There the Rainbow Ends
Studio: ralfduran
Review Count: 19
Average Rating: 5.0 stars
Genre: Romance
Length: 27 minutes 2 seconds
Posted on: September 12, 2007
Film Description
William, a young and ???homosexual??? guy from USA has travelled to Hong Kong in a hunt for something new and satisfying. He searches for love, meaning and inspiration. He don???t know if he can find it, but he keeps on searching, hence the title There the Rainbow Ends. A subtle yet monumental cinema experience that will move you to tears.

Postmodernchuck ??? William
Qtigger ??? Craig
Mustachio26 ??? Steven
Riott007 as Claire

Memories of You
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Dark Chariott
Yumenjis Theme
Curruccucucu Paloma
Double the Ride Sweden

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Warning: The films contains a strobe effect. Also there is some bad language included in this film. Dont tell me I didn???t warn you:)

Directors note: This is a story that I have wanted to tell for a long time. However the film you are about too see did come out quite different since I didn???t really know where I wanted to go with this project. I just knew that I wanted to tell a story about a gay couple ... but when I realized ... that emotions often comes from something we not always can understand and see with the eye. And that is something this film hopefully will make you feel. Becuase after all, everyone of us have something to find at the end of the rainbow. Becuase there is a end, yes? Haha ... anyway, I hope you will enjoy the film. I will also probably upload a high quality version of this film later on since the colors of this film really is vital for both the eye and the heart. As always I appreciate your honest opinions about the film. Cheers and love.

- derbyrams

A very, very good film. One of which i really enjoyed.
I felt the story was very good and very gripping.
I loved the two main characters. The va's were very believable as them.
The characters seemed very believable and life-like.
I really loved the way you use the modded sets.
It made the film look really good and seem very unique.
The film was very professional and completly flawless. Nice job!
I loved the way this film had a really good flow. It honestly didn't feel like 27 mins. A very nice film. I wasn't bored at all throughout because of the very nice story and interesting characters.
The music was out-standing!
Great stuff. The twist at the end was very emotional.
I loved the way you ended it, it really made sense why you called it what you did and i find that very clever for a film-maker to do.
The cinematography was superb!!!!
Overall: 10/10
A lovely film. The story was really great. I wish i had checked this out sooner.
I highly recommend this film. Two big thumbs up!!!
If you haven't seen this film, check it out now! It's awesome!

Posted on October 25, 2007
- DanielH20

Wonderful Script and VA cast Ralf! And the music is beautiful too. I give this movie an A+. Great Job!

Posted on October 14, 2007
- filipekholmstudios

�?terigen en fantastisk film av RalfDuran. Orginell handling, snyggt manus och underbar musik.

"Once again a fantastic movie by RalfDuran. Original story, great script and wonderful music."

Posted on September 26, 2007
- kell1608

You are the King of Romance and NO,YOU HAVE THE POWER DUDE!!!!
Good job!!! I like the Music!!!
Film on!!!!
Thank you and Peace:)

Posted on September 20, 2007
- cinecitta

I definitely like this studio. You give a lot of emotions in you story. You've made an excellent job on the storyline. The work on the characters is great, we can feel their feelings, specially William. I would like to congratulate postmodernchuck for his work on the voiceover (all cast is good). He gives life to the character.
It was not easy to speak about this kind of story. But you use a poetic way which catch the spectators. It can be hetero or homo, it's not the problem, it's a love story.
The editing is really well done, use of camera, backdrops....all of that give a nice atmosphere. I've appreciated the music too.
You've made a great work on this movie, you're talentuous. So, when you release a new movie, don't hesitate to PM me.
All the best!

Posted on September 19, 2007
- Primaer

This movie really had his own touch. Special sound selection with a mix of asian touch and classical western melodies, camera angles and movements which look always the same somehow but never get boring and a great story about a homosexual man. I had the feeling that William didn't really know what he wanted. In a scene he talked to a lady, to me it was obvious that he wanted her - and the pictures of women in his shower speak for it too. It's a really detailed character you have made for this movie. It stands or falls with the character and of course with the voice. PMC really has done a great job. This vulnerable and sometimes broken voice drives this movie from start to goal.

Besides the excellent directing I thought sometimes a bit less would have been better. As artistic as some scenes might be, some scenes seemed a bit forced. For example the love scene: Just be as near as possible seemed to bit the motto. Also there are little failure like the camera movement through Craig.
Anyway, this are details, little small, insignificant details. There The Rainbow Ends is a lovely piece of cinema, with undeniable strong characters.

Posted on September 16, 2007
- RavensFan_09

What everyone else said. That was amazing.

Posted on September 16, 2007
- riott007

I really can't express it any better then Userjosh - It was a wonderful movie and great storyline. It's always difficult to present this type of subject matter - but I respect the people who try...and I'm also pleased that there has been a positive response to the film as well. Good job Ralfie.

Posted on September 16, 2007
- userjosh9874

What a wonderful movie with a wonderful message! This movie was excellently directed, with an amazing music score! The acting was superb, all of the actors gave stellar performances! This movie was a bit too sexually explicit for my taste, but you made up for that with a solid storyline. Also, I wish Claire had more screen time, as it would be interesting to see things from her perspective as well. Overall, I don't have many complaints. This movie sufferes from no technical flaws, and is well worth a watch! Keep up the great directoral work, Ralf! :)

Posted on September 15, 2007
- active_studios

A good romance movie, ralfduran.
I give you 5 stars.

p.s. Check out Soul Shuttle the trailer (1st or 2nd) on my studio.


Posted on September 15, 2007
- OlliEntertainment

Fantastic movie..
Great work..

Film on!!

Posted on September 14, 2007
- greger16

A wonderfull movie with a message that moves the viewers to tears and maybe beyond. Fantastic job here

Posted on September 13, 2007
- jase180

I thought about how to leave a reveiw that would really mean something, and what I came up with was this: This is such a thoughtful film and a story that really brings out some very basic human emotions, no matter who you are, this movie will speak to you.

Really just an outstanding project Ralf. Good on ya for taking on this story and delivering it with taste and feeling. Nice work.

Posted on September 13, 2007
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

Ok let´s first get to the bad things. I found only 2 mistakes, at the car scene in the beginning the backgrund and one cam angel where you saw the inner of crack. That´s about it.
Now to the good thing. You are a very speacial director, I could recognize a film of you out of a few even if I wouldn´t know it´s your just by the cam moves. You always show a lot of details and your cam angels are very close to the characters and things which matter. I love it! =) Your music choice is just wonderfull, "There The Rainbow Ends" has a atmosphere I never felt before in a movie, even not in a real movie. A combination of sadness and happiness, but still something... Can´t discribe it. The Voice actors did a wonderfull job! Every one of them, but PostModernChruck is shining through, he manage to put so much emotions in his voice... just outstanding! These emotions make the story come alive, the story of a man on his search for himself, and maybe he is still conflicting with hisself which way he wanne choose, the meaningfull or the happy way. What brings me to my new absolute favorite sentence in a TMO movie: " You have to decide weather you wanne live a meaningfull or a happy life". But what impressed me the most in your new masterpiece is the end, the way you told us that he also commites suicied with him walking over the water the way of the rainbow to his coffin, propably the most beatiful scene ever on TMO.(Don´t know if he really commited suicied, that´s just my interpretation)
Another master piece from you Ralf, deffinatly a must-see!

Posted on September 13, 2007
- nukester

A highly facinating story that was gripping and hypnotising to watch. Once again your fearless pace is a true defining feature of your work to date and I appreciated your approach to the story with a slow burning development. Fabulous work my friend!!! all that is left to say is...

Nuke Well where the Rainbow Ends!!

Posted on September 13, 2007
- goofparade

I won't pretend to be clever enough to comment on the excellent directing found here.(since I don't direct)
But I will say that this film felt a lot like a play, a good play, with very good dialogue and characterisations, I loved it's execution.

I loved PMC's role to death, bravo Chuck.. and the whole cast was stelar. Perhaps the best role Mustachio26 has ever played in my opinion.

What else can I say, riveting story, wondrous visual atmosphere, set dressing, backdrops top notch, music is again very well chosen, an asset that Cornelius always uses with maximum effect.
I would have faded some music cues more gradually by inserting a fade out and not simply have the cue abrubtly end.. But it's minor thing.

easily deserves a 5.


Posted on September 12, 2007
- Mustachio26

It's hard to write in words, how deeply moved I am by this film. It tenderly takes a subject that many people are divided on (homosexuality), and unifies us by showing that no matter who you are, you'll always be looking for something better. A methaphorical "rainbow". Though maybe not my most favorite of your works one that has struck a very deep and personal chord within me, that I almost can't explain.

Posted on September 12, 2007
- sgporsche48

A very interesting film. Striking imagery and great cinematography. Postmodernchuck was great as William. It was a bit too melodramatic for me, but I enjoyed it. Great work.

Posted on September 12, 2007
- trewill7

Ralf, you've delivered yet another Cinematic Masterpiece.

I've been a fan of yours since "Life Through an Eye", and i must say, the follow up film, "Masterverk", is easily one of TMO's best films. These 2 films established your style, which consist of long pans, stylistic close-ups, and extended sequences in silence, relying on visual storytelling, all accompanied by heart-warming music.

And though, Life Through and Eye and Masterverk are sheer brillance, i would say they both focused more on Stylish Cinematography. However, with this film, "There the Rainbow Ends", not only do you keep all of your trademark style, you incorporated it into a beautiful story; one of the absolute best on TMO.

Your writing, directing, cinematography, music and editing were all flawless in my opinion; and your VA's were all fantastic, and not to sound cliche, but they truly brought your characters to life. Kudo's to PMC, Qtigger and Mustachio, for tackling such difficult roles with professionalism and dedication.

Fantastic film here yet again, consider it bookmarked.


Posted on September 12, 2007