Studio: OD-Ork-Boy
Review Count: 48
Average Rating: 4.9 stars
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: 25 minutes 14 seconds
Posted on: November 16, 2007
Film Description
Rated R for strong language, Brief suggestive humor, and animated violence.


Humanity has been split into four factions; The Communist Liastrians, the Capitalist Empire, the Facist "Pure", and the Slavering Martineque Empire. While the later two are more or less in a constant state of wide-spread warfare, the former are locked in a deadly peace. While no public war rages, a deadly battlefield exists in the spy networks; at the head of each are the battering rams: The Imperial Ilumminati and The Liastrian Commandos. The former have super-human abilities, ultimate power, and the best training available; the later have courage.

In early 2669, the most elite of the Liastrian Commandos, known as the Phantoms, are sent to steal documents that supposidly state the location of a dangerous and highly famed Imperial Politician, Natasha Anderson. What they do not know, is that the Illuminati are about to unleash a secret weapon. Its targets: The Phantoms!


Winner of the Nuketastic Award.
Winner of the MGM seal of approval.
Winner of the (FIRST EVER!) FredTheDuck Sci-fi award.
First place in the Sci-fi charts and second overall as of November 18th, 2007.


Artorious - Banes Persekel

DNR - Corrix Jakule

Meowan - Alder Yeager

OD-Ork-Boy - Frank Bishop/Pilot/Co-pilot/Kamikaze droid

JazzX - Emperor Johnathan Ferguson

GoofParade - Mister Sinchex

BlazeLeeDragon - Captain Johan Kelmeraz

Howitzer - Crewman

Cruise1970 - Ensign

Sparky1512 - Imperial Sergeant

MUSIC CREDITS (In sequence)

"Phantoms Theme Song" - Made by Nukester, for specific use with this film.

"Jazzy/Blues Song" - Made by Eobaggs, downloaded from

"Defeated" - Made by FredTheDuck, downloaded from

"Prepare for Battle" - Made by FredTheDuck, downloaded from

"CollosusIlluminati" - Made by Nukester, for specific use with this film.


The credits and Phantoms logo - Created by safetycopy.

Space Helmet - Created by BusStopWilly, downloaded from

K-7 mods - Created by Rik-Vargard, downloaded from

Tarison's Blue Screen Mod - Created by Tarison, downloaded from

Sci-fi Apartment set & prop - Created by MarvellousGuppiMovies, downloaded from

Urban Camo Marines - Created by Alphadrop, downloaded from

"Green Planet Overlay" - Created by Bongoman, downloaded from

Sci-fi addon pack - Created by Alphadrop, downloaded from

Additional gun and ship sounds created by me using Audacity.


ThePopTartKid for his contributions to the script.

Leora, Andy_Inc, Purgatoryfire, Zerodaimu, and everyone else who offered to give comments on the script (Even if most of them didn't reply, hehe).

My folks, safetycopy and Dark_Lucia, for their continued support of this project.

Conor, Johnathan, Charles, Ashley, Mark, Fred, Kenn, Liam, Ian, and all the others - it'll live on through our memories and these films forever.

An Extra thanks to Nukester for his awsome music.


I was awake until one a'clock in the morning trying to fix the sound bug, which has unfourtanatly struck this movie. It is most apparent near the end - Please note, There is about roughly a one second delay in the sounds from about 23:00 and up. This is not my faught. Whenver someone elses' voice comes on but the camera is still panned on the previous actor to have spoken, that is not my doing, it is a case of the sound bug.

Additionally, the end logo was meant to come on as soon as the last line was spoken (And the music hit a high note in-tune). Unfourtanatly there is a two second or so shot of the Droid's head before we go to credits mid-way in the song - an effect of the sound bug - which is not what I wanted or intended. Sorry folks!

Some "Fluff" clarifications (READ THIS ONLY AFTER WATCHING THE FILM!):

- There is more then one Illuminati Auxilary. We can assume that Sinchex was testing a "beta" agent. I'd reckon to say there is about 500 total IA's alongside the original 150 or so; maybe even more. Remember, unlike the original, the IA's have powers limited by normal human abilities, unlike the original, who are super-human, bio-engineered beings (although as ol' Sinchex prooves, not all of them turned out to be the most cunning of fellows).

- Some Illuminati actually have the same level of power (in terms of Command-rank) as the Emperor; Mr.Sinchex was one of the "Sirs", a group of ten or so Illuminati who were some of the first created, who act as command for the rest, which is why the Emperor didn't have him killed (or atleast punished) after his repeated mistakes. The Illuminati Lord(s?) have ultimate power over everything in the Empire, including the Emperor himself; the Emperor is a normal human, who is more of a head-figure with only economic and some millitary control, where as the public believes him to be the total ruler.

- During the first conversation between Sinchex and Ferguson, mentions of "The Gate of Heaven" are made. The viewer is not meant to know what this is as of yet.

- Orky.
- esegal

This is a great movie, and the sequal is great too!
The communists kick ass!! Frank Bishop is awesome, Artorious's character definitely centers everything. You wrote a hell of a screenplay here, your dialogs are professional quality! Corrix's sacrifice will be remembered by Liastra, as he served the greater good!
All of the characters were amazingly created. Very intelligent script. Also, the sound effects that you had really tied the movie together, and I know thats usually the hardest part of the process considering how many sound bugs this game has, and exporting is difficult too. The editing was top notch, and the mods made it a spectacle to see. All around amazing movie!
I'm a fan of this series!

Posted on July 15, 2008
- Ellis07

It was great. You really created an atmostphereic apperance and showed that clearly in your movie. By this, you've given the viewer more to what to expect. Also, I love the directing, you knew how to set the scene, again, created wondefully.

The soundtrack in the movie itself worked really well with the scenes and by that, you've given the viewer more excitement. I always find soundtracks difficult to do in movies, but you've succeded in doing this, fantastically. Just to add on the good points, the storyline. It was deeply thought out and the attention to detail was excellent. Purely original as well, which I was also impressed by and from there, you knew how to develop on that.

Overall I found this movie an enjoy to watch with a very organised plot. Magnificently created and a worthy-watch. Five star.

Posted on June 17, 2008
- cecil_evans

alright, 1 more 5 star review. it's all been said before, but i'll give my 2 cents anyway.

this is one of those sci-fi movies that will be gobbled up by we nerdy types who LOVE THIS KIND OF STORY. intrigue, action, guns and bombs! The only thing missing was a hot space babe in a skimpy outfit. I'm sure there will be one in the later installments.
kind of a flat ending. the robot and his ominous voice leave us hanging on, dying to find out what the hell is up with that! and what will happen next, so that helps. and, of course, there is a sequel, so i can't complain too much about the ending.
voice work was wonderful. your frank bishop character sounds like just the kind of frazzled old vet that you want to have along on a secret mission. each growl and grunt is good for 20 dead enemies!
i have to admit, i doubt smoking will be allowed on spaceships. i could be wrong, but seems like an environment full of pumped in oxygen would be the wrong place to leave an unfinished butt laying around. well, at least he stomped it out, and didn't leave it smoldering.
i'll have to go watch the other 25 minute installment now.

Posted on June 15, 2008
- josephkw

It looks like I'm late with this review, but that's my loss. What a wonderful sci fi action tale. I appreciated the time you took to introduce all the characters--I really got to know most of them. I also loved the suspense you built in presenting and unleashing the ultimate weapon. It was surprising to say the least ;) Great use of mods; I especially loved those new helmets and the way they reflected the ambient lighting. Magnificient. Now off to watch part two (or episode one as you named it).

Posted on May 16, 2008
- nexusinteract

Interesting movie.

Posted on May 8, 2008
- rogerSIMIAN

Nice script, direction, voice acting and soundtrack in this OD-Ork-Boy. Sometimes the dialogue wasn't quite as tight but a good all-rounder.

Posted on May 3, 2008
- BiggsTrek

There's lots to like about this film. The attention to detail was very good. The background/history is very impressive (actually, my favorite part). It's not without its flaws, minor though they are. Some more sound effects would have been good (and using that same metal crash was a bit annoying).

Overall, a very well made film that I hope continues as strong as it began.

Thumbs up!

Posted on April 25, 2008
- captainstrider

That was an excellent starting point. Everything was really well done. Starting with the editing, it was well cut with the movie flowing really well.
There was some excellent dialogue between the characters with some funny moments between them. Thanks to the top notch voice cast it is even better.
The mods didn't feel out of place, fitting smoothly into the movie. Great use of sound effects and music throughout.
But the best part has to be the plot, a sci-fi espionage film is something that is rare and original and you did a great job at creating it.

Well done
Strider Out!

Posted on March 20, 2008
- derbyrams

Firstly Orky, i have to say that i apologise for the lateness of my review.
This was really superb, excellent, stunning and epic!!! I really enjoyed it!
The plot was quick, sharp and clever. I loved it!! It was very entertaining,
i especially liked how you put quite a bit of comedy in this too.
I got quite a few good laughs out of that, nice job there!
I thought that was a great touch, good little mix of genres.
I like that, when it's done well of course, as done here.
The mods were fantastic, i haven't seen anything like them in quite a while, they were visually stunning.
They added a great unique look to the movie. This was very well edited, i can't fault it as it was done so professionally, for which i commend you on as each scene was cut where it needed to be cut, great job there Orky!
Great job overall infact! This was a really great sci-fi dude, one of my favourite sci-fi's on TMO without a doubt!!! Keep up the excellent work Orky!!
Overall: 10/10
A very intruguing sci-fi, of which that keeps the viewer gripped for a whopping 25 mins[all of which are well worth sitting through] is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Excellent atmosphere, excellent everything!
I loved it all from the vo's, to the music and everything else!!!!
A really great movie you have here dude. I gave this movie Highly recommended Sci-fi movie award and two big thumbs up!!!
I really can't wait to see what you do next dude, looking forward to it a lot!

Posted on March 18, 2008
- cinecitta

This is an original story, the cast has made a very good job, they give life to the characters and the movie. You have written a lot of dialogues and you've made a good, I appreciate that you take care of the details. You succeed to keep the attention because of the dialogues and the personnality of the characters. You have created an interising universe.
Good job on the editing, it's pleasant to follow the movie.
so, I'll look forward the next part.
Thank you and see you!

Posted on February 26, 2008
- dude123456HasReturned

Teh Poptart Kid's Review Corner

That was an excellent, film, Orky! I don't know why I didn't see this gem sooner.

The adventure of this film left me hungry for more, and the movie was made so well, it flowed beautifully. It made me feel like I was in the movie, and that's awesome.

The Va's were top notch, kudos to all of them. Perfect choices on the music, and sounds as well. Even the mods you used were incredible. I can see why you won so many awards for this movie.

You definately have my support in watching the next installment, "The Sorrows of the Spy" when it releases. Feel free to give me a buzz!

5 stars all the way!


Posted on February 24, 2008
- OlliEntertainment

Very good movie...
Good storyline...

Film on!!!

Posted on February 11, 2008
- disney2000

Visual Effects:5/5


Disney2000 Award III

Posted on February 2, 2008
- FredTheDuck


Plot: 19/20 - If the plot for this wasn't as good as it is, I would be reviewing this as a comedy, Orky. You had me laughing time and time again at this, and I bloody loved it. This was fantastic, and I cannot believe that my music was used in it, which is almost like an honour with the quality of that movie.

Suspense: 9/10 - I found that the most suspenseful moments tended to be packed with humour, so this movie didnt really need suspense.... making me once again think I should change my review system...

Sci-fi feel: 10/10 - Other than the parts where I was laughing, which were even in context, that was so scifiish its unreal.... I really fel tthe obscure made up name were used well, and you really have put an incredible amount of effort into this, and the result? Worth it. Definitely worth it.

VOs: 15/15 - Cannot fault your VO cast, they all performed spectacularly.

Custom content: 9/10 - the only fault I can pick on is during the scene when they were walking over the hill, the ground texture was a little plain and basic, and I felt it could have been much better. Other than that, again, I cannot fault you.

Editing: 14/15 - Other than the title sequence maybe being seconds too long, I cannot fault your editing, either. And the number of people you have thanked in the movie's description shows how much effort has really been put into this, it is phenomenal.

Music/sfx: 9/10 - Although I will not take the quality of the pieces of music I made into account, as that would make this review slightly unfair, I do find it surreal whenever something I make is used in anything... especially something of such high quality as this. All of your music was used superbly, and I was shocked at how well it fit into the movie.

The wow factor: 10/10 - Easily the best Sci-fi I've seen on TMO.

TOTAL: 95% - 5 stars

Posted on January 7, 2008
- rileyman

A collection of things bring this down a bit for me, but it's a solid effort that leaves me wishing we could hand out stars in halves. The story and concept are intriguing -- though I would likely end up a villain here, being a bit more on the capitalist side of the economic debate on a personal level. LOL!

Some of the really good things here: A solid story structure, some good humour thrown in from time to time, nice use of mods and set dressing, music is sparse but well used, most of the camera work is solid, and some reasonably good effort was put in on the production front. A good portion of the voice acting here is really quite exceptional!

Dialog trips things up occasionally here. It goes on too long, and off on tangents that didn't feel like it was contributing to story or character. It's an issue I deal with myself - not wanting to trim things down.

Sound is also an issue, and not just because of sound sync. In the sections without music, the sound is often "dead"... no ship or other ambience in the background, no footsteps, no doors sliding open. The few sounds you did include suited it (them dropping down into the station, for example), but they were very few and far between. Where the occasional tinniness or background noise in a voice-over would normally not be heard, here I occasionally heard it because it wasn't drowned out by other sounds. For myself, the sound design (or lack thereof) is perhaps the biggest factor in this dropping down below a 5. The places where the music picked up helped pick my attention back up immensely.

There are also a few minor plot devices here that felt a bit simplistic... The ending conversation with the emperor -- the whole bit with the documents and the poor performance of the new illuminati. It just felt like it could have used a bit more work at the script level.

All these nitpicks aside, I give a feeling-kinda-bad very high 4 stars to this otherwise strong epic film. And I certainly look forward to its continuation!

Posted on December 26, 2007
- Neroxc

Can't really add to anything which hasn't been said already, i admire you for how much story, you have created everyone and everything has a motive and look like they have a place in the universe you have created. Bravo and i look very much forward to SOA

Posted on December 17, 2007
- reddfoxx120

So so so Awsome!Believe it!

Posted on December 15, 2007
- sgporsche48

Really well made, Orky. Great acting and very exhilarating. Excellent work.

Posted on December 8, 2007
- K4ownzall

What I would write would be a spoiler, but there was one aspect of this movie that stoodout which made the movie more real. That is what pushed this movie up for me. ===K4===

Posted on November 29, 2007
- MefuneAkira


An epic adventure that delivers the sci-fi goods!

Nuks's mesmerizing score, the unique titles and tight editing, created a very impressive and professional looking opening sequence.

The first half of the film had was all about the set up. Fantastic space and ship shots tantalized us for whats to come. Loads of cleaver dialog and information given to get us up to speed. However, when pushing tons of character, plot and story development all at the same time, while actors performer lengthy dialog can be distracting some what. We felt this slowed down the story flow a bit and gave a slight drag to the film.

Now, when they landed on the planet, the film changed gears As soon as we saw the opening "walking through the forest" shot, our mouths began opening slightly and kept growing the more we watch. From the dialog to cinematography to music to the sound effects, the film took off in a heart pumping action adventure. Using a holograph to distract the Imp guard was some great sci-fi writing. Great suspense building used during the �??check the cabinets�?? scene. Wow. The excellent use of multiple sets, really gave a wide range adventure feel to the film. The sound effects were also well utilized and gave the scenes depth. The dialog was interesting, intelligent, cleaver, fun and complex. The editing of this film is, unlike many TMO films, very noticeable. Crisp cuts and smooth transitions made the 25 minutes enjoyable to the eyes.

Some of the acting was a bit unbelievable, but for the most, well done by all. The �??cheese�?? factor in these type of sci-fi films is is to be expected, but we have to admit there was a few too many �??gung ho tough guy�?? moments in dialog, which can take you out of that captivating feeling.

Overall we are very impressed with this amazing film. OD-Ork-Boy is an impressive film maker. His quality is proof why he is one of TMO's top members. A true treat to watch this, thank you for that!

Mefune Akira �?? Buck_McMacho
L.M.A.O. Studios

Posted on November 29, 2007
- boefpo

I'll start off by saying that this movie is very well done. The story was solid, the voice acting was great, the dialogue was good, the cinematography was excellent, the characters were fleshed out, and the editing is top notch. This is clearly a great movie and the flood of 5 star rankings doesn't surprise me in the least. So why, oh why am I only giving you 4 stars? I can't quite put my finger on it, but there was just something about the movie that didn't grab me. Normally I'm a sucker for sci-fi movies, especially ones as dark as this, but this movie just felt lacking. I think perhaps it was too wordy. All the dialogue did a lot to flesh out the characters, but I think at the same time it really dragged the movie along. I don't want to say this movie was boring, but it just didn't grab me. You clearly spent a lot of time developing this story and setting, but I think maybe you told us a little too much about it. It seemed to me a little bit like a history lesson more than a piece of entertainment.

I seem to be in the minority here, but this movie just left me wanting more of a movie. Keep in mind that because this is such a well made movie, I'm holding it to a bit of a higher standard than an average TMO movie. Some might find that unfair, but I would consider it a compliment. You've set it up here so that this seems to be the first part of a series. I will certainly be one of the first in line to watch the subsequent installments, and it looks as if things will be heating up in the next episode. If that's the case, and it's made as well as this one, it will be an easy 5 stars. But until then, I'm sorry for having to give this excellent movie only 4 stars.

Posted on November 27, 2007
- trewill7

The Phantoms PWND you!

I have to be honest here, after attempting to re-post my original review so many times and failing, I gave up; but now, a few days later, let's hope this post.

Good writing, Excellent Cam-work, Nice editing (dropping down the hatch, awesome), and Superb Music! Man was that music good! Nukester theme was Fantastic, it made me want to join a cause or something.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, my friend.


Posted on November 26, 2007
- TheMGMKid1

Phantoms by OD-Ork-Boy is a sci-fi extravaganza that is densely packed with loads of information and one has to pay close attention while watching the film. Though not my cup of tea I was fascinated by the detail in the story of the empire, the illuminati and the history of this universe OD-Ork-Boy has created. For this is not slap bang gee wiz space opera but a well made film that caries a weight and seriousness that is rare in the genre as seen in most TMO sci-fi films.

Incredible effort has gone into this film and it pays off in fine performances by all the actors. The editing is superb. I would have liked the film to be less set bound and a few more epic shots of space and the arrival at the planet to give it more sweep and grandeur. But there is more to come and I am looking forward to it.

I am intrigued by the �?? Gate of Heaven �?? idea and can�??t wait to see what that is all about. Angelic markings�?�.wonderful. The whole idea is just fabulous. I am pleased to say that this story takes its time in its telling which is great. A good story should follow its own pace and this film is layered like an onion and the fun is in the peeling away of its layers that reveal just enough to leave one wanting more.

Posted on November 24, 2007
- tigereyes

A classic Sci-Fi film that can stand up against some of the greatest films we've seen spill into this genre. A film that took us to a new world while bringing back those flakes of real life which should teach us a lesson, as every great Science Fiction should.

Illuminati, I actually understand that reference if you mean what I think you mean, is a great name for soldiers. It illustrates the degree of thought you spent into this screenplay and the creation of the world. Nevertheless, there were a lot of parts within the screenplay I disliked. Nothing on a large scale, but I am an obsessive compulsive kind of person. When I watch a movie I know will be good, I listen with a fine tuned comb for words that are not ordered correctly or seem out of place.

A few times it seemed as if you wrote something on paper and handed it off to voice actors. There should be a middle ground. Read your lines, sometimes that is a great way to position words in a sentence and break up phrases. It also helps you increase your pacing. When you force yourself to make each piece of dialog count, you find that much of your dialog can actually be hacked away. A teacher once taught me that in order to avoid unnecessary dialog in a scene of exposition, begin the scene half finished.

For example, in a James Bondish film you might introduce Bond's mission with M briefing James. However instead of an introduction, throw the audience in mid sentence. It forces them to attach themselves to the story in order to put together the plot, it requires them to invest and think, and it keeps everyone on their toes by slicing out every possible piece of unnecessary dialog. That is the only thing I really think could've improved your script and film. An example of my micro attention to detail would be a line like, "pretty much the same"
[17:32]. To me, that just doesn't sound right. Something about it makes my ears perk up, and that may simply be insanity.

Now then, we've beaten our way through the thorns, let us smell the flowers. Your film was fantastic, there is no other way to say it. You hammered out characters that had a unique voice, charismatic voice actors that carved character from ice, and then a motley cast that was human enough to be "real".

TMO seems to have found an age of special effects, credits, mods, etc that is beyond any era before us. You stand among the best films I've seen in a long time. However, I truly believe you can do better. I think you can challenge yourself to cut more, brevity is the soul of wit as Shakespeare once said. To give you five stars would be to claim this is the best you've ever done and will do. I know this is not the case, I feel as if 5 stars would be a cap to your capability.

Otherwise, simply stunning.

Posted on November 24, 2007
- blazeleedragon

incrediable, absoluly loved it, very well written, custom sounds where used very well. griping story, incrediable camera angels and scene selections, and the voice actors where great.

thank you for letting me be part of this project

Posted on November 21, 2007
- Brandon310

The Metal gear Solid reference, was the old guy. He's supposed to resemble Old Snake.

There were three Star Wars references that I caught. One was the resemblance of team and the team in the Star Wars game "Star Wars: Republic Commando.' Second was how Frank resembled the blood stained team member(from SW:RC), both by attitude and voice. Third was the reference of Taris, a planet covered in cities, which makes their conversation backwards.

I don't watch Star Trek, so I didn't see the reference.

Has I won? @_@

Posted on November 21, 2007
- Staree_Movies

Holy shmoly with a whopping of guacamole :O That was epic!

Amazing storyline, great effects, outstanding vo's!


Posted on November 18, 2007
- fallenthomas

Very good movie! The storyline was great. The voice-overs were brilliant. And the music fit really well with the scenes. This is very original. Three thumbs up!
If you have any spare time can you please review my film "The Creature"?

Posted on November 18, 2007
- nipples

nice movie overall.The story was great and interesting,it also had suspense and nice setting and nice ship!Looking forward for the next installment!

Posted on November 17, 2007
- Primaer

An epic tale about a crew of communismn elite fighters, a generation of new warriors and a kamizkaze mission. Well, honestly, I was surprised by the story. Instead of a big endfight, we've seen one single shot and the illuminati went down. Surprising, but it wasn't really satisying, as it seemed to be quite luck by the phantoms. I also like to mention that I find the storyline to be incomplete in itself, as it seems to me it lacks in terms of an own structure. We get a lot of hits to Spies of Ambition, which means we have to wait and this cliffhanger, is quite a disappointment. But don't think I don't like this universe you created. I find it enormous original and interesting and can't wait to see how it all develops. This just seems to be the beginning for me and as this I can't figure out all of it (like Gate of Heaven).

Technical this was very good and a well presentation. I liked the use of sound effects and some camera angles very pretty good, although others were a bit too much standard for me and I wish you would have used a bit more detail. Very good music too, espiacally the theme song gives it an epic feeling.

All in all this is a sci-fi movie people really have to see. Not without its fault, nonetheless a nice watch. The concept seems to succeed!

Posted on November 17, 2007
- alex2112

ii see your Blood, Sweat, and Tears in this...WELL DONE, Orky

Posted on November 17, 2007
- YamiMarik

Excellent Sci-Fi Film! Its a long movie but its a great one. The storyline was brilliant and was written very well. It didn't lose me for a second! As you can see, you did spent a lot of time on the story and it was developed great. VO's in this film were awesome! You have a great cast for the film and they all did a wonderful job! Freecam in the film rocked, you had all the right angles to get the best view possible. Costumes you used were a perfect fit for the film. I like how you used BSW new helmets and its always nice to see new things in films. Music was another thing, it was great! Nice use of mods and dressing up the sets to make them fit for the film. Action was awesome and the sound effects were amazing. Great editing and a nice ending. I'm looking forward to more of your amazing work. Keep it up and thanks for making such an awesome flick.

Posted on November 17, 2007
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Especially the story is refreshing and original! But it`s the VAs which make the story come alive, what a outstanding performance by everyone! The only bad thing is that you could here that you speak the pilot and one solider, but well was not too bad.
I thought the visuals are also great some cam angles like when they walk up the hill in the jungle are just beautiful and the red suits fitt also I think. Only like Ueber said the floor thing was a bit distrakting but not not so bad that I`d give 3 stars especially with such outstanding voice acting and such an original story!

Very well done! =)

Posted on November 17, 2007
- Rik_Vargard

Great story with unexpected twists, great directing, excellent cast, good use of music!
Great job!!! :)

Posted on November 17, 2007
- budrick

genial movie
please watch my movie uss halfmoon heroes in space

Posted on November 17, 2007
- artorious

This is a brilliant Sci Fi movie.
I loved how each of the characters was well fleshed out. You didn't rush us into the characters, but let us get to know them naturally. The VA's did an excellent job.
The story was well written and deep. It was entertaining and compelling.
The editing was great. Great use of mods and set dressing.
Overall I really loved this film. I'm glad I was able to be a small part of it.

Posted on November 17, 2007
- goofparade

Great story developement, excellent acting from the entire cast, and I found that the story pacing was very effective in this film.
Mr. Sinchex promised a lot for 60 Billion and seemed to deliver very little in the end..perhaps he spent it all on finely taylored suits..rather than the ultra-elite soldiers that he promised...
good overall tone and pacing to this film,

I'm looking forward to the next installement Orky,


Posted on November 16, 2007
- bricksfilms

Well done Orky! An enjoyable story with some interesting aspects to it. I found the humor between the team very good and really liked it. Aside from those little slight flaws, this was very well done and a great job overall.

Posted on November 16, 2007
- jase180

Ya know Orky, this is pretty good. Minor nitpicky issues aside (who cares if they wear red, the friggen stormtroopers wore white on a green planet and nobody cried) I think you built a pretty interesting universe and had some clever moments in this film. Some nice bits of dialog, some well shot scenes, overall make this a nice bit of work, and considering that most people dont know how young you are, this was really really well done. The bad for me was the ease and odd way you handled the documents thing and the big confusing issue with the easy way the guy was killed that cost 60 billion. I kept waiting for Jazz to kill the guy and not tolerate any more of his screw ups. I think the ending could have been tighter and fixed up a little, but hey, over all, nice work.

Here, I'm giving you 5 stars.

Posted on November 16, 2007
- dnr

What a great job you did on this movie. The music was perfect. The editing incredible and the va's were all dead on Great Movie

Posted on November 16, 2007
- userjosh9874

Woah! Very cool, Orky!
What a great sci-fi adventure!

Mods: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Story: 7/5!!!!!!!!!!!
Editing: 5/5
VO's: 5/5

The Good:
Simply amazing! This film was flawless in all technical aspects. The vo's were well-delivered, and conveyed the proper amount of emotion. The music was perfect, it really set the tone for this masterpiece. The editing was clean, and made for some nice camera shots! I was also very amazed by the use of mods in this movie! The thing in this film that impressed me the most was the story. It is very well thought out. In watching this film, the viewer will note your close attention to detail. Not only is the storyline/plot of this film entertaining, but there is also a very elaborate backstory! I love this film because it is multi-layered. It has depth. It has something that most movies don't have on TMO. Your stories all intertwine into the elaborate backstory you have set up, giving the viewer a true sense of realism. It is this sense of realism that gives one the tools to truly appreciate this complex and intriguing universe that you have unleashed.

The Bad:

No complaints here! Keep making movies like this, and the members of TMO will be very happy! =D

Posted on November 16, 2007
- Howitzer

Orky, this is masterwork!
I addored every minute of this superb sci-fi adventure. From the great looking visual camera work and mods, to the perfect choice in music (well done Nukester!) and the brilliant skilled of some very tallented Voice Actors! This movie moved very smoothley and the huge story and history was very easy to grasp (even without any inside knowledge). Far exceeding what I expected, this has to be one of my favourite films to date (and I got to be a part of it, yay!).
Congratulations on a job well done!

Posted on November 16, 2007
- frosty_frost09

Amazing! Simply Amazing. This was a great watch, im just disapointed that I have to wiat for the newxt part (if there is one) to find out what happens :p. Great movie. I really enjoyed it. Amazing VOs, mods, overlays, everything was really well done. Ther was only one porblem. During the shootout where Corrix is shot, the sound effects were really loud in that part. But other than that, great movie!

Posted on November 16, 2007
- nukester

OD-Ork-Boy's Military Sci-Fi Saga based on the upcoming 'Spies of Ambition' starts off well and sets the series up. This prequel had a lot of strong points that really gets us going and gears us up for the upcoming series.

Your attention to detail was highly noticable with some well timed use of sound-effects. This was complimented well with dialogue use and your highly impressive editting skills. An example of this is when there was banter that was bordering on explicit just as an officer initiates a door bell alarm, haha that was priceless stuff!

The Story moved at good pace and the characters within all had their individuality. With the upcoming series I am really looking forward to seeing some reprisals. All VO's did a great job however I would have liked to see some more tweaking on volume levelling. There was some good use of music by EO and Fred which was highly appropriate given the setting of the film.

The final battle scene was very intense yet over before I could blink but this is just a taste of things to come. I enjoyed the final scene which is a good lead up to your future project. I look forward to your next film/project, until then....

Nuke Well for the Phantoms!!!

Posted on November 16, 2007
- sparky1512

Overall this was a great and well thought out movie. Editing was tight, mods were used well, and music was fitting and athmospheric. The VA's did a great job and really brought the characters to life.

My only slight dissapointment was the confrontation with the new and improved enemy - it just felt all too easy and was a bit of a let down. Also the mildly rediculous mistake made by Sinchex regarding the documents just seemed very out of place.

That said it was a really good watch, especially for a 25 minute movie. Its clear that a huge ammount of time and effort has been put into this project and overall the quality shows.


Posted on November 16, 2007
- Active_Studios

AWESOME!! What a excellent you made, OD-Ork-Boy.
A massive total amount of 5 stars.
Please enjoy.


Posted on November 16, 2007
- meowan

GROSSARTIG! That means it is a very good movie. Suspense, drama, action - everything you want you get by wathing this movie :)

Posted on November 16, 2007
- ubernewbie

Interesting universe, politically based and of a ilk similar to Frank Herbert's Dune Universe. I felt it was dialogue heavy and many attention to detail aspects were overlooked. One moment they're was a fire fight in the corridor, then there was a scene on the blue screen set with a grey floor. Small things let productions down.As a former SAS nco, I laughed out loud at the thought of bright red space armour in a green jungle; black, green or brown would have been prefered. Your set dressing needed attention as the overuse of the same props left a sence of mundaneness and sameness about it. Some nice VO lines most notibly JazzX and DNR, and some nice camera angles. I would like to think that by watching some more sci-fi on TMo you'll get some new ideas regarding set dressing to make locations seem more unique and original. A great movie though; as for the sound bug, it is more of a software issue than you.

Posted on November 16, 2007