How I Became the Easter Bunny
Studio: thebaloob123
Review Count: 25
Average Rating: 4.96 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 6 minutes 39 seconds
Posted on: April 15, 2007
Film Description
By TheBaloob123

Starring: MurphyKid, TheMonk, MefuneAkira, and Tremblett

Mods By: MonkeyBiz, The DCMF Team, KirinRiotCrash, Naz, Eggshine, Bogoman, and Patella

Music from Newgrounds

Poster By TheBaloob123 and MefuneAkira!

Alex Martin lived a normal life...that is until he made the faithful decition to take a different rout home...and that changed his life.
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Posted on April 17, 2007
- BiggsTrek

I always thought there was something wrong with Easter. Now I finally know why! It was CURSED!

This was really very funny, and done well. I enjoyed the opening sequence, as the music and the freecam work matched beautifully.

Well done! Funny stuff!

Posted on July 10, 2008
- Tie

Loved it.

Posted on June 19, 2008
- thebiz

Outside of the abrupt ending and some rather loud vos I enjoyed this a lot. The beginning had a great 70's "That Girl" type of vibe going that transitions to a campy horror in the woods thing. Not much point but thats never been a detriment in my book.

Posted on January 17, 2008
- JosephKw

I like your stylized approach to this comedy, and the custom mods/effects was incorporated nicely. Great music and use of sound too (that yell LOL). The VO work, and cast, was an extra plus as well. Nicely done.

Posted on May 24, 2007
- Cut_scene

wow! seriously, i expected something totally different.

Very intresting concept! comical

Please spare some time to check out my newest movie, "Un-Found War"

Posted on May 15, 2007
- wizzBANG11

my god ive been gone awhile! sorry for taking so long to review. anyway, great film, awesome easter-house mod. hilarious! keep on doing great work!

Posted on May 11, 2007
- stvndysn

well the beginning minute was boring

as it got going i started to get gripped wondering what direction you took. then when it came to the transformation i was astounded and delighted with the sfx.

storyline was a funny realisation into the world of easter bunny, afterall if you can get bit by a werewolf, and be turned why not a sweet little cuddly bunny.

Posted on May 2, 2007
- Kingpengvin

Not bad. The ending could use work but the rest had me entertained. Good work Baloob!

Posted on April 30, 2007
- IchthusADMR

That was... interesting, Baloob. Haha, no, I liked it. Not your best, but it was good. I liked your rather artful introduction, and your cast was great. Keep on filming, my friend!

Posted on April 22, 2007
- Alutt

Very nice ! I liked much the overture. The editing is good and the humor just great ! Very funny !!! Interesting special effects and additionnal stuff. Very good voice acting. Good job, see you !

Posted on April 21, 2007
- Goofparade

Really a very stylised little film.

Great voice cast, Murphey and Mafune et al.. very funny bunny.
Murphey, the shreik at 3:30 is truly bone chilling :) Nicely done.

Quite original and enjoyable,

way to go The Baloob 123,


Posted on April 20, 2007
- jakechief

best easter movie I have ever seen! please rate Jakers part 2:creatures from above. thanks. ( oh and happy easter.)

Posted on April 18, 2007
- Towelie

haha that was hilarious! I am sooooo screwed in the easter bunny competition ;) Great editing, fun music, awesome dialogue and hilarious vo's adds up to an unforgetable easter experience! Great movie baloob, great movie!

5 Stars! //Towelie

Posted on April 18, 2007
- docontheweb

Hehe! Great job Baloob. A fine entry into the Easter competition. Murpheykid and MefuneAkira did quite well also. Keep on rockin' the free world.

Posted on April 17, 2007
- BricksFilms


Posted on April 17, 2007
- frosty_frost09

5 stars,lol. I loved the part where he was talking to the other easter bunny,lol. "Im competing against Jesus!",lol. Hilarious. Good voice overs, good mods. An overall good movie

Posted on April 16, 2007
- sweatyshoulder

Holy crap. First, I just wanted to say that those were some awesome intro credits. Wow!

So, I think that was one of the best Easter movie entries that I've seen. Really cool if you ask me. A lot of originality in it. I like that a lot.

The voice acting was also excellent. They all did a fantastic job!

Well, I'm really glad I watched that. That's all I'll say. =)


Posted on April 16, 2007
- Betral

That was pretty funny. All the VA's did great, and the music was nice too.

Posted on April 16, 2007
- murpheykid

A pretty funny movie with some good voice overs and music selections. I was a little disapointed that you couldn't hear Tremblett's voice overs that well while mine seemed to be too overpowering at times. Of well, you can't win them all. Good movie.

Posted on April 16, 2007
- themonkthemonk

Nicely done, Great acting there MurpheyKid... Baloob, the intro and credits were some of the best I have seen, and a nice silly plot. Sorry, that my performance didnt come up to Murphey's quality...but we were in a hurry. And if this was the Poster you needed me to do... I thought it was your best yet.
You are becoming one of our best movie makers!
you get 5 stars.


Posted on April 15, 2007
- eobaggs

Very interesting film. I liked how you came up with this whole idea. It was very interesting. I am not too sure if it was comedy. Could have been horror. But, good film and good luck with the competition.

Posted on April 15, 2007

Your concept was brilliant from the get go and really set the trend for this movie. I thought you managed to utilize the free-camera so well to get great shots and I thought the dialogue was pure magic combined with a A-Class Cast!!

Overall it was a smart comedy that really entertained throughout!

Nuke Well in the Odyssey!

Posted on April 15, 2007
- derbyrams

WOW. An excellent easter movie Baloob. Probably the best on TMO right now.
It was so funny, creative and enjoyable. I loved the way you used all those cool mods, it really gave the movie a really good look and style indeed.
The cast was excellent, a great all star cast. The music was very well chosen.
The special effects were dazzling, this movie is one hell of an experience!
You have put so much into this movie, e.g. an amazing cast, mind-blowing mods and so much more that make this easter movie really enjoyable and a must see for anyone who loves Easter! Like me. Excellent effort.
Throughly enjoyed it. That was a lot of fun. I highly recommend this film, it's a very good treat!!!!! Great work. Very enjoyable.

Posted on April 15, 2007
- tremblett

GReat little film, it got me hooked, but the bad thing in someplaces the msuic was loud, and you couldn't hear the voices.
Overall 5 stars!

Posted on April 15, 2007
- MefuneAkira



THE GOOD: Love the story concept, very original! The script was hilarious and cleverly written. The camera angles, especially in the woods, were really professionally done. LOVED THE FREAK'N CARROT HOUSE! Woot! Story flow and editing were superbly executed. The music carried each scene.

THE BAD: Opening creds ran a bit long. Some of the V.O. were a bit low. That�??s about it!

Overall and hilarious and intelligent comedy that will have you laughing out loud!

Mefune Akira
L.M.A.O. Studios

Posted on April 15, 2007