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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.67

Number of Movies Reviewed: 281
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 12
Average Rating Given: 4.76
Movies Released by adzy666
FRITZ Part 1 (Transforming the soldier) Sci-Fi
13 and above:Features Muted swears and mild fighting scenes with some scenes of blood Step by step and heart to heart left right left we all fall toy soldiers :eminem:like toy soldiers: ... posted August 9, 2008
Apocalyptic Xenile Trailer Horror
an apocalypse styled trailer for an experiment although its more of a prologue/prequel clip to be honest but still watch have fun and rate =) this is 1 of the 3 experiment trailers im doing...only 1 ... posted August 6, 2008
Urban Street Racers Action
My new movie about street racers to have ONE sequel there won;t be another but if it goes well there will be a spin-off hopefully everyone will enjoy this thnx for rating bye! :) posted June 26, 2008
Robot wars 4 Judgement Day Sci-Fi
great thanks to ultrasigma my mopvies in the bargain bin ultrasigmas banned from rating my movies watch out for my new horror movie the working name is 2 in the dead house but look out it could be di... posted April 25, 2008
My time has come trailer Horror
This is a thriller/horror/drama here it is the trailer the movie will be out next week! ciao! ...adzy666... i know the way to director land!(also thank you! for the blood prop tank prop and dead peopl... posted December 27, 2007
Robot wars 3 Sci-Fi
Well as some of you may know im back! lol and so here is my coming back movie Robot Wars 3 the epic series continues.The war carries on and maybe just maybe they can see the light at the end of the tu... posted December 22, 2007
Robot wars episode 2 Infiltration Sci-Fi
thanks for the city street mod the blood prop mod and the battle droid mod thanks i lu vu alls! its still high in the charts and its been on for 7 months!!! well done peoples! does anyone wanna take ... posted October 27, 2007
Godsend trailer Action
thanks for the blood prop's whoever it was? and this is the trailer for godsend the ultimate scary movie! well soon it will be! posted October 21, 2007
Sqaud 49 Episode 2 Sci-Fi
i would love to thanks all the modder's out there who made the mod's without them the movie wouldn't of been half as good posted October 21, 2007
Trailer for adzy666concordy32 talk show Comedy
YAY MY NEW MOVIE SOON SO SOON ! THANKS FOR ALL THE MODS!!!!!!! THANKS PLEASE WATCH AND RATE so far in the adverts we have helloiseeu googs and branwh signing for an advert!thanks for all the mods! posted October 21, 2007
Resident Evil Unearthly Rising Trailer Horror
my new movie resident evil and this time it's a hell of a lot different! this is a trailer!also thanks fraas movies for the blood and skinshack for dead headless zpmbies prop! posted October 21, 2007
Trainz Action
yay its out after one month of waiting!!! please watch trailer before this ps:the dog at the start is supposed to change because when it say's today it means that it traveled in time from future to to... posted September 30, 2007
Robot Wars Sci-Fi
Its the best war movie yet on tmo! yay robot wars the epic series watch now! Its also very long for one episode 8 and a half mins if you don't like long movies don't worry its keeps ya the whole way t... posted September 30, 2007
Robot Wars Trailer Sci-Fi
yep as it says in cinemas now come and watch! its brilliant Episode(1-10) posted September 30, 2007
Boogie Tight! Action
A short comedy which is what ya make when you and ya sister mess about with movies and make a wild west comedy! posted September 29, 2007
Squad 49 Episode 1 Action
Super sqaud VS mutant super natural beings !!!! watch out for other adzy666 movies including ROBOT WARS Hurrah i finally release squad 49 for the grand reopenign and coronation!WOOOOOHOOOOO! about a... posted September 29, 2007
Sci fi corridor 6 Sci-Fi
!it has the description in the movie! Also thanks 8 eyed baby for backround music and rik_vargard for space props!!:) I dont mind sharing new ideas please visit my studio area so you can see upcoming ... posted August 17, 2007
Shotgun Action
this is my first s&e so please dont leave bad comments The movies about a demi human who wants to destroy the human race and rebuild while the other man (the goodie dosen't wear a mask) The goodie tr... posted August 17, 2007
Trainz Trailer Action
This is to give you an idea of what trainz will be like its a good movie but for now you can see the trailer :) MOVIE TRAINZ OUT NOW!!! posted August 10, 2007
Ghost Epsd 01 Horror
this is a short sort of trailer except for in order im doing these in small parts and then after the finish im going to do them all in one much better also with S&E by the way i can't do voice overs i... posted August 9, 2007
Zombolia Horror
This was my first movie with advanced movie maker so don't be surprised if weird things happen i was like a baby when i made this movie pressing random buttons hehe.This was origannaly supposed to be ... posted August 9, 2007
24 Season 1 Episode 1 Action
THIS IS NOT A COPY OF THE REAL 24 EPISODES This is a movie about a special organization trying to stop terrorists from destroying america C.T.U(Counter Terrorist Unit).hopefully you will enjoy it and ... posted August 9, 2007
Movies Reviewed by adzy666
Meet the dogs 5 Part 1 A Mighty Foe by stunts07 Comedy
hello =D reviewed November 1, 2008
Invinsable by hazeley Horror
sounds a bit off but many people have that good plot lovely use of scenes and vo's and good camerawork it all fits in place why no-one has rated this i don;t know 5 stars mate please rate my brand new... reviewed October 4, 2008
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
i agree we need more sets but lionhead don't care about tmo anymore they're busy with fable 2 so don;t buy fable 2 and maybe they'll conentrate on tmo some more! reviewed October 2, 2008
The Day the World ends Part 2 Trailer by stunts07 Horror
Nice scenes and 5 stars as always =D also wanna talk about meet the dogs we got big fans and no dogs... we should get started i have a bombfire idea lets meet =D plus work on my movies should begin bu... reviewed October 2, 2008
The Baggage Boy by pigyeargirl Comedy
use a MOVIE not a peice of **** thing u pull out of story mode u ***** reviewed September 28, 2008
The Day the World Ends Part 1 by stunts07 Horror
Featured Review
Brilliant this sort of quality is gonna get us high in the charts =D Work on editing and making the zombies seem more zombish zombies don;t run or have knives and editing is key 90% of movies r post ...
reviewed September 27, 2008
Electrified Hot Dog Stand -- Commercial by tsunamidog Comedy
i don't reccomend hitting a child with a car it could do serious damage to you or your car.... LMFAO that was hilarious 5 stars man chill reviewed August 29, 2008
HMO Presents- Munsta Knockouts Round 1 by keithhat Comedy
about the halo thing i don;t know why someone would flag your movie but still check my movies out and learn a little bit you have 52 movies and omly 84 votes on my studio i got about 15 movies and 199... reviewed August 29, 2008
Mercenaries by Killerdude863 Action
when the car kept changing thats called props basicaly u select a prop with another button eg. in a car scene go to the props button and change the car to the one you want and do this every scene with... reviewed August 24, 2008
The Control Shift Finale by Master45019 Sci-Fi
nice oh by the way no offence but this isn;t epic nobody is going to wait for 2009 re-open the season in october or your gonna lose reviewed August 23, 2008
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL 3rd Finale (Part2 by sidy Action
Nominated for adzys augaust sci-fi pick good luck 1st critics view 9/10 reviewed August 15, 2008
Galaxy at War Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
Nominated for adzys augaust sci-fi pick good luck 1st critics view is 9/10 reviewed August 15, 2008
Capitol Trailer by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Capitol has been nominated for adzys augaust sci-fi pick good luck the first critics view is 8/10 reviewed August 15, 2008
Got Game by rysto Comedy
watched several times its good and epic 5 stars from adzy =) reviewed August 15, 2008
CLIVES Old Road by kwistufa Comedy
Oh clive i luv you! i will write his name in the bible so everyone knows him XD good job 5 stars reviewed August 15, 2008
Halo- Part One Dog Of War Trailer by keithhat Sci-Fi
wow awesome hope it goes well ownage ;) 5 stars =) rate fritz part 1 thnx reviewed August 15, 2008
Control shift 8 Arrival on Drygonas by Master45019 Sci-Fi
nice your doing good with a gr8 movie takes a lot of hours siting infront of the monitor making it XD good job 5 stars reviewed August 15, 2008
Bad Good Guys Theatrical Trailer by RvBFan81 Action
nice how do yuo make these movies so quick when their this long? a 20 minute movie is rare to come across and not noly do you use that time to your advantage but every second of it is quality! 5 stars film on reviewed August 12, 2008
The Passion Theatrical Trailer by RvBFan81 Action
No Review reviewed August 12, 2008
Angels In Black And White Trailer by RvBFan81 Action
Featured Review
omfg u are so good you make long movies with good quality 5 stars good job =)
reviewed August 11, 2008
War Games - Pilot by concordy32 Action
this movie is gr8 =) 5 stars from me plz come to my studio and watch fritz... thanks =) reviewed August 11, 2008
I am I was - Prologue by cut_scene Action
excelent movie the camerawork is brilliant lovely plot an all 5 stars reviewed August 11, 2008
Love Lasso by jason913 Romance
boo make a proper movie u idiot putting these on gets u banned u jsut added some subs -.- reviewed August 10, 2008
Killzone by Killerdude863 Action
To be honest you gotta make your own idea i'll come round your soon and start you a base for a good movie and try to make it good from then on reviewed August 10, 2008
Galaxy at War Black Heart Friend or Foe by chris62 Sci-Fi
wow another great installment from chris 62 the plot is great great vo's and the mods are excellent quality use of variety was great and great costumes sets etc... 5 stars and plz pop round my studio ... reviewed August 10, 2008
Metal Gear Awesome Guns Of The Patriots by Killerdude863 Action
uhuh another confusing clip from you XD good luck on future projects and try and watch more of the proffesional vids on here and get an idea of a target to go for reviewed August 9, 2008
Metal Gear Awesome 3 by Killerdude863 Action
nice it starts to make sense now all we need is for you to make a brand new idea with your own ideas and ps:use alot of different sets reviewed August 9, 2008
Metal Gear Awesome 2 by Killerdude863 Action
omfg so confusing they all looked the same and who was talking? omg u need to take your time rushing movies = bargain bin for you reviewed August 8, 2008
Metal Gear Awesome by Killerdude863 Action
confusing plot try to p[lan ur mvoie accordingly reviewed August 8, 2008
The Day the World Ends Part 1 by stunts07 Horror
hey =) really good plz vote my new trailer 2 more trailers to come vote for ur fav and the movies coming out so vote thnx =) reviewed August 7, 2008
Master The Final End by wannabuyabox2 Sci-Fi
ok im not saying its bad but like your brother its very confusing what to do in your first senses of moviemaking but goodluck and prosper! reviewed August 6, 2008
The Day The World Ends Trailer by stunts07 Horror
omfg this is gr8 just a good film no cathces and all the effects fit together 5 stars =) reviewed August 6, 2008
Control Shift 5 Boarding with enemies by Master45019 Sci-Fi
good luck next movies reviewed July 2, 2008
House of a 1000 Dead bodies Part 1 by stunts07 Comedy
Featured Review
jazzx im sorry to admit but you don;t know talent when you see it he apolagised about something is better thn you laughing at the fact he didn;t realise there person was wrong if you try to comeback t...
reviewed June 28, 2008
House of a 1000 Dead Bodies-Trailer by stunts07 Horror
another great sucsess coming from our joint stiduio :) meanwhile if anyones interested in a short by me just pop around in a lil while cause a new comedys coming down! reviewed June 26, 2008
The Aftermath by stunts07 Horror
Brill hope you do better in your next one and if your gonna make the spin off we talked about... GOOD LUCK! reviewed June 25, 2008
Meet the dogs 4 by stunts07 Comedy
OMG!? you killed the dogs!? :( 5 stars its so good luv it but plz tell me they live!? =[ Please preapre for my movies coming soon :) reviewed June 20, 2008
Making of Meet the Dogs 123 by stunts07 Comedy
Featured Review
eeerrmm dude i really think thats cool but your voice sounded bad and you didn't do vo's for the dogs...:( i hope theres nothing wrong but good movies from your best pal adzy
reviewed June 15, 2008
G-Force by googs Action
nice mvoie your a ncie m8 plz rate my upcoming trailers and movies thnx :) also loving the chase scenes perfectly planned it looked awesome and hope to see more from you!?! :) reviewed May 17, 2008
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL 3rd part1 by sidy Action
wow lemme sjut say your one of the best mvoiemakers ever and im a fan of extreme hgihschool and that is your best yet camerawork 99/10 plot 11/10 vo's 10/10 use of setss props etc... 10/10 overall 1... reviewed May 9, 2008
Control Shift 4 Onboard the SS Valliant by Master45019 Sci-Fi
right nice mvoie its your first series so nobody should be tough on the votes and everyone remember to check out my studio for the famed robot wars thnx :P reviewed May 9, 2008
The Man Who Had No Life by ultrasigma Romance
right cool mvoie nice story but it didn;t go anywhere he should've for eg. been killed he could go outside and then walk down the street all happy cause he did it then get run over ? but still 4 stars... reviewed May 5, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
omfg the way comedys goign these days blimey i jsut found that wirrdly hilarious 5 starrs mate vote my mvoies reviewed May 5, 2008
Chris62 Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
well done m8 5 stars :P hope the movies you release make it high in the charts and plz rate robot wars 4 :P thnx reviewed May 5, 2008
Control shift 3 Arrival on earth by Master45019 Sci-Fi
well as i said you got lots of practising to do but im not insulting you you should look at my first movie it was even worse :P so read up on the tutorials and then you'll understadn everything and re... reviewed May 2, 2008
Control shift 2 by Master45019 Sci-Fi
heres a tip :Never rush your movies!? rushing brings bad quality and also remember the place i said you go to to export the movie well don't export it asap look through the movies and do lots of editi... reviewed May 2, 2008
Control shift I by Master45019 Sci-Fi
well for a first mvoie its a great attempt but remember do subs so we can udnerstand what they saying or even vo's if you have a microphone and do scene editing like cutting moving scenes so on pract... reviewed May 1, 2008
How to survive a Zombie Infestation of Earth by TheTomas Horror
5 stars mate brilliant please rate my movies reviewed April 29, 2008
15 Ways to Die by novarose Horror
XD loving it man you good comedy but i have a tip at the end where it says dying of boredom for watching this movies afetr it should say ps:any medical conditions caused by this movie will not be acco... reviewed April 25, 2008
Dead by Dawn -Trailer- by stunts07 Horror
Featured Review
Wicked i've been waiting for the return of stunts07 bt from this very moment im making a new movies its called...2 soldiers its an ultimate epic that will hopefully get lots of medals and show its mes...
reviewed April 13, 2008
Bob Blang by stunts07 Comedy
:P reviewed February 23, 2008
Ninja Assassin 1 by cheetaheye Action
nice but for how short it is we have to wait a whole year nearly for the next one???ouch kk good movie though 5 stars vote my time has come trailer and meet the dogs 5! reviewed January 14, 2008
Meet the dogs 5 X-mas Special Part 1 by stunts07 Comedy
wow hilarious and me to say that that was good but by the way ermm was that guy in the space suit adz?if it was then err he has spiky blonde hair and ermm also it was real good and make sure that it g... reviewed January 6, 2008
Fast Trailer by chris62 Action
wow nice trailer i love car movies and please rate my time has come it has got infront of flesh eaters end time lol .(no offence there) reviewed December 29, 2007
Meet The Dogs 5 X-Mas Special(Preview) by stunts07 Comedy
well done and thats just the preview! i wanna see the movie so hilarious 5 star anyday and thanx for putting me in 5 stars! reviewed December 27, 2007
Harrisons Days Trailer by FraasMovies Romance
vote mine! and good movie! reviewed December 27, 2007
The Maze by Helloiseeu Horror
yo long time no see lol.yeah it's me just wanted to let ya know im back! please rate robot wars 3 and i hope to hear from you ciao.and nice movie lol. reviewed December 24, 2007
Flesh Eaters End Time by chris62 Horror
wow this is quality nicce!.i always love films with horror even though im a faint hearted person(all horror movies say(not for the faint hearted lol))so 5 stars and please add me i have added u lol an... reviewed December 24, 2007
Runescape-a Piss Take by jammydodger Comedy
i find that a bit offensive as i play runescape you think im a nerd so 3 star noob lolol reviewed December 23, 2007
DOGS!!!! by sickjoke Comedy
aww cute little freaks lol.absolutely hilarious! 5 stars mate but make a longer sequal that could hit the charts like this will soon so do.and pleeze rate mine reviewed December 23, 2007
Kayna Part 2 by Rik_Vargard Action
omfg! 5 stars and by the ways' next year i will be doing the "best sci-fi movie"award....and not because of it's place in the harts ...because of how my critics like it.they will be named next year ci... reviewed December 23, 2007
Red Squad-Final War-Treaser by Jamestkirk Sci-Fi
great movie and thank you so much for voting robot wars 3 you were my first vote so thanks and my first coming back vote! so thank you!please rate robot wars 2 as well thank you reviewed December 23, 2007
Fisticuffs by yamum666 Action
ace 5 stars but i would reccomend making long and modern movies cause these don't get much attention watch some of mine and catch the idea kk ciao ...adzy666(the kid who can) reviewed December 22, 2007
MORE Weather Effects by rysto Comedy
omg lol well funny i love how mods are getting better 5 stars! reviewed December 22, 2007
Red Part 1 by stunts07 Action
Featured Review
omfg! some nice stuff quite different to what you normally do 5 stars mate and if anyones reading this ...Im back!and this time things can only get better!(robot wars 3, squad 49 christmas edition,my ...
reviewed December 22, 2007
Meet The Dogs 3 by stunts07 Comedy
Featured Review
now that is comedy ps:at the end "yeah whatever (you should have added )im retarded" other than that well done 5 stars
reviewed November 3, 2007
The Squad by killer0627 Action
? reviewed October 31, 2007
The Baggage Boy In Color! by p3tey Comedy
you heard the rule's haven't you no baggage boy! 1 star i will not lag you because i will give you chance thatn is all get this offline for the safety of your account reviewed October 28, 2007
Flesh Eaters Hell on Earth by chris62 Horror
OMG that was THE best mate liked the mods and everything i vote for something a bit different i think the city should be nuked and the human's don't get out in time cool?anyway 5 stars please rate Rob... reviewed October 28, 2007
Midnight Police by googs Action
brill 5 stars! reviewed October 27, 2007
Filming BigFoot by Concordy32 Comedy
real cool and the ending was a bit scary and unexpected! 5 stars everyone please rate robot wars part 2 infiltration! reviewed October 27, 2007
The End Of 3 The Extraordinary Powers by weridman Action
No Review reviewed October 27, 2007
The Organ Grinder by darren08121999 Comedy
cool good movie :on skinshack you said that you're mod 's backround from fraas worked but the set was blank you have to be on medium or more video quality for mods to work! hope that helps p.m me if it does reviewed October 27, 2007
jail break by toml Action
great well done liked music at the end remind's me of godfather!please rate my movie thanks :) reviewed October 26, 2007
EKIO (trailer) by weridman Action
No Review reviewed October 26, 2007
Death Apartment by kidman6 Horror
good spooky what i enjoy! i really think there's some talent just need good voice overs and some of the following: good use of props (you can have a zombie littered street!) duration (a bit longer?)... reviewed October 25, 2007
Stages of Life by googs Comedy
i did enjoy that documentary wicked please rate mine!(you will definetly have a trailer)! reviewed October 23, 2007
Attack of the space pirates! by worldu Comedy
??? i dunno wot that was for but for the hell of it lets see how far up the charts this gets!please rate my movies! reviewed October 23, 2007
Mr Bean Teddy is HUGE!!! by Don007 Comedy
cool very funy th witch was ga i think she looked very weird at least! 5 star's please watch squad 49 episode 2 resident evil trailer talk show trailer and godsend trailer!!!! and rate! reviewed October 22, 2007
Xtreme Racing Association by ultraviolet32x Action
short and not that interesting but 5 bcause it's the first i have seen from you! reviewed October 21, 2007
Delta Squad by BranWh Sci-Fi
good for tarter 5 stars hope to ee more i made a simialar one to this it is called squad 49 it is a series epiode 2 will be out shortly but plese watch robot wars my new epic dixolagy(ten part) reviewed October 21, 2007
New scene action by kwistufa Action
No Review reviewed October 21, 2007
Computer Illiterate by chiprocks1 Sci-Fi
coool funny 5 stars! reviewed October 21, 2007
Saint-Man 2 Trailer by soldier1170 Action
YES IT IS SOON!PLASE RATE MY MOVIES! reviewed October 20, 2007
Saint-Man by soldier1170 Action
Future Hope by starkarts Romance
i was expecting better but i liked it so i will give you a 5 star because i love superstition and romance i am looking at a lot of romance/drama's latley because i am making a soap the long long road!... reviewed October 20, 2007
Future Hope Trailer by starkarts Romance
short but i saw the description for the actual movie he has a power that's wot i was gunna do for the end of my ??? unknown series (that means i have not named it yet)but cool in mine people can fly a... reviewed October 20, 2007
Insanity 241063 by insanewarrior69 Horror
yes a good spooky blood filled horror why the skipping girls? but 5 star's please rate mine!and stunrs 07's quad 49 episode 2 trailer we are a joint studio! reviewed October 20, 2007
Corrupt by -Snake1980- Action
wow radical very supenseful good movie 5 stars please rate my movies and stunts07's squad 49 episode 2 trailer we are a joint studio reviewed October 20, 2007
High Fathom Five (New) by yamum666 Sci-Fi
real cool please vote mine robot wars it's epic do ya wanna work with me? please rate robot wars! reviewed October 20, 2007
Joker by Aitor19 Horror
cool movie plase rate mine and stunts07 squad49 episode 2 we work together reviewed October 20, 2007
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL 3rd -Trailer 2- by sidy Sci-Fi
please rate my movies this ws da best! reviewed October 20, 2007
War is Hell by killer0627 Horror
gt this off before someone flag's ypou i am only trying to help! reviewed October 20, 2007
Rattleshape 2 by killer0627 Sci-Fi
cool! much better now eh i loved it a lot good use of set's and costumes 5 stars!please rate mine! reviewed October 20, 2007
Beach by killer0627 Romance
good romance end was confusing but better than tickle manes! reviewed October 20, 2007
Torpedo Down by killer0627 Action
??? that did not make ny sense at all 5 stars though for the good editing and stuff! reviewed October 20, 2007
Rattleshape by killer0627 Sci-Fi
cool aliens turning people into aleins! any way please remove war is hell for the safety of your account it is against the rules to put on a movie you never made understand but i like your ovies 5 stars! reviewed October 20, 2007
The Eye Of The Electrocutor by killer0627 Sci-Fi
cool horror but you should give your movie's proper names and genre's and should think about making something longer and more ...epic?? if ya want help just ask in an review ! pleae rate mine though i... reviewed October 19, 2007
Tickle Manes by killer0627 Romance
aaww a nice romance short hat i like to see star's for sub's plot story editing and overall *drum roll*:5 stars! reviewed October 19, 2007
Killer Of Souls by killer0627 Sci-Fi
cool 5 for the effort but could have done betterbut 5 at the moment please rate mine! reviewed October 19, 2007
The New Sheriff In Town by concordy32 Action
blimey a first great long blockbuster from concordy32! let's hope it hit's the charts! please rate sqaud 49 episode 2 trailer 12th place sci-fi charts! reviewed October 19, 2007
The rules for uploading by yor444 Comedy
your'e right but can i add one more rule no uploading crappy movies then voting hundreds of oher people's movie's one star cause your'e jealous thi is only a website be kind! thanks for making this mo... reviewed October 18, 2007
The Phone Call by stunts07 Horror
cool to answer your qustion i have made squad 49 episode 2 it's just that i cannot relaese it now i have to go to my other studio which i can oly go to once a week cya! reviewed October 18, 2007
Meet the dogs 2 by stunts07 Comedy
Featured Review
Yay the baggage boy is dead that ws ze funniest one sar far bring out number 3!
reviewed October 17, 2007
Meet the dogs by stunts07 Comedy
hahahahhaha th best ever comedy! reviewed October 17, 2007
The Mansion Part 2 Infection by stunts07 Horror
omfg the best can't wait for part three by the way it's going well with that trailer it's high in the charts but could ya vote robot wars please i need it in top 25 sci-fi movies please! thanks for ma... reviewed October 17, 2007
Unhuman episode three by weridman Action
cool but very dhort i would advise ya to make your'e episod's much longer then we will be glued to the seat bye! reviewed October 17, 2007
Unhman episode two by weridman Action
cool thanks for rating mine reviewed October 17, 2007
Hunted! by ville9100 Action
loved it good effort worth watching nice slow cowboy action loved the end riding off into the sunset 5 star please vote mine! reviewed October 17, 2007
Squad 49 Episode 2 Trailer by stunts07 Sci-Fi
thanks for the trailer now people will see us as a good action sci-fi studio lets hope this gets in the charts so we get famous! reviewed October 17, 2007
Unhuman episode one by weridman Action
brill thanks for voting my movies i hope to see more although on the crash you could have used the crash stunt scene instead but still very cool! reviewed October 16, 2007
The Mansion Part 1 A New Threat by stunts07 Horror
Featured Review
very cool loved it and thamks for joining me with suad 49 hope it's gonna be good working with you you have good vo's use audicity and we can make squad 49 with vo's and you ill get the credit as wel...
reviewed October 15, 2007
Office Killer Episode 3 by Gaarz Action
clap clap clap! brill one of the best action hitman movies i have seen and trust me i know lots good choice of music and sets nice story altogether 5 stars! dude please rate my movies pleeeeze please! reviewed October 15, 2007
Border1971 by Don007 Action
cool liked it a lot if you want to see how a war film should be made for top marks watch squd 49 and robot wars at my studio but good effort from a begginer! hope you make some epic's soon reviewed October 15, 2007
The Mummy Returns by Don007 Horror
??? more of a comedy than horror but good stuff nice long good effort hope you make more i will see more from you bye ps:please Rate my movies robot wars reviewed October 15, 2007
Midnight Racers Ep 4 by googs Action
the fourth and final a master peice i hope you hit you hit the charts please vote mine and hope the spin off goes just as good reviewed October 15, 2007
Death to The Baggage Boy! by googs Comedy
i don't like baggae boy either it's just an excuse to get in the charts and more vc's it's stupid pelase rate my movies thanks hope everyone gets the message! reviewed October 14, 2007
Meet The Dogs 3 Trailer by stunts07 Comedy
Featured Review
Hhahhhahahahhhahahhahahahah so cool i wanna watch it now and you also asked about what sort of series to do how about we join together for my series sqaud 49 and we both will get the credit eh! so if ...
reviewed October 14, 2007
Stupid Cyborgs by SamRMaclennan Comedy
cool clever creative and good sci fi classic stars love the slap fight it was funny! but could have used more sets and better time period but funny though please rate my movies! reviewed October 14, 2007
Galaxy at War Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
OMG that looks good can't wait!!!!! please vote robot wars similar but not a copy reviewed October 12, 2007
The power of Love by -Snake1980- Romance
great movie very long but very good!thanks for voting my trainz movie please vote robot wars its even better! reviewed October 12, 2007
Bombshelter Teaser A by jase180 Sci-Fi
OMG i am looking forward to this! please vote my movies reviewed October 12, 2007
Gladiators of Rome by Goddard911 Action
cool movie even though few scenes i loved the mod's a hell of a lot! great please vote my movies pleeease! reviewed October 12, 2007
Premonition by -Snake1980- Horror
oh cool is it gonna be like the marix keep waking up ??? that was very cool though please rate mine! reviewed October 11, 2007
HVM3 by action_films Action
OMG rate mine! reviewed October 10, 2007
HVM by action_films Action
wicked quite good please vote my robot wars movie similar but i would say longer and better ps why did the streets change? reviewed October 10, 2007
it was good i will go to congratulate helloiseeu now also why wasn't sqaud 49 nominated for best series it may only be starting but it was at the top of the charts and please nominate genres next time... reviewed October 10, 2007
A weird movie with zombies by yor444 Comedy
very good i must say i liked it a lot ya might wanna bookmark me cause i work with helloiseeu! and can u please rate my movies please reviewed October 9, 2007
Subway by yor444 Horror
thumbs up may be short but thrilling good five stars 5 stars! ps please rate mine reviewed October 9, 2007
News six at 4 by TheTombRaider Comedy
hi good movie you wanted to have an advert review me or pm me on skinshack the advert "what scenes costumes and what set's?" tell me and i will do it if i have made it you can pay 1000vc's or 5 reviews! reviewed October 9, 2007
THERMINATHOR by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
OMG that looked so cool including the new scenes you used WOW can't wait for the film cause that was a trailer wasn't it? anyway superb 5/5 please rate robot wars you liked 24 robot wars 10 times better! reviewed October 8, 2007
Sherifs Town by Chris1066 Action
cool five stars even though a lot to improve on your a nice movie maker! WANT TO HAVE AN ADVERT FOR PEOPLE TO KNOW YOUR MOVIE I AM MAKING A RELLY POPULAR MOVIE AND ITS GOnna be realistic so there's go... reviewed October 8, 2007
Life is Precious (trailer) by TheTombRaider Sci-Fi
cool trailer can't wait for the movie "do you want a advert in my newest popular talk show" if so tell me in either a review or pm on skinshack it cost's 1000 vc's or 5 reviews! reviewed October 8, 2007
Stalker by dsbeach1978 Comedy
cool movie wassup dudes please rate my movies! reviewed October 7, 2007
Strobe with effects 1 by TheTombRaider Action
cool dude vote my movies pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! reviewed October 7, 2007
Strobe Test 1 by TheTombRaider Action
?????? in a good way! reviewed October 7, 2007
Slow Motion Kung Fu by TheTombRaider Action
ok a good try at slo -mo but lets see who reads the slo-mo mod question eh?? reviewed October 7, 2007
Slow Motion Test by TheTombRaider Action
good test people always trying to make slo-mo why can't some modder get of his fat butt and make a slo-mo mod!?good try though please rate mine! reviewed October 7, 2007
tomb raider episode 1 v1 by TheTombRaider Action
very good first episode loved it please rate mine! reviewed October 7, 2007
Tomb Raider the Rising (trailer) v1 by TheTombRaider Action
oh my god a first attempt at lara croft oh my god this is so awe some gsears says everyones lying but one thing for sure i am not 5 stars from the 666 studio's drop by and watch robot wars and soon to... reviewed October 7, 2007
watch out by directo Action
weird random and violent my favourite thing five stars for good effort and VIOLENCE! please rate my movies reviewed October 7, 2007
BODY TALKS ! Overture by cavaleras Sci-Fi
BEST EVER HOPE THERES A SEQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please vote my movies reviewed October 7, 2007
The Hooded Killer by rhckids Horror
????? that was funny and i like the shower killing scene haven't found that before cool?! please Vote my movies! reviewed October 7, 2007
Bikini Mod Demonstration by Brandon310 Romance
nice cool sexy ladies what i dream of then again maybe shooting ugly ladies is better which to choose???HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA please vote my movies robot wars and sqaud 49! reviewed October 7, 2007
Generic Sci-Fi Movie by guansun Sci-Fi
good comedy very funny i laughed and i actually think it was hilarious well done 5 stars!!!!!! please vote my movies sqaud 49 and robot wars reviewed October 7, 2007
Woken Up by frobag Comedy
a short but funny clip the noise wasn't annoying it was funny hahahahhahahahaha! it was a good movie PLEASE VOTE MINE! reviewed October 7, 2007
NYPD by Chris1066 Action
very good movie good sub's and love the fact you used weird cars! very cool gangster style!!! please rate my movies! reviewed October 7, 2007
Dwell Near Me by yamum666 Romance
funny classic i love the first bit it was like girl imitating baggage boy!please vote my movies please! reviewed October 7, 2007
Winter War-Pt1-China by Helloiseeu Action
this is da best war movie on tmo apart from robot wars but thats a sci fi but go go this is a thrilling action a must see block buster! reviewed October 7, 2007
Halo Wars by Stunt6000 Sci-Fi
PLOT 5/5 VO'S 2/5 (you did try but they were so quiet) Costumes 3/5 (good but why was a man in WW2 uniform??) Sets 4/5 (could have given 5 if fururistic sets!) Overall 3 and a half!/5 (GOOD EFFORT!) P... reviewed October 7, 2007
A Day at the Beach 2 by googs Comedy
this was wicked and very crazy 5 stars ps:ya know that sqaud 49 ya loved someones voted it on star which means it is not on the charts could ya help and i will pay you vc's or a free commercial im my ... reviewed October 7, 2007
Visualizing Skateboarding Documentary by concordy32 Comedy
hi just letting you know helloiseeu is gonna be on our talk show talking about zombies 3 which we were both in also get a skinshack account its as easy as tmo and then we can pm each which is easier t... reviewed October 6, 2007
Zombies!Last Zombie Out by Helloiseeu Horror
yay this is da best loved it specially when i died it was radical best yet please vote mine reviewed October 6, 2007
The Chase by stunts07 Action
that was very funny best comedy so far and the shortest i think! PS: watch robot wars trailer and film PLEEEEEASE i want it in the charts it's so close! reviewed October 6, 2007
Scarface by BattyProductions Action
very good but it was too short you skip through the story like one hour is in one minute?? i like it but make a 20 minute version long but will smash the charts better than this one! reviewed October 6, 2007
Jonny Ds Dracula by jonnydthegentleman Horror
freaky movie scary and long kept me in through the whole movie Ps:robot wars is out now come watch reviewed October 6, 2007
Gold Heist by simpsdog Action
very cool radical good action movie all 5's Ps;been a long time since you saw my movie trainz trailer the movies out now! reviewed October 6, 2007
The Blood Movie by cheetaheye Horror
Freaky i was waiting for this for so long it was brill! can't wait for next episode please vote my movies! reviewed October 6, 2007
A Night in the Cabin by Lukas Hunziker Action
i thought it was a good start but someones bugged your move it plays for 30 seconds re upload it then it will work if not oh well but it was a good start! Please rate my movies reviewed October 4, 2007
Dispose of the body by zaaapmmme Horror
cool very scary nice music! 5 for scares plz rate my movies reviewed October 3, 2007
The blood movie trailer by cheetaheye Horror
cool movie i have to say love the music tellme how you got it i might need that music and also at the end it was kinda fast but very good 5 stars! reviewed October 3, 2007
Fool Injection by flix flicks Sci-Fi
Very cool thumbs up definetly i thought it was a bit funny as well nice movie! plz vote mine reviewed October 3, 2007
The Unknown Trailer by stunts07 Sci-Fi
very cool sci fi to be incoming very good ps: plz vote my movies someone slated me for no reason! so gone down charts reviewed October 2, 2007
Marks driving test by jamiecp Comedy
cool funny mvoe very cool plz rate my movies reviewed October 2, 2007
Battle Of Biffens Bridge by Nesta1996 Action
what do you know about making movies don't rate our's rubbish reviewed October 2, 2007
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL 3rd IMPACT -Trailer- by sidy Sci-Fi
x-treme! 5 stars reviewed October 1, 2007
The Random Death Scenes Movie by Shade-Cat Comedy
cool movie i liked the droid it was funny plz rate my movies reviewed September 30, 2007
Last Chance For A Slow Dance by concordy32 Romance
hi i wan't to say that i will give you a picture of what i wan't to look like soon and we can talk about it more with my email address if not start a thread or somethin on the forums! other than that ... reviewed September 30, 2007
Missing Micro Chip by concordy32 Comedy
hi me again nice movie short but serious PS: please vote all my latest movies ! reviewed September 30, 2007
Bathroom Humor by concordy32 Comedy
good short stuff love it PS: robot wars out now and trailer!! reviewed September 30, 2007
Advanced Warz Trailer by Helloiseeu Action
cool but where do iu sign up reviewed September 30, 2007
The Unknown by stunts07 Sci-Fi
good movie really good PS:can u vote my blockbuster sqaud49 its on the CHARTS! reviewed September 29, 2007
INSULT by concordy32 Comedy
hi me again just letting ya know i got a new movie on squad 49 and its hit the charts! reviewed September 29, 2007
The blood by cheetaheye Horror
good movie i liked it also i have released a new movie !!!YAY its called squad 49 episode 1 reviewed September 29, 2007
Learn Math with googs by googs Comedy
funny and cool and by the way spread the news i have a new movie on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! squad 49 yay plz watch and tell others thanks reviewed September 29, 2007
Zombies!Who Wants To Be In The Show by Helloiseeu Horror
hi im a tiny bit late but could i have the chance of a zombie who is really thick and comedicalplease if so thanks reviewed September 29, 2007
Zombies!Blood Hunters by Helloiseeu Horror
zombies that can speak ??? but cool loved the first goin nuts for the second is there a chance we could help each other with movies my game don't work but got so many movies we could figure somethin o... reviewed September 28, 2007
Drunken Martial Artist by concordy32 Comedy
good movie as always your first comedy show like for example ant and decs saturday night takeaway i would reccomend you making a big show like "the concordy 32 show with geusts like me! and of course ... reviewed September 28, 2007
The Last Day Ever by googs Comedy
thatwas GREAT best i have seen from googs so far thanks for voting all of my movies but i give you permission to make an advert about my studio i am a studio in need cause i can't release any more mov... reviewed September 27, 2007
very bloody but goood but i really need the shaky camera for my explosion scenes in my upcoming movie in november "Resident Evil From Hell In Cold Blood!" when the lab explodes so could ya help me the... reviewed September 27, 2007
Fun with zombies epi 1 by cheetaheye Comedy
very good funny movie i have some reccomendations for it that could make it funnier if you want them reveiw a movie asking about it and i will give e-mail adress reviewed September 27, 2007
Silent Movie II When Mimes Go Bad by concordy32 Comedy
brilliant funny movie it was awesome a good one from concordy32! plz rate ghost episode 1 reviewed September 27, 2007
Shark Attack Redone by chris62 Horror
i was scared to the end beutifal masterpeice as always from master chris62 you are way good plz vote one of my movies reviewed September 27, 2007
building is under attack by war879 Action
No Review reviewed September 26, 2007
The Baggage Boy jack is gayy by war879 Comedy
its a classic but super funny! i loved it forget anyone givin this one its too funny please vote my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 26, 2007
War is Hell by scoob37 Horror
this is keeping good movies from coming first its horrible i don't like this at all anybody who agrees with me please watch my movies reviewed September 26, 2007
Zombies! by Helloiseeu Horror
very good every bodys givin it 4 but you deserve 5 for the cliff hanger the suspense i want part two please drop by my studio and rate my movies plz reviewed September 26, 2007
Fun with zombies trailer by cheetaheye Comedy
good effort for a comedy trailer i have not seen a comedy trailer before but the reason why is you can't end it properly unless its a movie thats what happened in this but 5 stars cos i liked it and y... reviewed September 26, 2007
SE Spoiler by SlimiJimi Comedy
not a real movie but good for starters using new stunt and effects stuff except for free cam but good work hope to see good movies from you soon reviewed September 25, 2007
FRENZY by tsunamidog Action
that freecam is beutifal it's the sort of thing i was going to use in my movies and have in movies i have written but can't release cause my comp don't work.but when my movies released you can see it ... reviewed September 24, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 4 by eobaggs Comedy
brilliant movie please vote mine :)! reviewed September 24, 2007
Hell on Earth by fateddie Sci-Fi
please vote my movies reviewed September 24, 2007
New Spokesman by concordy32 Comedy
thanks for voting my movie bye:) reviewed September 24, 2007
Shoot me down lord! by darrentom123 Action
short but got a good plot but wasn't catching only givin 5 stars for a good effort hope to see something good next time :) please vot my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 23, 2007
Massive Fall Down Stairs by FredTheDuck Comedy
that was somehow so funny i nearly went in tears hahahhahahahahahah Sweet good movie plz vote one of mine HILARIOUS reviewed September 23, 2007
The Lonely Puppy by concordy32 Comedy
its a good funny movie maybe some work but i didn't expect something like this from a begginer Well Done! you did a good job please vote my movies! :):):) reviewed September 23, 2007
Lone Survivor Trailer by stunts07 Action
this looks like its gonna go up the charts in a flash tell me when the movie comes out ps:drop by my studios i have a new movie !!!Ps2:this is gonna be wicked! reviewed September 23, 2007
Bar at What Ends by concordy32 Action
good but a bit short and not pumping i was impressed though it would be more succsesful if had s&e (but not forcing you on that decicsion 2.if it was longer with some editing and subtitles and m... reviewed September 23, 2007
Gangsters by felix101 Action
very good but short if you make the sequal round about five minutes then i'll be looking forward to it plus review it instantly i'll be keeping an eye out! reviewed September 22, 2007
Terror on subway part 1 by cheetaheye Horror
good movie i'll watch the next episode soon hope its better please vote my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 22, 2007
Future Framed by nitwitmonkeytt Action
good but short thats all i have to say plz vote my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 22, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
wicked this was double as good as the first one except for you concentrated a bit more on romance than horror/thriller but still the best please make another one like Darkest Thriller that would be aw... reviewed September 22, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
brilliant horror/thriller action that was great i was having a heart attack through the thing best horror iv'e seen on TMO! plz vote my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 22, 2007
Sgt Turners War by Devan77 Action
pretty good war film just remember that using subtitles makes your movies a bit longer because since they are speaking you will use speaking scenes plus subtitles make your movie better and more under... reviewed September 22, 2007
The stalking chicken by Devan77 Horror
cool good use of action scenes well done for a starter you make some good movies well done reviewed September 22, 2007
Robosapein by Devan77 Sci-Fi
good no vo's though :( or subtitles :( :( but i still like all the different deaths and that so i give you 5 stars only cause i thought the guy that opened the explosive door was funny good effort :)!... reviewed September 22, 2007
Ascension by Tarison Action
very good nice medeival theme with lots of mods! plz vote my movies on my studio page reviewed September 22, 2007
Mid Evil by chris62 Action
great movie love the final fight it was good please drop by my studio and vote my newest movie 24 episode 1 season 1 reviewed September 22, 2007
The Baggage Boy by Wailwulf Comedy
No Review reviewed September 22, 2007
Borat Driving Lessons by scarface6191 Action
it was ok quite good i liked it plze vote my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 22, 2007
Pratt Boys 2 Reppin The Block by scarface6191 Action
way cool nice street rappin action love how you use the motor bike! please vote my movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 21, 2007
Police Lesson 1 by bryan112 Action
very good editing i must say never seen much like it keeping the pumping and the speed but you should make them longer to about 2-3 minutes other than that wicked! please vote my movies reviewed September 21, 2007
CLIVES GOLF DAY by kwistufa Comedy
preety good use of the mods and props very good 5stars reviewed September 21, 2007
Atomic Burger Company Commercial by googs Comedy
good movie reviewed September 20, 2007
NEW SCENES by kwistufa Action
relly cool wish i had those scenes plz vote my movie 24 reviewed September 19, 2007
Supa Fan Holiday -3 scene version - by sidy Comedy
good film could have been longer but obviously its for the 3 scene competition good going though pleese vote my newest movie 24 season 1 episode 1 reviewed September 19, 2007
Revenge of the Bullied One by tomasm Comedy
thats cool wicked hope to see more from this studio please vote my movies reviewed September 18, 2007
The Proof (Music Video) by FredTheDuck Romance
very good i think one of the messages are that he wants her to see that shes beutifal the way she is no matter what if its wrong don't matter and if i do win yay thank you for making an oppurtunity co... reviewed September 18, 2007
I Think Im a Car by FredTheDuck Comedy
that forced a chuckle out of me and that don't happen often did the deer head shoot the guy or was it somethin else? good stuff haha pleeze vote my newest movie 24 reviewed September 18, 2007
Midnight Racers Ep 3 by googs Action
good for episode 3 wicked waiting for a while please vote my movies reviewed September 18, 2007
War is DEATH!!!! by Ashfordsfilm Action
pretty good love the vo's and editing funny german voices i must say you have my 5! pleeze vote my movies on my studio page reviewed September 18, 2007
Doctor Who with no tardis but a time car by Ashfordsfilm Action
very very good i must say especially without stunt and effects vo's/subtitles:5/5 plot/story:4 1/2 /5 sound/music:5/5 attraction:2/5 (maybe a poster or attractive name) overall:5/5 hope to see more... reviewed September 18, 2007
Running With Gordon by yamum666 Comedy
i like the way you think are you part of 666 club? only jokin what im tryin to say is we could work together as the 666 studio only reccomending though if so reveiw one of my movies for further info b... reviewed September 17, 2007
- Simple Assault - Part 2 by stunts07 Action
really good thanks for reviewing my movies(please review sci fi corridor six it also says the props i made it from on the movie info reviewed September 17, 2007
Chris62 Trailers by chris62 Action
please do more i love your movies and have book marked your studio and you are way cool i also have a little bit on my studio to thank you for reviewing my movies so go on GO ON! ;)(please review my t... reviewed September 17, 2007
how deadly a banana can be part 1 by aaallleeexxx Comedy
it was ok can't wait for second part is it all a joke bein played by his mates? please vote my movies on my studio page reviewed September 15, 2007
American Bathroom Graffiti by thebiz Comedy
quite good i wouldn't exactly say funny hope to see more movies from ya pleeze rate my movies on my studio page;) reviewed September 15, 2007
The Streets TMO VERSION by ShyShy Action
very good ur are good i loved the game over sereis ;) could you pleeze rate my movies on my studio page reviewed September 14, 2007
Warcraft Undead Encounter by casey77 Comedy
THAT WAS HILARIOUS SWEET! PLEEZE VOTE MY MOVIES thanks great movie reviewed September 6, 2007
Random Destructive Things by googs Comedy
real good funny but i didn't laugh much but STILL very good could you pleeze vote my movie shotgun :) if i ever get my computer to work my first proper comedy will be aunt matilda with tried vo's YAY! :) reviewed September 6, 2007
Momentous by riott007 Romance
it was a bit short and straitforward but nothing new well done for getting first though:) please vote my movies thanks! reviewed September 6, 2007
Operation Invade 2 by smash_fred Comedy
it was good action but not funny but still very good could ya please vote my movies pleeze reviewed August 30, 2007
Oh So Close by rysto Comedy
there wasn't any point in that at all it was rubbish no point whatsoever reviewed August 30, 2007
Tidgy Gets A Biscuit by iconquistador227 Comedy
nice trying for the testof voice overs pretty good could you pleeze rate some of my movies on my studio page pleeeeze! thanks! reviewed August 28, 2007
How to Fight and Hide from Zombies by iconquistador227 Comedy
that was wicked supreme so funny espescially the vo's plot:5 Music:4 charcters:5 Vo's:5 Title:5 Overall:5* ***** reviewed August 28, 2007
skinshack advert by ranger21 Comedy
superb it shows exactly what we want in our movies and what we are gonna get from skin shack its brill could everyone please veiw my movie shotgun really cool sci fi movie and if you like it view and ... reviewed August 28, 2007
The Facts by Stunt_Double Horror
Featured Review
i cant beleive thats gonna happen thats so cool best fiction movie iv'e seen Plot:none Music:4 Props:5 Characters:5 Title:5 Overall:5
reviewed August 28, 2007
Bloody Mary by Inu388 Horror
super that thing made mejump a few heartbeats LITERALY i don't think i'll sleep well tonight my friend made up story about saying her name in a mirror but not with the ghost attacking just trailing bl... reviewed August 28, 2007
Game Over 2 by ShyShy Comedy
that is so good the coolest nerd movie ever! could you please rate my movies onmy studio page reviewed August 28, 2007
End of the World by StealthSneak1 Sci-Fi
Plot:3 Sounds:3 Charcters and costumes:3 1/2 Props:4 VO's:0 (not being offensive but 0's because you didn't have any) Subs:5 not bad you should put in a bigger plot and make it longer with a main vil... reviewed August 28, 2007
Dead Of Night by chris62 Horror
that was super thanks for voting my sci fi corridor movie if possible could you vot for my only s&e movie shotgun its my first stunts movie :) reviewed August 28, 2007
Rystos Workshop by rysto Comedy
pretty good i wish i could use mods but every time i get them in the right place when i use them EG> costumes instead of having the costume he turns into nothing plus every time i play a game 10 mins ... reviewed August 28, 2007
MELEE by Chykka Action
that was so funny and supreme super funny!!! If you make another one please include the goody from my movie shotgun if you can pleeze! if you do thanks and please veiw my movies reviewed August 28, 2007
Goddzila by momomonkey44 Horror
No Review reviewed August 28, 2007
How To Create Your Own Backrounds! by Inu388 Sci-Fi
quite useful i'll use it once my computers fixed Yay! Also Thanks For Sharing And Also if you have k7 quarintine props watch my sci fi corridor 6 movie to see how props can ake a new set!:) reviewed August 28, 2007
Green Day Minority by worldu Action
great action comedy you have my five star for being minor in minority HAHA :)! reviewed August 27, 2007
Who shot Microsoft Sam by worldu Comedy
that was a bit funny :) reviewed August 27, 2007
The Incredible Edible Dog by worldu Comedy
The incredible edible dog is supreme ze best ever but im here to lead a studio not to read 1800-0-888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888... reviewed August 27, 2007
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -VO plus- by sidy Action
Most extreme! i love it superb please rate my movies in my studio:) reviewed August 27, 2007
RC Wars by TheTomas Comedy
that was really cool supreme please vote my movies reviewed August 27, 2007
Speeders by googs Action
That Was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny especially when he hit a horse so cool reviewed August 27, 2007
The Baggage Boy by yamum666 Comedy
not being offensive but it was not good at all the only add on to it was some claps and giggles it wasn't that good so im giving 2 stars reviewed August 27, 2007
Disco Ducks! by googs Comedy
super duper wicked super duper funny its a golden movie i love it please rate my movie shotgun i need help with comedy but im still good reviewed August 27, 2007
11th Of September by Detroit2004 Action
that was the best drama iv'e seen since urmm lemme think. . ............................. never well done super please see my movies on my studio reviewed August 27, 2007
Control Part4 by chris62 Sci-Fi
that was super brill and it has helped me think of what stuff should be in my upcoming golden movie Robot Wars Please rate my movies by going to my studio page i have enjoyed the control series :) reviewed August 27, 2007
DOGS ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 by TheTomas Comedy
Dogs Are Jerks! by googs Comedy
that was so funny nearly as funny as DOGS ARE IDESTRUCTIBLE but thismovie was still good keep on with the funny stuff:) reviewed August 27, 2007
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
that is so funny and soon to be a classic on TMO the best shortest comedy movie sereis ever! I will book mark it till the day i die reviewed August 27, 2007
DOGS ARE INDESTUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by TheTomas Comedy
The funniest thing iv'e ever seen its one of the few comedys that actually forced me to laugh woo hoo for indestructible dogs it was so good ill make a little advert for it in my next movie WOOOOOOOOO... reviewed August 27, 2007
One Minute with a Gay Guy by googs Comedy
super funny hahahahahhahahahaha! :) quite good could you please rate one or two of my movies by going to my studio iv'e released some good tralers and other episodes but nobody thinks they are that co... reviewed August 26, 2007
Midnight Racers Ep 1 by googs Action
not bad at all better than some other car movies iv'e seen its influenced me to make my new car movie midnight club fight for dub which is the only street car that can go at 400mph! Thanks please veiw... reviewed August 26, 2007
Battle Of Earth by lkuey Action
It was alright but could have been longer its a good movie though just make an extended version and also see my movie sci fi corridor 6 it will give you an idea of how setdressing can help make your s... reviewed August 26, 2007
TMOs Weirdest scenes by pickleking Comedy
super funny ive got a movie kinda like it all the props are there though. theres people having a fight and they keep appearing in different places one minute they're ina subway station the next they a... reviewed August 25, 2007
The Banana Incedent by Kreeper65 Action
i agree with samhill it was so bad and he's discrediting others for example that movie stunts07 made kreeper 65 hated it and said nobody can watch it because the streamers wrong but i think kreeper 65... reviewed August 11, 2007
-Simple Assualt- by stunts07 Action
Featured Review
super i can't wait for the next one just use one or two more stunts cause they are cool stunts4/5 plot5/5 characters5/5 understandment4/5 i give you my 5 stars :)
reviewed August 11, 2007
THE BIG COMEDY MOVIE by niklaswilson Comedy
the movie wasn't good at all i didn't find anything funny and im going to make a comedy movie which im not good at so i was planning to see some just to get an idea but even though i don't know much i... reviewed August 10, 2007
Old Magets by stunts07 Comedy
thats a little bit like my zombolia movie you rated (thanks) it was so funny i give you my 5 stars reviewed August 10, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
its so funny wicked. see my new 24 epsd. 01 first person gets 300vc! reviewed August 9, 2007
Die soft by samuelcaveman Action
you should expand that movie was rather short and confusing it would have been a good comedy instead if you muddled around a bit other tha that you were okay :) watch my movies ghost ,zombolia and 24 epsd 01 reviewed August 9, 2007
Audio Audition VO work (Mattchinso) by Mattchinso Action
Brill magnifico you should make a good movie combining those people together for something also watch my movies 24 e01 s01 and zombolia reviewed August 9, 2007
BA Mad-Inside by John-Striker Action
nice action it lookis like a slight horror as well nice story thanks for making english subtitles reviewed August 9, 2007
The Chicken Jump by ktsapste Action
its a good way to test those sets out i liked it an all make a movie about a chicken but ten times longer with revenge from the other girl :) reviewed August 9, 2007
Star Wars Return of the Sith-TRAILER by jasonx102493 Sci-Fi
this is going to be good i can tell if people dont mind you might wanna drop by some of my new movies like 24 and zombolia they will be in the recent releases area at the moment but might soon be gone... reviewed August 9, 2007
A School Day From Hell! by Pimpzilla Horror
overly average good story and excellent ending one of my favourites(it was only a dream)Then fistfuls of zombies come through your kitchen thats goood! sorry only 4 stars because there wasnt that much... reviewed February 13, 2007
(Insert Title Here) by KingDavid73 Comedy
This is probobly the best comedy i have seen but there should of been those funny bits a bit more freqeuntly other than that YOU ROCK! reviewed February 13, 2007
Infinity The Trailer by RosGin Sci-Fi
sorry no ones voted but i thought that was cool you should have some credit for that reviewed November 29, 2006
Brill!!!!!!!! Can you please bring out a movie on how to make your own special effects like in this movie cause that would get you more watchers!(: reviewed November 29, 2006
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
funny hilarious and unspeakably extreme it deserves to be in the hall of fame and its a muust watch and as always make poop reviewed November 29, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
you cannot beat this best ever must watch reviewed November 29, 2006
Sci-Fi Movie by GAMES3601 Comedy
Very good i love the song born to be top 10 really reviewed November 24, 2006
Nothing by durie05 Horror
Brill movie love them affects a must watch for anyone whos everyone reviewed November 24, 2006