Tears of a Beast
Studio: michael_b6
Review Count: 51
Average Rating: 4.71 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 5 minutes 53 seconds
Posted on: April 30, 2007
Film Description
A hunt for a hunter. Snow falls, snow melts, snow is stained red.

Super arty farty, filled with plenty of metaphorical bull[play nice now!] that???ll make you hate me even more. This is the first movie made on my computer since I wiped out the harddrive a few weeks ago, nothing big: story feels rushed and a bit melodramatic (what else is new?) Sorry if it???s not up to snuff with the rest of my [play nice now!], but you know??? my movies and skills have been on the decline. VO???s are not the greatest, but I???m sure you guys know I???m not the greatest VO kinda guy. Basically following my tradition of all style no story, I guess.

Snow Sets-FraasMovies
Blood Puddle-FraasMovies
Filter Mod-Augie64
FreeSound Project(I started the list: it'll grow day by day, there???s probably over a hundred cues and loops spliced to make me look even more incompetent.)
Distant Rifle- FreeSound Project
- userjosh9874

WOW. I really have nothing to say. . .

It's all there! I was especially impressed with your use of the camera- amazing job there!

Posted on March 19, 2008
- Mildheadwound

An internal struggle with truths of past misdeeds or something. Who knows? But really, thick with lush colours and an atmosphere you can sink your teeth into. This director again wows us with his peckinpah perspective on structure and archetypes while maintaining his unmatched glimpse into violent occurences. Great cinematography, great cinema!

Posted on June 23, 2007
- FunkyFilms

If anyone can make a movie with few words, it's you. Always high standards, and I just love your effects and style.

Posted on June 6, 2007
- Ranedthel

A great display of movie making but I felt the story fell a bit short. The build up and the abstract way in which you crafted this film is wonderful but I confess the outcome lost me. Why, that's the question that haunts me here. I understand that a film doesn't always have to explain everything to the viewer but in a terrific piece such as this I would of liked to have known a little more about what's going on.

Posted on May 26, 2007
- 4cats3

Most awesome movie I've ever seen! I wish you could have made it more of a hunt and made him have a little more fear. The camra angles were perfect and the music was sweet. If u have time check out my movies too.

Posted on May 24, 2007
- Farquad

great movie with a superb atmosphere...great job!!!

Posted on May 23, 2007
- 92conman

The most atmospheric movie I've ever seen. You did a great job of making me forget I was watching a movie made by "The Movies".

Posted on May 11, 2007
- Eagle_93

Excellent horror movie! Phenomenal...

Posted on May 11, 2007
- Yodabob

A very suspenseful film here. Your production value, ie cam and sound is perfect, I didn't see one problem with that at all.

I did find it a little slow at times, which is odd for a movie that's not even 6 minutes long.

I think you did a pretty good job building the tension, but I was expecing a bit more of larger ending.

Overall this is a solid film, to say the least. It's incredibly well done and certainly has me wanting to see what you'll do next. Excellent work.

Posted on May 11, 2007
- VandrendeOrn

Some of the best free-cam i've seen, every single scene looked perfect.

Posted on May 10, 2007
- beany232388


Posted on May 7, 2007
- otnemem20

This is a fantastic and daring movie. It is very intriguing and thought-provoking. I absolutely love how you let the visuals tell the story for you. So many movies on TMO are too talky. All the technical aspects are exceptionally executed. The story is very good, but it lacks some depth and relies a little too much on a shallow philosophy. Otherwise, this is probably the best and most complete film you have made so far.

Posted on May 6, 2007
- SsjDave3

Nice tension build up using freecam. However, the story just took you down one star.

Posted on May 6, 2007
- Samurai_killer

No comment

Posted on May 6, 2007
- liam-speed

not bad

Posted on May 5, 2007
- jackalbane

Interesting. Not what I was expecting from the director of the "Dead Fault" series, but excellent work nonetheless. I must first praise the camerawork as it was excellently precise. Also, the abstract storyline was a nice touch, turning what could have been a strangely demented movie into a more fulfilling experience. And, of course, the obvious action chops that we expect from Michael Barnes.

Overall, I must commend you for a job well done. I would suggest turning up the VOs a tad bit (nit pick) but otherwise great work!

Posted on May 4, 2007
- rangerrooster

........ok *whispers* someone has a sick and wierd mind

Posted on May 4, 2007

Great job!

Posted on May 3, 2007
- mikse

no way
this is no horror movie

Posted on May 3, 2007
- zaaapmmme

Woah I never thought I give you 4 stars?

But here you are 4 stars!
This movie was very very vry very well made ? Like I mean the camera angles were amazing! The sound effects are your best and my favorite thing in this!
Like it's what made this movie sort a scary!

Like the beast was a dog?
Could of been something more ? How can I put this? like a BEAST?

The story was lame...

film on!!

Posted on May 3, 2007
- abeautifulmess

hell yeahz!!!

Posted on May 2, 2007
- jortez11

This movie couldn't hold my attention 4 a second. It didn't even make sense!!! I'll admit the freecam was good and the mods but other than that it was downright boring! And this is 1# on the horror charts (or at least 4 now it is.) Whatever I guess if every1 else liked it... you... er...deserve it.

Posted on May 2, 2007
- postmodernchuck

Foregoing the usual whiz-bang shoot-em-up theatrics of pain and blood typically found in a michael_b6 film, Tears of a Beast offers something no less viscereal but far more introspective; delving into the dark psychology of the savage beast thumping beneath the veneer of human normalcy, the movie shows us how we are all animals, deep down. Meticulously designed and emotionally poigant, the movie touches on many nerves but does so with a subtle grace. That it features cinematography and editing good enough to make any aspiring filmmaker absolutely sick with envy only adds to the praise this movie demands.

Shocking, beautifully shot, and unnerving, this is a dark, disturbing tale that will stay with me for a long time.

Posted on May 2, 2007
- FadoMacado13


Posted on May 2, 2007
- Lifestorm

A very good work, excellent Camera.

Posted on May 2, 2007
- Hunter_Holmes

Stick 2 Dead Fault

Posted on May 2, 2007
- Goofparade

Yeah that was very interesting to me for a couple of reasons.
The audio is riveting, it's placmement and overall creepyness is right on the money.

The pacing was great, and the dialogue, as sparse as it was, worked quite well and was well acted. (one bit was too soft compared to the music)

The visuals were remarkable in both their simplicity and effectiveness.. what a great look to this film!

Nuff said.. this film is very unique and I loved it.Pm me when you do this again.


Posted on May 1, 2007
- BricksFilms

Brilliant work as usual Michael. Great Job!

Posted on May 1, 2007
- DarthDirector

A unique, artistic and wholly impressive vision brought to life, this movie astounds me. Everything from the tension-filled camera angles to the surprising story to the fantastic visual style pulls you in and doesn't let go, even after the film has run its course. This movie begs to be seen over and over again...it is the definition of brilliance in filmmaking, Michael. This is INCREDIBLE.


Posted on May 1, 2007
- nikstudios05

That movie was simply amazing. I didn't know a film could
look so good. GREAT JOB! I don't even know if there are
any words left...


Posted on May 1, 2007
- Ralfduran

Impressive work once again Michael. You have a unique style that really catch your eye, which for I have to commend you. Your flicks are top notch, and are tuly in a league of their own. Great job man.

Posted on May 1, 2007
- Merzlinn

J'ai adoré l'ambiance noire du film. Un des meilleurs films sur TMO. Bonne continuation !

Posted on May 1, 2007
- cheese101

Visually, the best on TMO. As you said in your description ,'All Style, No Story'...Hell Yeah! Style kicks stories ass anyday. You remain one of my favourite directors, and this is one hell of a movie.

You should really make a huge story driven epic or something...or you could make trailers for people, or whatever...

Great Stuff, Cheese...

Posted on May 1, 2007
- chrisu69

Great movie,some fantastic visuals! Awesome job.

Posted on May 1, 2007
- OlliEntertainment

Great movie...
Good work..

Film on!!

Posted on May 1, 2007
- MelonTheCreeker

I've given this movie a 4.5 but seeing that we cant mark in half, I've rounded it up to 5 stars. Here is my review.

Very good movie here. I share a similar style to yours. I make suspense movies that are more skits than a movie, so I was pleasantly surprised to see someone of similar taste. I love the suspense building movies, you dont get too many here on TMO, but this one delivered! The camera angles were tight and really created the tense atmosphere. The music suited it perfectly and the minimal voice overs was a good idea, it helped the suspense. This was a movie about a hunter and a beast and you let the actions do the storytelling.

I enjoyed this! Talented Suspenseful movie making!

Well done!


Posted on April 30, 2007
- zaxzondark

The Movies Game Critics Podcast: A great film don't get me wrong, but as good as some others I have Seen.

Posted on April 30, 2007

Some fantastic visuals. the music was perfect and set the perfect tone great job Michael

Posted on April 30, 2007
- Harb40

One of the few I have watched that I truly think deserved a 5 star rating from me. WOW!

The Good:
Great music -- the music alone keep me in suspence.
The mods are good. Perfect choice.
The use of the free-cam was excellent. I felt like I was right there in the grass with him.
The voice was just right. Fit the mood and character well.
the editing was top-notch
And the twist was unexpected.

The Bad:
the only thing I saw bad was I would have liked to know more about him at fisrt. But after seeing the whole movie, I understood.

Great job. This film deserves to be in the top 5 on the charts. You did an excellent job.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- Tsunamidog

You have major self-esteem issues. You sit there and bash your own movie when it's obviously one of the coolest movies ever made here on TMO.
Not that thats a suprise coming from you, but still.
Awesome work on breaking away from aciton and making a totally awesome thriller. With the most suspensful showdown in the history of the entire world...i guess...i dunno, but it was damn good.
Another super wicked movie you made, this is my favorite one of your flicks to date.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- Babar23

Great work once again Michael, all work with the great atmosphere you added to this excellent piece of film making! I sincerely love your work ;)

Posted on April 30, 2007
- sgporsche48

Great stuff here Michael. Your films always deliever a great story with great visuals and music.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- jaydawg3000

Good display of knowledge, effort and time... I really hope that this gets to the top 10 cause its better than almost every other movie i've seen

Posted on April 30, 2007
- Mogulman321


Easily one of your best yet. You know what you can do, and I don't want to keep saying how cool and slick your flicks are. Awesome job.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- samyhouse

A new incredible movie by michael_b6, some special effect absolutly incredible, how did you do this? the set with the king of big grass (excuse me for my english that is pretty bad) was marvelous. But your movie is more than that, very atmospheric, very...disturbing. That's a moment I bookmarked your studio and try to watch evryone of your movies as they are absolutly great.
I did found your soundeffect pack for guns that is absolutly incredible.

To conclued, Great Movie, Great Moviemaker, good Job!

Posted on April 30, 2007

Another Great Short Film from one of TMO's brightest sparks! I found this piece to be in the same mould and pace as 'Loss of Empathy'. This only shows your talent for high suspense (Dead Fault / Blood in the Moonlight) and slow building suspense (Loss of Empathy / Tears of a Beast). Your use of Sound FX and Lighting are a joy to my eyes and ears and your use of the free-cam for closeups,pans and angles are simply exquisiste and delightful. I have said this a million times now but I truly cannot wait to begin work on 'Prelude to Evil' Season 1 because I truly believe that we can make magic!

Nuke Well in B6!!

Posted on April 30, 2007
- George_Locust

Dude! you are one of the best directors on TMO! that was briliant stuff! Perfect camera really helps create a perfect mood! Im bookmarking this studio. Great job!

Posted on April 30, 2007
- jarvis100

A work of art. I read in your summary of the movie that you are "all style and no story". Well I think this was all Style and Story. It was a good little story that was weaved together with great SFX, music, VOs, and FX. It was a great movie. I liked it, like the rest of your movies.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- georgeorg

It seems everyone else is picking up on the weirdness factor too. Great camera work.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- Stangi

Cool movie! It was very well made, but... yeah, a bit weird.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- EthanRunt

Er, erm, that, er, that was, uh, weird.
Stylistically a masterpiece, the substance of the film was a change indeed, and the metaphor is uite clever, Very good, if a tad too weird.

Posted on April 30, 2007