Happy Color
Studio: ralfduran
Review Count: 8
Average Rating: 5.0 stars
Genre: Romance
Length: 6 minutes 8 seconds
Posted on: August 22, 2007
Film Description
A short movie signed Ralfduran.

Happy Color is a short film I made since I was bored, but also since I wanted to expriment with a new style, and the result is here for everybody to enjoy. Happy Color is best described as tango, you know the dance. Becuase this film is all about the feeling, and hopefully you will feel something. Happy Color is about a man that walks around in a world he no longer recognize ... I will say no more.

As always I appreciate your honest opinions.

VO by me. Poor quality ... but at least I was nice enough to add some subtitles lol.:)

Tango Cafe and Las Ojos verde

All soundeffects is free obtained.
- nukester

Very thought provoking and astonishing to the eyes and ears. Your Audio-Visual approach is very distinctive and enchanting. Keep it up!

Nuke Well in the Happy Color!

Posted on August 30, 2007
- goofparade

"Hi.. I'm not able to come to the phone right now.. so please leave a message with my cat!" That line sort of summed up my feeling about this movie.

A clever line, a well made film..possible multiple interpretations as usual with a Ralf film...and as is to be expected :)
great visuals and directing as always..
Voice work was pretty good too.

I loved God's music..
Folks will interpret Ralf's films as they will, and I think he wants that...
But I got something unique out of it and that's what matters here.


Posted on August 26, 2007
- Trashman

This is one of those movies that is open to interpretation.
For me,it has elements of someone who feels isolated and alone...but it almost seems as if he actually is alone,as if for some reason nobody else is left alive...a premise somewhat reminiscent of that old movie The Omega Man or an even older Twilight Zone episode.But it doesn't quite say that,so I still feel this is dealing more with mind than matter,and he is feeling lost in his direction in life,which leads to his hallucinations.
So has he lost his mind,or is he actually the only one left alive?Maybe both lol but only you know I think,or maybe you don't...:-D
I would say this is a good experiment,because it gets me to think about it...a good sign that this movie succeeds as an experiment.
Nicely done:-)

Posted on August 25, 2007
- tydirium321

Another excellent film! I always love your music and your great camera angles!!! On this film, I did get a little lost on two scenes that I didn't really know what they were.. one at about 3:22 and the other at about 4:51.. But the rest, perfecto!

Posted on August 25, 2007
- Primaer

Great short film, of course a little bit an experiment, but not that much. Somehow I have the feeling that this movie is truly religious. The man has nobody, so he decides to believe in god. As he wants a prove, I think he didn't believed before in god. A band called two gallants have a line in a song which is called "Who needs friends, if gods on your side."
I think this sentence fits to the movie, but the question is, if its true. He doesn't seem happy, otherwise is happiness necessary for human life?
Definitley a great short film, nice direction and awesome music. Keep up!

Posted on August 24, 2007
- meowan

No comment

Posted on August 23, 2007
- TheFlyingDuDe-Films

well first I wanted to write a long review... but then I thought about it and I just wanted to write the same as in the maesterverk review... =)
great work! I love you DuDe ;)

Posted on August 23, 2007
- userjosh9874

I thought this movie was neat! It was great, technically speaking. The vo's were very good, the sound effects were up to par, and the use of music was definately original! I loved the short siplicity of this piece, keep up the good work!

Posted on August 22, 2007