Number of Movies: 47
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.93

Number of Movies Reviewed: 65
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 3.06
Movies Released by adamthegamr
Nam 67 Action
No Description posted August 31, 2008
Loveless Action
No Description posted August 18, 2008
Gollumb - Trailer Comedy
No Description posted August 18, 2008
The Story of Ryan Willington Action Not Rated
we all love ryan willington posted September 2, 2007
America against britain wtf Action
No Description posted August 11, 2007
The man Horror Not Rated
No Description posted August 11, 2007
Hunchs House Horror Not Rated
The legend of the hunch is true, as a priest is about to find out.. btw, there is a small prop misunderstanding when he does the assassination scene when he shoots hunch, i didn't mean to do that so.... posted August 9, 2007
The man part 2 Comedy
No Description posted August 8, 2007
The man Horror Not Rated
No Description posted August 8, 2007
Fat Farmer in A Chat Show! Comedy
sorry about the mic, it's too sensitive iv fixed it now.but it's too late coz iv already put the movie on. oh well. posted January 22, 2007
fat farmer presents the news Comedy
No Description posted January 21, 2007
fat farmer makes a friend voice overs dun Comedy
No Description posted January 21, 2007
the nintendo wii killerz Comedy
No Description posted January 20, 2007
why am i so fat Comedy
No Description posted January 20, 2007
the cereal killer Comedy
No Description posted January 13, 2007
Chicken killer Horror
No Description posted November 5, 2006
i like sex Romance
Warning, contains brief moments of humorous?/loving sex, For all those pervs out there ENJOY!!! posted November 5, 2006
the documentary of the common hunchback Comedy
No Description posted September 4, 2006
the military killer part 2 Action
No Description posted August 9, 2006
the military killer Action
No Description posted August 7, 2006
friendly old people!ahhh Comedy
it is up to the younger gerneration to stop these "friendly" old people-please enjoy this and leave nice comments--i like old people posted July 13, 2006
mib men in black Sci-Fi
This is my new movie-my first men in black movie-there is no sound at the begining but after around 50 seconds there will be voices ENJOY and check out my other films--my comedy's are much better posted July 4, 2006
mib men in black Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted July 2, 2006
gollumb from the lord of the rings part 3 Comedy
here is a modified movie-be4 it wasn't working properly but now i have fixed ALL problems and will work perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY! posted June 20, 2006
gollumb from the lord of the rings part 3 Comedy
GOLLUMBS BACK!!!! and he has new guns,stunts and more!!!! i hope you enjoy this comedy i made posted June 19, 2006
the vietnam war Action
well-this is my first movie of stunts and effects so if it is a success i will make more movies.i hope you will enjoy posted June 17, 2006
Mad butcher lurks the hallways Horror
well all i can say is that i only made this movie to keep me busy> but i swear as soon as i get stunts and effects comes out you will be seeing some hell of a lot of good movies-- enjoy posted June 16, 2006
patty the clown Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted June 14, 2006
Symbiont Comedy
No Description posted June 11, 2006
Big MaMas house 3(trailor) Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted June 1, 2006
Gollumb in yet another wild movie! Comedy
This is a comedy movie which i made all on my own..i hope you will enjoy my movie and please leave your rating.oh and by the way,i have other gollumb movies such as "gollumb from the lrd of da rings" ... posted May 15, 2006
Gollumb goes wild west! Comedy
No Description posted May 13, 2006
A love story in Creet Romance
No Description posted May 6, 2006
the matrix and mr smith Action Not Rated
No Description posted May 5, 2006
I can see it in your eyes! Action
No Description posted May 4, 2006
Gollumb is back from lord of da rings Comedy
you have to watch this movie because i garrantie you will wet ya really is funny. posted May 2, 2006
Gollumb from the lord of the rings! Action
this is actually more of a comedy rarther than an action, i have upgraded it so it now has extra stuff than before....please enjoy posted May 2, 2006
FIB Action Not Rated
No Description posted May 1, 2006
A Civil war to remember Action
No Description posted May 1, 2006
Jason is here! Horror
No Description posted May 1, 2006
The Fatal Poisoner Horror Not Rated
No Description posted April 30, 2006
The Bank Robbing Gang Action
No Description posted April 30, 2006
Gollumb from the lord of the rings part2 Comedy
please only watch this film if you have seen the first part of gollumb from the lord of the rings..... by the way there is 1 swear word... you have been warned posted April 30, 2006
Gollumb from the lord of the rings! Action
No Description posted April 30, 2006
Church Of Blood Horror
what a great movie...but be warned there is a few swear words so don't say you ain't been warned coz you have posted April 30, 2006
Its him again! Comedy
i honestly don't know what this is about......i suppose it's about not been nasty to clowns. watch it and find out posted April 30, 2006
Following On this is great!! Action
watch out audience! you will notice a few swear words but not too many about 3 or 4. posted April 29, 2006
Movies Reviewed by adamthegamr
Fat Farmer Works A Computer by ollypopy Comedy
lol reviewed February 8, 2008
The Story of a Hitman by skippy7890 Action
lol, the people on the subway kept on changing. reviewed August 31, 2007
When the dead Woke (part 1) by Hanks22 Horror
Awful. reviewed January 21, 2007
Fat Farmer At home by ollypopy Comedy
this isnt your best movie but i like the beginning and the end. reviewed January 20, 2007
Dracula Vs The Priest by eklumt Comedy
that was gud i suppose, a) dont call me a pretentous little kid. b)you have no right to call me adam. c) u could have said that they were both gud. if you say anything bad back i will haunt your movi... reviewed January 20, 2007
Fat Farmer 2 by ollypopy Comedy
that was the best intro to a movie i've seen in a long time---bold slap head eating at table asking why he is fat---perfect reviewed January 20, 2007
Dracula Vs The Priest by eklumt Comedy
i didnt like it. p.s my friends was not better, it was a sequel! reviewed January 20, 2007
Dracula Vs The Priest by eklumt Comedy
how dare u say that ollypopy made a better movie than me, shame on you. that was a sequel you know to my movie, so f*** off. reviewed January 20, 2007
James Bond 007 - Night-Fire by simsgirl Action
sorry to inform you, but thats a copy righted charrecter. read terms and conditions first b4 uploading a movie. reviewed January 20, 2007
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
wtf was that. the beginning was bad but it got worse! "thats a big whale" "were gonna need a bigger boat" c****t that sukked reviewed January 20, 2007
Happy Man Ep 1 by ollypopy Comedy
lol?? reviewed January 20, 2007
Revenge of the Scraggers by ollypopy Comedy
oh yes, very nice LOL reviewed January 20, 2007
War is Hell by lukelord Horror
oh the drama the action, i've seen this a 1000 times and i love it, u get 1 star, and believe me mate, i was been sarcastic and u only just deserve the 1 star. reviewed January 20, 2007
Disco Night! by ollypopy Comedy
what do you mean moojboo, voice overs not bad, it was 1 person doin the whole thing , not to mention he stole a lot of lines from my movie and changed them around a lot, oh well, coz he's my friend he... reviewed January 20, 2007
In the falklands by Hanks22 Action
awful reviewed January 20, 2007
Hitman Agent 47 by ollypopy Action
it was gud reviewed January 16, 2007
Operation Invade by ollypopy Sci-Fi
rubbish! whrer's the music, the voices. BORING. though i cant give u a low rating coz it wudnt be fair, movies take quite a while to make.. cum on olly(ver) u cam do better reviewed January 13, 2007
Beaky Is About ! by ollypopy Comedy
gr8 voices! reviewed January 13, 2007
Demons Supper by ollypopy Horror
bravo! p.s JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed January 12, 2007
Oh NoSCRAGGERS!!! by ollypopy Horror
What the hell was that! LOL, they sounded like they were speking in another launguage or was it there beard in the way? nice job, i cudnt stop laughing. p.s JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed January 12, 2007
War Of The Ages by ollypopy Action
due to the colour effects on this, it looks like the german on the mg, is shooting his own men, p.s JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed January 12, 2007
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
seems more like a trailer reviewed November 8, 2006
One Fine Day by branjor Comedy
to be honest i think the poster exatuirates the actual film, sorry thats my opinion, but don't listion to me, i'm just a lonely hunchback.(it was just a movie like any other movie) RANDOM!!!! reviewed November 8, 2006
The Barman by farquad Action
horrible (like you said about mine) reviewed November 7, 2006
They are coming to get you Johnny! by tomasm Horror
oh yes! very nice do another reviewed September 4, 2006
Arockalypse by swordfish66601 Sci-Fi
i absalutly loved that! make a sequal...i loved the voice work,it was just sooo good ps. i'm glad you liked my movie to. reviewed August 8, 2006
The Battle of Ho Chi Mhin Trail by dragonfire131009 Action
you know,i made a film like that! maybe you'd like to watch it .i found your film very ammusing reviewed August 7, 2006
10 ways to kill Jason Vorhees by jar3d Action
have you actually seen the jason movies? 1st of all he desn't wear an hitlar outfit,,, 2nd of all he doesn't die!! everyone knows that you can't kill jason vorhees. 3rd, he doesn't bite people to kill... reviewed August 7, 2006
Over Saigon by steelcity4eva Action
i didn't know they had thompson machine guns in the vietnam war -i thought that was ww2, they used m16's.and why was it not his story,i thought it was his story-he was telling it wasn't he. anyway gre... reviewed July 25, 2006
Stupid Movie 3 by jinko23 Comedy
yuo just don't get it do you YOUR MOVIES ARE BAD!!!! stop making them reviewed July 23, 2006
Flashy Films Stars Interviews by jinko23 Comedy
finally a movie without that stupid girly voice in it!! i love that movie- well done! reviewed July 23, 2006
The News by jinko23 Comedy
you disturb me and my movies. reviewed July 23, 2006
3d image by jinko23 Action
omg omg omg omg that sucked (as usual) reviewed July 23, 2006
Tom Criuse In Space! by jinko23 Comedy
your movies seem to get worse every time-my word that sucked--GROWN MEN DO NOT HAVE 9 YEAR OLD VOICES! and everyone sounded the same reviewed July 23, 2006
super city chase-commentary by jinko23 Action
this is just wrong-why did you waste money on a game that you can't even do well at-you have embarrised us both reviewed July 23, 2006
I Can Fly! by jinko23 Comedy
i can't believe people find this movie funny-a person flys off a building and dies ha ha ha ha.sorry that was bad-real bad reviewed July 23, 2006
Stupid Movie by jinko23 Comedy
once again you make a foolish attempt to be funny-it didn't really work(yawn) take more time with your movies and please put some decent voices into your movies. reviewed July 23, 2006
Stupid Movie 2 by jinko23 Comedy
i think the title was right (stupid movie) please don't make any more movies before you embaris us both. reviewed July 23, 2006
Making A Movie by Silverfin Comedy
voives were the same but it was funny!, nice work reviewed July 16, 2006
Monkeys Vs Bunnies by Scarface6191 Comedy
to my point of view, that wasn't really funny you should watch something like make poop(music video) or manny jones on tour! i don't like repeating songs,it's even worse that you copywrited,(tut tut) ... reviewed July 15, 2006
Zombies in the Mist (part 1) by Crull87 Horror
i rated your movie because you rated mine and i truely did like it,it was "nice mon" reviewed July 13, 2006
Cultivating Chloe online by DivaStated Comedy
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!- i don't think you should have bought stunts and effects it was a waste of your can't make decent films reviewed July 4, 2006
jason part ll by cain77777 Comedy
NO PLOT WHAT SO EVER!!! AND IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE DAMN MOVIES JASON DOES NOT TALK---DUH! and men do not have girl voices---i can tell you are a begginer at this reviewed July 2, 2006
A Perfect Nightmare by IndieFilms Action
the voices were all the same and you never used much internation in your talk. i liked the movie though--i like zombies reviewed July 2, 2006
War is a terrible place by scorn50 Action
i'm sorry but i have seen a lot of better movies than was quite random and it had the wrong song to match is a few points that you did wrong 1) you never cut your scenes so you havn't ... reviewed June 29, 2006
007: The unikorn who ate my asswhole? by homepics208 Action
I WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE IT 1 STAR! what the hell was that! a load of scenes put together magiclly does not make a bond film- it had no voices, or subtitles-judging by this you are obviously a beginner a... reviewed June 23, 2006
battlefront part 1 by kingdaniel Action
Featured Review
did you copy my idea of a vietnam movie??? mine was better than this--it needed voices and army talk
reviewed June 20, 2006
RED by Happysimmonds Action
nice work- please don't use toooo much free cam or your movies will siffer! reviewed June 19, 2006
Murdering the President by MaggotStudio Action
well that sucked, nice plot but what was with the nerd jokes reviewed June 19, 2006
Stuck by MaggotStudio Action
-omg-- you said my movie was bad!!! this is an insult-compared to my movies this is s*** --sorry but that is just how it is reviewed June 19, 2006
Ironmen by Parsons Action
great movie-by the way-thnx for rating my movie the vietnam war and i will take your advise reviewed June 17, 2006
ADULTS ONLY!!!!!! by moviemaker1 Romance
i did bang her thankyou very much and it was nice so ha! reviewed June 17, 2006
Con Fess by ubernewbie Comedy
omg- you said my movies were bad- jesus that was crap reviewed June 15, 2006
Darth Harris VI The Black Vulker Army by brown_1990 Comedy
JESUS! did you have to shout i'm not deaf! jesus reviewed June 14, 2006
Security Camera by Buccura Action
hmmm. girl walk in, shoots someone-i've seen this too many times. it just gets boring after a while but it still show how good the expansion pack is. reviewed June 13, 2006
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
my god that was funny, i'm singing that at school ( maybe) reviewed June 12, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
short but sweet, a true comedy,i wish i had stunts and effects but it hasn't come out in my country. gr8 movie reviewed June 12, 2006
er....what the hell was that. reviewed June 12, 2006
To Make a Stand by infinite Action
it was -what i call an average fim- i liked the charecters but i didn't understand much of the film, but i think it's worth the 4 stars. reviewed June 1, 2006
War is hell by Steve_Nash Action
to be would be better with voices. apart from that great movie you should be proud..oh and if you have time watch my gollumb movies...type gollumb into the advanced search and you will see ... reviewed May 17, 2006
Tombshine by Whattheaids Horror
love the camera work....thanks for rating my movie..romance in creet reviewed May 6, 2006
King Kong 2000 by ryankerr1234 Action
what a waste of my time...iv'e seen a heck of a lot better...this is's probably not even worth the 2 stars i gave you. reviewed May 3, 2006
Operation Unicorn by clintan9 Action
i tink it would be a lot better if there were voices.. but still it was very good ..well done! reviewed May 2, 2006
The Nutsy Professer by Hazelfort Sci-Fi
great film i hope other viewiers like it too.... please rate my movie .(gollumb from the lord of the rings.. part 1 and 2_ reviewed April 30, 2006
The Real World StarWars-Land Trailer by Whattheaids Sci-Fi
i really think this was the way thanks for rating my movie(following on this is great) reviewed April 30, 2006