Number of Movies: 16
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.4

Number of Movies Reviewed: 26
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 4.19
Movies Released by ajuniversal
4-20 Action
4-20... The movie to see if u smoke marijuana, or if your against marijuana. rated R- strong drug use. and strong language. this is part 1 posted March 22, 2008
Armegedon The quaritine Horror
The infection has spread.. The US army has orderd a quartine for new york... The only way to stop it...is to blow the city all up!! rated pg-13- violence. langueage. disturbing images. posted December 29, 2007
Armegedon The infection Prt 1 Horror
Part 1 the infection- The virus has spread for over 28 years.... (Scott bratfirt) is the last man on earth.. or is he? rated r-language.Violence. posted December 27, 2007
The Deal Action
Jeremiah Wainright (tom) makes a deal with Scott Burfitt (dealer Guy). the deal was 2000 guns but he would have to make us of the guns by any means necesary. pg-13- violence posted June 3, 2007
top 10 movie bloopers Comedy
get ready to laugh!!! rated pg- mild violence posted May 27, 2007
Beach Killer Horror
The killer is out there...... at the Black Lagoon no one is safe...... check your weather forecast if you know what I mean? rated r- strong violence, blood, and frightning images posted May 2, 2007
Land of Freedom the lejend of jose Action
after the death of jose in the United States.... Director Etches and josh gill wants to make a movie about jose's conterversial life.... pg-13- blood in parts, violence posted April 30, 2007
Land of Freedom part 2 Action
land of freedom part 2 is a sequal to part one, it is abut jose learning that the U.S.A. is not much of a freedom land. pg-13- violence, racism in parts posted April 29, 2007
Land of Freedom Action
a mexican man is forced to go with an american man to the united states, but the mexican man (jose) feels like the united states is not a land of freedom pg-13- racial acts and descrimination, and violence posted April 29, 2007
The Civilization 2006 Action
Tech of 2006 can turn into a deadly waepon in the fututre. A new civilization will come by 2009 it will be a new Civilization. Rated PG-13- Violence, Disturbing scenes, Fire sequence. Look forward to ... posted December 8, 2006
The Warzone Action Not Rated
A movie about World War 2 in Germany. A group of 3 is sent to go out and Fight in the cruel war against evil nazi's... This movie has a sad ending to it about man named Johnny. "enjoy" Rated R: War vi... posted November 17, 2006
A moment of courage Action
"powerfull movie" 3 service people try to put out a fire. And there was a moment a moment of courage. rated pg-13:emotional scences and fire sequence oh yeah there is a funny end.. listen very clo... posted October 17, 2006
ladder 57 Action
a movie about bravery an the american heros... A movie about a officer who wants to help contain a fire in Los Angeles..... Do not Try any of these things that the officer did.... very dangerous. posted October 8, 2006
crazy boyz sequal to jackass Comedy
A cool comedy movie that will make you cry/laugh. posted October 5, 2006
The Sci-Fi show Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted October 3, 2006
Super Chicken Action
A chicken is out to kill and his friend mr. clown is coming along. no music just subtitles, rated r:strong violence posted October 3, 2006
Movies Reviewed by ajuniversal
The Bigest Boom by bradds Action
need some work.. but other than that it was great. i liked it.. come see my movie 4-20.. reviewed March 23, 2008
The Mistake by EJF Romance
NICE movie reviewed March 22, 2008
The Outbreak Desert City by rome11o Horror
Freakin brilliant dude. keep it up. :] reviewed December 29, 2007
Mr Jennings Prologue (1) by joey101 Romance
great prologue 5 out of 5... This made me impressed.... reviewed December 29, 2007
DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER by psychosidey14 Action
pretty good film Great camera movements reviewed September 3, 2007
The Furhers Last Gamble by m1c5 Action
wow. that was a cool movie. there is only one thing that does not make since on you poster it has the confederate flag but it is a waorld war 2 movie. reviewed June 3, 2007
pirates in space part2 by chris62 Sci-Fi
Great movie!!! you really did the voiceovers well. and the sfx are cool. reviewed June 3, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
"wow!! Great movie its probably the best one I seen so far. reviewed March 24, 2007
Brokeback Moutain 2:The Better One by Zachary_Denton Comedy
Itwas funny "I enjoyed it" Kepp filming I like the high graphics in it and at the end the girl falls in love with a boy.,.. Ha 1 in a million... Way better the the first movie. The fist one was..... Nasty reviewed December 8, 2006
The Exorcist Reborn by dangerous2know5 Horror
"wow" Now that was cool.. Two Thumbs Up reviewed November 14, 2006
We Were Firefighters by generalgrey Action
Uh...... The first scenes were not true..... But with the world trade center oh heck yeah that was true... But I have to say that was a good movie! "Thumbs Up" reviewed November 14, 2006
World Trade Center (The New Version) by Meijer95 Action
"nice" Two Thumbs Up reviewed November 5, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
I dont't understand two thumbs down... it was ok reviewed October 27, 2006
Nuclear Motive by tremblett Action
I don't get it. But cool reviewed October 27, 2006
The Baggage Boys Suicide by ximplosionx Comedy
I cant belive he is dead. Yes 1920-2001 reviewed October 22, 2006
Behind The Scenes Neighbors by bashful331 Comedy
Great one have you ever made the real neighbros. reviewed October 18, 2006
High Hopes Sanitarium by ninette1 Horror
great movie best one i have seen ever sence i joined good with freecam. reviewed October 17, 2006
September 11 by lahire Action
That was very good but i think you messed up on the planes bieng hijacked and the guy got a call saying that a plane was bieng hijacked and was heading your way.. In real life that never happened ther... reviewed October 17, 2006
Ladder 49 by MattHunt Action
That was cool, I made a movie called ladder 57 rate it please. reviewed October 16, 2006
Poo - Look by timorogowski Comedy
What in the world reviewed October 16, 2006
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
Wow how did you do it reviewed October 16, 2006
The Warriors by scott234 Action
It was cool.. but you need to add subtitles.. or buy stunts and effects expansion pack reviewed October 14, 2006
The Island - Proof of concept animation by matneee Action
the only thing cool about it was that camera thing you did reviewed October 9, 2006
Scream 2 by scott234 Horror
"two thumbs way up" reviewed October 9, 2006
1 - American Idol Try Outs by shawnee77 Comedy
funny but how old is the voice over guy or girl? reviewed October 4, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
30 SECONDS TO BLISS IS REALLY FUNNY. reviewed October 1, 2006