Sorrows of The Spy - Trailer
Studio: OD-Ork-Boy
Review Count: 15
Average Rating: 4.8 stars
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: 2 minutes 26 seconds
Posted on: March 31, 2008
Film Description
The first trailer to "Sorrows of The Spy - The Mini-series". Really more of a very long teaser to be honest, as the plot isn't all that clearly presented, but I'm rather fond of it. The VO's heard here are Rposhard as Dale Cooper, and Sisch as Natasha Anderson. Movie excerpts are taken from all four episodes. For the full cast list and movie details, see the production thread.

The awsome music track used here is entitled "Red Empire" and was created by Nukester for specific use with this mini-series - Thanks a bunch mate! :).

Mods seen here are the following:

Frenho Hotel Bedroom - Frenhoffer

Future Mini-city - TempleoftheGods

Tarison's blue screen sets - Tarison

MORE Weather UPDATE - Rysto

SCi Cor Pack - Rysto

Future Corridor Set - EoBaggs

Sci-fi Bridge Pack - Rysto

K-7: Quarantine Mods - Rik-Vargard

Near Future Bedroom - Rik-Vargard

Sci-fi 3 Crew Cabin - Lizard

Sci-fi Addon pack - Alphadrop

Urban Camo Marines - Alphadrop

Spacehelm - BusStopWilly

All Overlays created by SafetyCopy

If I forgot one, please let me know.

- Orky
- sexy_gal

Can't wait to see the full film - excellent trailer - I loved the action, and the gunshot at the end was a great touch. Hope you get everything sorted so we can watch the film soon :-)
Love Love xxxxx

Posted on April 26, 2008
- meosha12



Posted on April 18, 2008
- derbyrams

Very good trailer here dude! Can't wait to see this! It looks really good!!!
Excellent vo's, music, camera-work and much more!!! I loved this!!! Great stuff.
Keep it up! Looks, very, very promising.

Posted on April 8, 2008
- andy_inc

A brilliant action-packed trailer with some great modding/set-dressing work and a cool premise. Did exactly what a trailer is supposed to do, can't wait!

Posted on April 6, 2008
- Rik_Vargard

Great trailer! Full of action! Please PM me when the movie is released! :)

Posted on April 4, 2008
- sparky1512

Thats a fine looking trailer you got there. Like the pacing, mods, set design etc. Good music and some well chosen snippets of VO. Looks like its gonna be a great movie. Thought the detective costume looked a little too out of place though but hey.


Posted on April 2, 2008
- budrick

very good

please view and rate my new trailer Private Detective Horst Episode 2 Trailer

Posted on April 2, 2008
- nukester

This is promising to be a mini-series on an EPIC scale!!

Great Scenery choices to provide an adrenaline packed promo for the upcoming Sci-fi! some inventive use of free-cam and editting makes this one to look out for!

So until the next time....

Nuke Well in Sorrows!!!!

Posted on April 1, 2008
- Howitzer

Great exciting teaser Orky, It's good to here some of the characters come alive!
I love the action atmosphere here and a great track by Nukester!
Looking forward to Episode 1!


Posted on April 1, 2008
- sisch

Great teaser Orky - I can't wait to see the series! Nice cam angles, very atmospheric, and Nukey's music is just wow!

Posted on April 1, 2008
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Intense atmosphere, good music and good cam work that's what left me wanting more. Still I think you could have cut it shorter only half as much fight scenes would've done the job.
Anyway waiting for release now! =)

Posted on March 31, 2008
- pookashells

I liked the red rain scene (at least it looked like red rain) and the music was superb! Can't wait to see this.

Posted on March 31, 2008
- goofparade

Well done Orky, nicely put together.

Posted on March 31, 2008
- dude123456HasReturned

Teh Poptart Kid's Review Corner

That was wicked cool, Orky. The effects are so stunning, my eyes were melting.

Looking forward to the next installment, Orky. Keep me posted.


Posted on March 31, 2008
- RavensFan_09

Kickass trailer dude! Honestly Sci-Fi ain't my cup of tea, but hey, this looks pretty sweet! Technically very impressive; nice sets and cool freecam. RPO and Sisch did good in the lines they delivered, and Nuke's music was perfect for this!

Ummm...I released a trailer for SCUM if you're interested in seeing it...should be #25 in the Action charts as of now.

Posted on March 31, 2008