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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.41

Number of Movies Reviewed: 100
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 7
Average Rating Given: 4.31
Movies Released by -Snake1980-
Things dreams are made of Horror
If you dream of something bad, can it haunt you in reality? posted October 23, 2008
Demented Horror
Horror/Action movie in which the cops try to stop a demented killer before he strikes again. Movie contains blood. thanks to the following for mods used in this movie: Fraasmovies 8 eyed baby rik-varg... posted October 15, 2007
Corrupt Action
Angela accidentally bears witness to something horrible but what can she do? Additional music: freeplaymusic posted October 15, 2007
Caught in the middle Horror Not Rated
A convict escapes from jail and is in need of some quick cash in order to flee from the cops... additional music: freeplaymusic posted October 15, 2007
The power of Love Romance
The power of love is basically all about love, unfaithfulness, revenge, heartache. additional music: freeplaymusic.com posted October 12, 2007
Premonition Horror
When Anna sees something that is going to happen in the future, can she stop it? or is it just a dream? posted October 11, 2007
a day at the beach house Horror
a couple visit a beach house owned by their friends, all is well until Steve takes atrip down to the cellar to see if theres any food.... posted October 11, 2007
Thats not Random! Comedy
Thats not Random! posted October 9, 2007
Witness Action Not Rated
After witnessing a mob crime, Julie seeks help of her boyfriend/cop..... posted October 8, 2007
Captive Action
Action movie about a girl who gets kidnapped because her father owns a multitude of major banks in the city. Will the story reveal a simple pay the man or will it be something else...? posted January 5, 2006
Lucid Horror
Horror about a mans fight with reality and his sanity posted January 5, 2006
Anonymous Action
Action movie about an ex-agent being in the wrong place at the wrong time, will her experience, know how and anonymous tips help her get through this story? posted January 4, 2006
Quickgun McAfee Action Not Rated
No Description posted January 3, 2006
Friday the 14th part 1 Horror
No Description posted January 3, 2006
Mind over matter Horror
No Description posted January 3, 2006
A cops town Action
No Description posted January 3, 2006
Movies Reviewed by -Snake1980-
Squad 49 Episode 2 Trailer by stunts07 Sci-Fi
great, this looks really good, very good SFX and good VO's promising looking episode. reviewed October 21, 2007
Hold The Front Page! by Thijsie Comedy
3 stars for your 1st try is good, the movie was quite funny as a comedy however, as your movie making continues to "GREATNESS" (no doubt in that) we need some subtitles and/or voice overs to help us o... reviewed October 18, 2007
QUIETUS II by josephkw Horror
OMG, that was the best movie I have seen on TMO thus far. The amount of effort and time you put into this has obviously shown and with wonderful results. I was glued to the screen for the entire dur... reviewed October 16, 2007
The Scruples of Kessler by 08johnma Action
Excellent 1st stunts and effects movie, I thought the stunts were carried out well and the plot was good, didnt expect the twist at the end but I see why now, great movie 5/5 :) reviewed October 16, 2007
Online Gaming by ahandle101 Comedy
excellent m8, very original and good idea 5/5. reviewed October 16, 2007
The Horrifying Horrible Halloween 2 by Cos1293 Comedy
lol, "trick or treat...come out side" very good, lots and lots of VO's, that mummy was a bit angry all the time eh? lol. reviewed October 15, 2007
War of the Space by ThomasMorin Sci-Fi
pretty good movie, very nice use of the effects and there was a good battle too. Im not sure what font you used for the subtitles but it was very small, a pretty good movie overall 4/5. keep em coming reviewed October 15, 2007
Wassamatta 2 by gantous Comedy
good not as funny as the first one but still pretty good, "I've not been to the office in 38 minutes" LOL reviewed October 15, 2007
Whassamatter by gantous Comedy
lol that guys reaction at the end is priceless :) reviewed October 15, 2007
Robot Wars by adzy666 Sci-Fi
wow m8 that was really good, non stop action, great ending too. Very good job :) reviewed October 15, 2007
The Most Violent Movie On TMO!!!!! by skunkfunk Comedy
very good reviewed October 15, 2007
shortest movie on the movies by sylanderstudios06 Comedy
LOL, i didnt expect to laugh but when that curtain pulled across almost immediatley it was great, well done. reviewed October 15, 2007
Death to The Baggage Boy! by googs Comedy
Finally hes been taken out. Well done m8. I liked the bit in the taxi also that was funny. reviewed October 15, 2007
Marcus Snaders Season II Trailer by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
oh sweet, that looks awesome, really looking forward to that. Definatley looking out for this one :) reviewed October 15, 2007
Two Teens And A Teacher by Elllizzzen Comedy
was pretty good, not exactly a comedy though. Still good effort on the storyline 4/5. reviewed October 15, 2007
Get Lucky by Trashman Comedy
ROFLMAO that is all!!! reviewed October 15, 2007
The Ballad of the Albino by 08johnma Comedy
haha that was great: "Arghh she's not dead" lol. She definatley didnt like that banana, lol. good job 5/5 :) reviewed October 15, 2007
1000000000 Miles Away by lp3ninja Sci-Fi
not bad, pretty good sci-fi/comedy you have here. The only problem was that some of the subtitles were a little fast and some ppl might not have time to read them and catch the story, good effort tho... reviewed October 15, 2007
Keen Killer by StokeStudios Horror
Man what a sick and twisted little society you've created here. Very good movie and your right the plot was strong enough not to have had subtitles. Very good transition from comedy m8, keep em coming. 5/5 reviewed October 15, 2007
Hangin Ten by gantous Comedy
ROFL, that random ending was excellent, good VO's and very funny, good job :) reviewed October 15, 2007
A Crazy Day by Zindystar Action
not bad, quite good movie. The subtitles were a little bit behind during the fight scene but there was definatley some good action there. 4/5 reviewed October 15, 2007
The Further Adventures of Baby Cleo! by tagert64 Sci-Fi
Not exactly the type of sci-fi i had in mind when i clicked play but it was pretty funny : "call me now.." quite funny 4/5 reviewed October 15, 2007
Room 469 by tagert64 Romance
Lol that was pretty funny, I was expecting a romance movie and it turned out to be a comedy, pretty funny though: "she totally knew she had the flu.." lol, good movie. reviewed October 15, 2007
The Deal by lionheadmovies987 Action
It was errrr.. very random, no plot/storyline to follow just different scenes to make up some time. reviewed October 15, 2007
The New Sheriff In Town by concordy32 Action
very good m8, that gnome was fast, no one had a chance against him. Good movie 5/5. reviewed October 15, 2007
Galaxy at War Trailer by chris62 Sci-Fi
Well m8 that was a very good trailer in my opinion. I thought you made the upcoming series very interesting and makes me want to watch them. Good job :) reviewed October 14, 2007
Mrs Tong Japanese Martial Arts Teacher by Cos1293 Comedy
lol I must say I did enjoy that movie, pretty funny good VO's I especially like the ending, good job. reviewed October 14, 2007
visit to vidoe game bar with subtitles and by bobbytehemperor Comedy
Not bad, pretty funny, what happened to everyone else in the bar though? they just dissappeared. Good effort. reviewed October 12, 2007
Dead Of Night by chris62 Horror
Probably the best sequel I have seen on TMO, awesome script and atmosphere the music worked well with each scene and I thought the VO's were very good making the movie better. Great job overall. If yo... reviewed October 12, 2007
The Man In The Cheap Suit by goldenmovieking Romance
good attempt i did notice the hair thing aswell. Maybe some subtitles next time so we know whats going on. :) reviewed October 11, 2007
The Blood Baron by willsimo Action
wow i think thats the shortest movie ive ever seen, one scene. 2 stars for the name of the studio though, lol. reviewed October 11, 2007
AUF Episode I by dasnake Sci-Fi
it was pretty good however 3 stars only because even though I read the description it was still a bit confusing, one minute its nam looking soldiers setting traps and then a dude wearing a suit walks ... reviewed October 11, 2007
Roxy and the Space Monkey by directornj Sci-Fi
reasonably good, bit too short and a big anticlimax, not bad though. reviewed October 11, 2007
Live Target Dead Reckoning DC by zombie99x Action
Very good movie, wasn't what I was expecting from the title but still very good. I dropped a star because of the cops and the first guy they spoke too happened to be him, whats the chances of that? s... reviewed October 11, 2007
The Revenge by CookieEmotionPictures Action
very good I enjoyed that movie. I thought the Femme Fatale was really good and the VO's worked really well, good job. 5/5 reviewed October 11, 2007
Trainz by adzy666 Action
good movie almost 5 stars however, the actors changed accidentally in a few scenes and also the dog at the start + after initial music there was lack of anymore, otherwise good movie. reviewed October 11, 2007
Gone Missing by Rob_Spookie Horror
Excellent movie you have there, great story and very good suspense throughout. The music and sound effects were done wonderfully, 5/5. reviewed October 11, 2007
Robots get mad by christian25555 Sci-Fi
wasnt too bad but would've liked to have seen an ending, maybe a little longer. reviewed October 11, 2007
Phonecall by bushwacked Horror
really good movie almost perfect 5 stars, however the main male charactors name changed a couple of times from Mark to David, other than that great movie. reviewed October 11, 2007
urBAN ALiEN by devilbear999 Action
lol lots of bad gas and explosions I like it, the end credits were funny reviewed October 11, 2007
The Blood Movie by cheetaheye Horror
Very good movie, looking forward to part 2 reviewed October 11, 2007
The 200 Mile High Club by StokeStudios Comedy
ROFL carry on reviewed October 11, 2007
The Phone Call by stunts07 Horror
ouch i had the volume on my headset quite high when that noise on the other end of the phone went off. Great short story well done. reviewed October 11, 2007
Death by christian25555 Horror
I didnt understand what was going on reviewed October 11, 2007
Gorillas That Ive Mist by corinthian Comedy
that was awesome "get over it doc, its a monkey" ROFL reviewed October 9, 2007
PIMP MY RIDE by johnny_barger Comedy
that was awesome dude, excellent movie very funny and excellent VO's. 5/5 reviewed October 9, 2007
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
I thought the story was told wonderfully and the stills worked excellent with this, great job! reviewed October 9, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
excellent!! reviewed October 9, 2007
Randomness unleashed p1 by styx56 Comedy
haha I just love random movies they're always good for a laugh, well done. if you have a moment can you please rate my movie? reviewed October 9, 2007
Garden of Harm by wakka85 Romance
Featured Review
"so hows that hangnail?" LOL very good. Had to give this 5 stars because it was just so random at points i couldnt stop laughing, good job. if you have a moment could you rate my movie?
reviewed October 9, 2007
The Arrested Bum COOL EDITED VERSION by teamarmy Action
haha poor bum what did he do wrong? good movie nice costumes and good music well done. if you have a moment could you rate my movie too? reviewed October 9, 2007
A weird movie with zombies by yor444 Comedy
very funny good story and well executed. Good VO's and music fitted very well good job. If you have a moment could you rate my movie too? reviewed October 9, 2007
An Ancient Tale by Venker Romance
who needs VO's? that was fantastic, music fitted perfectly in every scene and the entire story was really good, well done :) reviewed October 8, 2007
history of war part 1 by a2k13 Action
couldn't understand the VO's, however the movie seemed good, more work on VO or use subtitles with the VO and it will be much better. keep em coming :) reviewed October 8, 2007
The Slaughter by alex725 Horror
very good reviewed October 8, 2007
the day she left me by hottie12 Romance
I quite enjoyed that, typical sad story but the ending was quite abrupt. Good movie 4 stars reviewed October 8, 2007
One In a Million by johnokinawa Romance
That was a great Movie, I'm not exactly a romantic movie fan, but I couldn't stop watching it, well done I thoroughly enjoyed this one! reviewed July 5, 2006
Hitman by supadan Action
Good movie, pretty well followed each scene although there was a lack of music (in fact just first few scenes) and very little subtitles to keep the story intense, still a good effort. reviewed July 4, 2006
Ape town by Hubbeb Comedy
Yeh I'm not quite sure what you were getting at there. reviewed January 5, 2006
Final Task by 1khm Action
Nice but very short, you dont have time to get into it and then the credits come up. reviewed January 5, 2006
Talkin World War III Blues PT1 by Gutts Horror
Featured Review
I thought that was pretty good, like most other reviews I liked the fact that it was based on a zombie flick but had a story to it.
reviewed January 5, 2006
Visions of Johanna by Gutts Romance
Really well executed love drama, I got right into it. Good movie. reviewed January 5, 2006
Silent Dreams Of Permission by kurst Romance
Not bad, quite funny that wolf was a bit of a player. But he fell in love with anything that walked in the movie plus some of the subtitles at a major part where too fast and I couldnt read them. Just... reviewed January 5, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
Excellent story, so well delivered and the editing was perfect. The ending was amazing and unexpected nice "Make you jump" horror. reviewed January 5, 2006
Train to Hell by alanmichael1 Horror
Nice short movie, good idea and well delivered. reviewed January 5, 2006
Underling by Zogg Action
That was unbelievable, I still can't believe it was constructed from the movies game. The story is astounding and the editing is phenomenol. This was truely the best story I have watched so far and c... reviewed January 5, 2006
The Transparent Ones by Drew_Weir Action
Good movie, nice script and subtitles but it just lacks a little maybe because there was no music. Otherwise very good, nice idea. reviewed January 5, 2006
Reverse Psychology by BigDaz Comedy
Featured Review
Very good, nice VO's
reviewed January 4, 2006
Advanced Editing Techniques Pt 1 by tim_pilgrim Comedy
I like it, nice editing. reviewed January 4, 2006
FEAR by MaxiodMojo Horror
sorry but there was absolutely no story there whatsoever, just random scenes. reviewed January 4, 2006
The Bethesda File by Caisley Action
Good movie, it really should have been a comedy, excellent VO's. reviewed January 4, 2006
tambones by jonheat Horror
so pointless and pathetic and completely lacking in any logic, but i laughed because of this, 3 stars. reviewed January 4, 2006
Shack Stories Kiss of Life - 1VO by MattBOM Horror
Featured Review
Excellent story and very good captive scenes, well done.
reviewed January 4, 2006
Gun by uwe1965 Action
Very good movie, good story and nice action scenes, well done. reviewed January 4, 2006
Indycar Jones and the big jump by EthanRunt Action
Featured Review
Pretty good and quite funny at parts. 4 stars.
reviewed January 4, 2006
Unwired by Ergin Sci-Fi
Good sci-fi movie I enjoyed it, unfortunatley the sound timing was off, but that might not be you fault so its still a good movie reviewed January 4, 2006
The Abduction by Noppius Sci-Fi
Very good, I enjoyed it but you just lost a star because of the lack of subtitles, nice to know what ppl are saying. Good movie though otherwise. Check out my movies plz! reviewed January 4, 2006
Murder House Directors Cut by JoeyRoe Horror
That was pretty damn good, pity about the wardrobe malfunction but it didnt spoil it in my opinion, good horror flick. check out my movies plz! reviewed January 4, 2006
I Have A Straight A Student by dana08 Horror
Not bad, decent story but you classed it as a horror (Why?) and that dude asked his mum for a pony, come on! but seriously keep trying. reviewed January 4, 2006
Surviving Death (Part 2) by 02PARSIM Horror
WOW, much better than the 1st movie, I never expected such a twist in the story, I bet he wished he had died at the beginning of the 1st surviving death. Great sequel. reviewed January 4, 2006
The Hunted Special Edition by FilmForge_Studios Action
Excellent storyline, great fight scenes, music and subs also very good. Definately worthy of a minimum 5 stars. Amazing, well done. reviewed January 3, 2006
The Conscience by patty82 Horror
Excellent story and pretty scary too, well done. reviewed January 3, 2006
Fastest Man In The World by captdutch Comedy
not too bad overall but could have been more... reviewed January 3, 2006
Hallowed be thy Name by General_Zod Horror
Would liked to have given 5 but it was very short, nice VO. reviewed January 3, 2006
The Recall of a Vampire by DTDLC Horror
The subtitles didnt make a whole lot of sense and the ending was abrupt. Keep trying though. reviewed January 3, 2006
Homer the Vampire Slayer by JakStudios Comedy
OMG!! that was hilarious. I was gonna give you 4 stars because of the lack of sound/music but that barfight tore me up and that daft ending it was great! reviewed January 3, 2006
Public Service Announcement by OrdigTroll Comedy
excellent movie and it was very funny good job. reviewed January 3, 2006
My Love Goes On (Even in Death) by Brokienheart Romance
Well done mate you made my missus cry, lol. Excellent story and music was fantastic, truely a great movie 10/10. reviewed January 3, 2006
Niggas Gettin Blasted by sayre85 Comedy
Not much of a comedy though reviewed January 3, 2006
[oh please!] zombies by hargum Horror
I cannot believe you classed that as a horror, it was pointless humour, excellent! reviewed January 3, 2006
The Baggage Boy 2 by tomdj Comedy
Featured Review
ingenius script, so much thought went into this. 5 stars
reviewed January 3, 2006
GTAU Pro-mo Trailer by cdayton93 Action
nice work, very good trailer reviewed January 3, 2006
Ninja for Hire by SparkPlugged Comedy
very funny reviewed January 3, 2006
the teleporter by jolocoucke Comedy
not bad for 1st movie but it was a little confusing. reviewed January 3, 2006
Do not drive in the night by TobieStudios Horror
Very good, I liked it. reviewed January 3, 2006
Bad Day2005 by cschluer Horror
Featured Review
reviewed January 3, 2006
Scare by timorogowski Horror
No Review reviewed January 3, 2006
Surviving Death (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
Very nice plot, I thought it was going to be like unbreakable but then it twisted to something else. Will look forward to part 2 reviewed January 3, 2006
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
Well done this is a very humurous movie from start to finish 5 stars. reviewed January 3, 2006
Xtraman - Episode 1 by crazymax2000 Action
Quite a long movie, but manages to keep your attention througout, good job reviewed January 3, 2006