Empire (Part Four)
Studio: andy_inc
Review Count: 29
Average Rating: 4.9 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 26 minutes 18 seconds
Posted on: January 25, 2008
Film Description
The adventure continues...
After Guntharis' victorious campaign against Ornaris, Lord Bryce and General Seth make plans for the defeated land of Ornaris, while Cecilia begins to contemplate her future in Guntharis.
Meanwhile, Matthew's quest to visit the mother who gave birth to him in Guntharis, is being hindered as he is still being deceived by the false promise of two scheming Fallaris scouts named Pieter and Abel, who intend on bringing Matthew back to their new, consolidating camp for slave work instead of Guntharis as they promised. The trio venture on as they are hunted by savage land pirates and the angry leader of the land pirates, Al-Khouraan... Loaded with drama, adventure and action, Empire (Part Four) is a rollercoaster of emotions, as the story continues...

However, this part marks the end, for one character we all know and love. (NO SPOILERS IN YOUR REVIEWS PLEASE!)

NOTE: As there is a recap at the beginning of the film, for those who have seen the previous installments, you should be able to catch up. However, if you haven't seen them, it is highly recommended that you watch Parts Two and Three to catch up and also be more acquanited with the characters.

WATCH PART THREE HERE: http://skinshack.dyndns.org:82/oldmovies/playmovie.aspx?id=218


Nominated 6 times in the 8th Archaic Awards
Kuroken received Best Male VO in the 8th Archaic Awards


SnakeEater42 as... Abel/Al-Khouraan
FredtheDuck as... Pieter
Andy_Inc as... Matthew/Lord Bryce/Ornaris Peasant
TidyChick as... Cecilia
Skarsten as... Mortimus
BricksFilms as... Seth
Sparky1512 as... King Wallington
Jennifer Katuna as... Isolde
Kuroken as... Cecilia's Father, Arrard
Howitzer as... McNarcus
The Director as... The Merchant
Bezzer as... The Narrator
EthanRunt as... The Guntharis Castle Guard
Nukester as... The Farmer/Tarvaris Guard
Marine101 as... Guntharis Scout

Rysto for the Land Pirate and various sets as props. Thanks for all the help too, Rysto!
Many thanks to the medieval modders for the original modders pack available on 8eyedbaby which were mostly re-textured and edited by me. Without you guys, the characters would be wearing the Hobo outfits.
Floor Tile props by me. PM me if you want one.
MarvellousGuppiMovies for the Medieval Banquet Room Prop (re-textured by me), cave, waterfall, Egyptian Vases, gold coins, treasure chest and Throne, all available on Skinshack
Tarison for his handy Blue 6'er
Dr_House for all scenes on all sets mods, available at housemods.
Swords by Onald available as the Hand to Hand weapons on Skinshack
Various weapons from a Russian fansite, which has shut down. If you know what the site is called, please let me know.
Rik for the Medieval Total Pack + Add-on, available at 8eyedbaby (re-textured by me)
Castle Bedrooms 1 & 2, Castle Front + Castle Corridor by Patella available at 8eyedbaby
Frenhofen for his bedrooms, re-textured by me.
Sturk for the food props, armoury oven and cutlery
Fraas for the Bookshelves and his tents from fraasmovies.com
Sets as Props mod from DCModding (Can't find who made it, if you know, give me a buzz)
I think that's about it, but as some props were downloaded a very long time ago, if I have forgotten you, please let me know :)

Cloak Of Wonderment, Mighty Hails, The Deads Witness, Tanks of Thunder, Apocalypse, Metal Visage, with permission from MaestroRage from Newgrounds

A Tale From Woodland Hills, Fear Upon the Captain of the Knights Unearthed, DS Misc.
Justin R. Durban
Edgen Animations

Folk Round by Incompetech

Various sound effects + ambience from SoundSnap.com
- Andy
- derbyrams

WOW! Holy moly comoly!!!! The epic continues in this amazing new installment!
Clocking in at 26 mins, i must say that it was extremely entertaining from start to finish, not a dull moment throughout at all.
Yes, it was that entertaining!!!
It's great to see this amazing epic continue in this very fine new installment.
The voice-cast were out-standing, they all breathed live into their characters and definetly seemed to be in the shoes of these characters you have created.
Top job there! The music had that medi-eval feel and really added a great touch
to this amazing film. The overlays were impressive, just as much as Part 3 and the previous ones. The story continues very well, cheers for the re-cap btw, that helped a lot[as the last time i saw Part 3 was almost a year ago see].
A lot of great action and storytelling unfolds in this fourth amazing installment of this out-standing, epic series you have here Andy!
The editing was very much flawless throughout, good job there!!!
I was extremely impressed with the cinematography [as i was last time],
it's just great to see you continue that great look!!!!! Well done there.
As always, these films have been visual feasts to the eye, which is always great.
You have a very fine talent for telling such an epic story as this series has and to give us a feast of visuals to behold!!!!!
I'm really estatic to hear about Part 5 coming out soon!!!
Boo-yah shack-a-lacka 'mon!!! YAY!!!!
The use of the sound-effects really added to the atmosphere and gave life into a lot of the scenes, nice little touch there!
The battle sequences were very well executed, Part 3 had a lot[and i mean a lot, but it did itself justice to the story] of action, this part had less action in it. By action, i mean less battles, more time concerntrated on the story[which is no problem as this was still a really good film].
Each part to a series has to weave itself together by there being a great story and great other things to compliment that, such as great action sequences, special effects, etc.
You have done this and much more!
Each part of this series has been basically the same movie, but different
[in a good way like], which is always nice to see.
Considering this, i wonder how different Part 5 will be!
Keep up the superb work Andy. Very impressive stuff!

Overall: 12/10 [6 stars if i could]
This 4th installment delivers a bit better than Part 3 did.
By the way, Part 3 was excellent, but i have to say that i found this Part to be the best one by far!
This is because you worked off from the foundations you set in Part 3 and Part 2 and so on to really continue this great epic to a better level than you had set before by there being more time concerntrated on the story
[don't get me wrong, i love a good old action sequence].
This quality of a film-maker i greatly admire as you have driven your series to a place where i never thought it would go [i knew it would still continue great, but this one was a bit better than the last, which is absoutly fantastic stuff!!!!!].

So, to summarise this up nicely, Part 4 stays true to the previous installments
and gives a bit more than the other parts did.
This really excites me as Part 5 could do something that the other parts have never touched on before!
I eagerly await to see what you have done with Part 5!!!!

Posted on March 24, 2008
- goofparade

That was an impressive re-cap, really well done Andy.The early scene where the narrator describes the sacking of the village, I felt, could have used the sounds of this event occurring(screams, shouts) for even more impact if only in the background behind the narration.

A couple of times I felt disconnected from the acting, but overall I found it to be excellent.
The body language of the actors got to me after a while.. how many times do we need to see them shrug and tilt that torso?

This is an epic series in scope and breath and overall it's very enjoyable.

Posted on February 26, 2008
- nexusinteract

I liked this movie alot. It reminds me so much of a more 'cinematic' version of COTR. i've not seen the third part yet since written this, but I intend to one day.

Posted on February 13, 2008
- ZackRichard

A film of really epic proportions!

Posted on February 11, 2008
- FredTheDuck


Wow, K4 was right, I really do sound like Harry Potter, I could've sworn my final line was him!

Plot: 18/20 - The biggest mistake I made was to not watch parts 2 and 3, although thanks to the awesome "previously" style bit at the start, I really have no need to watch them yet at all! Aha! That'll save me some time! Anyway, I did enjoy this plot, especially the way that there were so many little subplots, too. I was actually struggling to decide which plot was most important, as you kept them all so close together. Where your extras marks are here though are for the scream from the cave and the poison bottle at the end, both very clear twists, yet they leave you wanting to know what the hell has just happened! Grrrr.... Andy needs to make part 5, now! =P

Originality: 5/5 - I'd say the only similar things I know of on TMO are Episodes one, two and three, and seeing as how they are also pretty much the same movie, just at different stages of the tale, that makes this totally different and refreshing.

Predictability: 14/15 - The plot twists I already mentioned do it for me here, even if I did know one of them was going to happen from the script.....

VOs: 13/15 (not including my role) - Your cast here were pretty damn cool, and did the job exactly as it should be done. Mostly. I'm sure I heard several mispronounced words, and volume levels were occasionally slightly inconsistent, but other than that you did good gathering a cast, and yes, making me redo my lines was the right thing to do.

Custom content: 10/10 - Set dressing here rivals that of a Cleopatra movie. The sets were very well dressed, there were the right amount of mods used, your overlays were great.... it's just a shame that I don't get to see it in it's highest res until you mail me the DVD =P

Editing: 13/15 - of course, the consequence of using a lot of mods is being splatted by the sound synch bug. I learned that the long hard way, and you have done really well to keep it to as little as there is, although there is still a tiny tiny tiny minor prescence of it... bah! Other than that, the only tiny faults I can pick up on were the sword props appearing to cut the holder's legs off... but what can you do, really?

Music/sfx: 7/10 - although it was quiet, you used quite a lot of good music here, and it fitted well. I also loved your use of sound effects, they were brilliantly placed, and surprisingly, the one that stood out to me was when Abel was running his hands through the piles of gold coins......mmmm, gold....

The wow factor: 9/10 - eight of those marks are there simply for making it not look particulalrly like a TMO movie..... great job, Andy.

TOTAL: 89% - 5 stars!

Posted on February 4, 2008
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Well, I haven't even seen the previous installments, except part1 which I watched a long long time ago and didn't even review I think. The reason for that was that I thought and still do, you can't produce a real mid-age film with tm without making it looking stupid(the costumes the sets...) I was positive surprised by the first part but didn't realized when the second part came out and when the third part appeared i thought ouh that's to much to catch up... now I thought since we I'm a fella aussie now I have to watch some aussie films and I came to watch this one... really I still think you can't imitate a mid-age environment as well as a modern one and it looks still kind of ridicules, but you reduced that to a minimum and with the brilliant story you really outdo that. The dialogs a very well written, good performed and the story is fascinating, that's how a tmo middle ago film should be!
Great job! =)

Posted on February 4, 2008
- mrbatchy

Great 4th installment, loved it.

Posted on February 2, 2008
- Active_Studios

Another great chapter.
This looks like this is going to be on the best on TMO.
5 stars.

p.s. please rate Drake the trailer and the 2 promos when you get chance.


Posted on February 2, 2008
- elbowlow

As I was watching your film, I thought to myself how easy a good film maker makes a good film look easy to make. Is it instinct or developed skill? I think skill can only take a film maker so far. Your film goes beyond where skill ends and instinct is needed. Well done

Posted on January 31, 2008
- Primaer

That was really a great watch, although I havn't seen part 1-3. Now I am not a fan of medieval movies and there's a reason for that: It's hard to have something really original in it. I have to say that your film lacks in this case too. It seems to me all a bit standard, filled with stereotype characters (but without cliches). The good writing can't change it and also the impressive use of set dressing and mods. It can be that this feeling changes when I see the other parts, but so far this just fails in this terms.

Other than that good Voice Actors, some epic music and a fine direction. Really worth a watch.

Posted on January 30, 2008
- Mustachio26

The story continues with another fine installment by Andy_Inc.
You do a wonderful job of picking right up where the others ended. The action was tight and intense, it ended with quite a cliffhanger. You really nailed this one plot wise because it moved the entire story forward in a positive direction. Some of the dialogue was a little cheezy, but the whole vibe I get from this series isn't a real gritty medieval film, but more of a fantasy epic from the seventies or eighties, so the dialogue wasn't too too distracting. There were some things that were a little annoying like the unmoving prop characters during fight scenes. I know there isn't a whole lot that can be done, but I'm just pointing it out. Overall, the music and VOs fit really well with the great advancement of the story. I'm sure part five is gonna leave us all with mouths agape.

Posted on January 29, 2008
- rysto

Another fine chapter to the series. Enjoyed this chapter as much as the rest. Good continued character development for which will undoubtedly lead to an even bigger next chapter.

Roll out Empire 5!

Posted on January 27, 2008
- kuroken

As hard as it is to pull off the "epic" in a TMO movie, you continue to hit the center ring with the Empire series.

The characterizations are getting sharper in your scripts, and I think this is the first on where I've known exactly who everyone was and their story arc (and not because I had the script, because everyone knows I don't read scripts....if I'm in a movie, it's my part and the BS around it...).

As always, the medieval atmosphere is strong, due to some nice set dressing and use of sets - some of the language is still that phoney medieval-speak, but there didn't seem to be as much of it, which was good since I find it distances me from the characters.

If there's any flaws, it's the intense amount of exposition going on in some of the dialogue. Exposition is always tough for a screenwriter, because you've got stuff you need the audience to know, and often the most efficient way is just to have a character say it. But it has to be done in a way that's interesting to hear, and tells something about the character as well as the information being imparted. There were a few times when I found myself going yeah, yeah, get to the good stuff.

Still and all, it was a great continuation of the series, and a pleasure to work on.

Posted on January 27, 2008
- gangsterman

That was amazing. You realy are great at epics. Once again the VOs were outstanding. The music, editing and camerawork gave it a great atmosphere. Truly excellent work. Can't wait for part 5! Keep it up! Film on!


Posted on January 27, 2008
- Marine101

What a fantastic fourth installment to the series.

Now, where shall I start. Well, the dialog was great as always, the medieval dialog. The acting was great. I think everyone did a splendid job. Snake Eater, Fred, Ken, Tidychick and everyone else!...though that Guntharis Scout should of been shot sometime...Where was the Catholic priest? :p. Some of the VO's really had some interesting quality though :D. Now the set dressing is what made one of the films highlights in my opinion. Great use of the medieval props. Made one set into another!.

The editing was great. Some nice camera work and good scene choices. Great effects, music, overlays, all that stuff. Overall, a great installment and a shocking ending with some nice fight scenes throughout. Very worthy of 5 stars, even 6 perhaps - really no complaints.

Very well done.

Posted on January 27, 2008
- eobaggs

I have only actually seen the second movie and first one, so the beginning of this movie really helped to fill me in on what happened in the third one. :)

Overall, I really enjoyed it. The music was great, the story was intriguing, some nice free cam shots, the voiceovers were fantastic, props to all the VAs, and there was a superb use of mods, overlays, and set dressing that really brought this film to life! Top job Andy!

Bring on part five! :D

Posted on January 26, 2008
- userjosh9874

Amazing! What a shocking end! Everything here was so superb, and so professional! The VO's were crisp, the music was great, the story flowed nicely, and the mods. . .oh wow! Bring on part 5!

And I think you should give yourself the 6th star award. ;)

Posted on January 26, 2008
- jakechief

That was Brilliant!!!!!! I loved it!!!! You are sooooooooooooooo nomnated for my jakechief awards. You are nominated a lot.

16 nominations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on January 26, 2008
- Chris62

Great movie
plot was great
vo's were the best
great camera angles.
nice ending
awesome job!
keep filming.

Posted on January 26, 2008

All I gotta say is : "Oscar worthy!"

Posted on January 26, 2008
- jazzx

So part 4 of this epic continues.

This episode had more of the "curse of the middle episode" than the others, mainly down to some slow pacing and lack of action. There was alot of exposition, much of which wasn't interestingly carried off by the actors (the best exception being Cecilia's dad's performance which was captivating).

Lengthy passages of dialogue can work if the actor is prepared to put some effort into it, but all too often what we got here was somewhere between reading a phonebook and reading a shopping list. Many of the lines should have been sent back for a second take.

In an episode where action is at a premium, it's important to make those scenes count. The land pirates scenes were hampered by motionless mannequins standing in the background. If those are used in an initial wideshot, that's fine and sets up the fact that the heroes are outnumbered - then they should be removed when the action moves to closeups, otherwise the effect is lost and becomes a funny distraction. Also, if a main character is to be killed, this film was crying out for an emotional "last stand" kind of thing (Boromir's death in "Lord of the Rings" springs to mind). All we got was a half-hearted yell from inside a cave! (I take that back if this character is to make a miraculous reappearance later).

Now the good bits:

Wellington's castle was a beauty as was much of the "world" created here. I also liked the land pirate's cave.
Costumes, as ever, were great and most of the music worked well.
A good ending too which acts as a kind of cliffhanger for the next episode.

Overall, I bit bogged down in chatter but it succeeded in a nice setup for part 5.

Posted on January 26, 2008
- draklowe

it was great, loved the voices and the music great instalment to the film. film on and cant wait to see the fifth installment.

Posted on January 26, 2008
- Master007

Oh dear lord, what an ending. What amazing performances from kuroken, TidyChick, and SnakeEater42. Once again the Empire series continues to amaze all at Archaic Productions. This is a film that you can't stop watching. It has a good feeling about it and as the plot twists and turns, the viewer can do nothing but enjoy the emotional roller coaster. Congrats on another successful installment and also mastering the skill of the cliffhanger.

5 stars from the Archaic Review Board

Posted on January 26, 2008
- SnakeEater42

Wow, I believe I must say that this was the best part yet. You are a master at what you do, and you weave a story so rich with characters and settings that it is difficult to not fall into it. The VOs were very well done and other than the background noise of one characters very clear and easy to understand. The overlays were wonderfully done and didn't look near as cheasy as some of the previous installments overlays have. All I have to say is I can't wait for Part 5 :D

Posted on January 25, 2008
- bricksfilms

Great stuff Andy! Your overlays were great, and always add a nice touch, not to mention your modds, along with your talents have greatly improved! The acting was very good and the music was well distributed. There were a few VO's though, that had a little bit of irritating background noise but I'm willing to look past that.

Posted on January 25, 2008
- xavierguitars

Not too bad! You need to watch http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/61782. That's another great one!

Posted on January 25, 2008
- nukester

The Epic Adventure Continues...

Empire (Part Four) is a mammoth installment of this epic series which sees Matthew and Co. continue their quest for truth and justice. This part was visually outstanding with some excellent use of free-cam and angles. You not only had some good angles but you used the scenerey and it's populated lush backgrounds and plants to breathe new life into the world.

The world itself was filled with dynamic characters who all held up well with the excellent dialogue! The story progressed well and my oh my what a tragic ending! I hate you for leaving it like that Andy c'mon! :-) but in all honesty what a great cliffhanger and I hope the next part is not long away.

There was an array of overlays used appropriately which demonstrated your creativeness and originality! and the editting kept this fluid and realistic!

Empire (Part Four) is an enjoyable epic follow-up to this thrilling saga that continues to improve and I am honored to have been part of it. So, once again.... until the next time....

Nuke Well Forever in the Empire!!!

Posted on January 25, 2008
- ubernewbie

Brilliant, another outstanding episode. Slick and smooth with a great overall feel.

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Posted on January 25, 2008
- sgporsche48

A very nice job on this. Good acting and set dressing as always. Music chosen was good. Some nice shots here and there. Again, the use of static people in the background is distracting. Otherwise, very nice job.

Posted on January 25, 2008