Memoirs Of A War Veteran
Studio: 05JSMEDL
Review Count: 66
Average Rating: 4.65 stars
Genre: Action
Length: 2 minutes 14 seconds
Posted on: November 7, 2006
Film Description
A War Veteran looking back at his time in the war and the allies he lost.

Music. Johann Packebells Packebells Canon

This music isn't copyrighted as the copyright has long expired. :)
Featured Reviews
- rjb2112

Very moving!

It brought a lump to my throat.

Posted on November 17, 2006
- TheTomas

short, but sad and touching.
it's strange, i'm working on a movie just like this.
A veteran has a flashback to his time in WWII
It will be called "A Veteran's Story"

Posted on November 7, 2006
- v85rawdeal

What a stunning piece of art. Very moving, with no dialogue, and no need for dialogue and a very beautifully chosen score.

The camera work is wonderful, especially the sequence toward the end. This movie, is a very thoughtful look at how war effects people and how we treat those who were willing to give their lives for us.

I found this movie to be very moving and touched upon a delicate subject with a delicate hand.

There is, in my opinion, very little to fault this movie for.

Posted on November 7, 2006
- OXM_Madman

OXM_Madman Review

Direction: 27/33

Amazing. Just.....Brilliant. It's so moving. I truely loved it. All the filming was very good.

Design: 30/33

Very well designed. It's such a simple idea, but so well designed and done.

Editing: 33/33

Editing is great. The music was so well suited.

Rating: *****

Posted on June 30, 2007
- OXM_Madman

OXM_Madman Review

Direction: 27/33

Amazing. Just.....Brilliant. It's so moving. I truely loved it. All the filming was very good.

Design: 30/33

Very well designed. It's such a simple idea, but so well designed and done.

Editing: 33/33

Editing is great. The music was so well suited.

Rating: *****

Posted on June 30, 2007
- OXM_Madman

OXM_Madman Review

Direction: 27/33

Amazing. Just.....Brilliant. It's so moving. I truely loved it. All the filming was very good.

Design: 30/33

Very well designed. It's such a simple idea, but so well designed and done.

Editing: 33/33

Editing is great. The music was so well suited.

Rating: *****

Posted on June 30, 2007
- Harb40

Very nicely done

The Good:
The memories of a veteran can be a very powerful thing. Very nicely portrayed. Not overly gruesome or political.
The music was a nice touch.
Great use of free-cam

The Bad:
Although the music was a nice touch, I would have gone for something a bit 'darker'. This music was a bit too cheerful for the memory.

Very nice job. As a veteran myself, I still hold many memories of those days (some I wish I could forget). You did a very good job bringing out the emotion of the memories of this soldier.

Posted on May 24, 2007
- jase180

A nice and short sentimental film about memories. I think the mirror bit was really nice and provided a image that I imagine most people in the golden years must feel.

I would say that this film could have benefited from some sort of catalyst to spark the memories, and would have made all the difference in the tone and feeling of the film. What I do like is the feeling behind the film, that important moments in life can continue to haunt a person years after they lived through them. The only strong note I can give, and its just my opinion, is that the ending would have been more powerful if it were silent, with just the music playing and a had more dramatic freecam shot of the sad and empathetic characters last expression of his memories.

Overall, I give it 4 stars and want to say thanks for asking me to have a look.


Posted on April 21, 2007
- ashz22

Very good 05 very good very touching this movie deserves 5*'s

Posted on March 15, 2007
- Apocryphon

*MoMc Review*
A clean and focused piece of work, short and with no unecessary side trips or subplots it gets in and does the job and leaves a little piece behind in our mind.
Good work on the actor, very effective and emotive face and nice effect swinging back to him in the bathroom like that.
Just one thing holding it back for me, as others have said, it would have been so much stronger dramatically to have had some triggering incident or even something from back then having a resonance with something where he is now.
Without that extra depth, I can only look at it as very well handled mood piece and lose a few points.
Very good work.

Posted on March 12, 2007
- Taxmenpaxmen

That was a really lovely short film, i enjoyed it thoroughly and although the bar and battle scenes where really well put together i think it was the music that made this movie as good as it is, it really made the film. Also without being a pain i would just like to say ive read some of your reviews and im a big fan of them and would really appreciate if you would give my new mob movie your review treatment its called "crimes and fears" and is an original gritty movie. if you dont want to do a review thats fine, sorry again.

Posted on March 8, 2007
- Dulci

Touchingly done. I think perhaps it would have been a bit more powerful if something had triggered his memories, perhaps a news blurb on tv or a loud sound that reminded him of gunfire.

Posted on March 6, 2007
- qtigger

Moving and very touching. I enjoyed this one. It told a complete story without the use of voiceovers or subtitles. I loved the shot in the restroom. The only thing I probably would have liked to see is more of his perspective on the battlefield. It seemed to be shown through several different points of view. It would have been nicer if they were all seen through his perspective. But that�??s a minor quibble. Nice job.

Posted on March 4, 2007
- cecil_evans


Sad, thoughtful project that only missed the mark by a split hair.

Plot: .7/1
I couldn't decide if it was any more or less, so i settled on .7 as a rating. There was a plot, sort of, just the guy reminiscing about his horrible days in the army. Not the classic idea of a plot. However, it seems enough to suffice for this subject. This short film had the same feel as Hemmingway's 'A Clean, Well-Lighted Place'. In that story, though, we get the reactions of others to the sad man in the bar. That was lacking here. So, .7

Editing/Camera Work: 1/1
It is what it is. In this case it made no difference to the statement delivered. The movie would have been as poignant and moving, even if the editing was lousy. It wasn't, and nothing distracted from the mood, so there's your 1/1.

Exposition/Motivation: 1/1
It's here in spades. The whole film is exposition. Flashbacks to the war are what makes this movie. We know why this guy is sad and reflective. We feel for him.

Character Development: .5/1
Not so much. What made him think about the war? How did it change him? We see him going to the cemetery at the end. We get that he's sad, but what triggered the memory? This guy was sad at first, and is sad in the end. Not much growth.

Overall Affect: 1/1
All the parts put together make this an excellent little movie. The whole point of the movie was put forward in an effective and moving way. We just want to reach out and help this guy. Comfort him. The idea that War is Hell comes accross and we also realize that the affects are not just short term, but are more like a snowball rolling downhill. They build and build and last a lifetime, causing others to be drawn in, too. Excellent work, make more!

Total: 4.2/5 rounded down to 4.

Posted on March 2, 2007
- kate_lee

MoMc Review

Good camerawork and interesting choice of music that creates that strange feeling of dissociation.

A story well told without a single word. I love it when this is done so well, as in this movie.

But what triggered all this memory? What kind of man was he before this battle? What kind of life has he been leading after the war? Or even, what kind of war did he fight? (You know what I mean?)

Still, it was very moving. The veteran's face alone was a powerful image that spoke more than hundreds words. Great work! (I hate that I have to give a numeric score...)


Posted on February 26, 2007

Very lyrical camerawork, a nice silent piece that shows us what you can do without the aid of language. The one thing that I didn�??t like a lot though was your choice of music. To me, that piece was too light and fluffy for the tone of the images. At the very least it should be a piece that is in minor tones, not major.

Still, very enjoyable short piece of work. Looking forward to your next attempt.

Posted on February 23, 2007
- Master007

The Archaic Awards

Story: 10/10 A very good story. Beautiful. Touching. I loved it!

Music: 5/5 Suited the atmosphere perfectly!

VO/Subs: 10/10 I would hate to dock 10 points for no subs or vo's since the movie didn't even need any.

Script: 5/5 Same as above.

Extras: 5/5 Very good freecam. It enhanced the viewing.

Editing: 15/15 A solid film. Everything about it was really good. A good way to make someone think. Even though it was suppose to be sad, it was kind of peaceful. Good Job!

Final Score: 50/50

Posted on February 18, 2007
- Towelie

Interesting but strange. a bit sad and nicely filmed!

Posted on February 17, 2007
- sorrow13

Very interesting, I like the way you made it. Nice film.

Posted on February 2, 2007
- slap_me_silly

SmS Slap Reviews

Quite a thought provoking movie. Sometimes it was contrversial but still great work.

Dialouge was done very well. You could have explained the characters a bit better but overall very well done :)

You have just earned yourself a slap!


Posted on January 30, 2007
- Sourtarget

I find this movie somewhat hard to review. It was touching yes, the music and all, but i though the character was hard to feel sorry for. The end was so sudden and when i got there i didn't feel i had seen much more than an old man and a empty mirror.

But this music just made this movie just so fascinating and brought it to life. I think it was a bit short, and it had it's disadvantages, but it was an enjoysble movie to watch.

4 stars

Posted on January 28, 2007
- TheMGMKid1

What we have presented to us in this film of simple lyrical beauty is the story of a man haunted by memory and the loss of comrades at arms in a long ago war no one else cares to remember. Not a word is said in this wonderful film but only the pure language of cinema is utilized to tell this tale.

Haunting, relevant and sharp in its message, �?? Memoirs of a War Veteran �?? stands in my book as a masterful work by a true filmmaker. The camera moves not without purpose and in its movement it shows the deep loss and loneliness of our hero. And a true hero he is in the greatest tradition of Greek tragedy. For his sacrifice for his country the gods have taken everything from him which is shown in the last haunting scene in the bathroom of a seedy bar.

He is the last standing hero.

The music was an inspired choice and also became the haunted lullaby that stays with the viewer along with the image of those sad eyes that seem to search beyond walls, city, and the present for something that can never be found.

I am left sitting here in awe at the brilliant writing, directing and editing of 05JSMEDL who is in my esteem one of the best filmmakers I have seen in a long time. He is in the pantheon of such directors as Postmondernchuck, Sherwinliu and KateLee, Cinecitta, Kaipan and IchthusADMR.

Posted on January 28, 2007
- RoHa

This movie is very touching and moving, it really does deserve a 5/5 stars. The's like it was made for this movie. Keep up the very great work!

Posted on January 18, 2007
- Ralfduran

Moving, and very great concept. But it is to short, and have to little to offer.

Posted on January 7, 2007
- Eyris

A very emotional and sad movie with expert use of freecam. I especially liked your choice of music, well done

Posted on December 31, 2006
- sidy

i was touched. nice editing and music. Canon is really good music.
its great memoirs movie.

ps : plz watch my "This movie for all the poeple of the world"
about 6 month ago, i made same concept movie : )

Posted on December 29, 2006
- freddymurphy

This was a short movie but it was it was emotional. I liked your use of the free cam and your chioce of music. Good job!

have fun!

Posted on December 25, 2006
- SilverStarlight

I enjoyed this A LOT! The freecam was great. The pace really went along with the music. ~Great Job~
Merry Christmas also!

Posted on December 24, 2006
- pegleg

A nice touching movie. Nothing fancy, just a well put together little gem.The haunting piano acts like a stream which allows the scenes to slowly flow together as we take that journey down an emotional memory lane. Loved the scene of present to past in the bathroom especially.

Posted on December 24, 2006
- K4OwnzAll

May you never know the burden these brave, honourable soldiers carry within. It is something we just don't speak of. Thank you for sharing some of the pain through your moving film. ===K4===

Posted on December 24, 2006
- bufu0

A fantastic introduction to your movie making skills! Your use of free-cam was amazing the music was well chosen and the movie overall - got to me... Very well done, clucky :)

Posted on December 24, 2006
- heuser7719

Very good and interesting idea. War is always horrible, equal before or after wars.The music was wonderful for this movie. Well done. :)

Posted on December 24, 2006
- StokeStudios

Who can say how long the horrors of war stay in the mind? All old people were young people once, and many have a tale to tell. Nicely shot, and the music was quite haunting.

Posted on December 24, 2006
- Trashman

I enjoyed this.
I commend you on the selection of music,as it really propels this moment of someone reflecting on their past along.
I wouldn't classify this as a story,as much as I would say it's more of an attempt to get the viewer to imagine what this person is feeling,and the mystery of his overall experiences is left for you to decide,based on the small snipets of his past.
I would really like to have seen this developed more,but I did find it enjoyable,and a little bit thought-provoking nonetheless,and that's the important thing here:-)

Posted on December 23, 2006
- DaVoS888


That was a very emotional movie.
You have to be a very talented director to show so much sadness with just a two minute movie. You should be praised.

Posted on December 23, 2006
- DiamondFilms

A short but sweet film that moved me, with great camera work.

Posted on December 21, 2006
- WorldCriticProductions

From Mission:Reviewing Team
Hosts Owen and Dr.Davidson
With Review Squad
No Critic Studio Attendance

Mission reviews are alot more short and to the point for movies that weren't meant to become huge on charts. Just short little flicks that are interesting to watch.

05 Review: All the people that have reviewed this movie had it covered. It did lack in length and depth a bit much for a story to earn five stars. However, the direction here was flawless. The music was well chosen, the camera work is stupefying, and it just conveyed the right messages.

05 you should really look into making big movies and real motion pictures. You have the directorial talent, all you need is a large story, with actors, dialogue, and you will easily be one of the top studios out there.

Five Stars from Critic Studios

Posted on December 21, 2006
- Christian11

Very sad Story..It's hurt right in my heart!
A Very fantastic, sad, Story;D
Nicce job


From Mathias12Christian11

Posted on December 21, 2006
- Leora

Yeah, so I'm slack and only just got around to watching it... :p
A nice little movie with some great, and fitting music. Great camera work, especially on the flashback scene (would be nice if the mirrors actually had reflections, huh?). It was rather short and lacking in story, unfortunately. Good job Clucky. :)

Posted on December 19, 2006
- CronicClapper

Yeah that was a good remember scene. But like Tarsion said it seemed like it should be a bigger story. I was hoping for him to have a flashback and kill everyone in the bar. Naw not really. But it does feel like it should be a part of something bigger. Overall you did a good job though.

Posted on December 18, 2006
- bongoman

No voiceovers nessessary. How you were able to convey such melancholy with a slow pan away from a medic to a clocktower was tremendous. Good one, really good.

Posted on December 11, 2006
- siclops

Loved it but it could have gone for longer it feels like i missed something but a excellent short film

Posted on December 2, 2006
- masterthehero

A classic modern day silent movie, it was very well done how much was conveyed through music and images, very moving.

Posted on November 30, 2006
- STXFilms

A very moving, beautifully done story. The editing was top notch as was the freecam work, and the music was perfectly chosen.

Posted on November 28, 2006
- derbyrams

A very moving, short movie about the war!! the music was absotuly amazing!!! a great fit to the scenes it was used for!! amazing work!!!!
I really enjoyed this, amazing free-cam work!!!!

Posted on November 28, 2006
- Rik_Vargard

Phewww... that was a very touching little film, and I just love that tune!
Very nice job! :)

Posted on November 27, 2006
- DeliriousStudios

Loved it. It would have been nice if it was a lot longer, but the camera work was spot on. Like the other guys, I thought the flash back was really well done and showed true movie making talent!

Well done Cluckster, touching, artful, if a wickle bit short! :D

Posted on November 26, 2006
- Tarison

The imagery in this is great, though I think you do a disservice to your content by not making it part of a larger film. Great work with starmaker, and the flashback in the mirror to the man's youth was very cool/touching. I would have liked to have learn more about this nameless veteran, though. Nice job, Cluck :)

Posted on November 26, 2006
- AxeCinema

well, the story's been done, the music's been used... hehe (pachelbel's Canon)

But, you did a good job. Nice free cam work. Pretty thin on story, but i liked it.

great job

Posted on November 25, 2006
- rjb2112

Very moving!

It brought a lump to my throat.

Posted on November 17, 2006
- nascarlover

A very nicely done emotional movie here my partner! Glad to have watched! One of the most touching films I've seen around lately- and that's a good thing- A VERY good thing. Keep it up my pal!

Posted on November 16, 2006
- chrisneal

I loved it was well paced and you didn't need words to tell the story. This film makes me proud to be a TMO member and I loved the suprise ending it cought me off gaurd. Great job and keep up the good work.

Posted on November 14, 2006
- EttoreMuti

congratulation for your work. i liked all of this movie, from the story to the music, and the message that it's inside. i've marked this movie in my studio.

Posted on November 10, 2006
- The-Forum

Wow... Short and Powerful.

The most amazing part of this film, is the freecam work, and the music.

There is a story, but a small one at that . . . but I must give you props on the fact that I understood it completely.

Sure voices would be nice, but even without them, this is a very good little film.

Bravo Clucky,

Posted on November 8, 2006
- dafoso

Great use of free cam. I loved the scenes used, and they really rounded it up well, the music was a superb choice, I love Pachabells Canon. An absolutely fantastic, emotional movie here 05, I'm glad to see you coming back into the movie scene!


Posted on November 8, 2006
- Daninsky

Some really good use of freecam in that movie, but there's no real story it.

Posted on November 8, 2006
- EvilGuy12


Great movie man. Really touching and very well executed. I honestly felt sorry for the guy in this film. The music really fitted in very well too. This is very good for the first movie I've seen from you.

Bookmarked. Rather Good Award!

Posted on November 8, 2006

A short deep and thought provoking film which touched me. I thought the scene in the toilet was a very powerful scene. This film had no VO's or Subs which didn't make a single difference which is a testament to your film technique and style. Your music choice was very appropriate and the whole feel to this movie was conveyed well. Well Done and Keep up the Good Work!

Nuke Well In All The Atoms In The Universe!!!!

Posted on November 8, 2006
- ubernewbie

As a war vet myself, the title grabbed me. But that was were it ended. I could not feel for the guy, more flashbacks and seeing someone as an enemy being replaced by the person are contempary themes. The flashback in the mirror was good. but i was confused, was it WW1 or WW2? Coz WW2 americans fighting WW1 germans threw me, unless you were going for the Ungian thing, then i guess it was appropiate. Could have been Worse, could have been better. Good today.

Posted on November 8, 2006
- Y2Burninator

Wow. That was a very good piece. The music was perfect. Usually I like dialouge but I think this was way better than anything that could have been said. The use of the camera was stunning. Although it was short it was probably the best war based film I've seen on here.

Two Thumbs Way Up!

Posted on November 7, 2006
- SpaceChicken8563

A poignant little flick from 'The Cluckster'...
This was very reminiscent of that old great Life by A Piano by melonthecreeker, and, honestly, if it lacked perhaps the depth of that piece, it lacked none of its emotional punch.
Some beautiful music stopped this from being schmaltzy, and some impressive directing work stopped it from being tedious.
A pleasant surprise, if not an absolutely revolutionary movie.

Posted on November 7, 2006
- OlliEntertainment

Great movie....
Good work of freecamera.......
Short and good......

Film on!!!

Posted on November 7, 2006

Critics Center Review

Well then 05JSMEDL, the man who promised us The Matrix: Before the One 3 on many occasions, in fact I'm still hanging on in a desperate hope you will one day make it, please don't ask me what they were about as I've forgotten by now. Well as we all know you disappeared from making movies for quite some time, in fact its been ages since I saw the words 05JSMEDL and a movie written in the same sentence! However, suddenly, out of the blue you decide to pounce on us all with a new movie. Now then, you've asked us to be harsh with you, to dig deep into the wounds of this movie and rate it as we feel fit. Now as you also might have noticed I have not written a long review for months, but I've decided to come out and play for this movie, to let 05JSMEDL feel the wrath of my extremely long review! But, if I'm honest I can't really slag the movie off, well very little anyway as its not perfect, but its definately a lot better than your previous movies as this one actually passes as brilliant. This is a short little movie, a movie with no dialogue, a movie that is powered bu the usage of music and by the usage of powerful imagery and characterisation. Its a movie that while not the creme de la creme of TMO is still a trully beautiful movie that will undoubtedly get great reviews.

Okay then where do I trully begin my review? Well I'll start with the plot, the plot is not very prominet, its a small little blip really that has been done by many people on TMO over the past year. However, the fact is that the story of a war veteran and their sadness of growing old and losing their old army buddies is still as heartachingly sad now as it was the very first time a bright spark came up with the idea. As this is a brief little movie you can't expect this to go over masses of information, explaining peoples relationships with different people, hell you never even find out the main mans name and yet it still never matters to me as all I need to know is right in front of me on the screen. The movie basically goes through a series of scenes cutting between the present day and the past when the man was in the war, its this nice blend of sequences that trully is your movies high point, well there is something else that's more stunning but I'll mention that later. You keep intercutting beuatifully between the two times and it always works. There are a couple of fades that I admiteddly found to be a little bit unecessary, but not everyones perfect and if I was going to be that picky I'm sure I'd have been slaughtered on here before now. Anyway your movie also worked extremely well because of the beautiful music choice, its not overpowering, its not bang on in your face, its a nice accompanying piece that blends in brilliantly with the scenes, many people might moan about the usage of one track, they're idiots and never let them say anything about the music like that, the fact is if you can make a movie to one piece of music and make it work than you are a lot better than having to change music to change scenes. This was a one note movie and required a one piece of music, that sounds a bit wrong I suppose and saying its a one note movie might give people the impression I'm saying its a bit flat, I am not, the movie i in no means flat, its a beautiful movie that requires watching.

Now I mentioned one over piece of your movie that was absolutely wonderful, and by wonderful I mean I was in absolute awe at how brilliant it was. I know you're a great scriptwriter, I've had first hand experiance of your script writing, but what I never knew was how great a cameraman you are! The freecam shots here are absolutely breathtaking! I have never seen freecam shots so perfect! They never overdid it, you never had the camera swooshing about constantlly, but you had it occasionally just moving slowly above the characters to give the scene a bit of originality. There is one scene where your camera skills really pay off and that's also a mixture of your great cinemoatography blended in as well, you see the bathroom scene with the mirror is beautiful and also quite sad when you begin to think about it.

Okay then I do have a few complaints, what its an honest review, I have to pick at something, I'm like a vulture! Anyway, my two moans are the fact that the movie seems to suddenly end, its difficult to say when the movie should end and how to end it, but the scene with him at the end and then suddenly going blank felt a bit odd to me, perhaps that's my personal opinion and I suppose I could never come up with a better ending, but it felt a bit too sudden. My other complaint is perhaps a bit more about the character might have been necessary, we were never sure much about the character except he was sad and that he was in the war. This point is not so much necessary as I guess we were meant to join the dots ourselves and I do appreciate that greatly, but I just felt like I knew too little about the character at the end of it all.

FINAL WORDS: Overall its a superb movie that has a certain beauty to it that is hard to avoid. It is a bit flawed but nonetheless its a great return for 05JSMEDL, now make The Matrix: Before the One goddamn you! (I'm joking by the way)


Posted on November 7, 2006
- makrim83

Darkness shades over light the great time's and the badtimes will always be rembered and is captured in this movie of an old man's memories.

Posted on November 7, 2006
- KatanaSoul

Great first proper movie, Cluckster!
Very touching and emotional, excellent soundtrack/score (I'm no good with music)

Keep it up!

Posted on November 7, 2006
- Eagle_93

This is a GREAT movie: perfect music, very emotional. Excellent camera work, I love the camera work. Great work in post production, important story, in a perfect and emotional movie. Yes, 5 stars with this movie.

Posted on November 7, 2006
- EthanRunt

An interesting film.
The lack of dialogue proved a blow and the music was haunting. The only problem i have with it is that i couldn't distinguish why he was so upset, war is upsetting, yes, however we don't see any major reason for his feeling upset, unless the friend died, then i understand more.
Great editing and camera work though, nicely planned.

Posted on November 7, 2006
- TheTomas

short, but sad and touching.
it's strange, i'm working on a movie just like this.
A veteran has a flashback to his time in WWII
It will be called "A Veteran's Story"

Posted on November 7, 2006
- v85rawdeal

What a stunning piece of art. Very moving, with no dialogue, and no need for dialogue and a very beautifully chosen score.

The camera work is wonderful, especially the sequence toward the end. This movie, is a very thoughtful look at how war effects people and how we treat those who were willing to give their lives for us.

I found this movie to be very moving and touched upon a delicate subject with a delicate hand.

There is, in my opinion, very little to fault this movie for.

Posted on November 7, 2006