Con The Don - Hot Don
Studio: andy_inc
Review Count: 17
Average Rating: 4.82 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 7 minutes 36 seconds
Posted on: March 30, 2008
Film Description
Con The Don: Episode Two: Hot-Don
In this episode of Con The Don...
After trying to buy a hot-dog from Darryl's Hot-Dogs, Con the Don believes he was disrespected by Darryl, so Con decides to teach Darryl a lesson once and for all... By opening his very own hot-dog stall next door to offer some competition!

Rated: PG

Set dressing mod from DCModding
Scene Expansion by Dr_House
Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding
Pool Table by me available on 8eyedbaby
Hot Dog Cart re-textures by me
Empty Buildings + Room buildings by Riley man
Buildings as Props from DCModding (?)

Andy_Inc as: Everyone


Intro theme by me using MixCraft
Various Funky snippets from MixCraft
TMO got da Funk by Roger (RJB2112)
70's funk 1,2+4 by worryman


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This week's question is:

"Which character walks past Con's Hot-Don stall when everyone avoids his stall?"

Bonus Question:

"Who rides past Con in the intro this time?"
- jakechief

Nice job with episode two, Andy. I LOVE THIS MINI SERIES!

Posted on August 5, 2008
- Master007

Another enjoyable episode.

Posted on July 12, 2008
- Ellis07

I thoroughly enjoyed this one more than the last one. I didn't know what it was, but it kept me engaged. I really like the characters, they just seem offbeat. Very funny again, and I'm off to watch the next two.

Posted on June 13, 2008
- rysto

Yes, one hot DOG please. ;P

Posted on June 5, 2008
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

just like the first one... funny little series! =)

Posted on June 5, 2008
- IgorS

Great! Lots of funny moments and a great idea for a comedy!

Posted on June 1, 2008
- thebiz

Mmmm. Hot beef intestines...and once again some fun dialogue and snazzy set dressing. Is it bad that I find myself identifying with Hotdog Daryl. He's kind of the american anti-hero. Ey! Shattered Hopes!

Posted on May 9, 2008
- dude123456HasReturned

Teh Poptart Kid's Review Corner

You've done it again, Andy. Very entertaining! I escpecially liked the music, and the story was funny. Can't wait to see more of Con the Don's antics.

Now then. Care to spare a Hot Don with some tomato sauce?

Teh Poptart Kid sends his regards.

5 stars, capishe?


Posted on April 26, 2008
- ubernewbie

I heartery endorse this product and/or event. And I don't think i'll eat hot dogs again.

Posted on April 14, 2008

great shwo here and love the conflicts with the hot dogs and all
i answer u trivia and u never gave me vc's

to anser da triver it was da bum show flew over the Dons desk could i please have me vc's
Thank you

Posted on April 4, 2008
- Marine101

An interesting episode.

Nearly as funny as episode one. Great music and very nice set dressing. I see you love to set dress. Some nice dialog and one liners "Is Don, Is Good" - I know I've heard that before :p.

Overall, another good installment and interested in Episode3.

Posted on April 3, 2008
- YamiMarik

The process of how a Hot Dog is made from the beginning!

Another good episode of 'Con The Don' and this one has food!
I thought it was quite good and funny. Had some more funny jokes and see that you went solo on this one with VOs, but they were all good. Excellent setdressing and mods. Ending was funny, never saw it coming! Can't wait to see what you've got planned next for 'Con The Don'

Posted on March 31, 2008
- EthanRunt

Started out slow, but by the time the schemes were in full swing I was really giggling away, great crazy characters, brilliant series.

Posted on March 31, 2008
- tikko_ftc

How do you marke you own stage??

Posted on March 31, 2008
- nexusinteract

I liked it. 5 stars.

Posted on March 30, 2008
- sparky1512

Nice one Andy. EP 2 was funny, but for me not as 'ha ha' funny as the first episode. Sorry. Felt like you were trying a bit too hard to be comical in this one, but it felt kinda flat. Nice music and great use of set dressing, vo's were good for saying they were all you! Love the overall concept of the mini-series and look forward to seeing what you come up with next.


Posted on March 30, 2008
- frosty_frost09

lol. Good job andy. Aother great install ment of Con the Don. The VOs were good, and I really enjoyed the intro for the movie.

Posted on March 30, 2008