Affari 2
Studio: esegal
Review Count: 11
Average Rating: 4.91 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 13 minutes 8 seconds
Posted on: July 14, 2008
Film Description
Ladies and Gentlemen, it has finally arrived! The long-awaited sequal to the number one gangster movie of TMO, Affari 2!
More of the action, more or the excitement, more of the emotion, and more of the Affari.

*Recipient of Derbyrams' Highly Recommended Action Movie Award*

Starring - SnakeEater42 as Sonny O'Reilly
Pookashells as Paul Gambini
Goofparade as Inspector Bradshaw
and SnakeEater42 as the priest.

Thank you to Pookashells for the overlays, and thank you to Lionhead for making the game that made this movie possible. Music done by me and Lionhead, it was actually the easiest part since I recorded it all for Affari 1 a long time ago! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. And to those who have been waiting for this release since March, well, sorry it took so long!

Note: This movie contains strong language and violence that may not be suitable for children and is warranted the rating of PG-13.

And forgive the upload difficulties =/ There was one major problem where the sound skipped over Paul's line in the car, but it's too late to deal with that now.
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- pookashells

You were right, you ARE the best gangster film writer. :-)

Posted on July 15, 2008
- simpsdog

Solid sequel to your original masterpiece. I will preface by saying that this isn't as good as Affari but still very well done. The VO work is tremendous. Great effort by everyone involved.
I liked the story but maybe it was just me but I was expecting more. I think my expectations were high because the original was so good.
Great pacing and a satisfying ending. Overall this was another strong movie by your studio.
Glad to see you back and I hope we don't have to wait so long for your next movie! Great work friend and continued success.

Posted on August 17, 2008
- tenchimuyo

Ori. Seen:Aug 9,2008
Rated R
For Strong Langugage and strong violence

***** out of *****
Affari 2 is the best sequeal movie appear.I like the 1st but this was better as well. The ending(i will no spoil) was good but to me I hope there is a 3rd. Fans love it.Great writting.I would say its a writting in depth. Bravoon everything including the Vo's.

Oscar Awards Won:
*Best Director Edan
*Best Actor in a Leading Role SnakeEater42
*Best Original Adapted Screenplay
*Best Achievement in Editing
*Best Use of Props

Oscar Award Nominations:
*Best Picture
*Best Original Score
*Best Sound effects Editing
*Best Costume Design

As a fan of crime drama movies I hope you keep making your masterpiece


Posted on August 9, 2008
- jakechief

Rated: PG-13
Language, Violence

Graded: A

WOW! I wish I saw this movie sooner. That was fantastic. I loved the storyline and everything about it. I am almost speechless. Great voice over acting from talented guys. BRILLIANT JOB ESEGAL! Oh and hey, you are nominated for jakechief awards and if you want to see what catagories you're in and who else is nominated it's all on my homepage! BRILLIANT!

Posted on August 4, 2008
- filipekholmstudios

The movie was great, but didn´t realy equal the first. The directing and dialogue was great, and the directing was stunningly well done.But the script itself was the thing I didn´t realy like. It was likeit was setting up a story but then just blows it to pieces. But hey, this was afantastic movie with a great suprise twist at the end. Another masterpiece by Esegal.

Posted on August 4, 2008
- mildheadwound

Melodramatic mafioso part deux, loaded With careless gunplay, big men with their big talk and a riveting, unexpected conclusion. Snake really got behind the main character and didn't overplay the role, and the other actors held up their fair share. The pace had a sinister drawl that made the final scene have a fortified impact. The thing that slowed it down for me was the lack of any extras, which made the scenery seem shallow. Also, this genre, for me, has been done to death. Still, for fans, no doubt a powerful sequel.

Posted on July 16, 2008
- derbyrams

Great sequel. Affari 2 lives up to the original and is really enjoyable throughout. A great continuation. Really nicely done, great acting by everyone involved, fine music, great free-cam and to top it off, a great story to support that. Fantastic work dude. Excellent. I give this movie my highly recommended action movie award and Two big thumbs up. Well done.

Posted on July 15, 2008
- pookashells

You were right, you ARE the best gangster film writer. :-)

Posted on July 15, 2008
- SnakeEater42

I thought that the best mobster movie on TMO was Affari and that no TMO movie could ever top it. Well, seems as if I have been proved wrong, because Affari 2 is now the best mobster movie on TMO. Great scene choices, great script, and great acting by Pooka and Goof. I wish I could give you more than 5 stars but alas I can't. 5 stars


Posted on July 15, 2008
- nukester

The long awaited sequel is finally here, but does it pack a punch with emotion? DEFINETLY!

I would have to say that the dialogue and voice acting were top notch once again however what I do feel you excelled in with this movie was scene choice and creativity. An example would be the far proximity discussion in the bar. It added a dynamic edge and really amplified the nature and stance of the two characters.

Another area I thought you did well in was with the free-cam. The end scene had some well timed pans and manouvers to keep the realism and maintain the flow of the film's pace.

I would have personally liked to see more and it was over so SO quickly and that is a testament to your story telling. Will there be an Affari 3? hmm it doesn't seem likely giving the ending.. and you know what? .. that's actually okay.

It was a shame to be hit by the dreaded sound bug and cut outs in the car sequence as the viewer could have missed out on some key information. Thankfully the majority of the story made sense in relation to the original and whilst I was suprised to see 'X' , it added to the tension and made a good twist overall.

Affari 2 is best served with it's original side by side for the ultimate gangster experience on TMO!!!!

Until the next time...

Nuke Well... it's just Affari!

Posted on July 15, 2008
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Loved the dialoge and the voice acting! You captured the whole feeling of a gangster film perfectly, just like in part1.

Posted on July 15, 2008
- TFoster

The Long Awaited Sequel to One of the Greatest Mafia Movies of All Time On TMO!
was simply brilliant, i enjoyed every minute of it and it seemed to keep to the tradition as well along with some new characters and some old and a great twist at the end which will surprise everybody.
Overall a superb sequel which should do well in the charts.

***** - 5 STARS

Foster Films

Posted on July 15, 2008