Tsunamidogs Educational Video
Studio: tsunamidog
Review Count: 38
Average Rating: 4.92 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 3 minutes 0 seconds
Posted on: October 23, 2007
Film Description
Please dont make fun of me. I'm actually trying to be serious.

Also, dont read reviews before watching, they'll probably spoil the mood of the film.

A movie for all ages.
- tommy4ever

very very funny

well done a little silly

ps plz view and rate kreep http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/143851

Posted on December 5, 2007
- icetray86

Very Funny.

Posted on November 29, 2007
- daniel7474

Help!!! Haha.....:-D

Posted on November 26, 2007
- Active_Studios

A film that's so good and I'm seeing it.
Top job, tsunamidog.
5 star total.

p.s. Please rate Drake the trailer and promo with it.


Posted on November 22, 2007
- fallenthomas

Hey mister! I work at the burger king! And I take that highly offensive!

Posted on November 20, 2007
- nukester

Some sweet hilarity here! Nice to see you making movies again! I look forward to your next one, please pm on release :-) until next time...

Nuke Well in the Educational Video!

Posted on November 15, 2007
- videogamepie

That was funny! Lets get together and bring an AK-47 to burger king and end the satanic evil that resides there. Also, please rate zombie survival guide and zombie survival guide II.

Posted on November 12, 2007
- darren08121999

Pretty good, entertaining. But it was funny. Please rate Woke Up Dead, thanks.

Posted on November 12, 2007
- MefuneAkira


Moronic, childish and a complete waste of our time!

BK King muust die! That fat [eye-hurting-word!]! Do it for Jesus!!

Your an idiot. Love you.

Mefune Akira
L.M.A.O. Studios

Posted on November 6, 2007
- Chris62


Posted on November 2, 2007
- starkarts

Trying to rate mine with 1 star trying to boost yours up isnt going to help!

Posted on October 31, 2007
- insanewarrior69

i just laughed my balls off.

Posted on October 29, 2007
- TheMaskedman

lol awsome :P

Posted on October 29, 2007
- fadomacado13

that was hilarious come see my videos.

Posted on October 28, 2007
- mildheadwound

Okay, now what? I've gone out and killed everybody! I would have figured the police would have been more on my side, what with the systematic annhilation of satanic employees, but alas, i had to kill them as well, in a bloody, gawd awful shoot out. Anyone else that needs killing? For the children of course. Oops! I killed them too . . .

Posted on October 28, 2007
- sickjoke


Posted on October 27, 2007
- Dalana

Beatiful set of sky. Bad film

Posted on October 27, 2007
- alex2112

Too funny

Posted on October 27, 2007
- Trashman

It amazes me...who were the ad-wizards who came up with that creepy mascot lol he looks like some dude who hangs out in the alley outside the local peeler bar(I've seen him haha!)(and no,I wasn't looking in a mirror):-D although the resemblance is amazing;-)
Now that's a costume kids should be wearing this Halloween...oh wait,scratch that haha that wouldn't be a good idea after this:-D
or would it?;-)
Very informative.You are providing a valuable educational service to all who will listen...feel proud of your service to your local community:-)

btw I remember hearing about the BHSurfers waayyyy back in the 80's,but never heard a tune.Just checked out a tune called Pepper by them.Really great stuff:-D

Posted on October 27, 2007
- Primaer

Haha, hilarous!

Posted on October 26, 2007
- Concordy32

Dude and I got all the game he made for Xbox last year for X-mas.
I didnt know. That was really good flick. Film On...
please watch my new movie 'Filming BigFoot' I hope you will enjoy it.

Posted on October 26, 2007
- FredTheDuck

I think the only logical solution would be to keep the kids on a leesh at halloweeen. We don't want burger King guy to get anywhere near them, do we?

I will donate now to Beancup's Informational Teachings of Childrens Health. . .lol.

And after much logical playing with words, burger king is infact worship satan backwards. I can't believe I didn't notice it before. And all these years i thought it was McDonalds that were the Evil ones. . .

T-dog, that was genious. I was laughing pretty much all through it. Now, where's my shotgun. I need to go burger king guy hunting.

Posted on October 25, 2007
- bongoman

Well... everybody knows the fast life makes for a short life... it follows that the same should be true of fast food...?! Fun idea, good marketing.

Posted on October 25, 2007
- 120Gig


Need I say more?

Posted on October 25, 2007
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Ohh poor children! Evil Burger King Guy?
Where shall I send the money?

Posted on October 25, 2007
- OlliEntertainment


Film on!!

Posted on October 25, 2007
- ubernewbie


Posted on October 24, 2007
- jakechief

That was really good. Actually, someone who lives near me was seriously being stocked starting from Burgerking. It was actually weird. It's like you heard the story. But the stocker wasn't the king burkerking guy, person. This film was good.

Posted on October 24, 2007
- riott007

I thought the f**ken chicken fries tasted funny! Burger King...those sorry ass [not-so-nice-word!]ing mother [wash your mouth out!]ers.

Posted on October 24, 2007
- sisch

I'm reformed now, I'll do everything for -beep-. Where shall I send the money?

Posted on October 24, 2007
- timothy_richmond_3

Amazing. You've have opened my eyes to a horrible situation more deadly than black plague and more frightening then George Bush.

5 stars just for the creativity! A very accurate (perhaps) documentary that left me craving for beans!

Now I know why my friend disappeared last year...

Posted on October 24, 2007
- dfpiii

You know, I was pretty sure if anyone was going to kill me and gnaw on my delicious bones it would be Ronald McDonald. He has that blood stain round his mouth, and the pallid skin tones of the noctural stalker.

Posted on October 23, 2007
- goofparade

I'd like to place an order for 27..no ..no 97 bean cups please!
Do it, do it for JESUS!!

I was kinda lacking guidance in my life but now, I know whom to hate!



Posted on October 23, 2007
- dnr

That was hysterical Great job Tsunami

Posted on October 23, 2007
- RavensFan_09

Well, I don't go Halloweenin' anymore, but just to aid in the cause, I'll be sitting on my front porch with my dad's shotgun, fully loaded, and in my lap, just in case. Thanks for the tip. *Grumbles* Damn Burger King Guy...
But he does make a helluva burger! Or have I been brainwashed to think that? Dun dun dun!!!

Posted on October 23, 2007
- Norriefpb

Brilliant Beanie, just brilliant.
I loved the rustling papers, then "SPOILER"
Loved the gun refs at the end and then, when I thought it was over...
"Do it for *SPOILER*"
feckin hilarious.

Posted on October 23, 2007
- kwistufa

Thats a great Social Conscience you have there Bean Cup.
Congratulations on making such a well informed
Public Service Announcement.
You show Maturity far beyond your years.
Great Job.

Posted on October 23, 2007
- googs

OH CRAP! I gotta go get me an AK47 or something!

Posted on October 23, 2007