The 200 Mile High Club
Studio: StokeStudios
Review Count: 62
Average Rating: 4.77 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 8 minutes 57 seconds
Posted on: September 28, 2007
Film Description
It has probably already been done, but they just are not admitting to it.

The animations are created by myself, using Daz Studio and Bryce.

My thanks for the music go to - Meowan, and The Movies Vision at, (tracks 2 & 7)
to Xcyril, which is available for commercial and non commercial use from (tracks 1 & 4)
and er, to me, for tracks which I composed and created myself, (tracks 3,5, 6 & 8)

My thanks also to Fraas for the sci-fi cabin prop.

Finally, hooray, I actually remembered to do the thumbnail!

PS ??? Can anyone from Nottingham spot their own special scene?

PPS - The Astro-Gynecologist is the result of a little banter with Dulci and Sisch. :o)
- JuanitadelaVegaZapata

Cute. Engrossing. Relentlessly draws the reviewer in as an Einsteinian Space Time Gravity Well. In this case a "Stoke Studio Sex Well".
Artfully done. Superior Poster work. Tasteful. Unique.
Find sequencing, pacing and development of character facial expressions leading up to the climax we all desire to achieve. Superior Geek work at Intermission.
This masterful combination of non-Lion art work, panel work and absolutely fine musical score coupled with creative integration has produced an enjoyable and well crafted achievement.
A great round of applause for the excellent musical scores.
Adios, Juanita de la Vega Zapata

Posted on June 20, 2008
- 0630

very entertaining movie stoke studios.It was very uplifting.The music and editing and all the cameras were awsome too.I'm impressed.i've actually seen this before,it's just i didn't have time to write a review for it.good luck to you,and if you can have a look at my latest film and see what you thin. Thanks again for this entertaining movie.

Posted on February 8, 2008
- timorogowski

Great story with music! The editing is very good!
5 stars for you!

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Posted on January 29, 2008
- simseman

I like The movie

Posted on January 26, 2008
- R33se

Nicely done display of Brit Wit :)

Posted on January 25, 2008
- Yodaman111

Very kool movie! And the Overlays were awsome, just awsome! Keep it up! :D

Posted on December 20, 2007

Good movie!!

Thanks for your rate

Posted on December 4, 2007
- riott007

Lmao somebody is a bit of a pervert.

Posted on November 25, 2007
- maxleaf

Can't say I understood it or even really liked it (sorry) but from a film making standpoint it was very well done. Great use the time, the camera, and the audience.

Posted on October 29, 2007
- Active_Studios

Wow, StokeStudios, you did something different here.
No offense but, it looks different.
Anyway, I give you a total rating amount of 5 stars.

p.s. Thanks for rating my movies.


Posted on October 24, 2007
- frankjayjones

The plot was a took it and you got one great movie! The music was unplouseable and your camera angles were of high standerdes! You are a great film-maker, and I wish to see more of you "Masterpieces" ! I have a new movie out...Assassination priests. I [eye-hurting-word!]rked all night on it and I think it payed off. When you first start to see it, you'll think that its like alot of comedys where the plot goes nowhere, and just stayes at one level...well, it will change because it has all that. (The music is enjoyable too) Thanks!!!!

Posted on October 13, 2007
- Mogwa

I very much enjoy original movies that veer from the familiar beaten path. Great music, good story and technical profiency add to the appeal. Well done.
(Unless I'm mistaken, the end scenes look like they were made using characters from Poser4. I have versions 4-7, and really enjoy just playing around with the programs. No nudity, of course.)

Posted on October 12, 2007
- nukester

Wow this was something else dude, some great creativity was on show here and I found it highly entertaining. Keep up the awesome work and keep on experimenting! until the next time...

Nuke Well in the 200 Mile High Club!!!

Posted on October 12, 2007
- -Snake1980-


carry on

Posted on October 11, 2007
- RavensFan_09

Man, that was funny! Liked the idea, too; very original. Liked the faces of the guys in the bar too. Genious.

Posted on October 10, 2007

That was something new zI had seen here
Great movie great indeed!

Posted on October 10, 2007
- gantous

Not funny at all.

Posted on October 9, 2007
- freddymurphy

I liked the style of this movie.It was very origanal and the custom effects and overlay swere cool. I also liked you showed the different reactions of the poeple watching it. The part at the end kind of creeped me out! Great job!

Have fun

Posted on October 9, 2007
- nahton

Wait a minute... someone thinks a soundtrack that sounds like a phonographic movie is a bad thing? I think you need to do preql to explain when exactly the adult entertainment industry took over the space program. Pretty funny and inspired stuff!

Posted on October 7, 2007
- jackrabbit

Well the effects were very good (which is why I give 5 stars) but the story dragged on a bit too long.

Posted on October 7, 2007
- Zarrmida

Nice overlays, nice mods!!
Great movie!

Posted on October 7, 2007
- VandrendeOrn

That was entertaining. different from other movies on tmo, very original and well done!

Posted on October 7, 2007
- Michelle500

i gues it was okay...

Posted on October 7, 2007
- dulci

I enjoyed this both as a commentary on our voyeuristic society and as a fun campy movie! Dulcilicious!

Posted on October 6, 2007
- noname_24

This seemed like a good movie after the beginning and the plot twist, but it started to slide afterward. Here's my grading scale:

Story-4. You set a benchmark for Scifi-comedy on TMO, but it could be easily surpassed by someone else's work. Could have been better.

Music/SFX-3. The music score (which sounds a lot like a pornographic film soundtrack) was pretty average. Could have been better.

VOs/Dialogue-3. You should have done some VOs in this and the dialougue between the characters would have been better.

So, you get an average of 4. Film On!

Could you rate my movie, "Ugly Angst"? Thanks.

Posted on October 6, 2007
- Rik_Vargard

Excellent! You are nuts! Keep it that way!

Posted on October 6, 2007
- dbagdi1992



Posted on October 6, 2007
- Kowaru

Nice! Great editing and good movie

Posted on October 6, 2007
- darren08121999

I gotta say, one of the most entertaining movie i've seen.Very good on everything.Please my email address is on my studio page send me what you would like to, as you can tell by my movies, i can use all the help i can get,thanks again.I've got you booked marked!

Posted on October 5, 2007
- suggia

very cool muvie!!!

Posted on October 5, 2007
- jase180

Sweet [play nice now!] adams! My 5 star review, let me show it to you.

Horses for courses I guess but then again, I rather enjoyed this bit of fun. its a bit sixes and sevens, but it works. Its unique. Its its own thing. I wont sit here and waffle for ever, but really, this is tops. You're a jammy tosser allright, but i really did find myself gobsmacked after watching this.

Cheers. 5 stars for you.

Posted on October 5, 2007
- finn8

Great Flim Stoke, funny!
Oh yeah, New Gate 2s out on the 4th of october 2007 so when its out could ya plz rate it!
thanks mate!

Posted on October 4, 2007
- madone69

Great visuals and some good laughs. I enjoyed your intro titles, fancy fade outs, and nice work with meshing scenes together. Definitely an original idea as well. The ending story was kind of strange but the visuals were interesting to look at. I'll give you a 5 for the entertainment and visuals as they were quite different.

Posted on October 4, 2007
- kwistufa

That was Different!
Very entertaining, great Work.

Posted on October 3, 2007
- Emplear23


Posted on October 3, 2007
- cinecitta

There is a lot of fun and humor in your movie. Several scenes are very enjoyable. For example, the sexual scene, very good use of overlays. I like the animation with the Astro-Gynecologist too. You have made great work and it's an original idea!
Thank you!

Posted on October 3, 2007
- cvg6712

That was great!

Posted on October 2, 2007
- gsears

In My review I look for five things,

2)Sound effects & Sound track
3)Scene editing & camera work
5)Voice overs & Captions

My Review,

2)Sound effects & Sound track"Great"
3)Scene editing"Excellent" & camera work"Fabulous"
5)Voice overs, None"Poor" & Captions"Excellent"



gsears gives 5 star.

Posted on October 1, 2007
- simpsdog

Great looking movie. This was an extremely good visual movie. Excellent camera work and editing. The music was very good too. Cool mod with the spacecraft in the beginning.

The story was good but the movie felt a little long towards the end. I enjoyed this especially with all the cut aways to the different people watching the TV. Excellent job.

Could you please review my newest movie: Gold Heist. Thanks.

Posted on October 1, 2007
- Armand

Clever!! Entertaining!! Funny!!

Argh, a hard one to rate. Wavered there for a long time between 3 and 4. There's no doubt this movie is a cracker with a great artistic eye behind it. Such good use of emotives to string us along. A great sense for carrying one single yet attention-grabbing premise a very long way. Unfortunately, too long. It jusssst broaches over the edge between drama and tease, and once the conflict is revealed the movie downward spirals way too rapidly into an irrelevent throwaway gag. The pity of this script is that the build up reaches a height that plateaus - everything that follows it is an after-thought attachment, which is a shame, because up to that point we're hooked. There is absolutely no discounting the expert use of mods and the technique skill (I never rate simply because someone knows how to download a mod, and I've yet to master the slo-mo technique), but the film ends messily and rather like a post modern britcom instead of a polished cinematic production.

This is a good film that could have been a great one, but hell, I laughed like a loon as I waited for the first smooch.

Posted on October 1, 2007
- Norriefpb

No conflict? NO CONFLICT? The tension leading up to that first snog was unbearable!

Posted on October 1, 2007
- davidmartinjr

Excrellent movie
hey thanks for rate chapter 9 of evil within

Can u rate chapter 10 for me thanks

Posted on September 30, 2007
- Fabbrini27

Awesome movie. I love it, it cracked me up...keep it up!!

Posted on September 30, 2007
- googs

A really great movie! Great mods. And Great subs!

Posted on September 30, 2007
- KaeptnWiglo

i like your great work with overlays...
the story is very crazy - i like it... and the music!!!!
absolut nice work

gruss aus deutschland

KW ;)

Posted on September 30, 2007
- Throwaxe

What an interesting approach to the Space Race, a million dollars to get "off" in space, rather than just get "there", lol.
Oh, there was conflict allright, the guy on the toilet sure seemed to have a hard enough time.
The Gynecologist looks like there is potential for more.
But there remains that one question: "who was that guy masterbating on the toilet?"

Posted on September 30, 2007
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Haha man the story grabed me fromt he first moment and the astro-gynecologist was hilarious! Well done!:D

Posted on September 30, 2007
- snowolf_x3

A woderfull movie
I didn't like the story very much but I will give you 5 stars for your effort

PS:Could you rate my movie("The end of the War")

Posted on September 30, 2007
- ryan92

Great mods. The story line was ok. too bad that there were no voice-overs:) please rate my new movie "TV Land". Keep up the good work:)

Posted on September 29, 2007
- jonathan_92

at first i didnt get it, but the the plot dawned on me and i laughed my @ss off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great subtle comedy!!!

great animation in the overlays!!

Maybe rate my latest movie??????

Posted on September 29, 2007
- Lloyd_Hollywood

Sorry I'm a die hard film maker. Where's the conflict? Even in the end, when I thought something might happened, the aliens just over powered them. And who was that guy masterbating on the toilet?

Posted on September 29, 2007
- thebiz

I am offended. Our space program would never allow such shenanigans to occur among our fine, upstanding, moral astronauts. Isn't that right atronaut Nowak?

I enjoyed the Truman Show like first half and the way in which it fades into the utter absurdity of the second half. Good music and Oh what animations! I will admit to being more a fan of the collapse of the 2nd half (handled quite well in my opinion) but that takes nothing away from the first part. Its always fun to be introduced to crazy studios with excellent films.

Posted on September 29, 2007
- OlliEntertainment

That was fantastic, Bob..
A Masterpiece....
Great work..

Film on!!!
Big greetz from Germany...

Posted on September 29, 2007
- K4ownzall

This grabbed me in the right place...... I found myself mesmerized along with the audience.... watching... anticipating.... WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE! The movie was another fantastic endeavor with nice cuts, bruises, and scratches. Camera was fun! Editing wonderful! The music was a great job Bob! The extra content was such a nice surprise! You really amaze me! WOW! ---K4

Posted on September 28, 2007
- Trashman

I love those ending sequences!:-D
Did I say I love those ending sequnces?:-D
Great ending sequences haha!:-D
T.W.A.Ts and so true
I liked your use of the tv set with unrelated scenes,especially the guy sitting on the can haha!
I think your music deserves special mention.You did a splendid job creating your own tracks,and they held their own easily with the other tracks in this movie.I really liked them,and it certainly gives you more freedom to express the moods for your scenes.I hope to hear more from you down the road...
And finally I must add,it's good to have you back:-)
...and I hope to see a few more people in that movie theater which is showing your flicks:-D

Posted on September 28, 2007
- Concordy32

Thanks for watching and rateing my movie. Feel free to watch other movies that I had done. I just started so I haven't learnd how to uses overlays yet.And by watching your movie its Very Impressive.
I would like to to rate 'Silent Movie pt1' Its still playing at SPRW32.
Great Work! Film On...

Posted on September 28, 2007
- pegleg

A Stoke-Studio's Grindhouse Double Feature!
Now I know I'll miss some things from this review as there was a lot going on. From the opening animation through to the genius backdrops behind the news desks I was very impressed. The way you captured the mood of Big Brother is Space whereby the media frenzy when a story erupts follows was excellent as well. The music managed to capture the mood very very well. I was also pleased to see a toilet scene.
Now did I spot the River Trent and Trent Bridge?
All in all though this is very very funny stuff, the character names are great, and the way you poked fun of yourself with the animated movie theatre was a treat.
Now I still haven't come to the best bit, which was the birth scene, that was really really well done, it sort of made what could have just been an excellent comedy in to something artistic as well.
All in all this is proof that TMO has missed having you around.

Posted on September 28, 2007
- Colin_Green

That was good :) I like the whole Reality T.V. thing. As for the ending... In the Words of M. Night Shyamalan "What a twist!" :) LOL

Posted on September 28, 2007
- bongoman

Lol I enjoyed that, especially the ending, it certainly changed up abruptly & nicely. The music was great! I enjoyed the overall mood you created with the music and the overlays were very impressive. Fun little fling.

Posted on September 28, 2007
- sisch

Lol Bob... I have to agree: lucky [shhhh!]! :D (up until the end, of course...)
Great work with Daz and Bryce, and I just loved the Astro-Gynecologist!Poor guy...

Posted on September 28, 2007
- Chris62


Posted on September 28, 2007
- heuser7719

Great idea....very great work with Daz & Bryce, the overlay-work was very good, too....
and you have had right. hehe :)
Really nice one. :)

Posted on September 28, 2007