Beam Of The Laser
Studio: bloodbaro950
Review Count: 3
Average Rating: 4.67 stars
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: 5 minutes 32 seconds
Posted on: January 1, 2007
Film Description
This is my first movie I had a couple problems with the extras' costumes and some of the acters' positions but in the end it turn out all right. Not Great but OK. Thanks for the ratings and When I buy the expansion I will expand and add sound. Thanks again
- Movieman750

Nice Job but sound would have been nice

Posted on January 2, 2007
- Filmaker

not bad. It had potential. It didn't have any sound I think though. It seems more like a trailer for a longer film or a background story for the 1st part of a series. nice work

Posted on January 1, 2007
- Tomrx3

Good Start,Film on.Could you rate my movie? The Svengool Show III.

Posted on January 1, 2007