Number of Movies: 43
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.57

Number of Movies Reviewed: 247
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 26
Average Rating Given: 4.36
Movies Released by 0630
Sicko on Loose Action Not Rated
No Description posted February 12, 2008
Cat Show Romance
The Idea of this movie came to my head,while I was relaxing at Malibu beach. As I was sipping on my ice cold Bud,i came to think about making a short tribute to all of my Fantastic actors an... posted February 9, 2008
That Night I Should Have Romance
This is a true story,exept some of the names of the characters have been changed. The year is 1980 and Vince and rozita have been married for about six months. Vince is 27 and Rozita is just about to ... posted February 4, 2008
Monkey See Monkey Do Romance
This is my first romantic comedy film,staring three crazy but, intelligent blondies, and a simple headed monkey. I've left out the subs because,I didn't think it was needed. Just en... posted February 2, 2008
The Forbidden Feelings Romance
Just another love story. Nothing special really. There are some emotions like love,passion,hatred,rage and dispair displayed as simple as I wanted them to be. Anyways,that's the way I see it. S... posted January 31, 2008
What A Coincidence Romance Not Rated
FIRST OF ALL: photosensitive viewers,please be aware that the following film contains camera flashing sequences.thank you. In this film, I try to follow the privous characters to see how their life... posted January 25, 2008
Love Your Face Romance
This so far is my greatest movie. Yes indeed,I'm very satisfied. This movie covers an intricate variety of events,that can only occur in a vast arena like environment of the big cities. There's nothi... posted January 23, 2008
Cherish Your Dreams Romance
Pure class= after my#1 movie "Guys Don't Be TOO Shy",I consider this to be a high ranking movie. I don't wanna sound flamboyant but,I got a good feeling about this simple,little movie. After watching ... posted January 20, 2008
Life Is For Exercise Romance
This is a short movie about exercise and good health. Enjoy it for what it is,not for what it should have been. Just now, I'm experimenting with diffrent setdressings and camera work. That's plenty of... posted January 18, 2008
Keep The Flame Burning Romance
The trio are back again.This time I pretend I'm laying down by some sunny beach in southern california and sipping slowly on my glass of well chilled sherry wine,and I've got lots of goergous gals wal... posted January 17, 2008
Young Tour Guides Romance
The beeeuutiful Bibbi is back.This time she's gonna give a tour guide of our newly reconstructed bar.The new bar is great. My girls spend a lot of time taning themself in the backyard and having pastr... posted January 15, 2008
Lively Housewife Romance
Bibbi is a beautifull french black american young lady that spends hours at a time taking care of her body,and other personal needs,in order to make herself ready for her husband,when he comes home fr... posted January 13, 2008
Weekend Together Finale Romance Not Rated
Great movie! Watch it without any prejudice in mind,cause the event in this movie are all my creation,but they can happen in real life sometimes. Remember life is like a merry go around,so you never k... posted January 12, 2008
Weekend Together Part 1 Romance
I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of this new serie I've started.How many episodes? I don't know yet.I as usuall take a lot of time creating these female beauties,making damn sure they don't look a... posted January 12, 2008
The Last Cowboy Romance
I've made this movie mainly dedicated to my favorite of all time actor which resembles a lot my own father who passed away six years ago.The music at the end is my first attempt in recording my own mu... posted January 5, 2008
Marrying A Hooker Romance
The main character Robert is not your usuall every day type of bussinessman that try to have as much fun as possible on their bussiness trips.No,..he's quite unusuall.On his recent trip ,he gets in co... posted December 22, 2007
Marrying A Hooker Romance Not Rated
The main character Robert is not your usuall character looking for some fun on his bussiness trip,no he's the kind of guy that's very specific about the kind of a woman he wants.In this scenario he fi... posted December 22, 2007
Can Dreams Have A Meaning Romance
Michele's husband has been working a lot lately and that has obviously had an effect on michelle who's staying home every day waiting for him to come home. posted December 18, 2007
Garrachi Aint So Tough Action
Brothers John and JIM Wrightly are bounty hunters from the nearby state looking for Garrachi who operates in this big city. Garrachi is a very slippery type of a criminal cause,everytime the cops arri... posted December 16, 2007
Bounty County Sheriff Action
As Jennifer is travelling toward her parents house in Flagstaff,gets a car breakdown.She ends up hitching a ride with this red neck that seems to have his own plans for ...... posted December 13, 2007
They Know What They Want Romance
This movie is about the golden 80's era. posted December 12, 2007
I guess She Panicked Romance
Ups and downs,call it what you want,my friend from Finland said to me that, life is like an ocean,Sometimes there are some violent storms,other times there's no wind at all. posted December 11, 2007
Guys Dont Be Too Shy Romance
Jack has recently gotten a divorce from his nasty ex-wife and has just moved into this little studio apartment and feels kinda lonley,so as he's just passing time with his binoculars,things change....... posted December 10, 2007
Romantic Time Off Romance Not Rated
I decided to leave the words out for a reason which I found out in this film, to be a good reason .I just wonder if the viewer would come to the same conclusion.I hope everyone would enjoy the simplic... posted November 10, 2007
Score settled 2 Romance
Jannet decided to fly to Frisco instead of the unknown Europe.In Frisco she knows mike and Betty whom she's had an intimate relationship with in the past.But there's a problem. Mike and betty are a couple now. posted November 8, 2007
Score Settled Romance
Jenny freshly graduated from high school is pressed to get a job and earn money by her shortsighted mother,who only thinks of money,instead of a better future for her lovely dotter. posted November 7, 2007
She Loves Me More Romance
After years of puting up with her sex addicted husband ,Jenny takes the step out ,just to find hereself falling in love with this beautifull exotic dancer who happence to be one of many falling victim... posted November 6, 2007
Therapist Romance
This is a story about true attraction and sudden right chemistry between two people on the first meeting,which leads to a long time relationship.I hope everyone enjoys watching this movie. posted October 30, 2007
My Name Is Romance
(This movie contains some brief and artistic(I think so anyway) nudity.) This movie is about two people that meet and are both homesick and therefore are vulnerable to extreme emotions... Special than... posted May 22, 2007
Get Garracci Romance
Another Movie with lots of camera work.Forgot the thumb nail, but a likable movie anyway. posted May 19, 2007
Dallas Cowboy Romance
Dallas cowboy reflects the good old days of seventies movies.The inspiration comes from all the Clint Eastwood movies,at least the romantic parts of it.Enjoy it. posted May 16, 2007
He Couldnt Heck It Romance
I have to say that the events are in fact part of my past.The names have been changed.I was 29 year old and 80's were exiting times.I hope everyone enjoys this film. posted May 14, 2007
Bed Surprise Romance
Harry the cop is just doing his job like a small boy playing in the sandbox.That is until this great looking chick starts playing with his head a bit. She's caught finally.fooled around and fell in lo... posted May 13, 2007
Alone in the big city Romance
Living alone in the big cities, can make you volnurable to lots of dangers,not excluding falling in love.That's my personal experience.I don't regret a bit of it. posted May 12, 2007
Space girls Romance
Space romantic mixed with a bit of erotism.Great looking chicks. posted May 11, 2007
Miss Adventure Romance
This is the story of a couple of wild big city girls.One of them leaves her husband for a more exiting and intimate life style with her girlfriend. posted May 11, 2007
He Was Standing Next To Me Romance
Big Cities can be good,bad or ugly or all of the mentioned.The main character of this film,gets so involved with the passion for her partner that she simply forgets that she's exposing herself to that... posted May 10, 2007
Instant attraction Romance
This is not just another love story. Only circumstances reveal the inner desires hidden deep beneath the main characters personality.Watch it! you can only love it. posted May 7, 2007
Lunch At Danniellas Romance Not Rated
A tantalising erotic movie that's made to appeal both to women and men ,but I think guys we'll like it more. posted May 6, 2007
Pick me up about six Romance
this is a story of true infatuations that turn into hot love. posted April 14, 2007
Threesome Romance
No Description posted April 14, 2007
Undercover Romance Not Rated
Just a fun action/romantic Movie.Lots of good looking chicks. posted April 13, 2007
Librarian Romance
The main charachter Jennifer finds herself being totally obssesed by this good looking Japaneese-American librarian Yoshiko,within a short period after they've met. posted April 12, 2007
Movies Reviewed by 0630
Acceptance trailer 2 by derbyrams Romance
GRET WORK OF YOURS DERBY! I enjoyed this little trailer quite a bit ,with the music fitting almost perfectly to the scenes,it looks like it's gonna be a #1 movie .Unless I make another #1 myself,OF CO... reviewed February 12, 2008
Scourge of the brotherhood by ocrambo Action
Featured Review
Whatever happenened to Kurt? Did he die or got a bad shock? This was a good tale as usuall. Admit to it either you read a lots of history books or you, like me enjoy playing Empire Earth or some othe...
reviewed February 12, 2008
Mission Highly Improbable by themonkthemonk Comedy
Very funny.Great story you made themonthemonk!!!It seems to me that with the tools in your possetion and the humour you have,you can easily make a little charlie chaplin type of film. Anyways I,rememb... reviewed February 11, 2008
No Country for Young Folk part 1 by ash2ka Comedy
Featured Review
I'm giving you a five considering this is only your forth movie.I didn't mean to be so harsh with your other movie.My harsh judjment was effected by some Mister know it all, who if encountered wouldn'...
reviewed February 10, 2008
Just for Fun!!! by thesmudge Comedy
Just Another Story!!! by thesmudge Action
Featured Review
An excellent story.Was this a true story? Well it sure sounded very believable and as for the boss,I had a boss like that which actually wanted to fire me for wanting to leave a little earlier because...
reviewed February 10, 2008
The Chimney by themule0 Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed February 10, 2008
Zombie march by iloveevannalynch Horror
Assasins Needs by leaf1234 Comedy
Indian by mattbrown Horror
Stay Away From My Girlfriend by michelle500 Romance
yA girls are a lot like cars,exept you can't lock them and put an alarm on them. So if one thinks like that,then one shouldn't get atached to a girl that's a fast mover and too flashy cause,one can ne... reviewed February 10, 2008
Exorcism Of Ross Cracknell by sickjoke Horror
Featured Review
I personally think that TMO scale should be between -5 to +5 .and people like jazzx should always get a -5 for being such a biget and throwing 1's at people when he needs an exorcist instead. Neverm...
reviewed February 10, 2008
The Battle Of Moon and SunThe Graveyard by aznkid367 Action
Featured Review
Good entertaining movie. If you take out the mumbling,even better.The music was good too.What language is he singing ? It sounds brasilian or portugees or something. Your movies are gonna get bett...
reviewed February 9, 2008
Ode to a Haggis by JazzX Comedy
Here you go MISTER!! If you had bothered reading the description of the movie first,you wouldn't have made such a clown of yourself giving me a one star. No problem,I know exactley what's wrong with ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Randomy Randomness by Colin_Green Comedy
Featured Review
A big five definitely!! This is what happens when you make someones day,thanks a lot for showing me,that you can enjoy films without mods.I've tried and they didn't work for me... Now back to your ...
reviewed February 9, 2008
The Battle of Moon and Sun Heaven by aznkid367 Action
Thanks for rating my movie,This was very good movie with good action and music and good story.How ever you should cut out the mumbling .This movie seems a little japanees inspired. In your question... reviewed February 9, 2008
Lionard deaths end part two by ocrambo Action
If there was a place for the tenth star..... That's it, I'm bookmarking your studio and take a little break from this. I'm totaly amazed with your talent chap!!!Your mods are the most unique I... reviewed February 9, 2008
The Ocrambo news part by ocrambo Comedy
Featured Review
First you got my attention with your latest trailer,and now this.You're talended man!! Just where in england does your accent come from? I met a gal lomg time ago,from cheltenham,where they prononce h...
reviewed February 9, 2008
Scourge of the brotherhood Trailer by ocrambo Action
Featured Review
Exellent work ocrambo!!! I enjoyed this beyond any trailer I've ever seen On TMO and I hope you get a prize for it cause,it being labled as a trailer makes it a lot superior to most of the garbage so ...
reviewed February 9, 2008
Starmasher by jayisjam Sci-Fi
I'm giving you a big five as an incentive for a new commer,but try using some kind of dialog next time.The action part was good.The story,nonexistent as far as I know.You follow me? Nobody knows what ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Ethans Mission Highly Improbable! by EthanRunt Comedy
Prayer by sickjoke Horror
Featured Review
I'm gonna be honest about it,I neither like it nor dislike it.Simply,I'm granting you five points because I know that you,ve put in a lots of work'If you really like horror,then I challenge you to mak...
reviewed February 8, 2008
Life Is For Living by hmpedersen Comedy
cute little movie ,a little too shortbut,what the heck!Here you go :five points! please continue the hard work and rate my movie also. reviewed February 8, 2008
Werewolves in Space by maxdragon1 Sci-Fi
Very very nice.It looks like you really like sci-fi. please rate my movie.Thanks. reviewed February 8, 2008
The Roadblock by reel_films12 Action
very good to be your first movie! Please rate my movie. reviewed February 8, 2008
The Pencil Test by Basehare Comedy
Quite entertaing ! Please have a look at my movie too. reviewed February 8, 2008
Hank by timdevries Comedy
I almost forgot this one! Nice western for a beginner. G. luck!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed February 8, 2008
Final Destination by tob2009 Horror
Featured Review
Good movie for a beginner,so I'm giving you a five!
reviewed February 8, 2008
Prophecies of Master Chief by tyler0605 Sci-Fi
Great job with movie.Exellent vo's and great camera work.How did you get the swedish flag to sit on alien's jacket? Ok,here's my five points to you man!!! If you watch and rate my movie,then I might ... reviewed February 8, 2008
Only Skin Deep by yungnt Romance
I didn't mean to be so harsh about your other movie,but some ungreatfull persons really put me in a bad mood.i hope this five star makes up for what should have been maybe a three.Nevermind,I like rom... reviewed February 8, 2008
The Alien Movie by bladezd Sci-Fi
What an intresting story,it kept me looking. Good job and good luck!! If you get some time....... reviewed February 8, 2008
The Battle of Moon and SunHell by aznkid367 Action
GREAT MOVIE! FILM ON!! IF YOU GET TIME,....... reviewed February 8, 2008
McGun In The Ninetieth Century by timdevries Action
Keep making movies.i hope these five points help you along the way.As for this one and a few aothers,I suggest,using sub titles and at the end cuting out the mumbling. good luck again!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed February 8, 2008
The Albino Ape by timdevries Horror
Good trailer,just enough to start the curiosity.Good luck again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed February 8, 2008
Belinda vs Sean by timdevries Romance
Great movie! I love all western movies undiscriminatley,and since you're fairly new,a decided to give you five point as an incentive. Good luck,not a bad movie at all!! If you like,,... reviewed February 8, 2008
Criminal Origins--Vendetta by Colin_Green Action
That was 12 min 2sec of my life watching and enioying this great movie.The story was great so was your incredible camera work.You've inspired me to try out new camera tricks.Really!!!That's what I cal... reviewed February 8, 2008
Adam We Saviour by Realdriveby Action
You see when we rate movies,it's important that we're in a good mood.I'm now!! I feel great giving a newcommer a big five point and I wanted to see that this is in fact a great movie ,especailly when ... reviewed February 8, 2008
John Black Secret Agent Trailer by gillyboy Comedy
Looks intresting gillyboy.Not bad at all to be your sixth movie.I'm giving you five stars and good luck with the finished project. Btw,could you check out my movie,cause I need a few ratings too.thank you!! reviewed February 8, 2008
The Secret Life of Gorillas by redunic0rn Comedy
Now,that's what I call a nice comedy.Their mere gestures was funny I thought.verygood movie with nice and readable text.five points for you!! I'll be looking for other movies of yours since i liked... reviewed February 8, 2008
Jack VS Skeleton The Movie by bond95 Action
I see you're an action man,Your movie reminded me a bit of resident evil,if you've played that game.Could use a bit of polishing up but to be one of your first movies,absolutly I'm giving you a five a... reviewed February 8, 2008
Case of Nathalie Holloway by timdevries Horror
Very short and good movie.it might've needed abit of pölishing up but I decided to give you five points as a new beginner incentive. check out my movie,if you like,you just might like it... reviewed February 8, 2008
Nightmare (Teaser 3) by icetray86 Horror
Featured Review
Guess what I just decided I find this trailer boring.Maybe you put me in a bad mood by ignoring my movie ,after I bothered giving you my time and giving you at least one five and two chances! That's n...
reviewed February 8, 2008
Nightmare (Teaser 2) by icetray86 Horror
IT SOUNDS PROMISING icetray86.When is the complete movie coming up+ drop me a line,when you watch my only movie-Thanks a lot. reviewed February 8, 2008
The 200 Mile High Club by StokeStudios Comedy
very entertaining movie stoke studios.It was very uplifting.The music and editing and all the cameras were awsome too.I'm impressed.i've actually seen this before,it's just i didn't have time to write... reviewed February 8, 2008
The Tale of the Hallow Trailer by jaredpeace Horror
Very intriging start.Can't wait to see the finished movie! continued success. Can you be nice and review my romance film: That night I should have.... reviewed February 8, 2008
The Witching Park by yungnt Horror
I kept me looking for four minutes 32 second long,striving hard to make sense out of it.Unfortunately I couldn't!You know what? I wish there was not only one to five stars,but even minus one to minus ... reviewed February 7, 2008
UnSub by anothernewdawn Horror
Well,I got out of the bed cause I couldn't sleep. Out of curiosity, I red your review on some horror movie ( I haven't seen it yet)& I just happen to agree with you about voting issues so,I decided to... reviewed February 7, 2008
Stunts without ending 3 by tob2009 Comedy
You are getting better,aren't you? You see??? Ok, you're not there yet,but listen here and concentrate hard: The biggest focus should be on the story!!! Remember,the best stories from long time ago,w... reviewed February 7, 2008
Attack in the Universum by tob2009 Action
Quite imprssing with all the explosions and so,not that I haven't seen any such before. I could have given you between 2-5 stars depending on how the story and the rest of the movie fitted together,bu... reviewed February 7, 2008
The FireFighters Movie Trailer by jkg5 Action
Featured Review
Way too short to be a trailer.Why bother? You could just write down a few lines,telling us about upcoming movie about firefighters.You could have made it at least 1 minute,and put in more scenes,using...
reviewed February 7, 2008
The Ship (2) by pixiedad Sci-Fi
An intresting start to maybe a real adventure movie. There must be quite a story waiting ahead. Nice job!! Please take a look at my only film and give it a fare review.I think you're gonna like it a l... reviewed February 7, 2008
Savior of the chocobos by ash2ka Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Quite funny actually.Cut out the mumbling next time and as for your other movie, you can edit a diffrent category or several categories if you want.See what you yourself think fits best. Thanks for yo...
reviewed February 6, 2008
Mission To Alpha Centauri by kimmarschal Sci-Fi
One giant star directly and I'm not being so harsh really.My advice to you is as follows: 1) cut out the mumbling first before exporting.2) use sub titles or vo's if you can. That's basically it in th... reviewed February 6, 2008
The Worlds Worst Stunt Doubles by ash2ka Comedy
Featured Review
An intresting lecture.Very intelectually done. But seriously not funny at all! However since you've put some efforts doing this ,I'll give you two big stars. My suggestion to you,if you wanna make a ...
reviewed February 6, 2008
Life by jkg5 Comedy
This was truelly the worst movie I've ever seen.What's so comedy about this ?. No sound,no music,the subs change style all of sudden.Wait a minute why a gal like that would pick up such a discusting l... reviewed February 6, 2008
PET SEMATARY (trailer) by Sym Horror
This was really cool. You did a great job of translating the lyrics of this song into a movie sequence. To be your 5th movie,it's awsome !! About your english,it's gonna get better with times as yo... reviewed February 6, 2008
The Riders by sickjoke Action
Featured Review
Heavy metal is slowly becoming my mew favorite in my old days,although they are relatives of rock and blues, my old time favorites.This was a cool movie man!! Awsome newer mods which I've never se...
reviewed February 6, 2008
The Second Glance of The Great Storm by Raidoncoridie Comedy
My friend this was a great touching movie.i guess it was the music that made it so.As for the story,it was a little difficult to understand what was really all about .Ok I understood that ther was a s... reviewed February 6, 2008
SEAFOOD STEAK by kwistufa Action
I'm giving you five big star and I feel you deserve them as,I'm not in habit of throwing 5stars around anymore nowadays. Only if I see the director in question has been working hard to achieve it.That... reviewed February 6, 2008
Stunts without ending 2 by tob2009 Comedy
I guess you're improving a bit .At least I got a slight clue as to what's happening .The guy is very unconcetrated and the whole day is full of bad events for him.Right? Nice try! no try making a comp... reviewed February 6, 2008
Jack and Drax (Part 1) by icetray86 Comedy
Exellent work! Very funny and good flow in the storyline .The music fitted very good too. Watch my latest and leave a fare rating if you would.Continued success!! reviewed February 6, 2008
A Word Off SickJoke by sickjoke Comedy
Featured Review
Exellent work sickjoke.If I didn't believe it,I wouldn't say it. This movie shows talent and soul.I liked the music at the end a lot.It brought me back to 1978.The character was very funny when he dan...
reviewed February 6, 2008
Hollywood High 3 (Ep2) by mizzle8 Romance
Great movie.Like I said you should write scripts for the real movies.That Alicia type, if she was standing close to me, I personally would have forced her on my lap and spanked the evil out of her and... reviewed February 5, 2008
Captain Ron--Quilo Part 1 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
I see you're a fan of science fiction.Although I'm not anymore(last sci-fi I saw was star wars back in78 when it came out and almost all the star trek Tv series back in 68 and up and the cinema versio... reviewed February 5, 2008
The Day of the Jackal (Trailer) by kees17 Action
Very well done kees17.Good choice of voiceovers and acting.I'll watch the real movie when it comes out. Now take your time with it cause, I wanna see a five star movie and I'm almost sure you can del... reviewed February 5, 2008
DiVA images by r33se Horror
BORING WITH BIG LETTERS!Are you serious about showing this in the classroom? Have you smoked some..,What the..people getting in the car, people leavig the car.On and on until my blood pressure went up... reviewed February 5, 2008
giant purple chicken attack by wepwnstudios Comedy
Ok here we go: first of i know this is your first movie but no sub titles,no voice overs,takes automatically 4 points away.I don't even know what's it all about thanks to that fact.I'm being honest wi... reviewed February 5, 2008
The American Dream Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
Featured Review
Ok Filip this was a fairly good trailer,I liked the opening music and so on but,since there wasn't any dialogue,it was hard to give it more than three.It would have been better to use either subs or v...
reviewed February 5, 2008
Baron Von Schmerzs Day on the Town by Killaxin Comedy
One big star for you, I thought there was something wrong with my speakers man...this is the most silent movie I've ever seen.Try puting some kind of music and sub titles at least.That way it shows th... reviewed February 5, 2008
King Kong by tob2009 Action
Nonesens, nonsense, monsense,5 min43 secs of my time. You can bother puting english subs,since I know most german people know a little english and german language is a lot closer to english.If a frenc... reviewed February 5, 2008
Stunts without ending by tob2009 Comedy
I liked the last stunts .Please make a real movie,not parts of a movie ,without any story subtitles,vo's .I just don't get it.Were you practicing scenes or something? I mean hey man we all wanna have ... reviewed February 5, 2008
viaggio nel tempo parte 1 by alemirco Comedy
Two big stars directly.sorry but what's the story.why you didn't explain not using either subs or vo's. The two points are for your efforts,as for the film it was a drag watching it ,cause for the rea... reviewed February 5, 2008
The Password Is Blood by zbu1985 Action
Two big stars from me.If I try to be kind and gave you a five,then I'm not really being nice to you.Why?? Well to begin with you have to use either subtitles or voice overs to begin with.If none of th... reviewed February 5, 2008
I Hitman by mimymo Action
Good movie,but I didn't understand the story.Other than there's an agent who wants to kill people for no apparent reason.I think if you had taken time to make a slower introduction as who is who and w... reviewed February 5, 2008
VERSUS (Trailer) by Sym Action
Very well done.The music and the editing was dynamite.I think french is a beautifull and poetic language and french people have right to be proud of it,however it would have been better if you had kep... reviewed February 5, 2008
Shadow by miketrumpet Action
Very well put together.A simple but,a good story.vo's were fairly ok,although it could have been a little clearer. All in all, a good watchable movie.This actually reminds me of this playstation game ... reviewed February 5, 2008
Cakes News Announcement KAYNA2 is OUT by Raidoncoridie Comedy
Sorry,but I didn't understand a thing about this little clip.The high pitch microphone feedback really messed things up.I think some readable subtitles could have helped this better. I hope I've help... reviewed February 5, 2008
Vampirik 1 by Ratorax Horror
I don't know what to make of this. Is this horror or comedy? Anyways good job,considering you're a begginer. BTW this is the second time I'm rating your movies.Maybe you could do the same for me and ... reviewed February 2, 2008
Love Story Good by Ratorax Romance
I'm glad I watched your movie. To be your first movie,it was great one and it made me very happy. You swear like a real russian.Scientists are saying now ,that it is healthy to do so. Anyways I'm gett... reviewed February 1, 2008
W v V by CaptnCrunch Action
Great little film,to be your first.I see you're a horror fan. Wish you great luck with your next movie.Check out my movie,if you want... reviewed February 1, 2008
Hollywood High Season 3 Premiere by mizzle8 Romance
So much intrigue,so much adventure! How do you come up with all this? Anyways,this was a very good movie. Maybe you're wasting time here and should be writing something to sell to the real Hollywood. ... reviewed February 1, 2008
Cakes News Quickies Episode 1 by Raidoncoridie Comedy
Hey that voice resembles Danny Devito's a bit.Funny...Thanks for ratings reviewed February 1, 2008
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
You should be writing books or maybe, you are already. This psycologically relevant story,from what I know,does happen in real life. When the emotions get mixed up because of some romantic trauma,the ... reviewed January 31, 2008
The Customer Is Always Right by Toadflax Romance
Sorry, but I don't see anything romatic about this little explanation-free film. It just doesn't make sense.Try a little harder on a story and either sub titles or vo's if you can. good luck to you. reviewed January 31, 2008
A Life of Regrets by Kowaru Romance
Very true,very expressive,extremely depressive,with a slight glimse of hope for the poor guy. This actually is a good tale of advice to teenagers nowadays who end up meeting some emotionally confused ... reviewed January 31, 2008
Love Hurts by ah77 Romance
The whole film was rushed too much.What was more irritating than the mumbling,was the story,that didn't make much sense! For example ,I watched the whole movie twice to see ,where she was flirting wit... reviewed January 31, 2008
Love needs no words by timorogowski Romance
I'll give you a three for your efforts,but truelly this is the corniest,almost most hillarious music video I've ever seen. I know you meant it not to be,but you need to polish up the singing part quit... reviewed January 31, 2008
My Name is Death by themonkthemonk Action
Very nice,simple little movie.I enjoy western movies.The story was very good,so were the VO's.At times though it seemed like the volume was a little too low or not clear what they were saying.As for t... reviewed January 26, 2008
Gold Heist by simpsdog Action
FIVE BIG POINTS TO YOU!I almost fell in love with the bounty hunter chick! This was great nonstop action film all the way. Another one of your great movies. Great story and a plot. BTW,thanks for your... reviewed January 24, 2008
The Crown Jewel Robbery (Part 1) by bellasellaa Action
Very good movie.The music and the dance scenes were good too. As for the story,I guess you've poposedly left some unanswered questions,as to the real motive of the detector character. If you wish,you ... reviewed January 24, 2008
Hollywood High (Trailer 2) by mizzle8 Romance
It looks hot! can't wait!!The music was dynamite.If You get time check out my.....Great luck to you! reviewed January 24, 2008
Meet My Mentor by oruxx Comedy
Worst movie I've ever seen . Why do I get a strange feeling about this film,and why the chick walks like a man ,hidding all her curves when the guy opens the door for her.It reminds me of some militan... reviewed January 24, 2008
The Fellas by michelle500 Comedy
Very nice movie Michelle, and I mean it! You're only thirteen,and yet so talented. It could even get better with more experince that you'll aquire as you make more movies. You speak pretty good englis... reviewed January 23, 2008
The Armor of God by simpsdog Action
Very impressive Simpsdog!!Lots of nice camera work,good music,editing ,story and well thought out plot. All the elements needed to make a watchable movie. I actually watched this twice,because I got i... reviewed January 22, 2008
The Spectre Wore a Badge by r33se Horror
Nice story,but it felt a little unbelieable with some gestures,especially the other cop's.Other than that good plot for a suspence movie.Thanks for rating my movie,an BTW how come you're not making an... reviewed January 22, 2008
When Tracy Met Gracie (Rated R) by oruxx Romance
Very nice movie.The story was very good ,so was the plot too.You should have seen some of my older movies. You would have like them. Although this thing about female sexuality is a little strange for ... reviewed January 22, 2008
How lucky you are (part-3) by sourav Action
Good movie I guess.But to begin with try cutting down the mumbling.That sort of distract the viewer a bit.Keep up the good work anyway,and if you have time ,please rate one of my only two movies onlin... reviewed January 21, 2008
Kreep by Tommy4ever Horror
Great movie with lots of suspence all throughout.What happen to the creep anyway at the end? Did he turn himself in? No matter,maybe it's good you left the ending like that.Keep up the good work,and I... reviewed January 21, 2008
The Devils Cross pt 2 by gfox5 Action
I loved it,it was just the way I imagined it,since I've seen the first part.It must come a part 3 soon, I soppose. .I love the female voice.Her partner sounds ok too,but the other guy sounded a little... reviewed January 21, 2008
A Day in the Life by Serpicoo Romance
Very nice movie.A little depressing and the mumbling should have been taken out,but otherwise well told by a promising director like yourself. Keep up the good work!If you would, please rate my newest... reviewed January 21, 2008
Iron Belly by Victaa Action
Great Kung Fu movie! I liked it a lot,quite romantic,Vivtaa,Bravo to you!! Keep up the good work.Pleas rate "Guys Don't Be Too Shy",and or "Cherish Your Dreams". I think you might like both. reviewed January 21, 2008
Just A Cup Of Coffee by oruxx Romance
Exellent work! You have good story telling skills,especially romantic one's. This was a very good movie to watch.I have a few suggestions that I hope,are gonna help your movies further: first try usin... reviewed January 21, 2008
Well Met by oruxx Comedy
I'll give you five big one's directly,cause I like romantic movies,and after watching this ,I saw what you had in mind . Good story,the music was a little wrong at times,the mumbling can easily be tak... reviewed January 21, 2008
Tinyface by JazzX Comedy
I haven't got the slightest clue as, what you're talking about! Why don't you try making a real movie instead? Oh,I see,you've run out of ideas.Well, welcome to the club,that happens to the best of us... reviewed January 21, 2008
The Crown Jewel Robbery (Trailer) by bellasellaa Action
Super! Absolutely great! How do you come up with such a story.The music was terrific and complemented all the scences and camera work,and how you intricatly have edited all the scenes was quite impres... reviewed January 18, 2008
Ode to a Haggis by JazzX Comedy
You get one big star from me.I understand that you're trying to tell a story in scotish or I don't know which of england's over 45-50 dialects,but how do you expect that everybody to understand what t... reviewed January 18, 2008
SpaceWarsCrawlTestFinal by JazzX Action
You've got some tools but,skills?..I don't know man! What is this anyways? You call this a movie,or just a short practice on the tools you've aquired? If you're so critical about other peoples work,tr... reviewed January 18, 2008
Santa vs The space zombies from Pluto by Victaa Sci-Fi
This was a long story,I couldn't wait until it was finished. But I did anyway! On the positive side you were trying to tell a story,but please put more work on your subtitles.They were awfull.It's ver... reviewed January 17, 2008
Hollywood High (Season 2 Finale) by MIZZLE8 Romance
This was really good.I liked it,the music and the story. At times your sub titles showed up in two following scenes? could be that you streched the text slighly too far into the next scene.That ,I've ... reviewed January 16, 2008
Long Lasting Oddity Trailer by julianallees Horror
Very very strange,indeed. You've done it,Bravo!! This was one hell of a trailer,it gave a feeling that the real movie is gonna be a real scary one. At times it remined me a bit of "2001 Odyssy" from t... reviewed January 15, 2008
Temporary Night Musical (Sonic Oblivion) by nukester Romance
This was really cool man! How did you make these dance scenes BTW? I've been trying for ever,without much results. The techno music was awsome.You've got a lots of talets man!.The chicks looked Hot to... reviewed January 14, 2008
Temporary Night (Vengeance Rising) by nukester Romance
The was the coolest heavy metal video,I've seen on TMO and yes It has inspired and triggered me to play my own music,you'll see. This video remined me of the time, I was visiting some night club in LA... reviewed January 14, 2008
Rage of the Werewolf Theatrical Trailer by nukester Horror
Hey man that was totally awsome! I liked the music a lot,it sort of reminded me of 80's Mikel jackson's "The Thriller". This looks like it's gonna be another big hit. Sorry for not visiting your studi... reviewed January 14, 2008
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
You two are a great team.I was totally astonished. you have sush a lovely voice,and the music was awsome.I wonder how did you do all those movements of the singer? This movie brought me back to that e... reviewed January 13, 2008
Hollywood High Season 3 Trailer by mizzle8 Romance
Nice little trailer.It seems to me you've got a lot to tell.Try shuting off the mumbling.The music was dynamite,I liked it,and it fitted in.Let's say, I was visiting my cousin,back in 1972 at Hollywoo... reviewed January 13, 2008
BiiNGE S1 Catch Up S2 Teaser by Hami13 Romance
I'm giving you two points for your efforts but with some critique.I find this style of person standing telling a very confusing long story,extremely boring.It just went on forever it seemed like.I com... reviewed January 13, 2008
Priests and Paramedics by KarlBrown Romance
I know you've put quite a bit of work on this film,that's why I give you four points. But truely, I find this movie very one sided.That is to say,there's not a glimse of hope,it's just gloom and sorro... reviewed January 13, 2008
Red Squad-IX-Final War by jamestkirk Sci-Fi
Such an incredible amount of work you've put in.I liked the music a lot at times,and sometimes felt it was overwhelming everything else.That in my opnion could have been fixed by: either longer subtit... reviewed January 12, 2008
Zuffer by Callis Sci-Fi
Good effort,but sorry it didn't make any sense.No story,voice overs very difficult to understand.Better use english subtitles,if you can and try to have a story and a plot. reviewed January 12, 2008
Violets by Serpicoo Romance
A quite funny movie. Good story and good music.If you had taken the oriental mumbling away it would have been even better. Nevermind,I think you have a almost no dialect speaking american english natu... reviewed January 7, 2008
The Longing Preview by poppashango Action
Very nice and simple,but why did you leave out the subtitles? I'm sure this is gonna be a good story.But take your time with editing and subtitles that are easy to read,and not rushed.That is a lot of... reviewed January 6, 2008
Featured Review
I thought for a while you had stopped making movies,cause I checked back many times,but now I see you're back and that's good. Anyhow to start with I'm giving you five well deserved points.Next this w...
reviewed January 6, 2008
VENDETTA Episode 1 by bellasellaa Action
Great movie indeed! First of,I loved the music.Second of all,it was a great story,well told with one of my fovorite accents being Australian one.Why have you stopped making movies? I'm thankfull and g... reviewed January 5, 2008
You Can Never Be Too Sure by Serpicoo Romance
Nice short movie.Some scences were a little to dark to see ,though.Nonetheless a good effort on your behalf.Thanks for your last rating,and thanks for your inspiration,I've made a new movie.Watch it a... reviewed January 5, 2008
The Beautifullest by Serpicoo Comedy
Nice costumes,but other than that I didn't understand what was the story. Maybe if you remove the mumbling and add sub titles. As for thumb nails( just left click at the picture that you like while pa... reviewed January 3, 2008
Harrisons Days Trailer by FraasMovies Romance
Whatever you guys are doing there looks great.I wish I had these,and or other mods to help my films. Mods just don't work on my game ,even when I downloaded them in the righ folders.That's too bad.I l... reviewed January 2, 2008
The Drag of Life by Serpicoo Romance
Featured Review
Great great movie man! I liked it a lot.It reminds me of some old tv serie.It makes me glad that somebody's making some western,cause I've been pondering about that for a long time. Great music and st...
reviewed January 1, 2008
Blind 2 by ShyShy Action
Five big one's you deserve! What an incredible amont of work.You seem to have plenty of talent and patience. Great camerawork and music and,all the great looking overlays.The story flowed pretty good ... reviewed December 29, 2007
The Movies Christmas number one 2007 by markcfc Romance
Featured Review
Great video.I liked the music a lot.It is very sad that the very true words of Jesus christ that is: to share and forgive,and not to have greed are nearly forgotten in our modern societies.We instead ...
reviewed December 28, 2007
Empty Wallz by ShyShy Action
I think that you can do a lot better than this.No plot,lots of rushed shooting sequences.Music was good ,and good camera work.Try maybe concentrating a bit more on the story and the plot.I understand ... reviewed December 24, 2007
Glamour (episode 1) by Lukavey Romance
This was a great movie and,I'm saying that without knowing any french.I liked the winter mod and the music and how you had bothered making the characters look a bit french.I think if you could put eng... reviewed December 23, 2007
Gamma Force Operation Liberty A by cruise1970 Action
I watched your movie.I think that you have a lots of talents and patience.Very impressive with all the mods, overlays etc..etc.,but considering all these tools in your possesion,this movie lacked beli... reviewed December 23, 2007
Planet Warp Demo by cruise1970 Action
Three big stars for this and no more I can give you.By the way I'm quite amazed at the way you have disected my last movie to a minimal full of flaws movie.I appreciate the few good comments.Btw in yo... reviewed December 22, 2007
Red Squad-Final War-Treaser by Jamestkirk Sci-Fi
I guess it was ok.It looks like you put in lots of work into your movies.Although I thought some scenes were a little to dark and that kinda takes away some points. reviewed December 22, 2007
Blood Of The People by sickjoke Horror
Since I watched" Exercist",I haven't seen anymore horror movies at the cinemas,but this was really great(better if you take away the mumbling afterwards).Anyhow great use of mods,which I don't know al... reviewed December 20, 2007
Earth Girl Desired! by Wailwulf Sci-Fi
That was really funny.As for the thumb nail,I think you might have forgotten to highlight the choosen picture maybe?..Any how,great luck with continuation work and ,thanks a lot for viewing mine. reviewed December 20, 2007
GNOMES CELEBRATION by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Great,short,funny,friendly and a very technically advanced movie.Great luck to you and thanks for watching and rating mine. reviewed December 19, 2007
Blood Of The People Trailer by sickjoke Horror
Very good trailer,It looks like it's gonna be a good movie.Have you ever seen the movie "Exercist" from the early seventies?Btw what kind of mod was that bedroom,was it your own modding?Great luck wit... reviewed December 19, 2007
I killed me by buddydust Action
Great job! Very artistic.It must be taking place in the northern countries somewhere,and not to forget the good music that went along.Thanks for rating my movie and great luck to you.Keep doing what y... reviewed December 18, 2007
THERIANtrailer by crazymann09 Horror
Featured Review
Great job! You leave a lot unanswered.That'd probably be a great thriller.Thanks for rating my movie and great luck to you.
reviewed December 18, 2007
The Joker by sickjoke Action
I seldom give people low points,cause that's destructive.Constructive critique though,you gonna get.I know you were trying to tell a story,but the whole thing seemed a little rushed,so I missed the pl... reviewed December 18, 2007
The Hospital (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
That was a great trailer man! Is the real thing gonna be even more spookier?Well I see you like horror.Btw which sets were you using? In respond to your curiosity: the girl in my movies is actually ab... reviewed December 15, 2007
Kiss Me On The Moon by Breeanne Romance
Hey I'm finally getting intressted in poetry,thanks to this beautifull short movie you've made.I think if you can get your audience so absorbed and satisfied in just "1 mins 40 secs" that you're defin... reviewed December 14, 2007
Angela This Town Is Wrong by Breeanne Romance
Great short movie.I liked it a lot.The music was perfect.Great luck to you.Please continue.... reviewed December 14, 2007
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Greatly done,excellent work,also quite funny.Great luck to you and thanks again for viewing my movie. reviewed December 14, 2007
The Hunt For Agent X3 by simpsdog Sci-Fi
It was all great,and I mean it! I see that you also have sent your actresses to double silicon in order to give them full physique. That actually looks great. This reminds of this pc game I've played ... reviewed December 13, 2007
Getting Hard by pegleg Horror
With this amount of work you definitely deserve five points.Great animation ,great music and all.I just don't understand people that gave you lower than five,Is it because they see everything thru the... reviewed December 13, 2007
Oh My GOD!! by gfox5 Horror
Hey I was Just curious about one of your first movies..This was a fantastic short film.Really!! You'e got some good fantasie.Keep up the good work.I find simple,short and strait to the point, a major ... reviewed December 13, 2007
ACTION DEATH!!!! by MrX Comedy
I'm impressed about how much work you've put into this film,but honestly I didn't get the story or the plot..Nevertheless I can't read your mind.If you're trying to convey a massage,the best solution ... reviewed December 12, 2007
Found And Lost by ubernewbie Romance
Totally amazing.Absolutelly first class,all of it.All of this movies dialect and behavior of the characters reminds me of early seventies Height Ashbury. .Harvey character reminds me of someone that's... reviewed December 12, 2007
A Nameless Life by Tommy4ever Horror
Today I watched your first gangster movie and now this .First of all your subtitles have improved dramatically.They are flawless.Secondly this was a fantastic drama.More realistic it can not get.I hop... reviewed December 12, 2007
The Italians Pilot by vinnymancini Action
Opening music 10/10.This is the first one of your series that I'm watching.Very impressive indeed,Obviously you've got a lot to tell.I suggest since you're not using the vo's just like myself,that you... reviewed December 12, 2007
Unsung Soldiers (Trailer) by Staree_Movies Action
Just Great.Perfect subject to make a film about,and visuall effects and the voice.Keep up the good work and thanks for watching my movie.Great luck to you on your future projects. reviewed December 12, 2007
Featured Review
Hey this makes Soprranos look like disney family movies.I'm totally impressed by the amount of energy you put into your stories.You must really like mafia movies.Did you like scarface BTW? Thanks for ...
reviewed December 11, 2007
The Soldier by ralfduran Romance
God Dag till dej.As usuall your movies are very deep and naturally very swedish.In this one I detected a bit of Italian surrialism A La Venedice.I'm not sure if I got the message,but then again maybe ... reviewed December 11, 2007
Heir to the Empire TRAILER by tantiveiv Comedy
Really cool.It brings back memories from early 80's with the first star wars.Keep up the good work,and thank you for rating my movie.Great luck to you. reviewed December 11, 2007
The Devils Cross pt 1 by gfox5 Action
Featured Review
Totally perfect!,and I mean it because it is so short and yet precisely right to the point.Very sensuall female look and her voice.The male character could have had a stronger voice,other than that to...
reviewed December 11, 2007
Good Bye Malika Saulnier by jec86n Sci-Fi
Blind by ShyShy Action
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
I'm not a great fan of horror movies nowadays ,but your movie somehow inspired me ,great effects and good story telling.Thanks for rating mine.and good luck to you .Maybe you should make another one ,... reviewed December 10, 2007
Such an incredible amount of work you've put in the camera work and all other sound effects,althogh i thought at times it was a bit difficult to follow.Nontheless a good movie.thanks for viewing mine ... reviewed December 10, 2007
Terran Wars-The Hammer Falls by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
Five points you deserve it .Hey man that was totally awesome ,with all the vo's visuall effects and the nuclear bomb.You must have a talent for sci-fi movies .Keep up the good work,and thanks again fo... reviewed November 10, 2007
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
Well despite your Harsh rating of my movies,I've decided to give you five points and yes you seem to be quite knowledgable in the subject in question,by the way I never found the mistakes you had poin... reviewed November 9, 2007
RAVEN by Concordy32 Romance
Very beautiful,great poetry and music.She looked very Indian.I think it is sometimes difficult to be able to sqeeze in longer sub titles when there's a change of scenery. Great work and great luck to you. reviewed November 9, 2007
Terran Wars-The New Hammer by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
Absoltely you deserve five points.Great short film,good vo's.It reminds me of the serie Thunderbolts.Keep up the good work.BTW,I've got several new movies out.So if your intrested.Great luck to you. reviewed November 8, 2007
BBFC 18 Warning by JazzX Comedy
If I have to be as critical and harsh in my judjment as you were towards me,I could'nt give you any points.But truely I've got lots of compliments for my sub titles.So I don't know where you've got th... reviewed November 8, 2007
If I Wanted To by Breeanne Romance
I don't know much poetry,but whatever you had written sounded good.Nice short film with a clear massage and good music by the way.Thanks for rating my movie,And great luck to you. reviewed November 7, 2007
Desired! Earth Woman by Wailwulf Sci-Fi
First of all thanks for rating one of my movies,secondly I find this movie very simple and laughable in a good way.Another word quite funny.Great luck to you dude. reviewed November 7, 2007
A Medal For The Brave by Helloiseeu Action
Cool wwII movie man .It reminds me of Medal of Honor and Battelfield pc games.Hey by the way thanks for rating my movie.A little later on I'll probably gonna do a warII movie,thanks to you.I lived by ... reviewed November 6, 2007
Featured Review
First of all I gotta react to all the double moral when it comes to a little sex,but no reaction at all to any kind of violence. why is it ok to cold blooded kill people but it's such a crime and a sh...
reviewed November 5, 2007
Happily Ever After by Dulci Romance
I love romantic movies.I just watched your movie when I was already logged out,but I logged in to rate it ,and I thought it was so real, somehow sad but yet with a positive ending.Great work,nice stor... reviewed November 2, 2007
First of all I like to thank you for watching my movie and I appreciate the compliments.As I watch your movie ,I'm thinking that you have a great talent puting together such a story.Keep up the good w... reviewed November 2, 2007
City of Shadows pt I by tigereyes Action
Great movie.This is the second time I'm looking at it,and it's getting better everytime.It's very obvious to me that you posses multi talents.I think that says it all.By the way ,I was checking out so... reviewed May 22, 2007
The True Gangster by kell1608 Action
Great movie .A true Ciciliano would have loved this. You must've put a lots of work with the story and all.It covered severall emotions as you had intended and a little more.Thanks for watching my mov... reviewed May 22, 2007
Rise Of The Amazons by simpsdog Sci-Fi
Great movie Simpsdog.I enjoyed viewing your newest movie a lot. You had a good flow in your story,nice costums and makeup,good camera work,even the music fitted in well.Keep up the good work and I've ... reviewed May 22, 2007
Into The Forest by AxeCinema Romance
I was downloading some costume you've made and I decided to check out your site. That was a fantastic short movie. Although the ending was quite tragical,I commend you on your talents.If you'd like yo... reviewed May 21, 2007
State of Emergency by rockyroad Sci-Fi
I'll give you five because,I think it was very good movie to be your second film.Lots of action!Keep up the good work,and maybe a little longer movie.If you'd like you can look at my movies and rate t... reviewed May 20, 2007
Savin Me by elizabethsusan Romance
Great musical,good editing,sexy underware.I liked you "a cup of coffee" as well.By the way,I've got a lots of movies out,maybe you can look and rate a few.Great luck to you!keep up the good work. reviewed May 20, 2007
Discovery by eyris Romance
Great movie .Very good vo's,fantastic music.The story made the whole film.Lots of romantic sceneries all concluding with a totally unexpected ending.Poor guy!If you like these kinds of movies but,with... reviewed May 20, 2007
Breaking News 3 by themonkthemonk Comedy
Great short movie .Very well done .Almost flaw free.It reminded me of early 70's and flower power era.If you're intrested,I've got a couple of newer movies that's just about those days of the early se... reviewed May 19, 2007
Windrunner Land In Flames by Luke6194 Action
For a serie it's very well done! I've taken a speed reading class 1974,but if you try to stretch the sub-titles a bit more ,there will be more time to read them,and look at the characters in the same ... reviewed May 19, 2007
Jakers Part 4 The Family Reunion by jakechief Action
Hey that was a good movie, specially with 80's music and all.It would be intresting to see what happens next.If you want you can look at some of my newer movies.Graet luck with your next project! reviewed May 18, 2007
Helping Yvonne Trailer by julianallees Comedy
Very good can't wait,Please rate some of my other movies. reviewed May 17, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
I think five stars should have been fifty.This is clearly a masterpiece.This movie brings back lots of memories from the old days of Star Trek series,exept a lot more updated and better.I've been tryi... reviewed May 17, 2007
WindRunner A Lovely Day For A Kill! by Luke6194 Action
Featured Review
Hey that was really good.The story had a nice flow. what I thought was a little difficult was that the sub-titles went too quick to read, but I've had the same problem,so I guess we both need to work ...
reviewed May 17, 2007
Nip Tuck by slyguy_tx Comedy
Hey there,that was a very unique concept. Nice work ,at times quite funny too.I liked the part with the gorilla looking guy wanting an extreme makeover.That was really funny.If you would like ,you can... reviewed May 17, 2007
One Liners One by jmsfear Comedy
Sweet,good effort,but I'm sorry I did'nt really get the punchline .Nontheless you should keep up the work,and work harder on the punchline. reviewed May 17, 2007
Tears of Glass by TheSupremeInquisitor Romance
Hey maybe your movie didn't have all the fancy effects and mods,but I gotta say it was very good together with the music and all.Easy to watch and understand.If you're intrested you can view some of m... reviewed May 16, 2007
The Marriage by WilliamG Romance
Well done movie.Like they say you're as old as you feel. I think it was quite romantic,and I liked the simplicity of it ,without using too many effects which I think are sometimes very distracting to ... reviewed May 16, 2007
Un-Found War by cut_scene Action
I liked it.Iliked oll the fighting scence a lot you've done a lots of good camera work.If you happen to look into my studio, please give me some help on the B&W movies and that mode with the camera wo... reviewed May 16, 2007
Last heart beats 2nd ed by chocolatemouse Horror
Very artistic chocolatemouse although I liked your innocense sacrificed best.If you want you can take a peak at some of my movies and please tell me how you make these B&W scenes. reviewed May 16, 2007
STOP! by Frooplet Romance
Great movie,and well put together,but I'm sorry I didn't really get your Massage.I loved the good music and the dance that matched it please take a pick at my movies and most importantly tell me how y... reviewed May 16, 2007
Loneliness - Teaser Trailer by julianallees Romance
Great movie.A little too short,but sweet.I personally like to create the faces with make up and the whole jazz.I think the acter or actresses owe it to the audiences to appear the roles they're given.... reviewed May 16, 2007
Love at 31st Sight by gillyboy Romance
Even though you didn't have much sub titles or sound I trry to understand what you were thinking,so keep up the good work.Great film! reviewed May 15, 2007
a tripped out road trip by bgood4-me Action
It's me again. Great short movie,and I think you should maybe add a little chick power to spice'em up a bit.After all "cars and girls" is a favorit conversation topic. reviewed May 15, 2007
racer part 2 by bgood4-me Action
Action all the way.But what happend to the music man..Nonthe less I liked it .Please rate some of mine . reviewed May 15, 2007
two man city by bgood4-me Action
Very good action and music.You should maybe make it a little longer.the music fitted perfectly .Please check out some of my movies.great job. keep on rolling. reviewed May 15, 2007
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
i would have made this movie a little longer ,so that the main karacter finally meets a nice guy that loves her madly and at the end she sits and laughs at her self a bit,and she finally feels very ha... reviewed May 15, 2007
Cup Of Coffee by elizabethsusan Romance
Fantastic completly with the music and the scenes. Although I find this filter a little overused,and not only in your movie I mean.But don't take this badly ,Cause I think that you've done a great job... reviewed May 15, 2007
Changes by Frooplet Romance
Absolutely great work!I'm kinda new,and all your new sceneries impressed me a lot.So I gara look for something special for my movies.i liked the music and bu the way how did you make him dance?great l... reviewed May 15, 2007
Security Guards II In Training by themonkthemonk Comedy
Very brilliant Idea for a funny movie.Hey I've worked as a security guard long ago,so I know all about minimum wages. Very funny movie and well put together.I've got three new releases .If you have ti... reviewed May 15, 2007
Walk of Life by ralfduran Romance
What am I gonna tell you.You reflect sweden ,Abba,Ingmar Bergman and all the swedish friends I've had in the past 23 years.Sad movie,yet totally fantastic,with lots of emotions.Perfect in every sense.... reviewed May 14, 2007
Dreams by Frooplet Romance
A good short movie clipp.By the way where did you get the basketball mod from? good luck with your movies. reviewed May 14, 2007
Security Guards in Space IX by themonkthemonk Comedy
I have hard time understanding the humerof it Although the tone and the voices hinted that . None theless it's your efforts that should count most.your work is flaw free and well put together,so you d... reviewed May 14, 2007
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Very well put together .By the way how did you make the hut or tent scene,and how come I did'nt find any of your newer movies.your movie reminds me a bit of the old tv series Gilligan Islands,back in ... reviewed May 14, 2007
Tribute by Harb40 Action
Very emotional and good short film.Hey as a new immigrant and frustrated seventeen year old I wanted to join the army back in 72. they refused me because of my bad english and I'm sort of glad of that... reviewed May 14, 2007
Guardians of the Outer Realm by simpsdog Sci-Fi
This was indeed very good.I sort of would have liked seeing the girls without sunglasses indoors,but nevermind ,the story and the plot was very good and even the ending and the music and the shooting ... reviewed May 14, 2007
One Night Stand by Harb40 Comedy
Just perfect,not too long yet with a touch of erotism and a little joke at the end. reviewed May 13, 2007
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
This was great.I mean with everything,story,music etc.etc.. the bad guy really looked creepy.Dzanka really looked her role .Very well done chocolatemouse,you're very talented. reviewed May 13, 2007
Invade by laforest76 Comedy
I'll give you five points,even though you didn't put any sub-titles or vo's. it seems to me that this movie would have been a good sequel to something much greater.Nonetheless Continue with your good ... reviewed May 13, 2007
Sonja Starlight Cowntdown to Destruction by laforest76 Sci-Fi
short movie.Nevertheless well done. reviewed May 13, 2007
Life Through an Eye by ralfduran Romance
I'm not so great with words,but I gara say this,"the best movie I've seen so far".I Haven't seen much Ingmar Bergmans films,but I've seen the August stringbergs TV series And I loved all of them.Your ... reviewed May 13, 2007
Damn Martians by jakechief Comedy
Intresting and quite funny.The President was right after all.Keep up the good work. reviewed May 13, 2007
Vote Amos A True American by colingaiser Comedy
Great movie.I enjoyed it a lot. reviewed May 12, 2007
Security Guards in Space IV by themonkthemonk Comedy
Quite funny,I liked the voice overs. reviewed May 12, 2007
Eldorado by themonkthemonk Romance
I'm not into poetry,But I think that you've got some talents,and thanks for that generous donation.I'm very new ,and don't know what it is for or what to do with it, sitting there. Anyway I appreciate... reviewed May 12, 2007
The Unofficial Bar Joke Movie Contest Entry by themonkthemonk Comedy
Very short, very funny, very good movie. reviewed May 12, 2007
Sonja Starlight Under Attack by laforest76 Sci-Fi
Given the limited action options that we're getting I'm surprised that you've made a very good shooting scene. reviewed May 12, 2007
Old by heuser7719 Action
A very short and good movie! reviewed May 11, 2007
Star Confinement by simpsdog Sci-Fi
this is another one of your good movies .The bad girl looks sexy in that leather suit.Please rate my latest releases.your movies have all kept me looking through to the end. reviewed May 11, 2007
Fall of the Barbie Bandits by simpsdog Action
I enjoyed fall of the barbie bandits.It reminds me of 70,s. reviewed May 11, 2007
Attack of the Amazon Women by simpsdog Sci-Fi
A good simple story, lots of good shooting scenes,chicks looked hot.Keep up the good work. reviewed May 11, 2007
Vice Squad 2007 by simpsdog Action
Great story,well put together,qand yes it reminds me of the 70's.I myself like making movies like that.Keep up the good work. reviewed May 11, 2007
Thanks by heuser7719 Comedy
Great film .You deserve five points.I just wonder how did you get all these pictures together.It must have been a lots of work, and quite funny too. reviewed May 11, 2007
Santas Visitor by SNoble Romance
Very good movie. the subject is a little too religius for my taste, but I'll give you four points for your efforts.good work. reviewed May 11, 2007
WildWest - Episode 1 - The Bounty Hunter by the_richman Action
A very intresting movie you've made. It reminds me of the old clint movies.well done. reviewed May 11, 2007
The Thunder by marfeldt Romance
Very good job of matching the video sequences with the music. reviewed May 10, 2007
Sex Ed by Yo_Momma Romance
I'll give you three points ,because I love romantic movies.try to work harder on a story.If you like you can watch some of my movies. keep up the good work. reviewed May 10, 2007
To Be or Not To Be by diabolicalfille Romance
Good movie good titles.You should add a little music maybe.keep up the good work. reviewed May 10, 2007
When Harry Met Lanie by AkeldamaUK Romance
Very nice story,start to end.Keep up the good work. reviewed May 10, 2007
The Dame I Want! by flayva1978 Romance
Good movie good music .Add some more story. reviewed May 10, 2007
We Are Restless by denzell Horror
I'm not a big fan of horror ,But( You deserve absolutely five big points for The whole story including good music choice considering what's available) Your movie makes Resident Evil look like Disney c... reviewed May 10, 2007
The Camping Trip by bloodhound9 Horror
I'm not a big fan of horror,but nonetheless,you deserve at least four points.The story was good,but too short to make a complete ending. reviewed May 10, 2007
Get On Up! (The Anthem) by First_Demand_Productions Comedy
I do lots of romantic movies.But, I enjoyed your movie a lot.You have put a lots of effort.So I'll give you five points . Good luck with your future movies. reviewed May 7, 2007
Thong of the Dead by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
very well done.It inspires me to buy the expansion pack which I have'nt done yet. reviewed May 7, 2007
Der Alltag - Everyday Life by heuser7719 Comedy
I'm giving you five points because I think the idea of the movie sounds very realistic and you could also make a sort of a comedy out of it or a romantic movie if you want. reviewed May 7, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
A great movie reviewed May 6, 2007
The Legacy of Ron Jeremy by TripWire21 Action
This is weird truely the wierdest so far. You get three stars cause of your efforts,otherwise there's a lack of good story.Just lots of bissarr monologe reviewed May 6, 2007
Henching The Greatest Career Ever! by conspiracyroadkill Comedy
An exciting new movie reviewed May 6, 2007
True Love by actorjay Romance
A good short movie. reviewed May 6, 2007
Life by heuser7719 Action
An extremly cloudy day.A sad and hopeless story. Nevertheless a good effort. reviewed May 6, 2007
Double Frappuccino by vailanater Action
I guess the whole massage is about good and bad guys. reviewed May 6, 2007
Friction by god911 Action
Asad story reviewed May 6, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
maybe a good movie or not .I can,t tell,because you have,nt put either audio or written speech.So Ikeep watching you movie without knowing but it's all about .Sorry but I can't give you too much. reviewed May 6, 2007
Audition as Jessica by Jenniza Comedy
I don't know what they're saying in your movie .Try to put either audio or written speech reviewed May 6, 2007
the cost of love by 8803231698 Action
you should try to put either audio or written speech that will enhance you movie otherwise a good movie becomes difficult to understand,but for your efforts I'll give you three points .good luck and try more. reviewed May 6, 2007
Just Another Fire by tzeneth Action
fairly good movie, but it should have more. reviewed May 6, 2007