Number of Movies: 29
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.82

Number of Movies Reviewed: 83
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 12
Average Rating Given: 3.53
Movies Released by 121068
glory - the video Sci-Fi
Glory has the power to turn her dreams into reality via her Book of Trance. However, when she see`s the very real future destruction of her city, she finds that the power of dreams cannot always have ... posted February 14, 2007
Seventh Millenium Itch Sci-Fi
Join our female heroes as they try to fight off the kinky attentions of Colonel Lingus and her right-hand woman, Gee Spot... We advise over 18`s only... posted September 10, 2006
most daunted Comedy
MOST DAUNTED - A parody on the famous tv series. Join Derwick Acobblers and Yvette Farting on their very first investigation!!!! Contains original music by the KNIGHTS TEMPLARS (C)2006 NB: PLEASE RAT... posted August 9, 2006
chance on life - the video Action
Do we get a Chance on Life?????? After a devestating attack, this is the question we must ask ourselves..... PLEASE REMEMBER TO WRITE A REVIEW THEN MARK A SCORE OUT OF FIVE posted June 30, 2006
omega - the video Romance Not Rated
OMEGA - The Video. (aka: GIRL ON GIRL) The plot is surrounding the same sex couples co-inhabiting and the menage `a trois which they are drawn into, eventually leading to one leaving forever.... Or... posted June 29, 2006
All quiet on the Western Front?? Don`t bet on it!!!!!! Its the end of the Second World War, the Nazi`s are getting desparate. Commandant Klaus uses an ancient scroll to unleash the undead and raise... posted June 20, 2006
a spoof comedy in the vein of TV series "BOTTOM" posted May 2, 2006
WRITTEN BY COLIN SMITH and CHRIS WEET. A spoof comedy of "`Allo `Allo" - the final showdown between Herr Flick and Rene, with Helga caught in the middle. Events take place after the war - Flick has be... posted April 18, 2006
DEAL OR NO DEAL is based on the Tv programme of the same name, but goes along the lines of a "what if..." kind of scenario... Contains original music track - "CROSS THE BOUNDARY" by the KNIGHTS TEMPLA... posted February 13, 2006
DIVINE INSPIRE - it is basically the story of one person`s search for divinity - but what a ride she has!!!!!! everything from Alien planets, UFO`S and even time to stop for a dance!!! Totally tongue... posted February 10, 2006
SILENT NIGHTS - The Video Comedy
SILENT NIGHTS (KNIGHTS TEMPLARS) is a Christmas dance single. The characters are purely there to act as a dance group, the music samples "Silent Night" sung by L. SMITH in accapella. PLEASE WATCH THE... posted December 28, 2005
FORESTCHIME - The Video Romance
Enter the ambient chill-zone of the Forestchime.... There is no real story, just go with the flow of the music. The only real attempt at putting something meaningful across onscreen is showing the gir... posted December 24, 2005
ALL THE PEOPLE - The Video Comedy
The people of the Vortex live their lives in perfect fantasy. They just do as they please...! Original dance music written by KNIGHTS TEMPLARS/COLIN SMITH via DANCE 7 PLEASE ALSO WATCH THE OTHER MUS... posted December 20, 2005
HIDDEN MANTRA - The Video Comedy
No real story with this one, simply a cracking good dance track!!! just enjoy it! oh, and the horse???? well, just because i could use it really, no real meaning at all..... Original music by the... posted December 20, 2005
A LITTLE TIME.... This is a music video with original music by the KNIGHTS TEMPLARS (Aka: COLIN SMITH) The story of the video concerns Time Man in his quest to return to his original timezone. He ... posted December 16, 2005
A Christmas in the Ghetto Comedy
Just my way of jumping (belatedly) on the the anti-streetcrime wagon. I`m hoping a simple message will get across to thousands via this medium (and i don`t mean Derek Acorah!!!!) PLEASE NOTE: Review ... posted December 16, 2005
Remember those so-called "Adult" titles on the top shelf at BlockBuster??? The back cover blurb promised so much, the pictures were so good and the let-down... was so brutal!!!! We join Deanna and ... posted December 14, 2005
LAUGHING CHICKEN The Clucktrix Comedy
Laughing Chicken in his first ever full movie!!!! LC stars as "The One", who must free the chickens of Zeon. Helped by Fluffy Pillows, he must face arch nemesis Agent Smirk and defeat him if he ever w... posted December 9, 2005
Threes a crowd Comedy
Just what do you do when there`s another person in your life? What if that person is carrying on with something behind your back? And can you really trust a Clown....????? PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE COMMEN... posted December 8, 2005
Family Borg Comedy
Imagine a Borg drone left behind on Earth during the 90`s... Don`t you just pity her? Stuck in a house with two nehandathal and sex-mad college lads, can Six of Nine escape with her nanoprobes intac... posted December 4, 2005
LAUGHING CHICKEN Out of His Shell!!! Comedy
LAUGHING CHICKEN Returns!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time he has a full stand-up show, not just a one-joke routine. Now with all his eggs in one basket, The Laughing Chicken gives you his trademark sense of... posted December 3, 2005
Laughing Chicken Almost Live!!!! Comedy
Laughing Chicken.... He`ll have you in stitches with his "off the peck" style humour. Further instalments are being seriously considered should he prove popular with the "birds"..... LAUGHING CHICK... posted November 28, 2005
One Wolfe Creek Action
Clinton Westwood returns to One Wolfe Creek to find the longterm sweetheart Constance. However, a hidden but terrible secret from her past is brought back in the shape of local landowner and all round... posted November 24, 2005
ALL THE PEOPLE - The Video Comedy
Two hapless detectives in a Quasi-futuristic setting realise there is much more to just solving crimes.... like dancing with semi-naked girls and looking mean and moody all the time!!! PLEASE DO NO... posted November 23, 2005
HIDDEN MANTRA - The Video Comedy Not Rated
Our first attempt at a music video...!!! posted November 22, 2005
Ghost Hunt Team 2 Visit to Pluckley! Comedy Not Rated
The GHOST HUNT TEAM are back, bigger, badder and with even more bloated ego`s than before!!!! This time the haunted village of Pluckley is overrun by Alien Ghosts. Can the team make first contact? ... posted November 21, 2005
The Ghost Hunt Team SpiritQuest Comedy
The farcical adventures of the Ghost Hunt Team, based in Essex, UK. Join their inept attempt to solve the Grey Lady of Creaky Shack haunting. Watch in disbelief as they meddle with something they cann... posted November 20, 2005
Jazzon X Horror
Two sisters go to visit their Gran, but stumble onto a grisly murder scene. It soon becomes apparent that an unstoppable killer is on the loose, called Jazzon X!!!! Can the sisters survive his reign o... posted November 18, 2005
The Bank or Bust!!! Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted November 17, 2005
Movies Reviewed by 121068
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
Excellent film. Very thoughtful and well executed. The VO was amazingingly clear, even if the lip-sync was a bit out, but then i`ve noticed this is more a software problem rather than talent one. I lo... reviewed February 15, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
Liked the VO. its really hard to match in correctly with onscreen events, but you managed to pull it off neatly! Good to see a film promote a serious message on here for once. Well done!!!! reviewed February 14, 2007
WonderMan and the Demon of Hands Creek by GriffinJr Action
I can tell this was a very early pic for you. There are a few error`s your other films now avoid. reviewed September 13, 2006
Gangsta City - Chapter 1 by blizzard_2 Action
Pretty cool film... shame the dame didn`t say much!! VO was very good. You need some music to plot the film though. reviewed September 10, 2006
Steven The Insane Guy by BamRyan Comedy
i love this!!! its really archaic and totally... well, er... wacky!!! reviewed August 10, 2006
Geek To Gangster Drug Run by moviemaker291003 Action
nice to hear the VO!! Alot of people are sticking to subs, and that`s fine... but to take a stab at the voice acting is brave, and ultimately it paid off! Some points were a bit slow in pace and the... reviewed August 10, 2006
Not Another Zombie Movie 2 by thejoe8pizza Comedy
very good, some great ideas!! found some jokes missed the mark otherwise funny as hell!!! Well done! reviewed August 10, 2006
Ghost Finders by jjnelson222 Horror
Excellent use of music and editing. Glad you didn`t use the VO option, it would have spoilt the atmosphere and the tense build up. Coming Soon from my Studio: "MOST DAUNTED" reviewed July 30, 2006
A View To A Kill by Jack_Dawson Action
i like it! very much in time with the music and well thought out. My only problem was the music. Surely you cannot use copyrighted music on here without the consent and/or permission of its owner... reviewed July 22, 2006
A Woman is a Woman by postmodernchuck Romance
Interesting concept, very bold... the use of Subs rather than VO was wise and gives an extra gravitas to the film. Not quite 5 STAR film though as its a bit linear... reviewed July 9, 2006
The Perverts Eye by Abboman Comedy
Love the sick`n`twisted ending!!!! revenge is sweet, but it does raise questions about Pappy, eh??? This is a well presented film, and certainly not kiddies stuff, its market share here is assured... reviewed June 24, 2006
The Extermination by handsofmygame Action
Nice effects.... but ultimately, a very shallow film. Who are the Aliens? why is the man important? what is the outcome????? Did you just bolt together so showpiece flashy shots provided by the game... reviewed June 20, 2006
Lesbo Trek by allen2006 Sci-Fi
No speech, therefore subs would have helped to understand the plot. The lack of music didn`t help either... and the confusing titles? is this supposed to be an all-girl soft core romp or a genuine a... reviewed June 11, 2006
Fire and Forget II by nukester Action
Featured Review
Breathtaking! solid film noir, with an excellent script (just how long did it take to get right???) and brilliant set pieces. Gambon is someone who you just get drawn along with, you want to share t...
reviewed May 27, 2006
AVS by majicm9 Action
i hate it when the music runs out!!!!!! why not put another piece of music on the end, or loop the track? And what was AVS standing for??? there is nothing here to make us care which two women surv... reviewed May 11, 2006
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
thoughtful... i`m sure those who found it funny did so from just the title, personally, i got the emotional side from it. Its really a cry for help isn`t it...???? reviewed May 2, 2006
Fire and Forget II Teaser Trailer 2 by nukester Action
Featured Review
lookin` forward to the finished film. Well done! does exactly what a good trailer should do...!
reviewed May 2, 2006
The Uther Affair by Blacktie_Agenda_Director Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed May 2, 2006
The Black Revolution-Trailer by tribal_art Action
Featured Review
Well...???? Don`t keep us all waiting like another Indiana Jones 4 press release... When is it coming out????? If the film is anywhere as polished and well executed as its trailer... we`re all in f...
reviewed April 19, 2006
The Thing From the Woods by water119 Horror
A sequel!!!!!!!!! we need a sequel!!! there`s bound to be more than just "one" of those things in the woods, surely...???? Excellent film - worthy of every star!! reviewed April 19, 2006
The Lovers Betrayal 4 The Revenge by MIZZLE8 Horror
overlong. i knew i was getting bored when i yawned. Have you actually tried looking at the various effects and different moods, viewpoints etc contained within the editing process? This is a formula, ... reviewed April 10, 2006
Big Tip by giggles144 Comedy
Bloody excellent!!!!!!!!!!!! Its an old gag, but still funny as hell. At least you didn`t go down the "old lady turns into vampire/werewolf/zombie" road, or finish with a punch up, shooting or stabb... reviewed February 17, 2006
Baby for Sale by StokeStudios Romance
Featured Review
Nice, powerful story. I liked the take on the ending, that she was re-living the elements from her book, not that she was actually in that predicament herself.... or was she??? A masterstroke of int...
reviewed February 14, 2006
Dangerous Stunts Show by WWEFreak Comedy
Short, silly and completely pointless.... I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Your ad-lib soundtrack is great, no-one else has actually done that yet so its kinda refreshing and funny. More please!!! reviewed February 13, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Solidly put together, with impressive effects. The voice acting was crisp and well acted, however some seem a little forced at time. My attention span was tested at around 11 mins, but as part of a se... reviewed February 10, 2006
Follow Stars episode I by Reeing Sci-Fi
erm.... i really would like to say something good and constructive, but i can`t. Where was the story?????? you subtitled in German, yet there was nothing soundwise to help non-Germans understand i... reviewed January 10, 2006
Shenannygoats by PrezzerUK Comedy
okay-ish but certainly not the gag-filled riot I was lead to believe from the pages of your mag! Spend less time reviewing games and more time on a better film, metthinks! reviewed December 27, 2005
PECKY EPISODE 1 by Fire_Works Comedy
A brief storyline - you get one extra star for at least attempting to add something new, but these characters are getting really boring now... just how many times can a Gorilla/chicken/rabbit combo k... reviewed December 25, 2005
Your saying your 9 yrs old, but your films are those of someone aged 5 or under! You had better watch a few films on here first before uploading any further adventures of "King Wrong" (bad name too!!!... reviewed December 24, 2005
KING WRONG 3 by Fire_Works Comedy
Like a broken pencil... pointless!!! reviewed December 24, 2005
KING WRONG 2 by Fire_Works Comedy
If your going to keep putting out the same old rubbish each time - expect the same type of score! Do you not learn anything from reading previous reviews? Okay, so we did at least have a soundtrack w... reviewed December 24, 2005
Claiming Back Christmas by ispep21 Action
Interesting use of the music, intercutting it between tracks, very novel! Good storyline, think the subs could have been a bit slower. You also need to tighten the script up a bit, as although it held... reviewed December 24, 2005
KING WRONG by Fire_Works Comedy
Spend more time editing your film and ironing out some of the problems. This one is a waste of time - no story, music runs out, several scenes in there just because they "look good", and for a film wi... reviewed December 24, 2005
Girl From Mars by TheReevesBrothers Action
What a waste! next time, sit down and write a script, plan your story out and if its going to be a comedy, at least make it funny!! This game does allow you to make better films than this, experiment... reviewed December 20, 2005
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
The stakes have been raised well beyond most of us aspiring directors!! Loved the KING KONG reference in there, and so glad a class film has finally knocked that one off the top spot! Way to go boys!... reviewed December 20, 2005
Bloopers 1 by ryan_farnsworth Comedy
Featured Review
Very good!!!!!! Just how bad would the finished movie have been judging from the outtakes??? I don`t think anyone else has done this "Blooper-Reel" idea before, you could be onto a winner here wit...
reviewed December 16, 2005
Musikvideo Last Christmas by darkrobbi Comedy
I`m not really sure why i`m giving it 5 stars... i really hate that song!!! but this had me foot-tapping away to the tune and a silly smile on my face... Christ!! that must mean i enjoyed it!!! Me... reviewed December 16, 2005
TV Parodie US by Willy-Wonka Comedy
Featured Review
Utterly brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure about using the music - you needed permission as otherwise you break this websites rules - but i`m not going to hold that against you for some superb filmaking. ...
reviewed December 16, 2005
Heavens Waiting by pfedofsky Romance
Is that an original score that actually fits the film (or vice-versa!)for once? Nice little film which conveys a good twist ending. A few things... costume outdoors was a dressing gown? of course if ... reviewed December 16, 2005
USS Titan by morpheus1717 Sci-Fi
USS TITAN....???? Very obviously taken from STAR TREK. 3PO??? Can`t even think where you got "that" name from!! Overall, too short to really make much of a story from. If you must do subtitles - ... reviewed December 15, 2005
Dreams Of Passion by tiggerdn Romance
A lesbian wedding eh?? That`s only just become semi-legal in the UK, and certainly makes this film very contemporary. Well done!! reviewed December 15, 2005
Girls only by grandmaster_king Action
Short... but to the point! Not sure about the backdrop, but then when did any "adult" film ever make an effort with anything else but the action!!! reviewed December 15, 2005
The Movies Christmas Carol by glynner Comedy
Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely classic Christmas tale with a modern twist. Loved the Alien guy (give him a movie, pleez!!!!) and the ending was inspired! Glynner mate, you have truely crack... reviewed December 15, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
Awesome editing!!!!! Robot dance was great, and since we don`t get many music videos on here, you must have set a standard to be measured up to from now on. Those who rated you low, sorry people - y... reviewed December 15, 2005
Helen and Lara by gustavoschneider Romance
erm... no sound??????? Does anyone else get this when using playback? Perhaps subtitles would have helped, as without sound its very hard to get who is who and what they want. reviewed December 15, 2005
Brunch of Doom 2 -Grandmas House by studproductions Comedy
Featured Review
Morally and ethically dubious - the rulebook being thrown out of the nearest window! Superb!!!!!! Granny-love and random violence at its best!
reviewed December 15, 2005
Mars Attacks! by Blak_Mamba Action
You need to check out your music. It runs out before your film does! Otherwise very competent. reviewed December 14, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Some valid points raised - but did it really have to become a film? Surely a simple e-mail to Lionhead to address problems with uploads etc, would be more constructive. This film is very one-sided. I ... reviewed December 13, 2005
Movie against racism by simon6611 Horror
Great ideals - but is a computer game really the best place to air these views?? THE MOVIES is totally free of this as both a game and an online community (as far as i know!), so while i share the sen... reviewed December 10, 2005
What if Santa Claus Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
So true!!!!!!! Now you`ll have to do an Easter Bunny version! reviewed December 10, 2005
Talk to me by stevostanley Romance
This is excellent!!!!!!!!!! It really is nice to see someone putting a sensible message across using this game as a soapbox. Bet Lionhead never thought this would happen eh??? The idea is simple, the ... reviewed December 9, 2005
Dogbrothers by snotface26 Horror
That VO was very OTT - and couldn`t make out what it was saying!! Plot-wise... tried and tested chase-kill-chase again-kill some more by the numbers horror. If you concentrate more on story, script... reviewed December 9, 2005
Home Of The Braves by Cynroth Action
Nice little film!!! would just like to see one on here where the poor ol` Germans win for once... everyone just seems to like "Jerry-bashing"!! Still, a nice start to a promising career - keep it up! reviewed December 9, 2005
War is Hell by superproducer Horror
I`m not sure.... is it supposed to have no sound in an attempt to be "atmospheric" or was this a mistake...??? The idea seems sound enough, but i`m not quite sure what its trying to say, is it a mes... reviewed December 9, 2005
Aliens Vs Police() by blit Sci-Fi
This film reminded me of a broken pencil..... completely pointless!!!! Where was the story? where was the narrative or subtitles??? and what was the point of the guard in black walking out of ... reviewed December 9, 2005
Halo by stupidBird Sci-Fi
Very good - but not everyone speaks German!! subtitles in ENGLISH please, next time!!!!! reviewed December 9, 2005
The Atomic Man by stevecox Sci-Fi
.....and the story was??? what?????????? Try putting together a storyboard first, then shoot your film. It helps to have some narrative or dialogue too, otherwise we have no idea as to what is sup... reviewed December 9, 2005
A Fistful of Birdseed by glynner Action
Featured Review
TOP MARKS!!!!! I fully support any chicken related movie on here. The Laughing Chicken may just branch into full films rather than stand-up comedy someday, maybe these two will face-off in a showdow...
reviewed December 8, 2005
The Urban Suburbans by creambunny Action
Putting aside the racial aspect of this film, the technique was so-so, the music very good, and the lip-synch okay. But the sequence in the school bullying a black guy is questionable. Some may take g... reviewed December 8, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
There is no doubt about content, style and the sheer majesty of the film here, but why so long???? The background data you provide is excellent, and the use of audio for the soundtrack and effects se... reviewed December 8, 2005
Llandy vs the Space Gorillas by MadJackMcJack Sci-Fi
Short - but like a broken pencil, ultimately pointless... Story? Dialogue? even subs? nothing there to help the viewer. Good use of music, but really needed a bit more effort. I nearly one-starre... reviewed December 8, 2005
Nevilles Devils by velieth Comedy
Yet another waste of time... Another film in which the music runs out as well!!!! You can correct that, its not difficult. reviewed December 8, 2005
Project Zero by MikeHellscream Sci-Fi
Okay-ish - but perhaps some subtitles might have helped. Nice idea though.. reviewed December 8, 2005
Charlotte The Starlet by MrBastageAndWendySMF Romance
Seen through rose-tinted eyes...? was that intended? The colourscheme didn`t work for me, sorry. Subs too fast and you need a different font. Lose the sound effects too... reviewed December 8, 2005
Human Cost by sgc2000 Action
Space guns???? okay.... perhaps we can call it "inspired". The editing was all over the place... perhaps a bit more care? And the plot? Well we know nothing of who these people are, why they are ... reviewed December 8, 2005
One Night in Paris by Skullreaper Romance
What a sad little tale.....!! Bravo!!! Short, simple but very effective. reviewed December 8, 2005
PAW by weresmurf Horror
For PAW read SAW..... "S" for stolen story... "A" for abyssmal scripting.... "W" for What happened to the music????????? Don`t read this critcally, its intended to guide you to making a bet... reviewed December 8, 2005
abando ship by joongun Sci-Fi
A little spin on ALIEN, and not bad at all... loved the plot. Your titles at the start might need to be clearer, as watching it back here, it was very hard to see the writing for the film name and ca... reviewed December 8, 2005
Space Wars II by dansun81 Sci-Fi
Hmmm.... very "Star Wars"-ish... but that`s not a bad thing when the quality is consistantly high. Loved the Troopers in white, would be great to see them in battle.... any chance? All in all, a... reviewed December 8, 2005
Story of Tom n Dog by flawless_ Romance
Featured Review
I was sooooo enjoying this!!!!!!!!! Two things: shame the music ran out, and secondly: Why didn`t he just offer the dog to the cannibal???? .....or is that just me being a sick puppy???
reviewed December 4, 2005
No Bounty by Cranium8768 Action
I liked this one much better than Quad... you spent time on this, not only with the story but with nearly every aspect of the film. It is quite obvious this was nutured from its creation. I`m giving... reviewed December 3, 2005
Vultures of Crime by FungusBob Action
Excellent use of music. Found the editing a bit choppy, but the storyline is compulsive. The film generates a great feel and makes you want to sit and watch, not reach for the "off" button.... any c... reviewed December 3, 2005
When Death Replaces Life by SothisAmon Horror
Great idea - needs to be a bit longer. You`ve obviously got a great story to tell, so do it justice and devote more time to it. Perhaps a prequel to give us his origins??? reviewed December 3, 2005
Quadruple Bounty by Cranium8768 Action
Where can i start? Your context between music and onscreen action is, how can i say... questionable. We have sections with up tempo arrangements bolted onto scenes with no action, and vice-versa at... reviewed December 1, 2005
27th Bounty by Cranium8768 Action
I`ve not found too many Westerns on here... but yours was a breath of fresh air!! Nice story, well plotted and good choices of soundtrack. Makes you wonder just how good it good be with speech...????... reviewed November 30, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
I couldn`t possibly give you just one star for that!!!!!! A classic!! reviewed November 30, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
Featured Review
Simply awesome.... if only we could all aspire to make films of this quality. Hey Lionhead.... look what you have unleashed upon the World and tremble in fear at the prospect of what you "child" is ...
reviewed November 28, 2005
Predator by Crull87 Action
Loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a hard film to try to recapture, but you did it proud. Is Predator 2 on the cards????? reviewed November 28, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
outstanding!!!! more please... and soon! reviewed November 27, 2005
The Way Things Go by tribal_art Action
Featured Review
Quite stunning!!!!! it only makes me think just how it could be with VO! The editing and music are very well executed.
reviewed November 25, 2005
I think I just shatnered myself by Bitterstevil Comedy
Featured Review
bloody ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reviewed November 21, 2005
From Out of Nowhere by Melghoul1 Sci-Fi
Quite stunning!!!!!! reviewed November 21, 2005
Gripping, seamless action, taut story, wonderful direction and enough suspense to redecorate a large semi-detached house!!! A faultless masterclass of film horror. reviewed November 18, 2005