG-13 VIOLENCE posted July 18, 2006
Together Romance
Together PG-13 Theamatic Elements READ BELOW FIRST!!! ****************** Beware! This movie contains what many people (religious) believe is immoral. Please think of the man creating his own reali... posted July 18, 2006
Gods Assistant Pt 2 Action
If you can, please watch the first God's Assistant because you will most definitely be lost during this one. But if not, I guess it's cool... Anyway, I have high hopes for this movie, not only becaus... posted July 7, 2006
Gods Assistant PT 1 Action
IF YOU LIKE THIS MOVIE OR SERIES, PLEASE VOTE FOR IT!!! THANKS!!! This is like an intro to a new series I'm hopefully making, if the feed back is good on this. I am very skeptical about it though, an... posted July 5, 2006
Boiling Point Action
R Violent Sequences, Strong Language, and Brief Sexuality *********************************** Ken Stephens is just a regular guy that goes to work like any other man, but when he is fired from hi... posted June 28, 2006
Angel of Revenge Action
PG-13 Violence **************** About two robbers who, in a heist, shoot an innocent person. Weird things then occur to the killer,and begins to see a translucent figure that reminds him of the pe... posted June 25, 2006
Red Dawn Action
R Intense Sequences of Peril, Zombie Violence, and Stong Language ************* Features Requiem for a Dream song as well as Saw song About zombies trying to take over the city, but da swat team w... posted June 24, 2006
Use The Pain Action
My first stunts and effects MOVIE!!! ****** Features the songs: Enya-only time Milkshake Mortal Kombat About a man who loses his wife because she is killed by a sexy dancing demon who flys helic... posted June 23, 2006
The Psycho Cross-Dressers! Horror
TURN UP YOUR VOLUME!!!! Features Mortal Kombat Theme *********** PG-13 Violence, Terror and Crude Humor I had fun making this movie. It has a slow start but I think the last two minutes are worth w... posted June 11, 2006
The Fat Black Ninja PT 1 Action
Featuring the Mortal Kombat Theme ***** PG-13 Martial Arts Action and Sensuality When the Fat Black Ninja finds the corpse of a recently killed woman she must find her killer and take sweet revenge.... posted June 10, 2006
The True Lesbo Comedy
About a woman who doesn't take crap from no one- except WOMEN! WOOOOOT! FEATURING THE SONG BOJANGLES!!! posted April 21, 2006
Me and Andy made this movie in hopes of making people laugh!!!! Enjoy. posted April 19, 2006
As You Sit There Horror
Another one of my few attempts a sad film. I hope you guys appreciate the words used. posted April 17, 2006
The Suicide Note Action
Music from the magnificent movie Requiem for a Dream My first attempt at a sad film. Hopefully you guys will appreciate the words. posted April 16, 2006
*DA PHREE THREE GANG* Me and Andy made this movie in hopes of making people laugh a little and have a good time. *Some Coarse Words HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT posted April 16, 2006
Racism Equals Death Action
Cool Movie about how racism sucks ass!!! NO RACIAL HATE INTENDED posted April 14, 2006
One Kinky Mystery Action
Friends With The Enemy Action Not Rated
R- Sequences of Violence, Language, and Some Drug Content Friends With The Enemy starts out with a drug deal gone bad, and a teammate, Erik, dying. They have to run from the cops and hide out in a sh... posted March 19, 2006
What Is Love Romance
PG-13- Crude sexual humor and language Movie about "LOVE" and what it means! Starring Gertrud!!!! posted February 23, 2006
Hating to Love Romance
R- Language Movie about a man who loves a woman and does what ever it takes to make her love him back,ANYTHING!!! Did it with my friend Andy. posted February 23, 2006
The Lesbians of War Action
No Description posted February 23, 2006
The Flamboyant Three! Comedy
No Description posted February 22, 2006
[eye-hurting-word!] [eye-hurting-word!]sex Corpse Raper Action Not Rated
No Description posted February 22, 2006
*NO RACIST HATE INTENDED!!! ALL DONE WITH FUN AND STUPIDITY!! R- for Strong Language AMERICA has the songs Milkshake by Kelis! and AMERICA F*CK YEA from Team America HOW DO YOU APPROVE SONGS I DONT KN... posted February 22, 2006
Brokeback Cowboy Romance
PG-13 Brief Sexual Content This is the best romance movie EVER! FROM THE MAKERS OF BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! WITH COWBOYS!!!!!!!! Watch it all the way through! ITS WORTH IT! posted February 13, 2006
An Evening With Gertrud Fat Action
Hot Godess of a WomAN! GERTRUD!!!! In her 1st movie Gets crazy to the MILKSHAKE SONG!!!! posted February 11, 2006
The Lesbians of War Action
Two lesbians go into battle!!! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!!! posted January 19, 2006
The Killer Horror
About a killer who kills a woman and the woman's sister comes back for REVENGE. posted January 19, 2006
The Killer Horror Not Rated
No Description posted January 19, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Amabeginzordawg
Alien-Away by jjnelson222 Comedy
Amabeginzordawg's Competition Review: That was some good stuff right there. Very original and fun to watch. I really liked it! I deducted a star only for the fact that it was really a movie, just ... reviewed September 11, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by MefuneAkira Comedy
eheheheh You're one silly b!tch! reviewed March 23, 2008
ZOMBIE HITLERS from HELL trailer by tsunamidog Horror
Good Sh*t! Looks to be a crazy ride as usual. Glad you're still making awesome films. ~ Erik reviewed February 4, 2008
Rumble in Bronce - Directors Cut by Top_Ace_RL Action
I like these movies. Although they are short, they are still fun to watch some guys kick some a$$. Well done! Please take a look at my latest film Insanity. If you like crazy stuff and gore... go w... reviewed January 27, 2008
Speedboat by bigblako45 Action
Cool music man. I really like how you didnt use the same old music everyone else uses because it gets really old. Needs to be a little bit longer but it was good. Hey, can you check out my latest fi... reviewed January 27, 2008
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
Unique, Interesting, and highly intriguing. You've created something very original here Jazz. I have a friend that is extremely religious and we debate on some issues here and there. He always ends... reviewed January 13, 2008
A Very British Sketch Show 1 by sparky1512 Comedy
Amabeginzordawg Review: WOW! One of the BEST comedies to ever grace TMO!!! Wonderful stuff here. The voice acting was more than top notch and very funny. This is the only film where I actually ch... reviewed January 13, 2008
Painkiller Overdose Trailer by DorianRust Horror
Amazing action packed film here man! I beg you to make a full feature film of this man. Great VO effects and visuals along with some great action. Make a longer film! ~ Erik reviewed January 13, 2008
CC shorts new trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Featured Review
Looks very interesting derby! Love the comedy corner movies... and doing them in shorts I think will really work out. ~ Erik
reviewed January 13, 2008
Outback Al - Teaser by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
Looks like a fun flick indeed. Would have liked to seen a bit more though... most of it was just overlays. BUT! I still would love to see the full film... PM me if possible! THANKS! ~ Erik reviewed January 7, 2008
Slaughterville by YamiMarik Horror
I really wanted to give this 5 stars in that I really like and encourage TMO members to make more simplistic horror films like this. And, trust me I'm glad you did. This was an exceptional horror wi... reviewed January 7, 2008
Come on Over!!! by timothy_richmond_3 Horror
Pretty interesting short! I had a good fun time watching so I'll give this 5 stars... even if it is a bit simplistic. Great idea. Funny dialogue and a great VA! Great Job! If you can, check out my f... reviewed January 7, 2008
Last Man On Earth by jmmartin Horror
Featured Review
Although there are some minute editing flaws... this looks very promising indeed. I liked the quirky music in it as well. I'm not sure I remember you but I'm glad you have come back to TMO!!! ~ Erik
reviewed January 7, 2008
A New World Season 2 Introduction by samyhouse Horror
Very awesome! Unique and different! Loved some of the interesting shots you took, especially the one with lightning and the zombie! GREAT WORK! reviewed December 15, 2007
Alone by RavensFan_09 Horror
Interesting, but doesn't quite make it. I usually like poetic films like this tried to be, but it seemed to fall flat. I found the first half to be pretty bland, the main character is sad. He repea... reviewed November 17, 2007
Slaughterville -teaser trailer- by YamiMarik Horror
Cool teaser! Good mod choice as well. Liked the creepy feel to it. Looks like a good old fashioned horror flick! reviewed November 16, 2007
Rage of the Werewolf Theatrical Trailer by nukester Horror
Sweet! Another Werewolf movie!!! I can't wait NUke! reviewed November 12, 2007
Gamma Force Operation Liberty A by cruise1970 Action
Great job here Cruise! Loved how you introduced the characters and I am really looking forward to the next film! Great special effects and digital characters. I wanna know where to get them! Great ... reviewed November 12, 2007
Killerscom by samyhouse Action
Featured Review
Loved this film samyhouse! The wide range of killers was the coolest part. My favorite were the hammer twins. That was awesome. Great music and freecam as usual. Glad you're still making movies! ~ ERIK
reviewed November 12, 2007
Gamma Force Quick Clip by cruise1970 Action
How in the hell did you do that? That was freakin' awesome!!! Loved the VO's as well. Looks to be an extremely promising film. I'm eagerly awaiting its release. reviewed October 20, 2007
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
JESUS CHRIST!!! I am speechless right now. That was SOOOO amazing. The overlay work is the best I have EVER seen on TMO. I have no clue how you did some of that. The nuclear explosions were down... reviewed October 20, 2007
The Morning After by sparky1512 Comedy
Loved the voice acting and the overall comedic feel! GREAT JOB! reviewed October 20, 2007
Dark Obsession Teaser by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
This was so masterfully done. The camera work was downright amazing. Loved the shots behind the guy's shoulder. You are truly a great director. The overall tone was awesome too, really dark, gritt... reviewed October 20, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE (Trailer) by MefuneAkira Comedy
This looks freakin awesome and funny. I honestly can't wait for this. Looks hella funny with an awesome cast. Just letting you know, the film An Eye for An Eye EP. 4, the one you were in if you rem... reviewed October 19, 2007
Hmmm by kwistufa Action
This was awesome. Loved the bald guy's voice while he was getting head... really funny stuff as always. Glad to be back watching ur films. :D reviewed October 18, 2007
Fraas Apartments by kwistufa Action
Thats some good s***. reviewed October 18, 2007
COKE by tsunamidog Action
Sorry I haven't been around to see your latest flicks. Loved it as I do any other thing you make. reviewed September 22, 2007
The Vermin on the Mount by Master007 Action
Featured Review
Basically, the perfect action comedy. One of the best on TMO. This movie was so freakin' entertaining especially with Olga on screen. Fitting name, eh? Anyway, This was a very thrilling movie wit...
reviewed August 2, 2007
utarefsoN by Trashman Horror
One of the best horrors on TMO no doubt!!! This is one helluva creepy movie with amazing overlays and special effects galore. The whole tone of the film was amazing as well. Such a cool film. Cool ... reviewed August 2, 2007
CRAZY-INSANE-PSYCHOTIC by tsunamidog Horror
Awesome job here Tsunami!!! Really fun watch all the way through. Loved the music and action. Great as usual. reviewed August 2, 2007
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
Holy Crap. The addition of VO's just made the terrible dialogue more apparent. The story was utter crap. The music from the game is overused and terrible. There was no story... I had no clue what ... reviewed August 2, 2007
Nothing by postmodernchuck Romance
Absolutely amazing! Uniqueness and beauty in its truest form. You are a creative firecracker PMC, glad to have you back ruling TMO. ~ Erik :) reviewed July 26, 2007
Restricted Cinema- Over Kill by matthewmagic Horror
An unsuccessful attempt at a grindhouse flick. You had the mods and the shaky cam, which was good, but what lacked was a flowing storyline and technique. It all seemed slapped together. You used th... reviewed July 25, 2007
Coming Soon With Trewill7 - Episode 1 by trewill7 Comedy
Amazing. A revolutionary piece for TMO. One of a kind. This might spring off other talk shows. Amazing VO's from every one involved. Rich dialogue was entertaining and the short film was great as ... reviewed July 17, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
6 Months of work, eh? I found the film good overall. Few TMO directors make films like these, and I commend you for that. It's a night worth remembering ofcourse. Considering the limitations of th... reviewed July 13, 2007
Blood Roofs teaser by EthanRunt Action
Great, stylized looking trailer. Great VO cast and good job with the overlays. Wanted it to show a bit more of the story, but it was good. reviewed July 13, 2007
Bloodshot by Butchered__studios Action
Featured Review
One of the best actions films on TMO is also one of the most brutal films I've ever seen grace this site. There is good and bad to be had with the film, but overall, Bloodshot left me with an awesome...
reviewed July 12, 2007
Asylum by laurajsoffe Horror
Amazing! Awesome job here. Great voice overs all around. Great story as well! ~ Erik reviewed July 11, 2007
Pimp Saga Ep 2 Still Pimpin by rjanaconda Comedy
LOL. I honestly had no idea it would be this good. This film is one of a kind on TMO, no doubt. One of the best comedies on TMO hands down as well as one of the most entertaining. The whole thing ... reviewed July 10, 2007
The Boston Strangler - Trailer 2 by siclops Horror
This trailer was really vague, which was both good and bad. You need to use other songs because the movie songs are completely overused. Some good freecam shots, especially the cigarette in his hand.... reviewed July 8, 2007
The Adventures of Citizen Monkey Trailer by dude123456HasReturned Action
It looks like a fun film, and I am looking forward to it. I just hope to God you don't use that monkey sound. That sound was sooooo annoying after like the 20th time. Please don't use that sound, ge... reviewed July 8, 2007
NAAS PROMO trailer by claw21 Comedy
Way too long for a trailer. My least favorite out of the 3, but it wasn't bad. ~ Erik reviewed July 8, 2007
Finish Line Trailer by claw21 Action
Another generous 5 stars. Your editing seems to be the only bad issue in your trailers. The sound is glitchy... Again, great concept. The racing genre is untouched here on TMO so congrats there. ... reviewed July 8, 2007
CRIME Teaser trailer by claw21 Action
I'm being generous giving you 5 stars for this one. I was on the edge. First off all, the music was great and the overall concept was really cool. Awesome job there. The VO's were hard to understan... reviewed July 8, 2007
Imprisoned-Trailer by SnakeEater42 Action
Good teaser here Snake. I think it should of shown a little more action, but the Vo's were great, and it looks like you have a good cast. Hopefully they'll find the real killer!!! ~Erik reviewed July 8, 2007
The Satan Show 1 by benstudios1991 Comedy
Pretty cool. Interesting idea that I thought you pulled off very well ! GREAT JOB!!! reviewed July 8, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
Very impressed. Loved the concept and everything. Great music to fuel Sisch in her great singing. She has some balls! Figuratively speaking... :) Great Job here Norrie!!! ~Erik reviewed July 8, 2007
John Waine starring in My Paw by k4ownzall Comedy
Great short! ~ Erik reviewed July 6, 2007
bloodshot trailer by Butchered__studios Action
Overall, it was a pretty good trailer. You know I like twisted films, and this really looks twisted so that's a good thing. I think the main thing you should focus on his spelling errors. Great job... reviewed July 5, 2007
Strangers by Master007 Horror
It was good and fun for what it was. I liked it. Great Job. reviewed July 1, 2007
The Comedian by colingaiser Comedy
Overall, the movie was great. Very fun to watch. Both yours and A_N_D's VO's were great. I also thought the beginning half was really well done. The music really played an important role. GREAT JOB! reviewed July 1, 2007
The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
Amabeginzordawg's Review: I am surprised this took over 4 months to complete. Basically, the only real effort I saw in this production was the overlays, which were VERY well done. The whole credits... reviewed July 1, 2007
Beautiful by Betral Romance
Amabeginzordawg's Review: Didn't quite reach me. Very original concept and I really liked the beginning of the film. To me, the guy seemed uglier than the girl, but I dunno. The characterization... reviewed July 1, 2007
My Fault by motor32 Action
Very good film. Loved the romance and action! GREAT JOB!!! Please, if you have time, please watch my latest GORY horror epic An Eye for An Eye EP.4!!! Its got a lot of blood! THANKS! http://movies.lio... reviewed June 30, 2007
The Shed by dgerards Action
Awesome plot!!! You said the whole film in your description, only say a little!!! Great job here. Very fun to watch. PLEASE, watch my latest horror film An Eye for An Eye EP.4, and I will watch your o... reviewed June 30, 2007
Day At The Beach by steve_the_great1 Comedy
Very fun to watch. Great comedy. GOOD JOB! Always write something in your description though! PLEASE watch my latest horror epic An Eye for An Eye EP.4!!! Its gory and crazy! THANKS! http://movies.lio... reviewed June 30, 2007
Seven Millisecond Itch by amnesiasoft Sci-Fi
That still didn't make much sense>XD Best one I've seen them create though. Check out my film An Eye for An Eye EP.4! Start making your own films! reviewed June 30, 2007
Martians part one by jordanjackson Sci-Fi
Cool sci-fi man! Loved the story. Always remember to write a description about the film!!! GREAT! Please watch my latest horror film An Eye for An Eye EP.4, and I will watch ur other films! THANKS! ht... reviewed June 30, 2007
Gabbys Tale by ppugh1 Action
Awesome job here. Love teen films like this. Another one came out called Hollywood high. Both were good. GREAT JOB! Please, im begging you, watch my GORY epic horror called An Eye for An Eye EP.4!! TH... reviewed June 30, 2007
Return Of Papa Noir by pologibson Sci-Fi
Hey, that was great!!! I really liked it. Please watch this film! Its got gore! reviewed June 30, 2007
A Trembletts Dracula Teaser by tremblett Horror
This looks great! Not enough shown, but still this looks like it will be a fantastic epic vampire tale! Great job Tremblett. reviewed June 30, 2007
GTA LA by pieface123 Action
That was pretty cool. Love the GTA series. I think you're one of the first on here to make a film about it! GREAT!!! Please watch my latest horror epic An Eye for An Eye EP.4! Its got gore, torture an... reviewed June 30, 2007
Back At The Ranch by DeadEvilBadger Action
Hey, that was great! I always have fun watching these action films. It may not be the best story, but its definitely a fun and entertaining watch!!! Please watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An E... reviewed June 30, 2007
Never Attack Bongos Girlfriend by caesarman Comedy
Pretty funny man! I am always entertained by this fun films. Try making longer films though! GREAT! Hey, please watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An Eye EP.4! Its got tons of gore and special ef... reviewed June 30, 2007
Con Club Adventures Episode 3 by Schmillt Comedy
Pretty funny man. Its always good to do VO's more than subs. Great job on those. This was great! Hey, if you rate my newest film an eye for an eye EP.4, I will watch the rest of these! Please rate min... reviewed June 30, 2007
What We Cant See - Trailer by Corey13 Horror
Good trailer man! Looking forward to the film! GREAT!!! Hey, if you review my film AN eye for an eye EP.4, I will watch all your films! PLEASE! THANKS! reviewed June 30, 2007
Missing you by Mattooman Romance
Featured Review
Very good work here Mattooman. Your mother would be proud of it. Great sweeping camera shots and choice of music. I hope you are coping alright with her loss. My mother had cancer about two years ...
reviewed June 30, 2007
GORILA AAARGHH by whalelord63 Horror
Great film man! It was really fun to watch. I love your studio name! GREAT JOB! Can you please watch my latest horror an eye for an eye EP. 4, and I will watch all your other films! PLEASE!!! http://m... reviewed June 30, 2007
TMOsMommaISA[not-so-nice-word!] by riott007 Comedy
Awesome stuff here. Great job riott. Loved it. reviewed June 30, 2007
OMFG! Im meeting TMO by tsunamidog Horror
AMAZING!!!! You have some balls Tsunamidog. Really... you do. That was completely awesome. One of the most offensive films to ever hit TMO!!! Congratulations! reviewed June 30, 2007
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
AMAZING! Great fable entry! reviewed June 30, 2007
Christ Assault The Birth by stealthsniper01 Horror
That was cool man. Christ as a character is pretty awesome. Even if you don't like him :) Good voice overs aswell, a little scratchy, but its all good. GREAT! Hey, if you watch an eye for an eye ep.4 ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Revenge of the Werewolf by mason_deatsch007 Horror
That was evil dude! Awesome horror. That werewolf really knows how to use a knife! GREAT JOB!! Please, I will watch all your other films if you watch just one film of mine called An Eye for An Eye EP.... reviewed June 29, 2007
Close To Heaven by hollywood_jellybeans_film Romance
Cool movie man. Don't usually watch romance films but this was good! GREAT JOB! If you watch my latest horror An Eye for An Eye EP.4, I will see all your other movies! PLEASE WATCH!!! THANKS! http://... reviewed June 29, 2007
A City Ripped In Half (Tailer) by Catman_12 Action
Good trailer! Very fun to watch. Great stuff. Looking forward to the real film! PLEELEAASEE watch my newest horror film An Eye for An Eye EP.4!!! I really appreciate it!! THANKS! http://movies.lionhea... reviewed June 29, 2007
The World Needs Women! by 249493457 Horror
Awesome film man! You're right! THE WORLD DOES NEED WOMAN!!!! :) Please watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An Eye EP.4! PLEASE I am begging yoU!Its really gory... :) THANKS! http://movies.lionhea... reviewed June 29, 2007
Great film man! Loved the action. Very fun film to watch! Hey, if you watch my new film An Eye for An Eye EP.4 in the next few hours, I will watch this whole series of yours! I need your help! THANKS!... reviewed June 29, 2007
WWIII by pieface123 Sci-Fi
Awesome! Was that WWII in the future?!?! What was with those crazy laser guns! THAT WAS AWESOME!! Great, crazy fun! Hey, if you have time, please watch my latest film An Eye for An Eye EP.4!!! Its got... reviewed June 29, 2007
LSS mini film 2 operation spawow hawk by stuartholt Comedy
Great job! Pretty funny to me actually! GREAT! Please rate my film! ITs got a lot of gore! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Luv Me Girl by bufu0 Romance
One of a kind. No hard feelings bufu0. That was magnificent. Amazing Voice work and great rap. I couldn't hear some of it, but overall I could. That was a really good music video man. Very catc... reviewed June 29, 2007
WAR STOCK 1 by s2sgs2 Action
Make your movies longer! More people will watch and like them if they are longer! For a minute, that sure was fun to watch! GREAT JOB! Please, if you watch my film an eye for an eye EP. 4, I will watc... reviewed June 29, 2007
Zombi Party 2 by Macro37 Action
COOL! I love zombie films and anything that has to do with zombies! GREAT JOB! Please, if you want to see some gore and special effects, watch my new film An Eye for An Eye EP.4! THANKS! http://movies... reviewed June 29, 2007
Way Of The Man by jamesy210 Action
Way too short!!! Make them longer. I really still liked it though. It was fun and entertaining. GREAT JOB! Please, watch my latest film an eye for an eye EP.4!!! Its got tons of special effects that... reviewed June 29, 2007
The willed west killer by killer7170 Action
That was pretty awesome! I like the whole idea of a wild western girl killer! It was really cool. GREAT JOB! Can you PLEASE rate my film An eye for an eye EP. 4! I will look at your other films if you... reviewed June 29, 2007
Countess by RandomAnimation Comedy
Featured Review
Great film! I laughed out loud a couple times! Its always fun to make films like this! GREAT JOB!!! Please take a look at my latest horror film, An Eye for An Eye EP.4! Its got gore and special effect...
reviewed June 29, 2007
The Rise and Fall of the Purple Torpedo by jibby278 Comedy
Pretty funny man! Next time, try to remember to put something in your description so viewers can tell what the film is about and any other info needed. Its always good to write stuff like that! GREAT... reviewed June 29, 2007
Assasins Collide by rwb Action
Great film! I love films about assasins and hitmen and I think you did a fine job!~ As you make more movies, you will learn new things like overlays and mods! GREAT JOB! Please take a look at my lat... reviewed June 29, 2007
Pick up lines by antarotz2 Comedy
Wow! That was great man! Highly original and just a joy to watch! GREAT JOB! Please watch my latest horror epic an eye for an eye ep.4! Please... if you have time. reviewed June 29, 2007
Online War by Isaysso Comedy
Great job here. Vo's were pretty good. Always have fun making your films! Hey, please watch my new film An Eye for An Eye EP.4! If you rate, I will see your other films! THANKS! http://movies.lionhea... reviewed June 29, 2007
Vegetarian Zombies Attack ! ! by jago3 Comedy
That was a pretty fun movie to watch. Not much depth, but it was entertaining! GREAT JOB! Please review An Eye for An Eye EP.4! PLEASE!!! Its got tons of gore!! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Hollywood High by MIZZLE8 Romance
Awesome job! Loved all the characters. That was a really cool film man. Very original and fun to watch. GREAT JOB! An Eye for An Eye EP.4 is online! I know you loved the trailer! reviewed June 29, 2007
Revenge of the Funk - Intro by pegleg Action
That was awesome! Loved the crazy overalls and the overall style of the film! Amazing job here pegleg. An Eye for An Eye EP. 4 is online! reviewed June 29, 2007
The Persistant Stalker by Charlise Comedy
Very funny stuff here. Remember to always write something in your description! GOOD JOB! Hey, can you PLEASE rate my new horror film An Eye for An Eye EPISODE 4!!! I really would appreciate it and I w... reviewed June 29, 2007
Die Begegnung The Encounter The Crash3 by Zarrmida Sci-Fi
WOW. Cool sci-fi film. I don't usually watch sci-fi, but this was quite good. I liked the mods and the overlays. You are quite a good filmaker. If you rate my newest horror film An Eye for An Eye EP. ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Search And Destroy by scarface6191 Action
Featured Review
COOL MOVIE MAN! Great VO. Great Story GREAT EFFORT! Loved it. Hey, if you have time, PLEASE rate my film An Eye for An Eye EP. 4!!! PLEASE! THANKS!
reviewed June 29, 2007
Stairway To Heaven by Zapper901 Comedy
Really cool concept! LOVE THE SONG! GREAT JOB! Please watch my film an eye for an eye EP. 4! I really appreciate it! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Animal Love 2 by silverdag Romance
Funny concept! I really liked it! GOOD JOB! Please watch my film an eye for an eye EP. 4! PLEASE HELP ME OUT! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Snipe Part 1 by Acemaster Action
I love hitman movies. There are really cool and you did great with this. Good story. GOOD JOB! Please, PLEASE watch my latest horror epic An eye for an eye EPISODE 4!!! I really need it! I will watch... reviewed June 29, 2007
The Boss Teaser by c0nn0er Action
Cool teaser! It looks like the actual film will be really good! Please tell me when it comes out! GREAT !!!! Please, if you have time, watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An Eye EPISODE 4!!! Its ... reviewed June 29, 2007
gun fight by happyehrf Action
Its always good to have fun with themovies! I see you have done that here! Great job and it was a fun watch! Please watch my latest horror film, An Eye for An EYe EP.4! Its got gore and special effec... reviewed June 29, 2007
Tor by ppugh1 Sci-Fi
Its always fun to make films like this. When I first started it was the exact same! It was entertaining, funny and overall a great experience! GREAT JOB! Please, if you have time, watch my latest horr... reviewed June 29, 2007
West-Land by veltram Sci-Fi
Mods in your first film?! I am quite impressed with this whole production actually. Great title in my opinion and quite a good mix of genres in the film. You have great, great potential in the futur... reviewed June 29, 2007
zombies strikes back - episode one by metalmaty Horror
I love horror and zombie movies! THIS WAS GREAT!!! Loved the whole creepy feeling of the film! GREAT! Please watch my film, an eye for an eye ep.4! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Big city life-trailer by klikon Action
Way too long for a trailer, but it was good! I really liked the concept. GOOD VO'S GOOD JOB! Please watch my latest horror film, an eye for an eye EP.4 ! THANKS! I'll take a look at your other films ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Sexy Office Love by Turnkey Romance
Pretty good romance film! Remember to always write something in your description so that viewers know a little about the film before they see it! GOOD JOB! Please watch my latest gory horror film, An ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Shooting-Party (Random-shootout) FUNNY by iakay Comedy
Its always fun to make films like this! Entertaining and fun to watch! Please watch my film, an eye for an eye EP. 4! THANKS! An Eye for An Eye EP. 4 reviewed June 29, 2007
Human Exploration to Qwelth - Part I by Brainbox13 Sci-Fi
For your first movie online, this is quite an accomplishment! Loved it man! You have potential! Please watch my latest film, an eye for an eye ep.4! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Jesus Christ - Mind Freak by _C_ Horror
THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Loved the whole concept of Jesus Mindfreak. You might get in a little trouble for showing the nudity, but I respect people who have the balls enough to put it on the site! Wow! Tha... reviewed June 29, 2007
When The Phone Rang trailer by Hanged Horror
It was pretty good I guess. Pretty good concept although not really original. Good job. Please watch my latest horror! Its got gore and stuff! reviewed June 29, 2007
Homeless Horror by Zapper901 Horror
Cool concept. I never really thought of a horror with a homeless man! Good creativity and scene choice. Always remember to write something in your description! GOOD JOB! PLEASE watch my latest horror... reviewed June 29, 2007
Apocalypse (with commentary) by MrMogul Action
I thought that it was an inventive idea to have commentary. You guys have unique accents- where are you guys from? Anyway, my favorite part was when one of you guys said "She's a good driver." Then, s... reviewed June 29, 2007
Lonely wanderings by VoorheesMan Horror
Pretty cool zombie movie man! Liked the knife fight and the last scene! Really fun and entertaing to watch. Great job on this man. I really love the Horror genre. Hey, if you have time, please watch ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Bloody Valentine pt1 by psychodeathtrip Horror
Ah, we all have to get started somewhere in the horror genre. It was a fine slice of horror here! I really like your studio name! LOL! GOOD JOB! If you can, please watch my latest horror film, An Ey... reviewed June 29, 2007
The Unslowable Omnibus by dgerards Action
Yeah. I will not take away any stars because this is your first film. Great job by the way. Yeah, there were some technical issues but if you keep trying you will get them! FILM ON!!! If you can, ple... reviewed June 29, 2007
Perception by Sessh0umaru01 Sci-Fi
Pretty cool film. I liked the idea and I think it worked well. Kind of hard to understand but it was good. WELL DONE! Glad to see you back making films! Please, if you have time, check out An Eye for ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Heaven VS Hell by Zapper901 Horror
Dude! I just made a heaven vs. hell film too! Awesome! I really like the concept of the film! Its really cool and I think you did quite a job on it. Fascinating! If you can, please watch my latest h... reviewed June 29, 2007
Day of Reckoning by horror_film_fan Horror
Featured Review
You are definitely starting off on the right track. First of all, you wrote at least something in your description to give us at least a glimpse of what the film is about. You also went to the forum...
reviewed June 29, 2007
Once Upon A Time In The Wild West by Halo22237 Action
Cool action movie. The story was kind of confusing but I basically got the main point! I really liked your effort here! GREAT JOB! Please watch my horror movie an eye for an eye ep. 4! Its got gore a... reviewed June 29, 2007
Time To Die!!! by jani1988 Horror
Good first try at horror! I love the horror genre and I started quite awhile ago! Its always hard to get into it but I think you did a great job! LOVED IT! If you have time, please watch my latest h... reviewed June 29, 2007
FRENZY by tsunamidog Action
Amazing. Just amazing. The best, stylized film I've seen so far. Amazing, uniqueness! Your freecam was absolutely fantastic. It did look like one huge scene!!! Loved the shaky cam effect giving of... reviewed June 29, 2007
Cop Chasers by cal879 Action
That was actually pretty good, way too short, but pretty good. I thought you did fine with VO's. It's hard to find good girl VO's nowadays. You should use your friends maybe. I thought the whole snip... reviewed June 29, 2007
Nancy Crew Ep1 by buffyfreak93 Horror
Cool movie you got here! I really liked it! Remember to always write something about your film on your movie page! GOOD JOB! Please watch my latest horror epic, an eye for an eye ep. 4! Its got gore... reviewed June 29, 2007
The girl who fell in love with the indians by conky Action
Pretty funny concept! I liked how the indian was just like "sorry" and then runs after here with an axe! THAT WAS GREAT! If you have time, please watch my latest horror epic! An Eye for AN Eye EP.4! ... reviewed June 29, 2007
LSS mini film 1 by stuartholt Comedy
Good comedy! You should write a little something on this movie page about the film so viewers know what it is about! It was a good film and good effort! GREAT! If you have time, Please watch my lates... reviewed June 29, 2007
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL plus by sidy Action
Sidy! This was absolutely great! High-school teen drama mixed with some crazy anime fighting! Your overlays were fantastic as always and the added voices were great! The fighting scenes were not du... reviewed June 29, 2007
War Stock Trailer by s2sgs2 Action
Cool trailer man! I liked your scene choices. Good luck with the series. Its almost July 1st! Hey, if you have time, please watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An Eye EP.4! Its got loads of gore!... reviewed June 29, 2007
Fear Part 2 by DalecDean Horror
I love horror films. You did a pretty good job with this. You need to makes your films much much longer. I liked the backdrop at the end! GOOD JOB! Please watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An E... reviewed June 29, 2007
Mountain Lions by lewismerlin Action
GREAT JOB DUDE! COOOL movie man. I think you really pulled it off, you will get better as you make more movies! FILM ON! Hey, if you have time, please watch may latest epic horror film, An Eye for An... reviewed June 29, 2007
Tenderspirit by Acemaster Romance
Pretty cool movie man! Good editing and an overall entertaining film! GREAT! Hey, if you want to see blood and gore, come watch my latest horor epic, An Eye for AN Eye EP. 4! THANKS! reviewed June 29, 2007
Fight For Our Country by Zapper901 Action
Its always good to try out these scenes. Once you get into the movies more... you will start making films with more depth. Its fine to make these movies for now. GOOD job. I am moderately experien... reviewed June 29, 2007
Overkill Preview by matthewmagic Sci-Fi
Wow! Cool preview man! Looks like you got a really good cast list going on there man! Good luck with this production. It has potential! If you like horrors, check out my latest, An Eye for An Eye E... reviewed June 29, 2007
Phone call 2 The phantom Caller by StephenBell Action
Cool concept man. I would really have chosen horror for that, but it was good. GREAT! Remember to always write a descripion about your movie though! Hey, if you have time, please watch my latest horr... reviewed June 29, 2007
The Ugliest Monkey by screamingtongue Comedy
That wasn't bad at all! I enjoyed it. Try making movies with a little more depth. You will learn that as you make more movies! Please don't stop filming! Please watch my new horror film , An Eye for... reviewed June 29, 2007
On the Ledge by Jenniza Romance
Amazing job here! LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! reviewed June 29, 2007
Slapstick 1930 by SH3LLSH0CK Comedy
Its always fun to make films like this! When I first got the game, I made tons of these films, so I know where you're coming from! Don't worry man, here's 5 stars! :) If you have time, please watch m... reviewed June 27, 2007
Space Wolves (Úpisode 1) by hulong Sci-Fi
Good movie dude. Pretty good for your first scifi. Hope all is well with your series! If you have time, please watch my latest horror epic, an eye for an eye ep. 4! its got tons of gore! THANKS ttp:... reviewed June 27, 2007
Pulp Fiction Scene by FallenThomas Action
HA! Great job. John Travolta wasn't in the bathroom, but that's all good! GREAT JOB! reviewed June 27, 2007
Empire (Part Three) by andy_inc Action
Wow. What a film. That was the best episode by far. One of the most epic films on the site. Amazing story and voice overs. Great job on your VO's andy, really great. Awesome overlays during the ... reviewed June 27, 2007
Empire (Part Two) by andy_inc Action
Cool film man! Definitely better than the first. OOOOO... this really builds into part 3. I'm off to it now! reviewed June 27, 2007
The Skull by chris62 Comedy
Great, Great , GREAT! That was a crazy ride man. Cool vo's and that overlay at the end was really awesome. GREAT FILM! Hey, if you can, please take a look at my latest horror, An Eye for An Eye EP.4... reviewed June 27, 2007
Only A Dream by KaeptnWiglo Sci-Fi
Really, really cool. I LOVED all your overlay work. It was just amazing and it really shows that you put in A LOT of effort in this production. Although a simple concept, I really enjoyed that it w... reviewed June 27, 2007
kung Fu Kickass! by MrMogul Action
Don't worry. It's always ok to make little films like this. I used to get bored too and make films like this so I know where you're coming from. Don't worry. If you have time, please watch my latest... reviewed June 27, 2007
The holidays revenge by jordanjackson Horror
That was pretty good man. Good horror effort! Great job man. If you can, please watch my latest horor film, An Eye for An Eye EP.4! Its got a lot of gore and special effects! I will rate all your ot... reviewed June 27, 2007
Here I go again by Artescape Comedy
As an beginning filmmaker on this site, you did a fine job. You made me laugh! It was a very good effort man! Film enjoyed! If you have time, please watch my latest horror epic, An Eye for An Eye EP.... reviewed June 27, 2007
evacuation by heglisson Comedy
It was pretty good man. Too short in my opinion but good. GREAT JOB! If you can, please take a look at my latest horror epic An Eye for An Eye EP. 4! Its got lots of gore and special effects! THANKS!... reviewed June 27, 2007
killer jason 4 by tristanl Horror
Cool movie. I really like Jason as a character! If you can, please watch my latest horror film. An Eye for AN Eye EP.4! Its #1 in horror, and Ill rate the rest of yours if you see mine. THANKS. reviewed June 26, 2007
Mistah Sistah Friend by residentevil031591 Comedy
Very good for your first movie man! Great job here. Remember to always keep on trying and have fun making films. I can tell you had fun with this one, I was very entertained! Anyway, GREAT JOB! Ple... reviewed June 26, 2007
Doubletap Sun Tzu by thecoolerking1 Action
Pretty good for a beginner man. Its good that you are using voice overs in your first films. Voice overs really bring the quality up in films. You doing all the voice overs isn't such a good idea, b... reviewed June 26, 2007
Physio Hotel by dalle1 Horror
Now that was a random movie! Wow... I don't know why I enjoyed that so much, but its always fun to watch these short films. GOOD JOB. Please watch my latest horror film, An Eye for An Eye EP.4. THA... reviewed June 26, 2007
Ninja's and Russian Soldier by Wizard_Dodec Action
It's always fun to watch little films like this. There isn't much depth but it was still a little, enjoyable film! Good job! Oh, if you have any time, please take a look at my gruesome horror epic! ... reviewed June 26, 2007
MEMORIES by Eagle_93 Romance
WOW. Amazingly shot film. Great tone and free cam work. This was a GREAT romance film man. I kinda liked how the film didn't have VO's or subs because it gives this like... coool... vibe. Anyway, g... reviewed June 26, 2007
Light and Darkness by mocemanix Sci-Fi
I really do LOVE surreal movies like this. The whole tone of the film was fascinating from the destruction, fire and wonderful music choice. The music couldn't have been better in my opinion. Top n... reviewed June 26, 2007
Hunt for the Nut by Stanandpaul Comedy
That was a pretty good movie man! I really liked all of it. Good movie and great job man. If you have time, PLEASE check out my latest horror film! Its really gory and has special effects! THANK YOU!... reviewed June 26, 2007
Mafia 1 by Philip1898 Action
Awesome movie for your first time!!! Really great job here man. For your first, this is quite an accomplishment!!! GREAT! Hey, if you like horror films, check out my latest, An Eye for An Eye EP.4 !... reviewed June 26, 2007
Demons Army Part 2 Sneak Peek by kidman6 Horror
Featured Review
That was actually a pretty good trailer! I will be checking your studio when it is released! Cool, suspense in parts! GOOD JOB! Hey, if you like horror, please take a look at my newest horror, An...
reviewed June 26, 2007
Caveman by aubieman Comedy
I myself love the caveman commercials as well! You know they are coming out with a TV show on the cavemen too! It's gonna rock! Anyway, good job on this comedy! Please... please rate my horror film... reviewed June 26, 2007
Somewhere Beyond the Galaxy by ladered64 Sci-Fi
Cool, cool sci-fi film. Good job with VOs and sound FX man. Remember to always right something in your description! Please, if you have time, take a look at my latest gory horror film! An Eye for An... reviewed June 26, 2007
Electrocution by wylloazure Sci-Fi
Wasn't bad at all! Cool costumes and some very good looking women in there! Yeah, you really need some dialogue. Write some subtitles next time! If you have time take a look at my gory horror movie... reviewed June 26, 2007
Six by mercop1 Action
Cool movie man. Always remember to take out the mumbling if you can. Good action scens and music choices! GREAT! If you have time, please rate my latest film An Eye for An Eye EP. 4! THANKS! reviewed June 26, 2007
Gruesome Episode 1 TRAILER by michagin_man Horror
Really cool trailer. Definitely looking forward to this. Your music choice was great and it really set the tone! Hey, if you have time, take a look at my latest horror film, An Eye for An Eye EP. 4! Thanks! reviewed June 26, 2007
Massacre No Hope Left by ShyShy Horror
Pretty good shyshy. Subtle changes are needed to make this stand as a greater quality film. As you know, massacre doesn't really fit the premise of the film. The realism in the film isn't on point.... reviewed June 25, 2007
Friction by matthewmagic Action
Cool movie indeed. I really was going to give this 4 stars but I gave it 5 just cause I was feeling generous! :) Good film although it definitely does suffer from technical flaws. Really cool openi... reviewed June 25, 2007
The Innevitable by michagin_man Horror
Really creepy film here man. Really good short horror experience. That scarred woman was definitely crazy man! good job! reviewed June 24, 2007
True Grunt by bongoman Action
Featured Review
It is absolutely amazing what you can do visually. All the overlays and mods were beautiful to look. Really cool concept as well. During the scenes with the gun, I was like "WHAT?! How the hell doe...
reviewed June 24, 2007
The Consequences of Bad Decisions by Katikal Comedy
That was actually pretty funny man! Loved all of the consequences. I think you might've gone a little overboard during some parts of the film with your VO, but overall it was a refreshing comedy! G... reviewed June 24, 2007
Gangster by apip Action
Kind of hard to follow at times but nevertheless, it was very entertaining and funny to watch. The voice artists were all great, except some were hard to hear at times. Overall, a great action packe... reviewed June 24, 2007
The Dating Dilemma by Master007 Comedy
That was great Master! Loved the whole demon angel thing. Reminds me of a horror film that came out called Suicide on TMO, but yours is a comedy! No seriously, that was really good. Loved the musi... reviewed June 24, 2007
Destiny by Neuray-Enterprises Romance
Cool movie man. Cool story and some great voice artists. I really liked the main voice artist. A little simple at times but still, a pretty touching film overall, good job. If you can, please take... reviewed June 24, 2007
Op Defiance 4 The last wold TRAILER by Ellis07 Action
That was actually pretty good! I think those were blood effects in the beginning cant tell. Anyway, the music choices were spot on as well! Make sure you go to the forums to promote your film! If ... reviewed June 24, 2007
The Diamonds Curse by Collin100 Horror
That was actually pretty cool. I mean, it didn't have a story really, or anything deep, but the mods were pretty crazy! Loved the blood and decapitated heads! Where did you get that mod?! Anyway, ... reviewed June 24, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
Fantasic film here Samyhouse. Great sweeping freecam shots and great choice of music. Wonderful characters, overall tone and atmosphere. I'll admit I am a little confused but I will think on it a b... reviewed June 24, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
Amazingly random and fun to watch!!! That was off the chain! Really funny and it is obvious that you put in a lot of time and effort into that film... Great voice artists as well. Overall, fantastic job! reviewed June 24, 2007
the Nature of Things by josephkw Comedy
Cool movie here Joesephkw. I think you did a great job with all the VO's and the writing was spot on man. Clever dialogue and really good use of music. Great Job! reviewed June 24, 2007
Judes Law II (Trailer) by RaYdAwG Action
Pretty bomb trailer man. Can't wait for a second dose of this. I really like all the characters. Peace. reviewed June 24, 2007
Judes Law by RaYdAwG Action
Definitely an exceptional action movie here RaydAwG! This film combined some great dialogue work by an array of unique voice artists as well as a pretty entertaining storyline. I must add that the m... reviewed June 24, 2007
The Adventures Of Woody And Sam by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Dammit 6... All of your comedies just rock my socks off. Seriously. That was freakin' hilarious. These characters are PERFECT. At first, I was like.... Koolaid was better... but then when it got i... reviewed June 24, 2007
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -VO-Trailer by sidy Action
Awesome stuff here Sidy. Looks freakin' crazy with all those special effects. I honestly wish I knew how to make all that stuff. You have VO's now! yay! Anyway, great job here. If you can Sidy, ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Hunter Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
I liked the style of the trailer but I thought it could have been done a little better. Still enjoyed! Good job. reviewed June 17, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
Cool, Cool, COOL! That was one hell of a ride! Cool overlays man. Those blood effects were tight and so were those boxes that blew up. That was great. Wish I could make those!!! Anyway, I loved ... reviewed June 14, 2007
RIPPER 2007 Trailer by chrisu69 Horror
Good trailer. Actually, I didn't really get the feel that it was a trailer. It was just basically a short scene. Anyway, when I saw that insane eye overlays thing I knew I was going to give this 5 ... reviewed June 13, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
Amazing! One of the most intelligent films I've seen on TMO. Great characterizations and plot depth. I really enjoyed this! Fantastic choice of music and great overlays. I can't believe I missed t... reviewed June 12, 2007
Supa Fan Holiday -3 scene version - by sidy Comedy
Crazy sidy ! LOved it! reviewed June 11, 2007
Electrified Hot Dog Stand with Some Jeebus by tsunamidog Horror
Ah, that was a fun experience. It's more of a comedy than a horror but that doesn't matter. I really liked Jesus. Your voice over as him was great. Loved the weirdness. Keep it up! reviewed June 10, 2007
otnemem20s Terrifying Trifecta of Terror1 by otnemem20 Horror
Overall, I really liked the style of the film. Great Voice-overs yet a lot of them sounded the same. I loved the grindhouse feel and the missing reel. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is becaus... reviewed June 10, 2007
Clock by micha83 Horror
It wasn't your best film to date, but it definitely was entertaining. I really liked all the crazy echoes and cool overlay work. Great job. reviewed June 10, 2007
Tainted Souls 3 - The Other by jameseva Horror
Awesome! The story keeps getting better and better as these sub-plots begin weave through. Amazing job with this istallment. My favorite of the three. Great job! reviewed June 10, 2007
Tainted Souls 2 - Hidden Truth by jameseva Horror
Another amazing episode. Love the storyline and the cool, mysterious feel. Wonderful job again. Off to the third! reviewed June 10, 2007
Tainted Souls I - Death Drs Dreams by jameseva Horror
Amazing work here. The intriguing storyline is what shines the most in the film. I am off to check out the next one! reviewed June 10, 2007
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: Wow. An enthralling, captivating horror experience. A magnificent decent into the surreal realms between life and death. The story was nothing short of exc... reviewed June 2, 2007
A Darker Thriller Teaser by samyhouse Action
Featured Review
Magnificent! One of the best trailers on this site! Wonderful timing with the crescendoing, suspenseful music. A truly professional piece of work!
reviewed June 1, 2007
Earth Trailer 1 by samyhouse Sci-Fi
Terrific! Great contrast between music and visuals! reviewed June 1, 2007
STALKER by kwistufa Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: Very twisted. You should make more of these movies... I loved the whole stalker vibe going on. Kwis... you're the only one who could get away with this! Gr... reviewed June 1, 2007
rise of the dead by Butt-Monkey Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: Amazing! Wonderful beats and freecam. Great voice-overs, one of the best zombie films on this site!!! reviewed May 31, 2007
Terrifying Trifecta of Terror (Trailer) by otnemem20 Horror
Yea, it was good. I like the whole grind house style, but I still was expecting much, much more. I've seen you around with your harsh, brutal reviews, and seeing how pissy you are all the time, I wa... reviewed May 31, 2007
THE BLACK BAT (teaser) by nikstudios05 Action
TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Great job here man. Looks like a really good action film. Hope all those pissy people out there quiet down. :) reviewed May 31, 2007
FROG THING by kwistufa Horror
Dude! That was completely awesome! Loved your voice-work as usual. Great overall feel, tone and atmosphere. This is something completely original on TMO. Loved the head mod plus the new animati... reviewed May 29, 2007
NEW SCENES by kwistufa Action
Hey Kwis... been too long! Anyway, that was great! Showin off a way cool new mod. reviewed May 29, 2007
Infected - Part 1 by TopherBoy02 Horror
Amazing introduction. Beginning of the film played out just like a film in the theater. First of all, I would have liked to see more as basically it was just the initial story. Too short in my opin... reviewed May 28, 2007
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
Awesome film dude! I saw your poster and I just had to watch the film. Very funny and creative. You should really make a sequel. Check out my latest trailer if you have time. Peace. ~Erik reviewed May 27, 2007
Rite of the Amazon by George_Locust Action
Ever since I found your studio, you just keep getting better and better. Your overlay work is incredible. Many times I found myself saying "HOW THE **** DID HE DO THAT?" The chase was incredibly in... reviewed May 24, 2007
Pressure by qtigger Action
Really cool movie. Great characters, voice-overs and tension. Wonderful work. reviewed May 23, 2007
The Dead Cases Final Teaser by jase180 Action
Way cool teaser! Great music that really pumped me up and great voice acting. Great job. reviewed May 20, 2007
Near by sidy Horror
Great film Sidy, although I don't think it's your best work. Great sound, style and effects. reviewed May 10, 2007
The Doll by nikstudios05 Horror
Great classic short! Amazing mood, atmosphere, tone and music. You never disappoint. Those bass sounds really add to the film. Where the heck do you get those?!? LOL. It was really creepy throug... reviewed April 16, 2007
SILENCE Restless Dreaming EP3 (trailer) by nikstudios05 Horror
Featured Review
I don't get it! How the hell do you make everything SOOOO goood!!! That was one of the best if not THE best trailer I have seen on TMO. Everything in it was CRAZY!!! Amazing mods and overlays! Yo...
reviewed April 16, 2007
in different worlds by josephkw_productions Comedy
Superb! Great overall message layered in a very unique and comedic fashion. One of the more innovative films on the site, and a truly great short. d0ub|e E reviewed April 16, 2007
Awesome!!! Great as usual and yes... I did see GRINDHOUSE as well and it totally rocked! Your trailer worked perfectly as this type of trailer. Cool overlays and wicked music made this a totally co... reviewed April 16, 2007
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: There is no doubt that you are an absolutely stunning director Nukester. Watching "Horror of the Werewolf" was like watching a REAL horror film in the theate... reviewed March 30, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
I am so sorry I didn't watch this film earlier... I really did miss out. THIS was the BEST STORY on TMO by far. No other film has made me watch eagerly for 26 MINUTES!!! So much effort has been pu... reviewed March 30, 2007
Suicide by micha83 Horror
OK... Who ever gives this less than a 5 is retarded. This is a stunning, horror masterpiece by friend!!! The atmosphere, the VO's, the CREEPY sound FX, OMFG... everything was top notch. THE GREAT... reviewed March 29, 2007
Road Duel the teaser by George_Locust Action
Great Teaser! Looks like it will be quite a ride... (hehehe) Very original idea; I don't think there is another film quite like it. Knowing you and special effects, this production is going to be c... reviewed March 29, 2007
315 part 1 by verguit Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: A good horror mystery. Loved the opening scene; thought that was extremely well done, and I also loved the ending scene when he goes into the girl's house. ... reviewed March 22, 2007
Damnrealm 01 by George_Locust Horror
HOLY GOD! OK. At first I was like... this movie is way tooooo slow... which is true for the first 5 minutes. But... lemme tell you ... it was worth the wait!!! OMG!!! You are amazing with the overl... reviewed March 19, 2007
Attack of the TMO Cliche by jase180 Comedy
Hey great job here Jase180! Completely original. Loved it. :) reviewed March 18, 2007
The laugh by ZCK_legend Horror
Cool movie with some great voice work including the laugh section. I think you over did it a bit but it still worked very well. Very well presented and thought out. Great Job. d0ub|e E reviewed March 18, 2007
Vitae by pegleg Romance
Poetic dialogue mixed with sweeping camera use and some HOT girls. Great Job here pegleg. Little slow in parts I must admit, but overall you did a fine job. Loved the ending with the echos and the ... reviewed March 17, 2007
The MUMMY NINJA MAN by kwistufa Horror
I thought Duskfeed was better than this one, but this was still extremely atmospheric. Try not to overuse that sun glare effect. It was really cool though. Great Job at another horror short! reviewed March 12, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: Great Job here qtigger. The overall film left me with some underlying unsatisfaction, but aside from this, you managed to create a very compelling film. I l... reviewed March 11, 2007
We are a legend- trailer by gilga Sci-Fi
Very good trailer. Must have taken you a long time to get all those overlays and backdrops together. It's lookin' like a really cool movie. Very trippy... and the music definitely added to the trai... reviewed March 11, 2007
DARWIN Offical trailer by verguit Action
Looks very intrigueing!!! I really want to see how this plays out. It's going to take a huge amount of thought and effort to make this look realistic. Great prop use with all the battle stuff. Goo... reviewed March 9, 2007
The Call (Trailer) by Active_Studios Action
Looks pretty cool. I like the music you used. Looks like quite a film, and it's gonna be your first movie..??!?! WOW! reviewed March 9, 2007
Personality(Teaser) by bufu0 Horror
Ok trailer. Great Vo's and I think that's what pushed me to give you an extra star. Felt a little bland in spots and the overused music is just not satisying! However... I think you made a good ef... reviewed March 9, 2007
EDEN IV test trailer 2 by Wraagh_Entertainment Sci-Fi
Looks pretty entertaining. A goofy sci-fi film. Cool overlays and some bangin' music. Good job. reviewed March 9, 2007
The Path We Choose Trailer by rysto Horror
Cool trailer here! I really liked the last shot with the angels and the whirling blue thing. That was cool. Some of the trailer was very stylized and that's what I like about it. Good Job. reviewed March 9, 2007
Starchy Hatch The Trailer by pamdennis Action
Cool trailer! The ending was a bit weird, but I think it was good overall. Looks like you have a nice cast there! Good work. reviewed March 8, 2007
The Dead Cases Teaser2 by jase180 Action
Cool trailer! Glitchy in spots and the editing is not the best, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Good job. reviewed March 8, 2007
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
Featured Review
Totally outrageous! That was so hilarious A_N_D! Great voice-overs all around. I especially like the old woman's voice. Actually, it had a very interesting story. Now that I think about it, that ...
reviewed March 7, 2007
The Travis County Massacre by Sorrow13 Horror
Featured Review
Had some flaws and some technical mishaps, but it was a cool movie that I enjoyed very much. Great Job!
reviewed March 6, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Heat 3 by kwistufa Romance
Great Job Kwistufa. I really would have liked to see the restrictions but I'll find them out soon. I thought it was really sad, but it was also funny in parts. Cool sets with all the flowers and a ... reviewed March 4, 2007
Slashed by Spaceman72 Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest: A great slash 'em up flick. Really cool even several months later. I do not know how the film passed me by. The camera work was decent while not being absolutely ... reviewed March 3, 2007
SILENCE Restless Dreaming EP2 by nikstudios05 Horror
Featured Review
I can honestly say that you are the BEST HORROR DIRECTOR on this site. You are the only one that has gotten me scared out of every single freakin' studio. I thought Jack-0-Lantern 2 was insane, th...
reviewed March 3, 2007
SIGHT 2 by Sith Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest: Overall, it was a fine horror film, but there were some things that held me back from giving it 5 stars. Please be aware that this is an honest review, usually I do... reviewed March 2, 2007
Feed Me I Hunger! Revised by JustinMoore Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest: A fairly average film all the way through. You need to work on your scene editing. The film was extremely choppy in parts and your VO's overlapped in certain place... reviewed March 2, 2007
Vincent by gillyboy Horror
Amabeginzordawg's Horror Contest Review: Realizing this is your first film I will not blam this movie and and give a low star count. Overall, the movie was completely stale: Monotone voice acting... reviewed March 2, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
Amazing! An absolutely fabulous conclusion to one of the best if not the best series here on TMO. Outstanding VO's, thrilling story and action are just some of the high points of the film. Wonder... reviewed February 25, 2007
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
Totally Unbelievable!!! The spfx were outstanding, the story was amazing and the VO's were fantastic! EXCELLENT JOB! reviewed February 25, 2007
The Courage Within by MefuneAkira Action
Brilliant! reviewed February 25, 2007
All in vain by eyris Comedy
Great Job! reviewed February 25, 2007
Quiet Creek Sanitarium Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
I think the first minute of the trailer was the best part. Great atmosphere and creepiness. I think the woman's whispering voice was not good, but the other voice overs were very well done, especial... reviewed February 25, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
Definitely top-notch work here Andy. The story is simply fantastic and is backed up by outstanding VO's most notably H_fincharrio. Although this film is mostly brilliant, there were a few flaws. A... reviewed February 25, 2007
Smothered Hope by Flipmanburn Horror
d0ub|e E PROS: Great atmosphere. Gritty subject and overall feeling. Good music choice that added to the atmosphere. Cool story that reminded me a little of Fraility. CONS: The two stories of the... reviewed February 21, 2007
Fade To Black 2 - Utopia Rising -First trailer by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Ah, pretty sweet trailer here Uber. Gotta see Fade to Black now. LOL! Take care. reviewed February 20, 2007
Snuff Movie trailer by azza93 Horror
There wasn't anything new at all. To be blunt, it was extremely boring. Bland scenes and no style negatively affected this film. This review is almost honest(gave you 2 extra stars) unlike all the ... reviewed February 20, 2007
SILENCE Restless Dreaming by nikstudios05 Horror
What a great horror film! This was stylistic, fresh and totally cool! Your camera work was unique and the slow pacing was actually a very good change. Very creepy when that thing was walking. I am... reviewed February 20, 2007
Dulci Does TMO by Dulci Comedy
What fun! That was a great film Dulci. I love the overall concept of the film and the VO's were very well done. Dude, the postmodernchuck part was hilarious. Aha. He needs to learn to lay back an... reviewed February 19, 2007
Temporary Night Teaser by nukester Romance
Oooozzzing with style and unique camera work! I gotta ask you... how do you make the camera stay in the exact same spot and then move from that spot and keep filming? If you can, please PM me the de... reviewed February 18, 2007
Moral of evil phones by Evilretard_unleashed Sci-Fi
Definitely not Top 25 material. But I will be nice to you and give you 4 stars. I am only suggesting things for your next movie. It is constructive criticism. There is basically no story. The s... reviewed February 17, 2007
A NEW WORLD the Manor (episode 2)a by samyhouse Horror
Good, Good stuff. Very stylish and beautiful in parts. I really liked it. On to part 3! reviewed February 17, 2007
A NEW WORLD the begining (Úpisode 1) by samyhouse Horror
Wow! Great beginnning to what seems like a really good series!!! Great camera work and characterizations. I really get a feel for all the characters, or most of them because some you don't know any... reviewed February 12, 2007
Jack-O-Lantern 2 by nikstudios05 Horror
In terms of Horror, you nailed it right on the head. From the fabulous use of freecam, to the great music selection, this film is definitely one of the best TMO has to offer. This is the only film o... reviewed February 10, 2007
Ultimate Warriors (Theatrical Teaser) by DanielH20 Action
Good Trailer! It had some grammar errors but it had some great music and effects to pull it through. Good Job. I love graphic novels by the way! reviewed February 10, 2007
Slived Landing by Moviemaniac1 Horror
That was a pretty sweet movie man. At first, I was skeptical because it really wasn't anything new story wise but then it got really cool. LOVED the part with the crawling woman. That was creepy. ... reviewed February 4, 2007
Unexplainable Trailer by tsunamidog Horror
Awesome. Totally Freakin' Awesome. You are my kind of movie maker my man. Freaking awesome song, adrenaline and some weird ass stuff. Honestly, if this movie is what its snuffed up to be from this... reviewed February 4, 2007
The Heist by machine68 Action
d0ub|e E For your first film, this is quite an achievement. My first film doesn't compare to yours in the least. Great Job. Here is some constructive criticism: Sometimes the subtitles go a littl... reviewed February 3, 2007
TRESSPASSER by kwistufa Horror
Totally sweet movie Kwistufa. A simple idea that is taken to all new heights! Wonderful VO's, mods and style! reviewed February 1, 2007
Sliders The Lost Episode by jdknght24 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Wow. Very interesting concept. You used it very well. Great film. It started out very well with some normal people and some funny dialogue that made me chuckle. I really liked your overlay work w...
reviewed January 19, 2007
Number B - The Devils Letter by MrSmithee Action
DOUB|E E REVIEW: Totally slick and sweet. Your awaited Number B The Devil's Letter does not disappoint! Amazing and unique intro. Really cool when she takes out all those people in the beginning o... reviewed January 17, 2007
This Is Love - VO by dansun81 Action
Very gripping storyline and tension. You are a well deserved contest winner. Great Job. Please check out my latest. reviewed January 9, 2007
Stand and Fight by ManaRaiden Action
What can I say? A fantastic, extremely well done film. Great sets and awesome use of props. One of the only films on TMO that can be considered as an "EPIC." Congratulations. If you can, check out... reviewed January 9, 2007
Vengeance by UnicornRunning Action
Very, Very, COOL. You are a very stylish film maker with a lot of potential I must say. Your camera angles flowed smoothly throughout, the storyline was solid and the voice acting was stellar. You ... reviewed January 9, 2007
El Mariachi by azza93 Action
Good job here Azza. I liked some of your camera angles and shots. I am familiar with his work ( Just saw Desperado like 2 days ago!) I LOVE Sin City but I haven't seen El Mariachi and Once Upon A Ti... reviewed January 8, 2007
Mind Divers by sidy Action
d0ub|e E Sidy. I want you to come to my house and teach me for 10 hours how to make all those special effects. I will pay you $100/hr. LOL. But really Sidy... those effects were downright out of ... reviewed January 7, 2007
SaW - Bloody Dream by Rollercoasterproductions Horror
Great tension and atmosphere when the countdown started. Work on your German to English translations because some of them really didn't make sense. Also, some of your voice work was annoying at time... reviewed January 6, 2007
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Good Job Tarison. The plot was spot on with a good feel of suspense and mystery. Great Vo cast and you did very well yourself! Intrigueing storyline, good use of mods and a great music selection. ... reviewed December 30, 2006
Dead Fault 3 by michael_b6 Action
I always love your movies. Roaring sound FX and stylized camera work make all your movies great. Good story cant wait to see the next one. If you can, take a look at my new film the seductress, onl... reviewed December 29, 2006
No One Waits Forever -One- by mlederer Action
Great Job man! Great VO work that was perfect. Wonderful music selection and good story. Really hope you continue with this! :) Good job. If you can, please watch my new film the seductress... if ... reviewed December 29, 2006
Anthony Buttafuco Are You Talking To Me by DNR Comedy
Very funny stuff DNR. Great VO work and some great jokes. I was laughing very hard and the language was just another bonus for me. You have a knack for movies man...from comedy to Mancini... it all... reviewed December 29, 2006
A Night in the bar with Graveyard by godzillatraviz Comedy
Graveyard is definitely a bad ass! Good VO work but it was a bit akward going from VO to type even though I fully understand why you did it. I liked the werewolf change it was very original in that ... reviewed December 29, 2006
As Time Ticks Away by tsunamidog Horror
Good Job. A little too short I might say, but a fine attempt on something different then the norm. Great filtering mod use, it definitely added to the feel but it might have been overused. Anyway, ... reviewed December 29, 2006
TMO celebrity roast by 6-headedmonster Comedy
I love how you push boundaries 6. You're always pushing TMO to its limit, and I love that about you. You kept me laughing for a full 25 minutes man... don't know how you did it! A rude, crude absol... reviewed December 28, 2006
Borat in the US and A by CaptSocrates Comedy
Fantastic Job! Great job on your wonderful voice work! I was amazed at how perfectly you did Borat and others. You truely have a talent in that category! Very entertaining stuff here man. Wonderful job! reviewed December 23, 2006
Silent Hill Trailer by jpwood Horror
A frankly average trailer and a suprising chart topper. Nothing really stands out. Pretty good music and a creepy woman walking toward the camera... but it lacked finese and experience. Try watching... reviewed December 23, 2006
Kings Of Chicago--Theatrical Trailer by DarthDirector Action
Wonderful trailer! Looks extremely promising... Gimme a hoot when its done! reviewed December 17, 2006
DIE OR BE KILLED by thomasedgar Action
Sorry... that movie was everywhere. The sound was glitchy and awful and basically nothing really happened. I'm sorry for giving you this low of a score. reviewed November 16, 2006
THE BATCHER BROS by kwistufa Action
Awesome job Kwistufa! Loved it as I usually do with your movies. Great atmosphere, very good music! Loved the constant profanity and the overall tone of the film. I also want to commend you on you... reviewed November 12, 2006
Jack the Ripper Part 2 by micha83 Horror
Brilliant film! Wonderful job man... everything was spot on. LOVED IT!!! reviewed November 12, 2006
Biggest Fear by G0liath Comedy
Definitely a great short film. Very funny man. Good Job. reviewed November 12, 2006
Gamestation Commercial by Irish_Scorpion Comedy
Wow. Great special effects man. Definitely a great promo film for a wonderfully good concept. Rock on. reviewed November 12, 2006
Endless Sin by Gmoser Action
d0ub|e E Very well done Jeff! I see you figured out how to get a black screen. The beginning was a little iffy to me... but then it got good, real good. The music in the beginning suited the scene... reviewed November 10, 2006
Between Life Death--Devils Kin TRAILER by colingaiser Horror
Good Job. Looks promising. reviewed November 10, 2006
Hand of God by Cut_Scene Action
Featured Review
d0ub|e E Definitely a very compelling and intrigueing art film. Technically, you were top notch; with a great camera style, and some good scene choices. It was really "trippy" and weird during the ...
reviewed November 6, 2006
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -Preview- by sidy Action
Nice job sidy. Your special effects continue to dazzle me! I would love to know how to do that... GREAT JOB! reviewed November 1, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
Amazingly compelling storyline, great camera work, great style, magnificent choice of music... these are all reasons why this movie rocked!!! Great job sisch... I cannot wait to watch the second but ... reviewed October 31, 2006
DUSKFEED - Directors Cut by kwistufa Horror
d0ub|e E YES! Your 1st review! I have to say this film had such AMAZING style and atmosphere! Amazing job. The music was booming and majestic. The sets were magnificent and the whole tone of the m... reviewed October 30, 2006
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
WOW! Some very impressive visual stuff there matneee! Its obvious that you have spent some great effort on this production and hence the 5 stars! Must have taken quite awhile... and with good time c... reviewed October 30, 2006
the trailer for the fate of roses by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
d0ub|e E Insanely aweomse trailer 6! God I am so glad ur making a movie like this. I know it's different than ode to meat... but its got some of the vibe of it... and I am KILLIN to feel that vibe ... reviewed October 30, 2006
in the slamer by xfx30 Action
yes... I enjoyed your movie! Nowadays... there aren't many movies that are worth watching but I found to enjoy your film. Great jail breaking out stuff. It was a good film!IF you can, please watch ... reviewed October 30, 2006
The Guy That Stunk At Rapping by pianoman160 Comedy
Great concept! Very funny stuff. Nowadays there aren't many movies that make me laugh and have a good time, but this was one of them! Great job man. If you can, please watch my new disturbing horro... reviewed October 30, 2006
Kwistufa... no matter what you make you seem to do it right. Great funny short that's halloween oriented! Just in time... Hey, if you can please watch new disturbing film An Eye for An Eye Episode 2... reviewed October 30, 2006
When the Night Fall Trailer by amt4572 Horror
That was a very enjoyable trailer! Yes it was long for a trailer but I still enjoyed it all the way through and I have to commend you on your great VO work! Great! If you can, please watch my distu... reviewed October 30, 2006
YOU KICK MY DOG!!!! by rsr Comedy
Good take off of one of the funniest calls ever! Good job very funny at times. GREAT JOB. If you can, please watch my disturbing film An Eye for An Eye Episode 2. THANKS. reviewed October 30, 2006
Oedipus the King by DanandAdam Action
Yea that was very fun to watch! GREAT MOVIE! I usually don't see many movies I like here anymore, but I did enjoy watching this one. There were some really funny moments and good fight scene! Good ... reviewed October 30, 2006
Game Over 2 by ShyShy Comedy
Yea ShyShy...ur getting better. This is a very good concept and it was very fun watching it! THAT NERD CAN FIGHT!!!! The funniest part was "hey, look, it's michael jackson! LOL! Good Job ShyShy...... reviewed October 30, 2006
STALKER The Begining by waroftheworlds01 Horror
d0ub|e E Definitely a great introduction movie! Yes this film did raise the tension to an almost breaking point and it was extremely suspenseful! Great job here war. I am excited to see the rest o... reviewed October 30, 2006
Supple Grab by clyde Comedy
This is one of those movies that you can't help but liking. Yes the movie is all over the place and yes, that's what makes it funny! Great Vo's ( Maybe a little over the top but definitely funny stu... reviewed October 30, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
d0ub|e E HOLY LORD SIDY!!! What an amazing horror film!!!! THIS was so freaky and scary and the special effects were out of this world!!!! AMAZING, WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT.... DEFINITELY DESERVED OF ... reviewed October 30, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Oz... you're a... genius. Wonderful! reviewed October 21, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
Featured Review
d0ub|e E What a monumental movie experience! This movie will go down on the list of one of my favorite horrors on TMO! PROS: Every category was top notch. The voice-overs were magnificent, espe...
reviewed October 16, 2006
Vengence Justice Trailer by Zannder Action
Great trailer man!!! Awesome Vo's and WHAT A CRAZY CAST !!! LOOKS promising! NO offense man but at least spell the name of the movie right!!! Vengeance is how.... I think.... Anyway great movie! If yo... reviewed October 12, 2006
A Bullet for Becky by MrSmithee Action
d0ub|e E YEA! I liked this movie very much !!! I thought Number B was better though but this was definitely an intrigueing movie that I enjoyed very much! GREAT!!! If you can, check out my film Lost thanks! reviewed October 12, 2006
TRAILER-i dont like the drugs by Tsunamidog Action
Now this is the movie I've been waiting for !!!! This looks sooooo promising man... great music !!! Loved it!!! Great Job in every aspect looks so awesome... reminds me of Spun kind of. If you haven... reviewed October 12, 2006
The Black Mans Troubles by Gmoser Comedy
d0ub|e E It was ok. I just did not laugh though I don't know why. I mean, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, it's just it didn't take me to the point of laughing. I did chuckle at the part with th... reviewed October 12, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
That was great! What a wacky story that was complimented by magnificent VO's!!! Great work here PearsonHouse!!! reviewed October 10, 2006
Number B by MrSmithee Action
Dude. That was really awesome. I mean at first I was a little skeptical but then it all came together and I gotta tell you.... the ending was absolutely AWESOME. The music fit perfectly.... honestly... reviewed October 2, 2006
10KILLS by michael_b6 Action
Yet another great action film from yourself! reviewed October 1, 2006
GOD HAND -The Movie- by sidy Action
Again Sidy!!! You make such awesome films! All those dazzling special effects, great music and just a great, entertaining movie!!!! CONGRATS!!!! If you can, please watch either my new film LOST or AN... reviewed October 1, 2006
Shadow Reaver - The Beginning by Morris101 Horror
WONDERFUL!!! Put this back in the nominations and keep trying!!! PLEASE! reviewed October 1, 2006
Avengement by Loyd2000 Action
Great Job Loyd! Definitely an intrigueing plot meshed with fantastic voiceovers. Again Great Job!!! IF you can, please watch my latest, LOST. reviewed September 30, 2006
If I had a love song by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Comedy
d0ub|e E God D*mn I love you 6. You are willing to take risks, and I like that about you! That movie was a fun ride from start to finish....I HAD A SMILE ON MY FACE THE WHOLE TIME!!!! GREAT JOB! reviewed September 30, 2006
Tuesday the 31st trailer by homemadeeye Comedy
Great trailer dude!! Funny stuff! reviewed September 25, 2006
The Guardian Trailer by lizard3209 Action
God dang I want you to come over to my house and teach me all of those effects and those especially done in MANCINI! Great Trailer....very enjoyable and looks very promising! I talked with DNR and h... reviewed September 25, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
Great epic and touching story DNR!!! Hope you get to first! reviewed September 24, 2006
Alien Concept by BamRyan Comedy
I am sorry man...but that was a great movie...but I can't look past the fact that you stole that out of THE SQUEE! COMIC BOOK!!! AT LEAST PUT IT SOMEWHERE THAT IT WAS BASED ON A SHORT IN THE COMIC BOO... reviewed September 24, 2006
TORN by -XM- Romance
Great Job here XM. Different than other films, good idea and a very well done song. Props to your pops! Overlays must have taken awhile so I praise you for your effort and I hope that you and your ... reviewed September 21, 2006
Insane! by Pen-Pen Horror
Pretty good movie... but there were some questions unanswered.... NEVERTHELESS I still did enjoy and it and thank you for not making me bored! If you can, please watch my latest, How It Ends. THANKS! reviewed September 21, 2006
Matrix Rebirth (treiller) by lukasz1994 Action
Great trailer....with some minor spelling errors!!! But that is ok, I enjoyed your trailer. Please watch my latest film How It Ends. THANKS! reviewed September 18, 2006
On the Air 2 Weather Alert (trailer) by Master007 Comedy
Looks good!!! Hopefully its as good as the first one. Good luck with finishing your production!!! If you can, please watch my new film How It Ends THANKS!!! reviewed September 18, 2006
Good Trailer! Looks like a promising film. I liked the editing and plane set, as well has the overlays, and plane sequence. The only problem for me was the screams....cuz they sound a bit corny. I... reviewed September 18, 2006
POW Teaser Trailer by Sith Action
Featured Review
Looks very promising sith...good use of the counterstrike gun! LOL! Good job.
reviewed September 18, 2006
Screw Trailer by micha83 Sci-Fi
I can't speak German but with all the effects, echoes, editing and voice work, I can tell this is going to be a kick ass movie when it comes out. GREAT JOB!! If you can, please check out my latest f... reviewed September 17, 2006
THE BIG HIT by sidy Action
Sidy, I love you. With all my heart I love you and your films and everything about you. This was such a fun movie to watch. Everything about, the music, editing and camera was all top notch includi... reviewed September 17, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
d0ub|e E Definitely a great accomplishment! A wonderful film that I really enjoyed watching. Great music and fantastic VO's!!! I really enjoyed this movie pearsonhouse!!!! THANK YOU!!!! If you ca... reviewed September 17, 2006
World Trade Centers - Trailer by TheTomas Horror
Awesome trailer, looks very promising. reviewed September 17, 2006
Game Station II by Irish_Scorpion Comedy
d0ub|e E Awesome concept Irishscorpion. I found myself actually shouting the answer as I was playing, a fine example of the joy I had watching it!!! I can tell you put in a lot of effort and time w... reviewed September 17, 2006
Ride by chrisht69 Comedy
Great Job reviewed September 17, 2006
The Degenerates 3 Infestation by abeautifulmess Comedy
Featured Review
d0ub|e E Totally hilarious! No joke right here, that was one of the funniest movies on TMO. It also might be the most vulgar as well!!! :) Great story! THE BEST VO'S EVER GREAT JOB ON YOUR VOICE ...
reviewed September 17, 2006
On The Run by Gmoser Action
d0ub|e E Great Job GEFF! Already reviewed previous one and you know what I said so YEA! reviewed September 17, 2006
Dead Fault 2 by michael_b6 Action
Yea...really good job. Great sounds and action...just like Loss of Empathy. GREAT JOB! reviewed September 17, 2006
On The Run by Gmoser Action
d0ub|e E Good Job Geff at yet another very well done film. It wasn't perfect, but it was still good. It was very confusing when the guy came in and grabbed the wife, then some other guy puts a body... reviewed September 16, 2006
The Demon by Gmoser Horror
Featured Review
d0ub|e E Technically, this is your best movie, but I don't think story wise it is. Definitely creepy in the beginning. Some very good free cam use. Very well done Geff, you keep getting better!
reviewed September 16, 2006
The Mob Pt2 by Gmoser Action
d0ub|e E Great Job Geff. This was a rather enjoyable movie and was better than the first. First, I would like to commend you on your absolutely splendid free cam shots! Amazing job at your first f... reviewed September 16, 2006
How I stopped fussin and did it doggy style by h_finocchiaro Comedy
d0ub|e E LOL! Quite a masterpiece. OK, I'll hurry up...:P PEACE reviewed September 9, 2006
The Mob Pt 1 by Gmoser Action
d0ub|e E I can see your improvement Jeff. The plots in your movies rise in complexity as you make more, and this is a fine example of that. A very intrigueing movie that was very fun to watch and v... reviewed September 7, 2006
Masked Killer 2 Trailer by ShyShy Horror
Dude I didn't even tell my friends about you. They rated it what they saw fit so I don't know anything, but I will tell them. Plz stop rating my movies down because my friends thought your movie was... reviewed September 7, 2006
RustY-SaW by nikstudios05 Horror
Great Job dude, a very well made recreation of Saw! Loved the props, music, sound fx and especially some of the camera angles! Great job just take off the mumbling next time! ~d0ub|e E reviewed September 6, 2006
Porcelain Dolls - C01 by neonoir1x Sci-Fi
I'll tell you, you got nominated for hotpick at a EXTREMELY hard week. I actually did vote for you in the hotpick nomination and I hope more people do and you place in the voting because this is real... reviewed September 6, 2006
Sealed With a Bomb by _C_ Action
That movie was HOT and the music rocked 2. LOL. Random fun with hot girls GREAT! Hey, check out my film An Eye for An Eye, #1 in horror. THANKS! reviewed September 5, 2006
The MYSPACE Predator by SuViC Action
Great concept, well done, but not realistic. I will give you 5 stars because I like giving ppl five stars but here is some contructive critiscisms... The dialogue was probably the weakest aspect of ... reviewed September 5, 2006
Night Job by DunwichAlchemist Action
Good job!!! This is your second movie and you did very well!!! You rated my An Eye for An Eye movie and said I had spelling errors?!?!? I don't recall any at the moment but I'm sorry the film didn't... reviewed September 2, 2006
resident evil dusk by dizzydale Horror
Good trailer...could have used some work, but I will give u 5 anyway! Thank you for not keeping me bored throughout your trailer! Hey, if you like horror please check out my movie An Eye for An Eye thanks. reviewed September 2, 2006
Rebellion by jessicak Sci-Fi
dude that was well worth those 12 minutes. I think you pulled it off and plus I wasn't bored!!! PLEASE watch my movie An Eye for An Eye thanks! reviewed September 2, 2006
Joe Made Another One by holydiver90 Action
Holy crap....That was awesome!! Please watch my movie An Eye for An eYE!!!THANKS! reviewed September 1, 2006
The Picture Of Dorian Grey VO by Dracin Horror
d0ub|e E Great job dood at a very good film. I really liked the concept and the way it was done. Thanks for not keeping me bored! I'll try and help get this higher in the charts. Hey, I can see yo... reviewed September 1, 2006
The Last Colony Part 3 by sulkon88 Sci-Fi
GREAT JOB DOod. Well worth the time cant believve it! Hey, please watch my movie An Eye for An EYE THHANKS! reviewed September 1, 2006
RustY-SaW (trailer) by nikstudios05 Horror
d0ub|e E Very well done trailer. I found the beginning much better than the rest as it was more suspenseful and startling but overall, a very good trailer! Hey, If you like SAW I KNOW you will like... reviewed September 1, 2006
Where is Waldo by mrsquirrel1224 Comedy
good job reviewed September 1, 2006
WARLIFE by dunt_read_this Action
No Review reviewed September 1, 2006
The Axer by motorgrater Horror
Pretty good horror maybe make it a little longer maybe like 3 min or more. Anyway, I thank you in making a film that I actually enjoyed and didnt get bored! good job. Hey, I can tell you like horror ... reviewed September 1, 2006
Vampires Arent Cool At High School by liveangel93 Horror
Ah, it wasn't a bad attempt it just needed something more. I still like giving ppl 5 stars because its good motivation to improve their work. Try and learn some new techniques in movie making on the... reviewed September 1, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
It was a pretty good movie, but its not deserving this spot on TMO. Although I think you did a good job with this movie it still doesnt get rid of the fact that you CHEATED THE SITE! I can't believe... reviewed September 1, 2006
Kidnapping by ShyShy Horror
AHAHAH That movie doesn't even belong in the top 5000, GREAT JOB AT CHEATING! reviewed September 1, 2006
YMCA by hightfilms Comedy
Aha nice job reviewed September 1, 2006
the good person by medevilchild1994 Comedy
good job reviewed September 1, 2006
A Cry by axecinema Horror
d0ub|e E I thought it was very well done. I think you lingered on her dancing too long it just got a little boring and I've seen the story done many times on TMO where some 1 is sad and then they ki... reviewed September 1, 2006
Shoot the Breeze by ladylucca Action
nice job! reviewed September 1, 2006
End of Memories 2 by Bolch Action
d0ub|e E HOLY CRAP!!! That was freakin' worth every minute. Just as good as the first. Another hotpick I bet you man!!! Hey, if you can, please watch my movie An Eye for An Eye! ThANKS! reviewed September 1, 2006
Rocking the Crypt- Trailer by thebaloob123 Comedy
d0ub|e E A great trailer for what seems like a promising movie! Thank you for keeping me not bored while watching movies because lately I have been getting really bored watching crap. Thanks. If y... reviewed September 1, 2006
DettoAngry HashBrown(Music Video) by pickleking Comedy
VERY FUNNY GOOD JOB rate my an eye for an eye plz ty reviewed September 1, 2006
Fight 2 by Krzman Action
Featured Review
d0ub|e E GReat action movie dude... I actually did not get bored during the movie and that is usually not the case when I watch other ppls movies so thank you for that. I enjoyed it! If you can, pl...
reviewed September 1, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
d0ub|e E THAT WAS FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!! I love you ninette1 reviewed September 1, 2006
MAFIA by TomerGolan Action
d0ub|e E Ah, it was a fine film! It looks like you put in some hard work and effort into this project! The subtitles went by a little too fast at times... but other than that, it was great! If you... reviewed September 1, 2006
Wolf by kwistufa Horror
d0ub|e E Wow! Great movie kwistufa! I really liked the atmosphere of the film and the absolutely SPLENDID use of the free cam. Great choice in having it in black and white, much better this way. I... reviewed September 1, 2006
it came from the swamp! by medevilchild1994 Horror
d0ub|e E This is your first attempt, good job. UM, you need to change some things in it but you will improve as you make more movies. If you want to see a disturbing movie (DO YA!?) come watch An E... reviewed September 1, 2006
Tournament of Champions TRAILER by Rez_ryu Sci-Fi
d0ub|e E Great trailer man, looks like a cool scifi action film. Great job on making a good trailer and not keeping me bored!!! YAY!! Hey, if you want to see a disturbing movie watch my movie An Eye... reviewed September 1, 2006
Malloy - Chapter Two by DaRKoNe462 Action
d0ub|e E You are the suspense master! That was such an awesome action flik dood everything in it was top notch and you must of spent some time on it and it shows. Great job. Maybe you could watch ... reviewed September 1, 2006
Welcome to Hell by hightfilms Horror
d0ub|e E That was amazing dude!!! I loved every second of it and it really was scary! Great intro with the phone and the voices were fantastic. Very well edited and some great camera shots. You a... reviewed September 1, 2006
School Fool! by Goodman14 Romance
d0ub|e E That was a rather enjoyable experience all the way through and I think you did a fine job! You will get better as you make more movies, but I think you did well with this. Good. If you ca... reviewed September 1, 2006
Sopronouns by mmarino Romance
d0ub|e E Very well done! I really enjoyed the movie all the way through, too short though!!! Good job at making a good parody! If you can, watch my new disturbing horror film An Eye for An Eye thanks! reviewed August 31, 2006
Troopers 3 Intro trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Great Trailer! reviewed August 31, 2006
The Seniors by thegreatstephano Action
Dood great first movie man. You have some real potential! ANYway, thanks for watching my movie and this is the name of the song HELLO ZEPP BY CHARLIE CLOUSER! OK l8er! reviewed August 31, 2006
Silent Hill Trailer by ShahRukhKhan Horror
d0ub|e E Great Job dood!!! I really enjoyed watching this! Very scary! Hey, we talked earlier about how to do the rock crumble thing in your tranquil hill film ( I GOT THIS DOWN) and how to make ba... reviewed August 31, 2006
MoovieGooru Uprising preview by MoovieGooru Action
Featured Review
d0ub|e E Great preview dood! I really liked all of the action and the real movie looks absolutely promising! I loved the special effects overlays, backdrops etc. You did very well with this. I th...
reviewed August 31, 2006
Scream Of The Banshee by bazaul Action
d0ub|e E I think you did a very good job with this movie, and I enjoyed the whole experience. A fun experience fueled by action!!! Great job dood! Hey, if you like disturbing horror, watch my movie... reviewed August 31, 2006
Dead by donbbob1 Horror
d0ub|e E Very cool movie! I really enjoyed watching it. I liked the storyline, simple, but entertaining! Very well edited how he turned at the end and the helicopter crashed. Very good. If you l... reviewed August 31, 2006
Perception by Dulci Romance
d0ub|e E Dulci, you are my kind of director! Wonderful film! I love the message being brought across. Sometimes, even if you are with a person for a long time, friends or such, you still don't know... reviewed August 31, 2006
Home Sweet Hell 2 by Rndrs316 Horror
d0ub|e E Good Job dude! I really like it! Great atmosphere and mood setting. Good choice of music. You should really invest in the expansion especially if you are doing horror films because you c... reviewed August 31, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock Considers the Infinite by postmodernchuck Romance
d0ub|e E A poetic masterpiece! Excellent editing, scene choice, MUSIC, VO'S ( Maybe the best in any movie on TMO), and choice to use the black and white. Amazing Job Postmodernchuck, you again amaz... reviewed August 31, 2006
Titanic by carlosanddanny Romance
d0ub|e E Hey dood that was surprisingly good! And much longer than your other films. Great choice of music, especially in the beginning. Try to talk a little louder and more clearly, that's all! ... reviewed August 31, 2006
Stud Money 007 by pookashells Action
d0ub|e E VERY cool and fun movie to watch. I'd have to say I enjoyed it the whole time unlike some other movies I watched recently, so good job on not keeping me bored! If you want to see a disturbi... reviewed August 31, 2006
A Night to Remember by Gmoser Horror
d0ub|e E Great Job at your first attempt at a horror film. I still like the other one the best (Love Torn or wutever) but still this was surprisingly good. I'll start from the beginning.... Ok gr... reviewed August 31, 2006
Trailer (amenaza inminente) by andresgrueirorozalen Sci-Fi
d0ub|e E Very well done trailer. Yea, it was the first trailer done in Spanish. Kinda weird lol because it is so different! Great Job. If you can, please watch my new disturbing ass movie An Eye ... reviewed August 30, 2006
breaking new please turn up the vulume by ianmexas Comedy
DOOD! Great job laughed my a$$ off LOL! JUST work on the spelling on the title of the movie! lOL DOESN't MATTER. aha. Hey, if you want to see a really disturbing movie watch my movie AN EYE FOR AN E... reviewed August 30, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Trailer) by danielbach Horror
d0ub|e E Amazing trailer!!! Definitely deserves this position on the charts!!! Amazing overlays, great use of sound effects, just great everything! I can honestly say that this is the best trailer ... reviewed August 30, 2006
House Of The Dead by alucard888 Horror
d0ub|e E OK. Everyone has to start somewhere, and seeing this is one of your first movies, i'll be easy on you. The beginning was good and had a good atmosphere set up. The Vo's were average, but ... reviewed August 30, 2006
Money Shot by SilverStarlight Romance
d0ub|e E Absolutely Brilliant!!! What a freakin' great idea mastered only by a genius of free cam! OMG you don't know how insanely real those shots looked and I most undoubtedly thought that sh*t w... reviewed August 30, 2006
Sight Trailer by Sith Horror
d0ub|e E Good Trailer. Looks like it will be a promising movie. I laughed at the F.E.A.R screenshots though...LOL! Good JOb. Hey, if you want to see a disturbing ass movie what my movie An Eye fo... reviewed August 29, 2006
Tranquil Hill - Suffering by shahrukhkhan Horror
This was such a great movie!!! Loved every minute of it but the ending was kind of dumb. Anyway, YOU REALLY need to tell me how you did the titles. The camera is moving towards the titles, which an... reviewed August 28, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
What a perfect movie man. Loved it. Amazing what you can do with all the custom stuff. reviewed August 27, 2006
Follow at Own Risk by Gmoser Action
d0ub|e E Good Job Jeff. This one isn't as good as the second one, but still, I mean its your first movie and you have to start somewhere. This movie wasn't bad at all really, and it did have a good... reviewed August 25, 2006
Torn Away From Love by Gmoser Romance
d0ub|e E Wow Jeff. For your first movie, this is quite an accomplishment and you should be proud of this. Very good storyline, a bit simplistic, but done in a way that does evoke some emotions. Gr... reviewed August 25, 2006
LMAO Studios Trailer The courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
Awesome Trailer man, wonderful job. reviewed August 24, 2006
dying to funk by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Romance
d0ub|e E WOW! What a fun, entertaining movie. Very suprising as I think of your Ode to Meat movie.... Anyway, I thought this movie was so fun to watch and the music was absolutely awesome. And it... reviewed August 22, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery (You Guess) by WorldPictures Horror
d0ub|e E That was such a brilliant styled movie and idea. First of all, I want to mention the awesomely creepy atmosphere set by the editing and absolutely great sound effects. They were magnificen... reviewed August 22, 2006
The Kingston Kidnapping by cronicclapper Action
d0ub|e E That was such a freakin' awesome movie man. Everything about was freaking awesome. Awesome, I'm bookmarking it. reviewed August 22, 2006
DIARY OF A BOY by exit-wounds Horror
d0ub|e E Ah, what a fine poetic masterpiece. Very well done. Great VO's and choice of music. Not overlong or undershort. Evokes some strong emotions and I really felt what the boy was feeling. R... reviewed August 22, 2006
Funkalicious by Dulci Romance
WoW. That was just fun as hell to watch. I mean the beat, everything was great. Great Job Dulci. If you can, please watch my movie And She Is Content. I think you might like it. reviewed August 21, 2006
Old Drunk Martial Artist by Spideykid Action
d0uble E That was fun! I mean really, that was a joy to watch. I don't really have any complaints because I didn't really see anything wrong with it at all. Great choice of music and dialogue. An... reviewed August 21, 2006
Fight by Phoenix_Flame Action
d0ub|e E Ah, considering the length, that was pretty good. I mean it was funny. There were some problems however... One problem was the last scene was sooo long. Cut that sucker in half and spare ... reviewed August 21, 2006
Furrball! by MATTHEWJAMES Comedy
d0ub|e E An ok movie that needs some editing. It was a good movie that really for me felt stretched out even considering its short length. What you want to do is keep people entertained so the time... reviewed August 21, 2006
the worst assassin by worldcriticproductions Comedy
d0ub|e E This was an ok action movie. I mean it was a fairly good story, with some good aspects. The sound was off all of the movie, with scratches and places where it just plain stopped. Also, th... reviewed August 21, 2006
Anubis by rich1212 Horror
d0ub|e E A good intro movie to a series with some potential. Try making the movie a little longer next time but it was still fine at this length too. I don't really know who that person was that th... reviewed August 19, 2006
Goldbullet(Trailer) by jinko23 Action
d0ub|e E Yea it was an ok trailer. I mean the scene choice was pretty bad, the scene over the cars was way to long. It didn't have the trailer feel you are supposed to have when you create one of t... reviewed August 19, 2006
EDS(Episiode 2) by jinko23 Sci-Fi
d0ub|e E It was a very promising movie, but it was wayyy tooo short. The beginning was very well done and it set the mood beautifully and the whole flying sequence was very good as well. Just make ... reviewed August 18, 2006
Cell Phones by hollywood_horror Comedy
d0ub|e E That was pretty good man. I was very skeptical watching this movie because of the short length and all but I was suprised, it was better than I thought it would be, although it wasn't at al... reviewed August 18, 2006
The school of the universe by Backe Horror
d0ub|e E That was surpringly good man. I really liked it. One problem was that you should of set up the story a tiny bit more in the beginning, but wait no, it was fine. Great story man. Very wel... reviewed August 18, 2006
BOOBS! by luke2460 Comedy
d0ub|e E I liked this movie quite a bit. The beginning was very promising. I like how she was struttin around the place half naked and then she expects people to not be "oggled" by her boobs. Very... reviewed August 18, 2006
Pluto Attack by fbigurl88 Sci-Fi
d0ub|e E Alright, I'll tell you right now I'm being very generous only because I believe people need help and suggestions to make their movies better. First of all, the movie really needed some VO's... reviewed August 17, 2006
Gologtha Lives! by RaulMondragon Horror
d0ub|e E Dood, that was the weirdest movie I've seen in a long time. I really liked the beginning with the quirky things they said about their guns. It got really weird when there was a woman in th... reviewed August 17, 2006
C.S.I Miami by CodeA Action
d0ub|e E Ok, well I'll tell you right now that when I saw that this movie was only a minute 14 seconds, I was a bit skeptical. For a minute 14 second movie, you crammed in a lot man! I mean its cal... reviewed August 17, 2006
The Next Stage by Enigma-1 Action
Featured Review
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg A suprisingly well made action film even though you don't even have the expansion pack! Very well done, you kept me enthralled the whole time with a compelling sto...
reviewed August 11, 2006
A Woman In The Mirror by Mogulman321 Horror
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg A very well done movie. From the camera work, the music and the VO's, this a psycho thriller no one can miss. 92% Look for the winners coming up soon... reviewed August 11, 2006
The Rising Part 3 - Breaking Point by Earwmd Horror
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg That was a terrific movie! What a great installment to this series. This is a very worthy contender. The atmosphere was set up beautifully with the abandoned st... reviewed August 11, 2006
The Comic Hero PART 1 by ewatt23 Action
Featured Review
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg Wow! What a great and well done movie. That was a very original movie as well. I loved the SP FX !!! Great job ! Everything in that movie was top notch! I'll...
reviewed August 11, 2006
The Forgotten Crime by zaman243 Action
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg For your first movie, this is quite an accomplishment. But it does have many technical flaws. The audio was off track for pretty much all of the movie, and some ... reviewed August 11, 2006
Alien Nation by shadow11156 Action
Featured Review
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg To be honest, that was a pretty pointless movie. I've seen all those fire effects countless times before. There was nothing interesting really at all. I mean, t...
reviewed August 9, 2006
Hitman Part I Training(final2) by Babar23 Action
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg WOW. What a wonderfully crafted movie. That was downright great. The story was magnificent, different from the game! I thought this was an original idea, but i... reviewed August 8, 2006
Saturn Man Returns by JSim07 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Competition Review Amabeginzordawg WOW! What an amazing super hero movie! That is the best super hero movie I've seen on TMO. Great Special Effects! Great use of music as well as dialogue. Very ...
reviewed August 8, 2006
The Bounty --- Part 2 by murpheykid Action
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg That was a very well-done western! I really liked the intricate plot and the diverse set of characters. Great VO's!!! VO's were one of the more outstanding aspe... reviewed August 8, 2006
Marauders 4 by artorious Action
Featured Review
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg Wow. What a magnificent war movie. That was by the far one of the best or best war movie I've seen in quite awhile. Extremely well edited, great VO's and great ...
reviewed August 8, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg What a great movie! That was by far one of the most intriguing and interesting story lines I have come across on TMO. Great use of SPFX and absolutely dazzling u... reviewed August 8, 2006
rise of the dead - offical trailer by Butt-Monkey Horror
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg Be advised that since this is a trailer, the chances of you winning are very slim, but I want to congratulate you on a trailer that was absolutely well done! Musi... reviewed August 8, 2006
Blue Attack by Frooplet Sci-Fi
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg Great Job man. This was one of the best sci-fi comedies i've seen in a while. Wonderful VO's. Do not know how the alien voices were done but that was just great... reviewed August 8, 2006
Cold Hearted by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg That was a rather enjoyable movie experience. First I have to say I was very skeptical with another robot movie. To be honest, this is the best robot movie i've ... reviewed August 8, 2006
View From a Window by sgporsche48 Horror
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg A very intrigueing and enjoyable movie! I really liked the simplistic story that seemed unoriginal but because the way you made the movie, it wasn't. Camera angl... reviewed August 8, 2006
the last ride by claw21 Action
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg Your movie was, for the most part, well crafted. It was a rather enjoyable intro, with good scenes to show off the racing and what not. Middle was some what rush... reviewed August 8, 2006
Mortal Kombat II Desperation by Sith Action
Featured Review
Competition Review: Amabeginzordawg I myself am a huge Mortal Kombat fan! It was a rather enjoyable movie through. I understand there are many limitations in The Movies, but there were some flaws. ...
reviewed August 8, 2006
Loss of Empathy by michael_b6 Action
Competition Review: I have to tell you straight up, you are in the #1 spot in the competition right now and it's going to be TERRIBLY hard to get in front of you. Everything in this movie struck me ... reviewed August 8, 2006
Studio Promo by fablefreak001 Comedy
Good Promo. Actually, I think because of this little movie, more people will come to your studio. Good work! If you can, please watch my movie And She Content. Thanks. reviewed August 8, 2006
False Reality by bricksfilms Action
DOOD! Amazingly done. Brilliant. reviewed August 7, 2006
Trouble In Paradise by JustinKace77 Romance
Overall a good movie and fun to watch. One major flaw was that the subtitles went WAY 2 fast! I had to pause the movie twice to read what they said. I don't know why you didn't make them longer beca... reviewed August 7, 2006
Avoider by krazyforcheese Action
Dood that was really funny man. I really liked it. When the guy was like the moneys over there... and then he kicks him LMAO great stuff. Only thing I found a little boring was that I've seen both ... reviewed August 7, 2006
Blah Blah Blah by gretzdog Comedy
Dood that was really weird, but I actually also thought it was good! I really liked the music man! PERFECT MUSIC. Didn't really understand what was going on but thats besides the point. You entert... reviewed August 7, 2006
Seeping Meat Bucket by noewhan Romance
That was a downright sick ass movie. Disgusting. I did really like the story and the way you edited scenes together. Great music. I really liked the music in the beginning but as it got near the e... reviewed August 7, 2006
SPD by mikeychaos Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Dood. That was tight as hell man! I thought that was a magnificent intro. I LOVED the song LOL. It seemed like you had everything timed perfectly. The fades were absolutely perfect. Perfect lengt...
reviewed August 7, 2006
Battlezone by Jzzb444 Action
Good action movie with some minor flaws. I didn't get why they only sent in 1 person to kill only 1 person. Other than that, it was a pretty good action movie. Good Job. If you can, please watch my... reviewed August 7, 2006
Gojira by Jzzb444 Sci-Fi
Dood. That was surprisingly good! I really liked all the action and honestly I didn't know that S and E had all that. Only suggestion is to cut some scenes down because some went too long and it got... reviewed August 7, 2006
Theatrical Trailer For Hellstones by dragon_fire Horror
Wow. I really liked that trailer. It would be really cool if you could tell me how you did all the writing, that was awesome! Really liked the little dragon symbol in the beginning and all of the h... reviewed August 7, 2006
city of men part 2 the other hit man by bully06 Action
Pretty good action movie. Work on the subtitles though. They went by really fast and I missed quite a few of them. Story was pretty good and I liked all the action. Great use of the stunts and eff... reviewed August 7, 2006
hunted by jguer222 Horror
Ok. It was a pretty good movie. With some flaws. You should always have some background to a movie you create. I didn't know why he was being hunted or who the killer was. Great job of creating a... reviewed August 7, 2006
That Girl by smgluver627 Horror
Featured Review
Very intriguing movie. The only criticisms I have are with the VO's. I could barely hear them in places and I had my volume very high. Other than that, keep up the good work. If you can please wat...
reviewed August 7, 2006
Implosion The Mocie 2 by CaptIshmael Action
Featured Review
Dood. That was downright hilarious. No, I really mean it. Just the simplistic language and how they fight over such small things. And the guy is all sad cuz he kicks his door in and then he smokes...
reviewed August 7, 2006
The Death by WeAreLegions Horror
Since its your first custom movie...I will be nice. I would have given it a 4. Ok Ill be totally honest. I was very lost watching this movie. I did not know what was going on. During the outside ... reviewed August 7, 2006
Bad Night at the Bus Station by StLouisJeff Comedy
Dood I had no clue what was going on... But I thought it was funny that a random black guy was proposing to a white guy. And then he like humped him or something..weird man. If you can, please watch... reviewed August 7, 2006
Files The BeginingsTrailer by Ant21 Action
Featured Review
Ahhh It was an ok trailer. Very weird Vo's. Didn't have the feeling of a trailer. Don't tell to much of the story during a trailer. But it was entertaining and I am intrigued enough to watch the m...
reviewed August 7, 2006
Battlefish Tarantula by momh Horror
Ok. I can tell you just started playing the movies, and hey, you did quite fine for the first time. Actually, it's really hard to make good movies in the 3os and 4os. Good job and I wish you luck o... reviewed August 6, 2006
SAW 2006 by mcrispy13 Horror
Ok. It was good for what it was. I know it is hard to make a movie like this with such limitations. Considering these limitations, I still didn't think you quite intrigued me enough during the begi... reviewed August 6, 2006
ON by sidy Romance
Sidy... That was amazing. I've always known who you are because you review like everyone's movies! This movie was downright scary. Everything in it was perfect. The story was magnificent... GREAT ... reviewed August 6, 2006
The Incredible Edible Dog by worldu Comedy
That was great. I thought it was pretty funny. reviewed August 3, 2006
Chaddarack Monster Fighter by Brahma_Minotaur Action
Great fun premise! It was a very fun and entertaining movie. Just the right length as well. I didn't give it a 5 because it wasn't outstanding but, hey 4 is good for this type of movie. Just a sug... reviewed August 2, 2006
Siliconmen by ryjak8 Sci-Fi
Everyone has to start somewhere... That is why I'm giving this a 4. I will give you some constructive criticism... You had a good choice of music. The story wasn't elaborate, needed more depth, but ... reviewed August 2, 2006
Unfaithful by Meowan Romance
I'm going to tell you this upstraight. This is the best movie on TMO. No doubt. It will be the best movie on TMO forever... Holy God. That was the most incredible, suspenseful, sexy movie I have E... reviewed August 1, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
Great Job! reviewed July 31, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
An overall solid film portraying what people see looking at the big picture. Dialogue in the beginning was strange to me for some reason. Work on the VO for the dog. Otherwise, great movie, suberb e... reviewed July 28, 2006
Ghost Finders by jjnelson222 Horror
Great Job, even though it's not the best I've seen... reviewed July 26, 2006
30 by cathreese Comedy
Great Job Great humor! At first I was very skeptical watching this movie, but as it went on I went with it and it flowed very well! Loved the quote "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" ahah grea... reviewed July 25, 2006
My Other Side(Trailer) by gamecheater900 Sci-Fi
Very good. I liked it a lot. Great story that stands out from other movies on TMO. Seems simple at first, but weaves its way deeper. Work on making it seem more like a trailer. Good Work! If you ... reviewed July 19, 2006
The Xenu Story Brokeback Spaceship by AustinGOP Sci-Fi
Good but not outstanding spoof on scientology. Way to show em! Loved the steamy scene between xenu and L Ron Hubbard! If you can, please watch my movies angel of revenge and together. THanks. reviewed July 19, 2006
The Violent Five Part 3 by thecheetoman2004 Sci-Fi
Great, what seemed like, ending of the series. Great Job. Kinda iffy on the part where he kills kate but its cool. End was great. The sound was very scratchy throughout, but I didn't take anything... reviewed July 19, 2006
The Angry Goalie 2 (Trailer) by Jordan120 Horror
Pretty good trailer. I liked the scenes and the music was good in parts. Try making it look and feel more like a trailer. Try fading out scenes and cutting them to make the scenes go quicker. I am... reviewed July 18, 2006
ode to meat by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
I loved this movie! Everything about it was perfect. The atmosphere and music was set right away and never changed, keeping me entranced. I honestly can say that nothing in this movie is bad at all... reviewed July 17, 2006
The Connection (Part 1 of 5) by onaysshh Sci-Fi
Intrigueing yet lacked editing quality. Good story. Subtitles went by extremely fast in the beginning didn't catch them all and that's why I am a little shaky on what happened during the beginning m... reviewed July 13, 2006
Phantom of the opera (Trailer) by micha83 Romance
Great Trailer! Can't speak German but it was really good! Great effects, can't wait to see the actual movie! reviewed July 12, 2006
MORTAL KOMBAT by feznacho Action
Ummm... Yea it was pretty good. Good costumes and backgrounds... Horribly annoying music, should of got the real mortal kombat tune which I have in a couple of my movies...Needed better scene editin... reviewed July 11, 2006
A Woman is a Woman by postmodernchuck Romance
Powerful, Entrancing, and a Wonderment of FilM!!! reviewed July 11, 2006
They Might Eat Your Brain! by Raun98 Horror
LOL Good Job. That was good man. I loved the setting, loved the title and action. A priest that wields dual tommy guns and drinks! Bad ass man. Maybe try developing the story a little more, but fo... reviewed July 9, 2006
She will always live forever 2 promo by derbyrams Action
Good job! I really like this promo video. Ima go watch the real one in a bit. Great editing, its funny, and I am convinced!!! If you can, please watch my new movie angel of revenge and god's assis... reviewed July 9, 2006
ambushed on shacks bullets by leirariel Action
There was no story whatsoever, but I loved the action! :) I loved the suspense in the beginning and the music was a great choice. Good job. If you can, please watch my new movies angel of revenge an... reviewed July 9, 2006
Assignment 0-teaser by nemisisbeta Action
It was really good. I loved the music man, fit the movie very well. I loved the overall feel of the movie as well. Litter blown streets made the city feel more like a wasteland. A little much for ... reviewed July 9, 2006
Dracula by spielbergo92 Horror
I liked it. Very suspenseful and cool. Left a few things out like what happened to the first guy dracula killed, but that's cool. Funny when she punched dracula in the face in the beginning !!! Go... reviewed July 7, 2006
king lizard by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
Short, sweet, and awesome! Great job man, a fun short little movie that entertained me! I laughed my ass off when one of the characters description said 'giant woman in panties' ahah good sh*t! Aga...
reviewed July 7, 2006
Dracula Undead and Reloaded (Part 4) by Jordan120 Horror
I liked it a lot. I liked the whole premise of the movie. Very good setup and music! If you can, please tell me how to cut out the whole intro to movies and ending credits! I liked the idea but I ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Chicken VS The Supernatrual by zeldaTriforce Action
A pretty good movie with some major flaws. I liked the whole premise of the supernatural and the chickens and you flowed with it, for the most part. Work on some of the scene editing. The music fit... reviewed July 7, 2006
Vietnam Leio yang by maximillion1 Action
I liked it! I thought it was a pretty good action movie. You should buy the expansion pack if you do a sequel because it has lots of cool explosions and action sequences that would enhance your movi... reviewed July 7, 2006
Police by wladilen Action
It was a pretty good action movie. I liked some of the action sequences. Please work on your scene editing, you left some things out. Good job. If you can, please watch my new movies god's assista... reviewed July 7, 2006
Hunter of the DEAD by Draycor2 Horror
Featured Review
I liked it!!! At first I was very skeptical about it, but then it grew very well. Very good music choice. Great suspense before the vampire mistress woman was killed. I liked the ending as well wi...
reviewed July 7, 2006
Bond Trailer by DmenX3 Action
Great Job!!! That was a tight ass trailer man. At first I was like "this doesn't seem like a trailer...." but then it got near the end and it turned totally awesome leaving me with an awesome finish... reviewed July 5, 2006
Out of Reach (VO version) by pegleg Romance
Holy jesus. That was great!!! I really liked it. At first I thought it was kinda cheesy but then it grew and your vo's were so damn good. Great voice man. I couldn't hear you sometimes though. O... reviewed July 5, 2006
Aliens Vs Monsters 2 trailer by trex117 Sci-Fi
LOL! That was pretty good. I want to see the movie actually, for some reason...LOL Ya like da other guy said you almost broke my speaker screamin like that but its cool it was funny. Great job. I... reviewed July 5, 2006
Paradise 2 (subbed) by lonelyangel Action
That was a great action movie man! At first, I didn't really get what was going on, bet then I caught on. I really like how the music went perfectly together in the beginning when the guys like "I k... reviewed July 5, 2006
Gunsmoke by Reaper33 Action
That was GREAT!!! Random action that was to me really funny in parts. I loved how the guy throws the woman down the bar thing! Then he gets cracked over the head and after he wakes up Jeremie Texie... reviewed July 5, 2006
Kill Rick2 by jdknght24 Action
Featured Review
Wutsup JD its the guy who made angel of revenge. This movie was hilarious!!! IT was great man. I wanted to watch some of your stuff. I gotta tell you man, you got some great humor. Great idea ab...
reviewed June 28, 2006
Good Guy Trailer by steelblade_1 Comedy
I thought it was really good. I loved the beginning!!! With all the words. When the actually movie started, I was a little thrown by the VO....but I thought the movie as a whole was good. I liked ... reviewed June 28, 2006
Look and Die by shaq123 Horror
I really liked it. In the beginning, when the skeleton comes through the wall, and the music starts... that struck me so funny man!!! There were some technical flaws. Why was she on the ground lik... reviewed June 28, 2006
Gordon The Bordon by demonic87 Action
I really liked it. Good job portraying all the destruction. Work on scene editing. I really liked the stuff between the robot and the lizard. I did like the idea at the end with the guy thinking i... reviewed June 28, 2006
Left behind by movies4u Action
I really liked it!!! There were some great action sequences in there. I really liked the song choice because it showed the heroism portrayed. I loved the ending where the guy says that after they t... reviewed June 28, 2006
Moist Wal-Mart by dougislost Comedy
That was sooo funny. Great job. I would of really liked to see the outcome !!! Are you making another one. Please do. That was really funny. Every scene was done perfectly and the subtitling wa... reviewed June 28, 2006
The Passenger TRAILER by mozartsmole Horror
Featured Review
WHAT DA F*CK!!! That looks totally kick ass!!! OMFG I can't believe that trailer. That was so awesome!!! HOW DID YOU DO ALL THAT CAMERA WORK!!! PLEASE TELL ME I HAVE TO KNOW!!!! OMFG that was soo...
reviewed June 28, 2006
Slaughterhouse (teaser) by Flipmanburn Horror
That was an awesome TEASER!!! Damn, that thing teased me so much! I want to see that movie now. The heartbeat was awesome!!! How did you do the title !!!?!?! Overall a great teaser to what seems t... reviewed June 28, 2006
Hellwaters Sword by wags_11 Action
For what it was, I liked it. It was a very quick and to the point film. The music went very well with the movie. I liked when the guy wouldn't shoot his gun good job. If you can, please watch my a... reviewed June 26, 2006
The Crazy Comedy by samthemoviemaker Comedy
While not being very funny it did give me a few chuckles. I liked the whole thing with the chicken and bunny, and it was good that these characters were in these costumes. "Damn you Taco Bell" was t... reviewed June 26, 2006
Bronze by Fortune Sci-Fi
A very weird movie. I didn't really know what was going on, but that's partly why I liked it! I really liked the scene where he's huge and is shot by a helicopter. Good job. If you can, please wat... reviewed June 26, 2006
Vietnam by movies4u Action
A really kick ass action movie. I loved the opening the best. I really liked the action sequences as well. Way to take advantage of the new effects! A good nam movie. If you can, please watch my ... reviewed June 26, 2006
PROTON by rabidmonkey2021 Sci-Fi
Great job, but there wasn't sound?! I don't know why. Anyway, I liked the action sequences. I especially loved the part where the person runs by screaming and then the gorilla just goes back sweepi... reviewed June 26, 2006
The Devil Wears Red by Doyaldinho Action
Featured Review
I liked the style of the movie. Very true to film noir. Most of the writing was original except for the "Sin City" comment! LOL. Anyway, I really liked the movie and I can't wait for the next one. ...
reviewed June 26, 2006
The Ultrasound Experiment by mega324386 Sci-Fi
It left out a lot. There was no story. There were many editing problems but I liked the action and the time bomb at the end. Good. If you can, please watch my new movie angel of revenge. reviewed June 26, 2006
Vietnam Morning (Trailer) by mimymo Action
I really liked the action!!! Great work. If you can, please watch my new movie angel of revenge. reviewed June 26, 2006
Wolfcurse Chronicles Brothers by konvict133 Action
Wussup konvict its me again! I really liked this one. I think you are definitely getting better. You had a question on putting voices into the game. Well, one, you need a mic. Just plug it into y... reviewed June 26, 2006
The Trapdoor by Ricky17 Horror
It was pretty good. I liked some of the scenes especially the opening one. There wasn't any storyline so I would have liked to have seen an intro of some sort to explain certain aspects. Overall it... reviewed June 26, 2006
Hitman by xxscorpioxx Action
I really liked this action movie. It had great action elements, and the guy looked exactly like the guy in the HITMAN games. The only thing is maybe brief viewers on the hitman mission or something.... reviewed June 26, 2006
The Sci-Fi Ninja IV-Teaser by shoshko Comedy
Great Job!!! That was a great trailer for the upcoming movie! I thought it was very funny and random. Arnold Shwarznegger ahah. Good job and keep it uP! If you can, would you watch my new movies a... reviewed June 25, 2006
Murder Constantine by Damien7 Horror
Ummmm. It was a very good action flick. With a few major flaws. It wasn't original, and some things were left out of the movie that would help viewers better understand certain things. I did like ... reviewed June 25, 2006
Robot hell by Enza Sci-Fi
I really liked the originality behind the movie!!! great job. Why was there a human in robot hell? Anyway, it was a good movie and I can't wait to see what happens to the robot next! If you can, pl... reviewed June 25, 2006
Unfaithful Part 1 by mikeychaos Romance
I'm sorry I didn't like this movie at all. I understand its hard to make a good movie like this. The song fit but it wasn't effective. Good try. reviewed June 25, 2006
Dead Range by Hellspam97 Action
Really random man. I had no clue what was going on but I think it had something to do with manhandling girls. RIght? Yea. I really liked the editing and some of the effects. I hope she kills the ... reviewed June 25, 2006
RELas Plaguse A New Hero by omemaster Horror
I liked it. I was a little confused with the plot and the subtitles went by really fast. I liked the action. Maybe you could switch up the kills a bit because they were all shotgun and one knife ki... reviewed June 25, 2006
Greenie vs the mummie s 2 by Raptros Action
I really did not get it at all. The reason I rated it a 4 is because I liked the randomness of it! I would have given it a 5 if you showed more of the story and why they were fighting, but good job ... reviewed June 25, 2006
They Dug Too Deep by stevenm12 Horror
It could of used some subtitles or voices. It was hard to follow the plot. The scenes were edited well for the most part, but you should cut some scenes down that lingered on to long like the funera... reviewed June 25, 2006
URobot Trailer by movies4u Sci-Fi
Overall it was a good action trailer. The only flaw was so much of the movie was shown including the outcome of the robots surrender. If you can, please watch my new movies Angel of Revenge and red ... reviewed June 25, 2006
Drunken Martial Artist by tmekhlin Comedy
It was kind of a weird story line. Those two people could fight really well for being so drunK!!!! If you can, please watch my new movies angel of revenge and red dawn. Thanks. Honest comments appreciated.e reviewed June 25, 2006
A Day To Forget by GAmeMAster4445 Action
I really liked the action sequences. The only flaw was there was no point or story, but that doesn't matter much!!! That woman has huge [naughty word!]! :D If you can, please watch my new movies a... reviewed June 25, 2006
Stonecold by Theheadhoncho21 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I think it was a very well edited movie. The story was kinda strange. The dad calls her daughter a [naughty word!]. Three people are after her for some reason. I didn't get those points. But over...
reviewed June 25, 2006
Crimes of a Jealous Husband by konvict133 Action
I really liked it. It might have been better if you made it into a trailer and stopped it before the end killing, just a thought. Anyway, you reviewed my angel of revenge (thanks) and left a few que... reviewed June 25, 2006
A Day In MediaLand by flakflak Comedy
Featured Review
I really liked the quirky feel to it. I liked how you had many characters in past movies show up. Great Job!!! If you can please watch my new movies angel of revenge and red dawn. Thanks in advance.
reviewed June 25, 2006
Sp33d by Youcallthatgiftwrap Action
I loved it!!! I enjoyed that greatly. I loved the story. It was so simple yet so fun to watch. Kept me intrigued the entire time. Can't wait for the next one. If you can, please watch my new movi... reviewed June 25, 2006
007 by movieman222 Action
A mediocre action movie with some flaws. It needed a better story, and more action. I wanted to see more of the race/chase!!! reviewed June 25, 2006
war of menassasin ep1 by anthropomorphism Action
Featured Review
Some good action elements. Lacked some finesse though. Needed a more intriguing story line, but overall good job. Please watch my new movies angel of revenge and red dawn.
reviewed June 25, 2006
Preview of Night of Wolfs by rebelinthenude Action
Great stylistic trailer. I really liked the way it was shot. The only reason it wasn't a 5 was because I didn't really get what was going on! I'm sorry. My dad was next to me while watching this an... reviewed June 25, 2006
The Timebomb by konvict133 Action
good fire effects. Good job showing the process of destruction. If you can watch my new movie angel of revenge and red dawn! Thanks in advance. Again good work reviewed June 25, 2006
Host Bodies (Trailer) by lillnypan Sci-Fi
A good trailer that lacks some finesse. Overall a good job. Can't wait to see the actual movie, and see what evil schemes he might plot out!!! reviewed June 25, 2006
hotice by RanchTaintler Action
Very good until the end. I didn't understand the ending. I loved the beginning!!! The way you portray the sex and violence is great. reviewed June 24, 2006
The Ghost Squad by emiller0980 Action
It was a good movie. Kind of off the wall at times and the sets were constantly changing from old to new, but it was good. I liked the end where they go into the bar and have a random fight. Please ... reviewed June 11, 2006
The Random Guy Who Didnt Save Christmas by wazmaster5794 Comedy
Yea ok ummm It was alright, I mean I guess it was mildly funny at parts, but your squeaky voice was annoying (no offense). Ending was really rushed, that's what brought me from a 4 to a 3. Surprisin... reviewed April 30, 2006
Tenderspirit by state Romance
Bloody Creek Hospital Ep1 by MBStudios Horror
Huh ok I had no clue what was going on! NO PLOT What so ever Why was the person who died in the car crash dead on the sidewalk? Major plot holes, oh wait there is no plot! reviewed April 30, 2006
Grand Warriors by Norcent Sci-Fi
YAII!!! CANT WAIT FOR THE ACTUAL MOVIE!!! Damn those aliens were dumb as hell. Anyway, rate my movies dawg they r funny reviewed April 20, 2006
Final Night by biggstrek Horror
Great idea Work on poem rhyming- a bit corny at times reviewed April 20, 2006
Deserted! by Speilburger Horror
Featured Review
I really liked the feel and song. THe music seemed to go with the scenes very well. GREAT JoB Hey, if you have time review my Sh*t ty
reviewed April 17, 2006
Stawka wieksza niz zycie TRAILER by kosc Action
Great Editing Great old feel GREAT JOB! reviewed April 17, 2006
Bluecoats and Greycoats by TheCountess Action
Hey man that was not bad, not bad at all!!! Good job This action movie actually kept me intrigued with all the explosions, guns, etc. It was really good man!! Please rate some of my movies man!!! ... reviewed April 16, 2006
The year the Easter Rabbit exploded (fix) by -Mace-Solo- Comedy
To be totally honest and frank with you, it wasn't that funny. I guess it was a good idea but it was too overdone at times. Sorry for giving you a mediocore review, but if you want you can rate some... reviewed April 16, 2006
Hey Wheres The beef by bigfluff73 Comedy
It was definitely a weird movie but I thought it was funny at times. It was a solid movie. Please rate some of my [not-so-nice-word!]. reviewed April 16, 2006
Chicks in their underwear in space by ScoobyDrew Sci-Fi
Cool Sci-fi action comedy flick, Great Job *Whoa my implant almost went lopsided....hehe Thanks for reviewing my Da Phree Three Gang and if you can check some of my other movies. reviewed April 16, 2006
When We Said Hello by vinceholz Action
It was well set up but there should have been voice overs. reviewed April 14, 2006
Resident Evil G4 by GrrMan Horror
I really liked this movie it had a cool badass feel to it.:) reviewed March 19, 2006
Above The Influence by biggstrek Comedy
Great Job! reviewed February 26, 2006
Bone Saw by ninette1 Horror
No Review reviewed February 25, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
No Review reviewed February 25, 2006
The greatest Movie Ever by Abl Comedy
AHHAHHAHAAH nope sorry not funny 1st bad review I am so very sorry uhhh so much sorrow in my soul ouhghhh reviewed February 25, 2006
Angel of Death Episode 1 The Betrayal by TexasBabe2006 Action
Yea it was a good movie. Slow at parts I must admit and a weird ass title. Kinda vague but i know thats how its supposed to be. Good job. It wasn't excellent so you didn't get a 5. reviewed February 25, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
I mean it was ok to good. I didn't really laugh out loud. The story was good. Not what I hoped it would be. sorry. reviewed February 23, 2006
Deliver by cfkwong123 Action
Good job. It was surprisingly good, not to long, good length. Storyline was a bit flawed though. More than likely this would have deserved a 4 but I raised it anyway. Anyway good job. reviewed February 23, 2006
The Day the Earth Kinda Stopped by nurbik Sci-Fi
K..... I mean im being generous with 4 Nothing happened that much....uhh...k bye reviewed February 23, 2006
Chuck Norris The Untold Story by speilberg07 Action
It was ok. I mean it didn't go anywhere... gave you 1 more star just cuz its chuck norris! reviewed February 23, 2006
Trois by zim007 Comedy
WTF?!?!?! Didn't get it>??!? reviewed February 23, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
amazing reviewed February 22, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
A wonderful film. Everything was well done. The only thing I would work on is the ending. It was a bit rushed. reviewed February 22, 2006
A Well Deserved Vacation by Luskington Action
LOVED IT VOs rocked reviewed February 14, 2006
The All New Dating Game by ozman69 Comedy
Great movie; funniest ive seen so far reviewed February 14, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
Great Job! Everything was great! I got the song right after I watched it, hehe Don't listen to the people that need to lighten up!!! I HAVE A ?!!! HOW DO U UPLOAD MUSIC TO THE MOVIES? reviewed February 2, 2006