Soul Reaper 1
Studio: aidan121
Review Count: 4
Average Rating: 4.75 stars
Genre: Horror
Length: 3 minutes 35 seconds
Posted on: November 9, 2006
Film Description
This movie may be confusing and all but it is just the beginning, so please watch my film. And for all you guys out there who like Monster horrors than here you go!
- Rik_Vargard

Mmm very interesting start! Looking great so far I'm curious too see the next episode! Great job! :)

Posted on November 9, 2006
- SuperMarioMan

I really liked it. I recognized a sound effect from Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom.
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Posted on November 9, 2006

Great work...I loved the sound effects on this film...WELL DONE DUDE!!!

Keep up this great work...I look forward to more from you!

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Posted on November 9, 2006
- surfordie1991

the sound effects were really good and probably the reason im giving 5 starts, also good camera work
i didnt like the music that was chosen it just didnt seem to go well with ur story

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Posted on November 9, 2006