I Miss you
Studio: nickobretto
Review Count: 10
Average Rating: 5.0 stars
Genre: Romance
Length: 2 minutes 15 seconds
Posted on: April 6, 2007
Film Description
...And i forogt a thumbnail. This film is kinda soppy but whatever. I enjoyed making it using Jack Rhodes (The same guy in Bruce Steele) as the main character.
- Rik_Vargard

Very short but very nice also. I feel like there's something more you wanted to tell than just making that movie, I might be wrong.
Anyway, very nice job on this great little story! :)

Posted on May 6, 2007
- Babar23

Well romance movie, especially romance tmo movie are not at all my cup of tea. I found them childish poor, and not interesting at all.

Here, the advantage is that this movie is really short, so I hadn't time to get bored with always the same love story of the guy who thinks to her wife during a war.. So sure you bring nothing to the genre, and the addition of the really boring music from the game + very common sets, don't help this film to get its own personnality and originality.

But as a beginner on tmo you are, it shows some potential, especially in the editing, for your upcoming projects it will be very nice if you write a more consistent scrip, with original ideas, and on technical plan, you'll learn how the use of sound effects is important to bring life to a film, actually I didn't heard any original sound effects, but that makes all the difference, always, you can believe me^^

See you soon, I hope! ;-)

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Posted on April 15, 2007
- Aidan121


Posted on April 10, 2007
- darkbeamx

ok....i don't really like romance, also is tht an mp3 machine gun in the gun scene lol....in WW2? rate my movie hitman 2

Posted on April 7, 2007
- thejoe8pizza

Not like most war moives were they just shot each other to death but this one had some feeling to it and emontial to it. The only real problem was the quaitly of how it looked because it was released in the 40s it was kinda hard to see at times.

Posted on April 7, 2007
- Rob_Spookie

A nice short film!
I like how you made a story out of a letter, even though it is very simple you got the right music and everything fits in with it very well.
This is another nice short film I would recommend. =)

Posted on April 7, 2007
- janedoe

That was really sweet, nice work.
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Posted on April 6, 2007

A good little romance movie.

Good choice of music it felt emotional. Maybe some of the scenes were abit dark when it entered France.

A good solic Romance...close enough for the 5 stars :)

Posted on April 6, 2007
- jakechief

That was really good. I loved it. Please check out my movie "Jakers Part 1: Blacksnith" Thanks a lot. My studio is falling apart. I need one friend.

Posted on April 6, 2007
- Beowulf71

Really good, I love it, this movie is the proof that movies don't need to be over 15 minutes or to have V.O. to be good. Great job!

Posted on April 6, 2007