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Movies Reviewed by [not-so-nice-word!]cakes
Flight Across The Atlantic! by kevonski Sci-Fi
All reviews from the same people, kinda fishy. You wouldn't happen to be rating yourself now would you? There are better ways to spend an evening than cheating reviewed December 16, 2005
High Fathom Five by kevonski Sci-Fi
What, are you giving yourself reviews, I am not a one star bandit, but your movies are not good! Put some effort into them reviewed December 16, 2005
State of the Heart by kevonski Romance
Who the hell gave this 5 stars! Are you joking! reviewed December 16, 2005
Carry Me Til The End by kevonski Action
The best thing about this pointless crap was that it only wasted 55 seconds of my time, how the hell are you a top studio!?! reviewed December 16, 2005
Things Seldom Seen Scenes by kevonski Romance
Wow, no need to report me, this sucked ass reviewed December 16, 2005
Policemen Dont Have Balls by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
I'm a cop, not funny [not-so-nice-word!]! reviewed December 16, 2005