Dont Smoke Pot
Studio: jeffjonz
Review Count: 3
Average Rating: 4.33 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 2 minutes 15 seconds
Posted on: January 5, 2007
Film Description
A realm worth exploring... provocative important for all adults gay or straight
- chino69

WTF! I'm a pot smoker and I only love... 2 men. LOL j/k, I'm straight! Anyway, interesting little tale. It felt like a commercial.

I do wish maybe you would have a little bit more, but then again, maybe there's just nothing more you can put in this piece. Saw some minor subtitle mispellings.

Most of all, it was pretty funny :)

Posted on January 5, 2007
- NoeWhan

Hehehe awsome stuff man. Keep it up, make more which inspires!!!

I need your help. can you rate: - The fact - 15 min.
Cheers bruz

Posted on January 5, 2007
- Ralfduran

Haha, that is easily the message of a decade;) Dont smoke Pot - It will make you gay. Should I worry?.;)

And dude, I would appreciete an honest review on my latest movie, You an Me.

Love m8

Posted on January 5, 2007