Escape From Purgatory
Studio: Sorrow13
Review Count: 26
Average Rating: 4.23 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 6 minutes 14 seconds
Posted on: November 30, 2006
Film Description
A metaphor of how far a man will go to save who he loves, as the silent storey is also filled with other messages and messages that are part of the movie as a whole.

I thank DoctorComfort for THE BLOODY HOUSE!!!
- markcfc

how do you do that to the sets. Great big nerd 1 at markcfc.hail hail,mon the hoops!

Posted on December 8, 2006
- 2005

Odd but in a good way very good film took m a while to get into it but well worth watching

Posted on December 4, 2006
- Hoobahoo

You know what side I chose, the STOP side

Posted on December 3, 2006
- nikstudios05


That was sure interesting! I don't think
any film I have seen so far is alike this.
I give credit for it bieng so original. It
also told a full story, which is different,
for a kind of ARTSY film it is. I explain it
as this for the points its trying to make. The
horror aspect is all just a cover up for the morals
hidden in depth. I feel your style is generally
unique and extremely entertaning. I hope you lean
towards more like this in the future. I have no true
complaints, because I don't feel this movie needs
to be put down. The rating is surprising, but hey,
everyone needs to get in the top sometime. GOOD
LUCK IN THE FUTURE, and remember to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


Posted on December 3, 2006
- vatrel34

that was just pointless

Posted on December 3, 2006
- Howell123

OK I Understood (I think) if i didn't which i was around the first two minutes i would have basically given a review like Crazyman......but i didn't (see how genrous i am!! lmao) First off that blood was wicked!! it really suited the film and surronding and ofcourse the music bulit suspense and tension. Loved the bit with Jesus!!


Posted on December 3, 2006
- sammyxxlsuperdeluxeeditie

Great Movie, good job.

Posted on December 3, 2006
- crazymann09


Posted on December 2, 2006
- stuntmaker

Im sorry man i did not get it......i did not think it was horror and etc and the VO were werid...sorry man

Posted on December 2, 2006
- miri2


Posted on December 2, 2006
- Farquad

Wow..very different movie..I think I never see a movie like this on TMO...Very intense...very difficult to understand in all its parts and all its messages...but very, very beautiful...the song is has a very creepy atmosphere, fear blows in the air everywhere and everytime...but it's a mental fear...a fear that hit our soul...fantastic

Posted on December 2, 2006
- KatanaSoul

Very deep emotional movie.

Good work.

Posted on December 2, 2006
- siclops

Was there a point to the movie????
Loved the bloody house!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- 81055

its good. u are very depressed

Posted on December 1, 2006
- dhanbhandari59

Look I understoud some of the messages in the film like the fact that all degenareates and freaks end up in pegatory but their were some scenes that had no moral or logical sense to them. 4.5 stars for Great mods and metephorical idea of film. Please rate my movies soon!!!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- azza93

Plz watch 'mocker special edition'!!!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- VandrendeOrn

Awesome movie! nothing else to say

Posted on December 1, 2006
- Rik_Vargard

Strange and dark trip into an amazing world.
Visually excellent shots and mods...
Great job!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- John-Mercurio

Woah that was trippy !
it´s twisted,morbid sick and trippy and I love it !

4 stars !

Posted on December 1, 2006
- vile-reaper

Awesome movie, really takes you on a ride to the strange.

Posted on December 1, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Excellent movie...
Great work...

Film on!!!

Posted on December 1, 2006
- DoctorComfort

Now thats what I am talking about!!! Bold...Great moody music...VO narrator is the sinister think the dark setting in blood house is the best, but that will be in my is a cool loosking set if I may say. Thanks for the credit, but credit to you for kicking me in the ass to get it done. Version 2 of it will even be better and more realistic. This movie should a be a chain letter, send it to 10 people or end up in it. Now that's scary


Posted on December 1, 2006
- Exodus-Films

This must be your best film yet. Takes you on a ride that seems only fit for a twisted trippy look at what we know.

Posted on November 30, 2006
- Mustachio26

Um... words fail me.

I'm not sure if I got everything going on amongst all of the images displayed, but I feel like I just got back from a journey... through Hell. Like I just danced with the devil and chugged back a bottle of a sinister elixir that could save lives. Like all is blissfull when you realize the insanity of all else.
A crazy, pointless, gorey romp unless you watch the whole thing through. I thought it sucked until it was finished cause I realized what was going on. I'm not sure how to end this review so...

Posted on November 30, 2006
- Tsunamidog

That was pretty damn crazy right there. From beginning to end this was a freaky ass acid trip. I like how you had all these messages weaved through the main story. Some of them I got, and some of them I didnt. The visuals were amazingly wierd and at some points, pretty disturbing. Loved the narrative voice...very creepy. Music set the mood, but got kinda repetative after awhile...

I'm not sure what to give this...
It was unique, original, freaky, and I'll probably remember this movie for a very very long I think this deserves 5stars!

Posted on November 30, 2006
- DanielH20

WOW!! This movie give me the creep
5 stars Excellent Job

Posted on November 30, 2006