Con Fess
Studio: ubernewbie
Review Count: 20
Average Rating: 4.75 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 1 minutes 53 seconds
Posted on: June 10, 2008
Film Description
Con Fess, thebumbling ladies-man. Can you dig it?

Tattoos and Hair and new scenes: Budbundiesmullet
Car and buggies: ubernewbie and MikeDBoing
sets by Ubernewbie and Alexbradley
Con Fess' "Prince Albert" by Ouch Inc, LA
Naz City by Nazaya
Filters by Augie Filter

Confess by Margerat Humder (used with express permission)
Full Throttle: By the DownUnder boys, a local band who said i could use it for this.
Straight Ahead: See above.

Enjoy, fo-show
- filipekholmstudios

OK, so that was pretty wierd. And it didn't realy have a story. But I have to admire your mods and camera work.

Posted on June 15, 2008
- Tie

I don't know what i just saw, but i liked it. The visual and musical side were brilliant. Normally that won't give you five stars, but I think Con Fess deserves it.

Posted on June 15, 2008
- MefuneAkira

I dug it. Could have used a bit more some'n some'n, but I dug it man.

Mefune Akira
L.M.A.O. Studios

Posted on June 12, 2008
- FredTheDuck

...The hell just happened?

Posted on June 12, 2008
- budrick

good movie

Posted on June 12, 2008
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

haha pure style! Just the thumbs up scene deserves 5 stars! :D

Posted on June 12, 2008
- Oznof

Creative +
Music/Sound +,+
Story -
CamWork +
VO -
Comedy +

Thank you, Fonzo

Posted on June 11, 2008
- andy_inc

I was born in the wrong era =(

Posted on June 11, 2008
- lionchild

Very good!
Please rate my movies!

Posted on June 11, 2008
- rogerSIMIAN

I like short movies and this is a damn funky short movie, I must con fess. (Great theme song, by the way.)

Posted on June 11, 2008
- Howitzer

A nice short comedy there. Great choice of music and I loved the style created with the camera mods and sets.
Some nice random stuff there, especially on the road at the end :P

Good work, you had me gigglin'!

Posted on June 11, 2008
- Chris62

Nice movie short
the floor slide was great.
the clown gets the girl in the end.
very funny uber.
nice props and sets.

Posted on June 11, 2008
- K4Ownzall

The secret life of Ubernewbie revealed! A fun witty ditty! I liked the very last vehicle I saw! Super! ===K4===

Posted on June 11, 2008
- JohnnyEx

That was funky fresh. Right on!

Posted on June 11, 2008
- thebiz! Loved the thumbs up scene and the 1970s meets 2070s vibe. Some cool edits and nice visuals.

Posted on June 11, 2008
- sexy_gal

This was excellent - I loved the visuals and the music! The bar scene was great to watch too - a recommended comedy :-) xxxx

Posted on June 11, 2008
- YamiMarik

Brilliantly an incredible 113 second short. Plot, there was a plot? Didn't notice it at all, I was too busy being hypnotized by the stunning visuals and funky fresh music. Excellent work Uber

Posted on June 11, 2008
- TheMGMKid1

A real funk fest! A great feel for the 70's era that just sparkles. Low on plot but high on the glamour meter! A real treat for the eyes and ears. I really dug it man! Far freaking out!

Posted on June 11, 2008
- jase180

Discouber and the sex shoppe follies. Loved her voice as well. Nice work pal. hi 5

Posted on June 10, 2008
- kwistufa

I'll have to confess..
That was quite an odd lil Flick.
Nice visuals & actions.
Go the Albino

Posted on June 10, 2008