Christmas Sucks
Studio: ninette1
Review Count: 48
Average Rating: 4.83 stars
Genre: Comedy
Length: 3 minutes 20 seconds
Posted on: December 1, 2006
Film Description
M'errie X-Mas


if you appreciate Tom Waits and/or Peter Murphy: the artists of this tune - even better.

enjoy . . .
- jpwood

I nearly let this one slip through the net,
It's lucky I've got my prozac to hand great adaptation of this heart warming Christmas Song, There was one point Were i thought that Santa & the hobo
were going to do some serious tongue action (Phew)
Belated Christmas greeting to you.

Posted on January 1, 2007
- ElizabethSusan

And A Blah Humbug to us all Each and Everyone!! Funny Stuff :)

Posted on December 23, 2006
- Meosha12

And A Merry Christmas
to you

Posted on December 18, 2006
- Spaceman72

Merry Christmas ~N! Nice piece of moody work! :) I love it, good to see that you are still around here on TMO. :)

Posted on December 15, 2006
- Irish_Scorpion

Well lets hope they don't start paying mall Santa's enough to buy drinks, LoL. A hilarious Christmas movie,what with all this cheer and happiness going on around us it's nice to break the monotony of it all. As for the Bad Karma Rep., I don't know what happened, all I remember saying is Gamestation should be on everyone's Hotlist's. Because it was the only movie of it's kind, and I said it was the most unique and original creation to come to TMO in a while, everyone started saying I was Dissing everyone else's movies and saying they're movies were crap or something like that. I checked Gamestation is the only one of it's kind on TMO, don't "you" think on a site with probably over 30,000 movies on it, that a creation such as Gamestation should be on the charts and Hotlists. I mean as I have said in the past it is the Art that is Great "NOT" the Artist. Thank you for your patience and you review of Gamestation.

Posted on December 11, 2006
- madone69

Quite humorous. The song was funny and is now stuck in my head. Nice directing during the song. Good job!

Posted on December 11, 2006
- IgorS

Merry Christmas and lets hope the next year will be the opposite of this clip! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on December 11, 2006
- ptdog

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Posted on December 10, 2006
- duffman867


Posted on December 9, 2006
- To_Tell_The_TRUTH

Thnk You for the link Ninette1. And give us a buzz when you make your next one to. Funny dark and my kind of Christmas.

I am a mall Santa. It does suck.

Posted on December 8, 2006
- JBlackrose


Posted on December 7, 2006
- sisch

Hey Ninette, long time no see.. I loved this one, kind of sums up my feelings for christmas! Very dark and moody.. great music!

Posted on December 7, 2006
- Matthew74

hey your back, awesome :)
personally, i think this is your best film, its sound track flows with the screenplay and actors and ironically gets me in the jovial mood for christmas :)
i need a little hint on my voice acting and anything it needs improved, could you rate my MGS film trailer to give me a few pointers? :)


Posted on December 6, 2006
- zipuli0

This was very good movie. But i didn`t know that Santa Claus ( what we in finland call "Joulupukki") was that drunk in USA or wherever he was. That song was good choice. Thats why 5 stars comes from me

Posted on December 6, 2006
- Iondrive

Wonderfully dark, and quite true for too many souls! Great use of The Movies scenes, etc.

Posted on December 6, 2006
- StevenKreg

I had a lot to say, but, erased.

Happy holidays TMO.

Posted on December 6, 2006
- cos1293

This was very very different, don't get me wrong, it was good, but very dark
did not seem like christmas.
kind of reminds me of something tim burton would do

Posted on December 5, 2006
- luke1

A+, still didn't get it though.

Posted on December 5, 2006
- DoctorComfort

i had a streaming problem for some reason, but i downed as you knew I would. Heres your 5 stars anyways, I wish I had something nice to say but I'm not going to say a damn thing. Whats the use? And Christmas does sucks without friends.


Posted on December 5, 2006
- chris91

This was horrible

Posted on December 4, 2006

A great tune, and a polished music video. Thoroughly enjoyable! Great job!

Posted on December 4, 2006
- miri2

great and enjoyable!!! the soundtrack kicks ass;)

Posted on December 4, 2006
- CriticKiller


Posted on December 4, 2006
- WorldCriticProductions

Ninette?!?!? Is that you? *rubs eyes*

It is! And better than ever!
(pardon the lame review)

Posted on December 3, 2006
- rodoner

wondefully done! a little holloweenish. but funny.

Posted on December 3, 2006
- JotJot

a very festive idea

Posted on December 3, 2006
- nikstudios05

Interestingly Funny!
A real knee-slapper!


Posted on December 3, 2006
- the_richman

LOL! Perfectly done!

Posted on December 3, 2006
- TheTomas

good job : )

Posted on December 3, 2006
- KirinRiotCrash


Greetings! This is Kirin, Ari, and Manami of The Shoujo Shop! We have been told that your movie contains musical performing characters so couldn't wait to check out this movie!

When we first saw the thumbnail and then the title of the movie, we had to wonder what this movie was all about, and why Christmas Sucks in ninette1's opinion. What we have been presented is a display of opinion in a form of a music video. Or rather, a musical narration where two drunk men sing their sorrows away.

We have to dig the way they sing for that drinking while intoxicated can produce some interesting sounds. It makes us wonder who these men are in real life because the credits don't mention their names. On a technical standpoint, however, we found that the inventive use of camera angles, props, and fog developed a rather eerie and depressing feel for this movie. It has passed the message well and accomplished the goal to bring this opinion over.

Overall, we found this musical story telling a rather greatful experience of two drunken men's opinions of Christmas. Whether you love Christmas or hate it, the movie, itself, has some degree of hilarity that could satisfy both ends of the spectrum.

--[ SCORE: 4.6 ]--

Posted on December 2, 2006
- benstudios1991

Eerie, crazy and hilarious, everything I've come to expect from a N1 film and more!
Just a perfect music video for the season.
I think I'll steer clear of the mall this year...

Posted on December 2, 2006

Great Video and scene selection. Great to see ninette back Very entertaining

Posted on December 2, 2006
- Rik_Vargard

Heheh that was a very cool music video :)

Posted on December 2, 2006
- mcrispy13

Very funny, yet sad at the same time. Great to see ya back on the charts! :)

Posted on December 2, 2006
- Mildheadwound

Hahaha! Biting and sarcastic ~ very Ninette. Let's just hope some of the boys and girls take this advice during this holiday season!

Posted on December 2, 2006
- EvilGuy12

Great movie! Really enjoyed it!

Posted on December 2, 2006
- siclops

Best christmas movie EVER!!!
Loved the music

Posted on December 2, 2006
- waroftheworlds01

Best Christmas movie I've seen in years. Great music. Very funny.

Posted on December 2, 2006
- Jenniza

ROFL! Thanks for making me laugh. I needed a good laugh just now. It was well timed. I'm still chuckling as I write this. Have a wonderful weekend.o Oh yeah, and happy crappy holidays. :)

Posted on December 2, 2006
- ubernewbie

Very cool music video and community service. Very funny and nice put together.

Posted on December 1, 2006
- kwistufa

Interesting lil Wander in the Streets & Alleyways
with 2 Optimists. Can't go wrong there..
Really dug the tune..The twangy guitar was cool too.
Nice Editing nothing over the top.
The atmosphere is definitely set for the theme of the flick.
Great to see a movie come out Ninette1 Studios..
Hope to see you choppin some more out soon too..!
I too watched this with a smile the whole way through..
That Tom Waits (Is it Him?) Voice... CLASSIC!! Loved it!
Merry Xmas to you too if your going to stay Stealthed,
hope you have a good one!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- derbyrams

An amazing Xmas music video! I loved the song! Excellent work, amazing voice-overs, and the music really fitted!! cool use of the free-cam, cool editing and very well done few set dressings, with the christmas trees, etc, done very well!! I really enjoyed this music video!!! nice one!!!
Excellent work!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Great movie..
Very cool music...
Great work..

Film on!!!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- RedIvan3

Is this music original, its hilarious! Especilaly the bum. Great job!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- eobaggs

Execllent! Very good music!

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Posted on December 1, 2006
- 6-HeadedMonster

Hello missy,
Firstly, It's great to see a new flick from you :)
Secondly, Man, I missed the darker side that only ninette1 studios provides. It's the type of darkness that still makes you smile. Did you know the little known fact that wearing the Santa traditional red and white somehow invokes feeling of joy (that is also why Canadians are so damn cheery all the time lol)

Oh yeah, back to the movie. I absolutely loved it. I was smiling the whole time. Love the tune, but your voice sounds different in this one :P

honestly, i'm too giddy too formulate anymore...remember: more, more, know your movies are heroin for me

Posted on December 1, 2006
- Twinmoon13

That was great, the music was very interesting. Attack of the Mall Santas, that could be your next big hit.

Ps. Please watch and rate my newest movie, Unicorn Brigade 2

Posted on December 1, 2006
- swordfish66601

Really good sort of Music video and it went well with the music; I also liked the ending well done.

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Posted on December 1, 2006