The Door
Review Count: 30
Average Rating: 4.9 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 7 minutes 32 seconds
Posted on: April 6, 2007
Film Description
The DOOR has just been given PARIAH'S HOTT STUFF AWARD and a hugely appreciated compliment from Handsofmodder. 5-27-2007. See the review at

My Horror Film Festival is complete!
Six films make up my Horror Film Festival, but only 3 remain online
The Desmodontidae Essay
The Werewolf Trap
The Door - (Pariah's Hott Stuff Award winner)
The Door - Consequences
THE DOOR has been made in such a way that it can be a series or stand alone movie. THE DOOR is a gateway, a portal, a door of opportunity - to adventure, to dreams come true, to nightmares.

I really had no interest in making any other The Door movies but as it's turned out it is my biggest hit, plus we have the girl kinda just hanging there. I'll have to see what will happen to her. Plus I have thought of another story that's a bit more personal and would be another original idea. some day I'll make these movies.

My next release - Introducing BACKYARD Productions : A documentary type movie so I can talk to you about my studio; what you can expect to see and what you won't see. And a large dose of entertainment to boot.
- Naiveness

I have to agree with everyone else, the use of sound effects and the camera angles were amazing. Everything seemed to be thought out very well. The beginning of the film made me jump, I didn't expect the thunder. The sound effects added to the tension and that's what kept me hooked, I just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen.

I think the line at the end for The Girl could have been longer but overall this movie was worth watching. Well done.

Posted on November 6, 2008
- Boombox277


Posted on October 21, 2007
- madone69

You did a good job with this one. A good idea with the door, nice sound fx, and the story definitely kept me interested to see just what the heck was going to happen. It may have taken a bit too long for her to actually deal with the door but it was good nonetheless. I wasn't too crazy about the last line of the film. It just seemed to lighthearted, but this was minor compared to the overall film. Good job and I'll be watching more of your films.

Posted on September 28, 2007
- sparky1512

My favourite movie from your studio so far. This worked really well - great editing and freecam, clever use if backdrops, sound and music really built up the tension in this film. However, all the while i was watching this movie i kept thinking "FOR GOD SAKE JUST LOCK THE DAMN DOOR!" But i guess curiosity gets the better of all of us. My one suggested area of improvement would again be the ending. I fear that you spoon feed the audience a little too much. For me the female leads last and only line of the film, spoilt the ending. I think it would have had greater impact if it had finished with the Sheriff. Other than that i thought this movie was excellent and refreshingly original.


Posted on September 25, 2007
- glamourmotion

great movie.I was glad to see that used the same great sound FX technique used from The WereWolf Trap in this movie. Also the use of free cam was pretty awsome

Posted on September 7, 2007
- Froggen

WOW!! That was incredible freecam there! And great use of sound effects!
That was a very interesting horror movie there!

Posted on July 23, 2007
- MovieKing

DHTHTLA the door was pretty good i liked it the the backgrounds you used and everything it was good i can see now why you got the hott stuff award, the reason why i gave it four stars is to me, the camera seemed jerky like if you look at the movie the camera will be fixed on the girl and then the camera will skip and it'll be close to her where as before the camera was medium to far away, but other then that this movie was very good. also i have a question when you did the VOs did you use a USB headset or did you use a Michrophone i have a new movie posted up its called Crocman check it out and leave a review and your answer to my qustion too.
- Movieking ENJOY!

Posted on July 18, 2007
- Nahton

I watched this in preparation of watching your Fable competition entry The Door Consequences. Excellent camera work and editing along with the sound effects combined to build suspense and set the onimous mood. The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the abrupt comedic like ending. The Door definitely has potential as a series.

Posted on July 5, 2007
- Trashman

Excellent use of the camera and sounds.There isn't alot of movies that can keep the viewer interested without any dialogue or subs,but you managed this for almost the entire movie...well done:-)
More people should take note,and do as you did here with the really enhances the experience.
The ending was a surprise,strange but good haha:-)

Posted on June 2, 2007
- Mustachio26

Wow. A really impressive film that's sure to satisfy. I highly recommend this original and very wonderfully shot film.

Posted on May 31, 2007
- gsears



Tyvm for reviewing My Movie :) Glad to be back and uplaod this Movie I made, it took along time to make it, I had alot of movie scenes of the same scene. All the acting is done by Gerald Sears except the fight scene. All the VO's are done by Gerald Sears. This is about the best Lipsink I have ever done before and is pretty right on. It was fun to do and Thanks for YOUR Review DHTHTLA

Posted on May 30, 2007
- tydirium321

WOW.. That is one of the BEST movies I've seen on here so far... Great Job! I love it!!!!

Posted on May 27, 2007
- Handsofmodder

I was glad to see that used the same great sound FX technique used from The WereWolf Trap in this movie. Also the use of free cam was pretty awsome.

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Posted on May 27, 2007
- hottie12

wow wow wow i don't know what to say but wow lol

Posted on May 23, 2007
- CJ_Movie_Master


Posted on May 5, 2007
- Rik_Vargard

Very nice movie! I liked the use of the cam, and how you set the suspense. I also like the sheriff, he was awesome!
great job! :)

Posted on May 1, 2007
- Bengalich

Very nice story. got a little silly with the camera but I like the outer limits kinda ending. Great job.

Posted on April 30, 2007
- KillerStudio

I haven't seen any movies for awhile and almost missed this one sorry man the sound effects are awesome!

Posted on April 29, 2007
- Toxindude

Man that was awsome like somthing out of the twilight zone . Everything flowed together great nice job !!!

Thanx for rating The Watchers is check out the lockdown series sometime is ya can 2 is better than one lol .

Rock on !!!

Posted on April 27, 2007
- sisch

Wow, I´m really impressed by your use of freecam.. that flowing style is great! What also kept me to the edge of my seat was the way you played with the soundeffects here: good proof for my belief that a horrormovie can be spooky without showing anything at all! And I loved the very unexpected end - great work!

I´d also like to say thank you for your nice comments on my voice on JosephKW`s The Passage..Thank you! :)

Posted on April 15, 2007
- Eyris

I liked this movie a lot. It changed from a typical 'what's that noise I'm scared' movie to something quite unique and different. The use of freecam and sound effects was really good.

Posted on April 15, 2007
- yalrok1075

very good suspense

Posted on April 11, 2007
- sidy

The Door is very original, very suspensefull storyline and concept.
excellent using freecam and sound effects. good editing. nice mysterious atmosphere.
overall : good original movie! i enjoyed it.

Posted on April 8, 2007
- JosephKw

I love that opening shot with the thunder echoing in the background. Great set up. The story itself is imaginative and refreshingly different (I didn't read the film description until after I saw the movie). I did think the ending was a bit odd--as if she knew what the door was, and if that was the case, she wouldn't have been so frightened during the whole movie. I also felt the opening shots had too much camera movement in discordant directions (which got me a little motion sick). Perhaps keep the directions consistent with a flow, and intersperse the shots with still shots so the audience isn't desensitised to the camera movements. The movement of the camera should help guide the audience's attention and not be done just for the sake of using freecam. Apart from these minor observations, this was a nice exercise in suspense and terror with good use of sound and music.

Posted on April 8, 2007
- OlliEntertainment

An excellent movie...
Great story...
Good work...

Film on!!!

Posted on April 8, 2007
- siclops


Posted on April 8, 2007
- nikstudios05


You are definately one for suspense! I
thought of it all along as a Hitch[play nice now!]
type film, or something from the Twilight
Zone. Great originality and horror surprises.
You surely have me as a new fan. FANTASTIC


Posted on April 7, 2007
- VandrendeOrn

Great original movie! the free-cam was very good and I liked how you built up the story and made it more and more suspensefull.
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Posted on April 7, 2007
- Breeanne

awesome i LOVED it keep up the good work

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Posted on April 6, 2007
- Rob_Spookie

I think this was a creative piece of filmmaking. I was interesting at first and it was abit creepy when you didn't know what was behind the door. I felt the noises were abit odd but in the end everything just fell in place.
It was a good and original film. =)

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Posted on April 6, 2007