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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.47

Number of Movies Reviewed: 123
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 3
Average Rating Given: 4.19
Movies Released by Afro-Dude
Eddys Quest For Oil Comedy
I was bored, k? UPDATE! No, there's nothing wrong with my mic, I was just further away from it. posted April 25, 2008
The Epic Return Of the Baggage Boy Comedy
Well it's finally here! Based on the in-game movie that we all The Movies-movie makers have made and that everyone hate(I think), The Baggage Boy! In this epic remake, The Baggage Boy fails to lift t... posted March 7, 2008
War is Hell - Dubbed Horror
You know, I'm sick and tired of people who post this in-game movie War is Hell (and Baggage Boy too of course) so I decided to post it... but DUBBED! Seriously, I was just bored so don't expect it to ... posted January 2, 2008
Christmas Reloaded Comedy
This is probably the most epic, action-filled Christmas movie you will ever see! I kinda got the idea from "Scarface" (you know, the one with Al Pacino), seriously... Enjoy! Thanks to Newgrounds... posted December 24, 2007
Santa Clause In LA Comedy
Because it's never wrong with a Christmas movie, right? Yes another Christmas movie! Don't ask me where I got the idea for this one... Enjoy! Thanks to for the music! **UPDATE** I ju... posted December 24, 2007
When Cowboys Think They Are Something Comedy
Oh YEAH MAN!!! Afro-Dude is back YEAH!!!!! And yet again with a not so serious movie, still completely random (man, I should really start being serious in my movies). Just a little western comedy abo... posted November 27, 2007
Accidents At Home Comedy
Warning! Contains really dumb/silly humor. Wait... what do I mean "dumb/silly"!? Well some could see it dumb, some silly... But thats the same thing, silly. Hey, your mum is silly! --ERROR-- Music: H... posted July 21, 2007
The Almost Perfect Crime Comedy
Just another of my silly movies. It's short I know. Enjoy! Thanks to for the royalty free music. D'oh! I forgot to make a thumbnail :@ posted July 17, 2007
The Special Hero Comedy
Why don't you see heroes like this one? Enjoy! posted May 26, 2007
Turtles Dont Have Pretty Faces Comedy
Rated PG. WARNING! I was extremely bored. I did not create this movie, my scriptwriters did but I had this idea of dubbing this movie. Between 00:19-00:24 is my favorite, you can actually hear me gigg... posted May 21, 2007
Got Insurance Comedy
A really good and hilarious movie, even a famous guy like dukester likes it. So, yeah it's about insurance and how good it can be to have it sometimes. Based (probably) on when I got insurance on my a... posted May 19, 2007
Ninja Ken Z part 3 Comedy Not Rated
Well it's finally done...and it all f**ed up:@ This last part of the ninja ken Z trilogy is a real dissapointment,.. but I just have to post it so the trilogy become complete. But it's still funny, to... posted May 16, 2007
The Aliens From Maajkulchakkakuzilutii Sci-Fi
Oh man! This one is just hilarious! Just so you know, ALL VO's IS DONE BY ME! THAT'S RIGHT, EVEN THE GIRLY ONES!!! Bet you can't say Maajkulchakkakuzilutii ten times fast haha. Enjoy! posted May 15, 2007
Dummy the Dog Comedy Not Rated
Not my greatest movie to be honest, but it is OK I guess... posted May 6, 2007
The Gangsta Brothers Comedy
WARNING! Rated M for very strong language If you agree to any of this conditions: # You hate pepole who's making fun of black pepole. # You love hip-hop music. # You like/adore any of this pepole: ... posted May 2, 2007
The No Good Alien Comedy
Just a little movie I made when I was bored. I really like this one and I hope you will too. Enjoy. posted May 1, 2007
Ninja Ken Z part 2 Comedy
YES!!! It's finally done! Be sure to watch part 1 first - This is part 2, the one after part 1 (make sense, right?). Ninja Ken founds himself in some guy's ro... posted April 12, 2007
Cry of the Werewolf Horror
A kinda cewl horror movie I made. I was supposed to do some VO but I think the movie was good enough anyway. posted April 11, 2007
Ninja Ken Z Comedy
Ninja Ken is back, in a bit more serious but still kinda funny movie. Watch the original movie here - With vengence in his mind, Gorilla Rex joins up with his... posted April 8, 2007
District Championship in Street race Comedy
Yet another movie I created. Enjoy! posted April 4, 2007
Honey I Shot the President Comedy
Ok, this movie maybe crossed the line, but it's so funny. This movie has a message; don't shot a president, this movie shows you the consequences. A little movie I created after watching Gangster Na... posted April 3, 2007
WAR Action
They are soilders, they are friends...they are brothers... A little war-movie I created once. Thanks to: Rik_Vargard for the Police tank prop 6-Headedmonster for the blood puddle prop Secretweapon f... posted April 3, 2007
McGUN Action
Just a little movie I felt for posting. No VO or subtitels, sorry. Thanks to for the last tune in the movie; The Last Goodbye. posted April 2, 2007
Ninja Ken Comedy
Warning! This movie contains strong language. Ninjas are awesome. Do I have to say more? posted April 2, 2007
Dear me what a fierc battle Comedy
My first ever movie posted on TMO!!! But far away from my first movie ever created. A completly random movie!!! No effort at all in it. I don't remember what was goin on in my head when I created th... posted April 1, 2007
Movies Reviewed by Afro-Dude
Rain (Teaser 1) by MefuneAkira Romance
Wow...just wow. I thought that this would be a comedy but this looks like a really serious movie... I'm sorry, I'm speechless. I know this is a trailer and all but daaayym this looks awesome. I am exi... reviewed August 4, 2008
The Adventures of Phils Fart by Trashman Horror
Wow. I wonder just how bad that fart smells... By the way, has anyone wondered why your own fart smells good? reviewed July 13, 2008
The Wizard of Oz Directors Cut by Trashman Comedy
Oh man! I love this! My favorite is the singing part in the beginning, f**king hilarious!!! But the movie itself is also funny. reviewed July 13, 2008
The Outlaw Dick Boner by Trashman Comedy
Ha ha! Love it! And that Indian was funny as h**l! reviewed April 30, 2008
History of The World Part 2 by themonkthemonk Comedy
WOW! Let me tell you. When I'm writing this I haven't seen the whole movie but Also Sparch Sarathtustra on kazoo is pure awesomeness! Awesome! reviewed March 11, 2008
Do you think Im Sexy by retarded100 Comedy
Funny reviewed February 18, 2008
The Ten Commandments by Trashman Romance
HAHA! I would probably do the same thing when I see a burning bush. Awesome work. reviewed December 5, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
EXCELLENT, ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!!! reviewed November 29, 2007
Attack of the space pirates! by worldu Comedy
That was so silly and stupid. But I am going to give it a 5 anyway for no reason ha ha! reviewed September 28, 2007
I Think Im a Car by FredTheDuck Comedy
Dude, that was so annoying... it was funny ha ha!!! But you should just get to the point a bit faster because watching you do the same thing over and over again was disturbing but I guess it was worth... reviewed September 22, 2007
Slick Johnson presents How To Sell a Film by Trashman Comedy
MUST....GIVE....THIS....MOVIE...A...5.... reviewed September 19, 2007
Taco Gaseous Redux by riott007 Comedy
See, that's the reason why I don't go to Taco Bell (well, THAT and the fact that we don't have Taco Bell in Sweden :-P). Good movie! reviewed September 18, 2007
The Movies Survivor Season 2 Week 1 by edweezy90 Action
Awesome! Away with Trinity! reviewed September 11, 2007
Get Lucky by Trashman Comedy
HAHAHA good one!!! 7 stars, but unfortunately, I can only give you 5:-( reviewed September 8, 2007
Praise The Lord!! by Trashman Comedy
HAHAHA This is some fun stuff right 'ere! Praise the lord indeed:-D reviewed September 4, 2007
The Last Supper starring Jesus Christ by Trashman Comedy
Boy am I glad I am an atheist or else I would hate this movie I guess. Hilarious movie! reviewed August 26, 2007
Chicken Man by ShyShy Comedy
It wasn't THAT funny... reviewed August 1, 2007
short film by kwistufa Comedy
OK... reviewed July 30, 2007
Operation Desert storm by Theloooser Action
Featured Review
För de första: Du såg min film The Special Hero och unrade varför jag inte skrev en kommentar till din film WoW in Swedish. För att svara på den frågan, mitt tangentbord strejka så den svarade inte så...
reviewed July 29, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 4 by eobaggs Comedy
Awesome set!!!! (The only reason I give this movie 5 stars and because I'm first!!!) reviewed July 27, 2007
Mästerverk by ralfduran Romance
I was supposed to give you 4 stars cause it was kinda slow in the beginning but then I noticed the Zelda-lullaby song, and I love Zelda so 5 stars. A Mästerverk indeed... reviewed July 25, 2007
A Man Walks Into A Pub by rposhard Comedy
That was hilarious! reviewed July 22, 2007
Mac vs PC The Final Showdown! by DrummerKid Comedy
it was ok reviewed July 22, 2007
The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
It is funny but I was expecting a movie with a better script, sorry but I think this movie is random (I was expecting a movie with a plot and a conclusion etc.) but still funny and the actors are real... reviewed July 16, 2007
The Movies Survivor Season 2 Trailer by edweezy90 Action
Looks awesome! I will check it out once released! reviewed July 16, 2007
Final Trailer - The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
June 29:th?! Wait! That's tomorrow!!! Oh boy can't wait!!! reviewed June 28, 2007
New FoDooG Films Movie Teaser by FoDooG Comedy
Awesome trailer! Oboy can't wait for the real thing! reviewed June 18, 2007
Dont Sleep With Monkeys by Jezzball91 Comedy
Women love monkeys cus they are hairy, I guess. Great movie! reviewed June 17, 2007
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
Very funny. reviewed June 13, 2007
Men VS Aliens II by Theloooser Sci-Fi
??ntligen non som gör svenska filmer. reviewed June 12, 2007
CLIVES GOLF DAY by kwistufa Comedy
It is not the best movie on TMO nor the worst. It's OK. Gotta lotta cool mods tough. reviewed June 11, 2007
WOW on Swedish by Theloooser Comedy
No Review reviewed June 11, 2007
Right Planet Wrong Guy! by wagwell Sci-Fi
Good and funny. reviewed June 9, 2007
Magnus Thunderblaster by Magnus_Thunderblaster Comedy
WOW very funny. And you get one extra star for the awesome VO. reviewed June 5, 2007
STOP! by Frooplet Romance
Umm... reviewed May 18, 2007
The Baggage Boy by geckan Comedy
for the love of god stop posting this movie reviewed May 16, 2007
Stupid Clebrity Quiz Show by ratedpg Comedy
hahahahahaha really loved this movie reviewed May 6, 2007
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by ryno0263 Comedy
Hey that's the same story of how they found Pluto, it was supposed to be called Supernectrometromumbamajumba haha Anyway, a very funny movie. reviewed May 6, 2007
Farmerman and the Turnips of Justice by josephkw Comedy
Hmm maybe I should be a vegetarian after all... reviewed May 6, 2007
Trailer(2) - The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
Wow. Im really looking forward for this one. reviewed May 4, 2007
Def jam by andreas123bh Action
Well it was OK:D I have never played the game (doesn't look so great)so... reviewed May 2, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep2 by eobaggs Comedy
it was kinda cool but it was kinda boring too reviewed May 1, 2007
How Long Can You Watch till you die Contest by STXFilms Comedy
Whoa! That movie made no sense at all... reviewed April 22, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- EP 1 by eobaggs Comedy
To tell you the was kinda boring until Roger came. But there are so many cool overlays and it would be really mean to give this movie two stars so I will give you 4 stars. Please try to mak... reviewed April 15, 2007
That you Jesus by Wezi Comedy
hahahaha bizzare...bizzare but very funny. -Liked the title (caught my attention) -Liked the idea -And loved the conclution reviewed April 13, 2007
The Effing Desk Trifecta by edweezy90 Comedy
Yes!!! He's back:D:D reviewed April 11, 2007
Britney Does Rehab by bluestriker4444 Comedy
that was hilarious!!! and it had a good ending line too. reviewed April 9, 2007
STUPER CHEF! by Jordon1 Comedy
I don't get it, I bet it should be at least a bit funnier if you could hear what they say. reviewed April 9, 2007
Die On Me by dsmitty13736 Comedy
No Review reviewed April 9, 2007
Pygmy Alien by viper_2005 Comedy
whatta?... reviewed April 9, 2007
DONT WATCH! by joey101 Comedy
very random...but funny reviewed April 9, 2007
The North Korean Adventure by vanimal Comedy
Featured Review
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha funny:D
reviewed April 8, 2007
Crunchy and Chewy - The Sitcom by Penut Comedy
Funny reviewed April 8, 2007
Crunchy and Chewy NzNecrocroctopus by Penut Comedy
It was funny as usual but it missed something... reviewed April 8, 2007
Massive Fall Down Stairs by FredTheDuck Comedy
Well it made me laugh and that is what a comedy is all about. Superb! reviewed April 5, 2007
Two Nights Out by AxeCinema Comedy
Not much of a story but it was OK I guess... reviewed April 4, 2007
Farm 7 by cheese101 Horror
Yes, a really awesome movie, but not perfect. reviewed April 2, 2007
WHen Apes Attack by Breeanne Comedy
That was really good. Monkeys, you can't live without them. reviewed April 2, 2007
Blind Date by myDownfall Comedy
I loved it! It's just hilarous. reviewed March 16, 2007
I Dated A Teenage Robot by hollywood_jellybeans_film Comedy
hahaha that was funny:D I really like the singing newsreporter in the beginning reviewed February 15, 2007
The Tragic Events Of Carl by beninjam Comedy
Very very funny. -Funny storie -Funny characters -Funny VO:s This movie got things that many movies doesn't have, good work. reviewed January 28, 2007
Grandpas Big Day Now with Voices! by fetusfart18 Comedy
Hilariouus! The VO reminded me of the worms in the WORMS-games, if you have ever played them... reviewed January 21, 2007
MELON by kwistufa Comedy
Cool just cool. reviewed January 18, 2007
The Effing Desk - Reloaded by edweezy90 Comedy
Dewd, just DEWD!!!...dewd... even better than the first one reviewed January 14, 2007
The Effing Desk by edweezy90 Romance
Awesome! Cool and hilarious, that's tree words that explains this movie good. Keep on filming dewd! reviewed January 14, 2007
Red Vs Blue Episode 1 trail by HammerHead64 Comedy
Nah I ratter watch the original... And didin't you forger Kabooz or what's his name? reviewed January 6, 2007
Pac Man by stpixie Action
I like the ide. While there are guys making video game adaption like Resident evil, Final fantasy and now a Halo movie in progress, you make Pacman, why didn't Peter Jacksson think about that? The mov... reviewed January 5, 2007
Jake Cant Find A Date by joey101 Comedy
Well it maked me laugh some times and i like the idé, good work reviewed January 4, 2007
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Oh so that's why Santa never dies... Anyways, a really funny movie, a bit too short, could'nt almost hear them but still funny. And a merry f*****g Christmas to you too. reviewed December 17, 2006
A rude joke by Daninsky Comedy
Great work!...well that's all... Yes, I've heard this joke earlier, but a more dirty one, I'm from Sweden so... reviewed November 5, 2006
INDEED by 9mlholland Comedy
Very good movie. In the beginning, the bully scenes, yeah I remember myself in those situations, all that bulling, hitting, the guys laughing atcya, yes, me and my buddys has a lot of those great times:-) reviewed October 30, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
A really good and humoristic movie. The way you make the VO:s sound like robots is way too cool, huh? BUT I find this movie a little bit sex-descriminating in the beginning:-( Still, good acting, and ... reviewed October 30, 2006
SCREW Part 1 by micha83 Sci-Fi
Love it!!! Can't wait for the next part. reviewed October 13, 2006
The Island - Proof of concept animation by matneee Action
OMFG!!! That was sooooo cewl!!!!!! reviewed October 5, 2006
Mean Beanz by morris101 Comedy
The best and the funniest movie in the finish the story competition. U gotta win dewd!!! reviewed October 2, 2006
GOD HAND -The Movie- by sidy Action
Yes I've heard of God Hand, but I tought it was a strategy game(it sounds like one dosen't it?)... Anyway a really cewl could be longer tough...but still cool I mean cewl. reviewed October 2, 2006
A Bunch Of Naked People by Captaincomedy123 Comedy
Well the naked stuff was kinda fun...but this is just a movie with random scences. Use the costume in a movie next time. I give you 5 stars just for the costum, seriusly, how do you get that costum? reviewed October 2, 2006
Bananaphone by ThePunisher99 Comedy
Mmm catchy song, strange video tough, but the cewl special fx, costums they were awesome so it wasn't more than right to give this movie 5 stars. Well done and keep do movies:-) reviewed October 2, 2006
Beautiful by tam06 Comedy
Hmm that was ok:D It was a bit boring in the beginning but the ending was really good. One tumb up 2 u tam06!!! reviewed September 27, 2006
Wrong Turn by Armand Action
Awesome movie!!! A lot of action, guns men and women in suits, you don't see this kind of movies everyday, mean. Good work:-) reviewed September 27, 2006
Wii la discution by tilk-movie Comedy
OMG that was awful! I didn't understand anything, while u recorded your voice you forgot to turn off the music from the computer so you heard the music both from the movie and the computer, and had th... reviewed September 23, 2006
The Baggage Boy by kentlr Comedy
Oh come on!!! I don't want to be rude here, but so you know, everybody has seen this movie allready, and everyone is sick on it. reviewed September 19, 2006
Please make another expansion! by SMagee Romance
*Sniff* Kinda touthing:-( And yes, we need a new expansion pack with more...things. YES!!! We need swords and sword-fights!!! For example...(he he samurai-swords) Oh I got an idea...motorcykles! Image... reviewed September 17, 2006
Gangster Nation 2 by UrinatingTree Comedy
Oh mean! I've waiting for the qonqlution for so long of this series, dewd! Great serie, great ide, great movie, great VO:s and veeeeeery funny, now thats how u decribe this movie, mean! reviewed September 17, 2006
Starship Orion trailer by Nuclear_Films Comedy
Featured Review
Looks promising dewd! I think the movie would be funnier with VO:s tough.
reviewed September 17, 2006
Unfound by Litten_Ice Comedy
Exellent movie dewd!!! It was funny and...well cool. But I agree with Mickeymouse1, the ending was kinda wierd. Very good tough. reviewed September 15, 2006
Ways To Get On Peoples Nerves by DeceptionStudios Comedy
...good 2 know. reviewed September 12, 2006
Moron The Clown by aubieman Comedy
Funny little movie...that's all...:-(...(lol). reviewed September 12, 2006
Gay Police 3 by roganjosh12 Comedy
Do u have anything about homosexualls? What have they ever done 2 u? Sure it is fun to make fun of them sometimes, but this is movie went waaaay too far!!! reviewed September 12, 2006
Mr Bean part 1 Beans lost teddy by itfcboy Comedy
Ve-ery Mr. Bean! But the real Mr. Bean is funnier, but this was good too. Who doesn't like Mr. Bean. Teddy? Teddy! TEEEEEEEEEEEEDDYYYYYYYY!!! reviewed September 12, 2006
This Evening With Ken! by Jonnehxcore Comedy
That was funny dewd! More of that!! reviewed September 9, 2006
How to Custom -music and sound effect- by sidy Comedy
Finaly!!! Someone who tell me how to do custom music and sounds in a way I making a movie. It was awesome:-) By compere music and sound from the game and custom music and sounds u made... reviewed September 9, 2006
Diabetes by danny_2006 Comedy
Mean, poor guys who have diabetes, mean. reviewed September 7, 2006
Robosexual by TheMongoose Comedy
That was a really good movie mean, and a good ide...pepole dating robots, hehe. I bet in the future, 'bout 100 or 200 years pepole will date robots maybe even marrie them, then homosexuals will be acc... reviewed September 7, 2006
Metal Gear Solid 15 The Real Story by Jackal56o Comedy
THAT WAS F*****N' FUNNY DEWD!!! And I love that game:-) reviewed September 4, 2006
Dont Wear a Bikini by nyssane Comedy
Really fuuny and really wierd, dewd. But the first scene gave me a great laugth...and something more hehe (just joking). reviewed September 3, 2006
Traffic Stop by mightydad Comedy
Wow. What a funny little sketch. reviewed September 3, 2006
The Gay Guy Two Musical by brian13 Comedy
SINGING 'BOUT BIEN' G-Y ?!! Hilarious ide. N they sang good. :-) reviewed September 3, 2006
Harry Bajiina by BENDICK44 Comedy
Hilarious!!! reviewed September 3, 2006
Santa Fiction by pezzapoo Comedy
Great movie!!! reviewed September 3, 2006
When Piracy Goes Very Wrong by Jeremy252 Comedy
Awesome movie mean!!! Yeah Xbox 360 stinks, but I'll go for Wii...PS3 is too expencive. reviewed August 31, 2006
The Morning After The Night Before by db4321 Comedy
Hahaha!!! Cewl movie mean. reviewed August 24, 2006
Jimmy Jets Funktastic Freaky Funk Out by kingpengvin Comedy
Oh yeah, dewd. This trailer is awesome, mean. Can't wait to see the real thing:-) reviewed August 24, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Great movie, mean!!! I should give it 5 stars but this one of all the Oh It's On-movies didn't hit the spot for me, where is all those awesome beams/rays and explosions, dewd? But still really awesome, mean. reviewed August 24, 2006
Residents Of Evil Trailer by Sith Horror
Hmm, looks promising... reviewed August 22, 2006
Troopers 3 Intro trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
HOW DID U DO THAT??? reviewed August 22, 2006
The Worst Movie Ever Made! by UrinatingTree Action
Funny but it maked no sense at all that's why it was funny. reviewed August 8, 2006
Are We There Yet by Hatchet90 Comedy
Funny. This is rather a sketch, not a movie but still funny. reviewed August 3, 2006
Time Warped! by Trashman Comedy
Great movie, but the jokes came back again and again too many times, but I got myself a great laugh, well done. reviewed August 3, 2006
9-11-2001 by nightfire101 Action
A really good movie, even witout any VO:s, this movie should be even better. I wanna see more of this movie, get a microphone, make this movie longer and this movie will be a big hit!!! Good Luck// Af... reviewed July 31, 2006
F-Zero SUX by UrinatingTree Comedy
THAT WAS FRE***NG HILARIOUS!!!! I play F-Zero myself, so I understood everything: Captan Falcon, Blood Falcon, the boost power u get after the first lap EVERYTHING!!! Once again...hilariuos! reviewed July 28, 2006
The Bird! Compressed Chicken!!! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Great and funny movie! Finaly the chickens get a chance to free them self! And I agree, the chicken costum should'nt be in the monster category. But what's up with that other stuff? reviewed July 28, 2006
Illegal Immigration and You! (Remaster!) by UrinatingTree Comedy
GREAT MOVIE!! I didn't understand so much, but it was funny. I was supposed to give it a 5 but naeh, it wasn't THAT great, but still very good. reviewed July 28, 2006
Gangster Nation 1-2 Trailer by UrinatingTree Comedy
Very very funny! But I think it was too long to be a trailer tough, but still funny. reviewed July 25, 2006
Gangster Nation by UrinatingTree Comedy
One word: HILARIUOS!!! reviewed July 23, 2006
September 11 (Trailer) by lahire Action
Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,mmnhgyttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt(has slept on the keyboard). But hey, it's just a trailer, I really hope the movie will be better. reviewed July 16, 2006
Left In Town by FoDooG Comedy
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!! The best ending of the best trilogy ever. It was funny, good and emotional in the ending, (for you who haven't seen it yet, I'll tell you, it has a big surp... reviewed July 8, 2006
Really Dumb Movie 3 by Video_Capture Comedy
You're rigth. This is a dumb movie. reviewed July 7, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like the COOLEST movie ever!!! Can't wait for part 2. reviewed July 5, 2006
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
Ahh this movie is a classic. I still love this movie, funny, has good music and skilled actors. This is a no. 1 comedy and it will be forever. reviewed July 3, 2006
Green Day Minority by worldu Action
Cool movie! Funny all the way, I hope you win the Explosive Stunts & effects competision. But there's one word I hate in this movie: Billy Joe is down! reviewed June 29, 2006
Basket Case by Jurriaan Comedy
Well, that great. The movie itself was not a big deal, but you played the music yourself and it has lyrics (the text is the lyrics, rigth? I got a bit confused on that). And besides...I love Green Day. reviewed June 29, 2006
Oh Its On Remix by mixmasterfestus Action
OMG!!! That was the coolest thing on TMO! Too bad there was any voiceover tough, that would be awesome (overreacting...a bit). I can't wait to see the real thing. reviewed June 29, 2006